Season 2 Summaries

Episode 30: Whatever Happened to Baby John, Part 1 Aired: Mon. Sep.13

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LINE OF THE DAY: "You bought me once, JR, but you won't any more. I'm not for sale." - Sue Ellen to JR.

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The Lucy Award: Ray, although it wasn't too bad for him.

A miraculously healed Sue Ellen looks in at her newborn son with JR and tells him that she thinks everything will be fine in their lives now. An unseen Cliff is also at the hospital, sneaking a look at the baby. Everyone is thrilled to have Sue Ellen back home but she's miserable and unresponsive, even after JR tells her that he truly is happy to have her back and promises to make up for everything he's done. Pam tells Cliff that Sue Ellen needs time to recover from all she's been through and she especially needs time away from Cliff, who is determined to be with Sue Ellen and their son.

An outbreak of screwworm threatens Southfork cattle. [I wish I understood the significance of this.]

A huge nursery has been prepared for the baby. Bobby meets Sue Ellen there and tells her that she shouldn't push the family away the way she has been. He also assures her that her secret about the baby's parentage is safe with him. In a very dramatic moment, Sue Ellen lets one of the toys break on the floor as she tells Bobby she doesn't know what he's talking about.

Sue Ellen refuses to see the baby, claiming she doesn't feel well and that the doctor told her to rest. Cliff continues to check with the hospital about the baby's condition. Super-nice JR buys Sue Ellen a maternity ring, but she refuses it with the Line of the Day.  Bobby tries yet again to shake Sue Ellen out of her funk, but she tells him that if he really wants to help, he should leave her alone.

Harve Smithfield introduces his new young assistant, Alan Beam, who will help JR find a way to get around Cliff Barnes and the OLM. Jeb Ames and Willie Joe Garr, just released on parole, visit Ewing Oil and find out that the baby is still in the hospital. JR refuses to talk to them until they burst into his office during a meeting with Alan. They ask him for money to finance their legal fees in exchange for all the favors they did for JR in the past. JR flatly refuses the pair and throws them out.

Bobby arrives at Dallas Memorial Hospital to find Cliff about to walk in. He dares Cliff to cross his path. Cliff retreats at his threats but says he'll do whatever it takes to get Sue Ellen and the baby. Returning to his office, he tells his assistant that the latest environmental impact study submitted by Ewing Oil, specially prepared to perfection by Alan Beam, has been rejected, despite the fact that he's been warned that rumours of his abuse of power are circulating. Cliff plans to force the Ewings to give him back what's his.

The argument with Cliff strains Bobby's relationship with Pam. Bobby tells her that he'll show no mercy to Cliff if he causes any trouble to the family.

Sue Ellen is unwilling to go with JR to pick up the baby on his release. JR decides that being nice didn't work so he goes back to his old self again and starts an argument. Somehow he's able to push the right buttons and Sue Ellen agrees to behave normally. When they arrive at the hospital, a detective tells them that the baby has been kidnapped.

Episode 31: Whatever Happened to Baby John, Part 2 Aired: Tue, Sep.14

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LINE OF THE DAY: "May I have another cup of coffee please?" - Sue Ellen's biggest concern during the kidnapping ordeal.

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The Lucy Award: Ray, although it wasn't his fault again.

In talking to the police, Sue Ellen starts to blame herself for the kidnapping, believing she's being punished for "what she did". Before she can spout off, JR tells the detective it's because of the car accident that she had in which she was nearly killed.

Ellie rallies the family at the ranch and tells everyone the news. Bobby goes in to town to find Pam. JR comes home with a heavily sedated Sue Ellen. Mr. Angelino...sorry, I mean Detective Roland, comforts the Ewings as they watch a report on the news. Pam hears about the kidnapping from a street radio and finds Bobby outside The Store. Bobby suspects Cliff, who hasn't been in the office all day. Pam says it couldn't have been Cliff but Bobby says he's heard that before. He dashes off in pursuit of Cliff. Pam bribes Cliff's landlord into letting her into his apartment.

JR heads in to Dallas with a loaded gun for protection, anxious to handle the situation without the police. A woman calls Southfork and tells Jock that she took the baby and will meet him at City Hall. Jeb Ames calls JR and tells him that he has John Ross and that the ransom is a million dollars. JR believes Jeb and believes the other call to be a hoax. He calls Vaughn Leland nd asks him to get the cash together quietly. Jock waits at City Hall but no one shows up to meet him.

Bobby bursts into Cliff's office but finds no clues as to his whereabouts. Cliff arrives home and tells Pam that he was in Austin. Pam questions him and Cliff is incredulous that she would suspect him. Bobby arrives a bit later and is mad as hell. Cliff swears he wasn't even in Dallas and he and Pam manage to calm Bobby down and agree to work together to find John Ross. They head to Dallas Memorial to do their own investigation.

JR comes back to the office after getting the cash from Vaughn and Jeb says he'll be right over. He shares a laugh with Willie Joe - their hoax is going to work.

As Bobby and Cliff look through the hospital records, Pam suddenly remembers that there was a woman at the nursery every day she came by - but she's not there today. They manage to find Priscilla Duncan. The trio visit her house and Pam is invited in. Priscilla says she just had a baby, who turned out to be premature too. But she didn't see anything that might help find John Ross. As Pam is about to leave, she hears a baby crying- odd, since the hospital records indicated that Priscilla's baby died. Priscilla insists that the baby is hers but Pam and Bobby are persistent about it.

Jeb arrives at Ewing Oil and says he'll take the money. Willie Joe will contact JR later about the baby. Bobby calls and tells JR that they found John Ross, causing JR to pull his gun on Jeb and tell him never to come near him again.

Priscilla prepares herself to give the baby back. It turns out that her husband left her, her baby died and she's in need of some professional help to deal with it. Cliff takes a final look at the baby and leaves. Pam and Bobby bring Priscilla and the baby back to the ranch where Priscilla apologizes to Sue Ellen for the trouble she's caused and explains her story. Sue Ellen takes the baby and hands him off almost immediately to Mrs. Reeves, the hired nurse.

Episode 32: The Silent Killer Aired: Wed, Sep.15

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I only hope that Kristin can find a husband just like JR."   Patricia complimenting Sue Ellen's choice of mates.

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The Lucy Award: Ray again.

Patricia and Kristin Shepard arrive in Dallas from California. They are both somewhat surprised and confused at Sue Ellen's rather cavalier attitude towards her baby. Pam spends a lot of time with John Ross and she and Bobby makes plan to start a family.

Digger also comes to Dallas and Cliff gives him some royalty checks from Ewing Oil's Palo Seco field - a small part of what he's owed by the Ewings. Digger's happy to get what he feels he deserves but isn't too thrilled about Cliff's talk of destroying the Ewings. Digger collapses in Cliff's apartment. Pam comes over and they manage to convince him to see a doctor. Cliff tells Pam he hasn't told Digger about the baby yet. The doctor finds that Digger just has a viral infection but also determines that Digger is a carrier of neurofibromatosis, an inherited genetic disease. Pam and Cliff are carriers as well, and any of their children are liable to die in infancy.

Kristin asks Sue Ellen why she was drinking so much. Sue Ellen quickly changes the subject. They have some sister talk and Kristin mentions that she hasn't found the right man yet but that could change any time if she could find a man like JR...

Pam doesn't want Sue Ellen to know about the 'disease thing' because of her troubled emotional state. She tells Cliff she'll handle it herself by taking John Ross to a pediatrician. Sue Ellen tells JR that the reason she's avoiding her baby is that it's a constant reminder of how she was used by two cruel men. Cliff makes reservations at the same restaurant as Sue Ellen that day [thanks to information unwittingly provided by Pam]. Kristin seems interested in Cliff when she hears that he's the head of the OLM. Sue Ellen treats Cliff as a casual acquaintance.

Pam visits the pediatrician posing as John Ross's mother. The doctor says that the baby appears to be fine but he should be regularly checked. She also warns her to think seriously before she decides to have 'another' baby. Pam starts to tell Bobby she can't go through with having a baby. Bobby assumes it's because of her career and gets angry about it, because she thought differently yesterday. Pam gets angry in turn and doesn't tell him the real reason.

JR makes plans with Alan Beam for him to infiltrate the OLM as an ecologist. Alan plans to use Cliff's hunger for power against him. Opportunistic Kristin offers to accompany JR for a late-night drive after overhearing Sue Ellen tell JR she doesn't care for him - or Cliff Barnes - anymore.

Episode 33: Secrets Aired: Thu, Sep.16

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I wouldn't miss this for the world."  JR to the school official when he sees Valene during the cheerleader practice.

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The Lucy Award: Ray yet again, although Sue Ellen had only one scene.

Pam and Bobby argue again over having a baby. Just as Pam might be about to tell Bobby the real reason she is unwilling, Jock and Ellie come out and break up the conversation. Pam calls Dr. Holliston to have a physical done and make sure she's not suffering from neurofibromatosis. Bobby hints to Ellie that he's troubled about not having a good reason to start a family.

Valene Ewing comes to Dallas and follows Lucy to SMU. Lucy is still bitter about Valene's last visit [See 'Reunion', Episodes 6 and 7] primarily because she believes that Valene accepted money from JR to leave. Val protests that she didn't take the money, but Lucy is unwilling to listen to her at all. Val calls Ewing Oil and asks Bobby to meet with her.

Pam is told she's not suffering from neurofibromatosis. She again cabbages the viewers by asking the doctor to rehash the reasons why her children may be affected if she's not suffering from the disease.

