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Episode 192: Rock Bottom, Part One Aired: Wed, Nov.4

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The Lucy Award: the suddenly silent Jack Ewing.

The family comes home, distraught after Bobby's death. Ellie tries to maintain a brave face and urges JR to do the same. Sue Ellen returns home after having a wonderful day and learns about the horrible tragedy. JR again lays the guilt trip on her for not being there when the family needed her. Ellie tries to calm JR down but JR says that as far as he's concerned, Sue Ellen was never really a Ewing - and she certainly won't be any longer.

Pam comes home, wracked with guilt over the fact that Bobby died to protect her. Cliff and Jamie attempt to console her. The next morning, Pam tries to explain his father's death to Christopher.

Donna and Ray are brought together by the tribulation and decide to give their marriage another chance. Gary calls from California after hearing the news and promises to come to Dallas as soon as he can for the funeral. Ellie decides to have Bobby buried near his old treehouse - his favorite spot on the ranch when he was young.

Dusty comes to the ranch to express his condolences. He trades barbs with JR over Sue Ellen's renewed alcoholism and says he wants to help. JR tells him that if he really wants to help, he should take her off the ranch and go off and marry her, since he doesn't plan to stay married to her very long. Meanwhile, Ellie tries to make Sue Ellen see that she is indeed an alcoholic and she has to pull herself together so as not to make the family's problems worse - or else she might just side with JR to put her away for a while. At Ewing Oil, JR asks Phyllis to lock up Bobby's office so nothing is disturbed.

Jenna finds Charlie in the stables talking to Darius about how unfair Bobby's death is. Jenna also expresses her regrets about not marrying him when she had the chance.

Dusty finds Sue Ellen at a lonely bar and echoes Miss Ellie's sentiments from earlier. Sue Ellen doesn't want to stop drinking and slaps him. Surprisingly, Dusty hits her back, knocking her out, and carries her out of the bar to his hotel room. He tells Sue Ellen that he's going to keep her there for a few days to sober up before Bobby's funeral. He tells her that he never stopped loving her, and he knows he can't let her go on this way.

Gary arrives and tries to help Miss Ellie in her time of need. He contacts Lucy, who's unable to get a flight back in time for the funeral. JR returns home after a day of moping around, and Ray stupidly offers to help him out at the office for a while until things get back to normal. JR retorts that he doesn't want anyone's help and as far as he's concerned, he doesn't have any brothers left.

Miss Ellie visits Pam and asks her to bring Cliff and Jamie to the funeral, to try and make something positive come out of the funeral, hopefully bringing everyone together. She tells Pam that Clayton discovered that Katherine had a forged passport and driver's license to get back into the country. She also wonders why Bobby was at Pam's place and Pam lies, saying he was just over to see Christopher.

A quiet and dignified funeral ceremony is held. After it's over, JR speaks to Bobby's grave alone and says he's sorry he never got the chance to tell him how much he loves him - and asks him to tell Jock how much he loved him, too.

Episode 193: Rock Bottom, Part Two Aired: Thu, Nov.5

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LINE OF THE DAY: "The day's young yet." - JR's response to Sue Ellen when she says she hasn't been drinking. How ironically right he was.

The Lucy Award: the continuingly invisible Jack Ewing. Where is he?

During their ride away from the funeral, Sue Ellen tells Dusty she feels bad about not saying anything to any of the family and wants to go back to the ranch. Dusty offers to drive but she says she'd rather walk. She comes home and tries to get JR's forgiveness but JR predictably shoos her away, telling her that as far as he's concerned, she's just a bad memory.

Harve tells the family that Bobby's will is to be read as soon as possible, despite JR's objections that the family be allowed time to mourn. Ellie overrules him, though. Meanwhile Jamie agrees to handle Katherine's funeral arrangements to take some of the pressure off of Pam and Cliff.

Ray and Donna finally bury the hatchet and agree to forget about the past and concentrate on their future. Donna tells Jenna about her pregnancy.

Sue Ellen predictably heads off to a bar to drown her endless sorrows. A man in the bar offers to give her a ride home but she insists on taking her own car. Then, the guy offers to drive her home. He takes Sue Ellen's purse and keys and drives off without her. She ends up sleeping in the street and the next morning, a bag lady offers her some booze, which she turns down.

Mandy visits JR at the office and offers her support during his trying time. JR laments the fact that he always wanted control of Ewing Oil, but he didn't want it this way. He predicts he'll have to manage Bobby's share of the company for Christopher's sake.

Cliff warns the cartel folks that without Bobby, JR will be able to do whatever he wants to try and divide and conquer their companies. Cliff calls for solidarity but he's reminded that he's never done well when he goes up against JR.

Bobby's will is read, and Pam and Jamie also attend. JR mouths off against Pam's presence but is yet again smacked down by Ellie. Jenna is given full control of her boutique, and $ 500,000, with a chunk for Charlie. Ray gets all of Bobby's land holdings because of his love of the land. Ellie is given back the gold pocket watch that has been a Southworth heirloom for generations. Gary is given Bobby's special horse from the stables. JR is given Bobby's hunting gear in memory of the hunting trips during their youth. Christopher is given the rest of Bobby's estate, including his share of Ewing Oil. Bobby's final wish is that Pam administer it until Christopher reaches eighteen.

Sue Ellen continues to wander the street, and meets another guy with a bottle of liquor who takes a liking to her. As Clayton and Ellie worry about her, she goes back to the guy's motel room and crashes on the bed as the fellow helps himself to her diamond wedding ring. Ellie gets Jenna to call the police and declare her missing. The next morning, the maid tells her to clear her sorry butt out of the room as Sue Ellen realizes her ring is gone. She disgustedly looks at herself in the mirror and decides that JR is right - she's hopeless.

JR vehemently protests Pam's involvement in the decision-making process at Ewing Oil, but Harve says that there's nothing he can do about it. JR says he'll do whatever he has to do to stop it. Cliff is ecstatic about it but Jamie warns him that JR is liable to cause Pam a lot of grief. Meanwhile, Pam speeds around the byways of Texas, almost running into a construction vehicle.

JR takes Mandy out for dinner to try and forget his troubles and spends the night at her place. The next morning, he tells Mandy that he thinks the 'Sue Ellen problem' will take care of itself very soon. Sue Ellen returns to the alley she was at the day before and finds the same bag lady. This time, she greedily accepts her offer of cheap wine.

Episode 194: Those Eyes Aired: Fri, Nov.6

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The Lucy Award: the very quiet Clayton.

Harve and JR get together to talk about Pam's reputation in her time at Barnes-Wentworth, which is spotless. JR is told that no judge in the world could ever believe that she wouldn't be a competent partner in Ewing Oil. JR determines to find a way to get rid of her.

Jenna tells Ellie that she feels it's time to leave the ranch. Ellie asks her to talk to Charlie about it before making any decisions, and Charlie predictably says she wants to stay. The police continue to look for Sue Ellen but ask Ellie to consider making the news public so that a search can be made more expediently. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen's in lockdown with several brides of Frankenstein, experiencing severe delirium.

Jack rides around the Southfork grounds and meets up with Ray, who's planning to build a new house for his family. Jack decides to help out with the ranching for a while. Ray questions Jack about his past but learns nothing. Ray tells Donna about his plans for their new dream home as she feels the first kick from the baby.

JR comes over to Pam's house and plays with Christopher for a while until she comes out. He tries to convince her that being involved in the decision-making at Ewing Oil would just become a burden on her. He offers to buy back Christopher's share of Ewing Oil so that she can forget about the company that's caused her nothing but grief all her life. Pam consults Cliff about JR's offer and he predictably warns her against it. JR gets Franklin Horner to arrange a sizable loan for the deal.

Clayton and Ellie hear about Sue Ellen's detainment but arrive too late to retrieve her - she's been taken to the detoxification ward. Despite the sheriff's warnings, the intrepid duo head over there and Ellie is shocked to find Sue Ellen completely deranged. Ellie wants to take her home but the doctor tells her that she can't leave until she's clean or she'll go through withdrawal again which will likely be fatal. Ellie tells JR the story when he returns home and demands that he face up to the problem no matter how he feels about his wife or their marriage. Surprisingly, she insists that JR immediately commit Sue Ellen to a sanitarium.

Cliff and Jamie have dinner and run in to Jeremy Wendell. Cliff tells Wendell about JR's offer to Pam which surprises him. Later, Jeremy comes to Cliff's office with a proposition to put JR out of business. He asks Cliff to ask Pam to sell her interests in Ewing Oil to him. He figures Cliff can also convince Jamie to sell her five percent, and so have more control than JR. As a carrot, Jeremy offers to make Cliff CEO of the new operation.

Dusty finds Sue Ellen in detox after she's calmed down a bit. He says he's going to keep his promise to help her because he still loves her. JR arrives not long after and sees them together and they have a fight, which sends Sue Ellen into a shrieking fit as security escorts the two combatants out of the ward.

Pam and Cliff find Katherine's diary and learns that she was the one who put Schuman up to separating Bobby and Jenna. Then she had Naldo murdered so he wouldn't be able to tell anyone. Cliff offers Pam his support in whatever she wants to do with Christopher's stake in Ewing Oil.

Mandy comes over to see JR after hearing about Sue Ellen on the news. JR starts babbling about how different Sue Ellen is from the way she was the first time he saw her, at that fateful beauty contest in 1967. Mandy sadly and quietly leaves him alone with his thoughts. The next morning, JR signs the papers committing Sue Ellen to Meadowlark Sanitarium.

Episode 195: Resurrection Aired: Mon, Nov. 9

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I think I know how you feel about Sue Ellen." - Clayton to Dusty. HA! Dusty, my boy, you have no idea...Submitted by AHN Anne.

The Lucy Award: Jamie, I guess. She spends what little time she's given in this episode telling Cliff to lay off Pam.

Pam arrives at work after taking time off for Bobby's death, only to find herself face to face with a huge picture of him on her desk where Christopher's used to be. She puts it away at first but then takes it out again to gaze lovingly at it. She's distracted the whole day, however, and can't get anything done. As she pulls out of a parking lot, a man in another car informs someone he's following her.

Jeremy Wendell calls Ellie to express his condolences over Bobby's death - and to invite her to lunch to discuss an urgent matter. He flatly declares that he wants to buy Ewing Oil, starting with her ten percent. He figures that the company has become a burden to the family and now would be a good time to present his offer. JR is shocked to hear that Ellie would even consider his offer seriously, but she confirms that she is and advises him to do the same.

Sue Ellen finds herself committed to the sanitarium after her tour of duty in detox - and that only JR can let her out. Jack goes hunting for a fancy car with Jamie, who tells him that Pam is considering selling her piece of the company back to JR. Jack wonders if JR might be interested in his piece as well. He also spends some time riding with Jenna and Charlie.

JR comes over to Pam's place to get some contracts signed and asks her whether she's been asked to sell to Wendell. Pam says she hasn't but she might consider his offer. JR asks her to bear in mind that Bobby wanted Ewing Oil to remain in Ewing hands. Pam has dinner with Cliff and Jamie, and Cliff advises her that selling to Wendell is the best thing to do, which sends Pam into one of her ballistic tirades that no one really cares about her feelings.

Clayton and Dusty talk about Sue Ellen's condition and he advises Dusty to stay away from her for a while until she can sort out her problems. Dusty goes to see Sue Ellen but is told she can't have visitors...except for one orderly who gives Dusty a sign. Dusty is led to a room and given a blue doctor's coat in exchange for some cash, and then is taken to Sue Ellen's room. She's overjoyed to see him and figures he's there to rescue her. Dusty tells her to stick with the treatment, and he'll be waiting for her when she gets better.

JR talks to Harve about whether any family member could legally sell their share of Ewing Oil to an outsider and he's assured that they could if they wished - Jock's will only expressed the wish that the company remain in Ewing hands. JR tries to convince Jack of the importance of family and Jack assures him that he's committed to the Ewings. He talks to Ray about it as well, who says that he's also considering Wendell's offer - but he's waiting to hear what Ellie has to say about it. Cliff talks to Jack about where his loyalty lies and Jack assures him that he's behind whatever his sister - and her husband - want.

Pam has a picnic with Christopher, and notices the guy from the limousine earlier, who looks like he's watching her. She confronts him, but he assures her that he's just waiting for his family. After she leaves, the guy walks over to a limo and tells someone that Pam's getting very edgy.

Later, the orderly returns to Sue Ellen's room and offers her a steady supply of vodka in exchange for her plentiful Ewing cash. She tells him to get the hell out of her room, and realizes that she can beat her alcoholism - she just needs help.

Pam angrily hangs up on the Chairman of Wentworth Industries, who's pressuring her to make business decisions. A limo pulls up outside, and Pam turns around to find herself face to face with Mark Graison.

Episode 196: Saving Grace Aired: Tue, Nov. 10

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Tell me I'm not dreaming." - Pam. What else could be the Line of the Day?

Honorable mention: "You probably will." Mark's response to JR's comment that he'll "be damned" to see him.

The Lucy Award: Jenna. She's absolutely invisible.

Pam faints in Mark's arms and gives him the Line of the Day. JR's office calls but Mark tells Pam that her calendar for the day is full. JR is actually happy to hear it - he wants Pam to get tired of making decisions for Ewing Oil so he can get the jump on Christopher's share of the company.

Mark explains that he didn't want Pam to watch him waste away through a debilitating disease, like he watched his father die. He says he went all over the world looking for help and found it - but not a cure, only remission. He ended up in Dr. Matsuda's clinic in Hong Kong and staged the elaborate charade to try and convince Pam that he wasn't there. He also says it was the hardest thing he ever had to do.

JR asks Pete Adams to keep looking for information about Jack Ewing - and Jeremy Wendell. Meanwhile, Wendell has a discussion with Cliff about hurrying his efforts to get Pam and Jack's shares of Ewing Oil. He gives Cliff a deadline of two weeks. Jeremy pays JR a late-night visit and tells him that JR doesn't have a leg to stand on in their fight - his family will side with Miss Ellie, who's inclined to sell her shares to him. And Pam's shares are as good as his already. Ellie talks to Gary about Wendell's offer and says she's still undecided about what to do.

Pam and Mark surprise Cliff and Jamie for dinner. Cliff is glad to see him, figuring he'll have an ally against JR.

