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Episode 104: Changing of the Guard Aired: Tue, Dec. 28, 1999

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Daddy's got everything under control." - Bobby to Christopher after he shows JR who's boss.

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The Lucy Award: Ray and Donna.

JR reminds Sue Ellen that Cliff's suicide attempt wasn't her fault and exhorts her to return to the ranch. Sue Ellen says she needs some time to think and sort out her confused feelings. Afton and Rebecca meet up with her again and Afton tells Sue Ellen she had better stay away from Cliff from now on because he's off limits. Sue Ellen wants to see him but the two ladies block her path.

Ellie reads over the newspaper as the suddenly talkative Raoul gives her some lemonade. Bobby calls to let her know that he and Pam are coming back soon.

JR comes over to Sue Ellen's place and tells Mrs. Chambers to pack up some of John Ross's things because he's moving to Southfork - permanently.

Ellie comes over to Ray's house and asks him to come to the ranch that night for a vote to remove JR as President of Ewing Oil. Ray is forced to reveal that he sold JR his votes. Ellie is disappointed but understands why Ray did what he did - and that there are still enough votes outstanding to get JR out.

Ellie breaks the news about Cliff to Pam when she returns to the ranch. Pam heads off to the hospital as Ellie gathers the family for the meeting. JR says nothing in his own defense and reminds Ellie that John Ross is on Southfork, so he holds John Ross' shares. Lucy votes JR out, so Bobby holds the deciding vote again and Ellie reminds him that he would have to run Ewing Oil if he votes JR out, and Bobby does. JR asks Bobby to come up to the nursery to discuss it, and Bobby obliges.

Once there, JR threatens to tell the family he's Christopher's father but Bobby shows him the hospital records indicating Kristin's miscarriage. Bobby gives him a thundering right cross for trying to blackmail him and gives the agitated Christopher the Line of the Day.

Pam arrives at the hospital and learns about the whole triangle involving Cliff, JR, and Sue Ellen from Rebecca. She also tells Pam she intends to stop the Ewings from causing any more harm. Pam tells her that Bobby's going to remove JR from power very soon anyway, so there's no sense in making such threats.

The next morning, Ellie tells Sue Ellen that JR's been removed as President. Ellie advises her to stay at one of the guest rooms at Southfork rather than being alone, and Sue Ellen agrees.

Bobby arrives at the new Ewing Oil offices to meet the new outer office secretary, Kendall. He invites both Phyllis and Sly into his office to tell him about the change in command. He also informs the cartel - Jordan Lee is skeptical about his commitment but Bobby assures him he's in it for the long haul this time. Holly Harwood, daughter of oil baron Al Harwood and President of Harwood Oil, happens to come by their table and meets Bobby.

The doctor tells the assembled worriers-over-Cliff that there is a possibility of brain damage or a change in personality, should he pull through.

JR calls Harve Smithfield but finds that he's away in Houston. He speaks to Ellie on her way out of the house and tells her that no matter what he did or how she feels about what happened to Cliff, she's made the wrong decision in removing him as President of Ewing Oil because Bobby's not capable of running the company properly. They debate about it and finally JR says he'll take Sue Ellen and move off the ranch if that's how she feels.

Muriel [also sporting a new hairdo] comes over to see the moping Lucy who says she'll find out tomorrow if she's pregnant. The next day, she finds out that she is. Lucy tells Muriel she wants to get an abortion so she can forgot the whole thing with Roger happened.

Sue Ellen meets with our friendly neighborhood ox Clayton Farlow and informs him about her plans to marry JR - but only if Cliff pulls through all right. Clayton asks her to think about whether she can be happy with JR after what's happened and Sue Ellen says she's not sure.

Cliff gets up out of his coma for a brief while, as Afton waits by his bed and grabs his hand. Her joy turns to dismay as Cliff calls out for Sue Ellen. It turns out that Cliff is physically fine but he's still depressed.

JR meets Holly Harwood and Holly tells him that she doesn't know how to run an oil company. JR offers to help her run it as long as he remains totally in the background - and he wants 25% of the company. Holly agrees to the deal and JR's back on the oil scene after only 48 hours.

Episode 105: Where There's A Will Aired: Wed, Dec. 29, 1999

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LINE OF THE DAY: "What, do you want to make me Vice-President of stupid deals?" - Cliff responding to Marilee's job offer.

ALTERNATE: "I'm a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage." - JR to John, with a straight face.

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The Lucy Award: Ray and Donna again.

Harve finally returns JR's calls and they agree to meet at his office at 5. Once there, he meets John Baxter, Harve's son-in-law. JR asks to see Jock's will, but Harve tells him that Jock added a codicil to the will before he left for South America and left very specific instructions that no member of the family should see it before the entire family hears it. Despite JR's needling, Harve refuses to betray Jock's trust.

Pam comes to the hospital and tells Cliff that JR's been voted out of Ewing Oil and Bobby's running the company. Cliff is in one of his 'the Ewings are all the same' moods, though, and is unwilling to listen. Pam berates him for mistreating all of the people who care about him - including Rebecca, Afton, and herself - and quitting on them.

Bobby meets with the Ewing Oil department heads and learns that cutbacks will be necessary in both the oil fields and the refineries.

Ray gets a letter from his Aunt Lil in Kansas in which he learns that Amos Krebbs is very sick in the hospital and needs money to pay for his treatment. Aunt Lil doesn't know that Amos isn't Ray's father. Ray decides to send some money, and not tell Aunt Lil the truth yet to avoid a lot of talk around her small town.

Sue Ellen comes to visit Cliff in the hospital and apologizes for not giving him the money he needed. Cliff asks whether she still intends on marrying JR and she replies that she does, which causes Cliff to ask her to leave, because he knows that they can't see each other again, not even as friends. Cliff still has no desire to rebuild his life.

JR arranges a lunch date with John Baxter, and invites Serena to come over as well. Serena pretends to be looking for a lawyer's services to get alimony from her ex-husband. A well-timed call from an associate takes JR away and leaves John and Serena alone.

Lucy spends time in the nursery with Christopher, trying to deal with her feelings of wanting a baby. She tells Pam she's pregnant with Roger's child and is considering an abortion. Pam arranges for her to get some professional help so she can make the right decision. Cliff is released from the hospital and is suddenly enthusiastic to see the outside world.

Sue Ellen interrupts Ellie's stationary bike riding and tells her she's planning to go to the Southern Cross for a while with John Ross to think things through. Ellie manages to convince her to leave John Ross behind so she can really think clearly while she's away.

Carl, one of Bobby's old friends from his wild days, comes by his office and tells him he still has help of the female persuasion if he ever needs help to clinch a deal.

John and Serena adjourn to the Ewing condo, and JR conveniently crashes their little affair. He tells John he'll have to seriously consider whether to tell Harve about his playing on the side. The next day, they meet and JR tells John he's willing to forget the whole thing if John can arrange to allow him to see Jock's will - or at least the codicil.

Marilee comes over Cliff's place and offers him a job - if only to help her get back at JR. Ellie and Bobby have lunch and Punk and Mavis happen to come by. They manage to convince her to come to Oil Baron's Ball and be part of her friends' circle again.

John and JR meet very late after John manages to grab a copy of the very large will. JR looks over the codicil and says, "Thank you, Daddy."

Episode 106: The Billion Dollar Question Thu, Dec. 30, 1999

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LINE OF THE DAY: "If I wanted a package that included sex, I would have hired your brother Bobby." - Holly to JR.

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The Lucy Award: Rebecca and Afton.

JR tells Harve he appreciates his loyalty to Jock and is sorry for pressuring him about the will. Harve reminds him that the will can't be unsealed till Jock is declared legally dead.

JR and Bobby both advise Ellie to go to the Oil Baron's Ball. JR and Ellie discuss his displacement as President again and JR makes Ellie think about the way the family has been run since Jock died...whether there is the strong leadership, like there used to be.

Pam takes Lucy to see Dr. Grosvenor. The doctor tells her she may have psychological problems even if she goes ahead with the procedure but Lucy is insistent on having an abortion. The doctor later tells her she can have the procedure in a few days and should stay in the hospital overnight.

Donna's book is finally finished and Ray offers to accompany her to New York to hand-deliver her work to the publisher.

Afton and Cliff meet with Rebecca while shopping downtown. Rebecca is about to offer Cliff his old job back but Cliff tells her he's accepted Marilee's job offer.

JR meets with Nelson Harding, an IRS agent. He insinuates to Nelson that Bobby is trying to keep Jock's will from being read in order to avoid paying taxes and Nelson should bother him about it. Nelson pays Bobby a visit and tells them there will be legal problems if the will reading is delayed. Bobby flatly tells him he wants the will read ASAP and he should take his threats elsewhere. Bobby lets Harve know and Harve tells him that Harding is a tough agent - they should meet and discuss it. Harve advises him that he has to convince Ellie to allow the will to be read before there's real trouble.

JR goes out to Holly's boat, which doubles as her office. JR advises her to fire her Vice-President and buy a refinery in Galveston - while the buying is good. JR tries to turn the talk to romance but Holly tells him that if she wanted it, she'd have asked Bobby to help her.

Cliff meets with Marilee and tells her that he needs her job but doesn't trust her because of her past relationship with JR. Marilee manages to convince him that it's on the level and Cliff agrees to take her office as Senior VP of Operations. Cliff also tells her he doesn't want to fight JR anymore.

Ellie finally decides to go to the Oil Baron's Ball and JR tells Bobby he thinks it's time to settle their father's affairs. Bobby thinks it's coincidental that he got a visit from the IRS that morning. JR chides Bobby, saying it's odd that he's suddenly not gung-ho about reading the will since he's been in charge of Ewing Oil.

As Ray and Donna prepare to leave for New York, Ray gets a call from Aunt Lil and learns that Amos Krebbs is dead and she wants him to come to Kansas for the funeral. Donna decides to cancel her New York plans and head to Kansas with him.

JR flies down to the Southern Cross with John Ross to talk to Sue Ellen and asks her to come to the Oil Baron's Ball to support Miss Ellie. Sue Ellen says she'll think about it and JR reminds her how nice it would be to have a proper family for John Ross again. Later, Sue Ellen calls and accepts the invitation. Clayton tells Sue Ellen that Dusty will come home in a few days.

Holly meets Bobby at a restaurant and asks whether it's a good bet to buy a refinery right now. Bobby tells her he thinks it would be okay if she's got the money to do it.

Lucy, who was antsy before the abortion, cries herself silly afterwards and wonders whether she did the right thing. She also tells Pam she's not sure whether she wants to go back to modeling.

JR continues to pressure Ellie to make a decision about Jock's will. Bobby tells her he agrees with JR but Ellie refuses to make a decision at this point. Bobby tells JR to lay off but JR tells him the will's going to be read sooner or later.

Episode 107: The Big Ball Aired: Fri, Dec. 31, 1999

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LINE OF THE DAY: None. Ellie's speech was nice, but nothing of great note.

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The Lucy Award: Lucy

Holly and JR sit and talk about their relationship. JR avoids talking about the conversation they had the other day and tells her that she should just let him make the decisions and they should leave it at that.

Dusty arrives home and meets Sue Ellen again. They talk about their old relationship, which hasn't died, and her new-found commitment to JR. They find that there may still be some feelings left between them. They return to the ranch to find Dusty's new wife of a month, Linda. Sue Ellen listens to their boring love story and wishes them well. Linda tells them that she'll probably name her first daughter after Sue Ellen - which shocks her to no end.

JR learns that Punk has decided not to announce the Jock Ewing Memorial Scholarship at the Oil Baron's Ball so as not to upset Ellie. JR meets with Punk later and convinces him to change his mind so as to let Ellie go on with her life.

Ray and Donna arrive in Emporia and Aunt Lil's house. Ray meets her young stand-offish son, Mickey Trotter, who acts totally rude in a polite sort of way. After the funeral, Ray visits his mother's grave and tells her it's probably better this way.

Later Dusty and Sue Ellen talk privately and Dusty tells him he found that his impotence was psychological and went away after he went back on the rodeo circuit. Sue Ellen lashes out at him, despite the fact that he only married Linda after he heard she was going to marry JR. She tells him it was unfair of him to leave her just so he could have his rodeo life instead of a quiet home life at the Southern Cross.

Sue Ellen decides to return to Dallas the next day. Clayton reminds her to be careful in dealing with JR and Sue Ellen tells him she will - for the time being, she's just going to the ball with him and still hasn't decide whether to marry him again.

The next morning, Ray mows the lawn while Mickey tells him he's got better things to do. He mouths off to Aunt Lil, causing Ray to grab him by the collar and tell him to show some respect while he's around. Mickey shows some mock respect and rides off.

Finally, we return to Dallas! The Oil Baron's ball arrives and JR and Sue Ellen happen to bump into Holly Harwood. Pam and Bobby happen to bump into Clayton and Rebecca on the dance floor. Punk introduces Ellie to some guy named Frank Crutcher. As JR and Sue Ellen head over to their table, they pass by the cartel's table and meet Cliff, who seems in much better spirits.

Punk then gets up on the stage and begins his speech praising Jock and tells the assembly that four scholarships have been established at SMU in his name. Punk then asks Ellie to come up and speak in Jock's name. Bobby and JR start the crowd in a thunderous standing ovation for Ellie, and accompany her up to the stage.

Ellie thanks everyone present for being Jock's friends and tells them that he would surely appreciate their being present. She also mentions that Jock believed in facing tomorrow, whatever it brings.

