Season 13 Summaries

Episode # 335 "April in Paris" Aired: Monday, June 15

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LINE OF THE DAY: "....that would be our mystery woman."   April unknowingly foreshadowing her fate. Nominated by Jason.

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The Lucy Award: Carter, Clayton, Cliff, Liz, and Michelle.

JR's ranting gets him put into solitary confinement in a straitjacket, where he finds Morrissey in the cell next door. Fortunately, the next morning he gets back into the regular ward. His new psychiatrist interprets the story about being betrayed by his wife and son as more paranoia.

Bobby and April arrive in Paris. They meet a lonely woman named Sheila Foley, who just happens to be staying at their hotel. She mentions that her husband was an oil man who killed himself during the oil bust of a year ago. Bobby and April also meet up with Jordan Lee, who tells them there's an OPEC conference starting very soon in Paris.

Cally is upset that James left JR in the asylum. James thinks that's exactly what JR deserved. Cally accuses James of becoming as callous as JR and not caring about anyone any more. Sly gives James the envelope that JR 'left' behind, giving James control over the office. James gives everyone the day off, so when JR tries to call Ewing Oil there's no answer. He tries to call Harve Smithfield but is caught by Dr. Wyckoff, the new head psychiatrist, and given a stern warning.

James meets Duke Carlisle again. He decides to join into a game of high-stakes poker, figuring that he can handle anything that JR can handle.

There's another social at the asylum. Fortunately for JR, Anita's locked in her room. Unfortunately for JR, Jessica has been transferred to another facility. That night, Anita finds JR and demands he visit her the next night - or pay the price. The next day, Morrissey returns to the ward.

April disappears while shopping. Bobby finds Sheila back at the hotel. He is shocked to find that Sheila has arranged for April to be kidnapped while she 'takes her place' for a while. She warns Bobby to follow her lead or April will suffer the consequences.

Episode # 336 "Charades" Aired: Tuesday, June 16, 1998

NITPICKS for this episode

JR to the doctor: "I'm JR Ewing. I don't get ulcers, I give 'em".
To the inmates: "I wanted the A-Team, and I got F-Troop".

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The Lucy Award: Clayton and Michelle.

Sheila explains the situation to Bobby: she will be Mrs. Bobby Ewing for a few days. They will attend a few social events to convince people of this. In exchange, Bobby will get to see April once a day.

James loses everything to Duke Carlisle at the poker game, including his nightclub. Cally reads JR's real letter to Sly, asking her to bring the release papers to the sanitarium. James comes to Cally's place [actually, it's April's place, isn't it?] hoping to crash there but Cally turns him out.

Bobby goes to the police who promise to investigate the kidnapping, but Sheila presents a forged passport to the inspector and convinces him that she's April. Bobby then contacts Jordan Lee, who puts him in touch with a policeman he can trust, Captain de Rougemont. The captain promises to help protect April but tells Bobby to play along with Sheila's game for the time being. Sheila tries to seduce Bobby and he accepts after telling her how obvious she is and that he would do it for April's sake. Sheila slaps him and tells him she doesn't need it that badly.

JR formulates a plan to avoid Morrissey: first, he spends the night in Anita's room. The next day, JR challenges Morrissey to a fight at midnight in the dayroom. JR looks for help from the other inmates but they turn tail. Later, they change their minds. With Del Greco's help, JR is able to get Morrissey to confess that he wasn't insane at the time he murdered his victim, and the confession is captured on tape. Together the group is able to overpower Morrissey.

Cliff becomes a candidate for National Energy Czar. At a schmooze party, Liz sees someone familiar, who follows her home. The guy warns her that Johnny Dancer is coming to Dallas and she's not through with him yet.

The next day, Bobby goes to see Captain de Rougemont but it's not the same person he met before. He finds that the other inspector was a phony.

Episode # 337 "One Last Kiss" Aired: Wednesday, January 17

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LINE OF THE DAY: JR to the doctor: "I didn't know Thorazine and caffeine mixed." Nominated by Jason.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Clayton, Michelle, Carter, Liz, Cliff, and even James.

April learns that Sheila is part of the kidnapper's gang. Bobby gets an American teenage biker named Mark to help him. Mark tracks April to the place where she is being kept and manages to discreetly convey the information to Bobby. Chuck Norris...I mean Bobby, manages to climb a fence and get inside to April's room. He's winning a fight with three guys [as usual] until one of them pistol-whips him. When he wakes up, Sheila berates him and tells him that there will be no more concessions. Sheila tells Bobby her plan: she plans to disrupt a very important OPEC conference to discredit the organization. At an event, Bobby sees Jordan Lee again and hopes to expose Sheila, but Jordan introduces her as Mrs. Ewing; Bobby realizes to his horror that Jordan is in on the plan.

JR gets one of his asylum friends to pass a message to the outside world as Dr. Wyckoff decides to put him on drug therapy. His message manages to reach Sly, who comes to see him. The two of them figure out James' double-crossing plan. JR pleads with Sly to find the other copy of the release papers. Sly decides to put a full-page ad in the newspaper, which Cally reads the next day. Cally is unsure about using the release papers, but Sly assures her they will be a huge bargaining tool. Cally's condition is a divorce, with the promise that JR will leave her alone. As a parting shot, JR tells Dr. Wyckoff that his friends in the asylum had better stay happy or he'll suffer the consequences. JR gives his friends going-away gifts. For the letter-switching mess, JR fires Sly.

Episode # 338 "Terminus" Aired: Thursday, June 18

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "The damage will have already been done."  Sheila rationalizing the effects of her "speech" to Bobby. Nominated by Jason.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Clayton and Michelle.

