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Episode 78: Missing Heir Aired: Thu, Nov.18

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LINE OF THE DAY: "...I suppose that's to be expected from the illegitimate child of a ranch foreman and the stepdaughter of the town drunk." JR berating Pam for delivering John Ross to Sue Ellen.

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The Lucy Award: Ellie is nowhere.

Ambulances pull away from Southfork to open the new season. The woman floating in the pool turns out to be Kristin.

The police question Cliff and JR who accuse each other of murdering Kristin: Cliff says he figures JR pushed her over the balcony into the pool; JR says he walked out on to the balcony and saw Cliff trying to drown her. In light of the fact that the balcony railing is broken, the police decide to take both JR and Cliff in for questioning. Bobby arrives and JR tells him that Pam took John Ross to Abilene as he and Cliff are taken away. Bobby finds that the Ewing plane is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance, so he is forced to take a 7 AM flight to Abilene.

JR tells the sheriff he was about to head out to follow Pam and find his son when he saw Cliff and Kristin in the pool. He can't explain how the balcony railing got broken, but he says he didn't push Kristin off. They are both released in the morning and Cliff takes refuge at Rebecca's place.

JR meets with Harry McSween at Ewing Oil and Harry tells him that he got his men to stake out the motel at which Pam was staying. John Ross was picked up in a car registered to Steven Farlow and taken to the Southern Cross Ranch in San Angelo.

In Abilene, Pam tells Bobby she didn't want to tell him about taking John Ross away because he would have tried to stop her, and most importantly, she did it for Sue Ellen's sake. Bobby tells Pam about Kristin's death and Cliff's accusations of misconduct.

Donna arrives home and they discuss Ray's investment into Unified Development. Donna is concerned that Ray's moving too fast into the world of big business. Bobby and Donna ride horses together and talk about each other's problems. Bobby reveals that Pam's undergoing mood swings lately and has a continued obsession about having a baby.

JR arrives at the Southern Cross with the local sheriff. Clayton Farlow meets them and admits that John Ross is at the ranch. JR politely asks that he be returned but Clayton says that's not going to happen. Dusty and Sue Ellen then emerge from the house and she tells JR she's staying there, and filing for divorce. JR takes Sue Ellen away from the crowd to talk privately and tells her about Kristin's death. Sue Ellen immediately thinks JR was responsible and doesn't believe his denial. JR tells her that he believes that she was never carrying his child, hoping that will convince Sue Ellen to start their relationship fresh. But she says that wasn't the only reason that she decided to leave. She's not coming back and neither is John Ross.

Mitch goes to Afton's bar and tells her that he and Lucy have split - probably for good. Afton says she's not surprised that Mitch drove her away because of his self-righteous ideals. She says that the only way to get her back is to get some money.

JR confronts Pam at the ranch and tells her almost had her arrested for what she did, giving her the Line of the Day. Bobby arrives and threatens him so he walks off, outnumbered. He heads to the office where his new lawyer, Howard Barker, is waiting for him. JR wants Barker to handle his divorce case and get custody of his son. Howard says it will be difficult to prove Sue Ellen's unfitness as a mother while she has John Ross. JR says his son will be back at Southfork soon.

Bobby and Cliff meet and Bobby again vainly tries to deny showing JR the evidence from the Senate hearing. Bobby dares Cliff to go to Austin and try to cause trouble because nobody will give him the time of day there - he's through in politics because of his underhanded tactics and vendetta chasing.

Dusty and Sue Ellen have a boring love-in conversation. Lucy cries on Bobby's shoulder about her failed marriage and feels guilty for being such a spoiled brat.

Howard tells JR that the fact that Sue Ellen is living with another man could help their case, as long as JR stays clean for the next little while. Sheriff Washburn arrives and tells JR that the Dallas ADA has told him about the deal that was cut when Kristin admitted to shooting him [see Episode 59 for details] and he figures that JR had the best motive for wanting Kristin dead.

Episode 79: Gone but not Forgotten Aired: Fri, Nov.19

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Weststar Oil does not reward losers." Jeremy Wendell to Cliff.

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The Lucy Award: Lucy.

Clayton and Dusty accompany Sue Ellen to the Braddock County Courthouse for the inquest into Kristin's death. Cliff and JR testify and rehash what they both saw that night. Cliff said he arrived at the ranch at about 7:30 PM and saw Kristin's body in the pool. JR adds that Kristin had come to the ranch that night and was acting very strangely. He said he went to answer the phone and when he returned he saw her in the pool with Cliff. He also adds that he took a lie detector test and passed.

The coroner finally sheds some light on the issue: he says that his investigation indicates that Kristin fell off the balcony, hit her head on the poolside floor and was knocked nearly unconscious. Then she fell into the pool and drowned. She had some alcohol in her system, but more importantly she was high on PCP. Sue Ellen is shocked to learn that her sister was on drugs.

Cliff visits Jeremy Wendell, hoping to land a job because of his efforts in prosecuting JR. Unfortunately for him, Wendell is upset that Cliff dropped the ball on the senate investigation and says he doesn't reward losers. Cliff has lunch with Rebecca and tells her about his inability to get a job because of his tussles with the Ewings - if only he had some money. Later he meets up with Afton and finds her distant - she doesn't want to see him because she thinks he just used her to get information about JR. She also tells him she doesn't want to have anything to do with a loser.

JR asks Harry to find out what arrangements Sue Ellen plans for the funeral. Harry discovers that Sue Ellen plans to come back to Dallas and accompany Kristin's body to Albuquerque for burial, which is in three days. In light of this, JR hires a PI named Jerry Micken to watch Sue Ellen's every move at the Southern Cross. He also calls Ellie in Paris and tells her that Kristin is dead and that Sue Ellen has left the ranch with John Ross. JR interviews secretaries and decides on the babalicious Sylvia [Sly] Lovegren, whose father just happens to be an old friend of Harry McSween.

Sue Ellen talks to Dusty about her little sister and the drive that their mother put into them to be the perfect women for rich, powerful men. She figures Kristin turned to drugs when she didn't live up to expectations. Dusty advises her to leave John Ross in San Angelo, but Sue Ellen figures that Patricia will want to see him.

Ray buys Donna an expensive saddle as Punk tells him that the Lubbock project is going better than expected. Donna and Ray agree to fly out with him to have a look at it.

Bobby discovers from Jackie that Pam abruptly went to the Southern Cross without telling him. Sue Ellen divines that Pam really came to San Angelo to see John Ross - not to visit her. The Southfork chopper arrives, which causes all the residents of the Southern Cross to worry, but they relax when it's just Bobby looking for Pam. He tells Pam that he's upset that she left without telling anybody. He also gets upset at Sue Ellen for using Pam to get her son off of Southfork, knowing her mental state and how she feels about children. Sue Ellen advises Bobby to adopt a child, given Pam's situation.

Howard Barker arrives at Ewing Oil with a notice from Sue Ellen's lawyer for a preliminary hearing. He tells JR that if Sue Ellen wins this hearing, he might lose his son for good. JR turns down a lunch date with Marilee, given Howard's instructions that he shouldn't be seen around town with other women.

Bobby tells JR that Jock and Ellie will return home in a few days. Pam buys more gifts for John Ross and takes some more abuse from JR over her actions as she heads out to dinner with Bobby, Donna, and Ray.

Sue Ellen takes the Southern Cross helicopter to Dallas and Micken lets JR know that she's coming to Love Field. As she comes in to the airport, JR's henchmen grab John Ross and take Sue Ellen out of the way. Fortunately, Dusty foresaw JR's scheme and his ranch hands apprehend JR's guys. Dusty tells Sue Ellen he's made arrangements for her and her son to be protected. He takes her to the connecting flight as they see JR looking down at them from above.

Episode 80: Showdown at San Angelo Aired: Mon, Nov. 22

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LINE OF THE DAY: "He may belong at Southfork, but not this way." Ellie refusing to comply with JR's underhanded plan to get John Ross off of the Southern Cross.

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The Lucy Award: Lucy

Ellie returns home without Jock, who has gone to Washington to discuss some things with Dave Culver. JR breathes a sigh of relief that he has some time to get John Ross back before Jock's arrival. Jock calls later and tells Ellie that the State Department wants him to go to South America and help some developing countries with their oil industries. He also tells JR in no uncertain terms that he wants John Ross back on Southfork no matter what.

At the Southern Cross, a much improved Dusty greets Sue Ellen, returning from Kristin's funeral. She says that Patricia Shepard is still in denial over Kristin's death and blames her for not taking care of her sister.

Cliff talks to Rebecca again about his lack of opportunity in Dallas and his lack of money to go into business for himself. Pam assures Rebecca that Cliff always talks like this when the chips are down. Pam's obsession about having a child makes her somewhat disinterested in Rebecca and Cliff's problem - she says she even wishes she hadn't taken John Ross away from the ranch so that she would have been able to spend more time with him.

Micken returns to Dallas and tells JR that he got no useful information to use against Sue Ellen in court. JR meets with Harry McSween and asks him to go to San Angelo and get his son any way he can. Harry quickly returns and tells them the Farlows are too powerful - he'd need an army to get in to the Southern Cross. JR suggests trying a trojan horse instead.

Bobby tells Pam that he's put the wheels in motion to adopt a child. Pam gleefully announces the news to everyone the next morning. Punk stops by and tells everyone that their project is still going strong and Ray was smart to get in when he did. Bobby and Pam are later told that there is a backlog of parents looking to adopt and it might be a year and a half before they have a child. Bobby promises Pam to keep trying and continues to comfort her as she has mild nightmares. He tells Ellie about the long waiting period for adoption and fears he may have to do something drastic.

Mitch and his medical buddies head to Afton's bar to celebrate their graduation. Mitch and Afton debate the value of hard-earned money but Afton says the only way to get money is to take it from those who have it.

JR convinces Ellie to call Sue Ellen and make arrangements to see John Ross, which she does. The Southfork helicopter arrives in San Angelo the next day, bringing Ellie, and JR not far behind. Sue Ellen suspects he's up to something, which he denies, and she reminds him that he's surrounded by armed men. Ellie and Clayton meet for the first time and agree that while they're on opposite sides of the John Ross debate, the fight is not theirs. Sue Ellen denies JR's offer of a quick, painless divorce in exchange for his son.

Rebecca gets Cliff to attend a Wentworth Tool and Die board meeting, at which he impresses Rebecca with his business savvy by pointing out that the company has failed to take advantage of the oil boom. Rebecca agrees to make him the new president of the company.

As JR and Ellie play with John Ross, JR tosses a ball towards the helicopter. When John Ross chases it, JR hands him to Ellie and nudges her towards the waiting chopper. He tries to convince her to take him aboard, reminding her that Jock says he belongs at Southfork. Ellie gives him the Line of the Day and refuses to be part of it, giving the boy back to Sue Ellen. The chopper heads back to Dallas.

Episode 81: Little Boy Lost Aired: Tue, Nov. 23

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LINE OF THE DAY: "What? Rule against Sue Ellen of Assisi?" JR to Ellie and Donna after they tell him that the judge still might award him custody of John Ross.

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The Lucy Award: Lucy

The chopper returns to Southfork where Ellie gets upset at JR for using her to try and get his son back. She wonders what his life would be at the ranch, where JR would hardly see him and he would be raised by nurses. Ellie says that he belongs with his mother, for good or bad and says she'll have to keep a close eye on JR in Jock's absence.

Sue Ellen's lawyer Arthur figures that a custody hearing will be set within the month. He also tells her to let him know anything JR might use against her. They discuss the alcoholism, the psychiatric commitment, and the infidelity. She says that JR drove her to all of those things, and his promiscuity was far more rampant than hers. Arthur points out that JR's doings don't carry much weight with macho Texas judges. Bill Packer, an old friend of the Ewings, will hear the case. Howard warns JR against trying to cull favor with the judge.

Bobby finds Pam in the children's department of The Store, amongst the cribs and toys. He tries to keep her spirits up about the prospects of adoption and unsuccessfully tries to get her to see a psychiatrist. That evening, he arrives home to find Pam semi-conscious in their bed and immediately calls Dr. Danvers, who finds nothing physically wrong with her. He advises Bobby to try and get Pam's mind busy on work and consider psychiatric help. The next morning, Pam tells everyone she feels much better and is enthusiastic to go back to work.