The family returns home and toasts Jock, and place his portrait above the mantle replacing the picture of Enoch Southworth. Ellie tells them that she plans to call Harve in the morning and settle Jock's will.

Episode 108: Jock's Will Aired: Mon, Jan.3, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I hope you sent him bus fare." - JR advising Lucy as to how to deal with her ne'er-do-well father.

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The Lucy Award: Cliff

Harve arrives at Southfork in the morning and Miss Ellie tells him she wants to go ahead with the legalities to proceed with Jock's will. Harve says the thing to do is to have Jock declared legally dead - and for that they'll need some character witnesses for a hearing, as well as testimony from the pilot who saw the crash.

Pam talks to Lucy again about going back to work and forgetting about what happened but Lucy is still unprepared to leave the sanctuary of her room. Lucy gets the gumption to call Blair Sullivan but he's out of town and she doesn't leave a message.

Aunt Lil tells Ray about Mickey's life since high school, drifting from job to job. Ray and Donna drive around town for a while and see the old town. They pull into a gas station where Mickey happens to be working. Ray and Donna confront him about his surly attitude and Mickey lets slip that he's on probation for auto theft so that's why he has to work odd jobs to pay off the damages to the car he wrecked. Aunt Lil knows nothing about it.

Thornton McLeish from egregiously snowy Toronto calls Bobby and asks to meet to discuss a business deal. Bobby tells Pam he's concerned about why Jock's will was sealed - it indicates there's something to hide. He also says that if JR gets Ewing Oil back, he'll leave town.

JR and Harve prepare for the hearing by gathering depositions. JR tells Harve that the pilot who saw the crash is in South America and may be delayed. Harve says that if the judge rules against them, they'll have to wait seven years to unseal the will - a prospect that JR seems unwilling to live with.

JR comes over to Sue Ellen's place and tells John Ross that Ewing Oil is going to be his someday. They go out for dinner and dancing. When they return to her place, Sue Ellen wonders whether JR's lost interest in her now that she's agreed to marry him. JR tells her she's totally wrong and he's already set a date - December 3. Sue Ellen happily agrees.

Ellie has dinner with Punk and Mavis again and Frank Crutcher happens to stop by. Harve calls and says the case will be heard tomorrow. JR says the pilot will be there even if he has to go get him himself. Ellie calls Ray in Kansas and tells him about the hearing. Ray makes plans to leave the next day.

The hearing arrives and testimony is heard. Punk, the chopper pilot Lee Evans, and Bobby testify. Since there is no evidence to the contrary, the judge passes the motion and Jock is finally declared dead.

Ray offers Mickey the chance to come to Southfork to work off his debts. Donna thinks it's a bad idea and Ray tells her Mickey hasn't even made up his mind yet - but if he comes, he's coming with them right away.

Ellie tells the family that Ray and Gary are coming for the will reading. Sue Ellen asks JR why he's so calm about the will and JR is evasive, saying he doesn't know what she's talking about.

Mickey agrees to Ray's offer and comes to Southfork, expecting to stay at Ray's place. Ray says that's not quite where he'll be staying...and takes him over to Bunkhouse #2. Mickey taunts him about his status in life and Ray tells him that Jock was his real father - he could be doing more if he wanted to, but he's happy with what he has.

Harve assembles the family in the livingroom and reads the will: Ellie gets the title to Southfork and about $ 50 million in community property. The four Ewing sons get $ 10 million in trust. Lucy gets $ 5 million. Gary's share is deferred, interest only, for four years. A separate trust is set for all Ewing grandchildren.

Harve then turns to the codicil, which concerns Ewing Oil. He says that since Gary and Ray had no interest in running Ewing Oil, it's left to JR and Bobby. The company will be divided into two equal parts. In one year, Punk Anderson will hold an audit to determine who did better with his share. The winner of the contest gets 51 percent; the loser gets 19 percent. Ellie, Gary, and Ray divide the rest. Also, if one son happens to die within the year, the other son will automatically win the contest and 70 percent.

JR and Bobby toast each other and the contest, with Jock's portrait in the background.

Episode 109: Aftermath Aired: Tue, Jan.4, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "And the position of embezzler is open?" - Cliff to Rebecca when he hears about her new company.

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The Lucy Award: Ray

Sue Ellen and JR talk and she tells him she knows that he knew about what was in Jock's will before it was read, though he denies it. Bobby tells Pam he has to go through with the fight because Jock had enough faith in him to pit him against JR - and also for Christopher's sake.

After an auditor is commissioned to divide Ewing Oil, Punk tells Ellie that he was with Jock when he made the decision to split the company and he only did it because he wanted Ewing Oil to remain strong - and this was the only way. Ellie says she understands but is concerned about the effect it will have on the family.

Pam tells Lucy again she should forget about her abortion and get on with her life. Later, Lucy contacts Blair Sullivan and asks for a female photographer. Blair is happy to oblige.

JR meets with Walt Driscoll, head of the Office of Land Management, on Holly's boat. He asks Walt to give him a variance to pump more oil out of his wells than the legal limit. Walt tells him it's not possible at this time.

Cliff reads about JR's return to the oil game and tells Afton he's concerned that JR might still have some influence over Marilee and find a way to wreck his life. Afton tells him to let go of his hatred of JR before it ruins him again.

Rebecca contacts Wade Luce and buys his oil company to get back at JR. Sue Ellen and JR go out for dinner and bump into Clayton and Rebecca. JR tries to be polite but Rebecca tells him she's going to hurt him and his company for what he did to Cliff. Sue Ellen sees that JR is visibly shaken by her threats and he tells her that he thinks everyone is ganging up on him. Later, Sue Ellen tells Clayton that what affects JR affects her - so he had better not choose sides.

Bobby meets with Thornton McLeish and learns that his group his the rights to a huge deposit of high-quality crude oil, for which they need investors. It's a can't miss deal, but the profits might not appear for a year to 18 months. Bobby tells McLeish he'll have to think about it. Pam learns that the adoption hearing for Christopher will be in a week. She tells Bobby the good news when he returns.

Rebecca asks Cliff to run the company that she just bought and she won't mind a bit if he uses it to hurt JR. Cliff says he couldn't possibly bear the thought of losing to JR again. Afton advises him to take the offer for his own ends, not to get back at JR.

JR tells Ellie what he told Bobby earlier - that he plans to play fair in the contest, and he would never do anything to hurt his little brother.

Pam comes over to Rebecca's place and they exchange news. Pam is upset that Rebecca plans to continue the feud against Ewing Oil - which may hurt Bobby and herself in the process.

JR asks Harry McSween to find some dirt on Walt Driscoll. Harry learns that Walt's young wife is a very bad driver and Walt's had to use his influence to get her out of trouble on many occasions. You can almost see the wheels turning in JR's head.

Episode 110: Hit and Run Aired: Wed, Jan.5, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I know you were taught to knock. I was there." - JR to Bobby.

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The Lucy Award: Sue Ellen

Rebecca and Afton accompany Cliff to his president's office at Barnes-Wentworth. Rebecca tells Cliff to go at his own pace but eventually he'll have to butt heads with JR.

Bobby and JR, along with Punk and Harve, divide up the company in half, including all assets except the refinery, which they'll have to share. Harve gives Punk a sealed letter from Jock which he is to open when the contest is completed.

Frank Crutcher calls Miss Ellie and asks her for lunch the next day. They have a nice lunch and discuss their past mates, and make arrangements for another lunch date.

Ray finds Mickey swindling the ranch hands at craps and suspects he's using loaded dice - turns out he's not but Ray gives him the third degree for goofing off on the job.

Lucy gets an opportunity to be the Texas Cola girl but she's pretty unenthusiastic her first time back. Bill Johnson, the president's son, tries to cheer her up. Dan Fielding...I mean Mr. Colton, her divorce lawyer calls at the same time, causing Lucy to remain somewhat unimpressive for the rest of the shoot.

Bobby shows JR the headline that Cliff's in charge of the new company, which is part of the cartel - which virtually assures that the cartel will have nothing to do with him. JR calls Harry McSween and tells him to redouble his efforts to get something on Driscoll's wife.

Sue Ellen, Pam, and Ellie discuss the brewing situation involving Cliff and JR. Pam calls Rebecca to try and talk her out of her vendetta against the Ewings. They meet at her new mansion and discuss the matter again but Rebecca is adamant that Cliff needs some strength behind him so he doesn't get into the same trouble again. Pam reminds her that Bobby and JR are not going to sit back and let things be rosy for Cliff.

Bobby meets McLeish and tells him that he needs a little bit more time to think about the deal...he promises to get back to him by next week. McLeish visits Cliff and offers him the same deal.

Harry is only able to come up with one pattern of behavior for Driscoll's wife - a visit to her hairdresser from 2 to 4 every other day. JR calls Walt to apologize for trying to twist his arm - he asks him and his wife to join Sue Ellen and himself for dinner on Friday.

Lucy meets with her lawyer to discuss her case. He suggests that Mitch might want some of her money, especially after her inheritance from Jock and wants to get in touch with him.

Cliff tells the cartel that he thinks Bobby can't win the fight with JR - so they should avoid dealing with Bobby since it will only benefit JR in the long run. All the members agree. As they leave, JR and Sue Ellen walk in and trade barbs with Cliff for a while.

Driscoll's wife pulls out of her hairdresser's place and, just as JR planned, slams into a drunken pedestrian. The guy says he's okay and she drives off after giving him some money. JR and Harry are watching from a nearby parked car and JR comments that he just witnessed a hit-and-run.

Dave Culver visits Donna to help her autograph some of her newest books. He also invites her to a political schmooze to gain publicity for his campaign.

Cliff and Bobby are both advised that the McLeish fellows are above board and the deal is fantastic - not to be passed up. Bobby arrives very late to the lunch meeting he arranged with McLeish. Pam's charm is able to salvage the situation and Bobby agrees to the deal.

JR comes to Driscoll's place on Friday as planned. Harry McSween comes by and tells Driscoll about his wife's accident yesterday - he says the victim is in serious condition and he'll have to take Mrs. Driscoll in. JR offers to help and Carol explains what happened, including the fact that she gave the victim some money. JR says he might be able to fix the situation - and Walt says he'll owe him a big favor if JR can pull it off.

Episode 111: The Ewing Touch Aired: Thu, Jan.6, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Other people have fought the Ewings before, and they've regretted it." - the irrepressible Ellie Ewing, warning Rebecca that she's chosen tough dance partners.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Sue Ellen again.

JR sets up Petro State Inc., a dummy corporation to funnel assets towards. He also pushes Walt Driscoll for his variance - by 1 PM today. Walt manages to do it but tells him that the Office of Land Management is already under fire from the public - this might be the last straw to get him fired. JR tells him to accept the plane tickets to the Caribbean that he's purchased and get out of town quickly.

Cliff calls McLeish with the good news that he's accepting their deal but learns he got beaten to it - by Bobby and Pam.

Meanwhile, Pam and Bobby are granted custody of Christopher as the proud grandmothers look on. They head off to have lunch, and afterwards Ellie and Rebecca discuss the continuing feud. Rebecca tells Ellie she doesn't want a fight but if JR gives Cliff any trouble she plans to respond in kind.

Dave Culver speaks out against the OLM at a rally with a disappointing turnout. Ray leaves early, claiming that he's got work to do at the ranch. When he returns, he finds that Mickey's left work to goof off at a bar with two nice-looking ladies. Ray tries to talk some sense into him but Mickey is unresponsive until Ray gets tough and tells him he's going to be watching him a like a hawk from now on.

Sue Ellen incomprehensibly asks Clayton to move to Dallas when Dusty goes back on the rodeo circuit. She also asks Clayton to be the father of the bride at her wedding. Clayton gives her a forced yes.

Lucy does more work for Bill Johnson's company. Bill asks her out for dinner but Lucy says she doesn't mix business with pleasure anymore. As she gets up to leave, Bill grabs her arm, causing the fear of Roger to return to her face.

Ellie tells everybody to be home for dinner the next night - Mavis, Punk, and Frank Crutcher are coming over. All assembled seem unenthusiastic.

Afton unsuccessfully tries to calm Cliff down after he loses the McLeish deal. Cliff calls Southfork looking for Bobby but settles on meeting Pam at Reunion Tower. Pam denies knowing that Cliff was involved in the bidding but Cliff is unwilling to listen to her. They both tell each other they'll end up ruining the family.

JR tells his people to pump their wells to maximum capacity, despite the fact that the market is very bad. JR goes over to Holly's place and tells her not to renew her contracts with her existing crude oil providers - he'll take care of providing the crude oil her refinery needs.

Bobby heads down to Houston to get some supplies for his field but is stonewalled by his distributor, who says the parts were originally ordered by JR. Bobby threatens him physically and only then the guy agrees to ship the stuff he needs.

The family gathers for dinner and Punk and Bobby both want to talk business but JR tells them to pay more attention to the fun that Ellie seems to be having with Frank Crutcher - she laughs like she did before Jock died. Lucy's divorce hearing occurs and Mitch decides not to contest it, so the divorce is easily granted.

Afton and Cliff argue over his frustration again as Cliff gets a call from Jordan Lee for an urgent meeting. The cartel folks tell him about JR's variance and Cliff suspects that JR and Driscoll were in cahoots.

Donna invites Ellie to get involved with the DOA again and brings her to another rally against the OLM. Ellie is surprised to learn about JR's variance and that many of Jock's friends have turned against Ewing Oil. Donna suggests that the OLM should be replaced by an Energy Commission of some sort - and tells Ellie that JR is ruining his reputation within the oil community. Ellie tells Donna she has to stop things before they go too far.