Jordan Lee tries to convince Bobby that he's acting in the oil industry's best interests by cooperating with Sheila. Bobby threatens Jordan that he will make him pay if anything happens to April. During his promised visit with April the next day, Bobby tries to overpower the guards and get April but he just narrowly misses her. Later, he finds Jordan again and pleads with him to contact JR to get help. As Jordan enters a phone booth, he is shot.

After he puts on his most innocent face, Cally tells JR where he can find James - he's joined a construction crew. Sly confronts James about getting fired, but James convinces her that JR's her real enemy. JR pays a visit to James's foreman and gets him fired and then returns to a very empty Southfork. Missing his son, he calls England and learns that Sue Ellen is now Mrs. Don Lockwood.

Duke Carlisle tells JR about the poker game in which James lost everything, which prompts JR to get Melinda Carlisle busted on possession charges, with an assist from Ratagan. JR also gets some city councillors to revoke Carlisle's gambling license and get him out of town. That night, James confronts JR about getting fired and tells him that he has told John Ross about it as well. Later, JR finds out from John Ross that James was lying, but appreciates the effort.

The guy who confronted Liz a few episodes ago turns out to be a government agent - as, it turns out, Liz was at one point. He tells her it will be very difficult for her to establish a life with Cliff Barnes, given her past. Carter McKay offers Cliff his support in Washington in exchange for a variance from the Oil Regulatory Commission. Cliff rejects the offer. McKay arranges a meeting between Liz and John Dancer, at which Liz tries to make it clear she doesn't want to have anything to do with either of them, but it doesn't appear to be that easy.

Bobby demands that April be present at the high-security OPEC conference. At the conference, Sheila leaves Bobby for a moment and gets a gun out of a well-hidden compartment. Bobby manages to hit Sheila's arm and divert her assassination attempt. April is caught in the ensuing slow-motion crossfire and shot in the abdomen.

Episode # 339 "Tunnel of Love" Aired: Monday, June 22

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "Nobody but a Ewing touches a Ewing."  JR laying the smackdown on the Duke. Nominated by everybody.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Clayton and Michelle again, for the last time.

JR's strongarm tactics convince Duke Carlisle to take his operation out of Dallas. Sketchy news arrives in Dallas about the OPEC conference and that April is dead, disrupting things at Ewing Oil as well as Cliff's state of mind. Sly gets out of her deal with James to get back at JR. She advises James to try and mend fences with JR but they end up butting heads again, so James offers Cliff information about JR but Cliff wants no part of it.

Cliff proposes to Liz, who says she'll have to think about it. John Dancer tries to buy Liz's oil company for his money laundering operation. Liz refuses but her friend the agent asks her to cooperate. At first, Liz is reluctant but agrees to do it after the agent tells Liz that it was Dancer who had her brother killed in the first place. Liz calls off her relationship with Cliff, claiming there's someone else in her life. Cliff doesn't believe it. Liz comes back to Johnny, claiming she wants to rekindle their relationship. She agrees to sell her company in exchange for a 'piece of the action'. When Cliff returns home that evening, the agent holds him at gunpoint and warns him to stay away from Liz.

Disillusioned and street-wandering Bobby sees visions of his dead wife everywhere and blames JR for not being there when he needed him. After April's quiet funeral in Paris, Bobby returns to Dallas and finds Cally at April's apartment. Cally tells him she's divorcing JR and Bobby encourages her, claiming it's bad luck to be married to a Ewing.

Rose McKay gets drunk at the Oil Baron's Club and blurts out that McKay made her sleep with Cliff and hasn't touched her since. JR overhears and later he seduces the lonely Rose on her husband's desk.

Bobby buys a detective agency to track Sheila Foley and check out Jordan Lee's contacts. He tells JR that there will be changes at the office - he's sick of being in the oil industry.

Episode # 340 "Heart and Soul" Aired: Tuesday, June 23

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "A credit card could open your door. About now that's all mine is good for." James to Sly. Nominated by Jason, and there wasn't much to pick from.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Cally. [April has jumped ship.]

Michelle Stevens returns to Dallas and she and Bobby exchange angry words over who loved April more. April's will is read, with Michelle getting most of the estate. Bobby chooses not to contest the will. Michelle offers JR her help in getting Ewing Oil away from Bobby, but JR laughs her off.

Clayton brings John Ross and Christopher home, and plans to finalize his deal for control of Weststar with McKay. Bobby advises Clayton to stay out of the oil business because it's nothing but trouble. McKay offers Clayton the chance to become Chairman of the Board of Weststar. Clayton declines, offering his shares to McKay in return for a promise that there'll be no trouble with Ewing Oil and Carter agrees.

JR tells Rose to plant a bug in McKay's office or he'll tell Carter about their affair. James breaks into Sly's place to get a look at JR's files. He approaches McKay with the info but Carter declines the offer, haunted by memories of his relationship with Tommy. JR overhears the conversation, thanks to Rose's bug. Vanessa Beaumont returns to Dallas and JR makes overtures to her to stay together for good.

The detectives find that Sheila's story about being the wife of an oil baron checks out. Bobby approaches Cliff for information about Foley Petrotech.

After unsuccessfully trying to get some answers out of Liz, Cliff sees her with Johnny at the Oil Baron's Club celebrating the consummation of their deal. A fight breaks out and Cliff gets the worst of it. [It's pretty funny seeing him waddle around with that neckbrace]. McKay meets Dancer in his office. Dancer says he plans to take over Weststar which prompts McKay to throw him out. Dancer and Liz have an ominous conversation in which he hints that their relationship will be the same as it was before, which does not entice Liz. She warns Cliff to stay away from the dangerous Dancer. Later, Johnny is found shot dead in his hotel room.