Cliff moves into the president's office of Wentworth Tool & Die and takes a look at the company books. He learns that the company is a very small part of the giant Wentworth Industries. Cliff later asks Rebecca why she didn't tell him she was wealthy and Rebecca responds that she wanted Cliff to love her for who she was, not for her money. Cliff agrees with her reasoning and understands why she did what she did.

Ray receives his first check from the Lubbock Project and opens his own account with the profits. Rebecca's daughter Katherine Wentworth arrives in Dallas and meets Cliff.

JR comes to the Doubletree Hotel with Afton and conveniently happens to meet Judge Packer there. He makes arrangements to get called away, leaving Afton alone with the judge. Later at the Stardrift, Afton tells him that nothing became of the meeting and tells him that she wants a better gig if he wants her to continue to do his dirty work. JR tells her he doesn't reward incompetence. Mitch witnesses the exchange and confronts Afton about dealing with JR but she tells him off. As they argue, a woman starts choking and Mitch saves her life using the Heimlich maneuver.

Mitch comes to the woman's home later. Her name turns out to be Beverly Waring and she's married to a rich doctor who offers Mitch a $5000 reward which he refuses. Dr. Waring says he would like to talk to Mitch about his medical future.

Jackie calls Bobby and tells him that Pam is missing - her car is still at The Store, but she's nowhere to be found.

Howard calls and tells JR the court calendar has changed and his hearing is tomorrow. Ellie warns JR against any mud-slinging against Sue Ellen and personally attends the hearing to ensure it doesn't happen. Howard tells the judge that Sue Ellen's been providing an unfit environment for John Ross by living in sin with Dusty at the Southern Cross. Arthur replies that Sue Ellen and Dusty have never shared a bedroom, and he has affidavits to affirm it, which Howard laughs off. Arthur then tells the court that Dusty is impotent, which comes as a complete shock to Howard and JR. So, Arthur argues, Sue Ellen is showing her son the purest of emotions - true love and self-sacrifice. Faced with this, the judge has no choice but to award custody to Sue Ellen - along with $5000 per month in alimony and $1000 per month in child support.

Episode 82: The Sweet Smell of Revenge Aired: Wed, Nov.24

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I thought you were supposed to tell me that." Pam to Dr. Conrad after she asks what causing her depression. Good for you, Pam. Don't take any of this psychobabble.

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The Lucy Award: Donna is nowhere.

Sue Ellen and Dusty triumphantly return to San Angelo and Sue Ellen tells John Ross that no one will ever separate them.

JR tells Jock that he has a new plan: he'll get the Farlows to throw Sue Ellen off the Southern Cross by blocking all of the oil shipments to their refineries. He gets Phyllis and Sly to drop everything and get him appointments to see all of the the Farlow's suppliers. JR manages to get three of Clayton's suppliers to agree to his plan.

Afton tells Mitch she can't believe he refused Dr. Waring's money. She at least convinces him to talk to the doctor about his future. Ray and Punk meet with a developer who plans to start a project in San Antonio.

Bobby gets the police to search for Pam. They search for hours but don't find her until somebody finally spots her on top of a tall building, preparing to jump. Bobby quickly arrives at the scene, blocks a fire engine and a police car, and heads up to get her. He tries to talk her away from the edge of the roof, but she takes a step closer and starts screaming. Bobby manages to grab her just in time and takes her to Dallas Memorial. He then tells Ellie and Lucy that he plans to put Pam in Brooktree Psychiatric Hospital. Ellie tells Rebecca about the incidents and tells her not to blame herself for it. Rebecca lets Cliff and Katherine know about Pam's breakdown and Cliff looks very concerned.

Dr. Dagmara Conrad, head of Brooktree, comes to see an unresponsive Pam, who realizes that she needs help to deal with the anger that's causing her depression. Dr. Conrad tells Bobby that he should get Pam to commit herself. Bobby brings Pam back to Southfork and they debate the hospital stay. At first Pam is against it, thinking that Bobby is just worried about protecting her from herself and isn't really interested in helping her deal with her problems.

Mitch talks to Dr. Waring and tries to convince him to go into plastic surgery with him, and help burn victims and young children with birth defects. Mitch says he'll think about it.

Sue Ellen and Dusty have some fun in the pool as part of his continuing therapy. Dusty watches some films from his rodeo days and laments that those days are gone.

JR meets with Franklin Horner and asks him to arrange a series of sizable loans. He also arranges deals with numerous oil tank farmers to store the oil he plans to hoard. JR tells Jock that the plans are going well. Jock wonders what might happen if the price of oil stops rising after JR buys Farlow's crude but JR says prices will never stop rising.

Bobby receives a letter with a picture of Kristin and her baby. He is contacted by the sender, who says he has more information for sale, if Bobby wants it. Bobby brings Pam to Brooktree in her sustained zombie-like state and she agrees to enter the facility.

Episode 83 : Big Shutdown Aired: Mon, Nov.29

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LINE OF THE DAY: "You cut me in on those Asian Oil fields, now let me see what I can do for you." - Vaughn to J.R. Can't believe I missed it the first time.

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The Lucy Award: Cliff

Bobby gets up early to go into town and see Pam. Ray and Donna stop by to ask him to wish Pam well. They debate the prospect of having kids and agree to wait for a while. Ellie tells them that Jock is going to be stopping by for an airport layover on his way to South America for an hour or so. Dave Culver tells the family that Jock may be away in South America for a while, and it might be dangerous at times, just like in the old wildcatting days. Dave convinces Punk Anderson to head down as well.

JR tries to get Franklin and the other bankers to lend him 200 million dollars for 30 days, at a 12% interest rate. The bankers are unwilling, saying it's too much money, but Franklin says there is one more option: Vaughn Leland, now running a Houston bank, may be willing to take on the other 100 million. JR continues to stockpile Farlow oil.

Vaughn goes to JR's office and wonders why he should do business with him after all of the trouble JR got him in to after the Asian oil well fiasco - his wife left him, and he was chased by the police for days. JR asks him for 24 hours to show him how good a friend he can be. Vaughn later meets with Lloyd Benton, a financial analyst who says he thinks the price of oil is going to start dropping in two weeks, and won't show a healthy rise again for about a year. Armed with this information, Vaughn calls JR and asks to meet again.

Pam tells Bobby that she's afraid he'll leave her for someone who can give him a family, but Bobby assures her that that would never happen. Farraday calls Bobby and asks to meet. He tells Bobby that he was Kristin's lover and companion in California, and that he knows where the baby is. He can't meet the financial burdens of a child, so he figures that Bobby might be able to find a good family - especially since he knows the father. In exchange for Bobby's cash, Farraday gives him a birth certificate and copies of cheques Kristin received in California. He promises to contact Bobby again. Bobby examines the information and finds that the cheques came from Jordan Lee, who is strangely unavailable at his office for further comment.

JR asks Afton to entice Vaughn Leland and show him a good time in exchange for a recording contract. After seeing Afton all decked out, Vaughn seems amenable to the deal. The next day, JR finds that Vaughn still hasn't confirmed, which holds up the entire loan.

Katherine briefly visits Pam in the hospital and they meet for the first time. Pam has her first session with Dr. Conrad and tells him about John Ross, who filled a void in her life while she took care of him. She says that she hoped that finding her mother would solve her feelings of emptiness but it hasn't. She feels that only a child could give her a reason for living.

Lucy and her friend Scott arrive at a party for Beth's friend Sandy, who just happens to be Dr. Waring's daughter. Mitch is also a guest and Dr. Waring is surprised to find that Lucy and Mitch are married. They talk and Mitch tells her about the doctor's offer of an internship. He says he finds the offer fascinating - and he hopes it will help their marriage. They begin to patch things up.

Because of his commitment to Dave Culver, Punk asks Walter Shear to let him out of the land deal. Ray is disappointed at losing the chance to make it big but asks Shear to give him some time to come up with the money. Donna offers to be his silent partner in the deal, and after some macho posturing, Ray agrees.

Sue Ellen finds Clayton out near his old ranch house, which he tells her he destroyed after his wife Amy died while he was away on a business trip. Ellie arrives in the Southfork chopper to see John Ross. Dusty tells Clayton he just found out that the refineries have stopped receiving oil and Clayton starts to investigate why.

Vaughn arrives at JR's office and says he's had a change of heart about things. He gets JR to sign the loan agreement, telling him that there will be no extensions on this loan at all - the amount is due in 30 days. If JR defaults on the loan, he'll end up working for Vaughn.

Episode 84: Blocked Aired: Tue, Nov.30

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Better men than you have tried it." Clayton Farlow's response to JR's threat that he'll ruin his business empire. Finally Clayton says something worthwhile.

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The Lucy Award: Cliff again

JR meets Afton at her club, composing another novel that she calls a song. He confronts her about her cold treatment of Vaughn Leland and Afton says he makes her skin crawl. JR reminds her about his promise of lucrative career advancement and Afton gives in. Mitch tells Lucy he's accepted Dr. Waring's offer of an internship and she tells him she plans to go to Houston for a while for some of her Miss Young Dallas responsibilities.

Ray and Donna meet with Walter Shear and say they're going to finance the project together. Donna seems somewhat unenthusiastic as they make plans to go down to San Antonio.

Bobby talks to Jordan, who hesitantly admits having an affair with Kristin. He tells Bobby that he told Farraday to take a hike when he tried to blackmail him. Later Jordan shows Bobby the results of a blood test confirming that he couldn't be the father of Kristin's baby. Senator Dixon comes to see Bobby about his poor attendance record of late in the senate, telling him that everyone has to deal with their personal problems.

The manager of Clayton's refinery in Galveston comes to the Southern Cross and talks with Clayton about the sudden supply cut. Clayton finds that most of his suppliers sold their oil to someone else, but he can't find out who. Sue Ellen thinks she knows, and the next morning she comes to Ewing Oil to confront JR about it. JR tries to play it cool, but Sue Ellen is able to determine that he's behind it in a scheme to get John Ross back. She tells Dusty and Clayton about it and says that she wants to leave the Southern Cross because she's unwilling to jeopardize their business. Dusty refuses to allow her to leave, saying that the Farlow empire will survive.

Rebecca and Cliff visit Pam and tell her that Katherine has gone back to New York. They talk about Pam's childhood for a while until Pam returns to her zombie state.

Cliff comes to the Stardrift and talks to Afton, telling her that his fortunes have changed now that he's involved with Wentworth Industries. He asks her to give him a call sometime.

JR reads the paper the next day and finds that oil prices are still steady. Ray tells JR he's still going into the San Antonio project, despite Punk's absence, which JR finds hard to believe until he realizes that Donna's also putting her money behind it. He quietly tells her that Sam Culver would be spinning in his grave if he knew, which gets Donna angry enough to push him into the pool.

Farraday and Bobby meet again and Bobby tells him that Jordan isn't the father. Farraday tells him that the only other money Kristin got was from a mysterious trust fund. Bobby asks for those cheques and Farraday demands more money for them.

More psychobabble from Dr. Conrad. She talks to Pam for a while until Pam decides to do her Frankenstein imitation. The doctor calls Bobby and asks to meet him right away to discuss the situation. Bobby tells her about Pam's tragedies - having lost her mother, and two fathers over a short period of time. Finally, it dawns on the 'brilliant' psychiatrist that Pam wants to give a child the love she feels she never had. Because of her obtuseness, Bobby is forced to miss his appointment with Farraday.

Ray and Donna check out the San Antonio land. Neil Hart, the architect, shows up and expresses concern about the soil but Walter assures him it's been checked out and there's no problem.

JR calls Clayton and arranges a meeting. Jock calls and JR assures him that the plan is going perfectly and John Ross will be back at Southfork when Jock returns from South America. JR tells Clayton that his terms are very reasonable - he'll sell Clayton back all of the oil, as soon as he throws Sue Ellen and John Ross off of the Southern Cross. Clayton says that Sue Ellen would never return to Southfork, but JR says that's not important right now. Clayton refuses the offer, because Sue Ellen means so much to Dusty. He then tells JR that the price of crude dropped heavily that morning - one dollar a barrel so far, and likely to drop further. He tells JR that there might not be a Ewing Oil when Jock returns.

Episode 85: The Split Aired: Wed, Dec.1

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "How about pin the tail on the Ewing?" Cliff making an offer to Vaughn Leland to put the screws to JR.