Sue Ellen continues to avoid being a mother to John Ross, although she does finally manage to go to the nursery and see him. Dr. Holliston informs Pam that tests indicate that she's pregnant. Bobby apologizes for getting so upset at Pam recently. Pam still can't bring herself to tell Bobby the truth about her inherited disease. She tells the doctor that she doesn't want Bobby to know about her pregnancy. She considers an abortion; Cliff advises her against it and asks her to tell Bobby but Pam says she can't, since Bobby would then know that John Ross might be afflicted, and there's no telling what might happen.

Jock, JR, Harve, and Alan talk over strategy to get Cliff Barnes out of the OLM. JR and Alan formulate a silent plan to try to get Cliff to run for a higher office. Alan discovers that if Cliff wants to run for office, he'll have to resign from the OLM. That means that Cliff will have to be absolutely convinced he has a chance to win. Alan offers to do the legwork to find some influential people who are willing to go along with the scheme. Jock and JR ask Bobby to go down to Austin to call in some favors.

Val meets Bobby and tells him about her encounter with Lucy. She is trying to patch things up with Gary and is hopeful that they can be together again - and she wants Lucy to be involved. Bobby warns her not to get Lucy's hopes up again. Val begs him to intercede on her behalf so they can talk. They catch up to Lucy at cheerleading practice but Lucy is still adamant about not talking to her mother. JR happens to be in the stands watching the proceedings with binoculars and spots Val in Bobby's car.

Ellie and Pam talk about life with and without children. Pam wonders aloud whether her marriage can survive without them, leaving Ellie to wonder what the hell is going on around Southfork.

Bobby finally manages to convince Lucy to see Valene that afternoon. JR gets to her place first and threatens her to get out of town before nightfall - or she'll be escorted away. Bobby and Lucy happen to show up during their argument. Seeing Val stand up to JR changes everything for Lucy and she agrees to stay and spend some time with her.

Episode 34: The Kristin Affair Aired: Fri, Sep. 17

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Well JR, they finally got what they wanted, a real Ewing heir."   Sue Ellen right after the news of Pam's pregnancy. Nominated by Analise.

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The Lucy Award: Ray. Last time, I promise.

JR admires Kristin swimming and she puts on a bit of a show for him. To keep her in Dallas, JR offers Kristin a job to replace Louella at Ewing Oil temporarily and gets her a condo in Dallas for her very own. Patricia tells Kristin to take care of Sue Ellen while she's away in Europe and then they have a conversation about JR and Sue Ellen that I really wouldn't have understood unless I knew what was going to happen. Kristin later confronts Sue Ellen about her recent apathy towards her family and says she may have to do something about it. Sue Ellen says she knows that she will be unable to stop Kristin from doing whatever she wants.

Jordan Lee comes to Ewing Oil and complains about the latest delay on the cartel's oil production, courtesy of Cliff and the OLM. He says that the cartel is thinking of cutting out Ewing Oil. JR tells Bobby to spend more time in Austin to turn aside Cliff's efforts. He and Alan put their plan to get Cliff running for Congress on the road.

JR gets some inside information on Southeast Asian oil leases. He visits Vaughn Leland to prepare financing for this project. Vaughn is hesitant to stick his neck out for such a huge amount until JR strong-arms him by reminding him of all the favors he has gotten from the Ewings in the past.

Pam talks to Cliff again about getting an abortion. Yet again, Cliff tells her that nobody can help her make up her mind - except Bobby. Bobby discerns that Pam is pregnant after getting a call from Dr. Crane and immediately calls for a celebration, leaving Pam yet unable to tell him about her disease. Wishy-washy Pam is unable to stop him before he spills the beans to the whole family. Everyone is thrilled except for JR and Sue Ellen. When Digger hears the news he tells Pam to think positive.

JR takes Kristin to her new well-stocked condo. He tries to make a move on her in the bedroom but Kristin tells him she needs some time to think about what she wants. JR agrees to give her a little while.

Vaughn manages to get some banks together to approve financing for JR's project on the condition that Southfork be mortgaged. JR says he can't do that but Vaughn says that he has the legal power to do it if he wants - and otherwise there's no deal. JR confidently agrees. Kristin later informs him that JR's source called and left a message which JR knows indicates that he won the bid for the leases. Kristin snoops around JR's desk to find out about what's happening and finds the file about the Asian leases in a briefcase.

JR signs the papers agreeing to give up Southfork if Ewing Oil misses even a single loan repayment. He toasts with Vaughn and then again with Kristin at her condo. Kristin hints that she knows about JR's deals but plays coy with him. JR discerns that she knows more than she's letting on, and Kristin tells him that in return for her silence, she insists that JR spend time with her on a regular basis - no one-night stands. JR happily agrees.

Episode 35: The Dove Hunt Aired: Mon, Sep.20

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LINE OF THE DAY: "This ain't gonna buy you a base in heaven, Ewing." - Tom Owens to Jock after he lets him go. I kind of liked that line because it's not often that the little guy gets the last word in an argument with the Ewings.

ALTERNATE: "It's like he IS part of the family." Bobby to JR about Ray...suggested by AHN Jason for foreshadowing.

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The Lucy Award: Cliff

Ellie sees the doctor about a breast lump, the screwworm outbreak at Southfork is under control, Sue Ellen continues to ignore John Ross, and the dinner table is awfully quiet. Ellie suggests that the boys should take some time off. Jock agrees and they make plans to go with Ray to some hunting country near Louisiana. They stop at the general store of Landowne and the proprietor is somewhat surprised to hear that they're the Ewings. He calls a man named Tom Owens to let him know.

Tom and his friends find the Ewings in a bar. Apparently Tom has some unfinished business with Jock dating back 32 years. Jock tries to avoid a confrontation but Tom insists on starting something. Jock says he doesn't recognize him, prompting a bar fight which Jock, Bob and Ray win. JR's contribution is to smash a glass over a guy's head. Tom, licking his wounds in the bar, claims Jock destroyed his farm and business way, way back - and is reminded that, in the woods, no one could hear Jock Ewing yell for help.

While the boys hunt somebody tampers with their oil lantern and shoots at Bobby with a rifle. Jock carelessly throws a cigar near it causing it to explode. Fire chief Ray Krebbs puts it out and notes that it was punctured near the bottom. JR and Ray blame each other until Jock tells them to knock it off.

While they sleep, Tom's son sneaks up to the campsite and sabotages their truck. Shooting breaks out and Jock is hit. JR is hit in the leg trying to get to him. Bobby and Ray manage to administer first aid but find themselves stranded without the truck. JR says he can stand guard while the two go into town. Tom's son is hit in the crossfire but his gang knows that Ray and Bobby have gone for help.

Jock, believing that he may die, tells JR that he was married once, before he met Ellie, to a woman named Amanda Lewis. She had a nervous breakdown two years after their wedding and had to be confined. JR promises to keep it secret and take care of Amanda should Jock die. Jock wants to set up a trust fund for Amanda on his return after looking at the books. JR isn't thrilled at that idea.

Bobby figures out that Owens is probably responsible for what's happened, since the chase has not followed them but seems to remain focused on Jock. Fortunately for he and Ray, some yokel leaves his keys in the ignition of his truck allowing Ray and Bobby to drive off for help.

JR falls asleep, allowing Owens to move in. Owens tells them his story of how Jock forced his farm out of business 32 years ago. Jock challenges Owens to shoot him in cold blood and stares him in the eye. Owens says he isn't a killer. Just then, Bobby and Ray return. Jock magnanimously declares the whole episode a hunting accident and decides not to press charges. Owens' pride has earned Jock's respect and he determines to make amends for some of the wrongs the Ewings have done.

The four return safely to Southfork. Kristin overhears Jock and JR talkabout setting up Amanda's trust fund.

Episode 36: The Lost Child Aired: Tue, Sep.21

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Stop cornering the market on self-pity." - Cliff to Bobby at the hospital.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy

Bobby and Ray meet with some prospective ranch hands and Bob endears himself to Luke Middens, son of one of the hands. Seeing him gets Bobby excited about having another child around Southfork.

Sue Ellen meets with Dr. Elby, a psychiatrist, and talks about her situation to some extent - she is unready to tell all of the details about her life. She says she wants to be a good mother to John Ross and to learn to be independent. JR gets Cal McBride, a PI, to follow her. At first, Cal turns up nothing. JR and Sue Ellen question each other about their goings-on; JR wonders what she does with her free time, and Sue Ellen counters asking what he's doing with Kristin. Neither admits anything.

Cliff tells Pam that he might have some backers so that he can run for Congress. He reminds her that she'll have to talk to Bobby sooner or later about the neurofibromatosis thing. Pam sees Bobby playing with Luke and is still unable to say anything about it. Luke's dad Bo is bitten by a rattlesnake, causing Luke to latch on to Bobby as a surrogate dad. Ray and Bobby 'hire' Luke to fill in for his dad temporarily.

Pam rides up to see Bobby the next morning. Her horse shies from a rattlesnake [probably the same one] and she falls, losing her baby again. She finally tells Bobby about the genetic disease. [NOTE: Can you believe it's only been five episodes? It seems like this thing has been going on forever!] Bobby realizes what this could mean for John Ross.

Cal informs JR about Sue Ellen's visits to Dr. Elby, who is a notorious ladies' man specializing in the rich, smart, and beautiful type. JR confronts Sue Ellen about it. She tells him she just wants to figure out why she's so messed up and JR tells her he knows exactly why - because she can't keep her clothes on. Sue Ellen says he's probably more worried that she'll spill his secrets than sleep with Dr. Elby.