Bobby tells JR in no uncertain terms not to mess with his affairs again. JR calls Gil Thurman over to his office and tells him he wants to buy his refinery in order to sell all the oil he plans to pump to secure control of his daddy's company.

Episode 112: Fringe Benefits Aired: Fri, Jan.7, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Did the telephone lines burn too?" - Sue Ellen to JR after his "oil field fire" excuse.

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The Lucy Award: Lucy

JR and Sue Ellen have dinner and JR asks her to be the hostess when he entertains Gil Thurman to try and convince him to sell his refinery. Gil happens to stop by Afton's club and they talk about his potential deal with JR. After hearing about the available refinery, Afton asks him to come back again so they can talk some more. Afton tells Cliff to come over as well.

Ellie asks JR about his variance and why he's pumping at maximum capacity, which is bothering a lot of oil men. JR wonders whether she means Frank Crutcher which Ellie takes great offense to. JR asks his sources to keep looking for another refinery in case Thurman's deal falls through but he's told there's not much out there. JR invites Gil to dinner at Sue Ellen's townhouse tomorrow night.

Frank and Ellie have lunch for the second time and Frank asks her to come with him to New York on a business trip but Ellie tells him their relationship hasn't progressed that far.

Bobby finds that the Canadian oil drilling has been delayed by bad Canadian weather. Cliff tells the cartel about the opportunity to obtain Thurman's refinery. They agree to consider the offer. He meets with Thurman and finds that Gil wants a little bit of personal pleasure on the side. Afton listens intently.

Pam accompanies Sue Ellen to her wedding dress fitting and they talk about their changed relationship over the years - even though their husbands are fighting, their friendship has grown stronger.

JR talks to John Macklin about a great oil deal which won't materialize for a few years, but JR refuses saying he needs immediate profits. Bobby also turns him down, causing Macklin to respond that there might not be a Ewing Oil for very long at this rate.

Pam brings Christopher to Rebecca's place and tells her she's upset that he won't visit him at Southfork. Rebecca tells her she still can't get over what almost happened to Cliff.

Punk comes to Bobby's office and tells him he's concerned about what JR is doing with his variance to pump more oil. Bobby tells him he has no idea what JR is doing but agrees to find out what he can to put Punk's mind to rest. The first things he finds is that production at the Ewing refinery has remained stable, which gets him wondering what he's doing with all the oil.

JR gets Sue Ellen to put on the sexy charm during their evening with Gil. JR arrives an hour late to allow Gil and Sue Ellen to spend some time alone. Gil tries to put the moves on her but Sue Ellen manages to keep his hands off her. By the time JR arrives, Gil is so turned off he leaves right away. Sue Ellen gets upset that JR wanted to use her like a hooker but JR tells her that he just wanted to keep the man entertained, and he manages to make it sound believable.

Cliff tells Afton that this deal could really strengthen his position with the cartel, and it's not just to spite JR. After a really poor edit by TNN, in which presumably Afton rejects his advances, she seems to change her mind and sleep with Gil. The next morning she tells an antsy Cliff that he'll probably get his refinery, and he does. Gil congratulates him on knowing what it takes to win a deal.

Pam whines about what Jock's will is doing to both of her families. She wants to move away from Dallas but Bobby says he can't leave JR in charge of the family. He also says that all of them should have some faith in Jock's judgment in starting the contest in the first place - it's about intestinal fortitude, and he's going to prove that he has it.

Cliff comes over to JR's office and tells him he closed the deal for the refinery. JR wonders why Cliff is dumb enough to cross his path again but Cliff tells him that this time, he's the one who's all alone - Cliff has all the independent oil men in Texas behind him. He leaves JR to drown in his 'ocean of oil'.

Episode 113: The Wedding Aired: Mon, Jan. 10, 2000

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The Lucy Award: No one. For the first time, everyone really contributed well. 

Clayton arrives at Southfork, getting a warm reception from the whole family, including JR. During the small wedding rehearsal, Mickey gets bored and wanders inside the house, meeting Lucy. They find that they have one thing in common - they're both the family rebels. Mickey asks Ray about her but Ray is unhelpful, telling Mickey that she's way out of his league.

JR visits Holly's place and asks her to sell some of her assets to Petro State to raise some money, ignoring Holly's pleas for romance now that she's broken up with her boyfriend.

Jordan Lee visits Bobby and complains about JR's variance, which he's sure is the result of a bribe. Bobby maintains that his half of the company is separate but Jordan tells him that JR's actions will hurt Ewing Oil as a company when the contest is over. Bobby angrily tells him that he intends to be the president of Ewing Oil when all is said and done. Bobby confronts JR about it when he gets home but JR is evasive as always.

JR goes to Cliff's office and gives him an invitation to the wedding. Cliff tells Afton he wants to go to the wedding and take her as his guest.

Dave Culver tells Donna that the bill to dissolve the OLM has passed, thanks to her work at the legislature. Dave asks her to help him find a committee to replace the OLM. Ray agrees that she should help him, if only to stop JR.

Ellie and Clayton talk about the family trouble they're having, commenting that they've had to deal with problems, but usually they were external. Now this internal squabble is ruining her life. They go out for dinner and Ellie tells Clayton he reminds her of Jock and they hold hands for a while. Rebecca happens to spot the exchange from across the room.

Lucy visits Blair Sullivan and she asks to get out of Dallas for a few days. She ends up working for Bill Johnson's company again. Lucy tells Ellie she's leaving town because she doesn't want to hang around for the wedding because she doesn't want to see Sue Ellen mess up her life again.

Bobby asks the Ewing accountants to give him a full report of what JR is up to. Punk also asks JR for some answers and tells him that he's not going to take any guff from him. He threatens to blow the whistle on the contest if JR doesn't start playing by the rules.

Pam, Bobby, Ray, and Donna go out for dinner and dancing. Pam is worried that Donna's involvement in the new Energy Commission is going to cause more family squabbling. Dave arrives and tells everyone that the vote in the senate was split - they only way the committee will be approved is if Donna agrees to serve on it. Pam, the wet blanket, points out that Miss Ellie won't like the continued in-fighting but Ray and Bobby say it's her duty and it's the only way to stop JR.

Sue Ellen suggests to JR that he come to live at her townhouse while the battle for Ewing Oil continues. JR says that Southfork is his home and he can't leave it, especially during the fight because it's his inheritance - and his son's. He makes Sue Ellen realizes that they are together in this fight for their future.

Bobby confronts JR again in the living room about the reports he got from the accountants and geologists that afternoon, despite Miss Ellie's feelings that business shouldn't be discussed in front of the family. Bobby tells her that keeping things behind closed doors is exactly what JR wants, and he's ruining the company. Ellie says she refuses to allow this continue, but JR responds that Jock's will has decided that this too must pass.

Afton tells Rebecca about the invitation to the wedding, which Cliff intends to attend. She mentions that she believes Cliff is still in love with Sue Ellen. Rebecca advises her to fight for Cliff if she really wants to spend her life with him.

Donna tells Ellie about Dave's offer to serve on the committee - and the fact that that would mean that she's the one who'll have to stop JR. Ellie tells her to do what she feels is right.

The time for the wedding arrives and Ellie asks Punk why no oil men, other than himself, are around. Punk says he's not sure. Cliff and Afton arrive soon afterwards. Before the wedding, Pam and Sue Ellen mutually apologize for snapping at each other during JR and Bobby's argument the other day.

On her way down the aisle, Sue Ellen spots Cliff in the crowd and feels uneasy. The ceremony starts and when the minister asks if any one has reason why JR and Sue Ellen should not be joined in holy matrimony, Cliff stands up.

Episode 114: Post Nuptial Aired: Tue, Jan. 11, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "No sense cooking unless you're going to eat the meal." - Another JR zinger to Clayton.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ellie

Everybody stares at the silent Cliff for a moment, and then he walks out on the ceremony and goes to the bar. Storm clouds are heard in the distance as JR and Sue Ellen make their vows. The ceremony proceeds without any further hitch.

JR tells Sue Ellen he invited Cliff to the wedding personally so he could see that they were happy together and perhaps leave them alone. Clayton tells JR that he'll be around to make sure Sue Ellen doesn't get hurt.

Pam and Afton find the moping and somewhat drunk Cliff and Pam tells him that he should leave, and Afton agrees. Cliff dares her to try anything and Pam struts off in a huff. JR stops by and throws his two cents in and Cliff tells Afton he's not leaving until he dances with the bride. He goes up and tells Sue Ellen she owes him a dance, at least. She disagrees but eventually ends up being dragged out on to the floor.

Mickey tips JR off about it and he heads over and tells Cliff to get off the ranch - right now. He and JR get into a shoving match and JR ends up accidentally knocking a woman into the pool. Her husband shoves JR so JR kicks him in as well. Bobby holds Cliff and JR smacks him, then Clayton socks JR. JR and Cliff tussle and Bobby, trying to separate them, pushes all three in to the pool. Ray, another guy, and Mickey end up wet as well.

Click here for a blow-by blow account of the poolfight - with pictures!

JR and Sue Ellen go away on their honeymoon. While Sue Ellen enjoys herself, he does some business on the side, secretly amassing more assets for Petro State.

Bobby gets a visit from some OLM agents and they talk about the variance that JR got. They figure that the only reason JR is pumping so much oil is to sell it to an embargoed country, such as Cuba. The fact that Walt Driscoll went to the Caribbean is also suspicious. Bobby learns from Harry Perkins that most of the oil that's being pumped is being sent to Galveston. Harry agrees to find out what he can, for old times' sake.

The cartel members, as well as Punk and Rebecca, get together to form a battle plan. They decide they have to get the variance rescinded, and then they have to strong-arm all of the Texas refineries into stopping their dealings with Ewing Oil. Holly also sits in on the meeting and starts to wonder what's going on.

Bill Johnson brings Lucy back to her hotel from her latest photo shoot and starts to get romantic, but Lucy says she's tired and leaves Bill to take a cold shower. He apologizes the next morning and makes a pass at Lucy again, telling her that they can ignore the planned photo shoot. Lucy spurns him once again, though.

JR tells Sue Ellen he has a meeting in town and Sue Ellen says she wants to come along and be involved in the business from now on. She demands a total commitment from JR and he agrees. His lucrative refinery deal is turned down because the owner's been warned by the cartel not to do business with Ewing Oil.

Harry finds out that the oil is going to the Harwood refinery in Galveston. Bobby calls Holly and asks for a meeting to discuss it. Holly tells him about the arrangement she made with JR - and the fact the he owns 25% of her company. He finds that Holly's refinery only accounts for only a small part of JR's total capacity - there's still a lot of crude left to be accounted for.

Dave Culver stops by Ray's house and tells Donna that the new Energy Commission has been approved and she's part of the group. Donna is still worried about what Miss Ellie will think. Ray promises he'll take care of Miss Ellie - she should just go and do her job.

Bobby talks to Eugene Bullock and asks him to investigate where JR is sending his oil, because he may be shipping to an embargoed country. Mr. Eugene agrees to find out what he can.

Lucy returns to Southfork and Pam tells her Blair called and asked why she walked out on her assignment. Lucy tells her she couldn't bring herself to get romantic with Bill because she was so frightened.

JR and Sue Ellen return from their brief honeymoon and Donna tells him she's been put on the Energy Commission and their first order of business is to rescind his variance. JR tells her he doesn't particularly care right now. Bobby comes by and confronts JR yet again with his new-found knowledge about his operations but wants to know whether he's selling illegally. JR flatly denies it and Bobby reminds him that that would destroy Ewing Oil and he's not going to let it happen. JR tells him to give it his best shot.

Episode 115: Barbecue Three Aired: Wed, Jan. 12, 2000

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Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Afton did the least.

Pam and Sue Ellen discuss, yet again, their changed relationship. Sue Ellen says she thinks JR has really changed and the battle for Ewing Oil will be a fair fight. They decide to help Ellie with the invitations to the Ewing barbecue - which purports to be bigger than ever.

Eugene Bullock finds out all of the information about tankers which recently left Galveston. Bullock finds that a lot of the tanker captains are mercenaries, willing to do anything for the right price.

Donna attends her first session on the Energy Commission. Several oil men attend the hearing, whose only order of business is to rescind JR's variance. JR stands by as the committee votes 3-1 to take it away. The order becomes law in ten days. He gets all of his employees to prepare for a new strategy in seven days - it's going to be big news all over the country.

Mickey comes by the ranch with some papers to sign. Lucy's the only one around the house, and they talk for a while. Mickey asks her why she never goes out, and also asks her out on a date. Lucy rebuffs him and Mickey figures it's because she's a spoiled rich girl and she doesn't want to be seen with him.

Pam heads over to Rebecca's place to convince her to come to the barbecue - Clayton wants to take her. Rebecca is still hesitant but she eventually agrees.

Holly invites Bobby to come over to her house to talk urgently. JR also invites him for a little ride, but he declines. Holly's interest at first is in romance but Bobby rebuffs all of her advances. Holly tells him that her lawyers have found that JR set up a dummy corporation called Petro State, to which he made Holly sell some of her gas stations...

At the grand opening of the new JR Ewing Gas stations, JR tells the press that he's sick of being maligned by people who don't want to give the American consumers a break at the gas pumps. He defies anyone to try and stop him.

Cliff rallies the cartel to try and stop JR. Bobby comes home and throws a fit, telling JR he's wrong to deplete the Ewing reserves just to win the contest - he'll destroy everything Jock built. It takes Ray to separate the brothers as they almost come to blows. JR finds that he's going to need a new refinery to produce enough gasoline for his new venture.