Episode # 341 "The Fabulous Ewing Boys" Aired: Wednesday, June 24

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  "Tell her I wish she was still single." JR to Clayton about what he wants to convey to Ellie. Nominated by Jason.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Cliff.

The agent visits Liz and accuses her of ruining the sting operation by killing Dancer. Liz denies it. She suspects Cliff of the murder and believes that Cliff has skipped town. The next morning, Carter tells Rose that if anyone asks, they were together, at home, the previous night. Liz tells an investigating detective that she knew very little about Dancer. That night Liz goes to Cliff's apartment and finds the detective there. Cliff is a prime suspect and the detective tells her that he knows her history with Dancer. The detective then visits Carter and tells him that he was seen leaving Dancer's hotel just after the shooting. Carter and Rose provide the alibi. JR listens to the conversation between McKay and Dancer from yesterday's episode.

Michelle apologizes to Bobby and offers her help in finding Sheila Foley. The detectives track her down to Odessa, Texas. Bobby and Michelle make plans to follow them.

JR gives Sly her job back. Vanessa sees James and he warns her not to marry JR and suffer the same fate as his previous wives. JR promises Vanessa that if she agrees to stay with him, he would stay faithful to her and make things right with James.

James comes to Ewing Oil and interrupts a JR meeting. JR tells him he'll marry Vanessa whether James likes it or not. James tells him not to be so sure. Vanessa sees Cally, who tells her about her failed marriage. Cally believes that Vanessa and JR could be happy together and encourages her to marry him. Cally lets slip that she's pregnant and begs Vanessa not to tell JR. That night, JR tells Vanessa that if he had known she was pregnant with James, he would never have left her. Knowing that Cally is pregnant, Vanessa is startled by this and quickly calls it a night.

Clayton tells JR he sold his shares of Weststar to McKay, prompting predictable outrage from JR and almost starting a fight. Bobby gets angry at JR and tells him that he plans to sell Ewing Oil when he returns from Odessa.

Episode # 342 "The Odessa File" Aired: Thursday, June 25


Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Clayton and James

Rose confronts Carter about Dancer's death. Carter says he needs the alibi because he was at the hotel that night but he didn't kill Dancer. He confides in Rose that he was going to sell his shares of Weststar to a buyer who insists on keeping the deal secret. Rose believes him, and their relationship starts to improve. Later, Rose breaks down and tells Carter about the affair with JR and the blackmail. Carter rushes off to find the bug in his office and realizes that JR must know about the threats he made to Dancer.

JR asks Harve to stall Bobby in the sale of Ewing Oil. Surprisingly, Vanessa encourages JR to stop Bobby, if only for James and John Ross's sake, so that they don't lose their inheritances. Cally tells JR that their divorce hearing is set for next week and encourages him not to ruin his last chance at happiness with Vanessa. JR proposes to Vanessa and she accepts.

JR tries to get Eugene Inagaki to arrange to buy Ewing Oil and pass control over to him, but Inagaki says it's not possible. With no other option, JR makes a proposal to McKay: buy Ewing Oil and give him control, in exchange for the tape of his conversation with Dancer.

Bobby and Michelle arrive in Odessa. The detective tells them that someone else is looking into the Foley Petrotech files, who turns out to be Cliff. The 'Sheila Foley' in Odessa turns out to be an amnesiac in a wheelchair - not the woman from Paris. However, she does have a photo album with pictures of the Paris 'Sheila' and Jordan Lee.

After learning Liz's story from Bobby, Cliff returns to Dallas and confronts Liz. He breaks off their relationship because he feels that she used him and didn't trust him. Liz tries to explain that she was only trying to protect him and she really loves him. Cliff's stubbornness causes her to plan to return to New York.

Bobby meets with Lee Ann De La Vega, who is interested in buying Ewing Oil. Bobby's condition of sale is that the company name must change once the sale is completed. They sign an agreement in principle as Bobby heads off to Paris. Sly attempts to warn JR about the deal but JR arrives too late to stop it.

Episode # 343 "Sail On" Aired: Monday, June 28

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  None. There were some suggestions, but I couldn't really see any as being an LotD.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Clayton, but Bobby's non-contribution is conspicuous.

Vanessa offers to buy James' motorcycle shop for him, but James is sick of having her and JR interfere in his life.

Dave Culver visits Cliff and tells him that his star in Washington is falling because of the Danzig affair. Cliff promises to clean up his act but continues to booze. Detective Bussey questions Cliff, who was going to Odessa at the time of the murder. Cliff later apologizes to Liz for being a jerk and they make up.

Lee Ann starts to take over things at Ewing Oil but JR reminds her the sale isn't final yet. He asks her to sell him the company, but she laughs him off. She hints that she might merge with Weststar. Lee Ann talks to Michelle, who she met in the Caribbean. Michelle has told her all about recent happenings in Dallas. Lee Ann tells Michelle that she's surprised and disappointed that JR doesn't remember her...

McKay tells Ratagan to get the blackmail tapes from JR or he'll tell Internal Affairs about Ratagan's doings. In a surprising display of incompetence, Ratagan is caught by JR, who has hidden the tapes. Carter, Liz, and Cliff debate the wacky situation with Johnny Dancer. McKay then tells Rose to find out where JR has the tapes - even if she has to sleep with him again.

A divorce hearing is held and Cally becomes the ex-Mrs. JR Ewing. Part of the arrangement is a restraining order keeping JR away from her.

JR and Vanessa have their engagement party. Lee Ann meets the McKays and Rose throws a drink in Carter's face for his constant put-downs. Rose later visits Cliff and says she's leaving Dallas. James brings Cally to the party and announces her pregnancy to all present. Vanessa confronts James about his behavior but he feels fully justified in what he's doing.