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The Lucy Award: Pam, but Sue Ellen didn't do much either.

JR is constantly bombarded about the dropping price of crude. He assures Vaughn Leland that the loan will be paid at the due date despite the minor setback. Clayton keeps his refineries open despite the lack of crude oil. He comforts a nervous Sue Ellen about the dropping price of oil and says he refuses to give in to JR, who's in more dire straits than he is.

Psychobabble about Pam's feelings about her mom. She says she wants to prove to a child that she could love it the way she was never loved and then maybe the pain and emptiness would go away.

Donna meets with an editor about publishing her biography of Sam Culver. Neil Hart calls Ray and tells there might be a problem building on the San Antonio land. Neil says the soil is very soft and shallow, so the foundation will have to be much deeper than planned, which will raise the development costs by 50%. Ray asks Neil to stall for a few days. Neil reminds Ray that this survey should have been done long before. Ray visits his banker and wants to borrow 3 million dollars [on his own] to help finance the project but the banker seems somewhat unimpressed. Ray and Walter argue over the oversight. Donna gets a $50,000 advance against the sale of her book.

Bobby meets with Farraday and gets the other cheques that Kristin received in California. He tells his senate aides he doesn't plan to run for re-election.

JR meets Afton and tells her he's arranged a weekend in the Bahamas for her and Vaughn. Afton refuses, saying she doesn't want a recording contract that badly. JR grabs her just as Mitch shows up and smacks him. JR tells Afton she's finished in Dallas. Afton is quite grateful for her big brother's help. JR gets another woman, Heather Wilson, to take Afton's place. Leland says he appreciates JR's effort but his loan is still due in ten days, no matter what.

Lucy returns from Houston as Ellie brings in the mail, with a package from Jock. With the family gathered, Ellie reads his message which refers to a legal document dividing the voting shares of the company: Ellie gets 30, JR gets 20, Bobby gets 20, Gary gets 10, Ray gets 10, and John Ross gets 10. Ellie controls John Ross's shares while he is away from Southfork; JR gets them if he is on the ranch.

JR gets the accountant to show him the Ewing books and gives him some extra vacation time to get him out of the way. Gary and Val discuss his newly found involvement in the company and he wants to head back to Southfork to be with his mother for a while. Val is apprehensive about it.

Afton visits Cliff. She offers her help in getting revenge on JR. She tells him that Vaughn gave JR a personal loan of 100 million dollars, which Cliff finds hard to believe. Vaughn also said that JR needed the money to stockpile oil and he was hoping JR defaults on the loan. They toast the beginning of their renewed friendship. Afton invites Vaughn over and Cliff happens to also be there. Cliff offers to help Vaughn, giving him the Line of the Day

Dusty watches the rodeo films again. JR calls him and asks to meet at the Cotton Bowl - noon tomorrow. Dusty arrives by helicopter and JR challenges him about Sue Ellen's voracious sexual appetite. He says him she won't stay with him long, even insinuating that perhaps Clayton may provide the comfort Sue Ellen will need sooner than later. Dusty tries to keep up a brave face as he limps back to the helicopter, but is obviously hurt.

Episode 86: Five Dollars a Barrel Aired: Thu, Dec.2

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LINE OF THE DAY: "You're a dead man, JR, and I'm the head pallbearer." Cliff rubbing it in after buying JR's loan notes.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy, but Donna was close.

Gary arrives home with Ellie in a limo. JR and Gary discuss their common interest in Ewing Oil and JR tells him flatly that he can't handle the pressure of dealing with Ewing Oil decisions. He offers to buy the shares from Gary in exchange for setting him up with his own business in California. He reminds him that Valene would prefer him to stay away from Dallas too. Gary ends up deciding to give his voting proxy to Lucy, which pleases everyone except JR.

Bobby calls Mr. Greer in California about the money Kristin received from a mysterious source but he is told that Greer is not at liberty to say anything about anything he's done for JR or Kristin. Bobby asks Phyllis to check the files for correspondence with Greer's firm.

McCoy, a crude oil broker, visits JR and JR asks him to help him dispose of the 5 million barrels he's stockpiled. McCoy offers JR $31 a barrel - 2 dollars a barrel less than market price. JR tells him the offer isn't fair but McCoy says it's final. JR also gets a call from Holliday wondering whether he wants to store the oil for an extra month or not, and when payment will be made. JR tells him to wait for an answer.

The cartel boys visit Cliff and he offers them an opportunity to get JR now that he's vulnerable. Vaughn Leland arrives and explains JR's situation to the amazement of the cartel boys. Cliff wants them boys to buy the bank notes which are backed by the oil and $ 50 million in Ewing assets, which become their property when JR defaults on the loan.

Ray's banker comes to JR's office and tells him about Ray's loan application which he wants to secure on his own. He wonders whether JR would be willing to be a guarantor for his loan. JR tells him to wait a while so he can get the details. Ray drops Donna off at the airport to see her publisher and then arrives home to find JR waiting for him. JR tells him somewhat flatly about being approached to guarantee his loan and offers to do it in exchange for his voting shares. Ray quickly rejects the offer and JR tells him that's okay - maybe Donna will bail him out, or maybe he can just back out of the project. Given those choices, Ray decides to think about it.

It's movie night at the Southern Cross again as Sue Ellen is forced to watch Dusty's old rodeo films with him again. The next day, Dusty decides to try riding his horse again despite Sue Ellen's protestations that he doesn't have to prove anything to her or anyone else. Fortunately, he starts up where he left off and rides very well. Clayton tells Sue Ellen that he has things to prove to himself and maybe their love just isn't enough for him.

Bobby visits Pam at Brooktree and finds that she's progressing well - she is even able to go back home for a while. Dr.Conrad tells Bobby that he should treat Pam normally and be totally honest with her about having a child, should she bring it up. Pam arrives home the next day to find that Ellie and Donna redecorated her bedroom so that she and Bobby can have a fresh start.

Cliff shows JR that his group has bought the bank notes and reminds him that the loan is due in less than a week. Oil prices continue to fall steadily. Cliff arrives again the next night and tells him that he's willing to offer JR a ten-day extension on the loan, at a 25% interest rate. He also wants JR to sign over the rights to Ewing field #6, which Digger originally discovered. JR flatly refuses. Cliff calmly tells JR that he can afford to wait him out.

Phyllis finds a letter to Mr. Greer in JR's personal files informing him that he wants to set up a trust with $ 25,000 dollars - and also asks him to keep the matter totally secret. Farraday meets Bobby at Reunion Arena and tells him that he can't stay around Dallas much longer. Bobby asks how much he wants for the child and Farraday offers $ 25,000 which Bobby immediately accepts. They arrange another meeting for the next day. He plans a big surprise for JR.

Ray tells JR that the voting shares mean more to him than the development deal. JR tells him he's making a big mistake but Ray reminds him that between he, Lucy, and Ellie they can vote JR out of Ewing Oil if they want. McCoy tells JR that the crude oil spot market has gone sour - no one wants to buy anything until prices stabilize. There might be one exception: a guy in San Angelo named Clayton Farlow.

JR comes to Cliff's office for the loan extension. Cliff gloats as JR signs the papers and gives up the rights to Ewing 6.

Episode 87: Starting Over Aired: Fri, Dec.3

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Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy and Cliff are both invisible.

Pam is reluctant to return to Brooktree after spending time at the ranch, claiming she's much better now but Bobby convinces her she should go back for a while for her own good. She does return for another psychobabble session with Dr. Conrad in which she tells her that talking isn't going to do her any good - only a baby will.

Jordan Lee and Vaughn Leland visit JR, who tries to turn them against Cliff by telling them that Cliff gave him an extension on the loan and took Ewing field 6, but the boys tell him they knew all about it. JR arranges to meet with Paul Winslow, a New York stockbroker, about putting Ewing Oil on the stock market to raise cash quickly. Unfortunately, he finds that the necessary legalities will take at least two months.

Dusty spends most of his time riding and participates in the cattle roundup, to Sue Ellen's disappointment. She tells Clayton she's afraid she'll lose Dusty because of his ego. After an appointment with her lawyer, she returns back to the ranch to find Dusty reminiscing about old times with some of the ranch hands. Dusty tells her that he plans to participate in a rodeo the next day.

Bobby sees Dr. Alan Cosby, an old friend, to find out about paternity tests. He is told that it's almost impossible to positively prove paternity but it is easily disproved by simple blood tests. Bobby discovers that JR has type B blood, which makes him a likely candidate for fatherhood of Christopher. He meets Farraday and tells him that he won't give him any money until the baby is examined by a doctor to ensure that he is Kristin's child as indicated by his medical report. Farraday agrees, for an extra five thousand dollars.

Donna talks to Ellie about Ray's recent preoccupation with the development project; he refuses to discuss it with her because of his Ewing pride. Ellie talks to him and tells him that he doesn't have to prove his worth to anybody, especially Donna. Ray disagrees and says that he feels that Donna is the one person he really has to impress, given everything that she's accomplished in her life. In the end, he opens up to Ellie and tells her he needs another 3 million dollars to complete his projects. Ellie offers to help him out just as she would for her own sons.

Dusty is warmly welcomed back by his rodeo friends. He performs well in all his events as Sue Ellen nervously looks on, fearful of an accident.

Ray and Ellie meet with Franklin Horner about arranging Ray's loan. Ellie is shocked to discover that JR has depleted the Ewing account for securing the loan to stockpile Clayton's oil. Ray takes to opportunity the refuse Ellie's help under the circumstances. Pam arrives home from Brooktree in a cab after checking herself out of the clinic.

Christopher's checkup reveals that his particulars match those of Kristin's child. Bobby pays Farraday and prepares to take the baby home. He asks Donna to get Ellie out of the house so he can confront JR about it alone.

After his triumphant return to the rodeo world, Sue Ellen tells Dusty that it's where he belongs, and she refuses to continue being a reminder of the one thing he can't do. Dusty claims he doesn't care about his problem but Sue Ellen tells him that it will matter to him at some point. She decides to leave the Southern Cross so he doesn't have to be constantly reminded of his failure every day. She tearfully says goodbye as Dusty is dragged away by his rodeo pals.

Ellie tells Donna what happened at the bank. As they pull out of the driveway in Donna's car, JR arrives at the ranch. Ellie gets out of the car to confront him, ruining Bobby's plan. She follows him inside and they start arguing about what he's done. Bobby arrives home with Christopher and decides he wants to be dubbed for a few moments before he enters the house. As he stands in the hallway listening to JR and Ellie argue, Pam comes down the stairs, overjoyed to find that Bobby finally managed to obtain a child they can adopt. Bobby sadly watches as his plan comes to nought.

Episode 88: Waterloo at Southfork Aired: Mon, Dec.6

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "We may be wrong, we may be right, but we're Ewings, and we stick together. That's what makes us unbeatable!" - The unshakable Ellie Ewing to JR's creditors, telling them the straight goods.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Donna

As Pam plays with Christopher, she tells the family she checked herself out of Brooktree - and she's glad she did.

Ellie talks to JR again about the loan that is now due in only four days. JR is forced to reveal his plan about blackmailing the Farlows, to Ellie's utter disgust. She doesn't believe that Jock would have ever approved of such a plan. JR says he'll go through anyone to get his son back, to which Ellie responds that he'll have to go through her. His days of free reign at Ewing Oil are over. JR tries vainly to get a hold of Jock while Ellie makes preparations to go to San Angelo.

Sue Ellen prepares to leave the Southern Cross and heads to a San Angelo hotel. Ellie goes to see Clayton and sells him back his oil at $ 33 dollars a barrel, which minimizes Ewing Oil losses. Clayton tells Ellie that, like Jock, he would never have given in to JR's demands. He also tells her that Sue Ellen has left the Southern Cross.

Bobby sees Dr. Conrad, who is thrilled to hear the news that he found a child for Pam. She tells him she thinks Pam will be just fine. Cliff comes over to see his new nephew and reminds JR he's got only three days left to pay his loan back. Bobby and Pam take Christopher for a check-up and Bobby realizes he has no adoption papers. Bobby visits a lawyer friend for advice about the prospect of a private adoption.

Ray tells Walter Shear that he can't get any more money for their project. Walter tells him to ask Donna or the Ewings to help him out rather than lose a small fortune, but Ray's pride won't allow him to do that. Ray does manage to sell his share for 3 million dollars, leaving him with a 1 million dollar loss. Ellie later tells Ray she can give him the loan he needs but Ray disappointedly tells her he was forced to sell out.