The next day, Bobby tells Pam that he's afraid he's going to lose the contest, because JR has found a way to show enormous revenues very quickly, and he's almost forced the Energy Commission to give him back his variance. He tells her he's going to have start calling in a lot of markers from his friends in order to win the contest - and he still intends to. Pam shows apprehension about Bobby's new style.

Ray advises Ellie to stay out of the fight but Ellie says she has to keep her family together, and she can't understand why Jock did what he did. Ray speculates that Jock just wanted the strongest person to run the company, and it's possible that he wasn't thinking straight about all of the consequences.

At another oil man's meeting, the cartel and other figures band together and Punk suggests that they face JR down at the Ewing Barbecue.

Speaking of the Barbecue...Donna tells Punk that she's the only one on the committee who wants to overturn the variance, even though it's the only way to save Texas's oil reserves. The assembled oil men tell Donna that they have a plan to confront JR - as soon as Cliff arrives.

Rebecca comes by with Clayton, and goes off to see Christopher. Clayton and Sue Ellen renew acquaintances. Holly confronts JR about using her company to get ahead in his competition, but he tells her he had her best interests at heart. Holly and Bobby have a dance and she offers to help him in his fight against JR. She gives him a kiss, under Pam's watchful eye.

Mickey invites the agoraphobic Lucy outside to dance but she still gives him the brush-off. They continue to trade barbs for a while. Mickey reaches out a hand and Lucy gets her fear reaction again, causing him to realize there's more going on here than meets the eye.

Cliff and Afton arrive and Pam tries to get rid of him but he pushes his way past her. Cliff cuts the music and the throng of oil-type people surround JR. Bobby and Ray stick up for JR, for family's sake. Ellie steps in front of them all and tells them to get lost if this is how they choose to behave. They don't dare cross Ellie so the mob disperses. Ellie tells the assembled family that she's sick of all the shenanigans and she plans to see Harve about breaking Jock's will - then she plans to sell Ewing Oil.

Episode 116: Mama Dearest Aired: Thu, Jan. 13, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I don't want any coffee either..." - JR to Phyllis as she ignores him walking out of Bobby's office.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray

The Ewings argue about the recent affairs in the livingroom. Ellie reaffirms her desire to see Harve and get the will changed so she can sell Ewing Oil. When JR reminds her that Jock spent his whole life building his company, Ellie claims that the company is ruining her life and it's obvious that JR doesn't care about his daddy - only himself.

Punk meets with Cliff and the cartel boys and tells him he's upset at the way he handled the situation at the barbecue. Cliff figures that the only way to stop JR is to get together and ostracize Ewing Oil while dropping their prices. The cartel boys disagree and Punk says he better be careful because the Ewings will be united against them, no matter what.

Sue Ellen tells Pam that Miss Ellie is wrong to interfere in the fight for Ewing Oil. She also asks JR how he feels about Ellie's threats and tells JR that he's wrong if he thinks she'll reconsider.

Lucy reminds Ellie that Jock was a very smart man, especially when it came to business - he probably figured that something like this would happen, and planned for it. Ellie says she's right but it's up to her to run the family now.

Bobby tells Pam he's upset that she agrees with Ellie about breaking the will. Pam says that Ellie needs some support and sympathy in her plight. Bobby tells Pam that he has to live out Jock's legacy - to be the best, no matter what. That's what drives him and JR, and that's why Jock pitted them against each other.

Cliff hunts for a new condo. Rebecca invites him to move in with her but Cliff declines, saying he needs his space. She tells him she didn't like the way he gathered the mob at the barbecue and reiterates that he needs to beat JR in the business arena. Cliff and Afton go to see a prospective place and Afton asks Cliff if he's ever considered getting married. Cliff is so obsessed with interior decorating that he completely ignores her.

The next morning, JR tries to act sweet to Ellie until she tells him she still intends to see Harve Smithfield. JR tells her that he'll fight her all the way - and Bobby will too.

JR thanks Bobby for sticking up for him at the barbecue and asks whether he can count on his help against their mother's crusade to break Jock's will. Bobby says he can't commit right now.

JR remains in contact with George Hicks of the Energy Commission and confirms that they have a deal for some valuable land if he maintains his pro-JR stance. Donna tries vainly to convince the commission to rule against JR but in the end he gets to keep his variance.

Ellie and Pam visit Harve's office and he says he knows about what's happening. Ellie says she wants to contest the will and Harve says he'll recommend a lawyer - he refuses to represent her because he's legally obligated to represent Jock and his will. Harve talks with JR and Bobby that evening and tells them what happened. Bobby is upset to learn that Pam accompanied Ellie to his office. JR and Bobby agree to work together with Harve to defend the will.

Pam and Bobby have an argument about her continued support of Ellie in this matter. Pam tries again to convince Bobby to leave the fight and just have a quiet life. But Bobby is determined to fight Ellie, win the contest, and be in control of Ewing Oil and is totally upset that Pam isn't with him on this.

Clayton comes over to Southfork to talk to Ellie and recommends a lawyer named Brooks Oliver to her. JR is bothered by his presence but loses a stare-down. He tells Sue Ellen that when Ellie loses this battle, he'll be in charge of the family - and she'll share the power.

JR heads over to Holly's place and tells her he needs her help to find refinery capacity. He tells her to cancel her existing refinery contracts, and Holly protests, claiming that one of them is with the military. JR says that's her problem and practically orders her to do it.

Bobby tells Ted Prince to increase his production levels to before his voluntary cutback, despite the fact the market is flooded. He talks to Jordan Lee and Andy Bradley and tells them he wants to open the Wellington oil wells to get as much oil as he can out of them. Jordan and Andy refuse to allow it.

Ellie meets with Mr. Oliver and explains her situation. He says he's tied up with the estate of Mark Graison, Sr. right now and needs some time to examine the will. He reveals that the best way to break a will is to claim that the deceased was not mentally competent at the time of the writing.

Pam and Rebecca discuss the situation and Pam asks her not to put any more pressure on the already troubled family. Rebecca agrees and offers to visit Ellie to offer support.

JR does another TV appearance to trumpet his continued variance. Bobby comes by and offers no comment about JR's business tactics. JR takes advantage of the opportunity to announce to the world that even his brother is against him in his fight to provide affordable gas to the little guy.

Episode 117: The Ewing Blues Aired: Fri, Jan. 14, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Shouldn't you be out meddling in somebody's life?" - JR to Pam.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray

Ellie asks Jock's portrait why he's putting her through this hell. Pam finds her and they discuss the fact that they'll have to prove that Jock was mentally incompetent when he wrote the codicil. Pam agrees, saying he couldn't have been thinking straight when he wrote it, but Ellie has some doubts, remembering what a rational man he was.

Bobby gets a lawyer to look into any possible fine print that will allow him to bypass the cartel's decision and drill on the Wellington property - and fast. 

Donna tells Ray she's disgusted with the unreasonable people on the Energy Commission and tells Ray she wants to quit. Ray tells her she's not a quitter and she should stick to her guns.

Jordan tells Cliff and the cartel that Bobby's pumping up to legal capacity again and that he wants to uncap the Wellington wells. The group unanimously votes to keep the wells capped. The lawyer tells him that with the contract JR signed, he can't force them to uncap the well, but he can force them to buy his share - at five times the price.

Miss Ellie and Pam with Mark Graison, Jr. about allowing Brooks Oliver to take some time away from the Graison affairs to help her with her case. Mark seems very interested in Pam.

Cliff prepares for his move. Afton takes a hissy-fit and storms off when Cliff tells her that he just wants her to move in at some point and acts very casual about marriage.

JR gets upset at Donna for trying to overturn his variance. Donna tries to defend herself but JR starts to get personal so Ray grabs him and gives him a thundering punch to the jaw. He goes upstairs to put some ice on it and asks Sue Ellen to appear with him on his upcoming television interview, as part of their renewed commitment.

Bobby comes home late and tells Pam about his new-found way to get some easy cash out of the cartel. Mark Graison calls for Pam and asks to meet to answer some questions he has before he makes a decision about allowing Oliver to take Ellie's case.

JR goes over to Holly's place and wants some answers about her uncancelled refinery contracts. Holly reminds him that most of her contracts are for the military but JR decides to play hardball and tells Holly that he's already made Harwood Oil's affairs so complicated that if she doesn't do what he says, he'll unravel the mess and the company will fall apart. He leaves Holly with a deadline of tomorrow to cancel the contracts. Holly comes over to see Bobby and tells him about JR's threats. Bobby suggests that she sue JR for his 25% of her company - at least it'll tell her if he's bluffing or not.

Mark meets with Pam and he asks her about her motivation for helping Ellie in this matter - she tells him she wants to end the rivalry for Ewing Oil any way she can. Mark tells her he'll allow Miss Ellie to use Oliver's services and admits that he called her because he wanted to be alone with her. Pam tells her she has a very happy marriage and leaves.

Mickey sneaks over to the Southfork pool and takes a swim. Lucy heads down to shoo him away and they have another insult-trading session.

JR and Sue Ellen appear on TV to talk about his cut-rate gas stations. He says he doesn't want to gouge the American public like the rest of his fellow oil men. They also talk about his fight with Bobby and tells the world he thinks Bobby's too weak to run Ewing Oil.

Cliff orders Chinese food and he and Afton watch JR's appearance. The delivery guy tells Cliff he'd vote for JR if he ran for President, which gives Cliff an idea...

Ellie overhears Bobby telling Pam that he doesn't think she has the ovariological fortitude to go through with declaring Jock incompetent, and he's more determined than ever to beat the snot out of JR in the contest. Rebecca comes over to tell Cliff to take the pressure off the Ewings so that Ellie can proceed with her plan to break the will.

JR tells Pam he doesn't appreciate her support of Miss Ellie and neither does Bobby. Bobby meets with Jordan Lee and Marilee Stone and gives them their choice - uncap the wells or buy him out at the exorbitant rate. They storm out of the office and Bobby wishes he didn't have to do it.

Pam and Ellie meet with Brooks Oliver and they examine his letters from South America, which indicate some 'deterioration of spirit'. Oliver says they have a good case but it depends on how far Ellie is willing to with the case - they'll have to make Jock's private letters - and their private life - public. Ellie says she doesn't want to go to court - but she has to.

Episode 118: The Reckoning Aired: Tue, Jan. 18, 2000

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The Lucy Award: Tie between Cliff and Lucy.

JR comes home to find that Ellie has assembled the family [but not Lucy] in the living room. She tells everyone she's going ahead with the court case so that her family will survive. JR gets upset at Pam for meddling in his affairs. Bobby agrees with JR and yells back in Pam's face when she confronts him about not defending her.

Harve tells JR and Bobby that if Ellie wins, the judge may throw out the entire will and the old will from 15 years ago will apply - in which Jock left everything to Ellie because the boys were so young. Harve also finds that Jock left nothing to Gary, and of course he knew nothing about Ray being his son.

Pam and Sue Ellen have lunch and discuss their different opinions about Miss Ellie's plans. They happen to be eating at Mark's restaurant and he comes over to say a rather provocative hi. Sue Ellen tells JR about Mark's obvious interest in Pam and JR gets an idea about distracting Bobby with a marital problem. JR goes to the restaurant and tells him that Pam and Bobby are having difficulties and she's quite attracted to him.

Donna tells the energy commission they're going to look like idiots when the battle for Ewing Oil is over and gas prices shoot up. She's unable to convince George Hicks and that Figueroa guy.

Cliff and the cartel discuss their options with regard to the Wellington oil fields. Cliff tells Rebecca about Bobby's decision to force the cartel's hand in the matter and tells her that they may not be able to ignore the Ewings much longer.

Ellie finds out the details of the old will and is worried about what Ray might think about taking her offer of his share of the will. Ellie is somewhat surprised to find that Ray supports her decision - and so is JR when he comes home. Ray tells Donna, as Ellie predicted, that he doesn't think his pride would allow him to take the money from Ellie. JR tells a smug Lucy about what might happen to her father if the old will is brought to bear but Ellie assures her she'll take care of Gary.

Cut to Pam's aerobics studio, where we haven't been in a while. Mark Graison happens to stop by and tries to ask Pam out again - she reminds him she's married and sends him on his way. When Pam gets home, Sue Ellen tells her she's concerned about her relationship with Bobby, especially since Mark has been calling incessantly. Pam gets upset and denies that there's anything going on.

Punk Anderson stops by Ewing Oil and Bobby and JR ask him whether he's on their side. Punk says he's not sure, because he doesn't like what they're doing to the company. He leaves without giving a straight answer about what he plans to say at the hearing. Brooks Oliver stops by Southfork and tells Ellie that the hearing has been scheduled for next Tuesday.

Dave Culver is the first to testify about Jock's sudden desire to head down to South America as somewhat of a 'final gesture'. Franklin Horner tells the court that in his final few pieces of correspondence, Jock became forgetful and his wishes bordered on senility.

Punk Anderson is next. He tells the court that Jock's main desire in writing the codicil was to ensure that Ewing Oil remained strong after his death, and to take some of the pressure off of Ellie to make tough decisions about the family's future.

Now it's Miss Ellie's turn. She tells the court that Jock didn't seem to be himself while he was in South America - he was always tired and disoriented, as if he were sick. Ellie reads a letter in which Jock tells her things to that effect - longing for the past and wishing he was with her. Brooks finally asks her whether she feels that Jock was mentally incompetent when he wrote the codicil. Ellie tries to euphemize but finally breaks down and says the words.