Jack and Ray have a talk about the importance of families - and Wendell's offer. Jack tells him about his conversation with JR, and Ray warns him about JR's ruthlessness, citing the example of Edgar Randolph. He advises Jack to be very careful when dealing with JR, especially if he has something to hide.

The next morning, Mark Graison hand-delivers to JR all of the contracts he wanted Pam to sign, and says that he's going to help Pam settle her affairs for the near future. JR acts as friendly as possible, puzzled by this new development, but wonders whether he's going to wish that Mark really was dead.

Dusty comes to Southfork and talks to Ellie. She tells him that the best thing he can do for Sue Ellen is to stay away from her now that she's entered the rehab program - she doesn't need him as a crutch anymore. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen starts her program, without JR. Dr. Landry tells her that she's going to have to go it alone.

JR makes a lunch date with Ellie but Clayton meets him in her stead. He asks JR to stop pushing her so hard about the business after everything that's been going on. JR says it's important for her to know that Cliff Barnes may be involved in the whole thing. Clayton says he'll tell her, but figures it won't change her mind - and warns JR to stay out of their business.

Cliff and Jack take a tour of a Weststar facility before a planned meeting with Wendell. Cliff expects him to tell Jeremy that he'll commit his ten percent of Ewing Oil to Weststar. Jack angrily leaves, saying he never agreed to any such thing.

Pam tells Mark what happened on the fateful night that Bobby died - and that they were planning to get married. She asks him to keep his secret but says she wants to stay with him no matter what.

A rather incompetent burglar breaks into Jack's room and looks around. He clumsily knocks out a drawer, waking Jack up. The burglar looks through Jack's stuff and seems particularly interested in his passport. Jack's presence scares him away, leaving him wondering who might be behind the break-in. The next day, Jack changes the locks and Jamie finds out about the break-in. He tells Jamie that whatever happens in the fight for Ewing Oil, he doesn't want it to affect her marriage to Cliff.

Cliff and Mark talk things over - he tells Mark that he wants to relieve Pam's burdens, which won't be taken away until she cuts ties to Ewing Oil and JR. Mark says he sympathizes with JR's desire to hang on to his family company - until Cliff tells him about Pam's wild goose chase for him in the Caribbean. Mark immediately heads over to JR's office and JR gives him an offer for Christopher's share of Ewing Oil - twice as much as as Wendell is offering. Mark gives him a thundering left cross and says he's already decide to reject his offer in order to hurt him as much as he hurt Pam.

Episode 197: Mothers Aired: Wed, Nov. 11

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The Lucy Award: Donna, I guess. But an honorable mention goes to Pam, who's invisible for the first 45 minutes.

With the Oil Baron's Ball just around the corner, JR asks the Oil Man of the Year committee to consider Bobby. He bumps into Wendell, who wonders why JR is having him followed. JR just tells him to have a nice day.

Mark talks to Jerry Kenderson about starting a facility to research rare blood diseases, and he wants him to head it. Jerry agrees. Cliff and Mark meet with Jeremy Wendell to go over his offer for Christopher's share of Ewing Oil.

Sue Ellen talks to a new therapist who tries to help her deal with her alcoholism. She mentions that her father was an alcoholic who messed up his family's life, and she's repeating the cycle. Talk turns to her mother, who taught Sue Ellen how to become the perfect wife, and that she doesn't know how to do anything except be Mrs. JR Ewing. The therapist tells Sue Ellen that she should stop blaming people and move on with her life. Sue Ellen makes a friend at the sanitarium who's just as scared as she is, and is able to offer her support.

Speaking of mothers, Patricia Shepard arrives at Southfork and meets Clayton. She offers her condolences on Bobby's death and learns of Sue Ellen's situation. Ellie confides in Clayton that she's never considered Patricia to be anything but trouble.

Jack confronts JR about the burglary but JR assures him that he had nothing to do with it - although Cliff and Jeremy Wendell are not above such a thing. JR calls Pete Adams and wonders why he's being so incompetent but Pete assures him that he didn't search Jack's apartment. JR tells him to find out who did.

Jenna, Donna, Jack, and Charlie, go shopping. Someone takes snapshots of Jack as he wanders the mall. Jack is obviously interested in Jenna and he discusses his feelings with Ray, in addition to Wendell's offer. Ellie and Ray also discuss Wendell's offer and Ellie says she's not going to make his decision for him.

JR comes home and finds Patricia there, who demands answers about her daughter. JR admits that he's been forced to seek comfort with other women and Patricia laments the fact that her perfect plans for her daughters have gone totally awry. The next morning, Ellie gets her invitation to the Oil Baron's Ball and JR laments the fact that this will be his last ball because soon he'll no longer be an oil baron when his family sells him out.

Patricia visits Sue Ellen at the sanitarium and says she's going to help her straighten out her life until she can get things patched up with JR. Sue Ellen says she's not too sure whether she wants to return to her former life but Patricia pooh-poohs that idea.

Mark meets with JR to consider his offer for Christopher's share of Ewing Oil. JR reminds him that Bobby wanted Ewing Oil to remain within the family, so he's sure that Pam would regret it if she sold out to Weststar. That evening, JR calls Mandy but finds that her number's been disconnected. He goes over to her place and, not receiving a response, kicks the door down to find that she's moved out.

Patricia thanks Ellie for her hospitality but then starts to blame her for not helping Sue Ellen keep her marriage going. Ellie tries to talk some sense into her but Patricia insists on single-handedly fixing her daughter's problems with JR.

Pam tells JR she's considered both offers and she's decided to take Weststar's offer for the sake of Christopher's future. JR reminds her to think of what Bobby would have wanted. Pam responds that Wendell's offer is substantially better, and she really doesn't want to hurt the family - or him. JR mockingly thanks her for her concern.

Wendell calls Ellie and tells her that Pam's accepted his offer and he expects to hear her answer shortly. Ellie says he'll have it. Clayton advises her to trust her instincts and this solidifies her thoughts. She goes to Ewing Oil to tell JR that she plans to sell to Wendell. When she arrives, she overhears JR talking to Bobby's office about how alone he feels, being the only one of the Ewing men to see the demise of the company that Jock built. Ellie listens intently and also happens to look at Jock's portrait hanging on the wall. Suddenly she has second thoughts.

Episode 198: The Wind of Change Aired: Thu, Nov. 12

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I'll see you at the office - partner." - Pam to JR after she decides to take care of her son's inheritance by herself.

The Lucy Award: Tough call. I guess you could say that Clayton had little to say or do.

Cliff is overjoyed at Pam's decision to sell to Wendell, and offers to speed up the process, but Pam tells him that she'll meet with Jeremy next week as planned.

Ellie tells Clayton about JR's feelings of abandonment and his decision to leave Dallas if Ewing Oil dissipates. She also says she's changed her mind about selling to Wendell to avoid losing him. Ellie informs JR of her decision that night, but he says that it doesn't matter - he doesn't want to have anything to do with the company if outsiders are involved. He says he plans to start over and build his own company for his son.

JR takes John Ross to see his mother at the sanitarium. Sue Ellen apologizes for all of the problems she's caused for the family and herself and she says she's devoted to staying sober forever by sticking with the treatment for as long as it takes. She says she plans to check out of the sanitarium the next day and go to her mother's place. JR reminds her that no matter where she is, her son stays at Southfork. Sue Ellen says goodbye to her friend the next day and heads back home with Patricia.

Jenna and Charlie meet up with Jack, and Jenna nearly takes a fit when Charlie interrupts Jack's harmonica playing. She tells Jack that her mother still needs a date for the Oil Baron's Ball, prompting Jack to ask her and she accepts. Charlie helps her mother get ready and gets a lot more excited than she does at the prospect of her date.

A man and a woman look over pictures of Jack Ewing and the woman comments that his resemblance to someone else is very striking. She asks the man to arrange a meeting with him.

Ellie brings John Ross to Pam's place for a day in the pool with Christopher. They exchange news about their decisions with regarding to Ewing Oil. Ellie tells Pam about the hope that selling would bring the family together, which was dashed when she overheard JR the other night, and confirmed the previous day.

While preparing for the ball, Ray gets a visit from Donna's doctor. She shocks the couple by informing them that the amniocentesis shows that the baby has Down's Syndrome.

At the ball, JR gives Pam an evil look and tells the cartel about his plans to start a new company. Before Cliff can shoot his mouth off to the cartel, Jamie drags him off to the dance floor. The mysterious woman from before is also present, taking a keen interest in Jack and a distracted Jenna. Sue Ellen arrives with Patricia and is instantly declared the belle of the ball by everyone.

JR finds Mandy again and she says she doesn't have any more demands on him - she wants him any way she can have him. After seeing the splendorous Sue Ellen sitting at the Ewing table, JR's mood turns off and he walks away without saying anything to her.

Cliff tells JR about his plot with Wendell to become the CEO of the new company, and Jamie overhears their conversation and gets upset at him for lying to Pam and saying he was just looking out for her interests. She throws a pie or something in his face. Jamie asks to stay at Jack's place that night and Jenna asks Jack to take her home after speaking to Donna.

Jack and Jenna return to Southfork and they talk about Ray and Donna's sadness, as well as how lucky Jenna is to have a normal, beautiful child. Both couples debate the option of terminating the pregnancy, but not in so many words, and Donna finally has a great acting scene where she gets totally upset at Ray's badgering.

Since Punk is absent from the ball, Jeremy Wendell is asked to announce this year's Oil Man - it's Bobby. Ellie is asked to speak on his behalf, and Ellie says that her joy for Bobby's award is tempered with sorrow that Bobby's son, who meant more to him than anyone else, will never know his legacy. In lieu of that, she says that the award should go to Christopher, and asks Pam to accept the award for her son.

Pam comes up to the podium and says she appreciates the gesture but figures it's not enough for Christopher to take the award - he needs to know and understand what Bobby wanted for him. In a startling turn, she says she won't sell her share of Ewing Oil to Weststar. JR starts the ovation and heads over to tell Pam that he'll get his lawyers to draw up contracts to finalize his purchase of the shares, prompting Pam to tell him that she's not going to sell to him either - she plans to manage Christopher's inheritance herself. She ends with the Line of the Day.

Episode 199: Quandary Aired: Fri, Nov. 13

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: None that sticks out

The Lucy Award: Clayton and Ellie. AWOL after the first scene.

Jack and Jenna continue to talk about Donna and Ray's misfortune as the rest of the family comes home from the ball. Jenna tells Ellie that Donna just wasn't feeling too well, and Clayton tells them about what went down at the ball. Jack and Jenna say goodnight and he gives her a small peck on the cheek.

JR goes back to Mandy's temporary home and tells him that he'll need Jack's help now that Pam will be involved with the company. Mandy says she saw something different about Sue Ellen at the ball, and JR assures her that Sue Ellen doesn't matter to their relationship any more. JR gets Mandy a fantastic new apartment - with a neato hot tub!

Meanwhile, Pam and Mark meet Cliff later as originally planned and Cliff has a fit over Pam's sudden change of heart. He says he's not going to protect her from JR and she deserves what she gets from now on. Pam asks Mark how he feels and Mark declines to respond for the moment.

Donna reminds Ray that they didn't want the baby to be the only reason they rebuilt their marriage and says she needs his support to find some answers for their future. Donna insists that she wants the baby and asks Ray to come with her to see her doctor one more time to get all of the facts. The Krebbses are told that 98% of couples in their situation choose to abort the pregnancy because of all of the developmental and health problems that are likely to occur. The doctor advises Ray and Donna to spend some time with affected children, which might make their decision easier.

Jamie refuses to talk to Cliff after the ball. Cliff gets an invitation to dinner from someone at Marinos Shipping, the largest oil tanker company in the world. Cliff goes over to Jack's place where Jamie is staying and tries to convince her to at least accept the dinner invitation, but Jamie refuses.

Pam takes up residence in Bobby's office and earns her first bit of JR's anger. He reminds her that she's in the big leagues and life with him at the office is going to be difficult.

John Ross and Sue Ellen talk about her impending divorce from JR. Dusty returns to Dallas and tells Sue Ellen that his divorce from Linda has been finalized and he wants to help her get better so they can spend their lives together.

Cliff meets with Angelica Nero and is asked to partner with Marinos Shipping in an offshore drilling deal. Her assistant Grace wonders why they're bothering with Cliff when it's Ewing Oil they want to deal with. Angelica assures Grace that it's all part of a larger plan.

After ignoring her calls, Mark finds Pam outside the Ewing building and says that he's upset with her decision because it still means that Bobby is overshadowing their lives. Pam says that he'll have to deal with it or else re-think his decision to come back into her life. Pam walks into an unannounced weekly staff meeting at Ewing Oil during which Cliff's recent conversations with Barnes-Wentworth are brought up. JR asks that it be looked in to. Pam and Mark continue to argue that evening, but eventually Mark says the right thing and she tumbles into his arms.

Ray and Donna check out a soccer game being played by kids afflicted with Down's Syndrome and Donna seems to feel an instant attachment to the kids. Even dumb old Ray finds a soft spot in his heart for them.

The next day, Grace checks out Jenna's boutique, where Jack happens to be shopping. He buys Jenna a dress and asks her out. JR contacts Angelica and they arrange a meeting for dinner that night at the same restaurant as Jack and Jenna. Angelica tells JR that they're seriously considering Barnes-Wentworth as their American partner, which JR laughs off. Jack and Jenna happen to come by the table and he introduces himself to Angelica, who he thinks he's met before...

Episode 200: Close Encounters Aired: Mon, Nov. 16

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "No, just the way she turned out." - JR's response to Patricia comment that there's nothing wrong with the way Sue Ellen was brought up. The Sue Ellen/Mandy conversation was also very good.

The Lucy Award: Everybody got involved in the plot today, although Jamie's contribution was a bit on the weak side.

Sue Ellen and Dusty talk about tomorrow's rodeo at Southfork. He wants to show the whole family that they intend to stay together but she says she doesn't want to attend. Once she gets home, her mother convinces her to go - if only for John Ross's sake. Patricia also warns her to stay away from Dusty. Sue Ellen confidently tells her that it's her decision who she wants to spend time with.