Digger and Cliff go and see Pam and Digger is disappointed that he may never have a grandchild. Cliff tells him that he does - John Ross. Digger wants to get him back from the 'thief' Jock Ewing but Cliff tells him that he'll do it his own way - if the baby lives. Bobby lashes out at Cliff when he comes to pick up Pam from the hospital but Cliff reminds him that he's lost his child too. Sue Ellen is genuinely sorry for Pam's loss.

Luke tells Bobby that his dad is relocating them to Montana to be with his uncle. They have a tearful goodbye as Pam and Ellie look on.

Episode 37: Rodeo Aired: Wed, Sep.22

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I don't think my sister's honor needs much defending." - Sue Ellen to Dusty.

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The Lucy Award: Cliff

The Ewings prepare for their annual rodeo. Digger Barnes also prepares to attend the gala affair, but only after Pam makes him promise not to cause any trouble.

Ray gets a letter from Donna Culver, which he takes and tosses in a drawer. Apparently she's reconciled with Sam and hasn't gone ahead with the divorce, leaving Ray in a big-time funk. After Lucy presses him, he admits to her why he's depressed. Lucy snoops around Ray's house and finds Donna's letters. Ray comes back and Lucy tells him that the letters indicate she only reconciled with Sam because he's dying of cancer, and she still loves Ray. Ray gives Donna a call and feels much better.

Sue Ellen continues to be totally turned off by JR as a husband and a father, and is still totally indifferent to John Ross. Despite the fact that it's well known that Alan Beam is working for the Ewings, JR plans to use him to undermine Cliff's position in the OLM. Sue Ellen meets Dusty Farlow in Braddock as he helps her with her packages. He's come to Dallas just for the rodeo.

In between rodeo events, Sue Ellen bumps into Dusty and they eat together. She seems intrigued by the mysterious stranger, who says he feels 'comfortable' with her. Sue Ellen introduces him to JR and triggers an instant dislike. Dusty tells Sue Ellen that his folks own the Southern Cross ranch in San Angelo. When she wonders why Dusty doesn't sit back and enjoy the rich life, he says that money and power aren't that important to him. That strikes a chord with Sue Ellen, who starts to leave but Dusty sees through her facade and forces her to admit that she likes him.

JR stages a mock fight between Alan and Kristin, after which JR tells Alan to get lost and never come back. Lucy chats up Alan as he leaves and says she might see him again sometime.

Digger sees Jock and asks to see John Ross, without causing any trouble. When Jock and Ellie make comments about the baby being a true Ewing, Pam and Bobby expect Digger to fly off the handle but he maintains his cool. On his way out, Digger quickly downs one glass of booze - but only one.

Sue Ellen tells Dusty that she can't see him regularly because she's married but Dusty can see how unhappy she is. JR breaks up their conversation and drags Sue Ellen upstairs to their room. He throws her on the bed and demands that she be his wife again, until Sue Ellen retorts that he disgusts her and if he wants sex, he should go find Kristin. In the distance, we hear Jock [probably badly dubbed] awarding the best cowboy prize to Dusty Farlow.

Episode 38: Mastectomy, Part I Aired: Wed, Oct.13

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LINE OF THE DAY: "What I do or do not tell my husband is NONE of your business." - Ellie to Pam.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray.

Ellie sees the doctor and arranges an urgent appointment about the lump that was found in her breast in Episode 35. The doctor orders more tests but tells Ellie that all indications are that everything will be okay. Ellie confides to Pam that she's afraid she'll lose Jock if her condition requires surgery because she won't feel like a whole woman anymore.

JR tries to weasel out of setting up a trust fund for Amanda but Jock insists on getting it done. JR says he's stalling it because he doesn't feel right about doing it behind Ellie's back. Jock agrees that it's time to tell Ellie about it. That night, Jock does tell Ellie, who is shocked to hear the news. She is especially distraught at hearing that Jock divorced Amanda after she became sick, and wonders whether he would do the same to her. Jock says the situations are different but Ellie isn't very receptive to that. Pam tells Bobby about the lump.

Sue Ellen goes to a diner every morning and meets Dusty again. She tells Dr. Elby that she's unsure about what to do with her feelings for Dusty as she can't bring herself to trust any man at this point. She later tells Dusty that she's not ready for a relationship yet. Dusty questions her about JR and tells her that he shouldn't be an obstacle for them because Dusty's family has just as much clout as the Ewings. He ignores Sue Ellen's self-deprecating rantings and kisses her. She is unready for it and leaves but promises she'll see him again soon.

Alan goes to Cliff's office posing as JR's enemy and shows Cliff that he would have tremendous support if he chose to run for Congress. Cliff is flattered but says he's not interested.

The doctor finds suspicious results from Ellie's latest battery of tests and asks her to come to the hospital right away for exploratory surgery. When Pam asks Ellie why she didn't tell Jock about the surgery, Ellie tells her to mind her own business. The doctors explain Ellie's options: should they find a tumor, they can perform a radical mastectomy, or just remove the lump and follow up with radiation treatment. Ellie decides on a mastectomy if required.

Pam calls Jock and the boys who rush to the hospital. Ellie finally admits to Jock her reasons for not telling him about the surgery. JR informs Bobby about Jock's prior marriage and Pam breaks the news of the surgery to Lucy.

The doctor informs Jock that Ellie was right all along - there was a tumor, and a mastectomy has been performed.

Episode 39: Mastectomy, Part II Aired: Thu, Oct.14

NITPICKS for this episode

SPECIAL NOTE: It's episodes like this that make you proud to be a DALLAS fan. Most people don't know that Barbara Bel Geddes won an Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Drama this season. This episode's performance should make that no surprise.

LINE OF THE DAY: "You can be very callous and very cruel, and right now I don't want you around." - Ellie to Jock.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Cliff. Ray was close. Alan Beam is credited but does not appear.

Ellie's surgery is a success - the doctor says the cancer was localized and is unlikely to recur. Sue Ellen and Pam debate their feelings about the operation. Sue Ellen feels it will cause problems for Ellie as a Ewing wife, who are treated as property most of the time. Once a Ewing wife loses her beauty, Sue Ellen argues, she becomes useless. Pam tells her that she's wrong but Sue Ellen says that Pam will see in due time. Lucy just shies away from everyone because she can't deal with what's happened.

JR overhears his parents talking. Jock tells Ellie that he never told her about his previous marriage because he was in competition with Digger Barnes for her hand in marriage. Against Pam's wishes, Digger goes to the hospital to see Ellie. His flattery and honesty pleases Ellie and makes her more furious at Jock for his lie of omission. After a few days, Ellie returns home. Lucy feels guilty about not seeing her grandmother but is still unable to face her.

Sue Ellen agrees to meet Dusty again at a fancy hotel. Dusty tells her he will return to his rich roots for her sake, to provide her with the lifestyle she's used to. Sue Ellen says she doesn't have the inner strength to take that sort of change at this point.

Bobby asks JR about Alan Beam's sudden move to the Barnes camp. Jock echoes his questions and JR admits his plan to get Cliff out of the OLM by convincing him to run for Congress and then pulling the rug out from under him. Bobby says he's done some work in Austin to get Cliff legally fired for his unfair dealings against the Ewings. Jock sides with JR, saying that they must get rid of Cliff at any cost. Bobby doesn't want any part of it but Jock tells him he is a part of it and if he doesn't want to help, then he should shut up about it. Bobby agrees.

The fact that so much of her wardrobe is now useless after her operation depresses Ellie again and she collapses in a crying fit on the floor of her room, lamenting the fact that she's "deformed", and Jock can't share her womanly pain. Digger meets Ellie and tells her that he still has feelings for her and he would still like to be with her. He begins to rant about Jock and wrongdoings in the past which snaps Ellie back into reality - she realizes it's wrong to live your life blaming other people for things in the past, imagined or real, instead of moving forward and dealing with it.

Ellie talks to Lucy about her recent behavior. Ellie divines that her illness has scared Lucy, whose chances of contracting cancer herself have increased. Ellie tries to make her understand that she has to deal with it by getting regular check-ups and what not. Lucy seems to understand in her immature sort of way. Ellie and Jock make up when she apologizes for trying to drive him away, using the surgery as an excuse for her own insecurities.

Episode 40: The Heiress Aired: Thu, Sept.23

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LINE OF THE DAY: "For what it's cost me already, I could have had Barnes elected King of the Holy Roman Empire!" - JR to Alan.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray, although Ellie deserves mention for being really quiet.

The Ewings celebrate Jock's birthday at a restaurant. Alan Beam shows up at the restaurant and JR and he argue about his newfound 'support' of Cliff Barnes for Congress. It comes to blows and Jock separates them. Lucy is impressed by Alan's gumption and defiance of JR. The next day, she goes over to Cliff's campaign headquarters and contributes some money to the campaign fund. Alan asks her out for dinner and tells JR his plan to convince Cliff to resign from the OLM is succeeding.

Sue Ellen continues to see Dr. Elby and they discuss her unwillingness to be emotional or trust anyone for the umpteenth time. [I know, I know. It just seems that way.] She sees Cliff downtown later but still acts totally casual towards him.

Pam and Bobby discuss the standoff between Cliff and the Ewings. Pam doesn't like the fact that Bobby's trying to wreck Cliff's career but he tells her that Cliff is giving him no choice because he's tied up almost all Ewing assets and the company is paralyzed. He also tells Pam that Cliff is on the take and he doesn't stand a chance of getting elected to Congress. Cliff later tells Pam that he still hasn't decided whether to run or not - but he thinks it might be a good way of getting Sue Ellen to leave JR and be with him. Pam tries to tell him that Sue Ellen would never do that, but Cliff changes the subject, mentioning that he believes that Ewing Oil has gotten hold of Asian oil leases. Pam wonders how that is possible when Bobby said that Ewing Oil was going broke...