That night, McKay is arrested for Dancer's murder. The police have the tape as evidence. JR catches up with Cally just as she is about to leave Dallas. She tells him that he has no claim on her child because James is the father.

Episode # 344 "Lock, Stock, and Jock" Aired: Tuesday, June 29

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  "You got no morals, you got no scruples, You may just be worthy of me yet." - JR to James. Nominated by everyone.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Clayton and Cally have boarded the Titanic, so James gets the nod.

JR angrily confronts James over Cally's revelation that he is the father of her child. James doesn't deny it and promises that it will be 'their little secret'.

New evidence against Carter surfaces. Rose tells the police that Carter told her to lie for him. Also, fresh fingerprints are found on a glass in Dancer's room. McKay tells the district attorney that he had a drink with Dancer that night but he left Johnny alive. Then he went to another room to meet the wife of a very important person. Unfortunately for Carter, the woman denies knowing him.

Cliff proposes to Liz and this time she gladly accepts. The police learn that Dancer killed Liz's brother and that she had a strong motive for his murder as well.

Lee Ann and JR have lunch and they return to the office, where he learns the sale of Ewing Oil has been finalized. Lee Ann offers JR a minor ownership possibility for his expertise and help in running the company. Lee Ann finally reveals to us the reason she is bent on revenge against JR: they met in college and he got her pregnant. She was forced to have an illegal abortion which nearly cost her her life.

Bobby returns to Dallas and cleans out his office, which will now be JR's office. JR insists that Jock's portrait remain there. Detective Breslin tells Bobby that all of the people in the photograph that they found in Odessa are dead. Bobby asks Liz to see if she knows anyone with information about 'Sheila Foley'.

JR tells Sly - who Lee Ann has hired, along with the other secretaries - to find out whatever she can about her. He makes plans to use his dummy corporations to get Ewing Oil assets back piece by piece. After meeting with Vanessa, Lee Ann makes plans to ruin JR's happiness with her. At the office, she kisses JR and says she finds him attractive - it's too bad he's engaged.

Episode # 345 "S" is for Seduction Aired: Wednesday, June 30

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "...I'm trying to put her in my debt, not my bed". JR to Vanessa about Lee Ann.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: James.

There's sax music in the air...and you know what that means. Yup, another April vision dancing in Bobby's head - until the phone wakes him up. It's Liz to tell him that she'll be at Southfork the next day with lots of information about "Sheila". Turns out she was a banker named Hillary Taylor who did business with Foley Petrotech.

Lee Ann continues to slowly entrap JR by telling him that the only reason she kissed him in the previous episode is because he reminds her of her late husband and says it won't happen again. That evening, she makes him cancel plans to meet Vanessa to take care of some urgent business. Vanessa and Michelle find each other at the Oil Baron's Club and discuss the fact that they both seem to have been stood up. Michelle asks her to meet again in a few days to help her get over her feelings for James by learning more about him.

Bobby finds Paul Keats, Hillary's partner, in Midland, but finds him completely unwilling to talk about his ex-partner. Liz finds that the government would love to nail Keats on fraud charges but don't have enough evidence. Liz decides to wear a wire to see if she can find something out, but gets an urgent call from Cliff to return to Dallas. Bobby figures his plans are ruined until he finds a lady willing to do anything for a price.

Sly passes on Lee Ann's personal letters to JR, indicating her strong attraction to him. Lee Ann tells Michelle that it's all part of the plan and she plans to take JR on a trip to Caracas. Michelle puts on a "sad girl" act for Vanessa and tells her about all of the times JR interfered in James's life and says she figures that's what really killed their relationship together. Vanessa gets edgy upon hearing about the planned business trip.

Bobby's new friend gets cushy with Keats and gets him to admit that his money is stashed in the Cayman Islands. Keats tells Bobby that Hillary was John Foley's mistress, and they had a child named Marjorie together. Bobby thanks him for the information and decides to keep the wire.

Carter's murder trial continues. Evidence is presented and Rose testifies that she thinks Carter might be capable of murder. Carter is found guilty and sent to jail. When Liz returns to Dallas, Cliff admits that he was the one who killed Dancer in self-defence during a struggle that night but didn't come forward because he didn't think Carter would be found guilty. They visit the Assistant DA the next morning and Cliff admits his guilt.

Episode # 346 Designing Women Aired: Thursday, July 1

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Honey to get my company back, I would fly to the North Pole if I had to." JR to Vanessa. Nominated by Analise.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Liz and Cliff.

JR and Lee Ann head down to Caracas and she continues to get closer but stay just out of reach. Vanessa calls their hotel and is surprised to hear Lee Ann answer JR's phone. Vanessa and James discuss her conversation with Michelle in the previous episode and James denies most of it - except that JR did sleep with Diana Farrington for business. After successful negotiations, Lee Ann says she plans to make JR a full partner upon their return to Dallas. JR gets some cash ready and assures Vanessa that he's completely devoted to her.

The DA's office considers how to get out of the mess they're in, in light of Cliff's confession. They decide to claim that the tape of McKay's threats to Dancer was doctored, and so the judge declares a mistrial.

Michelle puts in a fake call for motorcycle service and manages to talk to James. She tells him that her plan to bust JR for good is almost to fruition. 