JR arrives at the office and finds Jack there. He asks Jack to provide another male presence at the office, and he says he'll think about it. JR also invites Angelica to the rodeo, which causes her to curtly shoo Cliff out of her office.

The rodeo begins with great fanfare and hoopla. The entire Barnes clan, in addition to Mark Graison and even the Texas governor, attend. JR asks Jack to have a quick business meeting later in the day and keeps Angelica away from Cliff. Dusty, Ray, and Jack all do very well with their broncos. Pam and Jenna meet up and exchange pleasantries. Jamie avoids Cliff's feeble attempts to apologize to her. JR finds Mandy but is distracted by Patricia, who says she's surprised at how common Mandy appears.

Sue Ellen, Jenna, and Jamie all participate in the ladies' event. Sue Ellen talks to Mandy about JR's habitual mistreatment of his girlfriends, and Sue Ellen assures her that she'll end up dumped the same way they were, despite Mandy's protestations that this time it's different. Sue Ellen reminds her that she's known JR a lot longer, and wonders why Mandy's been forced to accept the mistress's role. Later, Sue Ellen tells JR that she doesn't care who knows about his affairs and tells Clayton that she doesn't feel she can ever live at Southfork again because of all of the reminders of her old life.

Angelica tells JR that Marinos and Ewing have a deal in principle and JR says he wants Jack heavily involved in the project. Pam comes to the house to make a phone call and finds out that there's a big deal going on. Cliff tells Pam that she should have figured that JR would keep secrets from her and he'll continue to walk all over her if she lets him. Mark advises her to speak to Angelica in private to assert her authority, and she does. Angelica promises to give Pam all of the information she wants, but privately tells Grace that she hopes Pam doesn't cause any trouble.

Dusty wins the all-around contest at the rodeo and JR is forced to present him with the award as Sue Ellen looks on. Angelica conveniently 'loses' her driver and Jack takes her back to her hotel. Once there, she tells Grace that Jack is absolutely perfect for their plan.

While hanging around the pens, Donna gets hit flush in the stomach by a charging bull and is rushed to the hospital. Jenna and Ellie follow soon after. Clayton leaves after hearing the news that Donna requires an operation. Ray is told that it might come down to a choice between the mother and the child. The physicians try to save the pregnancy, but can't.

Episode 201: Suffer the Little Children Aired: Tue, Nov. 17

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I came here thinking that I was the spider and now I feel like the fly." - JR to Angelica at their late-night meeting.

The Lucy Award: Jenna and Clayton. Both AWOL after visiting Donna at the hospital.

At the hospital, Ray, Jenna, Ellie, and Clayton decide to leave the grieving couple alone. Jenna tells Jack he's a nice man for making the special trip down to comfort Ray. Ray tells Donna about what happened when she wakes up and tries to apologize for his guilt over not being a better husband.

JR and Mandy discuss why he got back together with Sue Ellen and she tries to understand why their relationship is so complicated. Mandy tells JR about her conversation with Sue Ellen earlier and he says he wishes Sue Ellen the best as long as he has Mandy and John Ross. He promises to give Mandy anything she wants as long as she keeps him happy.

Pam tells Mark about JR's backdoor shenanigans and they agree to leave their business lives outside their bedroom door. Pam asks Phyllis to stay on at her post and be her secretary, despite the fact that she'll be a constant reminder of Bobby's presence. She and JR have a talk-down session in which he explains the way he does business - he does his homework before he consults with his partners, and invites Pam to have a look at all of the facts about the Marinos deal.

Patricia comes by Southfork and talks to Ellie about what unfolded at the rodeo. Ellie wonders whether they should get involved in their children's marriage and figures that JR and Sue Ellen might be better off apart. That prospect doesn't interest Patricia very much at first and she tells Sue Ellen so later in the day, saying that she just wants her daughter to be happy. She only wonders how Sue Ellen can stand to be away from John Ross for so long.

After his talk with Pam, JR calls Angelica and arranges a meeting. He tells her that Pam will not be a problem in their deal and he and Jack will be prepared to give her a proposal the next day. JR decides to stay away from the meeting so Jack can be alone with Angelica, which he figures will cinch the deal. Unfortunately for JR, Jack admits to her that he doesn't know very much about the business end of the industry, but Angelica says he's more instrumental to the deal than he realizes. JR finally shows up and says he's been thinking about whether the proposed deal is really good for Ewing Oil.

Pam cleans out her office at Barnes-Wentworth, to Cliff's dismay. He tells her that Jamie moved out on him too, prompting Pam to advise him to tell her that he really loves her. Cliff says he's learned the lesson to keep family ties close and goes over to Jack's place to find his wife and he admits that he married her hoping to get control of Ewing Oil - but he's grown to love her since they've been together. She agrees to give him another chance.

Donna becomes indifferent to the world after her loss, even after Ray's attempts to get her to think about their future. Ray goes back home and packs up all of the baby things they had accumulated.

JR and Angelica have another late-night meeting and she tells him that he is the one that Marinos Shipping wants to deal with because of his reputation in the business. Angelica offers herself to him to clinch the deal but JR refuses, saying that he'd like to deal with Dimitri Marinos personally. Angelica tells him to get lost and her curtness becomes a turn-on for him. JR tells Pete Adams to look into Dimitri's personal life, though he's assured that it's impossible to get close to him.

Sue Ellen meets with a divorce attorney and says she wants full custody of her son. Harve informs JR about her case and he immediately dashes off to see her. He assures her that she'll never have a moment's peace if she tries to take his son away from him.

Episode 202: The Prize Aired: Wed, Nov. 18

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I want things to be like they used to be, when we all lived together." - John Ross telling Miss Ellie why he's upset and why he ran away. Submitted by AHN Joe S, and it's a good line for old times' sake.

The Lucy Award: Who else but Clayton? I'm considering renaming this award.

Let's see...Sue Ellen and John Ross are running, and running, and running...and a car is chasing them down. It's JR. Suddenly Sue Ellen trips and JR takes John Ross away from her, driving off. John Ross cries out for help...and then Sue Ellen wakes up from her nightmare, screaming.

Angelica's contact in Greece, Nicholas, tells her about Pete Adams' presence in Athens, and tells Angelica he's worried about the delays in getting their project going. She replies that Pete is his problem to deal with as necessary. Pete calls JR and says he hasn't found anything definite yet but he's very suspicious of what may be going on.

Ellie visits Donna who tries to put on a brave face for her, but eventually concedes that she figures she wasn't meant to be a mother.

JR talks to John Ross about the impending custody hearing and tells him what kinds of questions to expect from the judge and he tells him to just be honest about how he feels. That night, John Ross has dinner with his mother who says she empathizes with how confused he must be right now.

Angelica tells JR that she wants to arrange a meeting with himself, Pam, and Jack. JR tells her that Jack isn't necessary to sign any deal but Angelica says that he is. She shows JR a picture of Dimitri Marinos who looks very much like the big Ramboski. She also reveals that Jack is really Dimitri's son - he had an affair with Jack's mother while in Texas, but she refused to accompany him back to Greece. His desire to see his only child was rekindled when he saw Jack's picture in a newspaper - and he would like to meet his son, who he believes to be a successful oil baron.

While all of this is going on, Jack and Jenna have a fireside chat in which she comments that he doesn't resemble her sister much. She asks him about his mother and he remembers her as a strong, caring woman who seemed very distant at times.

The next morning, as the custody hearing looms, Ellie is unable to find John Ross. JR tries to lay his standard guilt trip on Sue Ellen as Ellie mobilizes the ranch hands to search for him. Pete Adams calls from Greece and says he'll be coming in from Athens the next morning. He puts a large envelope in the mail and Nicholas follows him down the street.

Angelica stops by Ewing Oil to see JR but finds Pam instead. Pam says she thinks their venture might involve too much of an investment on Ewing Oil's part. She also lets slip that Jack plans to start a ranching venture with Ray and Clayton and turn aside from the day-to-day operations of Ewing Oil. Angelica tells Grace about what happened, and says that she's still worried about Pam but she can be taken care of, if need be. JR tells Jack he needs him to help with the Marinos deal and Jack says he feels he needs to talk to Pam about it first. JR goes to the airport expecting to find Pete Adams but doesn't find him, though his luggage arrives.

Cliff tells Jamie he's seriously considering leaving the oil business and travel the world with his new wife. Jamie says that neither one of them was brought up to live the rich life and she'd rather be part of the business with him. Cliff and Jamie tell Pam and Mark that they intend to get married again - for real this time.

Ellie manages to find John Ross in Bobby's old treehouse and they have a grandmother-to-grandson talk, and John Ross predictably says he doesn't want to choose between his parents and doesn't understand why he has to. Ellie tells him that it's difficult to understand but things will work out for the best.

The custody hearing dawns, and all three parties talk to the judge. John Ross says he loves both of his parents, JR says he can offer his son a stable home life and a thriving company to inherit, and Sue Ellen says she's finally overcome her alcoholism now that she understands her problems and intends to devote her life to bringing up her son. After the normal dramatic build-up, the judge awards custody of John Ross to his mother.

Episode 203: En Passant Aired: Thu, Nov. 19

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Pam always has to say no before she says yes. It makes her feel like she's doing something." - JR to Angelica, about Pam's wishy-washy nature.

The Lucy Award: Cliff and Jamie pull the disappearing act today.

The full weight of his loss at the custody hearing finally hits JR and he tries to get Harve to do whatever is necessary to get John Ross back. Harve advises him to stall giving up his son as soon as he can and JR tells John Ross he's going to try and convince another judge to let him stay at Southfork and enlists the help of Harry McSween to find out if the prospective judge needs a favor done. Harry manages to find that the judge's son needs a job and JR conveniently arranges a vacancy at Ewing Oil.

Ray tries once again to snap Donna back into her normal self but she says she needs time to convince herself of what 'normal' is. After breaking a lunch date with Jenna, Donna finally decides to open up to her, saying she can't bring herself to talk to Ray about it because he's a man and can't appreciate what she's been through.

Jack has a meeting with Pam about the potential of getting caught in the middle of their company battles - and the Marinos Shipping thing. Pam says she still has her doubts about the money involved in the deal and she's hired an independent firm to consult her on the matter. Jack's no further ahead in his decision.

Angelica instructs Nicholas to continue detaining Pete Adams until Grace is able to find the package that Pete sent. Grace manages to get herself in to the audience as the temporary secretary and puts Pete's partner Sam Barker in touch with him. At gunpoint, Pete tells him that his bag was sent back to Dallas by mistake and he's decided to stay in Athens to check some more stuff out. He also says that JR Ewing should be told to go right ahead with the Marinos deal.  JR assures Angelica that Jack's involvement in the deal is no problem.

Sue Ellen tells Patricia she's considering getting herself a job, which her mother predictably pooh-poohs, insisting that she's got to get herself a prestigious house with the 'right' neighbours, and what not. Sue Ellen says she doesn't care about any of that and has decided not to take John Ross away from Southfork until the divorce is finalized.

JR tells Pam that she had better make up her mind about Marinos soon because there's going to be a finalization meeting tomorrow. He asks Barker for all of the information they've found on Jason Ewing and his wife, and Grace finds Pete's envelope from Athens in the day's mail.

Sue Ellen and Dusty have dinner and they talk about the possibility of JR appealing the judge's decision. Dusty tells her she'll just have to be strong and deal with it.

On a very rainy night, Jack brings a very soggy Jenna back to his place for pizza and brandy and they have another quiet fireside chat during which Jack makes his feelings for her known. Jenna says she appreciates the time they spend together but she's not ready for a relationship right now because she still hasn't fully recovered from the whole Bobby thing.

Donna finds Ray tearing down the frame of their dream home, which makes her realizes that he's hurting just as much as she is and they need each other's support.

JR meets with the grateful appeals judge who says that he sees no reason why the earlier decision shouldn't be overturned and he be permanently reunited with his son. The meeting between JR, Pam, Jack and Angelica takes place and Pam surprisingly agrees to proceed with the project. Harve calls and says that their request for appeal has been denied, causing JR to head out of the meeting without another word.

Patricia and Sue Ellen come to Southfork to pick up John Ross. Clayton tells them that John Ross is taking the decision very hard. Sue Ellen heads upstairs and overhears John Ross telling Patricia he'd like to be with his whole family at Southfork. While mother and son talk, JR arrives and starts getting mouthy with Clayton, Ellie, and Patricia. Sue Ellen finally comes down with their son and tells JR that she's decided to let John Ross stay at Southfork because that's where he's happiest. Patricia is shocked and JR is dumbfounded. 

Episode 204: Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen Aired: Fri, Nov. 20

NITPICKS for this episode

LINES OF THE DAY: Both submitted by AHN Jason.

1. Patricia Shepard: "Oh yes I do" comment when Sue Ellen says she doesn't have to leave Dallas.
2. "I don't know anything" - Mandy's comment to JR about her feelings.

The Lucy Award: Donna, for her one line in the final scene.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

JR tells Mandy about Sue Ellen's decision to allow John Ross to stay at Southfork and says that their life together is really taking shape. Harve visits JR and tells him that Sue Ellen could still change her mind any time and the courts would uphold the decision. Harve also says that the only way she could forfeit custody is if she moved back to the ranch.

Sue Ellen tells Patricia that the reason she changed her mind was overhearing what she told John Ross at the ranch and it reminded her of the way she planned her daughters' whole lives - even down to what dress they wore to a given party. She says she doesn't want her son's future planned out the same way, at the expense of his needs at the present time. JR meets with Sue Ellen later that evening and says he appreciates her gesture, and asks her to consider moving back to the ranch so John Ross has his mother around, even though she would forfeit the custody decision.

Jack comes by Jenna's boutique as she closes up early. They talk about what happened last night and Jack apologizes if he came on too strong and wants to try again but Jenna says he had better forget about their relationship. Jack talks to Ray about it [talk about the blind leading the blind] and Ray advises him to wait until Jenna's ready to let him into her life.

Angelica is shocked to find how much Pete Adams learned in Greece and thanks her lucky stars JR didn't get a hold of it. She asks Grace to tell Nicholas to keep Pete imprisoned for as long as necessary.

Clayton calls his lawyer about divesting some of his subsidiary companies because he finds he can't devote the time they need to them, and asks him to be discreet. Ray comes over the next day to take Clayton to a cattle auction as planned, but Clayton's distracted by his other business and tells Ray to go on their behalf.