After some tense moments, the judge rules that there are not enough grounds to declare Jock incompetent, and the will stands. Ellie slowly and purposefully walks out of the courtroom, followed by the rest of the family.

Episode 119: A Ewing is a Ewing Aired: Mon, Jan. 17, 2000

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "You better make sure I do, darling." - JR to Holly after she says he won't enjoy sleeping with her.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy and Ray are nowhere.

JR is surprised to find that none of the rest of the family is overly enthusiastic about their court victory. Ellie decides to head down to Galveston for a while to be away from her troubled home.

Afton decides to move in with Cliff. He tells Jordan he's meeting with some people to get JR out of their hair for good. He meets with some political spin doctors to try to convince them that he would be a great candidate for their party because his image right now is spectacular.

A General Cochrane comes to JR's office about his recommendation to cancel Harwood Oil's military contracts. He says that it would do irreparable damage to JR's reputation. JR lies and tells him that there was a misunderstanding and he never meant for Holly to try to cancel those contracts. He calls Holly over for a late-night meeting and reminds her about their deal that he was supposed to remain behind the scenes. He also makes it clear that he runs Harwood Oil - and he runs her life as long as he wants. He starts undressing an unwilling Holly who tells him that he won't enjoy being with her - but he gives her the Line of the Day.

Mark Graison, disguised as a delivery guy, brings a huge flower arrangement and some champagne to Pam's studio. His excuse is to tell her he's sorry about the fact that Miss Ellie lost her case. They share some playful banter and Mark leaves but this time he's definitely made an impression.

JR tells Sue Ellen about the fact that now he has a lot of oil to refine and no one to do it - Clayton Farlow is the only one he hasn't asked. Sue Ellen agrees to talk to Clayton after JR tells her that their future is at stake. Clayton gets so upset when Sue Ellen asks because he knows that JR manipulated her into it and leaves her at the restaurant alone. Clayton comes to JR's office and goes medieval on him for using his wife and tells him in no uncertain terms to keep Sue Ellen out of his affairs.

While downtown, Bobby sees JR meeting with George Hicks from the Energy Commission. He goes to Donna's house and they talk about the fact Hicks is still a die-hard environmentalist - except where JR seems to be involved. It's because of him that the commission can't get anything done.

Clayton heads down to Galveston and happens to find Miss Ellie there. They make plans to meet for dinner and to spend some time together later. They treat the faithful Dallas viewers to an exciting swan-feeding session. Clayton advises her to be there for her family because they still need her - they just don't know it yet.

The spin doctors head over to JR's office and invite him to show the folks in Washington how fast deals are made. JR tells them he'll have to think about it.

The cartel folks head to Bobby's office and try to convince him one last time to reconsider his power play. They're unsuccessful so they agree to buy Bobby out and get him off their backs. Jordan comments that it's really too bad that Miss Ellie lost her court case.

That night, JR comes over to Holly's place to find her in her bedroom, ready for action. She tells him she's reconsidered his offer but when he tries to make a move, she points a gun at him and tells him that from now on she's making the rules - their relationship is strictly business.

JR tries to comfort Sue Ellen, who's distraught over the fact that her relationship with Clayton has been damaged. He reminds her that he's the only one who really cares for her.

Bobby tries to find some dirt on George Hicks but discovers little. The PI suggests that Bobby sprinkle some dirt on him, which causes Bobby to remember his pimp friend from a few episodes ago and ask to meet. He checks out Carl's 'business associates', and decides to use a beautiful blonde named Wendy to entrap Hicks.

Bobby meets Pam at Hicks' favorite restaurant and Pam gets mad at him for squeezing the cartel. He tells Pam that he'll do what he has to do to win the fight with JR. Wendy comes up to Hicks and says she recognizes him from the news and likes what he's doing to keep oil prices down. They sit down together and have some drinks, at which Bobby tells Pam not to worry about business - everything's going to be just fine.

Episode 120: Crash of '83 Aired: Wed, Jan.19, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Never say never." - Bobby to George Hicks

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Many guest stars are missing, including Holly, Mark, and Mickey.

Bobby meets with George Hicks and talks to him about his position on JR's variance. Hicks claims he's never met JR - he votes to keep his variance because of what he's doing to help the common man.

JR keeps bugging his buyer friend to get a refinery as soon as possible, while he's still popular and his face is on the front pages. He's told there may be one available, but it's a long shot. He returns home and Sue Ellen tells him that Clayton and Ellie met while down in Galveston and they've gone out to dinner. JR is amazed that Sue Ellen isn't concerned about Miss Ellie's vulnerability. Ellie tells Sue Ellen she's decide to stay out of the fight for Ewing Oil.

Rebecca, Pam, and Christopher come over to Cliff's place and they discuss JR's difficulty in finding a refinery because of Rebecca's influence. Pam gets mad at Cliff because he's never come over to see him before [nit] so Cliff decides to play with his nephew for a while.

Ray tells Lucy about Mickey's continued sullen attitude and irresponsibility - he was supposed to go into town to get a vaccine for the cattle but he was several hours late. Lucy tells Ray that the reason he was late is because she asked him for a ride that day. Ray tells Lucy to stay away from Mickey because he's still wild and confused about himself.

Donna tells Bobby she could get a lot accomplished if she could get one other person on the committee to change his vote. Bobby tells her it'll happen real soon. Bobby speaks to Thornton McLeish in continually snowy Toronto and finds that there's been no action on the project because of bad weather. He talks to Wendy and Carl at the club and finds that Hicks is definitely interested in her, so he asks her to get even closer to him to find a weak spot. Wendy finds that Hicks is a cocaine user so Bobby asks her to arrange another date and let him know when it will be.

Gil Thurman returns to Dallas and happens to come by the same restaurant as JR and Sue Ellen. Gil tells JR that the reason Cliff won the fight for his refinery was because of Afton. JR picks up on it and says that he's heard Afton talking about him and believes that she likes him a lot.

JR's friend Russell finds that the Houston refinery owner needs cash in a hurry. JR tells him to make a deal at any cost. Walt Driscoll calls JR from the Caribbean and tells him he has a deal brewing for a big, quick profit. JR says to get in touch when he gets in town.

Clayton gives Ellie a nice glass sculpture and tells her he's going to sell the Southern Cross. Ellie asks Clayton about his relationship with Rebecca and Clayton replies that they're just friends. She agrees to visit San Angelo with him one last time.

JR appears on TV again and is evasive about the possibility of taking a political office.

Cliff tells Rebecca about JR's plans to buy the Houston refinery. Rebecca tells him she'll use her influence to keep Mike Hughes the refinery owner from selling to JR. She asks Cliff to fly down to Houston to personally take a letter down there. JR promises Hughes that he'll help protect him if he sells.

Bobby visits Hicks again and shows him pictures from his house, featuring evidence of his cocaine use. Hicks tries to call his bluff but eventually gives in. Bobby tells him to call a meeting of the Energy Commission and vote against JR's variance. Hicks tells him he's just as dirty as JR. Bobby, for some inexplicable reason, tells Pam about it. She's disgusted at the whole thing and tells him he's not the man she married.

Gil Thurman comes over to Cliff's apartment and finds Afton there, expecting her to be ready and waiting for him. Cliff arrives a few seconds later to find Gil with his hands all over her. Gil spills the beans about their one-night stand that got Cliff his refinery, assuming he knew. Cliff screams at him to get the hell out of his apartment and then tears a strip off of Afton for letting him think that he put the deal together himself.

Walt and JR meet in a secluded area. Walt suggests that JR sell his excess oil to an embargoed country, under cover of a third country's papers. JR doesn't seem too thrilled about the idea and tells Walt he's not interested right now.

Rebecca comes over to Cliff's place and Afton tells her about the fight. She heads off to find him and get him on the Wentworth jet to Houston, telling Afton that she and Cliff will work their problems out eventually.

A phone call comes to Cliff's apartment and Afton picks it up - it seems like bad news. She rushes over to Southfork to see Pam and a crowd gathers. Afton tells them the Wentworth jet crashed - with Rebecca on it.

Episode 121: Requiem Aired: Thu, Jan. 20 ,2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I ought to throw you out the window and see if you bounce!" - JR to the unfortunate George Hicks.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy, but Ray was close.

Pam, Bobby, and Afton rush over to Dallas Memorial to find that Rebecca is in emergency surgery. Afton tries vainly to contact Cliff, who's hanging out at a bar and walks out just as the news passes by on TV. Bobby calls Katherine and tells her the news. She says she'll be right over. Ellie and Clayton come down to the hospital as well. The surgeon tells Bobby that Rebecca is unlikely to survive the night. Cliff crashes at his place and ignores the continually ringing phone.

Sue Ellen comforts JR after he finds out that Rebecca was probably on her way down to see Mike Hughes when her plane crashes. JR laments the fact that Cliff should have been on that plane and now he may stand to inherit the Wentworth fortune.

Clayton brings Ellie back to the ranch and gets mad at JR because his shenanigans caused Rebecca to head down to Houston in the first place. JR says he didn't have anything to do with it - he wasn't flying the plane, after all.

Just before she dies, Rebecca tells Pam to continue to be the strong person that she is and protect Cliff and Katherine. Afton returns to Cliff's apartment, wakes him up, and tells him the terrible news. Cliff feels it's his fault for not being on that plane. Afton blames herself for sleeping with Gil Thurman and getting Cliff mad in the first place. Cliff begs Afton to stay with him because he can't bear to be alone right now.

Bobby brings Katherine to Southfork where she's welcomed by the family. Donna calls and tells him that George Hicks changed his vote and JR's variance has been rescinded. Bobby finds it ironic that it happened one day too late for Rebecca. Katherine tells Pam she's considering moving to Dallas to be with what's left of her family.

JR is surprised to find out from a reporter that his variance is gone and he's going to have to find some other way to supply his gas stations. He promises to continue his commitment to keep gas prices low. He calls Hicks to his office and Hicks is forced to tell him about Bobby's blackmail. After this, JR is forced to call Walt Driscoll and tells him he wants to explore the Caribbean deal he offered.

Ellie is shocked to learn that Sue Ellen is more concerned about JR's lost variance than about Rebecca. She asks her to think about where all the infighting will lead - it'll be Christopher and John Ross in twenty five years.

Katherine and Pam go to Cliff's apartment and try to comfort him. After Pam leaves, Katherine rips into Cliff for using Rebecca to fight the Ewings because he didn't have the intestinal fortitude to do it, and causing her death. She promises to make him suffer for it. Bobby tells Pam he'll take a vacation with her after the funeral if that's what she wants to do. Pam says she doesn't know what she wants right now [big surprise].

Holly comes over to JR's office and says she wants him out of her company. JR tells her she's dreaming - she's no longer Harwood Oil, he is. Mike Hughes stops by the office as well and JR tells him the deal is off, leaving Hughes high and dry- he no longer needs the refinery. Walt Driscoll shows JR his plan: a Liberian tanker supposedly destined for Puerto Rico will head to Cuba and make a drop-off. Walt wonders why JR is shipping oil from Harwood stock and JR tells him not to worry about that.

Rebecca's funeral is held. The cartel folks, along with Punk Anderson, come by Cliff's place and offer their condolences. Cliff gets a call from Rebecca's lawyer who says it's imperative that they discuss the will but Cliff starts waving his hands and says he can't deal with it right now.

JR calls Mark Graison's office and tells him it's Cliff Barnes calling and he appreciates his presence at Rebecca's funeral - and so does Pam.

Pam tells Bobby she wants to go to Rebecca's house and be alone for a while. She has a good cry at Rebecca's place, then returns home and tells Bobby that she wants to leave Southfork, with Christopher, for a while - she can't be around the Ewings right now.

Episode 122: Legacy Aired: Fri, Jan. 21, 2000

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Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Cliff

Bobby asks Pam to reconsider her decision to leave Southfork but she's adamant that the fight for Ewing Oil killed her mother so she can't stay. From the balcony, JR watches Pam's car pull out of the driveway. He tells Sue Ellen about Pam's departure and Sue Ellen is upset but JR tells her that Pam's the one to blame for not standing by her husband the way Sue Ellen is. Ellie tells Bobby to be patient but agrees with Pam that the battle for Ewing Oil is what killed Rebecca and Bobby's just unable to see things the way they are.

Pam gets a hotel room at the Fairview and Katherine comes over to help her out. Katherine is incredulous that Pam left Bobby. Mark Graison calls Southfork and JR happens to answer the phone. He tells Mark that Pam and Bobby have split up and Pam's moved to the Fairview - maybe he should call her there.

JR tells his advisors that they'll have to shut down some of his gas stations but he still wants to maximize his public exposure. Actually, he decides to sell some of them off.

Ray and Donna head out to eat and they meet up with the cartel folks, who are very thankful for Donna's work in getting rid of JR's variance. Jordan apologizes to Ray for the scene at the barbecue and reveals to Ray and Donna that Bobby's becoming an underhanded tactician just like his brother.

Bobby talks to Thornton McLeish in [sigh] perpetually snowy Toronto, who tells him that the weather problems are continuing and they'll be unable to drill until patterns stabilize. He also calls Pam's suite but Katherine picks up the phone and lies, telling him Pam's asleep. She also mentions that she's also available if he needs a friend. Bobby heads over to a restaurant to unwind and bumps into Holly Harwood who tells him she hopes he feels better soon.

Mark Graison comes over to the hotel to see Pam. He offers his help to Pam if she ever needs anyone to talk to, just like Katherine did to Bobby. Pam begins to think she might have misjudged him.