Lee Ann invites Vanessa over to her place and tells her that she and JR are lovers. Vanessa completely discounts the possibility until she is given Lee Ann's room key and told that JR will be there that night during de la Vega Oil's celebration party. At the party, Carter confronts JR about trying to send him to death row and says that after Dancer's murderer is found, he's coming after JR. Lee Ann tells JR that the negotiations have broken down and she needs him to come up to her suite to consult with her lawyers. Of course, once he gets up there he finds that they're alone. Lee Ann says that the only way she'll continue to work with JR is if he offers her some fringe benefits. Vanessa comes to the door but decides not to open it, worrying Lee Ann, who suddenly finds herself with JR all over her. Vanessa tells Michelle she's decided not to marry JR, and Lee Ann is saved by a phone call from Michelle.

The next day, Vanessa says that she doesn't want to have to be suspicious of everything JR does, so she decides to return to Vienna. Michelle shows James an interesting document and says that all he has to do is marry her. Carter returns home to find Rose there, pointing a gun at him. She demands money in exchange for leaving him alone and leaves him to wallow.

Another April moment. Bobby dreams of a moment when he and April bring home their daughter, Janine Robin. He awakes to the sounds of gunfire and a recollection of his wife's death in Paris. Breslin informs Bobby that Jory Taylor has been traced to Los Angeles.

That morning, JR comes to work expecting to be made a full partner. Lee Ann decides to reveal herself as Lee Ann Nelson, the girl he once knew and impregnated. She explains her plan and tells him that because of what he did to her, she was unable to have children. She also tells him that Michelle was involved in her plot and is now the new owner of what used to be Ewing Oil.

Episode # 347 "90265" Aired: Tuesday, July 6

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I've always wanted you on top." Sly to JR. Nominated by Analise and Pam.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Carter and Cliff.

Michelle confirms to JR that she's bought the company. Her first action is to fire JR, then she fires Phyllis and Sly. Michelle and James get married, despite James' lack of enthusiasm about it. On their wedding night, he casually goes out on a date. The next night, Michelle prepares a special dinner for them supplemented by a drugged glass of wine. For some reason, nothing becomes of that...

JR tells Bobby he misses the way the family used to be. He seeks comfort in Sly, and spends the night with her. The next morning, JR is determined to rebuild his empire. He visits James at the shop and asks him to come back to Southfork to be part of the family again. James agrees. He arrives at Southfork and introduces his new wife, much to JR's chagrin. James continues to be completely disinterested in Michelle sexually. Michelle names her company 'Ewing Oil' and introduces James as her partner.

Bobby and Liz find that Hillary Taylor owned a beach house in Malibu. Bobby rents the house next to it and meets Jory Taylor, as well as her housemates Kit and Dana. He introduces himself as Bobby Southworth. They spend some time together and Bobby unsuccessfully tries to get information about her mother. Jory tells Bobby that her mother is coming to visit next week for her birthday.

Episode # 348 "Smooth Operator" Aired: Wednesday, July 7

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Indigestion." Bobby to Jory about what Johnny gave him.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Carter and Cliff again.

Kit warns Bobby that Jory seems to be falling for him. At Jory's bar, Dana and her date stop by and after spotting a couple of bad-looking dudes, the date quietly slips something in Jory's purse.

JR meets with Carmen Esperanza, Lee Ann's sister-in-law. They find that they have revenge against Lee Ann on both their minds because Carmen blames her for her brother's stressful death. That evening, JR looks at the books of De la Vega Oil and finds an interesting little factoid.

Michelle and James continue to fight over differing priorities. James avoids his duties at Ewing Oil. Michelle finds him in a biker bar and punches out a girl who puts a claim on him. Lonely Michelle hints to JR that she's tired of sleeping alone.

In light of Cliff's nomination for National Energy Czar, JR offers to buy Liz's company but she refuses to sell. JR meets with Senator Garrity, head of the Energy Commission, who tells him and Liz that Cliff is a shoe-in for the nomination. JR tells the Senator to stall Cliff's appointment. When the Senator hedges, JR blackmails him with information about his sex habit, which he got from Stephanie Rogers's diary. The senator accedes.

Jory tells Bobby that Hillary is really her stepmother, and she hasn't seen her for a long time. Hillary has lost a lot of loved ones and has had a difficult life. The next day, the two bad-looking dudes come by the house and ask Bobby about Jory. She comes home to find her house ransacked, though nothing is taken. Bobby finds a mysterious pawn ticket in Jory's purse.

Episode # 349 "Win some, lose some" Aired: Wednesday, January 28

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  None. I dare you to find one.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Carter.

James flaunts his latest girlfriend at Michelle at Southfork. All three of them end up in the pool. The next night, Michelle brings her secretary Derrick [don't you hate this guy?] home to bother James. JR takes James's side in the matter and tells Michelle to know her role. Michelle arranges for JR to crash her shower. JR says he's absolutely turned off by her but Michelle says she knows him better than that. JR learns of Blackie Callahan's death in Oklahoma and makes plans to attend the funeral.

Liz is suspicious of the delay in Cliff's appointment. Sensing JR's hand, she agrees to sell him her company and suddenly Cliff's appointment is confirmed. JR plans to sever ties between Liz's company and De La Vega Oil to hurt them financially. Cliff returns and Liz tells him she sold the company to JR, and why. Cliff goes ballistic and after a heated argument, Liz tosses away her engagement ring. Cliff visits Michelle and asks for her help to ruin JR. She agrees.

Egged on by Jory, Bobby goes to the pawn shop and the ticket gets him a briefcase containing cocaine. He dumps it in an empty police car. Hillary calls to say she'll only be in Los Angeles for two hours before she has to take another flight. Mark Harris, the biker Bobby met in Paris, just happens to be a busboy at the restaurant Bobby and Jory visit that day. Jory becomes suspicious of Bobby's past. The next day, as Bobby prepares to take Jory to a hotel, the two guys return and kidnap her. Bobby receives a note that they want the drugs back or $500,000. And they want it at noon tomorrow - the same time Hillary's plane arrives. Dana is released by the kidnappers; she tells Bobby that they've killed her boyfriend John and they'll kill Jory too if he doesn't show up. Bobby makes the swap for Jory after having tipped off the police, who catch the bad guys. Bobby rushes to the airport but arrives too late. He tells Jory the truth about his life - except for what happened in Paris. He ends by asking Jory to tell Hillary that Bobby Ewing saved her life.