Sue Ellen and Dusty have dinner and talk about her decision to leave her son at Southfork - and her considering moving back. Dusty thinks she's crazy for even thinking about it but Sue Ellen says she has to believe she can face whatever might come. The next day, Sue Ellen says her condition for returning to the ranch is that Mandy Winger must be completely out of her sight. JR says that's fine as long as Dusty stays out of his sight.

JR and Angelica finalize the details of their venture and he asks her how much they stand to make from Jack's inheritance. Angelica shushes him and tells him to worry about keeping Jack in the right places at the right times.

Jamie prepares for her re-marriage to Cliff and she comments to Pam that she expects her to get married to Mark soon, but realizes that the decision would be difficult in lieu of Mark's illness and advises Pam to enjoy her time with Mark while it lasts.

Sue Ellen tries to explain her latest decision to return to the ranch to the thick-headed Patricia and explains that she's just trying to do what's best for her son - the same way she tried to make the right choices for her daughters. They come to a mutual understanding about what it means to be a mother.

Dusty comes by Southfork and tells Ellie and Clayton that he's leaving Dallas to return to the rodeo circuit because he knows he has no future with Sue Ellen. As he leaves, he spots JR watching him from the balcony.

Mandy bumps into Cliff and says he found out from Pam that Sue Ellen was moving back to Southfork. Mandy doesn't believe it at first and rushes over to Ewing Oil to confront JR about it. JR explains that what's being done is for John Ross's sake and Mandy can't believe that their relationship is jobbing to JR's son. JR asks for some time to settle things but Mandy says she feels that time may be running out for them.

To celebrate Sue Ellen's return, the whole family gathers at Southfork, including Jack and Jenna. They talk and Jenna feeds him the "it's not you, it's me" line. Charlie dejectedly looks on as Sue Ellen heads down the stairs and joins the crowd. Meanwhile, Patricia and Dusty pack up their things and prepare to leave Dallas. As JR toasts the family togetherness, Cliff and Mandy toast each other as they sit down to dinner.

Episode 205: Curiosity Killed the Cat  Aired: Mon, Nov. 23

NITPICKS and a Guest Editorial RANT for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Pam's our resident girl scout. She's always trying to keep me honest." - JR to Angelica, stating the obvious.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray. And you know what? I didn't mind.

John Ross is ecstatic to have both of his parents at home again. Once his bedroom door is closed, though, JR heads off to see Mandy and expresses his sorrow that Dusty's not around to be there for Sue Ellen any more.

Cliff comes over to Mandy's place and she tries to convince him that she and JR really love each other, despite the fact that Cliff knows that he's incapable of being faithful to any woman. Mandy, unwilling to hear it, throws him out. JR arrives soon afterwards with flowers, champagne, and a really sweet diamond bracelet to make up for Sue Ellen returning to Southfork. Everything seems okay between them.

Jack tries to get Jenna to open up to him, to no avail. She tells him that she's sorry for leading him on but she doesn't want a relationship. Jack says that she's convinced she cares about him and he's the one who's sorry. She tells him in no uncertain terms to leave her alone. The big Ramboski is positively miffed and rushes home, telling Jamie to take care of the apartment because he's going away for a while. Jack says he made a mistake coming to Dallas because he just doesn't belong there.

Cliff bribes a worker at Angelica's hotel to inform him whenever JR visits her. At the office, Pam gets a package for Bobby - it turns out to be a sizable uncut emerald, from someone named Matt Cantrell. Phyllis explains that Bobby invested in Cantrell's emerald mine operation. JR is dubious of Cantrell, who's been a perpetual failure at his get-rich-quick schemes all his life. Pam tells Mark that the emerald she got from Matt is real, and he surprises her with tickets to Paris.

Clayton continues to be distracted at home, and preoccupied with business. Ellie begins to wonder whether something is wrong. Clayton speaks to his lawyer and says that he needs money fast to keep his operation going so he needs some of his businesses sold - quickly and quietly. He says in no uncertain terms that Ellie is not to know about it.

Sue Ellen tours Mark's medical research facility and he asks her to be his chief fundraiser, at Pam's behest. Sue Ellen is pleased to be offered her first real, worthwhile, job.

JR and Pam have lunch with Angelica and Grace and Jack no-shows. JR apologizes for him and ensures Angelica that it will never happen again. As they leave, they run in to Sam Barker, who recognizes Grace as his temp from a few days ago. Grace excuses herself from the group and joins Sam to explain, offering to buy him to a drink. The next morning, Sam is reported dead in a mysterious car accident.

Ray and Donna return to the ranch after finding that a broken water main has flooded their house. Mr. McKenzie from the Woodgrove School comes to the ranch and tells Donna it might be a good idea to come and see the children again once in a while because he can see that she has a lot of love to share. Donna promises to think about it.

JR later questions Jenna about Jack and wonders whether they had a fight or something. Jenna doesn't answer, causing JR to break a date with Mandy, to go and tell Angelica that Jack has gone off to look into Ray and Clayton's venture. He assures her that Jack will be around when she needs him. The hotel worker tells Cliff that JR and Angelica are getting hot and heavy and lets Mandy know. Mandy sees JR leaving Angelica's hotel the next morning and realizes what a fool she is.

Ellie talks to Sue Ellen about how strange Clayton has been acting lately, but asks her to keep it quiet until she can find out what's going on.

JR learns about Sam Barker's death and finds Jamie at Jack's apartment. She tells him that Jack left town and didn't tell her anything else. Mandy asks JR about the previous night and he lies to her, saying he got home at about eleven. After he leaves, Mandy flushes his bracelet down the toilet. She meets Cliff later in the day and says she's willing to do whatever he wants to get back at JR.

Episode 206: The Missing Link  Aired: Tue, Nov. 24

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "If Barnes were to put two and two together he would get three."
- who else but JR? Nominated by all the AHNs.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray again. For the record, I'm still okay with this.

We begin with Mandy getting herself all dolled up for JR, as he reads over some documents in bed. JR tells her that he managed to get some crucial equipment from Wentworth Tool and Die through a middleman, so that Cliff doesn't know anything about it. Mandy meets with Cliff later that day and tells him what she learned.

Ellie asks Clayton what's bothering him and he says there's nothing wrong. She later talks to Punk Anderson about it and he says he'll see what he can find out.

Charlie tries to convince Jenna to give Jack another chance but Jenna doesn't want to talk about it. Angelica calls Southfork to remind JR that there's an important happening in Caracas in three days. Sue Ellen tells the family about her new job and drops John Ross and Charlie off at school.

Matt Cantrell arrives at Ewing Oil, hoping to find Bobby there but finds Pam instead. She explains everything she's dreamed so far and he explains about the emerald mine venture in Colombia. Pam says she'll think about continuing Bobby's investment. Matt heads over to Southfork and finds Ellie and Jenna there, and tells them his story. Meanwhile, Donna comes over to the Woodgrove school and watches Mr. McHenry play 'Simon Says' with the handicapped kids.

Sue Ellen gets a big bouquet of flowers from Pam on her first day of work and meets Dr. Jerry Kenderson, who's extremely nice to her.

Pam finds out about JR's purchase of Wentworth Tool and Die equipment through Feniman Industries and wonders why he didn't ask her to get involved, since she owns 25% of the company. JR responds that he still doesn't trust Pam enough and couldn't risk the deal being ruined by Cliff. Mark is incredulous at Pam's wish to continue investing in Matt's mine. The next day, Pam finds some letters Bobby wrote to Matt and realizes how important the venture was to him.

Punk finds out about Clayton's financial trouble - his refineries are losing money. Ellie is surprised to hear it and is even more surprised that he didn't come to her for help. Punk explains the whole male ego thing to her.

JR learns from Dick Feniman that Cliff cancelled his order and instantly accuses Pam of feeding Cliff information. She instantly denies it and JR says whoever leaked the information will pay. Matt and Pam meet at a football practice and they reminisce about the old times with Bobby. Pam decides to follow her heart and Bobby's dreams and continue the investment.

Because of Cliff's preoccupation with finding out how Wentworth Equipment reached JR, Jamie decides to check out a container site by herself. A forklift accidentally bumps a pile of oil drums and Jamie is caught underneath the pile. She's rushed to the hospital with heavy injuries and severe internal bleeding. Cliff arrives at the hospital and starts crying over the injured body of his wife. The doctors say she needs a blood transfusion immediately and if she has any close relatives, they had better be located quickly. Meanwhile, Jack Ewing pulls up to an isolated lakeside cabin - with no phone.

At Mandy's place, before heading out to dinner, JR says he has take a shower. He leaves a confidential document about the Marinos deal on the table before heading inside. Mandy immediately picks it up and starts leafing through it, and JR peeks out and catches her in the act.

Episode 207: Twenty Four Hours  Aired: Wed, Nov. 25

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Nothing good happens to anyone who loves me." - Jenna to the family, in a surprising moment of sagacity.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Pam. After the scene with JR and Matt, she goes home to take care of Christopher.

Jamie remains in critical condition and Cliff is told that she may suffer acute kidney failure if Jack is not found in 24 hours. Mark offers his facility's information and equipment if it will help. Sue Ellen returns home and cabbages Jamie's situation to the family, including a public service announcement telling everyone to donate blood right away. Jenna blames herself for having the fight with Jack which drove him away.

Nicholas arrives from Greece and has a think-tank session with Angelica and Grace, despite the fact that Jack is still not around. Angelica says there will no problem.

JR contacts the Professor from Gilligan's Island, who's returned to the States and found a job at the Sheriff's department under a new name, to get him working on finding Jack. Angelica arrives in another gaudy outfit and JR explains what has happened and says that in a way Jamie's accident is good because it's provided a way to expand the search for Jack - although it won't help Jamie since they're not actually related.

Meanwhile, the big Ramboski is relaxing at the secluded cabin, and talks to his driver about his problems with women. He contemplates staying for a long, long time.

Jerry Kenderson finds some leads on a possible match for Jamie but they turn out to be dead ends. Mark talks to Sue Ellen about the way Pam is busying herself, and is worried because all of her reasons have to do with continuing Bobby's legacy.

JR continues to be skeptical of Matt's exploits and refuses to allow Ewing Oil to invest in the venture and tells Pam that if she's so convinced that it's a great thing, she should invest her own money. Pam agrees and figures that's a great idea.

Clayton tells Ray he'd like to buy more horses to get some more profit out of their breeding venture. Ray is hesitant but eventually agrees to the idea. Donna tells Jenna she's decided to help out at the Woodgrove School and tries to get her to look past her guilt over driving Jack away from Dallas. Jenna suddenly becomes obsessed with trying to find him. JR buys some TV time and offers a $ 25,000 reward for information on Jack, or anyone willing to donate. Cliff and Mandy are both shocked at the announcement and he asks her to find out why Jack is so important to JR.

Ray and Ellie discuss Clayton's distractedness and Ellie tells him about his financial trouble. She also says she plans to buy Clayton's companies herself, despite Ray's feeling that it's a bad idea. Donna tells Ray about her new work at Woodgrove and Ray gives her his full support.

JR tells Mandy that the only reason he wants to find Jack is to save Jamie's life and has a nice scene with John Ross, telling him about the disappointment of having your trust betrayed by a friend and making sure it never happens again.

At the hospital, Cliff is told that Jamie's kidneys are failing and he begins to lose hope. A still-raggedy Matt Cantrell arrives at the hospital to donate blood and tells Mark and Sue Ellen about Pam's decision to continue Bobby's investment. Mark is predictably not too thrilled and confronts Matt about it afterwards. Cantrell assures him he's not going to squander Pam's money but Mark is not enthusiastic.

Jenna manages to convince Jack's superintendent to let her in to his apartment to look around. She notices some pictures of the lake and remembers that Jack mentioned going there whenever he needed to be alone. Ray and Jenna decided to head over there in the Ewing jet, manage to find him, and whisk him back to Dallas. Jenna decides to leave the hospital and return to the ranch, and Ray realizes that she is still distraught over Bobby's death.

JR lets Angelica know that Jack has been found. Jack tries to console Cliff as the doctor tells the family that Jack's blood is a perfect match and the immediate crisis is over. Everyone is all smiles except for the puzzled JR.

Episode 208: Deadly Game  Aired: Thu, Nov. 26

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Don't sit on the fence if you can play both sides of it." - JR, with another piece of advice from Jock.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Almost everybody, since this episode focused so much on JR. Clayton, Donna, and Cliff only had one scene apiece.

The doctor reminds the Ewings that Jamie's not out of the woods yet. JR confirms from the doctor that if Jack and Jamie were not full siblings, it would be almost impossible that there would be such a perfect blood match.

JR donates the $ 25,000 reward he offered for finding Jack to Mark's research facility, to Sue Ellen's surprise. Furthering the surprise, he compliments Sue Ellen on her work and apologizes for mocking it previously. They tour the facility and JR seems very interested as to how the information is collected. He learns how to use the computer and determines that Dimitri Marinos had type O blood - he couldn't possibly be Jack's father. He confronts Angelica and Grace about it, and she finally admits that she has ulterior motives: there are rumours that Dimitri Marinos is dying, and the rumours are hurting the company. She wants Jack to impersonate Dimitri at a conference in Martinique to convince the world otherwise. JR agrees to go along with the plan as long as Angelica agrees to put an extra 20% of the profits from their venture into his Swiss bank account. Faced with no choice, Angelica agrees. Outside, Grace wonders how JR would feel if he knew the rest of the story.

JR has dinner with Marilee Stone and offers to allow her to buy one-third of his share of the Marinos deal, on condition that the deal remain secret from the other cartel members and that 15% of her royalties be signed back to Ewing Oil. She agrees.

Clayton talks to his lawyer and learns that he's finally got a great offer for his companies, but he's not sure who the buyer is. Clayton agrees to go ahead with the sale. Ray comments to Ellie that her husband seems to be in a much better mood, and realizes what she's done.

JR meets with Andy Bradley and offers to allow him to buy one-third of his share of the Marinos deal, on condition that the deal remain secret from the other cartel members and that 15% of his royalties be signed back to Ewing Oil. He agrees.