Harve tells JR he wants to throw Alan out of the law firm because of all of the trouble he's caused. JR tells him not to, because of the bad PR that might result.

Lucy manages to hoodwink Jock into temporarily 'ungrounding' her so she can meet Alan, with the help of her friend Muriel. The day after their dinner, Lucy follows Alan, hoping to surprise him. Unfortunately, she follows him right to a secret meeting with JR. Lucy goes to Alan's place and tells him that she saw his meeting. Before Alan can come up with an explanation, Lucy runs off. Alan tells his girlfriend Betty Lou that he plans to marry Lucy, for her societal status, but he doesn't intend on staying in love with her. The poor girl at first treats him like the jerk he is, but in the end it seems like she agrees with the plan. Alan tells JR what happened. With Lucy overhearing, JR pretends to tell Harve to fire Alan Beam for his lack of cooperation with Ewing Oil.

Pam angrily confronts Bobby and accuses him of lying about Ewing Oil going broke when they're buying foreign oil leases. Bobby makes some calls and confirms that JR has indeed done so. Bobby asks JR about it; JR explains that he's doing it because Cliff can't bother them overseas. Bobby presses him about the financing but JR refuses to tell him anything, prompting Bobby to declare that he's going to find out.

Lucy and Alan make up after she hears JR's 'conversation' with Harve. They go back to Alan's place, where Alan tells her that he's totally devoted to her and only her.

Episode 41: Ellie Saves the Day Aired: Fri, Sept. 24

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I may never forgive you for this, JR" - Ellie to JR after she signs the papers allowing drilling on Southfork. A fantastic line - it's a darn shame it was so pathetically DUBBED!

ALTERNATES: "You know how haggard you look in the morning when you don't get your eight hours." - JR to Sue Ellen.

"Now Bobby won't have to depend on your salary at The Store." - JR to Pam after Cliff resigns.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Toss-up between Ray and Lucy.

The drilling in Southeast Asia delayed because of bad weather and the deadline for the loan repayment is coming soon, leaving JR on edge. He calls Alan and arranges an urgent meeting, where he gives Alan $ 25,000 and tells him he had better get Cliff out of the OLM this week. Ellie advises Ray to start building a permanent home on his land.

Bobby roughly questions Kristin about the Asian deal, of which she denies any knowledge. He talks to Jordan Lee who tells him that JR is in the deal alone. Jordan tells Bobby that according to rumor, he had to put up some big collateral to secure the financing. Bobby goes to the hall of records and finds that JR mortgaged Southfork.

Cliff tells Pam that he feels his support is strong enough to run for Congress. Pam urges him to stay in the OLM but stop his vendetta against the Ewings so that everyone can be one big happy family. Cliff says he can't. He tells Pam he needs to talk to Sue Ellen and Pam tells him about her psychiatric visits.

Bobby and JR have a physical confrontation about the mortgage when he comes home, waking up the household. Jock and Ellie learn the truth. Jock's tirade makes JR come totally clean and he reveals that the prospects of the Asian wells coming in is not good - but he's confident that they'll pull through somehow. Jock laments the fact that he taught JR all about the oil 'bidness' but never taught him when to stop.

The other Ewings deal with the prospective loss of their home. Lucy hides from the camera, Sue Ellen taunts JR for going too far and now being afraid for the first time in eight years, and Jock says he could never rebuild Southfork if he lost it. One ray of hope remains: Alan tells JR that Cliff has called a press conference to announce his candidacy for Congress.

Cliff meets Sue Ellen outside Dr. Elby's office. He asks about the baby and tells her he's making plans - big plans, so they can be together. Sue Ellen flatly says she's not interested. He announces his candidacy, and resignation from the OLM, as planned. Vaughn Leland arrives at Ewing Oil later in the day but tells the Ewings that the banks won't extend the loan deadline based on Cliff's resignation until they know more about who will replace him, and when.

Ellie overhears Sue Ellen talking to John Ross about how he'll never realize his inheritance of Southfork. She goes outside and takes a tour of the ranch, going through the stables, and moseying down to Section 40.

Jock learns that Bill Watson will be appointed head of the OLM. That helps the Ewings but not quickly enough to avert the current crisis. Jock and Bobby look through all the Ewing files - even JR's hidden ones - but find no significant assets that JR hasn't already mortgaged. Kristin makes lunch arrangements with Jordan Lee.

That night, the livingroom is forebodingly quiet until Miss Ellie comes down. Jock tells her that they've tried everything but have no solution for the problem. Ellie tells the family that she's decided to allow drilling on Section 40, against her daddy's will. Jock and Bobby protest but Ellie says the banks won't protect the ranch; this might be the only way. The next day, Ellie comes to the office and signs the necessary papers without hesitation.

Episode 42: Mother of the Year Aired: Mon, Sept.27

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "It's okay, Pam...I've got him now." - Sue Ellen to Pam as she picks up John Ross for the first time. It's a great line for two reasons: first, finally, the Sue Ellen that we all know and love has arrived! Secondly, it sets Pam off on her first major ballistic spin where she hates everyone except [the yet unborn] Christopher.

ALTERNATE: "Sit down and shut up, JR." - Jock at the office.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray

Pam changes John Ross in the middle of the night. Sue Ellen overhears her talking with Mrs. Reeves about how it's so unnatural for his mother not to care for him at all. JR starts an early morning fight with Sue Ellen about her unfitness as a mother, to which she counters that he's an unfit father and husband. The yelling wakes up Bobby who tells Pam that she shouldn't spend so much time with the baby because she's getting too attached to him.

Jock and Ellie look on sadly as the oil wells in Section 40 are uncapped and drilling equipment is moved in. Jock decides that he's going to sell the Asian oil leases for 75 cents on the dollar rather than drill on Southfork and break Miss Ellie's heart. He asks Vaughn to look for some buyers, and when JR protests, he tells him to shut the hell up. Vaughn says that the consortium of banks holding the mortgage may be interested in buying the leases; JR reminds him of past favors again and begs him to extend the deadline, but Vaughn says his hands are tied now that Jock is calling the shots.

Cliff is a substitute speaker at a DOA luncheon, causing Sue Ellen to leave prematurely to try and avoid him. Cliff spots her and insists on meeting her at his place the next afternoon.

JR tells Alan to pull the plug on Cliff's campaign funding. He leaves the hard part, breaking the news to Cliff, to Alan. JR tells Hank Johnson, his man in Asia, that he better strike oil by Friday or he'll be out of a job.

Sue Ellen visits Cliff after another psychobabble session with Dr. Elby and finally lashes out at him for using her to get at JR. Cliff counters by saying that Sue Ellen is the real user here: she used JR to get the Ewing name and money; she used Cliff to get to JR; and now she's using the baby to stay at Southfork when by all rights she should be thrown out. When Cliff challenges that she doesn't even really love her son, Sue Ellen defiantly tells him he's wrong and gives him a decent slap.

Something happens in the nursery that I don't understand. Let's see...John Ross was crying, Sue Ellen was standing around watching, and Pam went to pick him up...and they talked...and then Sue Ellen left. I don't understand.

Sue Ellen asks JR if he thinks she's become a user. JR tells her she hasn't changed since they got married. Her next session with Dr. Elby is an emotional but meaningful one - she yells at him about still being unable to hold her baby. She tells Dr. Elby about Cliff's accusations and admits once again that she's unable to let her guard down with anyone for fear of being hurt - even her son. Dr. Elby finally says something intelligent, advising her to take a chance and show her baby that she loves him.

Lucy is the next to yell at Sue Ellen for ignoring John Ross. After some bantering back and forth, Lucy says she'll teach her cousin how to live without loving parents and survive in the Ewing world, just like she did.

While preparing to lay the foundation for his new home, Ray Krebbs does some digging and finds what appears to be a human skull on the Southfork grounds. [It's significant later, trust me.]

Hank calls and tells JR that they've finally struck oil in Asia. The family hears from the news services, spoiling JR's surprise. Expecting a hero's welcome, JR is told by the family that he got lucky and the gamble wasn't worth it. JR promises to make it up to Jock and Ellie. Jock says he plans to run Ewing Oil by himself for a while.

John Ross starts crying and Pam rushes up to the nursery, surprised to find Sue Ellen there holding him. Pam is extremely sad, lamenting the fact that she's "lost" John Ross. Bobby reminds her that the baby was never hers.

Episode 43: Return Engagement Aired: Tue, Sept 28

LINE OF THE DAY: "I sure do wish I'd been here in time." - JR to Gary as he arrives too late for his wedding ceremony to Gary. The double entendre is priceless. [For those who missed it: on the surface JR is being polite, apologizing for not being at the ceremony. What he really means is that he wished he could have been around to stop it.]

NITPICKS for this episode

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray and Cliff although Pam is also mute.

It's Gary's birthday, so Miss Ellie keeps playing one of his favorite songs over and over again. It gets to JR, who starts bad-mouthing him at the breakfast table until Bobby physically threatens him to shut up. Ellie tells Jock she wants to have her son back; Jock replies that he wouldn't stay at Southfork; even if he came back for a while he would eventually run away.

Miss Ellie insists on accompanying Lucy for a visit to see Valene. She tells Val that she needs to see Gary under any circumstances, and to let him know when she sees him. Val promises she will.

JR and Kristin head to Austin for a 'business trip' - actually some time away from Sue Ellen. Rudy Millington, an old boyfriend of Kristin's, calls Southfork and Sue Ellen tells him where she and JR are staying. She encourages him to surprise Kristin and he does, standing near the front desk as JR and Kristin check in.