Episode # 350 "Fathers and sons and fathers and sons" Aired: Thu, Jan 29

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LINE OF THE DAY:  None yet.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Very difficult choice. I'd say Liz.

Bobby returns to Southfork and tells Liz that the chase for Hillary is off. Liz tells Bobby that her engagement to Cliff is off. Bobby decides to spend time at the ranch and with Christopher.

Carter McKay, having lost his position at Weststar, talks to Detective Bussey. He offers him a cushy job at his new office in exchange for information - specifically, who killed John Dancer. The detective refuses. McKay then talks to the assistant DA who tried the case. At first, he is hesitant, but then McKay gets angry and threatens him in his special way. This causes the DA to burst out laughing at Carter's pathetic threats and he has a violent heart attack as a result. [KIDDING!] Seriously, the guy accepts Carter's offer and tells him it was Cliff. McKay asks Liz to meet him at the Oil Barons Club to discuss Johnny. Cliff sees them together and he warns McKay to stay out of his way, not knowing that McKay knows his secret.

Michelle and James do a TV interview for a show focusing on young executives. Cliff asks Michelle to sell James' half of Ewing Oil to him secretly as part of his plan to get at JR. Michelle doesn't do it because she wants to make James fall in love with her. Cliff decides it's better to have Michelle live at Southfork to gather information to use against JR.

All of the Ewing men, including James, plan a few days and nights to participate in the cattle drive out on the range. Michelle feels left out of the plans but she stands up to JR when he tries to rub it in and James respects her for that. Michelle decides to sell April's apartment. Out on the range, JR tells Bobby that he feels too old for the oil business, but he can't bring himself to leave it. Bobby says he understands, and for similar reasons, he doesn't want back in. He wants to dedicate himself to Southfork and to Christopher. JR heads back to the ranch early and finds a woman there asking for James. She saw James on TV with Michelle and claims to be James's wife. JR believes her to be a gold-digger until she shows him her young son - and says James is the father.

Episode # 351 "When the wind blows" Aired: Friday, January 30

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "To're another Pam." - JR, trying to convince Michelle how much he wants her to stay at Southfork.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: The Bob-man gets the hit today.

Debra Lynn tells JR her story: she was underage when she married James; her parents wanted to get the marriage annulled until they learned she was pregnant. James believed the annulment was finalized, so he never mentioned it. JR gets her a room at the Singletree and promises to let her know when James contacts him. He verifies that her story is true, and asks her to get a divorce to protect James's current marriage. Debra Lynn says she'll get a divorce if that's what James wants.

James, of course, is on the Ewing cattle drive. JR goes out to see him and asks him what his arrangement with Michelle is. James says he has control of half of Ewing Oil, as long as the marriage with Michelle lasts. Michelle fires Derrick because she doesn't need him any more to bother James. JR pretends to warm up to Michelle and the newlyweds agree to work to improve their marriage. JR helps out by sending Michelle flowers on James' behalf and it works.

McKay tells Cliff that he has proof, furnished by Liz, that Cliff killed Johnny Dancer. He tells Cliff to resign as Energy Czar within 24 hours or he'll make the info public. Liz denies telling McKay anything but Cliff doesn't believe her. Liz confronts McKay and tells him she has information about his past with Dancer which she will use if he continues to hurt Cliff. Cliff resigns and snubs Bobby's attempt to help him deal with it, choosing to wallow in self-pity as usual. Michelle visits Cliff and tells him that their deal is off because things have been working out lately between James and herself.

Jory Taylor gets a call from Hillary and tells her that she met Bobby. Hillary agrees to see her the next day.

Debra Lynn gets suspicious of JR's stalling tactics and calls Ewing Oil. Jackie tells her that James has been in town the whole time. That evening, as Michelle tells the family she plans to make James an unconditional partner, Debra Lynn barges in and declares that she intends to hold James to their marriage. Yet again, the show ends with another JR "I'm so sad" look.

Episode # 352 "Those Darned Ewings" Aired: Monday, February 2

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "Are you all going to stay in the same room?" - John Ross to James after learning he has two wives.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Carter. Bon voyage, Liz.

Debra Lynn’s announcement causes Michelle to go ballistic. James, Michelle, and Debra Lynn go to the hotel to retrieve James Jr. and bring him to Southfork. JR tries to play both sides of the table; he tells Debra Lynn that he was just trying to protect James’ marriage. He then tells Michelle that he understands her side of things as well. Michelle threatens to cut James out of Ewing Oil unless Debra Lynn leaves town with a divorce. James neglects Ewing Oil to spend time with his son. Michelle manages to salvage an oil deal without him.

Jory Taylor comes to Southfork and tells Bobby that Hillary told her what happened in Paris. She says she can’t believe how her mother has changed. Bobby puts her up a hotel for the time being so she can begin to get her life straightened out.

JR’s doctor tells him that his health is terrible. He puts him on a diet, and an exercise regimen - and tells him to cut down on the drinking. JR offers to set up Debra Lynn and her son anywhere they want as long as she gets a divorce but she refuses to be bought off. Later, JR softens his tone and Debra Lynn warms up to him a bit. JR spends a lot of time with his grandson, much to the chagrin of John Ross. Boneheaded Michelle asks Debra Lynn for adoption of James Jr. Debra Lynn agrees wholeheartedly, saying that was what she was hoping for all along. [KIDDING!]. No, really, Debra Lynn tells Michelle where she can put that idea.