Howard Barker comes to see JR about his impending divorce hearing. Howard has gathered all the witnesses and documents he needs to drag Sue Ellen through the mud at the hearing.

Ellie gathers the family together in the living room and tells everyone about JR's attempt to blackmail the Farlows which has hurt Ewing Oil financially. She says she sold the oil back, to JR's utter dismay, and calls for a vote as to whether JR should stay on as President. Lucy and Ray both vote him out. JR, of course, votes to stay, and Bobby abstains. JR reminds Ellie that no one other than he can run Ewing Oil properly. Ellie agrees and says she'll allow JR to stay as long as Bobby returns to Ewing Oil to be his watchdog. Bobby agrees and Ellie tells JR that he got what he wanted anyway - Sue Ellen has left the Southern Cross. The next morning, JR tells Ellie that Sue Ellen will be coming back to Southfork before long. Ellie says that if she doesn't, JR had better leave her alone or she'll change her mind about allowing him to run the company.

Clayton comes to Sue Ellen's hotel to give her some things she forgot. He says that Dusty has gone on the rodeo circuit and left him all alone at the ranch. Sue Ellen asks Clayton to stay away from the hearing so he doesn't hear all of the things JR will accuse her of.

Ellie calls Ewing Oil's creditors together and tells them that they're ready to pay back the loan with interest. She berates the cartel boys, who claimed to be Jock's friends, for squeezing JR when Jock's back was turned. She also gets in some good shots at Cliff and Vaughn Leland before delivering the Line of the Day.

Afton returns to Dallas after visiting her mother and crashes at Mitch's place. She calls Cliff but has to leave a message.

Howard promises JR he's got the divorce case wrapped up. Before the litigants enter the courtroom, JR takes Sue Ellen aside and tells her he plans to fight tooth and nail to get his son back. He reminds her that she doesn't have the Farlows to protect her any more, and he has the resources to put her on the street if he feels like it. That prospect seems to frighten Sue Ellen somewhat.

As Howard prepares to blast Sue Ellen in court, Ellie walks in and JR tells him to forget the plan. Without the mud-slinging, Sue Ellen wins custody of John Ross and JR gets visitation rights on alternate weekends.

Episode 89: Barbecue Two Aired: Tue. Dec. 7

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Why don't you get that junior plastic surgeon you married to design you a new face - one without a mouth." - JR to Lucy at the breakfast table.

ALTERNATES: "You two should start getting to know each other." - Pam to Bobby and Katherine. I just shook my head and smiled.
"I think your daddy will like him." - Ellie to JR about Clayton. Another head-shaker.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Pam.

Miss Ellie tells her caterer there might not be a Ewing Barbecue this year without Jock around.

That morning, at the breakfast table, JR tells Ellie that she should have let him call his witnesses - the headlines wouldn't have changed and John Ross would be at Southfork. Lucy challenges that JR doesn't care about his son as much as the voting shares he holds, prompting JR to return the Line of the Day.

Ellie and Lucy accompany Donna to her first book signing and that evening the whole family toasts her success. She is interviewed by KGIM and deflects criticism that the book avoids the negative aspects of Sam Culver's career. Ray contributes little to the conversation.

Sue Ellen finds a nice place in Dallas to live with John Ross. Clayton helps her get settled and she expresses concern about being on her own for the first time. A phone telegram arrives from Jock, indicating that he plans to return on the 14th for the Ewing Barbecue. Ray and JR don't seem too thrilled to learn that Jock is returning so quickly.

JR confirms with his accountant that Ewing 6, which he was forced to hand over to Cliff is practically dry. Cliff, on the other hand, is told that prospects are rosy. He arranges lunch with Afton for the next day. Afton tells Cliff she's thought about her future and magnanimously decides to see him again. A happy Cliff agrees to help Afton out with her career.

Pam and Ellie visit Sue Ellen as she gets her house in order. Pam tells Sue Ellen about Christopher and Ellie invites her to come to the barbecue along with John Ross, despite JR's presence. Sue Ellen hesitantly agrees.

JR is incredulous when he hears that Mitch, Clayton, Cliff, the Wentworth family, and Sue Ellen are all on the guest list for the barbecue. Thanks to Miss Ellie jotting down Sue Ellen's address, JR is able to find out where she lives and heads over. He brings her flowers and brings John Ross some alphabet blocks. He tells Sue Ellen that for the child's sake, they should be cordial. Sue Ellen wonders aloud why he didn't slam her at the hearing. JR says it had nothing to do with Ellie or anything else- he did it for his son's sake, so he could respect both his parents.

Bobby's lawyer friend tells him Christopher's father would have first claim on the child in any adoption proceeding.

The barbecue day arrives. Clayton arrives with Sue Ellen and John Ross, and Cliff is not far behind with Rebecca and the visiting Katherine. Clayton and Rebecca get reacquainted after not having met for a while. Bobby takes Katherine to see Pam and Christopher even though he doesn't know who she is [does he?]. Pam is preoccupied with the baby and asks Katherine to keep Bobby entertained.

Ray tells an old girlfriend Toni about his latest goings-on as Donna comes up with her publisher to tell him that she's been asked to write another book. Ray pretends to be overjoyed at the news. Mitch is paged to see a patient, dragging him away from Lucy.

JR and Sue Ellen talk in the nursery and JR comes on to her, asking whether she misses Southfork - or just him. Sue Ellen flatly indicates that she doesn't want anything to do with him any more. She wanders outside and meets Cliff, who abandons Afton for her. They dance and talk as JR looks on from the balcony.

JR comes down the stairs to find Ellie crying over a phone call. They find out that Jock is feared dead after a helicopter crash in South America. A day-long search has turned up nothing.

Episode 90: The Search Aired: Wed, Dec.8

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Don't count Daddy out yet." - JR to Sue Ellen

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Cliff.

JR tries to comfort Ellie as he tries vainly to obtain more information about what happened to Jock. Ray, Bobby, and JR makes plans to head down to South America to aid in the search. Ellie wants to go too but the family dissuades her. The boys take the first flight out in the morning at 7:30 AM. A reporter calls and Ellie tells him that Jock is a survivor and he'll get through this. She has the episode's first flashback, remembering Jock's heart attack and hospitalization [Episode 9].

JR goes up to see Sue Ellen and John Ross, who are resting in their old bedroom. JR asks Sue Ellen to stay at Southfork because Jock wants his grandson to be at the ranch. He even offers to stay in a guest room. Sue Ellen agrees and JR remembers Episode 29 when Jock christened his grandson.

Ray is restless, feeling guilty about partying all afternoon. He remembers the time Jock gave him a piece of Southfork for his own [Episode 16]. Ellie is also restless and decides to clean the fridge. She tells Bobby to be strong for the family's sake - Jock always counted on him when times were tough. Bobby remembers the "Real power is something you take" conversation. [Episode 64].

The next day, Ellie asks Sue Ellen to stay at the ranch until the boys return because she feels it's important for the family to stick together. Sue Ellen says she'll think about it as she recalls the "I wasn't gallivanting" moment. [Episode 55]. On the plane, Ray, Bobby and JR reminisce about the hunting trips they took with Jock when they were young. They remember his powerful survival instinct. Lucy stays in her room all day and then comes down the stairs all broken up. Curiously, she has no flashback.

The boys arrive at the camp and meet Punk who tells them they've found no evidence of what might have happened to Jock at all, but it's been two days since the plane went missing. JR tries to call Southfork but the connection is bad. A drill site search team finds a wreckage and evidence of survivors. The boys head out in the morning with supplies and guns.

Back at the ranch, Ellie reminisces about the 'Survival' episode [Episode 14] when she hid the news of JR and Bobby's plane crash from Jock. Ray, Bobby, and JR find a trail of footprints near the crash site. As they trudge through the rough terrain, JR reminisces about more of the good times. Bobby remembers Episode 35 when the boys and Jock got into a barfight in Louisiana. Ray remembers the day Jock told the family he was a Ewing [Episode 61]. They come to a clearing and find some paramedics tending to a white-haired gentleman on a stretcher. Unfortunately, it turns out not to be Jock, but a pilot who was flying the plane that Jock's chopper crashed into. The man tells them that the chopper went down on the other side of a mountain, five miles away, and hit a lake.

A diving crew gets on the scene to search the lake but all they find at first are pieces of the chopper. Bobby is undeterred and continues to search despite his near-exhaustion.

Sue Ellen decides to go home and tells Pam she can't bear to stay if the boys return without Jock. She knows the effect it will have on JR and she can't bear to see him helpless and lost like he was when he was shot. She asks Pam to explain her feelings to Ellie for her.

Bobby surfaces with Jock's golden lion medallion and shows it to Ray and JR. He's prepared to call off the search at that point but Ray and JR are determined to keep looking despite the ever-decreasing odds.

Ellie wakes up missing Jock and heads downstairs to the dining room as the boys return. Bobby breaks the news that they didn't find Jock. JR is overcome and heads out on to the balcony with the medallion, a sullen look on his face, as Bobby and Ray tell Ellie the story.

Episode 91: Denial Aired: Thu, Dec.9

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "As long as I believe he's alive, he's alive!" - Ellie with the last word on Jock's corporeal status.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Afton, who's credited but doesn't appear.

JR absent-mindedly dozes in his office and ignores Ewing Oil business, even two weeks after the return from South America. He calls Sue Ellen's place but she's not home. He walks out on a 3 million dollar deal and leaves the office, leaving another deal hanging for lack of a signature. Harve calls to tell Bobby that there are important decisions to make and is asked to come to the ranch the next evening. Bobby returns to the stormy ranch but JR isn't there. Ellie goes on as if nothing happened.

JR ends up at Serena's place. She wakes him up because he always told her he wants to be home at night, for appearance's sake. JR says he's got no home, no daddy, no wife, and no son, so forget it. The next morning, Bobby confronts JR about his delinquency. JR signs the papers Bobby needs and then leaves again.

Harve arrives at Southfork early to talk to Miss Ellie alone. He tells her he's concerned about the future of Ewing Oil in Jock's absence. Ellie insists that Jock made his wishes clear when he divided up the voting shares. Harve suggests they look at Jock's will, but Ellie says she has no intention of discussing the will at this point.

Sue Ellen comes home after shopping with her friend Didi and then goes to her place for dinner the next night. Didi introduces her to Tom Plintoff as the men and women gossip about their friends. When she arrives home, she gets a call from Cliff and as they start talking, the doorbell rings. It's Tom, expecting more out of the evening. He makes a pass at Sue Ellen who tells him to get lost. Tom says he knows she'll get lonely soon and she'll be calling him.

Ray drinks heavily waiting for Donna to come back from a book-signing session. Donna's book is Number 5 on the best-sellers list. Punk comes to Ray's place where he has crashed for the night to offer him a great development deal but Ray says he's the wrong guy for it. Donna tells Punk that Ray is also having trouble getting over Jock's death.

The doctor's office calls the ranch inquiring about Christopher's medical records, which they need for his next impending check-up. Bobby dials the office and tells Phyllis he's going to be late. He heads over to see his lawyer friend Eric to find out how to fake an adoption paper. Arriving at the office just as Phyllis and Sly leave for lunch, he liquid papers out Kristin's name from the birth record and types in a fictitious name.

Mitch and Lucy meet. Mitch advises her to move on with her life and immerse herself in something so she can help get over her grief - maybe a real job for a change. Lucy visits a photographer, Roger Larsen, who tells her she could have a great modeling career and he can get her started.

Ellie tells JR that Jock wouldn't have wanted him to ignore Ewing Oil the way he has been. Watching Ellie and Pam play with Christopher doesn't help JR's brooding one bit. He tries calling Sue Ellen again with no luck.

Harve tells Bobby that the Ewings have to deal with the legalities of Jock's will to prevent legal complications in the future. Bobby is convinced not to delay any more. Harve suggests they petition for a hearing to declare Jock dead - which requires Ellie's assent. JR comes in and continues with his devil-may-care attitude towards life, not interested in what Bobby and Harve tell him.

