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Friday, December 25

10. I think I want to wish everyone a good holiday again. Best of the season and the new year to all. Because I realize that a lot of people don't have access to their school internet accounts, I'll hold off on updating the weekly poll and trivia until after the new year.

9. I think Mandy impressed me Thursday by standing up to JR and refusing to be a kept woman. Although I must point that this a 180-degree turnaround from some of the sentiments she echoed in Season 7 and the Dream Season - that she was willing to let JR 'take care' of her.

8. I think I'm going to have a hard time hating April Stevens for a while, because I still remember her from the later seasons of the show where she became more of a babyface Pam-like character. But at least Kyle has another girl to leer at. [Just kidding, Kyle. We all leer.]

7. I think I have had more than enough of these scenes where we're supposed to feel sorry for the independent oil man. When Patrick Duffy returned and demanded a meaner, tougher, Bobby, I don't think this is what he had in mind.

6. I think I'm glad Charlie has never met Jamie. That last thing that girl needs is to see Jamie's new wardrobe and get ideas. What is up with Jamie's new style - or lack thereof? Sheesh.

5. I think Sue Ellen rocks. A few weeks ago, I commented that I'd rather spend a week with her than with Pam. I still think so. Her new take-charge, sharp-tongued attitude is awesome. Now that they've gotten the 'getting back with JR' storyline out of the way in the dream, she can go on and be a great thorn in JR's side.

4. I think I still think that Pam's continued depush sucks. Her character needs more air time. Certainly some of Ray and Donna's time can easily be sacrificed. 

3. I think I actually like some of these scenes between Ellie and Wes Parmalee. I think they look great together. And I think Steve Forrest is a good actor especially when he's upset. This is a great storyline because it gets EVERYBODY involved.

2. I think Donna is so annoying. More so than Ray or even Jenna. Even more than Charlie, whose gimmick right now is to be annoying and nothing else. I am so tempted to change the channel or fast forward the tape when Donna is on the screen. If I didn't have to write up summaries, I would. You all know how much of a moron I find Ray Krebbs to be...well, I'll say this. When Ray was lambasting Donna for not being a good wife to him, I actually found myself nodding.

1. I think that Monday's episode is going to be a very good one. If you haven't seen it before, be prepared for a lot of fireworks.

Friday, December 18

10. I think that after seeing Charlie in that red dress Monday, a lot of guys, teenage and otherwise, will want to visit the Shalane McCall appreciation page where you can see more of her. I did and I'm glad.

9. I think that the writers are putting a lot of us [including me] on a emotional roller coaster by putting Pam's air time on a yo-yo. Pam's depush early in the week truly sucked. Then we saw her get married to that icky Mark Graison. She was a beautiful bride, no question - but she sure looked better after she woke up! And then on Friday she returns to the absolutely breathtaking lady that I can't get enough of.

8. I think the Dream Season was unbearably long! 31 episodes? Yikes! The average season of Dallas has 27.

7. I think Barbara Bel Geddes truly got shafted by this week's scripts. She's been horribly depushed and even when she appears she has nothing but really lame dialogue. The conversation with Ben Stivers on Thursday is the best example of this.

6. I think I have little to say about Wednesday's episode. Even though I thought I would have something to say about JR and Sue Ellen knocking boots again, I don't. Guess it was because it was short-lived.

5. I think I am indebted to my new friend Kim who has graciously explained to me what a cutting horse is! For those who don't know, I'll allow Kim to explain: A cutting horse is a horse that is trained to "cut" a cow out of a herd;  this can be for purposes of a competition, or for practical purposes on a farm or ranch to separate a young calf from it's mother in order to take it away to sell.  Cutting horses are almost always of the Quarter Horse breed, which is the type of horse that is thought of to be a "cowboy" horse--you know, the kind John Wayne rode through rough terrain with a Western saddle and gear.

4. I think that for the first time ever watching the show, I want to slap JR on the wrist for asking Jenna to remain at Southfork after Pam wakes up. JR, what the hell are you thinking? You WANT her to stay? Come on, that Barnes woman really THAT bad?

3. I think it would be nice to have my Dallas virginity back. A few people commented that they were genuinely surprised to see Patrick Duffy unexpectedly appear in the shower. I'd give anything to know how that really felt. Sometimes it's bad to know what's ahead.

2. I think the father/son talks on the show are absolutely awesome. JR interacting with his son adds a dimension that hasn't been felt since Jock died. I guess that's because it's so well done - and the scenes are awfully cute.

1. I think it is awesome to have Patrick Duffy back. And John Beck gone. Buh-bye, Mark Graison. I won't miss you - although you did seem to have quite a following during your Dallas tenure.

Friday, December 11

10. I think I owe Joe Stanganelli an apology for continually assuming that everyone's already seen the show and knows what's going to happen. And everyone else who hasn't seen all the episodes yet. Sometimes I reveal things about what's going to happen when I really shouldn't. I try hard, but occasionally, people will send me stuff which is so provocative that I just have to blurt out what's on my mind. Just a note to all submitters: please try and refrain as much as possible from spoiling the plot.

9. I think I'm in love with Merete Van Kamp. I seriously wish the writers could have had her character last a bit longer. There's been talk bandied about on the newsgroup that she makes Priscilla Presley look like a great actress. I think anyone who thinks so is mistaking inopportunity for incompetence. I found her acting to be quite good, given the fact that 90 percent of the time she just basically had to say, "Yes, Angelica." The only real fault I found is that she looked like she was going to burst out laughing when she warned JR and Jack about the danger they were about to face in Martinique.