After Cliff stops by the office and talks to James about the important of legacies, James and JR have a talk about the importance of father/son relationships. James tells JR that Cally’s child is not his grandson, but his third son.

Episode # 353 "Farewell, my lovely" Aired: Tuesday, February 3

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "As long as I don't have to change the diapers." - Michelle displaying her maternal instincts. Nominated by Jason.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Tough call. It's unfair to pick Cally, but I will. Otherwise, Bobby.

Upon James’s revelation that JR has another son, JR says he’s going to track Cally down. James threatens to walk out on him and Ewing Oil if he does. JR seems to change his mind about it, but hires a PI to track Cally down anyway. She's eventually found in Florida.

Cliff advises Michelle to leave James but she can’t bring herself to do it. They formulate a plan: Michelle keeps James busy at the office while Cliff visits Debra Lynn and tells her that James’s marriage is only for the sake of his share of Ewing Oil. Michelle gives JR two days to get rid of Debra Lynn or she’ll take back James’s half of the company.

Clayton returns to Southfork and meets Debra Lynn and James Jr. He visits Carter, who is planning to leave Dallas and find Rose again to start a new life. Carter agrees to give Clayton the Weststar voting shares back. Clayton tells him that Southfork will have a new owner soon. Clayton gives JR the voting shares, and tells Bobby that Ellie has decided to leave him Southfork. JR accuses Clayton and Bobby of plotting against him to rob him of his rightful inheritance.

JR confronts John Ross about skipping school. John Ross mouths off to him and JR tells him that one of the ranch hands is going to make sure that he goes to school. John Ross tells Christopher that he wants to move to England with Sue Ellen.

Debra Lynn tells James she’s leaving with James Jr. because she feels that Ewing Oil is more important to him. Michelle also tells James that he must make a decision. JR sees Cally and his son with Cally’s new boyfriend. He tells the PI that there’s been a mistake and he should call off the search. JR tells James that he let Cally go, but he feels that James should keep his family together - even if it means letting Ewing Oil go. James agrees and plans to work at JR’s new office.

Bobby and Jory start to get romantic, but Bobby wants to take it slowly. He offers to buy Carter’s land back but Carter tells him he’s already sold it to Michelle, who plans to make it a home for herself and James, away from JR. Hillary Taylor arrives at Jory’s beach house.

Episode # 354 "Some leave, some get carried out" Aired: Wednesday, February 4

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Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Carter is nowhere. Bon voyage, Clayton.

Hillary gets Kit to find out where Jory is staying. Arriving in Dallas, she tries to apologize to Jory and says she’ll turn herself in. She just wants to make things right between them. Jory accepts her apology but demands that she see Bobby first.

James and JR see a lawyer about dissolving his marriage to Michelle. The lawyer works quickly, and James tells Debra Lynn and Michelle his decision, as Michelle tells him that she bought the McKay ranch for them to live in. A drunken Michelle seeks solace with Cliff and passes out. Cliff asks Michelle to make him a partner in Ewing Oil to get back at JR. Michelle agrees and they quickly sign the contracts. 

JR tries to convince Bobby to cut him in to the Southfork title so he can leave something to James and James Jr. John Ross overhears the conversation and is upset when his name is not mentioned. He tells JR that he’s going to London with Clayton to see Sue Ellen. James tells JR that he plans to move back east with Debra Lynn to start their new life.

The next morning, a yet-again drunken Michelle awakens in Cliff’s bedroom. Cliff tells her that she signed a marriage license along with the contracts and they’re husband and wife now. When Cliff tries to consummate the marriage, Michelle pulls his gun on him. In a rage, she heads to Southfork on JR’s trail. [So hurriedly, in fact, that she doesn’t bother to put on any clothes, except for a long shirt].

Hillary comes to Southfork and asks Bobby not to let his feelings towards her interfere with his relationship with Jory. Bobby says that he won’t and that he doesn’t hate Hillary anymore, even though the pain will never go away. Hillary tells Bobby that she’ll turn herself in after one more day to spend with Jory. As the three walk out to the driveway, Michelle pulls up in her car. Recognizing Hillary, she shoots her.

Episode # 355 "The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire" Aired: Thu, February 5

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "Like I remember athlete's foot." - JR about remembering Dusty.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Carter did little. James and Clayton have sailed.

Cliff triumphantly comes to Ewing Oil and learns of Michelle's arrest. He tries to get Michelle to sign over power of attorney over Ewing Oil to him, but Michelle refuses. Cliff gets his attorney to make him conservator over Michelle's estate.

Bobby tells JR that Michelle was coming over to shoot him, not Hillary. JR wants to see about getting the charges dropped to avoid publicity. He offers to get Michelle off the charges if she sells Ewing Oil to him. Michelle offers half, and JR agrees. JR and Cliff meet at Ewing Oil and discover to their horror that they're partners now.

Bobby accompanies Jory to her mother's funeral and Jory returns to Los Angeles. Christopher goes to visit John Ross in England.

Two major shareholders at Weststar offer JR a deal - they'll help elect him Chairman of the Board in exchange for important posts. JR agrees enthusiastically. They tell him he has to get rid of any oil-related assets to avoid conflict of interest. To Cliff's amazement, JR offers to be bought out of Ewing Oil. Sly tells JR that she's getting married to an engineer who's going to work overseas, so she'll have to leave Dallas. JR offers Phyllis Sly's job but Phyllis tells him she'd never work for him.