Rebecca's will is read at Cliff's condo. Decent amounts of money are left to her children and grandchildren, as well as a tidy sum for Afton. Cliff inherits sole ownership of Barnes-Wentworth; Katherine and Pam split Rebecca's shares of Wentworth Industries. Wentworth Tool & Die voting shares are split equally between all three half-siblings. After the reading, Cliff and Katherine agree to put aside their differences and work together to maintain their mother's legacy. Pam is overjoyed at Katherine's magnanimous act.

Lucy takes Muriel to Mickey's watering hole. Half-drunk Mickey tries to pick up some girls but a sizable boyfriend comes over and flicks him aside. Lucy takes Mickey back to the ranch to sober up.

Walt Driscoll arrives at JR's office with a cool $1.9 million dollars from their oil drop-off in Havana. He tells JR that they should move a big shipment this time. JR is somewhat hesitant to risk a large load of crude on one shot but Driscoll reminds him that if they make several small drop-offs, they're that much more likely to get caught.

Ray and Donna come over to offer Bobby support during his tough time. Ray asks Bobby to think about whether winning Ewing Oil is worth what he's going through. Bobby tells him that as Jock's son, he can't quit the fight that his daddy set up for him.

JR gets totally frazzled after reading about the division of Rebecca's assets - Cliff has real power now, and Pam has inherited a fortune. With the loss of his variance, he tells Sue Ellen that he may be in real trouble in the contest.

Jordan and Marilee come over to Cliff's place, where he continues to mope. They ask him to accompany them to Galveston to finalize a deal for a holding facility but Cliff still feels he has no right to run Barnes-Wentworth. Jordan suggests that Afton be very careful with Cliff - he may become suicidal again.

Bobby and Pam meet for lunch. Pam tells him about Cliff's depression and says she has a responsibility to help him to fulfill Rebecca's wishes, just as Bobby feels he has to fight JR as per Jock's will. Bobby asks her whether that responsibility includes fighting against him, as Cliff certainly plans to do. He gets upset that Pam won't give him a straight answer about their future and storms out.

Clayton drives up to the ranch looking for Miss Ellie but Sue Ellen tells him she's out shopping. Sue Ellen apologizes for asking him to do business with JR but Clayton says that's in the past. She questions him about his feelings towards Ellie and how it will affect their friendship. Clayton reveals to the incredulous Sue Ellen that he was in love with her and did everything he could to show her, but that has changed - he no longer feels that way about her. He leaves Sue Ellen perplexed by his change of heart.

That evening, JR tells everyone that he's upset at what's happening to the family. He tells Bobby he wants to end the battle and work together the way they did in the past. Bobby believes it to be a ploy because he's lost the variance and thinks he can't win the battle. JR succeeds in making the family believe that Bobby's the one who wants to continue this fight.

Episode 123: Brothers and Sisters Aired: Mon, Jan 24, 2000

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Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy

JR meets Walt Driscoll in a seedy-looking pool hall and tells him he wants to make another shipment - 100,000 barrels this time. Walt tells him the tanker captain is going to want his cut up front - and so is he.

Clayton and Ellie take some final walks around the Southern Cross and she advises him not to sell it, but Clayton says it's time to let go of it and move on. Later, they return to Southfork and tell the Ewings that Clayton's looking for a place in Dallas.

Ray and Bobby discuss Pam's departure and Ray again tries to make Bobby see that he's changed too much for Pam's liking, and it's going to take some time for everyone in the family to adjust to the 'new' Bobby.

Holly comes to JR's office and asks him why her accountant tells her she just sold 50,000 barrels of oil for $20 a barrel - well under the going price. JR tells her that on balance, she's actually making money because she doesn't have to pay for storage anymore. Holly is skeptical and says she's not going to give JR any more authorizations without knowing what he's doing beforehand. JR then tells Driscoll that he's decided to make one big shipment - as much as can be handled - and tells him to make the arrangements.

Katherine comes over to Pam's hotel room and questions her about whether helping Cliff is going to put more of a strain on her relationship with Bobby. Mark Graison calls and Pam makes a lunch date with him for Summerhill's at 1 the next day. Katherine make a mental note of the conversation and asks Bobby to lunch the next day...

Holly meets with Bobby again and tells him what JR's done and his cockamamie explanation. Bobby advises her to be extremely careful and let him know if he pulls anything like that again.

Roy Ralston from KGIM comes over and tells JR that his TV appearances have brought in a lot of fan mail. Ralston offers JR further exposure if he wants to run for public office in the future. JR tells him he's still thinking about it.

Pam confides in Mark Graison that she's still worried about Cliff and thinks he may just need some new deals and new people to work with. Mark tells Pam that he has a small manufacturing company he wants to sell. Just at that moment, Bobby walks in for his lunch date with Katherine, sees the two together, and then quickly leaves. Pam and Mark head down to see the facility in Mark's jet and Mark tells her that as far as he can see, she's already single - she just doesn't know it yet.

Dave Culver tells Donna and Ray that the scuttlebutt in Washington indicates that JR might be a strong candidate to oppose him for the next senate election. Donna and Ray agree that the only way JR would run for office is if he lost the battle for Ewing Oil and tell Dave not to worry so much.

Katherine comes by Ewing Oil just as Bobby is leaving and apologizes for missing their lunch. They head out for drinks, as JR looks on. Bobby tells her about Pam's lunch with Mark and Katherine tries to soothe over his pain, telling him that she was probably just looking to make a deal for Cliff. She reaffirms her commitment to seeing Pam and Bobby reunited again.

Walt tells JR that the tanker captain has doubled his fee again. JR has no choice but to okay the deal. Phyllis comes in the next morning to find Bobby asleep in his office. She wakes him up and he calls Pam and makes arrangements to come over later to talk. Phyllis overhears Sly taking a call from Walt Driscoll as Bobby leaves the office and says he'll be gone most of the day.

Bobby returns to Southfork to find Sue Ellen there. They discuss the fact that JR is obviously pleased at his latest distraction and he replies that if the battle for Ewing Oil is going to cost him his family, then he has nothing else to lose and will stop at nothing to win the fight. Sue Ellen tells JR about the conversation and JR tells her there's nothing to worry about but the look on his face tells differently.

Pam tells Cliff about Mark's proposed deal and Cliff goes ballistic, spilling his heart out to Pam about his guilt over Rebecca's death. Pam reminds him that Rebecca forgave him for all of the things he did while she was alive, because she truly loved him. Bobby's conversation with Pam turns out to be a rehash of yesterday's sparring session.

Walt comes over to tell JR that everything is in place - the Cubans are willing to take whatever JR has to sell. JR is pleased to announce that he plans to ship a whopping million barrels.

Episode 124: The Caribbean Connection Aired: Tue, Jan. 25, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Now scribble your signature on that piece of paper - and then you can go out and play." - JR to Holly after he reminding her that he runs the show.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Tie between Lucy and Cliff.

JR and Walt reconfirm their arrangements. JR stands to make $ 23 million in profit, and Walt's cut is $ 500,000 - as long as everything proceeds as planned.

Mark calls Pam's room but ends up talking to Katherine. They make arrangements to meet at Mark's racquetball club and they discuss his relationship with Pam. Mark says he's finding it difficult to be 'just friends' with Pam but Katherine says that Pam enjoys his company and appreciates everything he's done for her and Cliff. Mark pops over at the hotel room that evening and dinner occurs yet again.

Mickey comes over to Ray's place and he and Donna have a conversation about why the Krebbses live in such a small house with all the money they have. Donna figures that his obsession with money is why he's so interested in Lucy. She also tells him she keeps aloof from him because of his attitude - she figures he's going to really hurt Ray with his self-assured cockiness. Mickey tells her he would never do anything to hurt Ray.

JR tells Holly about their Puerto Rican customers wanting 1 million barrels of oil at top dollar. JR explains that for paperwork and public image reasons, he needs Harwood Oil to buy half of the shipment from Petro State, and then ship 1 million barrels from her refinery. Holly wonders why the deal is so complicated and says she needs time to think about it. JR tells her that time is short and she needs to act now but Holly puts him off. Holly calls Bobby and tells him about JR's plans. They meet at her office and Bobby says that the whole thing sounds too fishy and she should flatly refuse to get involved.

Roy Ralston calls Sue Ellen and tells him about the deal he proposed to JR to advance his political future - he wants her to get involved as well. JR agrees to a meeting to discuss it. Roy tells them that Dave Culver's seat in the senate isn't as secure as people think. Sue Ellen wonders whether her alcoholism and infidelity will hurt JR's chances but Roy says he can turn their story into a happy ending which the public will eat up.

Bobby calls Eugene Bullock and asks him to investigate JR's planned shipment. He asks Phyllis to look into the telephone records for the last little while to find if there were any calls to Puerto Rico and Phyllis remembers that Walt Driscoll called for JR the other day. Bobby realizes that it's more than a coincidence. 

Holly tells JR she doesn't want to sign off on his deal so JR is forced to play hardball - he shows her a document she signed a few months ago which has fine print that gives Petro State - and JR - exclusive distribution rights to her oil and gasoline, meaning that she can't sell oil any other way. Holly has no choice but to sign.

Eugene Bullock tells Bobby that Walt Driscoll is overlooking the loading of one million barrels of oil that is supposedly destined for Puerto Rico - but his contacts in Puerto Rico have no records of a scheduled arrival. Bobby thinks fast and calls Ray to head over to Driscoll's hotel. Once there, they wait for Driscoll to leave his room and Ray manages to get them inside. They search his place and find a plane ticket to San Juan along with his briefcase. Sherlock Krebbs finds the false bottom in Walt's briefcase along with a phony British passport indicating that Walt has made three trips to Cuba. Bobby dejectedly realizes that he himself gave JR the idea to sell to an embargoed country - and if the State Department finds out, it's the end of Ewing Oil.

Cliff comes over to Pam's room and tells her and Katherine that he bought Mark's company and is happy to be back in business.

The next morning, Ray comes over and shows Bobby a new briefcase that he had made to look like Driscoll's. Bobby gets a special foam rubber piece to fit into it the way Driscoll's does. JR meets with Driscoll to pay him off and check and double-check their arrangements. As Bobby leaves the office, JR comes in and JR tells Bobby that it will be a day to remember. Bobby agrees.

Episode 125: The Sting Aired: Wed, Jan. 26, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I wouldn't give you the dust off my car!" - JR to the unfortunate Walt Driscoll after he asks for help to get out of jail.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Donna

As Walt Driscoll heads out to catch his plane, Ray conveniently rams his car and gets him into a minor accident. The police happen to stop by and ask both parties to stick around to get a full report. As they do, Bobby calmly switches Walt's briefcase with the one that he and Ray had made last episode. Bobby finds Walt's cash that he was intending to use to pay off his contact.

At the airport, Walt asks for his briefcase to be hand-inspected, as usual. The inspector finds nothing unusual but a couple of officers pull him aside. Finding a couple of concealed weapons, they take him away for questioning. Bobby looks on from beside the gate.

Roy Ralston comes to JR's office to find Sue Ellen there - but no JR. Sue Ellen explains that she and JR are partners in their endeavor and Roy welcomes her on board. Meanwhile, JR is over at Serena's place to celebrate his latest deal. When JR gets back to the office, Sly tells him that Walt called - not from Puerto Rico, but from the Dallas County Jail.

Pam and Mark have lunch and she tells him that she's really happy Cliff accepted his business deal. Ellie and Clayton happen to come by and see them together.

JR rushes down to the jail and asks Walt what happened - he says he has no idea how those guns got in his briefcase. JR gets the phone number of Walt's contact in Puerto Rico and tells him to sit tight. JR finds that Walt's contact is still waiting for his money - but the Cuban buyer has gone back home, along with the bank draft and the oil. He also says that if JR wants his money he should go to Cuba and get it.

Mickey and Lucy go out on a date and have a good-night kiss. A few nights later, he takes Lucy to a motel room and tries to figure out why she's so frightened of intimacy. She says it's hard to talk about but Mickey says he wants to listen. Lucy explains about Roger's obsession with her and the subsequent kidnapping and rape and suddenly she seems less scared.

Bobby visits Pam's hotel room to pick up Christopher for the weekend. Pam asks if Ellie mentioned her lunch with Mark. Katherine tries to tell Bobby that it was to discuss Cliff's deal but Pam tells her to stay out of it. Bobby is left to wonder why everyone seems to be keeping Pam's relationship with Mark so quiet - including his mother.

JR comes back to see Walt, who tells him that the only time someone could have switched briefcases is when he had that accident with a 'gray-haired cowboy in a white pickup truck'. JR leaves him to stew in jail, refusing to pay his bail, and giving him the Line of the Day.

JR returns home to find Mickey and Lucy there with Ray's pickup truck, with a nice dent on the front right fender and a busted headlight. He rushes upstairs to confront Bobby about it and Bobby freely admits that he and Ray set Driscoll up. Bobby tells him to think twice about jeopardizing Ewing Oil again and then tells him to get out of his room. The next morning, Ray comes by the ranch and gives JR Walt's briefcase - minus the $ 25,000 needed to bail Walt Driscoll out of jail.

Katherine makes Pam realize that she and Mark have been her only support, and Bobby should understand that. Cliff comes over and invites his sisters out to Sunday brunch and tells them he's going to do more deals with Mark Graison. To Katherine's chagrin, he refers to his company as "Barnes Oil" rather than "Barnes-Wentworth".

JR calls Garcia again and offers him more money for his help in getting his money out of Cuba. Garcia is suddenly more amenable to helping him and says he'll contact him again. Katherine comes over to his office and they discuss the fact that they both have brothers they'd like to get rid of. They agree to meet again and talk about it.