Cliff, still using that card table, gets good reports from the drilling at Ewing 6. At the Cattlemen's club, Cliff finds JR and buys him a drink. He tells JR about the progress on Ewing 6, causing JR to get up and leave. He heads to Sue Ellen's place and confronts her about not being at Southfork when he returned from the search for Jock. JR tells her that he'll never forgive her for keeping John Ross away from him, especially since Jock died thinking JR let him down - and he certainly won't let her get away with it. He tells her she won't have a moment's peace while she has John Ross.

Bobby tells Pam what Harve told him and wishes he didn't have to be the one to ask Ellie about the necessary legal steps the family needs to take. Realizing how important the company was to Jock, and the fact that JR's not capable of running the company right now, he decides to face Ellie the next morning.

Bobby sits Ellie down and tries to get her to face the reality that Jock is not coming back, and for the good of Ewing Oil Jock should be declared dead. Ellie falls apart at the suggestion and vehemently declares that the house, the family, and the Ewing rules all belong to Jock and that's the way it's going to be. She tells Bobby that Jock is not dead and gives him the Line of the Day.

Episode 92: Head of the Family Aired: Fri, Dec.10

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Someday you're gonna have to tell John Ross what his granddaddy spent his whole life building. How are you going to do that, JR?" - Bobby convincing JR to be a man and deal with his grief.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy

Bobby tells Harve there's no way there will be a hearing to declare Jock dead anytime soon. Harve says he can only allow that as long as Ewing Oil shows that it is being well-managed. Bobby assures him it will be. Ellie calls Bobby about a shipment of cattle that just arrived and need to be taken care of, because Ray is nowhere to be found. Bobby also tries to deal with Ewing Oil business that is stalled because of JR's disinterest.

Lucy arrives at Roger's place and meets Blair Sullivan, a talent agent, who takes an instant liking to her. Lucy asks for some time to think about whether she wants to devote her life to modeling.

Bobby asks Dr. Conrad to come to Southfork under the pretext of following up on Pam's treatment. Actually, he wants her to find out what Ellie's problem is. Dr. Conrad brilliantly deduces that Ellie is in classic denial and she needs to work it out herself.

Ray spends time with his drinking buddies. Bobby finds him and confronts him about his disinterest in running the ranch. He finds that Ray's disinterest is with life in general. Bobby tells Ellie that he may have to step in as president of Ewing Oil if things don't change. Ellie disagrees, saying that JR and Ray will snap out of their funks soon enough, and the best way to proceed is though everything were normal. Ellie later tells JR he has to pull himself together and the family plans to have dinner together that evening.

The lady from the adoption agency comes to tell Bobby and Pam that a child has become available for them, but finds that they've already adopted. Bobby is forced to tell Pam that it was a private adoption. He makes up a story about Christopher's parents being killed in a car crash, and he was unable to learn any of the details. The next day, he gets a call from Jeff Farraday who leaves a message that he'll be in touch.

Donna's publisher asks her to do another Sam Culver book, focusing on the early years. Ray comes home and acts totally rude to the publisher, convincing Donna to forget about his feelings and go ahead and write the book. Bobby asks Ray to bring Donna over for Ellie's special dinner but Ray tells him off, saying that he won't start eating at Southfork just because Jock is dead. Ellie talks to Donna about it but Donna says she can't deal with Ray's attitude any more. She feels totally spent and doesn't care any more.

Clayton escorts Sue Ellen to a dinner party thrown by Didi. She has a hard time convincing her friends that Clayton is just a friend. Sue Ellen throws her own dinner party soon afterwards but Clayton is unable to attend because of trouble at his refinery. Sue Ellen's friends are dubious, figuring she told Clayton not to come so she could be the center of attention to their husbands. Didi's husband Henry comes on to Sue Ellen, causing Didi to angrily question their friendship.

Only Bobby and Pam show up for Ellie's dinner. JR arrives late and immediately heads up to his room to continue moping. Bobby confronts him about his self-pity and reminds him that he's not the only one grieving. If Jock were alive, he'd want their lives to go on, and Ewing Oil to prosper. He drags JR over to the mirror and forces him to look at his son's picture, thinking about the legacy Jock left for his sons and grandsons.

Cliff calls Sue Ellen and arranges to meet and talk the next day. Cliff ends up spending the night, and the next morning it happens to be Saturday, and it's the day JR goes to pick up John Ross to spend the weekend at Southfork. Cliff happens to be there and they trade barbs about Ewing 6, now christened Barnes-Wentworth 1, until John Ross is ready to go. Saturday dinner is an overwhelming success for the family. John Ross sits in Jock's chair, just like JR used to when he was young.

Episode 93: The Phoenix Aired: Mon, Dec.13

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Well Ray was always uncomfortable eating with the family, I mean after all we do use knives and forks." - JR back to his old tricks again at the dinner table. Glad to see it.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Donna

JR brings John Ross to the office on Sunday and shows him around, just like Jock used to do. He gets a call from Ellie that Sue Ellen is concerned about when John Ross will come back home. JR says he's bringing him over. Sue Ellen has a fit because JR is half an hour late.

Mr. McGregor, from the supply company that provides feed for Southfork cattle, arrives and tells Ellie that unpaid bills have been mounting because Ray hasn't dealt with them. Ellie discusses the problem with Ray and tells him to shape up and keep Southfork running, which is his duty as a Ewing.

Pam presses Bobby for more information about Christopher's real parents. Bobby promises to look into it. He visits his friend Eric for advice but Eric is unwilling to proceed any further, knowing what he knows. Eric gives him the name of a lawyer who can help Bobby out better than he can. Bobby is forced to lie to Pam and tell her he got very little information but he tries to assure her that Christopher's parents were fine, healthy, upstanding citizens.

One of Harve's representatives brings over some documents for JR to look at and they discuss the legal situation surrounding Jock's death. She tells JR that the current situation is only temporary so that Ewing Oil could continue in Jock's absence; his will is more likely to make provisions for all of his heirs, present and future. JR figures that the will can only make the situation worse for John Ross and himself. Jordan Lee calls for Bobby but JR answers and says he's back making the decisions for Ewing Oil now. He arranges a meeting for the next day.

Lucy does some more modeling for Roger, who seems unwilling to let her leave his studio. Later, she meets Mitch to discuss Ellie's denial of Jock's death and Roger appears to be following her.

JR bad-mouths Ray at the dinner table that night, providing the Line of the Day. He also tells everyone that he thinks the will should not be read any time soon. When Bobby challenges him about it, JR said he wants to do it for Ellie's sake, because she still believes Jock is alive.

Sue Ellen and Cliff go out for dinner. Cliff wants to get romantic but Sue Ellen says [can you guess? Everybody together...] she's not ready for a relationship yet.

Ellie finds that the McGregor bill has not been paid even after a few days. She call Ray but there's no answer so she asks Bobby to take care of it. Bobby says he'll go pay the bill and try and straighten Ray out.

Jordan Lee and JR meet at the Cattlemen's club. JR says he wants to start fresh with the cartel. Jordan replies that he and Marilee Stone are willing to do business with him again, but the other members are not. JR visits Marilee and sleeps with her to entice her into convincing the cartel.

Pam's preoccupation with Christopher's teething causes her to forget about a dinner date with Rebecca and Katherine. She recommends they take Bobby but Rebecca says they'll do it some other time.

Ray continues to spend time at his hangout with Bonnie. Bobby finds him there and tells him to shape up or he'll find a new foreman for the ranch. Ray doesn't believe he would do that and challenges him to a fight but Bobby says he's not worth it. Ray glumly realizes he's right and heads out of the bar with Bonnie. They spend the night together. Bobby discusses Ray's continued disillusionment about life with JR and Ellie and JR gets on Ray's case again for his lack of Ewing character and guts.

A friend of Cliff's has opened a new club, and Cliff has convinced him to hire Afton as entertainment. Sue Ellen and Clayton also arrive at the club opening. They sit near Cliff's table and he stops by to say hello, making both Afton and Sue Ellen uneasy about being there. Later, Sue Ellen lies to Clayton that Cliff wasn't the problem; it was Afton, because she was one of JR's paramours.

Marilee is able to convince the cartel members to cut JR in on their latest deal. JR goes to Jock's office and tells the portrait of his daddy that he's sorry for giving up on Ewing Oil and forgetting his legacy. He promises to make Ewing Oil as strong as possible, just like Jock did, so he can pass it on to his son.

Episode 94: My Father, My Son Aired: Tue, Dec.14

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Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ellie

JR stops by Ray's house hoping to find him but doesn't - Donna tells him she doesn't know where Ray is. JR offers to help save her marriage by telling her to convince Ray to give up his voting shares in Ewing Oil. In a rare moment of sagacity, JR reminds her that Ray's problem all stems from the fact that he can't cope with being a Ewing, and her success has made his failure all the more painful. He says Ray has to realize that being a ranch foreman isn't a bad thing for him, but he won't do that while he feels he has a responsibility to Jock and Ewing Oil. Donna seems to take his words seriously as she finishes some packing and exits the house, leaving a note for Ray.

Bobby visits Charles Eccles, the lawyer that his friend Eric recommended, and tells him some of the details of the story behind his acquisition of Christopher, including the fact that Kristin was his mother. Bobby is advised that he should take an 'abandoned child' posture, which will give him temporary custody of Christopher for six months. During that time, he has to be able to demonstrate to the court that he took all possible steps to find the biological father. It would help if he got an affidavit from Sue Ellen saying she doesn't know who the father is; and he would have to do some advertising for the real father. To his dismay, he is told that if the real father steps up, there would be a legal claim on the child.

Pamela takes Christopher to visit her friends at the Store. [Isn't she afraid he'll get scorched by nasty Mr. Sun?] Liz and Jackie take Pam to an aerobics studio for a workout which she enjoys.

Ray arrives home and finds the house empty. He sees Donna's note, telling him she's gone to Laredo to do some research for her new book. She later calls and tells him the research will take longer than she expected, but she thinks the time apart will do them some good.

JR celebrates the new deal with the cartel with great vim until he spies Cliff and Sue Ellen enjoying themshelves at a nearby table. JR's private investigator tells him Cliff spent the whole night at Sue Ellen's place, at which JR tells him to keep the house under constant surveillance. It turns out Cliff was too drunk to drive home and crashed on Sue Ellen's couch. Cliff hints again that he was expecting a more romantic atmosphere but Sue Ellen...well, you can guess what she says. [It's the 'I'm not ready for a relationship yet' thing again, for those who have missed the first three seasons].

Lucy's pictures turn out quite well, and Roger seems extremely pleased. Mitch meets with recently divorced patient Evelyn Michaelson for dinner and they arrange to play some tennis the next day. Lucy goes to Mitch's place to show him some of her pictures just as Evelyn arrives. Lucy gets uncomfortable and decides to postpone the showing. Once outside the door, she overhears Mitch and Evelyn talking about their get-together the previous night and assumes they're having a fling.

JR mercifully interrupts an Afton rehearsal and says they have a mutual interest in separating Cliff from Sue Ellen. Afton is surprised to realize that JR is jealous of the relationship. The next morning she confronts Cliff about it and asks for straight answers about his feelings for Sue Ellen. Cliff tells her he loves Sue Ellen and he's very serious about having a relationship with her. Afton warns him that JR will destroy him first but Cliff pooh-poohs the prospect of that happening. Rebecca and Katherine visit Cliff at the office late that night and Katherine expresses mild disapproval at the way Cliff is quickly expanding her father's company.

Lucy arrives late for a photo session with Roger and tells him about her personal problems with Mitch. Roger finds it hard to believe that Lucy would be spurned in that manner and kisses her. She responds in kind and is somewhat unnerved by her own feelings. Mitch comes over the next day to talk to Lucy about it and he says that he's just helping Evelyn through a tough time in her life. Lucy pointedly asks if they've slept together and Mitch angrily responds to the effect of 'not yet'.

JR calls an old friend in Tulsa named Wally Hampton. He asks Wally for a favor: to ask Cliff to take a prominent position in Wally's company for a few months to get him away from Dallas, and then to dump him in such a way that will kill his career. Wally agrees to do it for old time's sake.

It's a visitation weekend for JR, and he plans to take John Ross to an amusement park. He invites Sue Ellen to accompany them, so they can be together for the boy's sake. Sue Ellen agrees and they have a great day. All the while, JR keeps reminding Sue Ellen about the good times they had and how nice it is to be together with her. After the fun is over, he invites Sue Ellen to come to Southfork for dinner to keep the family feeling going. Sue Ellen thinks about it but says no - maybe some other time. That night, JR tells John Ross a bedtime story and tells him he figures Sue Ellen will be back at the ranch very soon.