Carter and Rose McKay visit JR at his now-unattended office to tell him that Carter has once again become the majority shareholder in Weststar - thanks to Dusty Farlow, who's sold his shares of Weststar to Carter. JR gets drunk and angrily tells Sly that she's fired immediately. Michelle comes to her new empty home [Carter's ranch]. She yells out, cursing James and JR for leaving her like this.

JR comes home to the ranch and tells Bobby that he's lost everything. He pleads with Bobby to sell him half of Southfork. Bobby tells him he's welcome to stay at the ranch as long as he wants, but he's not selling. John Ross calls JR and tells him he's staying with Sue Ellen - permanently. JR pulls Jock's gun out of his nightstand and lies down with it, pensive...

Episode # 356 "Conundrum" Aired: Fri, February 6 and Mon, February 9

LINE OF THE DAY:  "You have the attention span of a rhesus monkey!" - Adam to JR.

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Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: What you see is what you get.

JR comes out of his room, drinking. He wanders around for a while among the empty rooms, still clutching his gun. He takes a seat on the porch and contemplates what life would be if he was no longer around - or if there had never been a JR Ewing.

A guy in white appears on the balcony and encourages JR to pull the trigger. JR shoots at him and watches as the shot goes right through him. The guy suddenly moves to the diving board and says his name is Adam. Adam offers JR the chance to find out what life would been without him. JR is hesitant but Adam seems to know everything about his life situation. The pair is transferred to the Ewing Oil office, now housing an insurance company. Ewing Oil went bankrupt because Gary, the oldest brother, mismanaged it into the ground. Jock killed himself over it and then Ellie died, broken-hearted, a few years later.

Cut to Gary: He's a successful divorce lawyer in California. He never married Val - there was no Lucy. [Editor's note: Maybe this story line isn't all bad].

Cut to Jason, the new little brother. He's a greedy land developer in Dallas who plowed Southfork into the ground and built housing estates on the land.

Cut to Sue Ellen, who's become a successful soap actress on the hit series "Top of the World". She dismisses her agent for making a bad career move, and she's married to Nicholas Pearce. Much to JR's chagrin, she's gotten by fine without him.

Cut to Bobby. He's a compulsive gambler in Las Vegas, divorced from Annie Ewing, with three kids. Annie, picking up the kids from the park, reminds Bobby he's way behind in his support payments. Bobby promises to get the money somehow. JR can't believe it the way things have turned out for him. Adam tells him that without JR to butt heads with, Bobby become an aimless drifter, bereft of purpose after Ewing Oil collapsed.

Cut to Kristin. She meets a man in a hotel, posing as a call girl. Suddenly she whips out a badge and tells her prey that she's an undercover cop. Actually, it turns out she's a very good con artist who goes after high-ranking officials, who would rather pay her off than have the world know their secrets.

Cut back to Gary. Valene visits his office and they meet for the first time, clearly liking each other.

Cut back to Southfork. JR tells Adam he doesn't like what he sees, but Adam retorts that no one said he had to like it. Adam walks on the pool water over to JR and tells him that if he doesn't think things are better off without him, that he should shoot himself. JR declines, concerned about Bobby.

Cut back to Bobby, who comes home to a screeching showgirl girlfriend with a pathetic fake Long Island accent who tells him that creditors are after him. Bobby goes to see Carter McKay. Carter was fired by Jeremy Wendell, who, without JR to get in his way, was able to concentrate on building up Weststar. Carter ended up working in Johnny Dancer's operation as a casino boss. Bobby owes him $ 50,000 and Carter gives him two days to come up with the money.

Cut to Cally, living in a marriage to Eb, arranged by her brothers. Eb makes OJ Simpson look like an honorary member of the National Organization of Women. One night when Eb has a bad day and threatens to get violent with the kids, Cally grabs a shotgun and kills him. Thanks to Haleyville justice, Cally goes to jail for life.

Cut to Cliff. He's got the perfect aristocratic family. His son's going to Harvard law school, his daughter's having a coming out party - and just when things couldn't appear worse to JR, it turns out Cliff is the Vice President of the United States - and the President just had a stroke.

Cut back to Bobby. He calls Bootsie, Jason's wife, and asks her to tell Jason he's coming to Dallas. Bobby's apartment is now empty, cleaned out by Amy Fisher [I mean, the showgirl].

Cut to Ray, who works odd jobs to earn a living. Because of Jock's untimely death, he never found out who his real father was. After a nasty fall at a Ewing Rodeo, he has chronic back problems and is forced to work hard at menial tasks. But he's got a great family who loves him and he considers himself the luckiest guy in the world.

Cut back to Jason and Bobby. Jason doesn't want to lend Bobby anything, and gives him a lot of abuse. Bootsie tries to seduce Bobby, but he turns her down. Bootsie tells him that Jason's got cash stashed away and Bobby 'borrows' $ 50,000. He gives Annie half, and then he offers McKay $ 25,000. When McKay demands the rest of the money, Bobby tells him he has $ 75,000 left in the briefcase [which he doesn't] and offers McKay double or nothing. McKay is hesitant, but his pride takes over. The game is one card out of the deck: Bobby picks the five of diamonds and things look very bad. To JR's relief, McKay picks the two of spades and loses. Adam tells JR that Bobby will blow it all that night.

Cut back to Southfork. Adam tells JR he's not from heaven, and JR wakes up as if from a dream. Adam appears in the mirror, dressed in red, exhorting JR once again to pull the trigger. JR raises the gun to his head. Adam's eyes flash red and he yells, 'DO IT!". Bobby arrives home and hears a gunshot. Rushing to JR's room, he cries out in horror, "Oh my God!".


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