We learn that Val and Gary have been together in Dallas for some time and are staying at a hotel. Gary wants to leave and go back to California until Val tells him about seeing Ellie. Val tells Gary to stop running away and work harder at establishing their relationship. Gary shows up at Ewing Oil and meets Bobby. They call Ellie and Gary agrees to meet her the next day. He tells Val that he'll stick around for a while.

JR meets Eugene Bullock, a wealthy industrialist, and his young wife Sally in Austin. Kristin seethes as JR talks business with Sally and asks her to leave them alone while they negotiate. She meets Rudy in the bar. Kristin maintains that their relationship is ancient history but Rudy insists that he really cares for her, unlike JR. Kristin tells him to forget it.

Gary and Val meet Ellie at the office the next day. Ellie says she understands that Gary can't live at Southfork but she wants to see him regularly. Gary says that he and Val want to try and make a life in California. Ellie encourages him to have some confidence in himself, so Gary asks Val to marry him again and she accepts. They decide to have the ceremony that afternoon. Bobby tells Ellie about a new California housing project he's involved in, which gets Ellie thinking...

Kristin finds JR and Sally together in the lounge the next day. After JR ignores her, she takes his car and goes to Rudy's motel. Bobby and Ellie return to the ranch to get ready and Bobby tells Jock about the ceremony, saying that he should be there. Sue Ellen overhears all of the talk and tells JR when he calls. She tells him that he's too far away to do anything about it - but JR decides to try anyway.

There isn't a limo available so JR gets a valet to drive him over to Rudy's motel. Once there, he tells Kristin to come with him and she obeys. After some bantering back and forth, JR calls Rudy's boss and gets him fired. Rudy asks Kristin if she really wants to be with a man like JR, and Kristin quickly tells him yes, as they leave.

Ellie tells Gary she's going to buy him one of Bobby's houses in California. She feels guilty for not standing up to her family for the way they treated him and Val. Jock shows up for the ceremony. JR arrives as well, but too late.

Gary and Val select a home in the small town of Knots Landing. JR is so happy that they're not living at Southfork that he asks Sue Ellen to send them a nice housewarming gift.

Episode 44: Love and Marriage Aired: Wed, Sept 29

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: JR's whole conversation with Pam.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy and Cliff

Trouble in the Ewing paradise: Pam and Bobby argue about her late working hours. Bobby believes that Pam is staying away from the house so she doesn't have to deal with 'losing' John Ross or think about having a child of her own. Pam, of course, denies it, claiming she's just busy.

JR is upset that Jock is controlling his every move since the mortgage thing. He picks up on something Kristin says and gets the idea of convincing Bobby to come and work at Ewing Oil to take some of the pressure off. He tells Jock about his idea, adding that it'll give him more time to spend with Miss Ellie. Jock asks Bobby and he hesitantly accepts.

Ray meets Donna again, shortly after Sam Culver's death. Dave Culver, Sam's son, also makes a brief appearance. Bobby catches up with them at the Longhorn bar and tells Ray that he's accepted Jock's offer and isn't going to be around the ranch anymore. Ray later tells Bobby he plans to propose to Donna. Donna is flattered but tells him it's too soon for her to get married - she doesn't want rumors to be floated around to ruin Sam's memory. Ray says his house will be ready in six months and Donna had better want to get married then.

JR and Pam arrive back at the ranch within a few seconds of each other and have a great dialogue. JR warns Pam against leaving Bobby alone so much, reminding her that he was a ladies' man before he got married; Pam says he's left that life. JR subtly propositions her, taunting her about not having a child like he and Sue Ellen do. Pam angrily tells him that she knows the child is Cliff's. Hearing this fouls JR's mood completely. He tells her there's no proof the child is Cliff's, spouts off about the Barnes family being trash and goes to the livingroom in search of something to drink. JR tells a sleeping Sue Ellen that he'll ruin Cliff for what he's done to the family - and maybe he'll wreck Pam's life while he's at it. Pam, rightfully feeling stupid, tells Bobby she told JR that she knows about John Ross's parentage. Bobby suggests that they adopt but Pam says she needs more time to deal with her feelings.

The sheriff comes over and tells the Ewings there was a bullet hole in the skull that Ray Krebbs found the other day. It's about 30 years old. Jock and Ellie can't recall anyone who mysteriously 'disappeared' around that time.

Sue Ellen has another psychobabble session with Dr. Elby [I'm getting really sick of this angle]. She says she found love for JR again while he was in danger of losing everything but lost it again when he struck oil and became the old JR again. Dr. Elby says she's making progress - at least she's feeling something again.

JR meets with Harrison Page, the owner of The Store, and tells him that Pam is looking for a job with more responsibility. He suggests that maybe he could put her in charge of The Store here and transfer Liz Craig to Austin or Houston. In exchange, he offers to cut Harrison into the Asian deal.

Bobby confronts Pam again and tells her he can't live with seeing her for only a few hours a day. Pam believes his outburst to be another veiled request to start a family and angrily responds that maybe they should get a divorce. Bobby explains further and calms her down, saying that they need to work their problems out one day at a time. JR looks on from the balcony.

The next day, Liz tells Pam that she's being transferred to Houston and Pam's gotten her job as head buyer. Liz believes that Pam schemed to get the job and promises that it will be a marriage-breaker. Pam comes home and tells Bobby she took the job. Bobby tells her that if that's how it's going to be, they might as well be divorced.

Episode 45: Power Play Aired: Thu, Sept 30

NITPICKS for this episode


Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Sue Ellen had only one scene.

Ray overhears Donna's lawyer mention that Sam's estate, left mostly to her, is worth about ten million dollars. Pam apologizes to Bobby for her outburst in the previous episode. Bobby accepts the apology but he is still frustrated because his wife has turned into an ice queen.

[So much for let's get to the real story!]

Alan and Kristin butt heads over who's more important to JR. They both point out that each has only one thing to offer JR: he needs Alan to sink Cliff's campaign, and he needs Kristin for companionship. Alan tells Kristin that JR will soon lose interest in her.

Alan and Lucy go out for dinner and happen to pick the same restaurant as JR and Kristin. Alan convinces Lucy to eat elsewhere. The next morning, Lucy and JR exchange mutual threats - JR tells her to shut up about her parents coming back to the ranch and Lucy wonders what he was doing with Kristin last night.

JR is upset that Cliff's campaign is still going strong. Alan explains that there were some unexpected contributions but he promises it'll be over soon. Alan hires Serena Wald [in her first Dallas appearance] to take a package to JR and give it to him personally - along with anything else he wants. Serena manages to get past Kristin at Ewing Oil and spend an entire afternoon in JR's office. Alan's girlfriend, Betty Lou, returns to the scene and he reminds her of his plan to marry Lucy so that he and Betty Lou can have the life they always wanted.

Kristin responds to Alan's ploy by heading to Cliff's latest campaign party, held at a roller disco. Lucy is visibly distracted to see her there. Kristin buys a camera from a photographer for $200 and snaps some photos of Alan and Lucy in compromising positions. She shows JR the pictures the next day and JR confronts Alan about it. Alan comes clean and confidently tells JR he plans to marry Lucy no matter what JR says. Surprisingly, JR loves the idea, offering to set up Alan in his own legal practice once they get married...and move to Chicago. Alan questions why they have to leave Dallas; JR tells him that he wants Lucy gone since she's her father's only tie to Southfork - without her around, Gary will stay away for good. Alan kisses a confused Kristin as he waltzes out of the office. Kristin refuses to let Serena speak to JR.

That night, Alan proposes to Lucy who is apprehensive about the suddenness of it all and unprepared to deal with what her family will say. Alan tells JR about Lucy's hesitation and JR formulates a plan. He tells Alan to tell Lucy that their relationship is over if she doesn't want to get married, and he'll take care of the rest. Alan does so and a tearful Lucy leaves his apartment and comes back to Southfork for dinner.

Just before dinner, in the livingroom, JR shows the family the pictures of Alan and Lucy. Lucy is forced to admit that she's been sneaking around with Alan. JR bad-mouths Alan and calls him every gold-digging name in the book. He tells Lucy that she's forbidden to see him again. At that, Lucy becomes defiant and tells the family she plans to marry Alan. JR makes a fantastic show of trying to 'protect' Lucy from making a mistake but Jock and Ellie tell him to leave her alone. JR's plan is a complete success - so far.

Episode 46: Paternity Suit Aired: Fri, Oct 1

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I'm surprised you're not a better loser after all the experience you've had." - JR to Cliff at the Cattlemen's Club.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray.

Before a big TV publicity appearance, Alan breaks the news to Cliff that his campaign contributors have pulled out. Cliff wants to use the broadcast for fundraising but Alan says it's hopeless. Cliff changes his speech at the last minute to bow out of the race as all the Ewing family and Digger watch. Jock and JR celebrate their triumph at the Cattlemen's Club; Bobby is not so enthusiastic. Cliff comes to the club and confronts JR about his suspicions that he sabotaged his campaign. JR plays innocent and through his replies, Cliff divines that JR was behind the whole thing to get him out of the OLM. He attacks JR but Jock holds him back. Outnumbered, Cliff retreats. JR figures that's the end of that.

Debra Johns from the Dallas Press comes to Cliff's place to get an interview. Digger is there, drinking, and invites her in. He starts babbling about how Jock Ewing stole everything from him including his grandson - John Ross. When he arrives, Cliff confirms that he is the father and Debra gets it all on tape.