Matt gives Pam a beautiful emerald brooch - the first piece of jewelry made from the produce of their mine. They talk about Bobby's wish to someday come down with Matt to have a look. Pam tells Phyllis she's crazily considering going down to have a look herself. She tells Matt that she wants to see the mine and he tries to dissuade her by telling her that it's a terrible trip, and it's certainly no place for a lady used to all of the social amenities. The more she's argued with, the more she gets convinced to go. She tells Mark she'd like to go there as a side trip before they go to Europe, but Mark angrily says he won't go and he's not happy about it. 

JR meets with Jordan Lee and offers to allow him to buy one-third of his share of the Marinos deal, on condition that the deal remain secret from the other cartel members and that 15% of his royalties be signed back to Ewing Oil. He agrees.

The Ewings have an outdoor barbecue and Charlie tries to get Jenna to talk to Jack, but she won't. Jack decides to make the first move, thanking her for finding him and hoping that they can put their past behind them and at least agree to be friends, for the family's sake. Jenna agrees but still appears distracted.

Dick Feniman tells JR that he managed to get some Seahorse drill bits so that the drilling can be started. JR buys Mandy a luxurious fur coat and asks her to put it on with the diamond bracelet he bought her. Mandy tells him she put it in a bank vault for safekeeping. Later, she meets with Cliff with very little to report except the news about Pam's emerald mine venture. Cliff pressures her to find out what Jack and JR are doing together and she tells him he should ask Jack.

Punk tells Ellie that her purchase of Clayton's two companies wasn't enough because he put another company on the market. Despite his disapproval, Ellie says she'll buy it too.

JR and Jack have dinner with Angelica and Grace. As previously planned, Grace puts her charms on the big Ramboski. JR tells Jack about the conference in Martinique and he agrees to go. Angelica tells Nicholas about the revised agenda and Grace reminds her that they need to formulate plans for JR and Jack.

Sue Ellen prepares a fund-raising dinner for Graison Research and tries to convince Jerry Kenderson to give the keynote speech. Jerry says he hates giving speeches but she reminds him it's the only way he'll get the equipment he needs. Jerry seems to have an eye for his lovely co-worker.

JR tells Matt he's pleased that Pam allowed herself to be convinced to head down and this whole set-up has been a great idea. Matt wonders how long he's supposed to keep her down there and JR says he doesn't really care if she never comes back, because it'll let him run Ewing Oil in peace.

Episode 209: Blame it on Bogota  Aired: Mon, Nov. 30

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Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Pam. It's pretty bad when Jamie and Donna have more to do in an episode than you do, Pam.

We start with JR in an unusual habitat: a park where people are merrily jogging and playing. Matt Cantrell is nearby feeding the pigeons and they talk about the planned trip to South America, which JR wants to extend as long as possible. Matt cabbages the trip for us one more time and JR gives him a bunch of emeralds with which to fool Pam and says he wants her to invest her whole estate in the plane so she'll look like a complete fool in the business world - and she'll be out of his company for good.

In a similar park [or perhaps another corner of the same], Jack and Grace meet and talk about their upcoming trip and he discovers that Grace is very secretive about her work at Marinos Shipping - as well as any details about Dimitri.

JR meets with Mandy and tells her that his experts were wrong about Pam's emerald mine - it could be the largest mine in the hemisphere. JR laments Pam's good luck and abruptly leaves, pleased with himself. After hearing, Cliff decides to invest in the venture with Pam.

Mark learns from Matt Cantrell that Pam's preparing immediately for her trip to Colombia. Her sudden departure leaves Sue Ellen and Jerry alone to have dinner. They talk about Jerry's career, and he admits that he wasn't very happy with it until Mark gave him the opportunity at the research facility to really make a difference.

Ellie visits Franklin Horner about opening a line of credit for her new 'investing' hobby. Franklin is skeptical at first but agrees to do it to avoid a smackdown. [Good decision.] Horner contacts JR and lets him know about it. JR instructs him to charge all of Ellie's checks to his account and let him know who she gives her money to. Clayton tells Ray about his financial trouble and asks him to keep it under his hat.

JR and Jack have lunch at the Oil Baron's Club and bump into Andy Bradley and Jordan Lee, with whom JR shares some hush-hush talk about how well the Marinos deal is going.

Matt Cantrell is a guest at Southfork dinner and he and JR have some playful banter for the family's benefit. The talk of the emerald mine sets Jenna reminiscing about how much Bobby loved emeralds. Donna gets permission from Ellie to bring some of the kids from Woodgrove to Southfork for a day. Matt talks to Jenna about her story outside and she gets upset about it for some reason, rushing into the house.

At the hospital, Jamie finally wakes up after a couple of weeks. Cliff tells her about the crisis that was narrowly averted. Jack visits her the next day and they talk about his travails with Jenna, who's still hurting over Bobby. Meanwhile, at the boutique, Donna finds Jenna wandering around inside, aimlessly. Jenna says she visited Bobby's grave before coming to the store that morning and is still a bit distracted.

Nicholas, Grace, and Angelica have another think-tank session in which Grace says she'll take Jack away from Dallas for a few days before the conference in Martinique to prevent JR from trying anything funny which might interfere with their plan.

After seeing Pam off, Sue Ellen reminds Mark that Pam truly loves him and he should remember that. Mark tells her that Bobby and Pam were engaged before his death and he has to let her take this trip so that maybe she can get Bobby's memory out of her system.

The next morning, Cliff thanks JR for selling out his share of Pam's mine. JR says he's welcome. Franklin tells JR that Ellie drew out seven million dollars as an initial deposit for a purchase. The next morning, JR tells Ellie he thinks they should find more time to be together and they have a talk, with JR hinting at sending Ellie on a trip or something. She turns down the idea, to his regret.

Pam and Matt finally arrive in a very spiffy Los Gatos hotel. The local sheriff and Cantrell know each other from before and he warns Matt that he better be careful because he made some enemies from his last trip to their fair city.

Episode 210: Shadow Games  Aired: Tue, Dec. 1

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Honey, you look like a lot of things but innocent is not one of them." - JR to Grace. Nominated by AHN Jason.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Pam and Mandy were both invisible, probably by design. Among those who showed, I'd have to give the nod to the big Ramboski.

Matt checks at the local post office for the package of emeralds from JR, which hasn't arrived. He also learns that JR hasn't sent any other mail or telegrams. He later discovers that the Sheriff intercepted the package and knows what's in it. Undeterred by the threats, Matt leads Pam and their crew into the jungle. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched from afar.

JR checks with Harve about Ewing Oil's by-laws which establish that since Pam is away for an extended period, he has full rein over the company. The first order of business is the sale of Ewing Oil's share of the Marinos deal to the cartel members. Harve wonders why Pam's signature isn't on the agreements but understands what JR is doing. JR asks a representative from Ericson Investments to look into whose company Ellie is buying.

JR finds Grace at Jack's place. He questions her about Angelica's sidearm tactics to get to Jack and reminds her that Angelica stands to lose a lot more than he does if the deal falls through - and it will if he continues to be ignored.

Jenna visits Bobby's grave again and tells him she's being torn apart by the pain she caused their relationship. [This is pathetic.] Clayton and Ellie help Ray and Donna out as the kids from Woodgrove visit the ranch and the Krebbses see how Jenna's condition is degenerating. Ellie wonders whether Donna is thinking about having another child but Donna tells her that the baby had Down's Syndrome and she can't bring herself to try again.

JR learns that it's Clayton's company Ellie is buying and confronts him about it. Clayton says he doesn't know anything about Ellie's involvement in the matter but promises to find out.

Jamie returns home and Cliff wants to stay and spend some time with her but she insists that he attend Graison Research's charity auction that evening. JR offers to escort Sue Ellen to the auction and she accepts. Jerry Kenderson is still nervous about speaking at the event but does a good job. Sue Ellen gives him a kiss for his effort which disturbs JR a bit.

Jack arrives with Grace and Angelica and spots Jenna sitting at the Ewing table by herself. Mark asks Jenna to dance but she declines the offer, and rushes out of the party. She bumps by Jack and Grace and they exchange pleasantries but little else. Angelica finds JR and she assures him that she has no plans to cut him out of their venture.

Clayton returns in the middle of the event and pushes Ellie and himself into the ladies room. They argue about the situation, and Clayton says that the real reason he didn't want her to get involved was because Farlow Industries was the only thing that he really had left that was his own. However, he's found that it's not as important to him now as it used to be.

We return back to the auction where Cliff and JR are going back at forth over a sculpture. JR offers to double Cliff's last bid, and then magnanimously gives the sculpture back to be auctioned off again.

Nicholas arrives and tells Angelica and Grace that Dimitri Marinos is dead and they have to formulate a new plan. Angelica asks for the podium and announces that Dimitri's health is improving and has decided to donate 1 million dollars to Graison Research. Sue Ellen finishes the evening by mentioning that Pam really wished she could be there.

Meanwhile, in Colombia, as Mark is bathing in a river near the campsite, he hears a scream and returns to find the camp ablaze - and Pam and the rest of the group gone. While searching for them, he is slugged and knocked out.

Episode 211: Missing  Aired: Wed, Dec. 2

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LINES OF THE DAY: Two zingers from JR today:

"That's the kind of chief of police I like." - after Matt tells him how greedy Rueda is.

"I never forget people who do me favors - and people who don't." - after meeting Rueda.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Other than an intimate scene with Grace, the Ramboski's de-push continues.

Matt struggles to his feet and frantically cries out for Pam. He stuffs some papers in his pocket, puts on a shirt, picks up a gun, and discovers that whoever ransacked the campsite took the emeralds out of his bag.

The family returns home and congratulates Sue Ellen on her poise and charm - even JR notices the new and improved Sue Ellen. JR also points out that he's pleased that Ellie and Clayton have solved their problems. Jenna continues to mope by herself and when JR asks her if she enjoyed herself, she goes nuts again and complains about not being there for Bobby when he needed her - and he might still be alive.

Cliff comes to the office to find Mandy waiting for him. She says she doesn't want to spy on JR any more because it isn't getting her what she wants and she doesn't feel good about it. Cliff desperately says he'll tell JR she's been spying but Mandy responds that she'll save him the trouble.

Matt calls JR and tells him what happened. JR says he'll come right down and instructs him to do whatever he has to do to find her - but don't let anyone else know for a while. He also tells Sly to keep the matter quiet. The police chief questions Cantrell about recent events and the sheriff says he's figured out Matt's game and questions whether or not he set the whole ambush up. Mark, Jerry, and Sue Ellen celebrate their success as Mark receives the call from Cantrell. Mark says he'll contact Cliff and be down as soon as possible. Jamie assures Cliff that Pam will be fine. JR arrives in Los Gatos and tells Matt to keep their relationship quiet, because he'd never hear the end of it.

Angelica calls Ewing Oil and finds that JR has left for Europe to speak with some drilling experts. Nicholas assures her that Dimitri's death is still a secret but she is sure that JR is up to something. She tells Nicholas to confirm JR's destination from Dallas and tells Grace to do whatever is necessary to keep Jack interested in her. Mandy also learns of JR's sudden trip.

JR visits Chief Rueda and they play the cat-and-mouse game which ends up costing JR two envelopes full of cash for Rueda's cooperation. He asks him to find Pam and keep an eye on the wayward Cantrell - and keep his name out of the picture. After he leaves, Rueda comments that it's a very good start between them so far.

Ellie tells the homesick Christopher stories about his father and how important the family was to him. She does a passable job of making him comfortable in his new temporary home.

Later, the chief picks up Mark and Cliff and takes them to the hotel. They find Matt there and Mark makes the same implication the chief did - that Matt set the whole thing up. They have a brutal fistfight in the lobby during which Matt works in an impressive Lou Thesz press, a la Stone Cold Steve Austin. The chief breaks it up and Matt and Mark promise to finish the fight after Pam is found.

Grace and Jack continue to get cozy and she comments that her work is no longer as important as it once was. She questions him about Jenna and Jack tells her about Jenna's obsession with Bobby which drove them apart. [Oddly enough, she still seems very dressed for having just had sex.] That night, Jenna plans a late-night trip to Bobby's grave and Ellie and Clayton try to dissuade her. Clayton ends up physically restraining her and Ray and Donna take her back to her room.

JR returns to Ewing Oil and Angelica slips into his office. She tells him that she checked up on him and questions him about his sudden trip, saying she doesn't like the unexpected. JR says he'll make sure she knows about any other sudden trips but wonders what she's hiding.

Matt, Mark and Cliff discuss strategy with the chief. Matt gets a package containing Pam's brooch and a message saying that Pam is alive and they will receive further instructions.

Episode 212: Dire Straits  Aired: Thu, Dec. 3

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "Bobby's it's Pam's nightmare." - Nice bit of foreshadowing by Cliff.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Jamie is completely invisible today.

We begin [sigh] back in the Los Gatos hotel. Cliff wants immediate action but everyone else wants to wait it out to minimize the risk to Pam. Rueda advises Mark and Cliff to get money together in preparation for a ransom demand. A demand comes for $100,000, to be delivered by Matt, alone, in a secluded spot. Mark is wary but he allows himself to be convinced that they have to trust Matt to do this.

The news reaches Southfork and Ellie tells everyone about Pam's kidnapping. Donna mentions that Jenna is unwilling to get help and Clayton insists on getting a psychiatrist to come to the ranch.

JR and Jack make preparations for the conference in Martinique, despite Pam's predicament. JR gets Sly to find everything she can find about Dimitri Marinos because he's convinced that Angelica is up to something.

Mandy admits to JR that she's been feeding information to Cliff, and feels even worse after JR says that he never slept with Angelica Nero. She says she wants to get out of his life so he never has to see her again. JR magnanimously forgives her and says he'll give her another chance.

Sue Ellen is distracted at work and Jerry tries to comfort her since there's nothing she can do about Pam. Sue Ellen reminisces about the old days when she and Pam hated each other and now feels sorry that she seems to suffer continuous misfortune. They have dinner together and Jerry brings her home. JR notices the way he looks at her from a nearby window and decides to ask her to have dinner with their son...for his sake. He also comments about Jerry's bedroom eyes, but she pooh-poohs that idea.