Episode 95: Anniversary Aired: Wed, Dec.15

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Don't you know rich folks are always happy?" - JR encouraging whiny Lucy to turn her frown upside down.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ellie and Mitch, who is credited but doesn't appear.

JR asks a friend, Chester, to find a film from 1967 - and quick. He leaves John Ross with Ellie for a while to go into town. Later, he brings John Ross and a caterer over to Sue Ellen's place for a Sunday family dinner. After initial hesitation, Sue Ellen accepts.

Bobby and Ellie discuss the impending court hearing to get custody of Christopher and then go and join Pam and Lucy, who are aerobicizing. The hearing date is set for next Tuesday, 10 AM. Bobby reveals that Sue Ellen is the one who needs to provide the affidavit stating that she doesn't know who the father is.

Cliff invites Katherine and Rebecca for left-over Chinese take-out. Wally Hampton calls Cliff and arranges a meeting for Tuesday. Cliff announces the news and Katherine looks uneasy. Wally offers him the job of Chief Operating Office at Olco Industries with a huge salary and lots of perks, as per JR's plan. He discusses it with Rebecca who tells him it's his decision - she just wants what's best for him.

Donna calls Ellie that she's coming home tomorrow and is unable to find Ray. Ellie promises to keep an eye out for him.

JR tells Sly to bug Chester to get that film. After getting a call from Harry the bartender telling him that Ray just arrived at his watering hole, he follows Ray and Bonnie out of the parking lot.

Bobby meets with Liz Craig and asks for advice on getting a career for Pam where she can take care of Christopher while she works. Liz suggests providing her with her own business. He tries to buy the best aerobics studio and gym in Dallas but the lovely lady who currently owns it is somewhat unwilling to sell.

Clayton visits Sue Ellen and tells him about JR's recent change of heart. Clayton counsels her to be very careful but she thinks JR has changed. JR finally gets the tape he wanted. He calls Sue Ellen and says he wants to come over and show it to her.

Evelyn Michaelson calls Lucy and asks to meet and talk about Mitch. They arrange to meet at 1 PM at the Summerhill. Ellie advises her to remain calm and remember that she's a woman just like Evelyn is and she'll have to decide whether she wants Mitch back.

Donna arrives at Southfork for dinner the next evening and after they trade a few barbs about her bookwriting, JR apologizes for his uncalled-for comments. Donna later gets a call from the manager of the Starbright Hotel, telling her that Ray is there, and in bad shape. Donna says she'll be right over as JR pays the man off for a job well done. Donna arrives at the Starbright and finds Ray and Bonnie in a room. She sees the pair together and leaves in an angry huff. Bonnie is incredulous that Ray didn't even try to hide their affair. Ray hints that it gives Donna no choice but to leave him.

Bobby shows Pam the gym he's purchased for her - and the fact that it has a nursery for Christopher to be in while she works. He hands her the keys to 'Pam's Aerobics Unlimited'.

Evelyn meets Lucy. She tells Lucy that she's serious about Mitch and she had better decide whether she wants Mitch or not. Lucy says she does but Evelyn points out that they're from different worlds and they're not living together so she doesn't believe it. She also tells Lucy that they've slept together, contradicting Mitch's story. Lucy heads over to Roger's place and tells him what went down and she's glad she has someone to talk to. [Some good acting by Charlene!] Roger convinces her that she didn't come over just to talk and they tumble on to his bed.

JR arrives at Sue Ellen's place with flowers and his videotape. It turns out to be a tape of Sue Ellen's Miss Texas pageant of 1967, which she won and he judged. He says he can't stop thinking about her and that his life hasn't been the same since she left. Sue Ellen seems convinced and they share a passionate kiss.

Episode 96: Adoption Aired: Thu, Dec.16

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I'd be more likely to forget my own name, Mama!" - JR after Ellie reminds him not to forget to fix himself a drink before dinner.

ALTERNATE: "And frisk him on the way out.  I don't want to lose anymore ashtrays." - JR to Sly after Cliff barges in.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ellie yet again.

Bobby finds a great parking spot in front of Pam's aerobics studio to pick up his wife and son. He calls Sue Ellen and tells her that he needs to talk to her sometime soon. As the family pulls away, a car driven by Jeff Farraday follows them.

JR arrives at Sue Ellen's place and invites her over to dinner at Southfork. This time the sweet talk works and Sue Ellen accepts. The whole family has a nice dinner, just like the old days, as Sue Ellen catches up with goings-on.

Lucy tells Roger she can't see him today, which causes him to go into a rage and throw a drink at the wall, which he has plastered with photographs of Lucy. [This is scary.]

JR calls the Sheriff to pick up Ray from the Longview bar for his own protection, and hold him for a while. He arrives at the office soon afterwards and visits Ray's cell. They argue like brothers over who loved Jock more and who deserves to grieve more. JR accuses him of dragging Jock's legacy down by his attitude and reminds him that Jock wouldn't have given him voting shares in Ewing Oil if he could see him now. Ray says he doesn't want the votes and JR offers him a prepared contract to sign them over, which Ray does. Then he tells JR to go to hell.

Cliff hires a consultant to check out Olco Industries, which turns out to be a stellar report. Cliff later tells Rebecca that he's discovered that Wally and JR were in the same college fraternity and is positive that the job offer is a set-up. He comes to JR's office, tells him that he figured out the plan and challenges JR that he's not going to get rid of him so easily this time. He also says he plans to marry Sue Ellen, whatever it takes.

Ray arrives home the next morning and is surprised to find Donna there. He says he's cutting his ties to the Ewings because he just wants to be ordinary old Ray Krebbs. Donna reminds him that Ray Krebbs was the man she fell in love with - before he became a Ewing. Donna tells Ray that if he wants a divorce, he'll have to file for it because she's not ready to give up on their life together.

Farraday checks the adoption records for the last six months and finds that Bobby hasn't yet filed. Pam and Sue Ellen discuss her relationship with JR since the divorce and Sue Ellen says she still has a soft spot for him. JR gives Sue Ellen some weird looking thing as a gift, accompanied by a sincere "I love you."

Cliff talks to Jordan and Marilee about making some business deals with the cartel but they tell him they've just finished a deal with JR - maybe some other time.

Bobby calls Sue Ellen and says he's coming over to have the talk he promised. He explains that Christopher is Kristin's son and discovers that Sue Ellen knew about the pregnancy - and that JR was the father. Bobby tells her about the affidavit he needs stating that she doesn't know who the father is. Sue Ellen stares at whatever the heck JR gave her and thinks about it. This revelation brings back all the memories of the pain and suffering JR caused her and she agrees to do whatever Bobby needs.

Donna heads to the Longview to confront Bonnie, who advises her to let Ray go but Donna says he deserves better than to hang around bars and drink all day. She offers Bonnie $ 15,000 to leave the state and insinuates that she's a whore, causing Bonnie to throw a drink in her face. Donna lands an awesome right cross on Bonnie's chin and sends her flat on her butt through a tub of popcorn.

Lucy arrives at Roger's studio while he's having a photo session and tells him she just wants a professional relationship, not a personal one. Roger is adamant that the affair is important to him, just as Blair Sullivan arrives and whisks Lucy away to lunch, to discuss her expanding career options. Roger angrily calls off his session and tells his model to leave.

The conservatorship hearing occurs and Bobby is awarded custody of Christopher. Farraday comes into to the courtroom as Bobby leaves and learns from the stenographer that it's official. Bobby tells Pam the good news and they decide to take Christopher to the zoo to celebrate.

Donna prepares to go to Austin to do some more research for her book. Ray's heard about the fight and Donna says she did it because she wants him any way she can have him. In a symbolic gesture, Ray caps up his beer and pushes it aside.

JR buys Sue Ellen an expensive necklace which she terms an expensive joke, just like their marriage was. JR is bewildered at her change of attitude and is left standing in the livingroom as she shuts the door on him and throws his necklace back.

Episode 97: The Maelstrom Aired: Fri, Dec.17

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Would you like some orange juice?" - Cliff to Clayton, trying to act casual after Clayton discovers him at Sue Ellen's place. The delivery is really funny if you think about it. I'm just kind of surprised Cliff didn't offer him prune juice!

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ellie yet again.

Everyone celebrates Bobby's court victory except JR who calls his PI Micken for an urgent meeting. JR finds out that Bobby visited Sue Ellen for about an hour the day before last. JR confronts Bobby about poking around in his private life and flatly accuses him of poisoning Sue Ellen against him. Bobby tells him it's none of his business what he says to Sue Ellen.

Clayton visits Sue Ellen and finds out about Sue Ellen's sudden recollection of everything in the past - including the affair between Kristin and JR. Sue Ellen promises to find a way to hurt JR as much as he hurt her. She heads over to Cliff's place to spend the night. Bobby tells Sue Ellen that JR knows they met - Sue Ellen says she'll take care of that.

Ray rides up to the ranch and interrupts Ellie's stationary cycling to tell her that he's back to his old self again. Donna finds some disturbing news at the Austin Public Library and asks a librarian how she might find information about some one who was committed to a mental institution. She tells Ray that she found out something upsetting about Sam Culver. To her shock, Ray is actually interested and he tells her that things will be different when she returns, finishing with an "I love you" for good measure.

JR is at Sue Ellen's place when she arrives home and asks her what went wrong. He also inquires about Bobby's visit and Sue Ellen inquires about the detective watching her house. She calls Cliff and tells him she enjoyed last night and is looking forward to their meeting this evening, for JR's amusement. He gets the hint and leaves. JR barges into Cliff's office late that night and tells him he's going to destroy him, and this time he means it.

Ray visits Bonnie at the Longview and apologizes for using her during his depression. Bonnie tells him to do what makes him happy. Ray tells Bobby that he'd like his help with some branding. Bobby's glad to help and to see that Ray's is back taking care of the ranch.

Clayton arrives at Sue Ellen's place with croissants and is somewhat embarrassed to find Cliff there. Cliff gives him the Line of the Day and leaves for work. Clayton tells Sue Ellen to be careful - using Cliff isn't the best way of getting back at JR. They decide to spend the day looking for antiques. [Figures Clayton would be awfully familiar with old things.] Sue Ellen finds that Clayton already bought something that she really wanted - she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

JR happens to pass by as Katherine is doing 'people on the street' interviews outside a restaurant. JR provides some candid comments about the economy, and then they talk a little bit about her family - especially power-hungry Cliff. JR tells her he hopes they can talk again real soon.

Lucy has an outdoor photo shoot with Roger and Blair Sullivan. Mitch stops by to talk and asks her to make a decision about their future but Lucy says that he and Evelyn can wait. Mitch angrily watches as Lucy embraces Roger.

Jeff Farraday shows up at Pam's studio. He asks Pam to tell Bobby to call him at 10 AM the next day. That night, Bobby echoes the sentiments of all male Dallas viewers in telling Pam that he doesn't know whether she looks better in dresses or leotards. They discuss Ray's improvement and Pam gives him Farraday's message.

JR tells Micken his services are no longer needed now that Sue Ellen knows she's being watched. Jordan and Marilee arrive at Ewing Oil and discuss their plans about their development near Lubbock. He finds that there's a piece of property right next to their oil-rich land that is totally dry. Bobby calls Farraday and tells him they have to meet to discuss their little secret - he says he'll be in touch.

Cliff and Sue Ellen meet for lunch and he wants to make a day of it but Sue Ellen gives him her 'I'm not ready for a commitment' spiel. Cliff wonders whether he's the only man in her life - given the time she's spending with Clayton. Sue Ellen says he's just a father figure to her - and her best friend at the moment.

We abruptly cut to Roger and moping Lucy. Roger counsels her to divorce Mitch and start a relationship with him instead of just using him to get back at Mitch. Roger takes her to his bedroom and shows her the "Great Wall of Lucy". Roger tells her that she's the only one he thinks about every minute of the day. Yet again they tumble on to his bed.

Lowell Greer [see Episode 86] calls from Los Angeles for JR and tells him he's found the advertisement that Eccles placed - especially since Bobby called him a few months ago asking about Kristin. JR tells him to find everything he can about Kristin's child and get him a copy of the birth certificate as he turns to watch Pam, Bobby, and Ellie playing with Christopher.