Dusty calls Sue Ellen and arranges a rendez-vous at his hotel. To get away from the house, Sue Ellen tells Miss Ellie that a friend's husband has asked her to fly to New Orleans that night. She sees the lead story in the paper the next morning detailing Cliff's allegations and rushes back to the ranch.

To JR's dismay, Jock wants to sue Cliff for defamation of character. Jock finds it hard to believe that JR doesn't want to stand up for Sue Ellen's honor, but he lets it pass. Pam tries to dissuade Cliff from pursuing the matter but he and Digger are determined to take the Ewings down this time. Barry Lester, Cliff's college roommate, helps him investigate the campaign fund mess. Cliff gets the legal papers and Barry advises him to countersue for paternity so he can at least get visitation rights to see his child.

Harve gets the paperwork ready - a suit against Cliff and the Dallas Press for $1.5 million dollars. Sue Ellen and JR are hesitant to go ahead with it but JR can't bring himself to defy Jock so he tells Sue Ellen to sign the papers initiating the lawsuit. Sue Ellen tells Dusty she can't see him until this mess is cleared up. Dusty is upset at Sue Ellen's treatment of him and lashes out at her, wondering how many other such affairs she's had.

Cliff asks for blood tests to prove paternity. Harve advises JR that he doesn't have to comply but it would weigh heavily against the Ewings if they don't. JR tells Sue Ellen that he'll divorce her if any embarrassment results. The first test is inconclusive because JR and Cliff have the same blood type; more tests are ordered.

The whole family prepares for a big DOA function as per Ellie's orders to present a united Ewing front. At the pre-dinner cocktail party, Harve calls and says that the new tests are definitive. Sue Ellen is about to hit the bottle again when Lucy tells her there's a phone call for her - it's Dusty who calls to apologize for her jealousy the other day.

Harve arrives and tells everyone that there's no doubt about it - JR's the father of little John Ross. Jock announces it to all present. Pam goes over to comfort Cliff and expects him to at least be pleased that the baby won't succumb to neurofibromatosis. Cliff is still bitter about losing to JR again, and the fact that JR and Sue Ellen will probably have more children, while he never will.

Before the DOA dinner, JR goes to the nursery and picks up John Ross for the first time.

Episode 47: Jenna's Return Aired: Mon, October 4

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I hope you have an awful time because I will (now that you are going)." - Sue Ellen to JR when he offers to accompany her into town.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Cliff

As usual, a boring first few minutes. Some Ray and Donna chat after a leisurely game of backgammon, Pam continues her cold fish persona, JR and Sue Ellen argue over how she spends her time away from the ranch, and Ellie prepares for some major tree-hugging after hearing about development plans in downtown Dallas.

Harrison Page arranges a weekend in Paris for Pam to look at some new fashion lines. Bobby wants to accompany her but Pam believes that some time apart will help them. Bobby calls her a fool for thinking so, but he agrees to take her to the airport. It's a good thing he does, because he meets up with Jenna Wade who has just put Charlie on a plane to Italy to see her father. Pam and Harrison see them embracing as they board the plane. Bobby and Jenna go off together and talk for a while, arranging a picnic at one of their old hangouts for the next day.

Sue Ellen continues to see Dusty. She tells him [again] that she's more comfortable with him than with anyone else she's ever known. Dusty reminds her that their relationship can't last the way it is for very long. When Sue Ellen comes home, JR confronts her again about where she's been. Sue Ellen says he'll have to deal with her absences because there's nothing he can do to stop it.

Donna invites Dave Culver and his wife for dinner, making Ray nervous because he knows he'll be out of place. It turns out he's right: Donna and Dave argue about politics all night, and Dave wonders whether Ray is right for Donna. The whole adventure makes Ray seriously doubt whether he and Donna can overcome their differences.

The next day JR insists on accompanying Sue Ellen to her DOA rally for Dave Culver, so that she can't get away from him. She lets Dusty know and he frustratedly tells her he's going back to San Angelo. Bobby and Jenna have their picnic and Jenna tells him she's looking for a stable marriage like he has with Pam. Bobby's not home that evening when Pam calls.

At the DOA rally, Ray feels totally out of place again with all the schmoozers. JR tells Ray that Donna can have it all if she wants, so he wonders why Ray thinks she would be content living with him in a shack at Southfork. This leads Ray to tell Donna that he thinks their lives are too different and it isn't right for either one of them to ask the other to change what they love to do and are good at doing. Donna suspects JR's hand in Ray's change of heart and tells Ray not to believe what he says - they can work it out. Ray says he loves her and quietly leaves her apartment.

Bobby and Jenna go back to her place. They talk and Bobby says he doesn't really feel like going home. Jenna says she doesn't want him to leave, but she's looking for a real relationship with him, not just a one-night stand. Bobby considers the situation...

Episode 48: Sue Ellen's Choice Aired: Tue, October 5

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "You did a good job breaking up Ray and Donna. That should be enough for one week.  Even the Lord rested on the 7th day." - Bobby to JR.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy. Alan is credited but does appear.

Bobby and Ray talk about their women troubles. They both advise each other to gave their relationships time but neither seems hopeful. Pam returns from Paris a day early hoping to surprise Bobby but he doesn't arrive until later. He tells Pam that he almost slept with Jenna but didn't because he loves her and wants her help to make their marriage work. Pam she she doesn't think she can help. Bobby spends the night at a hotel, and Pam knows it's her fault that all this is happening.

Pam heads to Cliff's messy apartment and confides in him that she feels terrible about how she's treating Bobby but she can't bring herself to overcome her fear of losing another child despite her guilt over depriving Bobby of children. Bobby meets Jenna and they discuss the other night. Bobby tells her he cares for her but saving his marriage is more important to him. This leads Jenna to go to Pam's office and tell her point blank that if Pam doesn't want Bobby, she'll be glad to take him. They debate the situation; Jenna is willing to to give Pam a chance to make Bobby happy but Pam resents her involvement.

Sue Ellen and Dusty meet again [guess he was just kidding about going back to San Angelo] and Dusty asks her to divorce JR and marry him. Sue Ellen tries to find excuses but Dusty is persistent, insisting that JR can't muscle him around like he did to Cliff. Sue Ellen tells JR she wants a divorce, which he scoffs at, and JR says she's welcome to leave anytime - but not with his son. Sue Ellen says she'll fight him but JR says no court will give her custody after he convinces them that she's a drunken tramp. Sue Ellen leaves the ranch in a haze, walking right past Pam. She asks JR to stop her from leaving but JR isn't interested.

Donna comes to Ewing Oil to see Jock and asks him to talk to Ray on her behalf in order to convince him that he's wrong in thinking he's not good enough for her. Jock tells her he would like to help, but that's something Ray is going to have to believe for himself. Donna meets JR on the way out and threatens to ruin him for the harm he's done to her relationship. Heading to Ray's house, she tells him she's leaving for a little while to help Dave get his health care reform bill through. She says she hopes Ray can convince himself to commit to their relationship.

Bobby finally comes home for some clean clothes and Pam decides to open up to him. They talk about Jenna's visit and Pam tells him she can't stand the feelings of inadequacy she has. Bobby says he's done all he can - she has to deal with her feelings on her own - but he wants to work hard to make their marriage work. Pam finally says she's willing to try.

Sue Ellen returns to Dusty's place after a lot of driving around. She tells Dusty what happened when she asked JR for a divorce and Dusty vows he'll find a way to beat JR. But Sue Ellen says she can't risk losing her baby- not even for Dusty. Dusty says he'll go back to San Angelo and wait for Sue Ellen to get the courage to change her mind. JR is waiting for Sue Ellen when she arrives at the ranch and tells her he knew she wouldn't have the guts to try and leave him.

Episode 49: Second Thoughts Aired: Wed, October 6

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Say hello to Kristin for me." - Sue Ellen to a deflated JR.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray

JR gives Alan two weeks to get Lucy to set a wedding date. [Ultimatums seem to be the only thing JR and Alan talk about.] The problem is Lucy's casual attitude towards her impending marriage; she uses her heavy schoolwork load as an excuse. The fact that she seems to have a crush on her literature professor, Dr. Forrester, may have something to do with it.

Digger decides to leave the pigsty that Cliff calls an apartment and head to Galveston to find work. Pam takes him to the bus station. After seeing Cliff's miserable condition, Pam asks Bobby to find him a job. JR overhears him job hunting for Cliff and can't believe that he would help Cliff - even if Pam asked him to. Bobby replies that Cliff is no longer a threat to the Ewings. Cliff gets only one menial job offer because he's alienated all of the people who could have helped him. He's even told point blank that the only reason he's offered the one job is because Bobby Ewing called in a favor. Cliff responds that he refuses to take charity from the Ewings.

Sue Ellen suddenly becomes very affectionate to JR, just like the 'old' days. However, she refuses his sexual advances, telling him to take a cold shower- and say hi to Kristin while he's at it. Actually, JR spends the night with Serena. The next day, Louella returns to visit Ewing Oil. A worried Kristin wonders where JR's been spending his time.

As a wedding present, Jock announces that Harve Smithfield plans to retire and he's arranged for Alan to become a partner in the firm, so that he and Lucy can stay in Dallas. JR chokes on his drink as Alan accepts. He pretends to be thrilled for Alan as he leads him into the house for a chat. Lucy looks on, seemingly unhappy. When JR demands an explanation from Alan for what he's said, he says he couldn't refuse Jock. JR tells Alan he'll kill the wedding plans unless things go the way they were previously planned - with Lucy far away from Southfork. Alan says JR can't do anything about it any more, so he might as well live with it.