Later that night, Rueda comments that Cantrell has been gone far too long. Mark demands that the Chief mobilize his troops to find Matt, just as he arrives with another note indicating that they will bring Pam back to the same spot tomorrow at noon...and Matt is to be there alone. Mark insists on accompanying him this time.

At the Woodgrove school, Donna gets a young boy named Tony to open up to her. Tony comments that she seems sad and she tells him that she's worried about a friend who needs help. Tony suggests that she talk to her friend. Meanwhile, Jenna tells the psychiatrist that she doesn't need anyone's help but he manages to get her to start talking. Jenna admits again that her guilt stems from her belief that he wouldn't have died if she had agreed to marry him. The doctor tells her that she can't live her life on 'ifs'. Suddenly Jenna seems to be a whole lot better and says she appreciates his help.

JR and Jack meet with Angelica and Grace to finalize the details for their trip and Jack says he'd like to go early with Grace to spend some extra time with her. JR nixes the idea in the name of putting forth a united front and says that they'll be plenty of time for relaxation after the conference.

Matt, Cliff, and the Chief accompany Matt to a point near the clearing site. After a while, Matt returns alone and another argument ensues between Mark and Matt until they hear faint cries from the's Pam! Rueda informs JR who is glad to hear it and says that there will be a bonus coming his way. Rueda celebrates his new found wealth with the gringos who look suspiciously like the guys in Matt's expedition party...

Sue Ellen tells Jerry the news and his congratulatory hug becomes a little more sensual than he wanted. She comments that JR was probably right about his feelings for her and Jerry admits that his attraction to her is becoming stronger. Sue Ellen says she's come a long way in her life and doesn't want to jump head over heels into a relationship. Jerry understands and agrees to take things slowly.

Charlie overhears the family talking about Jenna's condition. Clayton mentions having her committed, which frightens her to no end. Later, Charlie tells her mother that she's afraid of what might happen and just wants her to get better. Jenna promises to consider seeing the psychiatrist again.

That night, Mark tells Pam that he didn't accompany her on the trip because he hoped she would get Bobby's memory out of her system, but now he wants to be with her and deal with their future together.

JR looks over videotapes from British news. He finds a ten-year-old tape of Angelica and a lawyer named Alex Garrett, who he remembers from long ago. He asks Sly to get in touch with him immediately to find out about the elusive Mr. Marinos.

Episode 213: Overture  Aired: Fri, Dec. 4

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "Only if our guests take them."  The hotel clerk's response to Cliff when he is asked whether it's normal to charge for towels.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Clayton must be tending to the rest of the ox herd.

Cliff complains about his extravagant hotel bill, where he's being charged for ice, laundry, and towels. He prepares to leave but is convinced by Mark to stay and check out the mine. Matt informs JR who tells him to put on whatever dog-and-pony show he needs to in order to convince Pam to stay and invest in his venture. They head back towards the mine and Matt tries to break the news to them that what they find may not be too glamorous at first.

Jack and Grace have more outdoor fun and they talk about their burgeoning mutual attraction. With Cliff absent from work, Jamie tries to take care of some of Cliff's correspondence at work. Jack comes by and tells her about the upcoming trip to Martinique as well as his relationship with Grace.

Jenna tells Ellie and Donna she's decided to see a psychiatrist. Ellie and Donna are very happy to hear it and Ellie says that their support will be just as important as any therapy.

JR and Sue Ellen have their dinner-and-movie night with John Ross and he invites her to accompany him to Martinique. Sue Ellen says no but JR asks her to think about it, reminding her that they were once a good team. JR asks Harry McSween to look into Jerry Kenderson's past for dirt.

Matt and the crew finally arrive at the mine, which, as he said, is just a small hole in the side of a mountain. Suddenly, everyone realizes how much effort and time will go into the project. Cliff becomes adventurous and says he'd like to try his hand and see what he can find and Pam and Mark agree. Matt figures they might as well spend some time there.

Some kids from Woodgrove come back out to Southfork for horse riding. Tony, the boy from yesterday, claims to have a stomachache until Ray goes over and makes him more comfortable with the horse. Suddenly Tony gets a hankering to ride.

Sue Ellen considers postponing an upcoming fundraiser because it conflicts with JR's plans to take her to Martinique, though she's not sure why he asked her to go. Jerry says it's obvious: he wants her back because she's such a great woman to be with. Sue Ellen figures that there must be more to it than that.

JR gets in touch with Alex Garrett in Geneva, who refuses to tell him anything about his tenure as Dimitri Marinos's lawyer. He says he would do anything for him, but not that. He says he wants to forget about the whole episode.

After two days, the emerald mine turns up nothing, which gets Cliff totally frustrated. Matt reminds them that it will take heavy machinery and a lot of time. Pam offers to buy out Cliff's investment in the mine and he gladly agrees. Later, Pam tells Mark she appreciates his support and says he was right about her need to follow Bobby's dream, but she promises that it's all behind her now and she's totally devoted to their future.

The Marinos bunch have another strategy discussion about Martinique. Angelica mentions to Nicholas that Jack still knows nothing about how important his role is - nor how much it will cost him. Grace gets kind of fidgety at that comment.

The psychiatrist's office calls Southfork and says that Jenna is more than an hour late for her appointment. Ellie worries that she might have had an accident or something. Jenna is late coming home too, and she hasn't been found at the boutique or out by Bobby's grave. She explains that she just got caught in traffic and suddenly seems much more chipper. The next day, Donna meets Jenna for lunch and says she knows that she never saw her psychiatrist. Jenna gets all huffy and tries to leave but Donna puts an iron grip on her and forces her to sit down and talk it out. Jenna admits her confusion and fear and says she doesn't know what's wrong with her but she's afraid that no one can help her.

Matt gets a sudden pang of conscience the next morning and apologizes to Pam for the disappointment, and also begins to tell her about JR's involvement in the matter but is interrupted by Mark. Matt gives Pam a final offer to back out of their deal but she says she wouldn't do that to a friend.

Sue Ellen asks JR why he asked her to accompany him to Martinique for companionship instead of Mandy or even Angelica. JR says it's over with Mandy, and his affair with Angelica was just business. Sue Ellen sees through his charade and says she doesn't think he'll ever change. JR says he once believed the same about her, but she's changed a lot in the past few months and he believes that she should give him the same benefit of the doubt. He asks her about Jerry Kenderson but she says Jerry has nothing to do with their relationship. JR calls Harry who says he's looked back to Jerry's college days and found nothing on him at all. JR insists that he keep looking even if he has to go back to kindergarten.

Episode 214: Sitting Ducks  Aired: Mon, Dec. 7

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "If this is the new Sue Ellen, I don't like what she's become." - JR to Sue Ellen, in the opening teaser. Nominated by AHN Anne, and seconded by me. What is up with her hair?

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Clayton continues the ox drive.

JR arranges to get some snakeskin boots made for the Martinique trip. Alex Garrett unexpectedly calls from Geneva and says he's reconsidered his position. Garrett warns JR that Marinos is not the one he should worry about - Angelica is. Pressed for time, Alex says he'll get in touch with JR in Martinique.

Jack gets Grace a necklace as a gift and hopes they can spend a lot more time together after Martinique.

Ray spends a day with the Woodgrove kids in place of Donna. Ray starts to take a special interest in Tony, who he learns lives with a foster family. He talks to Donna about it that evening.

Mark and Pam return from Colombia and are honored guests at Southfork for dinner. John Ross gets a tribal artifact and Charlie gets earrings as gifts. Pam tells them about their travel and JR expresses surprise that Pam continues to foolishly continue her investment in the scheme. Pam continues to gush about Matt's commitment. Christopher gets a bunch of gifts when he arrives home and says it's good to be back together with his family - and he reaffirms his love for both Mark and his mother.

Cliff comes home to find that Jamie's made some good changes to Barnes-Wentworth while he was away and says he's very proud of her. He also tells Jamie about his decision to let Pam buy him out of his share of the mine because he's convinced it's worthless.

Pam bursts into JR's office and confronts him about the deal he made with the cartel without her. JR explains that he needed to take quick action on the opportunity and questions her good sense for continuing to follow her heart instead of her head when it comes to business. He suggests that she do the sensible thing and let him run Ewing Oil.

Meanwhile, in Colombia, Matt gets men and equipment together for the mine, to the surprise of Chief Rueda who believed the whole thing to be an elaborate ruse to dupe Pam.

Mandy stops by JR's office after he gets his new boots and learns about his upcoming trip to the Caribbean. She says she's been offered a long-term modeling contract in Canada and wants to know whether or not she should stay in Dallas. JR says it's her decision to make.

Pam tells Mark about her conversation with JR and wonders whether she's really fit to do battle with JR on a daily basis and Mark says she can't go on leading Bobby's life for him. Pam seems to take his words to heart.

Jenna meets with the psychiatrist [for real, this time] and he questions her about the time between her release from jail and Bobby's death. She says she felt sick at Lucy's wedding and went up to her room - alone. And then, she claims, nothing happened, so she doesn't want to talk about it any more. Later, Ellie, Sue Ellen, and Donna talk about it and Sherlock Krebbs wonders whether there was a connection between Lucy's wedding and Jenna's which never happened.

JR, Jack, Angelica and Grace fly in the private jet down to Martinique. Angelica starts to get antsy and wonders when JR is going to give Jack his reasons for being at the upcoming conference. Jack is shown some pictures of Dimitri Marinos and begins to understand. He gets upset that the whole thing was kept a big secret from him. The others try to convince him that so much is riding on his impersonation of Marinos but he says he's still not sure about the charade. JR assures Angelica that Jack will come around.

Pam and Sue Ellen have lunch and Pam is told about Jenna's guilt over Bobby's death. She tells Pam that Mark told her that Bobby proposed to Pam before he died. Pam reveals that Bobby said that Jenna somehow 'knew' their relationship was over.

Jack confronts Grace about her duplicity and she reveals that her relationship with him started out as just business but it turned into much more, and she found herself falling in love with him. Jack doesn't believe her and says that he'll go along with Angelica's plan - but that's the last they'll see of Jack Ewing.

JR goes to find Garrett at his hotel but the clerk says he isn't registered there yet. Meanwhile, Grace and Angelica talk to Nicholas and talk about their plan. Nicholas explains the arrangement: there have been reports of a problem with the fuel line in Dimitri's yacht, which Jack and JR will be photographed boarding the next day. Nicholas demonstrates a remote-controlled explosive charge that has been conveniently planted to blow up the yacht as Angelica looks on approvingly.

Episode 215: Masquerade  Aired: Tue, Dec. 8

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LINE OF THE DAY:  "I think the masquerade is over." - JR putting the finishing touches on an outstanding episode.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Clayton continues the ox drive for a third day. Mark Graison probably joined him. For the record, I don't mind at all.

JR continues to attempt to hunt down Alex Garrett, who has failed to arrive in Martinique. Angelica and Nicholas tell JR and Jack that the first order of business is a Saturday night masquerade ball, to allow Jack to be seen and heard briefly as Dimitri. Then there will be a Sunday press conference on Dimitri's yacht for picture-taking, after which the deal is done. Jack is still uncomfortable and tells JR he hopes he makes enough money on the venture to buy back his ten percent of Ewing Oil so he doesn't have to deal with his shenanigans any more.

Ellie and Pam go shopping and Pam thanks her for taking care of Christopher while she was away. Pam also surprisingly asks how she would feel if she sold her share of Ewing Oil to JR. Ellie says she's fine with it if it brings Pam and the rest of the family some relief. While leaving the ranch, Pam bumps into Jenna and they talk about how difficult Bobby's death has been for both of them and Pam offers to help her in any way she can. Jenna says Pam's the last person who could help her, and she continues to ramble about how it's all her fault that she didn't marry Bobby because the two of them were made for each other. She then rushes into the house and up the stairs past a bewildered Ellie.

Jerry Kenderson returns from Houston to find that Sue Ellen decided not to accompany JR to Martinique. He makes an invitation for dinner Saturday night and she accepts.

Alex finally gets in touch with JR, who tells him that he got held up in Europe. JR tells him to come down to the masquerade ball, at which time Alex says he'll tell him everything he needs to know about the Marinos situation. JR hears an extra click as Alex hangs up and wonders whether someone was listening on the extension. He speaks to the cooped-up Jack about cutting Grace a break and making up with her because she was just doing her job and it's clear she really likes him - and also to find out anything he can about the upcoming events.

Pam comes to Barnes-Wentworth to see Cliff and Jamie. She reveals her wish to divest herself of Ewing Oil as Matt Cantrell calls with a request for more money. Cliff once again berates her for foolishly continuing her investment and reminds her that Mark won't approve either once he finds out. Cliff tells Jamie he thinks that Pam will marry Mark very soon and plans the consolidation of his company with Graisco, as Jamie tries to get him to look at production reports.

Jack decides to take JR's advice and talk to Grace, who's apparently been doing a lot of crying. Jack apologizes and offers to make a fresh start with their relationship. Angelica watches from a nearby balcony and the next morning, Angelica congratulates her on a great performance and hopes that Grace doesn't fail her. She reminds her that tomorrow night, they'll own Marinos Shipping.

The Southfork dinner table is an all-girl affair, except for John Ross and Ray, who arrives late after working on their new home. He mentions how good it is to be around a big family. Charlie learns that Jenna cancelled all of her appointments with her psychiatrist. Sue Ellen and Pam have lunch and catch up on recent events. Pam is worried about Jenna after the conversation they had, and Sue Ellen mentions her upcoming dinner with Jerry.

Grace comes into JR and Jack's room before the ball and cryptically warns them about the danger awaiting them on the yacht ride Sunday. She tells them to get off the island immediately but JR insists on at least going to the ball to meet Alex Garrett. Grace tells them that Angelica must not know of her warning or it's curtains for all of them. Jack tells JR that they can't afford not to heed her.

When picking up John Ross, Pam bumps into Jenna. She goes into a tirade about Pam's continued presence and starts babbling again about how Bobby only loved her. Pam gets so upset that she blurts out that Bobby planned to marry her, not Jenna, and was killed coming back to the ranch to tell her. Jenna doesn't believe it and hatefully tells her to rot in hell. [Not in so many words.]