Episode 98: The Prodigal Aired: Mon, Dec.20

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Well, unless you can think of a better way!" - JR responding to seismologist Murphy after he incredulously asks him whether he should forge a report to entrap Cliff.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ellie yet again.

Cliff discusses the way he outwitted JR and Wally with Katherine and Rebecca. He tells Rebecca that he feels cramped because he has to check everything with the corporate headquarters in Houston. Rebecca says she'll change the power structure that her husband set, which doesn't sit well with Katherine.

Donna finds that Sam Culver committed his uncle Jonas to a mental institution in Big Springs. The details are sketchy buy the administrator counsels her to visit a man named Abel Greeley who runs a hardware store in town.

Cliff comes over to Sue Ellen's place for a lunch date and finds Clayton there, discussing her feelings about JR again. Cliff invites Clayton to their lunch as well.

Pam arrives at the office and takes Bobby to dinner, causing him to duck a call from Jeff. JR gets a copy of Christopher's birth certificate from Lowell Greer via special delivery. He asks Lowell to look into Kristin's acquaintances around the time of the birth, as well as to confirm where the child is now.

Clayton comes to see Afton to inquire about Cliff's intentions towards Sue Ellen. Afton tells him that JR would never let Cliff have Sue Ellen and wonders why Clayton's interested at all. Clayton comes up with the lame excuse that Dusty still cares for her but Afton can tell that he seems to be the one with the hots for her.

Katherine comes to Cliff's office and asks him point-blank why he's ruining her daddy's company to get his revenge on JR. Cliff wonders why Katherine's so upset with everything he's done. Katherine says her father ran his company with class which he obviously knows nothing about. Cliff reminds her that her father's dead and he'll run his company the way he pleases.

Farraday calls Bobby and tells him to meet him tomorrow night.

Donna visits Abel Greeley and finds that rumors were circulating at the time that Jonas had a piece of oil-rich land for which Sam Culver had him put away. She arrives home to find that Ray's finally pulled himself together and their relationship is good again. Donna calls Dave Culver in Washington and asks about Jonas Culver. Dave doesn't know anything but suggests she check out Sam's old house in Dallas.

Katherine, dressed to kill, meets with JR at the Scalini restaurant. She tells JR she's concerned about the way Cliff's running the company, especially since Rebecca give him autonomy over Wentworth Tool & Die - the first company her father started out with. She suggests that Rebecca would never let Cliff get away with ruining the company, at which JR suggests that she will soon have nothing to worry about.

JR gets a seismologist named Murphy, who owes him big favors, to forge a report that says the Wellington property is a can't-miss, oil-rich proposition.

Afton comes to Sue Ellen's place to talk about their similar tastes in men. She confronts Sue Ellen about using Cliff to get back at JR and questions whether she loves him the way he does her. Sue Ellen wonders whether JR sent her over to cause trouble - Afton tells her it was Clayton who talked to her about it because he's smitten with Sue Ellen. Of course, Sue Ellen doesn't believe a word of it and maintains that Clayton's just a friend.

Lucy comes over to Roger's place and Roger gets upset at her because she asked Blair for another photographer because he's too possessive. Roger responds that no one else is ever going to be her photographer. Lucy tells Pam about Roger's freaky nature. Pam decides to pay Roger a visit and warns him to stay away from Lucy. Roger tells her he doesn't like threats but Pam tells him she'll bring Bobby with her if she hears about it again.

Bobby meets Farraday and tells him he wants more money for his continued silence about Kristin's baby. Bobby refuses to be blackmailed and Jeff wonders how his wife feels about the baby. Bobby grabs him and tells him that if he ever bothers Pam, he'll kill him.

Donna finds that Jock Ewing and Sam Culver conspired to take Jonas's land because he refused to sell it to them. Sam intended to release him from the sanitarium when the sale was complete but Jonas committed suicide before he could do it.

Sue Ellen asks Clayton why he went to see Afton - and that she said he was in love with her. Clayton admits that he does love her - but in a different way. Sue Ellen is overjoyed to hear it.

Lowell Greer arrives in Dallas and tells JR that Kristin apparently came to Texas with her child when she died, and then Jeff Farraday took him back to California, but then he brought him back to Dallas for some reason. JR figures he knows exactly where baby Christopher is...

Episode 99: Vengeance Aired: Tue, Dec.21

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Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray.

Pam tells Lucy Roger shouldn't bother her any more. Lucy figures she'll fulfill her contract and then quit modeling. Farraday tells Bobby to meet him again tonight at 8 PM at the same bar. Bobby tells Farraday he won't pay him another cent and he risks going to jail for what he did. Farraday responds that he has little to lose so prison doesn't frighten him.

Murphy provides JR with the falsified reports on the Wellington property. JR hands him the deed to his house and tells him to lie low for a while. He calls Marilee and tells her their plan is ready to be executed.

Rebecca visits Southfork and tells Ellie about JR's plotted entrapment of Cliff. She tells her that it's because Cliff is seeing Sue Ellen. Ellie says that JR will probably go to any lengths to get rid of Cliff where Sue Ellen and his son are involved.

Afton meets JR at the Cattlemen's Club and tells him that Sue Ellen is going to dump Cliff soon anyway, so she asks him to leave Cliff alone for a while. She tells him Clayton's much more important to Sue Ellen than Cliff is.

Ellie comes to Sue Ellen's place to talk about the triangle she forms with JR and Cliff, which involves two whole families. She asks Sue Ellen to really think about whether she's just using Cliff to get back at JR - and whether she's strong enough to deal with another blow-up. Sue Ellen says she's not sure.

Lucy tells Blair Sullivan she wants another photographer she can work with. Blair readily agrees. Blair visits Roger and tells him that Lucy doesn't want to work with him any more. Roger takes his usual hyper-fit and Blair says he warned him about getting possessive with his models. Roger appears to calm down and says he gets the message.

Marilee comes to Cliff's office and tells him she wants his help to get back at JR, who promised to marry her but really used her to get back with the cartel. She says he's being driven crazy by someone who's trying to get close to Sue Ellen. She says she's involved in a land deal with JR but wants to cut him out and deal Cliff in for $3.25 million. She leaves the faked geological reports with him to peruse. Cliff's consultant tells him the deal is a great one. He asks the uneasy comptroller to draw a check for $4 million right away - despite the fact that it's going to stop several research and development projects. Cliff ends up paying 4.5 million of the 6.5 million required to buy the Wellington property, drawing even on his personal funds, to Marilee's delight.

Sly finds that Clayton is staying at the Fairview hotel in Dallas. JR meets with him and asks him about his feelings for Sue Ellen and why he's so protective of her. He accuses Clayton of wanting Sue Ellen for himself.

Dave Culver returns to Dallas to look at Donna's new information about Sam Culver's bilking of his uncle. Dave tells Donna that as far as he's concerned, she can use any of the information she finds because Sam's reputation during his political life is spotless. Donna says that it'll still be a problem breaking the news to the Ewings because Jock is also implicated.

Farraday finds Bobby outside the office the next day and pleads with him to meet one more time. Farraday tells him he's in trouble and needs money and a ticket to Rio, after which he'll provide documents that will prove he'll never be back. Bobby asks for a couple of days to think it over.

Ellie and JR have lunch together to discuss his fallout with Sue Ellen. He says his pursuit of her started out because of John Ross, but he's re-found his love for her after the divorce. Ellie pointedly tells him not to take his anger out on Cliff. JR apologizes for trying to set Cliff up but admits that the thought of Cliff and Sue Ellen together drives him crazy.

Cliff tells Sue Ellen he's on the verge of making a lot of money and he wants to marry her so that he can provide everything she wants. She asks for some time and he says she can take all the time she needs. She calls Clayton who tells her he's busy, even though he's not.

Mitch calls Lucy and apologizes for everything that's happened and says he's made a decision. He asks to meet for lunch and Lucy gleefully accepts. Unfortunately, Mitch tells Lucy that he wants a divorce. He tells the distraught Lucy that their marriage never had a chance and they should bury it. Lucy heads a bar to loosen up. When she comes out to her car, Roger gets into the passenger's seat and tells her to start driving.

Rebecca questions Cliff about his relationship with Sue Ellen. Cliff says he's asked her to marry him and Rebecca says she doesn't want to see the ensuing fight between him and JR. Cliff refuses to give in, though, saying that it's a fight he can win.

Harry McSween arrives at JR's office and shows him Christopher's pre-adoptive record, including Sue Ellen's affidavit. JR realizes that that was what Bobby and Sue Ellen were discussing in Episode 96, and it must be the reason she turned cold against him. With all the information he has amassed, he tells us his master plan in a soliloquy to Bobby: he plans to blackmail Bobby for his twenty voting shares in Ewing Oil so that, with John Ross's shares, he'll have majority control of the company.

Episode 100: Blackmail Aired: Wed, Dec.22

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> Pam  "I can't believe how much Christopher means to JR."
> Bobby  "Neither can I."

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray.

JR comes home and talks to Bobby, Pam, and Ellie about how nice it is to have a child around the house- he mentions that there might have been a second if a certain someone hadn't turned Sue Ellen against him. Bobby looks on uneasily.

Roger takes Lucy back to his studio and starts shooting pictures, pretending that nothing is unusual. Lucy tries to run away but Roger sits her down and continues to shoot as she cries.

Cliff visits JR's office and tries to rub his purchase of the Wellington property in JR's face. JR feigns disappointment and disgust at Marilee and pretends to nearly explode when Cliff says he plans to invite him to his wedding - to Sue Ellen.

That dumb ox Clayton visits Sue Ellen again. This time, he makes the smart decision to take a vacation - but not before he tells her that he may actually be falling in love with her, and that's why he has to leave, to allow her some space.

Bobby goes to Farraday's apartment after making a huge illegal U-turn and leaving his briefcase in his car. He finds the apartment all messed up and Farraday lying shot dead on the floor. He calls the operator and tries not to leave fingerprints [badly!]. As he leaves, a guy in a parked car notes his license plate.

Sue Ellen berates JR for ruining her relationship with Clayton. JR acts apologetic but after she hangs up the phone, he celebrates the removal of one of her suitors.

Cliff decides to start drilling on the Wellington land without getting a second opinion. He gets the comptroller to get another cheque ready - for another half million dollars.

Donna comes over to Southfork and tells Ellie about what she discovered about Sam -and Jock- in her research. Ellie can't believe that Jock was involved in such a dastardly deed and is incredulous that Donna could believe such lies about 'the finest man who ever lived'. She threatens to sue Donna if she prints anything about Jock.

Cliff comes to Sue Ellen's place and tells her he's about to strike it big and repeats his proposal for marriage. Sue Ellen promises to think about it.

JR shows Bobby the documents he's discovered that indicate that Christopher is his child. He says that he doesn't mind Bobby adopting the child and he plans to keep quiet about it, as long as he agrees to vote his shares in Ewing Oil the way he wants. Bobby challenges JR the next morning, claiming he has a lot to lose if the truth about Christopher gets out - Sue Ellen would never come back to him, and Ellie would be awfully upset. JR says he could smooth over both situations, but Pam would never be able to deal with it.

Meanwhile, back at Roger's studio, Roger reveals his plan to Lucy: he intends to sell the studio and take Lucy away to New York to start their new life together.

JR visits Sue Ellen and reiterates that he had her best interests at heart when he separated her from Clayton, to no avail. He also tells her that Cliff is set up for a fall, and that Southfork is where she belongs. He claims he's changed, and wants her back for good.

Pam and Bobby realize that Ellie is probably just starting to come to grips with Jock's death. They decide to invite Ellie out to dinner with them.

JR gives Cliff a quart of crude oil, telling him that it's more than he'll get off the Wellington property. He also reveals that he set him up to ruin him- and his little company, too.

Mitch comes over to Southfork and tells Ellie that he told Lucy he wanted a divorce, and she left. He hasn't seen her since which gets Ellie worried.

Meanwhile, back at the studio, Roger sleeps as Lucy is tied to a chair. She manages to struggle free of her rope and makes it outside the bedroom door but closes it noisily, waking Roger up. He grabs her as she heads to the door and gives her a big slap.

Ellie calls Bobby to let him know that Lucy's missing. Bobby informs the police and Donna and Ray come over to Southfork to be with Ellie - only Ellie doesn't want to say anything to Donna. Two police detectives come to Bobby's office. He assumes they're looking for Lucy but they actually want to ask him about Jeff Farraday's murder.