JR shows up at Betty Lou's place and offers her money to tell Lucy about her relationship with Alan. Betty Lou refuses to help and JR says he'll break them up without her. Later that night, Kristin comes by the ranch with papers for JR. Alan is there and Kristin challenges him about his relationship with Betty Lou, hoping to get Lucy upset and dump him. Her words backfire, however, and Lucy sets a wedding date. After dinner, Lucy again loses enthusiasm about the wedding.

The next day JR berates Kristin for wrecking his plans. Kristin says she was only trying to help, but JR wonders out loud whether she knows too much...maybe Louella ought to come back.

Bobby advises Lucy not to get married just to spite JR. Finally, that night at dinner Lucy tells Alan she can't marry him because she doesn't really love him enough. Alan goes to Betty Lou's place to find her walking out on him - she says she's tired of playing second fiddle to Lucy.

Lucy returns home and tells the family that the wedding's off. JR is quietly thrilled. Just as it looks as Sue Ellen is about to warm up to JR again, she tells him that it's all part of her plan to make herself look like the perfect mother and wife so she can beat JR in a custody battle for John Ross.

Episode 50: Divorce, Ewing Style Aired: Thu, October 7

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "May she find a man of her own. A man who makes her as happy as JR has made me." - Sue Ellen to Kristin. Unanimous decision.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray and Cliff, though Lucy and Pam did nothing.

The family throws JR a surprise anniversary party - part of Sue Ellen's 'perfect wife' act for public consumption. She toasts Kristin's imminent departure for California and hopes that she can find a man who can make her as happy as JR has made her. Ellie continues her tree-hugging and has lunch with Matt Devlin.

JR refuses Kristin's calls now that Louella's returned to her job at Ewing Oil. He spends most of his time with Serena, who wants a more permanent arrangement, but JR says he likes the 'cash and carry' arrangement just fine. As he leaves Serena's place, a car follows him. Alan Beam comes to see JR about his recent firing from Smithfield Bennett. JR denies any involvement in his firing and declares himself innocent of all of Alan's misfortunes. He advises Alan to get out of Dallas for his own good. That night JR goes to Kristin's place and he confirms what Sue Ellen said before - she'll be heading to California soon if she keeps complaining about not seeing him enough. As JR leaves her place, the same car follows him. This time he notices and contacts Harry McSween to arrange a sting operation. Harry lets JR know that Cliff's found a job at the district attorney's office.

Alan visits Kristin and arranges a deal to get back at JR, since they both have secret information that could hurt him. JR's stalker falls right into Harry's trap as he pulls away from Serena's place the next evening. His name is Tom Fuller and he's an extremely incompetent private investigator hired by Sue Ellen to dig up dirt on JR for the impending custody battle. After confronting Sue Ellen about it, JR heads over to Kristin's place and asks for her help to get Sue Ellen out of the way again - back into the sanitarium. Kristin agrees after she makes JR 'promise' that he'll divorce Sue Ellen and marry her.

Kristin asks Sue Ellen to lunch the next day to apologize for trying to cause friction in her marriage. She confirms she's going back to 'Cali and she's learned her lesson about living their mother's dreams of finding a rich man and living off of his status. Kristin spills a drink on Sue Ellen and she rushes off to clean up. When she returns home, Jock and Ellie notice the scent of spilled alcohol. Sue Ellen finds one of Fuller's reports in the mail and takes it to a well-hidden spot in her bureau.

JR offers Fuller $10,000 to rewrite his reports to make it look like JR's a saint. Tom agrees but says Sue Ellen already has copies of some of his real reports. JR says he'll take care of that.

JR tells Jock and Ellie that he thinks Sue Ellen's been drinking again. The next day Kristin tells Jock the same thing. That night, Harry's boys pull Sue Ellen over for suspected DUI. Once she's bailed out, Sue Ellen tries to explain the situation but it comes out just the way it did last season, when she denied she had a drinking problem. Another psychobabble session with Dr. Elby doesn't help.

That night, before dinner, the topic turns to Sue Ellen's 'problem'. She tells the family the truth - that JR is trying to make her look like a drunk to win the custody battle. She also tells them about the PI's reports and rushes up to her room to get them. She hands them to Jock and Ellie only to find that they indicate that JR's just been attending business meetings and dinners. Suspecting JR's involvement, she attacks him and goes into a hysterical fit, begging the family to believe her. JR calls the doctor to see Sue Ellen, having succeeded in making her look like a paranoid wreck.

Episode 51: Jock's Trial, Part I Aired: Fri, October 8

Big-time NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "When you learned how to please a man, you got an A in the bedroom but you flunked in the kitchen." - JR to Kristin.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy

Sue Ellen has a check up with the doctor and claims everything is fine. Jock is still not convinced she hasn't been drinking. Miss Ellie continues her tree-hugging and head-butting with Matt Devlin, but she agrees to ride back to the ranch with him from Mimosa Park to talk. Jock is quietly upset about Miss Ellie spending so much time away from the ranch.

Kristin gets impatient about JR's delay in initiating divorce proceedings. JR says he's waiting for Sue Ellen to make a mistake so that he can get rid of her legitimately for his parents' sake. When JR returns home and goes to his room, Sue Ellen throws a bottle of perfume at him for having Theresa search the room for alcohol.

Cliff's latest assignment from the DA's office is to look into the homicide that took place at Southfork many years ago. Digger returns from Galveston and goes on a drinking binge. Pam rushes over to Cliff's place to check up on him as Cliff goes on one of his anti-Ewing tirades, promising to make them pay for what they've done to Digger. He talks to the sheriff the next day about the murder and when Fenton is unwilling to help Cliff, he hands him a court order allowing him to gather all of the information he needs to proceed with the investigation. Cliff's first clue is a belt buckle with the inscription: 'To H.M., with love, R.B'. Cliff asks for all of the employment records from Southfork at the time.

Sue Ellen confides in Bobby about her plans to be the 'perfect wife' in order to win the custody battle for John Ross. Bobby now believes her story that JR is trying to set her up, but tells her not to go about this the secretive way - that's JR's way and he's too good at it. At another psychobabble session, Sue Ellen tells Dr. Elby that she can't think of a way to leave JR and take John Ross with her because JR would just hunt them down. She plans to go by herself and then use Dusty's help and influence to get her son back. After arranging a meeting in Fort Worth with Dusty the next day, she says a tearful good-bye to John Ross and promises it won't be long before she sees him again.

Pam checks on Digger the next day and finds him drunk and passed out in the bedroom. She calls an ambulance to take him to the hospital, where he ends up in very bad shape. Cliff finds that four men with the initials 'H.M.' worked at Southfork about twenty-five years ago. The deputy tells Cliff that one of the men, Hutchinson McKinney, once had a big fight with Jock Ewing at about that time, when Jock fired him as ranch foreman. Cliff gets the lab to prepare a bust of McKinney to try and jog some more memories.

Sheriff Washburn lets Jock know what's happening. Ray tells the Ewings that Cliff's investigators found a 1892 Colt revolver on his land not far from the skull. A suddenly worried Jock tells the boys that it was his gun. He asks JR and Bobby to try to call in some favors to get Cliff off the case.

Ellie has lunch with Matt Devlin again and Matt says he knows they're falling in love, despite Ellie's protests to the contrary.

Sue Ellen goes to Dusty's place as planned but finds he hasn't arrived yet. Watching the news, she finds that Dusty's plane crashed while encountering an electrical storm. In a daze, she pours herself a drink.

Cliff questions an old cowboy about the barfight between Jock and Hutch and the story is confirmed. The cowboy also says that Jock told Hutch that if he wasn't gone by morning, he'd kill him. Bobby arrives home to find that Jock's been arrested for Hutch McKinney's murder.

Episode 52: Jock's Trial, Part II Aired: Mon, Oct.11

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I'm mad as hell, boy!" - Jock to a reporter who asks him to comment about the case. Very DA MAN.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy again. Ray and Sue Ellen were close.

Ellie tells Matt Devlin she doesn't love him but she appreciates the attention he's given her - it makes her feel like a woman again. Devlin agrees to dump the Mimosa Park project.

Digger regains consciousness and Cliff tells him that he's arrested Jock for murder. Pam thinks Cliff is framing Jock for revenge's sake. Harve Smithfield contacts Scotty Demarest, the best defense lawyer in the state, to defend Jock. JR gets a call from the police telling him that Sue Ellen was found tearing up a Fort Worth apartment in a drunken rage. JR brings her home but isn't able to get any information out of her about why she was there.

Jock tells his side of the story to Scotty: he found out that Hutch was embezzling, so he fired him and kicked him off the ranch. They fought at a Braddock bar and again back at the ranch as Hutch was leaving. Jock doesn't remember how the gun was lost - only that one day he noticed it was gone. Scotty says that for Jock's own sake he won't let him testify.

An indictment against Jock is handed down quickly. Lyle Sloane tells Cliff that for PR's sake, he will prosecute the case himself with Cliff as an assistant. Scotty initiates a plan to investigate the jurors to help Jock's case. He says they need every advantage they can get because the evidence is substantial.

Bobby physically confronts Cliff at the hospital until Pam comes between them. Bobby tells a conscious Digger what Cliff is doing and asks him to think of what will happen to Miss Ellie if Jock is found guilty. Digger says he doesn't want Ellie to be hurt by this. Pam's aunt Maggie arrives to see Digger.

During the trial, the jury catches a brief glimpse of the bust that was made of McKinney before the judge disallows it as evidence; JR sees Sue Ellen sneak a drink during a recess; and JR hesitantly agrees to testify. JR tells the court that the gun that was found near the body was given to Jock by Aaron Southworth, Ellie's father, as a very special gift. He also says that Jock never mentioned that the gun was missing; and that he never did see it again until it was dug up.