The Martinique troop attends the ball and most of the crowd is convinced of the presence of Dimitri Marinos among them. JR slips away to talk to Alex, who says he doesn't believe what he's seeing. Three years ago, Dimitri was dying and asked him to write Angelica Nero out of his will. Angelica forged papers firing Alex and undoing the codicil. JR tells him that it's not really Dimitri Marinos and he should stand by to see what happens. Angelica tells Nicholas that she doesn't fell Grace can be trusted - they'll have to go to Plan B.

That night at dinner, Sue Ellen wonders why Jerry's never been married. He responds that he's never found the right woman - until now.

Nicholas takes the stage and announces Dimitri's good health to the world, asking 'Marinos' and his guests to come up to the stage for a few words, to the surprise of both JR and Grace. Angelica gives a brief speech and leaves Jack to say a few words. A guy steps into a balcony corner with a crossbow pointed at Jack. JR spots the would-be assassin out of the corner of his eye and pushes Jack out of the way. Nicholas pulls out a pistol and shoots but the shot is redirected at the last moment by Grace. Angelica is also ready to take a shot but is unable because of the thick crowd, which scatters every which way. Jack asks JR what happened and he responds with the Line of the Day.

Episode 216: Just Deserts  Aired: Wed, Dec. 9

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  "Well, daddy, it's taken a long time, and a lot of hard work, but's all mine!" - JR telling Jock's portrait about Pam's offer.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Clayton continues to be absent for a fourth day.

In the aftermath of the wacky ball, JR, Grace, and Jack are told that Angelica has probably left the island in the Marinos jet. The police officer asks them to cabbage Angelica's plan for us. Grace is offered the same opportunity and she agrees. Jack offers to be her bond so she can leave Martinique but the police deny that request. Jack offers to stay with Grace but she says that too much has happened between them and she doesn't want to hurt him any more. Grace returns to her room and starts to undress as Angelica comes in through the balcony. She says that she never would have be believed that Grace would have been the one to betray her...

Alex Garrett taunts the handcuffed Nicholas about the surety of his going to jail - unless he turns over the will he forged for Angelica and testify against her. We learn that Dimitri has been dead for two weeks and Nicholas tells Alex the rest. Later, Alex tells JR that he will have to temporarily freeze all projects initiated by Angelica - including their drilling venture - for a few weeks. While saying goodbye, JR and Jack discover the dead figure of Grace slumped in a chair after having been shot.

After her stupid revelation to Jenna, Pam can't sleep and forces Mark to suffer through the story too. Jenna tells Charlie she thinks they should move away from Southfork, which can never really be their home without Bobby. Charlie argues but Jenna says she's putting her foot down. News of the mayhem reaches Dallas and Pam tells Cliff to comfort Jamie.

Ray and Donna talk about how well their new home is coming along and he brings up the possibility of adoption. Donna says she needs some time to think about it. Donna finds that Tony has formed a special attachment to Ray.

Mark brings John Ross home to Southfork and finds Jenna outside on the porch. He tries to convince Jenna that Pam wasn't lying about her engagement to Bobby but she refuses to listen. Mark lamely tries to explain how Pam and Bobby's relationship has strained his life too, but Jenna promptly dismisses his chatter.

Jack tells Cliff and Jamie he's sick of the oil business and he's considering leaving Dallas. They try to convince him not to go and just change his business partners.

Jenna tells Ellie that she's considering taking a job in New York or Paris because she feels she doesn't have much of a future in Dallas. After their talk, Jenna takes a slow walk to the livingroom and talks to Bobby's picture. She starts hearing Pam and Mark's voices and reminisces about the day of Lucy's wedding when she told Bobby that they needed some time before they rushed into marriage. She collapses on the floor in a crying fit over the realization that the whole thing is her fault.

The next morning, Sue Ellen tells JR that Jenna has decided to see the psychiatrist again. JR suggests that they heal some of their own wounds but she says that she's been seeing Jerry Kenderson recently. He tells her that when he had guns pointed at him in Martinique, his only thoughts were of her. Sue Ellen dismisses it as a great story.

Jenna comes over to Pam's place to apologize and explain. She says she was just trying to shield herself from the pain of the knowledge that Bobby wanted to marry Pam all along. That was why she decided to 'set him free' at Lucy's wedding. Pam says she understands and they share a hug. [Awww...]

JR gets an earful from the cartel folks about their now-lost investment, and says he wants to make amends for what happened. Based on Alex Garrett's information that everything will be rosy in a few weeks, JR magnanimously offers to buy back their investments at half price.

Sue Ellen tells Jerry that she was flattered by JR's comments the other day, but she didn't fall into his arms the way she ordinarily would have. Jerry says he's willing to admit that he loves her even without a gun pointed at him.

Pam comes into JR's office and presents him with a proposal to sell Christopher's share of Ewing Oil to him. She waltzes out laughing, saying that the fight is just not worth that much to her any more. JR gives Jock's portrait the Line of the Day as he leaves.

Episode 217: Nothing's Ever Perfect  Aired: Thu, Dec. 10

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  "I have much traveling to do, and many debts to repay." - Angelica to her fake ID agent. Joe S. pointed out the pun on 'debts' and 'deaths'.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: The big Ramboski gets one scene. One. And Jenna does most of the talking. What's up with that?

Jenna apologizes to the family for her recent bizarre behavior, and Clayton finally returns home, preparing to aid Ray in their upcoming horse venture. JR returns home and tells everyone about Pam's surprising offer to have Christopher's share of Ewing Oil bought out. Sue Ellen hears the news as she walks out of the house, preparing to meet Jerry Kenderson for dinner. JR asks her to celebrate with him but she declines, even after his normal protestations that his life means nothing without her.

Jack gets a surprise visitor at his apartment door...Jenna Wade. She apologizes to him for the way she treated him and they decide to allot their misfortune to bad circumstances. Jack says he appreciates her gesture but he figures he might not be long for Dallas.

JR meets with Franklin Horner to arrange financing for his upcoming purchase. He also requests a billion-dollar revolving line of credit in order to prepare to make Ewing Oil the biggest independent oil company in Texas.

Ray and Donna talk again about how empty their big house is going to be and she says she wants to try adopting a child - hopefully young Tony.

Jamie and Cliff have dinner with Pam and Mark and she announces her intention to leave Ewing Oil. Cliff assumes she wants to return to Barnes-Wentworth but Pam says she just wants time to relax with Mark and Christopher. He is excited at the prospect of cutting ties to the Ewings.

Harry McSween comes to Ewing Oil and tells JR that Jerry Kenderson has been checked and he's practically a saint- the worst thing he ever did was be Mark Graison's college roommate. Harry suggests that if JR wants to get him dirty, he better throw some mud. Meanwhile, Jerry invites Sue Ellen out again but she declines, saying she's been missing her time with John Ross lately. Jerry suggests that she move into town with her son but she angrily protests. They decide not to fight and she accepts his invitation.

Ellie is perturbed at the prospect of JR's controlling Ewing Oil because she's worried about what might happen to her currently big family, with the possibility of Jenna, Ray, Donna, and Sue Ellen leaving any time. Clayton reminds her that they've got each other and everyone gets a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Ellie tells Jenna and Charlie she would like them to stay at the ranch - at least until they decide on a permanent change. Jenna agrees and Charlie's ecstatic.

Pam and Mark eat at the Oil Baron's Club again and Jordan Lee stops by, confirming the rumor that she's leaving Ewing Oil. Mark suggests that they head over to Europe to relax - as a family.

Alex Garrett's personal assistant stops by Ewing Oil and tells JR that Angelica did some very strange things during her tenure as CEO of Marinos Shipping, and he was forced to invalidate JR's verbal agreements with her - the deal has to become a 50/50 split of profits again. JR grudgingly agrees. It's also mentioned that Nicholas has been freed after providing the authorities with the full details of Angelica's shenanigans. JR says that's all in the past now. Meanwhile, Angelica gets fake identification made up, giving her travel agent the Line of the Day.

Harve and JR finalize the details of the sale agreement and JR gives Mandy a call after a long separation. Unfortunately for the expectant Mandy, JR says he wants to put an end to their relationship - not for anything she's done, but because he's found new love for someone else. He gives her the title to the apartment and as he leaves, he tells her that Sue Ellen is the other woman.

When the contracts are ready for signing, Pam has brief second thoughts before signing her proverbial life away. She hopes that everybody can live in peace now, and JR confirms that they have nothing to fight about any more. JR goes into Bobby's office and tells him the news - with the thought that he would give it all up if Bobby was back for him to fight with.

Mandy literally bumps into Sue Ellen the next day and says she'll be leaving Dallas soon. She tells Sue Ellen that JR's left her - to try and get his wife back. Sue Ellen is shocked at the revelation.

Mark, Pam, and Christopher spend some time at the park and Mark buys a very special box of Cracker Jack - it contains three airline tickets and an engagement ring for Pam. She happily accepts his proposal - and so does Christopher. Donna is told that a hearing has been arranged so they can start the adoption process.

JR brings John Ross to Ewing Oil to show him his new-found legacy and promises that he'll turn Ewing Oil into an empire for his son, just like Jock always wanted.

Meanwhile, Nicholas from Marinos Shipping is sitting in a hotel when Angelica enters his room. They talk about what went down in Martinique. Nicholas starts to explain what happened but Angelica says that all is forgiven and prepares to give him a big hug. Unfortunately for him, she pulls out a monstrously long hatpin and stabs him. Angelica quietly leaves, reminding us all that only JR and Jack remain to be dealt with.

Episode 218: J.R. Rising  Aired: Fri, Dec. 11

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  "Goodnight, partner." - John Ross to his dad as he plans for work at Ewing Oil.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Cliff and Jamie are totally AWOL, as is Mark Graison. Pam gets one scene. Other than Pam, I don't mind.

JR and John Ross return to the ranch and John Ross tells his mother about partnering with JR at Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen tells JR about her meeting with Mandy, and the fact that it disturbs her - he doesn't want JR to do anything for her sake anymore.

Mandy meets with an agent, who says he has a lot of opportunities for her if she wants to leave Dallas. She's hesitant because of her feelings for JR, but the agent assures her she doesn't really have a future with him. Mandy asks for a day or two to decide.

Clayton, Ray, and Jack stake out some land to build a stable for their cutting horse venture. Jack tells them he's considering leaving Dallas - he might have left already if not for his sister. They, of course, try to dissuade him from doing anything rash and assure him that the family would like him to stay.

Ray and Donna meet with an adoption counselor, who says they are near-ideal candidates - except for the fact that Ray has a criminal record because of the Mickey Trotter incident. She advises them to meet with Tony's foster parents and spend some time with him in the meantime.

Ellie and Sue Ellen congratulate Pam on her engagement and Sue Ellen reminisces about the nice ring she lost during her bender [Episode 193]. She also admits that her marriage has recently become a show, and mainly for John Ross's sake - until now. The prospect of what might happen to it frightens her.

Jerry Kenderson gets a call from a guy named Roy Wheelock who says he wants to make a huge donation to Graison Research - but he wants to meet him first. They arrange to have dinner and JR thanks Roy for his help. Jerry asks Sue Ellen to accompany him but she says she has an AA meeting. JR meets Jerry there and taunts him about the fact that he's gotten nowhere with Sue Ellen and tells him, based on her history with affairs,  he never will. Roy Wheelock arrives a few minutes later but JR's words appear to have had their desired effect.

Jack horses around with Charlie and John Ross in the pool and Jenna and Sue Ellen discuss their love lives. The rest of the family enjoys the poolside buffet. Ray gets word that their application to adopt is progressing nicely and they should approach Tony with their plans. Jack apologizes to JR for blaming him for the mayhem in Martinique and tells him about Nicholas's recent death which has made him wonder...

Down in the Colombian jungle, Matt Cantrell gets word from an excited mine worker that a rich vein of emeralds has been found. He heads over to Chief Rueda's office to discuss the problems his operation is causing and shows him some evidence of the find. Suddenly the Chief is willing to be a little more understanding.

JR and John Ross have dinner at the Oil Baron's Club. JR tells him that he's going to do whatever it takes to put their family back together again. Meanwhile, Jerry and Sue Ellen are having dinner and he notices her obvious distraction. He rather bluntly tells her he wants to take the next step in their relationship and she decides to take him right then and there. [KIDDING!] No, of course, she feeds him the "I'm not ready" line. Jerry says it wouldn't be fair to continue on without her commitment. JR is waiting for Sue Ellen when she returns to the ranch and mentions how great it is to be together with the ones you love.

Ray and Donna talk to Tony about adoption. For some reason, Tony seems vehemently opposed to the prospect.

Franklin Horner manages to get JR the line of credit he needs. The cartel folks meet with JR to finalize his repurchase of their shares of the Marinos project. Marilee has some second thoughts but decides to go ahead with it. JR tells Alex Garrett to go ahead and unfreeze Marinos assets and projects as soon as possible.

Angelica Nero arrives at a United States airport and goes through customs. As she's about to leave, an officer calls her back and asks to look at her passport again. Fortunately for her, he just wants to stamp it.

Episode 219: Serendipity  Aired: Mon, Dec. 14

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  The whole scene between JR and Marilee was great.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Pam's been so busy finding an outfit worthy of Angelica Nero she doesn't have time to show up [except once].

Due to dropping oil prices, JR is forced to temporarily shut down some of his local oil fields. Mark Graison confronts JR about the investigation into his past and JR hints that Mark wasn't the one he was after. Mark realizes it must be Jerry's past that JR was looking into and warns him in no uncertain terms to stay the hell away from Pam and himself. JR realizes that Mark must be hiding something to be so forceful. JR tells Harry to be more careful and find out more about Mark Graison's college hijinks.

Ray and Donna visit the adoption counselor again and tell her that Tony said he doesn't want to be adopted by them. They are shown a file about Tony's prior adoption attempt a few years ago - which was cancelled because of the sudden death of one of the parents. The Krebbses remain undeterred.

Matt pays off Chief Rueda for the damages his men caused during their 'steam-letting' and tells him that he plans to return triumphantly to Dallas in a few days to show everyone he's not a failure.

That evening before dinner, the topics of discussion involve Tony's prospective adoption and the cutting horse venture - which brings Jack to tell JR he wants to sell his 10 percent of Ewing Oil. JR says he's not really in the buying mood, since he already controls the company now. He advises Jack to take out a loan using his ownership as collateral. Charlie is asked to a school dance by 'the most gorgeous guy in school' and Jenna realizes her little girl is growing up.