Bobby brings Christopher back to Pam's room an hour late and Mark Graison stops by. Bobby tells Graison to stay away from his wife and their confrontation gets physical until Pam breaks them up and tells Bobby to leave. Mark says he understands - he'd do the same thing if Pam were his wife.

Bobby is told that JR is estimated to be about $10 to 12 million ahead in the contest - including the 500,000 barrels that he supposedly has in storage, which are worth $17 million. Bobby realizes that means he's a fair bit ahead.

Garcia tells JR that he's considered his offer and will agree to help him - for $10 million. Holly comes by and wonders why her money hasn't arrived yet. JR tells her their oil and their money has been lost - and it's all Bobby's fault. Holly doesn't believe that Bobby's involved and she wants her money. JR tells her she better book a flight to Cuba to get it. Holly says she'll get him for it and JR advises her to get in line.

Episode 126: Hell Hath No Fury Aired: Thu, Jan. 27, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Dallas's gain is Washington's loss." - Clayton after hearing JR running for Senate.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Cliff is cut.

JR opens up the morning paper to find that some senators are planning to visit Cuba. He calls up a friend, Richard McIntyre and asks him to stop by the office. Turns out McIntyre used to be in the State Department and JR tells him that he'd like to take Sue Ellen to Cuba for a second honeymoon. He's told that the best way to get into Cuba is to convince people that his trip would be in the national interest.

Bobby comes by Holly's office and Holly tells him that he's cost her $17 million. Bobby says he warned her against going in to the deal with JR and he didn't know she was involved. Holly says that the bottom line is that because of the Ewing brothers, she's taken a huge loss.

JR and Sue Ellen bring Roy Ralston to Southfork to show him around. Clayton comes by to take Ellie out to dinner and he and JR trade some subtle insults. JR tells Roy that he wants to appear on TV again - and this time he wants to talk about a wider range of topics.

Lucy goes back to do some modeling. Mickey stops by and Lucy says she'd like to go off and be alone with him again.

Thornton McLeish arrives in Dallas and tells Bobby that their project is still being delayed by weather. He also mentions that there's someone willing to buy out his share of the project if he's interested but Bobby says that that wouldn't help him at this point - he'll stick through it and hope the wells come in.

JR meets the hideously coiffured Katherine for lunch. Katherine tells JR that Cliff is the one who was offered to take over Bobby's share of the project but it's not going very well. JR figures that Bobby will hang in till the bitter end. JR tells her that Pam and Bobby are likely to reconcile when he loses the contest - Katherine had better move quickly if she wants him.

Bobby talks to some of this contacts about the possibility of finding a drill bit to drill through the arctic ice that McLeish is encountering. Pam calls and asks Bobby to come over for a drink. Through a cut scene, she's heard about the Canadian deal too. Pam and Bobby talk about meeting at the Ewing barbecue six years ago and they reminisce over old times. Bobby ends up spending the night. The next day, Bobby expects everything to be forgiven and Pam to come back to Southfork but she says that last night was just a moment and nothing has changed. Bobby angrily leaves just as Mark Graison comes over with flowers.

Holly shows up at JR's office that night and says she wants a truce - after all, JR lost as much as she did in their deal. She tells him she figures he'll find a way to get the money and she knows that it won't do her any good being his enemy. She apologizes for being coy before and asks him out for dinner...and maybe more.

JR brings Harry McSween to Walt Driscoll's hotel room. JR offers him a deal: Harry's help in getting the charges dropped, and he even offers to pay his court costs and what not - in exchange for the name of his Cuban contact. Driscoll angrily tells JR he's got nothing left to fight for and lunges at him but Harry lays the smackdown on him and he and JR leave to find another way to get his money.

Ray offers to give Bobby his inheritance money from Jock as an investment but Bobby says that's not what he needs - he needs a way to drill in Canada, and he wants his wife back. He tells them he thinks his relationship with Pam is practically over.

JR appears on Ralston's talk show and insinuates that a businessman, such as himself, might be that best person to participate in negotiations with foreign countries that have something to offer - such as Cuba, for instance.

Pam tells Mark and Katherine that she feels like getting away for a while - Mark suggests taking a trip to the French Riviera with him and promises she can be alone when she wants to. Katherine offers to take care of Christopher. Katherine calls Bobby and tells her that Pam's left for France on one of Mark's jets. Katherine says she wants to help him any way she can - she says she could use her influence in Wentworth Industries to help him win the contest with JR.

Holly calls Sue Ellen and asks her to meet for lunch. She arrives late and says it's difficult to face her - she feels guilty about her relationship with JR and says she's going to try and end it. Sue Ellen doesn't believe her and asks her to think about why he was late two nights ago - there should be her lipstick on his white shirt.

JR tells Sue Ellen that McIntyre is using his influence in the State Department to arrange his trip to Cuba. Sue Ellen asks him where he was two nights ago and JR says he was finalizing some business arrangements. He leaves for another meeting as Sue Ellen's eye falls distractedly on the liquor cart. She rushes upstairs to their bedroom and finds JR's shirt from that fateful night and spots some smudges of lipstick.

Episode 127: Cuba Libre Aired: Fri, Jan. 28, 2000

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Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Let's give one to Afton, because she's done nothing all week.

JR tells Senor Garcia he's flying to San Juan this afternoon to discuss the arrangements to get their money. He asks Sue Ellen if she wants to accompany him but she turns down the offer.

Aunt Lil calls from Kansas and talks to Donna, saying she misses Mickey. Donna invites her to fly down and see him herself. Lil is hesitant but eventually decides to do it. Mickey is apprehensive on hearing the news, afraid that she won't fit in right at Southfork, but Ray reminds him that Mickey didn't when he first arrived - and neither did he himself. But he also says that Lil's a fine person and Mickey shouldn't be ashamed of her.

Pam and Mark spend some really boring time in France.

Sue Ellen comes to Ewing Oil to talk to Bobby. She asks him about JR's relationship with Holly and he explains their business arrangement - along with the fact that it has turned sour after the failed Cuban deal. Sue Ellen is comforted by hearing this, figuring that Holly's just a bitter troublemaker. She calls her, asking to talk and they make arrangements to meet the next day.

After keeping him waiting for four hours, Garcia finally lets JR in to his office. For some inexplicable reason, Garcia suddenly decides to be a nice guy and accept only 1 million dollars instead of the 10 million he previously asked for - but he tells JR he'll have to Cuba to get his money, and his buyer is also going to want some 'considerations' for his trouble. When he returns to Dallas, he finds that Mr. McIntyre managed to get a visa to visit Cuba.

Mavis and Punk come over to Southfork to take Ellie and Clayton out to dinner. Punk asks Clayton about his feelings for Ellie; Clayton replies that he doesn't feel right moving in to Southfork, and he's certain that Ellie won't move out.

Bobby meets up with Cliff, Jordan, and Punk at the Cattlemen's Club. Cliff restates his offer to buy Bobby's share of the Canadian deal. Bobby warns him to stay out of his life and his marriage.

Sue Ellen meets Holly at her home and tells her she sees through her plan to get her revenge on JR by wrecking his marriage, but she says it won't work. She says she doesn't ever want to see her again but Holly promises that she will.

Katherine tells Bobby that she's discovered that Wentworth Tool and Die has developed a prototype drill designed for cold weather, and she's arranged for him to meet with the department manager. Bobby is thrilled at the prospect. The manager is hesitant to allow Bobby to try the only prototype he has, but Bobby assures him it won't be for long - just the amount of time it takes to strike oil. The manager agrees to let him use it, and Bobby and Katherine go out to celebrate. They meet up with Cliff and Afton. Cliff tells Bobby that he won't allow Bobby to use the drill, and reminds Katherine that she can't unilaterally make any decisions about Wentworth business.

Sue Ellen and Clayton talk about the ups and downs their friendship has had and agree to put it all behind them. They share a hug as Ellie comes down the stairs and sees them together.

Aunt Lil goes out to dinner with Ray, Donna, Mickey, and Lucy. Both here and back at the ranch, she tries to subtly warn Mickey that he and Lucy are from different worlds and he has to be careful with their relationship.

Holly comes over to JR's office and says she misses him because he's been ignoring her. JR says he's been busy planning his trip to Cuba to get their money back. Holly's thrilled and says she'll give him a night he won't forget once she gets her money back.

When JR lands in Cuba, some soldiers drag him away from his group of 'dignitaries'. He tries to tell them there's been a mistake and they should contact Senor Perez, but they ignore him and throw him into a dark, solitary cell.

Episode 128: Tangled Web Aired: Mon, Jan. 31, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "You took the high road, and I took the low road, but I got the company before you." - JR to Bobby after collecting his cheque from Senor Perez.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy

JR is let out of his cell in the morning and brought to see Senor Perez. Perez tells JR that he wanted to teach him a lesson - worse might have happened to him if he had been caught in Puerto Rico. They finally make the anticipated exchange: a Swiss bank draft for 40 million dollars for JR; and a 1 million dollar cheque for Perez.

Bobby tells his people that he doesn't have permission to use the Wentworth drill bit - even though Pam owns one-third of the company.

In France, Pam meets up with old friends from Dallas and Mark happens to stop by. Pam worries about rumors starting and Mark presses her to admit that there's an attraction between them, and that's why she decided to come to France with him instead of really coming by herself, as she claimed she had done.

Katherine comes to Cliff's place and yells at him for denying Bobby the drill bit and causing him to lose the contest with JR. Afton sticks up for Cliff and reminds her that Rebecca set things up this way so that two of the three half-siblings would have to agree on any major decision. Afton tells her to get out of HER house [!] and then tells Cliff that Katherine's reasons are personal - she wants Bobby for herself.

JR returns to Ewing Oil with gifts for the secretaries and a nice box of Havana cigars for Bobby. He tells Bobby that he also managed to do some business on the side and collect his payment for the shipment of oil. According to JR, the contest is unofficially over - and gives him the Line of the Day.

Sue Ellen tells Clayton about JR's plans to run for Senate. As they say they'll miss each other, Ellie overhears. That night at dinner, Ellie wonders whether Clayton has accomplished what he set out to do - establish a new life away from San Angelo. She also asks him whether Sue Ellen is the woman he was in love with before he left. Clayton admits that she was but assures Ellie that those feelings are gone.

Bobby comes over to Holly's place and tells her that JR has returned with her money. Holly advises Bobby to keep his chin up and not give up hope yet. When he returns to the ranch, he finds Katherine there and tells her that his only chance to get the drill is to talk to Pam so he intends to go to France to talk to her. Katherine admits that Mark went with Pam.

Holly confirms that JR's gotten their money and he says that he'll be over the next night at 9 for their 'celebration'. Just as Holly leaves Ewing Oil, Sue Ellen comes up for their dinner date.

Aunt Lil and Ray talk about his mother and Ray is forced to admit that Jock Ewing was his father.

Thornton visits Bobby's office and tells him there's been no progress. He also requests that if Bobby feels he's going to lose the contest, he should sell his share of their project to anyone except JR.

Holly finds Sue Ellen as she's having a manicure. She tells Sue Ellen that she was at the office last night just before Sue Ellen arrived - and JR will be with her tonight. Sue Ellen finds it hard to believe anything she says, until Holly tells him that the real reason he went to Cuba was to pick up their money - and he's coming over tonight to celebrate.

The next night, when Mark brings Pam back to her hotel room, they share an intimate kiss and Pam finally begins to show that she's attracted to him. As they start to get hot and heavy, the phone rings. It's Afton - she tells Pam she's concerned about what Katherine is doing - she could lose her family. Because of the bad connection Pam doesn't quite understand and Afton takes so freakin' long to get to the point that the connection is finally lost. Mark encourages Pam to stay with him but she says she has to deal with what's waiting for her in Dallas.

Cliff is livid that Afton called Pam - he's worried that Pam will return and vote to allow Bobby to have the drill bit and lose his chance at the Canadian deal.

Bobby encounters Sue Ellen as she plans to head to Holly's house. He encourages her not to do anything rash and not get caught in the web that JR and Holly have woven. Sue Ellen drives up to Holly's house and finds JR's car there. JR wants to leave but Holly manages to keep him busy. She even suggests that he leave Sue Ellen for her and join forces to create the most powerful oil company in Texas, which excites JR so much he decides to stay a while.

Meanwhile, Sue Ellen takes painfully slow steps up to the house and opens the unlocked door. She goes up to Holly's bedroom and is devastated to find JR and Holly together. Holly just grins evilly as she looks on in horror.

Episode 129: Things Ain't Going Too Good at Southfork Aired: Tue, Feb. 1, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: I'm open to suggestions. There were some good ones.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray and Donna

Sue Ellen rushes out of Holly's home, leaving the door wide open, dashes off in her car, and heads to a bar to drown her sorrows in booze once again. Meanwhile, upstairs, Holly tells JR that Sue Ellen is a lucky woman and she has to leave town for a few days. Eventually, Sue Ellen's a mess and the manager offers to get her a cab but she responds that she has no idea where she's going.

Back at the ranch, Aunt Lil, Mickey, and the Krebbses come over for dinner and Lil thanks Ellie for being so kind to Ray even after she found out that he was Jock's son.

Pam calls and cryptically tells Bobby she's heard rumors from Afton and she's coming back to Dallas tomorrow. When JR comes back to the ranch, Bobby tells JR that Sue Ellen went to Holly's place. JR figures he would have seen her, so she must not have arrived.