The old cowboy, Virgil, testifies about the fights at the bar and at the ranch. He says that after the second fight, Jock had blood on his hands, and McKinney was never seen again after that fight. Cliff asks for a recess after getting word that Digger is dying. He asks Ellie to come and see Digger at the hospital.

As Cliff, Bobby and Ellie arrive, Digger tells Ellie that he still loves her so he can't let Cliff continue his pursuit of Jock... Digger tells the story of what happened that night. He came home to find McKinney there with his wife. He had just been fired and beat up by Jock and was planning to leave Dallas. Digger's pregnant wife Rebecca said she was going with him, because Hutch was the father of the baby. Digger slapped her and Hutch pulled out Jock's gun, pointing it at Digger. Rebecca knocked the gun away; Digger picked it up and shot McKinney. He buried the gun and body nearby on Southfork.

Pam and Bobby ask about the baby; with his last few breaths, Digger tells Pam he loved her as if she were his own daughter...Pam breaks down and cries from the realization that Hutch McKinney was her father. The charges against Jock are dropped. Dr. Danvers tells Bobby that Pam may be in need of counseling at some point. The entire family attends Digger's funeral the next day.

Episode 53: Wheeler Dealer Aired: Tue, Oct.12

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "After everything that you have done for me, I can't think of anyone else I could have in on this deal." - JR to Vaughn.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy. Get used to it.

Jock and Ellie discuss seeing Amanda in Colorado. Jock says he hasn't seen her in some time and would like Ellie to come too, because he doesn't want to keep any secrets from her any more.

JR goes to Serena's place but she's occupied with another 'friend', so he visits Kristin and undresses while she goes into a tirade about the delay in their plan to get Sue Ellen out of the way. JR flatly ignores her and pulls her down on to the bed.

Pam goes through her identity crisis, as expected. She goes through Digger's stuff with Cliff and Aunt Maggie, hoping to find some clue about her mother, but they find nothing - except Cliff, who finds a piece of paper which he keeps to himself.

JR finally pays off the loan for the Asian oil leases. Hank Johnson, JR's contact in Asia, arrives at Ewing Oil and tells him that a revolution is about to happen overseas and the oil wells are going to be taken over by the government. JR tells Hank to try and bribe some rebel leaders. Hank agrees to try but is not hopeful. After Hank leaves, JR arranges a meeting with Vaughn Leland at Kristin's place. Vaughn is enamoured by Kristin, which gives JR the idea to use Kristin to obtain information from some of his business associates. She is disgusted by the suggestion and calls Alan Beam, offering to help in his plan to ruin JR.

Hank tells JR that their plan didn't work. JR gets Vaughn to execute a new plan: they invite members of the cartel to Ewing Oil and JR offers to sell 75% of the Asian leases in order to obtain operating capital that he says Ewing Oil desperately needs. The 'catch', as JR proposes it, is that he wants 25% of the royalties from the oil. He gives the cartel boys a few hours to come up with the cash. The cartel members eagerly take the deal, and Vaughn takes out a personal loan to buy a 20 million dollar stake. Kristin entertains Jordan Lee and finds out about JR's deal.

Pam and Bobby agree to accompany Jock and Ellie to Colorado. Amanda doesn't recognize Jock, but believes Bobby to be Jock and gives him a big hug. Bobby humors her and tells her he's glad to see her but he has to go away again. Amanda apologizes for being such a burden to him. Upon her return, Cliff tells Pam about what he found in Digger's stuff: a legal contract from forty years ago, entitling Digger and his heirs to a 50% share in all of the money generated by Ewing field 23. Cliff intends to rub it in JR's face.

Sue Ellen has a psychobabble session with Dr. Elby that is rather fruitless, so she skips her next two and decides to spend her time getting drunk. The second time she gets absolutely zonked at a bar and takes a liking to one of the cowboys, believing him to be Dusty. The bartender calls Southfork and lets Bobby know that Sue Ellen will need some help; Bobby and Ray rush over and manage to get Sue Ellen away from her newly found friends after a pretty good barfight. Bobby gets a huge welt on his chin after Sue Ellen slugs him with her empty purse, trying to protect 'Dusty'.

The next morning, Hank lets JR know that the revolution has started and is going to succeed. Jock sees the news about the revolution and angrily asks JR how much Ewing Oil lost on the deal. JR tells him that they actually made a killing.

Episode 54: A House Divided Aired: Fri, Oct.15

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: Two exchanges today.

> Sue Ellen: "Which slut are you going to stay with tonight, JR?"
> JR: "Whoever it is has got to be more interesting than the slut I'm looking at right now."

> Alan Beam: "What woman?"
> JR: "Harry, do we have a woman yet?"
> Mcsween: "Blonde, brunette, or redhead?"

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes) Episode of the series!

The Lucy Award: Ray. How much did he make for this season?

The Ewings hold a press conference to let the world know that they sold 75% of the leases so they weren't hit so hard by the nationalization of the wells. JR tells Jock and Bobby that Vaughn Leland and the cartel boys bought the shares. Bobby suspects that JR knew that the nationalization was going to happen beforehand.

Jordan Lee barges in and accuses JR of suckering the cartel members. JR reminds him that Ewing Oil lost a lot of money on the deal as well. Jock promises Jordan that the cartel boys will continue to be part of Ewing deals - win some, lose some. Jordan tells them that Seth Stone killed himself over his huge loss. Sue Ellen sees the story on the news and realizes that JR must have known about the nationalization all along.

Vaughn tells the Ewings he's been wiped out and needs help to pay back the 20 million he borrowed to get in on the deal. Jock reminds him that Vaughn didn't help them get an extension on the Southfork foreclosure when they needed it, claiming that a deal was a deal. Bobby again confronts JR about bilking his friends; Jock asks him for one straight answer and JR claims he didn't know that the nationalization would happen.

Kristin tells Alan Beam that JR sold the leases. She plays the taped conversation she had with Jordan Lee. Alan wants to use the tape against JR but needs proof that he knew what was going to happen. He gets Kristin to find Hank Johnson and ask him to send all of the records of his recent trip to Dallas to her condo. Fortunately for JR, Hank lets him know about Kristin's request and JR tells him to destroy the records.

Pam goes to Corpus Christi to find anything she can about her mother. An old lady notices a resemblance and says she remembers Pam's mother from a long time ago. The whole family disappeared from the neighborhood one Christmas. No one knew where they went. Pam fails to find a death certificate, which leads her to believe that her mother is still alive.

Sue Ellen has another psychobabble session with Dr. Elby. She tells him that Bobby promised to protect her from JR and the sanitarium. Dr. Elby reminds her that she's still putting herself in other people's hands. JR and Sue Ellen rehash their old arguments and as he leaves, she asks him which slut he plans to be with tonight. JR responds that anyone is better than the slut he's looking at right now. Sue Ellen angrily rummages through her drawers and finds a pistol.

JR heads to Kristin's place and demands answers about her call to Hank. She tells him that Alan forced her to do it. JR sees through her and warns her not to mess with him. He gives her some money and tells her to get out of town. She gives it back to him, saying she won't be bought by him.

Cliff heads over to Ewing Oil and shows JR and Bobby the contract entitling him to 50% of the profits from Ewing field 23. JR and Bobby congratulate him on finally hitting the big time. After Bobby leaves, JR calls the field boss and tells him to shut down Ewing 23 immediately. Professor Forrester calls off a date with Lucy because his son is sick.

Harry McSween brings Alan to JR's office. JR tells him to get out of Dallas while the getting's good, because JR has made arrangements so that Alan will never find work in Texas. He threatens to strung Alan up on rape charges if he doesn't leave.

Pam tells Bobby she plans to quit her job and look for her mother. Bobby tells her to slow down and recover from her loss but Pam says she feels compelled to continue the search. Bobby tells Jock about Cliff's document and JR reveals that he shut the field down. Jock sides with JR, saying that he doesn't want Cliff Barnes to have anything to do with Ewing Oil. Disgusted with his family's antics, Bobby tells Pam that they have to leave Southfork in the morning, despite her protestations.

Bobby tells Jock and Ellie his decision in the morning, saying he can't live with JR's indecency and immorality, especially if Jock won't support his ideals. Bobby says they're going as far away as possible. Sue Ellen watches him leave and then congratulates JR on finally getting what he wanted - he's now the only Ewing son at Southfork. For embarrassing him in front of his parents, JR finally decides that it's time to get rid of Sue Ellen once and for all - he calls the sanitarium and makes arrangements to commit her.

McSween goes to Kristin's place and finds her with Alan. He gives her a warrant for her arrest on prostitution charges and tells her he'll hold the warrant for 24 hours - by which time they should both be long gone. Kristin and Alan both say they'll kill JR for this.

Vaughn Leland disappears. He calls JR from a payphone and asks him once more for help. When JR refuses, Vaughn says he'll stop JR from ruining any more lives.

Sue Ellen puts the gun in her purse as she leaves the ranch. She tells Dr. Elby that she's finally accepted his advice - she can't rely on anyone else to do what she has to do - and that's to stop JR from putting her in the sanitarium again.

Cliff goes to Digger's grave and vows vengeance on JR, saying that he's been cheated for the last time.

JR works late and gets a phone call, but the line immediately goes dead. He conveniently turns all the lights off in the office as he takes a coffee break. The Ewing Oil door opens and someone walks in carefully but rather noisily. JR goes to his door to investigate and is shot twice in the abdomen.


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