Sue Ellen tells Mark she wants to take some time off of work and he reveals that JR has been digging into his past - and Jerry's. She confirms that JR hasn't told her anything about Jerry but rushes home to ask JR about it. JR admits it and says he's in desperate straits because of the prospect of losing her. He also tells her that Jerry's a very good man who's lived a proper life - and he's boring as hell. He reminds her of the 'magic' their marriage once had - and still could have.

Two cops pull over a speeding rental car and find an apologetic Angelica Nero inside. They insist on seeing her driver's license and happen to spot the pistol in her purse, so they whisk her off for questioning.

Ray and Donna meet with Tony again and try to convince him to give them a chance. They ask him to come to Southfork to meet the family and he agrees. Jack decides to take JR's advice and get a loan to help finance his venture with Ray and Clayton.

Jamie visits JR at his office. She says Cliff has been distracted ever since JR bought the Marinos deal from the cartel and asks him to leave Cliff alone if she promises to keep him out of Ewing Oil's way. JR agrees, but doubts that she can do it. Cliff spots Mandy at the Oil Baron's Club with Dale, who we learn owns a modeling agency. He reminds her that he predicted that JR would dump her and his relationship with Sue Ellen won't last once she agrees to give him what he wants. He also predicts that JR will lose everything once he, Pam, and Mark take care of him.

JR and John Ross spend a day out in the oil fields, just like JR used to do with Jock. Later, Ellie tells John Ross about the time JR and Jock spent together. Sue Ellen overhears John Ross telling Ellie that he knows that his parents aren't really living together, and so he won't have any brothers or sisters to grow up with.

Marilee finds JR at the Oil Baron's Club later and talks to him about swindling them and then doing it again. JR feigns ignorance and tells them that he had the guts to see the deal through. Marilee warns him that the cartel is seriously considering siding with Cliff against him. JR gets a call for an urgent meeting.

After a long detainment, Angelica is finally released after all of her papers are checked. As she leaves, she asks a trooper for directions to Dallas.

Tony's dinner at Southfork is a resounding success as he gets friendly with John Ross. As dinner begins, down comes Charlie in the sexiest red dress I have ever seen a girl her age wear. In order to prepare for the upcoming dance, Charlie asks Tony to help her practice. Tony points out that he can't hear the music, but he would like to learn. John Ross also proposes that the three of them all ride out to the lake tomorrow and take a swim.

As Pam and Mark prepare for an evening out, a bulletin informs them that a major earthquake has struck Colombia and the epicentre was very close to Los Gatos, which has been practically destroyed.

Sue Ellen has dinner with Jerry and tells him that she doesn't feel right about continuing their relationship. Jerry senses JR's involvement and Sue Ellen admits that she does feel re-attracted to him again and wants to give him another chance.

JR arrives at Mandy's place to find her soaking in the hot tub. She warns him about what Cliff told her at lunch earlier - and that she's changed her mind about leaving Dallas because she knows that he'll come back to her soon enough - because Sue Ellen is no competition for her.

Episode 220: Thrice in a Lifetime  Aired: Tue, Dec. 15

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  "You aren't thinking of backing out?" - JR to John Ross during their cute scene where they discuss his future at Ewing Oil.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Jenna. Nary a vision of the lovely one.

JR finds it difficult to sleep and heads downstairs for a late-night drink. He finds Sue Ellen in the kitchen who tells him she knows the only reason he came down the stairs is insomnia. JR tells her about his earlier conversation with Mandy and says he's sorry he took her for granted all those years. He decides he's not thirsty and heads upstairs but not before smacking Sue Ellen a really sweet kiss.

Jack, Ray and Clayton check out some new ranch hands for their new cattle venture. Jack is disturbed by the presence of one older cowpoke, questioning whether he could handle the workload. The old guy, Ben Stivers, comes over to the trio and says he'd really like a chance to prove himself to them. Jack is still doubtful but Clayton overrules him. The next day, Ben thanks Clayton and during a short chat, he comments that he'd like to meet the lady of the ranch someday.

Pam learns that Matt is okay and heading back to Dallas. Marilee barges into Cliff's office and tells him that the cartel has decided they're sick of JR and would like to form a consortium with him. Jamie privately tells Cliff about the deal she struck with JR and Cliff angrily tells her he can't believe she did that.

JR learns that the recent drop in oil prices is forcing smaller companies to explore new avenues due to financial difficulties. He asks his people to look into the prospect of acquiring such companies for pennies on the dollar - or driving them out of business.

Sue Ellen tells Pam she's refinding her feelings for JR. Sue Ellen says she thinks JR has *REALLY* changed this time and tells her that JR is right that there's always been some magic between them and he's the only man she's ever really loved.

JR and John Ross have a serious talk about their combined efforts in the oil business and the younger one says he'd like to work at Ewing Oil full time. JR says the same thing Jock said many years ago, but he had a lot of growing up and learning to do before that could happen - and so does John Ross.

Ellie gets an invitation to Pam and Mark's wedding and tells JR she's sad that Bobby's memory seems to be slowly fading away. JR comforts her and tells her that the feeling will pass. Mark learns about Sue Ellen's split with Jerry and hopes it won't affect her work at Graison Research. She assures him that it won't.

Pam gets upset at Cliff's treatment of Jamie after he found out she spoke to JR, but Mark agrees with Cliff - talking to JR was the worst thing she could do. Pam tries to make them see that she only did it because she cares about Cliff and doesn't want to see him get hurt. Cliff comes home and gets a drink stuffed in his pants before he apologizes. Jamie figures his apology is hollow but Cliff promises he won't do anything to provoke JR and she relents.

Angelica Nero goes to an underground explosives expert and is forced to silently listen to his blathering while he prepares a briefcase that's "going to make a lot of noise". Later, she contacts another friend of the explosives guy to prepare some final touches.

Matt Cantrell returns to Dallas and is warmly greeted by Pam and Mark. He gives them a very rich-looking sample of some of the emeralds that were found - but unfortunately, he adds that the mine was practically destroyed during the quake. He also thanks Pam for believing in him and getting rid of his 'loser' image. He says he has some unfinished business, and then he's going to hit the road again.

Tony, John Ross, and Charlie check out the Krebbses' new home with them. They show Tony his new prospective room and he says he likes it a lot. Ray and Donna visit the adoption counselor and tell them about Tony's change of heart but she regretfully informs them that the adoption review board has rejected their petition because of Ray's murder conviction. Ray demands that she find another way.

Alex Garrett stops the drilling on the Marinos site because of tumbling oil prices, making JR furious. Later, Matt Cantrell shows up at his office and gives him a thundering left cross for trying to keep him down all those years.

The next day, Clayton introduces Ben Stivers to Ellie. He acts very shy and respectable in front of her. JR reads his son a bedtime story. Sue Ellen stops by and says she wants to discuss something but JR asks her to delay their chat till tomorrow. Sue Ellen agrees and then kisses him goodnight.

Episode 221: Hello, Goodbye, Hello  Aired: Wed, Dec. 16

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  "We have some unfinished business." - Angelica to JR at the end of the episode. Not much to choose from.

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Jenna. Guess she must be resting so she can be at her bitchiest next season.

JR angrily speaks to Alex Garrett on the phone about getting the Marinos wells to start pumping right away or face the wrath of Ewing Oil. Bud McKay tells JR that he figures he could get Crowley's oil company for about 30 million dollars - a bargain price. Unfortunately, with things as they are, JR doesn't feel he can afford to buy it.

Ray feels guilty about being the cause of the Krebbses' inability to adopt and gets fired enough up to want to do something about it. They talk to Paul Morgan about getting something done and he says that they can file an appeal with the adoption commission, which will necessitate reliving the events around Mickey's death - and get Aunt Lil involved, too. The Krebbses are hesitant to do it but Paul assures them there's no other way.

Sue Ellen prepares to rent the Oil Baron's Club for the upcoming Graison Research fundraiser and tells them that JR will be accompanying her there - and to their wedding.

Ben Stivers talks to Clayton about his old ranch and his new wife. Ben mentions he used to be a wildcatter in his young days - not far from where the Ewings hit. However, Ben is hesitant to discuss whether he ever met the Ewings way back then. The next day, Punk and Ellie stop by the fields and Punk invites the Farlows to his 30th anniversary party. Ben is introduced to Punk, who has the feeling that he's meet Ben before. Later, Ellie says she has the same feeling about the new ranch hand.

Harry McSween stops by Ewing Oil and tells JR he's finally found something on Mark Graison. Apparently he was involved in a fraternity prank during which a pledge accidentally drowned, and he and his buddies were expelled for it. The charges were dropped because the district attorney was probably hushed by Mark Graison, Sr., and young Mark was back in school next year. Harry also says that since there was no trial, the statute of limitations hasn't run out on the crime...

Ray calls Aunt Lil in Kansas and tells her about their problem. Lil says she can't give him an answer right now but she'll think about it. The Krebbs are able to get a quick hearing. Lee McHenry and the dumb adoption counselor testify as character witnesses...and so does Aunt Lil, who recounts the death of her son in detail.

During the Graison fundraiser, Jerry Kenderson is visibly distracted by Sue Ellen dancing with JR. JR congratulates Pam and Mark on their upcoming wedding, thankful that Pam will be out of his life. An English banker comes up to JR and offers a business deal, but JR says he doesn't want to talk business at the fund raiser, to Sue Ellen's surprise. Jerry confronts Sue Ellen about whether she's really happy with him. She doesn't respond and just walks away. After the evening is over, the newly reunited couple adjourn to JR's room for a night of passion - and a promise of commitment from JR.

The Krebbses later find Tony and tell him that their petition to adopt had been granted and he can come live with them and there are hugs all around.

Angelica contacts a handwriting expert to get some documents forged and compliments him on his great work.

Ben Stivers is surprised by a knock on his door, which turns out to be Clayton gathering him for an auction. Before opening the door, Ben carefully stuffs some documents under a mattress and ties a scarf around his neck to hide a scar.

Jack decides to give Jamie his car to remember him by because he plans to leave Dallas after Pam and Mark's wedding but he promises to come back and visit once in a while.

JR orders his field bosses to open the fields again for oil supply. He gets a call from Franklin Horner reminding him that an interest payment on his loan is due next week. He also gets a special delivery from Mandy of some of her latest glamour shots. The last one says "Ready when you are, JR".

JR decides to head over to her place, to Mandy's delight. However, her joy is quickly diminished when he says that their relationship is over for good and she should leave town to find someone who's not in love with someone else. Going back to his car in the underground parking lot, JR hears a voice behind him saying that there's some unfinished business between them. He turns around to find Angelica Nero pointing a pistol at him.

Episode 222: Blast from the Past  Aired: Thu, Dec. 17

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY:  "Good morning." - The as-yet-unidentified guy in Pam's shower. The closing credits denoted this by indicating that there was a special appearance by "Patrick Duffy as ". Great touch!

Rating [out of 10]: star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)star.wmf (1334 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Jenna is seen but not heard. Normally, this would be a good thing.

Angelica forces JR to drive as she explains her need for money after what went down in Martinique. She says that she can help him too - she has documents which will force Alex Garrett to uncap the Marinos wells and bring Ewing Oil out of its dire financial straits. They part at her parked car and she says she'll get in touch with him shortly. JR tells Sue Ellen about Angelica and she's amazed that he won't call the police. He explains that Angelica may be able to help him and his company so he wants to hold off. She makes him promise that at the first sign of trouble, he'll blow the whistle.

Jack tells Ray and Clayton he's not happy that he's been unable to contribute to their venture the way he'd have liked to, so he wants to give them his share for nothing. They finally convince him to at least accept some royalty money. Tony begins to get used to life at Southfork and even starts referring to Ray as 'dad'. [Awww...] Later, Tony gets to ride his new horse.

Ben Stivers comes to Southfork to get some documents signed and bumps into Ellie doing some gardening. She brings him in for some coffee and Ben seems amazed at the immensity of the ranch. He seems awfully interested in some of the pictures on the mantle...especially those of the Ewing boys. After Ellie asks him about his past, he cuts the conversation short and claims he has to get back to work.

JR gets some of the documents Angelica talked about and gets a handwriting expert to confirm their authenticity. The next morning, Sue Ellen is surprised to find her office full of flowers - and a new diamond ring. JR stops by for what I guess is a nooner. Later, Angelica contacts him and says the rest of the papers he needs will cost him $ 2 million - no more, no less. She says that she wants the money at 10 AM, Sunday morning, at his office.

Pam's wedding day arrives and Ellie stops by her room. She tells Pam that she's the daughter she never had and wishes her nothing but the best. JR casually asks Cliff and Mark about the possibility of their joining forces, and Cliff says that's probably not going to happen. Jack arrives and his car is parked by a valet who just happens to be the mad explosives guy that rigged up Angelica's briefcase. The wedding continues without incident and Pam becomes Mrs. Mark Graison.

The next morning, JR prepares to head to the office to meet Angelica Nero. Sue Ellen is still apprehensive but JR assures her that he'll be home by eleven, at which time they'll take John Ross to Whitewater Park. Meanwhile, Angelica checks her watch at 10:15 AM and calmly pours herself some tea. Tick tock.

Cliff says his goodbyes to Jack, and Jamie prepares to drive him to the airport. Tick tock.

Angelica finally arrives at Ewing Oil at 11:15 and she triggers her briefcase as the exchange is made. After Angelica admits that she killed Grace and Nicholas and intends to kill Jack and JR, JR calls in Harry McSween and his boys who have been listening to the conversation, and they take Angelica away as she screams out that "it's too late." Tick tock.

JR calls Jack who says at first he's all right, just as an explosion is heard outside. Jack runs out to find his car aflame, apparently as Jamie opened the trunk. The explosives guy looks on with the omnipresent wad of gum.

JR heads down the elevator just as Sue Ellen comes up in the other one and heads into his office to look for him. A fantastic explosion wracks the room, throwing shards of glass all over the street corner.

After a nice sleep-in, Pam gets out of bed to the sound of the shower going. She goes to the bathroom, opens the shower door, and sees a guy who looks just like Bobby Ewing. He ends this fantastic episode with the unqualified Line of the Day.

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