Episode 101: The Investigation Aired: Thu, Dec.23

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "You have succeeded at becoming the perfect failure." - JR to Cliff, after his victory is complete.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray

Bobby is questioned by the police. He tells them he lent money to Farraday because of his relationship with sister-in-law Kristin, and Farraday wanted more money.

Lucy remains bound and gagged in Roger's apartment while he completes a deal to sell the studio. Lucy pleads with him to let her go and Roger decides she's had enough and lets her leave. [KIDDING!] The police continue to search in vain as Ellie, Pam, and Bobby wait anxiously at the ranch. At that point, Pam wakes up from her life-long daze and tells Bobby that Roger might have something to do with Lucy's disappearance.

Mr. Forrest, the comptroller of Wentworth Tool and Die, comes to Rebecca's apartment. He tells her that he feels a strong loyalty to the company, to which he's given forty years, but circumstances are forcing him to leave. When Rebecca presses him for information, he tells her that Cliff has drained the company's accounts for the Wellington purchase.

Pam and Bobby head over to Roger's studio, where he's packing up his stuff. He acts very calmly while Pam and Bobby question him about Lucy, who he claims he hasn't seen since he spoke to Pam. As they are about to leave to check Roger's house, a noise comes from the bedroom. Bobby tosses Roger against a wall, knocking him out, and breaks down the bedroom door to find Lucy in a daze on the floor. Lucy is taken to the hospital, with a huge welt on her head.

Thomas tells Cliff that he's wasting his money drilling on the Wellington property but Cliff refuses to listen, relying on the geological report. Marilee is unreachable because she happens to be toasting Cliff's demise with JR. Cliff talks to Sue Ellen who tells him that she's suddenly become a very wealthy woman. They make a dinner date for that night.

Mitch comes to the hospital to visit Lucy. He says he might have been hasty in asking for a divorce but Lucy says their marriage would never work - sometimes love just isn't enough. She says it would be better if they moved on with their lives. Lucy arrives home to find Ellie still angry at Donna and unwilling to talk to her.

JR and Katherine meet for dinner and JR tells her his plan has succeeded. Cliff will be penniless if he doesn't go to jail for embezzlement. He assures Katherine that her father's company will be just fine, though.

Cliff tells Sue Ellen that his oil deal fizzled and he has a lot of borrowed money to pay back. He asks Sue Ellen to lend him the money until he can get things straightened out. Sue Ellen is disgusted and feels that Cliff just wants to use her in his eternal quest for power. She tells him to get out of the house. Cliff sees a broker about selling Ewing 6 for $ 7 million. He's told that if he wants to sell it quickly he'll need to drop his price by a few million. Sue Ellen tells Pam about what Cliff's failed oil deal and his request for a loan. Pam suspects that she's not the only one who's been used.

Some friends of Jeff Farraday come to Bobby's office who turn out to be drug dealers. They expected the $ 50,000 in payment for a large shipment of cocaine, but when Jeff couldn't come up with it, they killed him. Then they learned that Bobby was planning to supply him the money. They offer to become his new drug suppliers, assuming he's part of Farraday's network. They leave a number to call for more information.

Pam visits Rebecca and tells her that Cliff tried to borrow money from Sue Ellen. Rebecca realizes that Cliff lost the money on the sour Wellington deal. Pam blows her stack, because she knew that Cliff would use his power and position for his own ends.

Bobby goes to the police again, hoping to tell them about the drug dealers' visit. Unfortunately, the police have learned about Bobby's threat to Farraday in the bar - and they've found his fingerprints in Farraday's apartment. Upon learning that, Bobby comes clean and tells them about the demand for money and the plane ticket he bought to get Farraday out of town. The police say their information indicates he's telling the truth but they have to investigate further.

Lucy and Ellie talk about Ellie's prolonged isolation and they talk about Donna's planned book about Jock. Ellie tells Lucy she can't believe Donna wants to shatter the god-like image the world has of Jock Ewing.

Cliff's only offer for Ewing 6 is for $ 3 million - and the buyer is JR. JR magnanimously ups his offer to 4 million, figuring that the company shouldn't have to suffer because of his stupidity. Faced with no choice, Cliff signs the deal. JR leaves triumphantly, giving Cliff the Line of the Day.

JR heads over to Sue Ellen's place to talk. He tells her that both Clayton and Cliff have let her down - she's a Ewing, and she belongs with people that she can trust. He exhorts her to come back to Southfork - and him. Sue Ellen just looks at him with a confused look on her face.

Episode 102: Acceptance Aired: Fri, Dec.24

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I know that Jock's not coming back, but I have my memories of him, and my memories are forever." - Ellie finally coming to terms with reality. It's a bit of a cheezy line, but it highlights a superb performance by Barbara Bel Geddes. She had me sold!

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Pam did nothing.

JR gets a florist to send Sue Ellen two dozen yellow roses every day. He also decides to send Marilee a dozen red roses - but just once.

A stern Rebecca comes to Cliff's office and tells him that she can't forgive his embezzlement from the company just because he's her son. She says she's more disappointed that he betrayed her trust and didn't listen to anyone - including himself - about his blind ambition. Cliff self-absorbedly tries to explain that he was set up but Rebecca is unwilling to listen. She demands that Cliff resign and is even unwilling to discuss the future of their mother/son relationship.

The police department confirms some of Bobby's story - Farraday was involved in drug dealing in California. But they also found an envelope in Farraday's apartment addressed to Bobby, which is being held as evidence.

Ray comes to Southfork to see Ellie and talks about his relationship with Jock over the years - the way he idolized him as a godlike figure. But he says that he's realized that Jock was only human and just did what he had to do to provide for his family. Ray exhorts Ellie to remember Jock as he really was, and reminds her that Jock would be the last one who would want to be put on a pedestal. He also says that Donna's considering not writing her book.

Bobby calls the drug dealers and asks to be contacted. Smith returns his call and Bobby says he's interested in making a deal. They arrange a meeting for the next night.

Sue Ellen avoids talking to Cliff, who's started hitting the bottle. She receives JR's flowers and replays the video of her beauty pageant. JR comes over and tells her that Cliff's been fired. It's evident to both of them that his gifts and flattery are working on her.

Punk Anderson comes over to the ranch to see Ellie, who's been brooding in her room all day. Punk invites Ellie to join Mavis and himself at the Oil Baron's Ball. Ellie says she doesn't want to go without Jock but Punk says some of Jock's friends have gotten together to establish a scholarship in Jock's name. Ellie is somewhat startled to hear the scholarship referred to as a 'memorial' to Jock. Punk tries to comfort her while at the same time reminding her that Jock is dead. Ellie heads back up to her room and looks through all of Jock's clothes, still hanging with hers in the walk-in closet.

JR comes to Afton's club and tells her about Cliff's state of affairs. Afton's upset that JR ruined him but JR says he owes her a favor for tipping him off about Clayton Farlow's designs on Sue Ellen.

Mitch comes to the ranch and tells Lucy he's found a new job in Atlanta. They say their goodbyes but promise to keep in touch.

Cliff, alone in his apartment, heads over to his drawer and pulls out his gun for an instant just as there is a knock on the door. It's Afton. Cliff tells her that she should become a fortune teller, because everything she predicted came true. Afton tells him that she still loves him and is willing to be with him, but Cliff is totally disinterested.

Bobby heads to a warehouse that evening, as per Smith's instructions. They go through some typical drug deal banter and once the guys confess to killing Farraday, the police move in to complete the sting.

JR visits Sue Ellen again the next morning and tells her about Ellie's continued sadness over Jock. He says Ellie would be thrilled if she came over to Southfork with John Ross for dinner. Sue Ellen accepts.

Afton, who apparently has spent the night at Cliff's place, continues to advise him to be strong and try to make chances for himself in Dallas. She offers to help him battle it out with JR but Cliff has resigned himself to being JR's foil forever.

The police tell Bobby that the bullet that killed Farraday matches Smith's gun so he's off the hook. They hand him Farraday's package, which contains hospital bills for Kristin's care.

Ellie is pleased to see that the family is assembled at dinner but her eyes are drawn again to Jock's empty chair, which causes her to bolt away to the kitchen and start breaking things, finally bringing herself to mourn over the realization that Jock is dead. She comes over to see Donna at the Krebbs' home the next day and apologizes for the way she treated her, and tells her she wants Donna to write her book any way she pleases. She says she's come to terms with the fact that Jock was human and had his faults - but he never denied them. She ends with the Line of the Day.

Episode 103: Good-bye Cliff Barnes Aired: Mon, Dec.27

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Yeah, and JR loves orphans and widows." - Cliff to Marilee when she tries to say she's sorry for setting him up. Thanks to Leigh Collins for this one.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray and Donna.

Bobby calls a Ms. Williams at the LA Memorial Hospital to find out about Kristin's hospital bill. He tells her he'll be in Los Angeles tomorrow to get the information.

Sue Ellen and Miss Ellie talk and Sue Ellen tells her she's considering a reconciliation with JR. JR, who happens to be at Marilee's place, tells her he's going to have to become monogamous again. Marilee is totally upset that JR just used her to get back into the cartel and set Cliff up.

Bobby is forced to confess everything about Christopher to Pam - including the fact that he brought the baby home for JR, not her. Pam is upset but understands why he had to lie. She insists on accompanying him to Los Angeles.

Marilee comes to Cliff's place, where Afton is still mothering him. She apologizes for setting him up but explains that it was JR's plan all along, and she did it just to get close to JR. But now that he's spurned her, she wants to make it up to Cliff. Cliff tells her he's beyond anyone's help.

Bobby and Pam learn that Kristin was in the hospital for a miscarriage and lost JR's baby - they realize she must have got pregnant again, and JR is not Christopher's father. Bobby and Pam head to Kristin's old home in Los Angeles but discover that the manager is away in San Diego, so they're forced to stay an extra day.

Muriel Gillis comes over to Southfork to be with Lucy, and help her deal with the recent trauma she suffered. Lucy tells her Roger raped her, but is unwilling to talk about it further.

Cliff heads to a bar and does his best Digger imitation, telling a bunch of old cowboys about how the Ewings ruined his life. Afton comes by to pick him up and drag him off.

Sue Ellen meets Clayton at a restaurant and they find that they can still be friends even after everything that's happened. She also reveals that she's become close to JR again, which puts a damper on Clayton's plan to give her a diamond engagement ring. JR and Sue Ellen come back to her place after a night at the symphony and JR asks her to marry him again, and she agrees.

The next day, Bobby and Pam meet Sherri, the manager. Sherri tells them Kristin and Farraday were married in March, right after she found out she was pregnant. After confirming that Farraday had the same blood typs as JR, Bobby's anger boils over to the point that he promises to tear JR apart when they get back to Dallas.

Cliff comes over to Sue Ellen's place and apologizes for trying to use her for her money. He tells her he loves her and knows he could start a new life if she would marry him. Sue Ellen solemnly responds that she's accepted JR's proposal. Cliff heads home and starts drinking heavily.

JR buys Sue Ellen a new fur coat to wear when she comes back to Southfork to tell Ellie the good news. They announce it before dinner, to everyone's surprise.

Afton finds Cliff sprawled out on his floor, next to an empty bottle of tranquilizers. She calls Rebecca who meets her at the hospital. Rebecca blames herself for the suicide attempt, but Afton tells her there's a lot more involved. She tells Rebecca about the Wellington fiasco, and how JR and Marilee conspired to set him up and separate him from Sue Ellen.

Rebecca comes to Southfork the next day and tells Ellie that Cliff is comatose at Dallas Memorial because of JR's setup. Sue Ellen and JR overhear as Rebecca promises to destroy the Ewing family for what they've done to her son. JR defends himself to Ellie, saying that Cliff's greed drove him to suicide, and he's not responsible for Cliff's stupidity. Ellie threatens to remove him as President of Ewing Oil but JR responds that she probably won't be able to do that.

Sue Ellen comes to Cliff's room to find Afton and Rebecca there. Afton has only cold words for her as Rebecca escorts her out of the room. Sue Ellen blames herself for everything and prays for Cliff to get better. JR arrives not long after, and tries to make Sue Ellen believe that it wasn't their fault. Sue Ellen responds that it is their fault, and she won't marry JR if Cliff dies.

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