Clayton comes back to his hotel to find Sue Ellen crashed in his bed. She wakes up, still drunk, and tries to seduce him, reminding him that he's always wanted her and now she's ready. Fortunately for Clayton, she's so exhausted she tires herself out by kissing him repeatedly. Clayton sleeps on the couch and the next morning, a sobered Sue Ellen wakes him up and apologizes for what happened. Sue Ellen tells him that she saw JR and Holly together last night and that's what set her off in her bender.

Pam comes to Southfork and tries to whisk Christopher away, claiming that the phone call that she got frightened her. She asks him point-blank about his relationship with Katherine. Bobby responds that Katherine is doing exactly what Pam should be doing: being supportive and offering him her help in winning the fight for Ewing Oil, because she doesn't stupidly blame him for what happened to her mother. She's the best friend he has - he wonders whether she can claim that Mark is just a friend. Pam says she can't answer that and Bobby tells her to take Christopher and maybe they'll talk sometime.

Bobby comes in to the office and reads in the paper that Walt Driscoll has disappeared. Sue Ellen calls him and tells him she can't come back to the ranch because she can't face JR right now. Bobby is relieved to hear that she's okay. When JR comes in to the office, Bobby tells him that Sue Ellen called and doesn't want to see him. JR thinks he's lying to rattle his cage. He also mentions that Driscoll skipped bail...maybe he's headed to Cuba, or perhaps the Justice Department.

Katherine comes over to Pam's hotel room and learns about the phone call from Afton insinuating her involvement with Bobby. Katherine tells her that Afton misinterpreted her reasons for wanting Bobby to have the drill bit and she's been influenced by Cliff. She says she's just trying to help Bobby through his troubled times, and being a good sister-in-law, nothing more. Katherine reminds her that she'll have to decide whether Bobby get the drill bit or not - and she'll have to start dealing with her problems sooner or later.

Sue Ellen is still unable to deal with her problems and Clayton says he has to leave her alone for a while. She promises not to get drunk again. Unfortunately, Sue Ellen's willpower isn't that good and when she returns she jumps all over Clayton again. There's a knock on the door - it's Ellie. Sue Ellen tells Ellie that she didn't come home because of JR's infidelity. Ellie shakes her up and tells her to get some sleep so she can go home. Clayton tells Ellie not to read any more into what she saw than there is. Ellie says she wishes she hadn't seen the two of them together.

Cliff meets with JR at the Cattlemen's club and tells him that he's the one who's going to decide the fate of Ewing Oil because he controls whether Bobby gets the drill bit for the Canadian fields - and he also wants to be the one who brings JR down to the ground.

Pam comes over to Cliff's place and wonders why Afton is such a lying bitch. Afton tells Pam that maybe Bobby can't see what Katherine is doing but she's certain that she has designs on him. Cliff wonders whose side she's on and reminds her that Pam promised Rebecca that she would help him. Pam can't believe that Cliff is asking her to side against Bobby and she says she doesn't want to do it. Cliff tells her that in the end, all she has is family.

Clayton and Ellie manage to get Sue Ellen back to Southfork. Ellie tells Clayton that despite the troubled times, she'd prefer to be alone for a while.

That evening Mickey, while barbecuing some burgers for Lucy and himself, sees JR come in. Sue Ellen's in the living room getting drunk again. She tells him she saw him and Holly in bed and when JR tries to explain, she throws her drink in his face and rushes out the front door, grabbing his keys. Ellie comes down the stairs and starts yelling at JR for destroying Sue Ellen's life again.

While Ellie wastes time, Sue Ellen goes out to JR's car, as Lucy and Mickey do play-by-play analysis for thirty seconds or so, until Mickey wakes up and jumps into the car to try and stop her. He can't though, and Sue Ellen guns the car out towards the road, where it hits a car coming up along side it. The car spins a couple of times before coming to rest, upside down, a few feet away on the gravel.

Episode 130: Penultimate Aired: Wed, Feb. 2, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Sue Ellen lives in a fantasy world where everything is perfect. She'd rather crawl into a bottle than face reality."- Bobby to Holly. It's an impressive line. Few characters on the show can be summed up in two sentences like that.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: I'm trying hard to remember what Ellie did.

Ambulances gather around the crashed car near Southfork. Ellie calls Ray and tells him about the accident and he, Donna, and Aunt Lil make plans to head out to Braddock Emergency. At the hospital, Lucy tells everyone what happened. Lucy feels guilty for making Mickey try to stop the drunk Sue Ellen. A banged-up Sue Ellen emerges with JR after a while and they head home with Ellie. Mickey is in the trauma unit in serious condition. The sheriff questions Sue Ellen but she doesn't remember much. Lucy tells the sheriff that Sue Ellen had been drinking and yells at her as JR whisks her away.

Pam comes to Bobby's office and apologizes for thinking that anything was going on between him and Katherine. Bobby makes her admit that she has feelings for Mark, but still loves Bobby and [sigh] is very confused right now. They head out to a restaurant and discuss the Wentworth drill bit that Bobby needs. Pam wonders what will happen to their marriage if she decides to give Bobby the bit; Bobby asks her to think about what will happen if she doesn't. Punk and Mavis come by and tell Bobby and Pam about the accident and they dash off.

The doctor comes by and tells the assembled throng that Mickey is stabilized but they don't know how everything will turn out - he may have neurological damage so they're moving him to Dallas Memorial.

Once back at Southfork, Sue Ellen tells JR not to ever touch her again. Ellie helps her up to her room where she starts crying that her marriage - and her life - is over. The next morning, Dr. Danvers comes over and tells JR to do whatever he has to do to get Sue Ellen to stop drinking. As he leaves, Clayton arrives and tells JR that Sue Ellen came to his place after she was devastated by JR's infidelity and he drove her back to the bottle. Their argument escalates and becomes physical until Bobby breaks them up. Clayton leaves as Ellie looks on.

At Dallas Memorial, the Mickey crowd is told that Mickey's brain is functional but he has fractured vertebrae and a compressed spinal cord. The doctors advise everyone to be patient.

Bobby comes over to Holly's office and yells at her for setting Sue Ellen up and sending her back into her alcoholic rage. Holly says she just wanted Sue Ellen to see them together so she would tell JR to stay away from her and was more shocked than anyone when Sue Ellen turned away from her bedroom.

Mark comes over to Pam's hotel room and offers condolences. They talk again about the dynamics of their relationship but Pam is [sigh] unwilling to let things go any further until she settles things with Bobby.

Ray and JR advise the sheriff to find the hit-and-run driver and he says he will - but that's not the end of it. Sue Ellen was three times over the legal blood alcohol limit. If Mickey dies, she'll be charged with manslaughter.

Mark and Cliff talk. Cliff apologizes for Afton ruining their vacation and Cliff advises him not to worry about Bobby and Pam's relationship because Bobby already has a willing suitor who's just waiting for his marriage to break up.

Bobby finds Sue Ellen at the liquor cart again and tries to dissuade her from drinking. Bobby tries to explain that Holly set both she and JR up but Sue Ellen says she saw them together and she knows JR was enjoying himself. She falls apart again and wonders why she ever remarried him.

JR bursts into Holly's bedroom that night and tells her he understands what she tried to do and is willing to leave her company to save his marriage - for 20 million dollars, which will make his victory over Ewing Oil complete. Holly says she'll have to think about it and JR says she'd be much worse off if he stays with him.

Pam tries to feed Christopher and talks at him to try and decide what she should do. She tells him she loves Bobby but doesn't think she can live with him again. Bobby and JR argue about the damage each has caused to the family, and the strain it has put on their relationships with their wives.

Donna comes over to Southfork and talks to Sue Ellen about Mickey's condition. Lucy also comes by and refuses to talk to Sue Ellen or even accept her apology. At the hospital, the Mickey crowd is told that even if he regains consciousness, he will likely be paralyzed from the neck down.

Holly meets up with Bobby at the Cattlemen's Club and tells him that JR's agreed to be bought out of Harwood for 20 million. Bobby suggests that she pay him in installments so that he doesn't get too far ahead in the competition. Holly doesn't think it will work but Bobby reminds her that if Sue Ellen leaves JR, she'll take John Ross with her and JR wouldn't accept that.

Cliff and Pam talk about the drill bit. Cliff continues to advise her that she should vote not to give it to Bobby, because her marriage is over anyway and it has been for a long time - the drill bit doesn't matter. More importantly, she should get away from the Ewings as soon as she can.

Back at the ranch, Sue Ellen asks JR why she asked her to marry him again when he still wanted to play around with other women. JR is totally apologetic and tells her that it's all because winning Ewing Oil means everything to him. He says he promised never to hurt Sue Ellen again but things got out of hand - and he truly loves her. Apparently, Sue Ellen doesn't know what to think.

Episode 131: Ewing Inferno Aired: Thu, Feb. 3, 2000

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Was Mark Graison the only one or did you try a few frenchmen while you were there?" - JR to Pam.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ellie again.

Ray visits the Sheriff's office and angrily confronts him about the fact that they haven't found the hit-and-run driver. He accuses him of trying to cover up Sue Ellen's guilt because of the Ewings' power in Braddock.

Holly tries to convince JR to take his money in four installments but JR rightly discerns that she talked to Bobby so he refuses. Holly reminds JR that Sue Ellen won't approve of their continued relationship but JR says Sue Ellen's is no position to do anything about it right now. He wants his money in one lump sum payment.

Pam comes to the office to see Bobby, who's out. JR tries to exchange small talk but Pam says she's talked to Sue Ellen and is disgusted with him. JR challenges her about her trip to France, her inability to handle the pressure of the battle for Ewing Oil and abandoning her husband when he needed her. He also wonders whether Mark Graison was only her 'friend' in France, which earns him a vicious slap.

Pam finally opens up to Mark and talks to him about not being fair to either one of the men she loves. Mark advises her to give Bobby the drill bit because their marriage is over no matter what she does. He tells her she has to move on with her life, and this is the best way to do it. Bobby returns to the office and calls Pam but Mark picks up the phone so he angrily hangs up.

That evening, the Mickey crowd has dinner at Ray's house. Ray tells them about his visit to the sheriff and also mentions that he took out an ad in the Dallas Press offering a $50,000 reward to find the driver. Aunt Lil says she can't bear to look at Mickey the way he is right now.

An amazing scene: JR plays with John Ross! JR puts John Ross to bed after he kisses the sleeping [and somewhat drunk] Sue Ellen goodnight. JR tells the somnolent Sue Ellen he's sorry for what he put her through and tells Theresa to lock up all of the liquor.

Bobby comes home and JR tells him he's finally seen what their fight has done to the family - their marriages are destroyed; Rebecca is dead and Mickey may die; and Ellie has been devastated. He says that even though he's ahead in the fight it doesn't matter - he just wants it to end. Pam calls just then and tells Bobby that she's voting to give him the drill bit so he can try and win the fight with JR.

The next day, Clayton tells a disheveled Ellie that she needs to get away from her family for a while and Ellie quietly agrees.

The Sheriff comes over to see Ray about his ad in the paper. Ray tells Washburn to get out of his house and it takes Donna to turn him aside. The Sheriff tries to tell Ray to cool down and give him a chance to do his job.

A silent figure comes in to Mickey's empty hospital room and looks at the comatose boy in horror. Walt Driscoll starts to break down and cry.

Pam and Bobby meet the next day as arranged. She tells him she still loves him and she could never side with JR against him - but she and Christopher don't come with the drill bit. She flatly declares that she can never come back to Southfork and their marriage isn't working any more - she sadly ends saying she wants a divorce. Bobby is devastated.

JR comes home to find that Sue Ellen managed to snag a bottle of booze out of the kitchen. He stands there silently while Sue Ellen tears a strip off of him for all the pain he's caused her. John Ross calls out for Sue Ellen from upstairs and JR tries to head up the stairs but he's stopped by his wife who says she doesn't want him to ever touch her son again. She throws the bottle of wine at him but her aim is terrible and she ends up leaving a huge stain on the wall. The next morning, JR gets some interior decorators to come in and replace the stained wallpaper.

Pam and Katherine come over to Cliff's place and Pam announces that she's voting to give Bobby the drill bit and she's getting a divorce, which thrills Katherine to no end. Afton tells Cliff that's he a complete idiot for allowing Katherine to move in on Bobby now, and also says she doesn't know if she can live with an uncaring man like him.

The Sheriff tells Ray they found the driver - he committed suicide and left a note saying he deliberately rammed the car and shot himself when he found out that he hurt an innocent kid. The man's name was Walt Driscoll and JR was his intended target.

Katherine comes over to Bobby's office and says she heard about Pam's decisions. Bobby sadly tells her he refuses to become a loser just to please his wife. Katherine says she's sorry she couldn't get through to Pam.

JR tucks in John Ross and Sue Ellen and heads downstairs, navigating through the scaffolding. He settles down for a drink and Ray arrives, accusing him for being responsible for Mickey's coma. He tells JR that Walt Driscoll was driving the car and makes a move towards him. JR throws a candlestick at him but Ray ducks. Ray lunges at him and gets it some good licks but JR is able to fight him off. The lit candlestick catches some of the wallpaper supplies and a fire ensues in the hallway. The smoke quickly travels up to the top floor and the smoke detectors go off.

Ray continues to try and strangle JR until JR slams him a couple of times with the phone receiver. Seeing the flames, JR heads up the stairs to find Sue Ellen and John Ross as the flames rage around him. Ray gets up dazed and heads towards the stairs but falls unconscious. JR collapses from the smoke and fumes in the upper hallway.

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