8. I think I can't believe I'm going to say that Jerry Kenderson is a lamer impassioned admirer for Sue Ellen than Peter Richards, Dusty Farlow, or Clint Ogden. I thought those guys were lame for fawning all over her...but Jerry takes the cake.

7. I think I don't feel sorry for Mandy Winger after JR told her they were through. I'm not positive though. I'm sure she'll do something which change my mind.

6. I think that last scene on Tuesday, the mayhem in Martinique, rocked! It had more action than the rest of this whole season combined. I especially liked the symbolism involved: the whole 'masquerade' idea to signify everyone's ulterior motives in the scheme, and the fact that for the most part Grace was not wearing a mask [she only had a little hand-held thing], indicating that she was being sincere about her feelings in the matter. Of course, Angelica only had a hand-held mask too, but we already knew what she wanted.

5. I think I want to know what a cutting horse is. Someone please tell me.

4. I think that flooding Ray and Donna's house so that it's unlivable for at least FOUR months is even lamer on the writers' part than the cop-outish dream angle we are subjected to at the end of this season. And so is the adoption angle. Don't these people have better things to do? Like, shouldn't Ray be taking care of the ranch, since he's the freakin' FOREMAN? And Donna... please, someone get this woman a hobby, since she doesn't seem to care about her oil business anymore.

3. I think - I think that JR is at his scheming best when he messes up the cartel folks - and this time he did it not once, but twice! And they fall for it EVERY TIME! These guys are such perfect jobbers, you can't help but appreciate the humor here.

2. I think Angelica Nero rocks as a villain. The way she finished off her partners in crime was awesome. And I have a theory about how Nicholas died so quickly: obviously the hatpin of death was poisoned, but Angelica needed a way to have the poison take effect quickly. THAT'S why she gave Nicholas a big hug before she stabbed him. Not just so he wouldn't see what she was doing - she hugged him so she could get her hands on his back and find a space between two of his ribs, so that the pin would go straight through his lungs, puncturing them, and then into his heart!

1. I think Jock Ewing is DA MAN! Was anyone else touched by that scene where JR and John Ross come to the office late at night? I don't know what it is about that portrait of Jock, but it has a real effect on me when I see it. It makes me believe that I spoke the truth on the Jim Davis tribute page - Jock is the heart and soul of Dallas. I guess to me, the portrait is a reminder that whatever else goes on in these characters' lives, in the end it's people who matter - not money, not sex, not anything else. It's the people we love and cherish and want to make proud of us.

Friday, December 4

10. I think I miss Anne's input.  No disrespect to all of the AHNs, who do a marvelous job and without whom I would probably close up shop. Anne's studying for exams, and I'm sure everyone wishes her luck. And good luck to everyone who's got finals coming up soon! Study hard and watch Dallas when you can.

9. I think that the kidnapping was all Chief Rueda's plan to get as much cash as possible out of the rich, stupid Americans. A lot of people have indicated that this wasn't made very clear, and I agree. That's just my take on it. I KNOW that I'm very glad that this whole thing in Colombia is over. Even though I liked Chief Rueda [he made me laugh] I won't miss him.

8. I think I was really impressed with the bumps that Mark and Matt took during their fight at the hotel. I wouldn't swear to it, but it didn't look like they used stunt doubles. I could be wrong.

7. I think that this cat-and-mouse game between Angelica and JR has gotten tiresome. I've had enough of this "What is he up to?" and "What is she up to?" to last a lifetime.

6. I think the big Ramboski is getting shafted big time by the women. First, I don't think Jenna even kissed him in all the time they spent together. The most skin he ever got out of her was probably her calves, because Jenna doesn't even wear short skirts. And now Grace, even after Wednesday's tryst in bed, is unwilling to be naked with him! You can clearly see that she's wearing a bra or something underneath her shirt.  The Ramboski gets shafted so bad on this show, it's scary. Later we find out he was married to April Stevens for a month or so. I bet she had her knees welded shut the whole time.

5. I think Charlie is feeling somewhat self-conscious about her body. Lately, she's been wearing very loose-fitting clothing for some reason. Today, we see her in a Victorian-style button-up dress. What is up with that? And did anyone notice the way JR put out his arm to escort her into the dining room and she just ignored it?

4. I think that if I had the choice between spending a week with Sue Ellen and spending a week with Pam, I'd choose Sue Ellen right now. When Jerry Kenderson told her that she seems to have the perfect balance of beauty, brains, and personality, I found myself nodding in agreement. As AHN Kyle will tell you, for me to make such a statement with regards to Pam is shocking.

3. I think that Donna needs to be depushed. Not so much because her character and angles right now are lame [though they are], but because she's getting way too much air time at the expense of other more deserving candidates. Jamie, Mandy, and even that dumb ox Clayton are more interesting than Donna.

2. I think the writers missed a good opportunity for levity. During the scene where Jenna visited Bobby's grave, I thought she was going to say something like "What's that, Bobby?", as if she were actually hearing his voice and carrying on a conversation. This is the kind of thing they do with stuffed animals on kids' shows to give the kids auditory cues about what's happening. I thought it would have been funny, while at the same time showing us how over the edge Jenna really is.

1. I think I need to get my mind out of the gutter. This is one that the AHN's have seen, but for the web page, I'll have to tone it down a bit. Remember when Mandy came to Ewing Oil and asked Sly where JR was, in that sexy, airy voice of hers? They were the only two people in the place...I don't know what it was about the ambiance of that scene, but it almost struck me as something out of a porn flick. AHN Kyle immediately got upset at my continued derision of the lovely Mandy Winger and continues to insist that she's way too classy for this kind of thing. He's probably right, though I still think Mandy's a cheap and obvious woman.


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