Season 1 Summaries

Episode 6: Reunion, Part 1 Aired: Tuesday, Aug 3

GREAT LINE: "Buoys..." - JR giving Sue Ellen a crossword puzzle answer while admiring Pamela's floating assets.

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The Lucy Award: Ray does little.

As the Ewings relax at poolside, the discussion turns to an upcoming cattle auction, which always remind Ellie of Gary - the son who loved the ranch. Sue Ellen convinces JR to go with Jock, in order to get back in Jock's good graces. JR does it but warns Sue Ellen to stay out of his business.

JR accompanies Jock, Ray, and Lucy to the auction. Lucy tells Jock she's going to the auction store and Jock tells Ray to keep an eye on her. Lucy heads towards town and tells Ray to get lost or she'll spill the beans about their affair to Jock. Lucy meets Jimmy Monahan, who drives her to Fort Worth. They go a small diner where Lucy's mother, Valene, is working as a waitress. Lucy makes Val rehash the old story about how she met Gary. She tries to convince Val to move away with her, but Val says the Ewings will find them just like they did before.

Pam and Bobby go to Las Vegas to entertain Ewing Oil clients. A hotel worker comes to their room and starts to clean up. He is actually Gary Ewing. He tells them his story: he got into a lot of trouble with alcohol and gambling debts - so he became a bartender in a casino to clean up his act. Bobby encourages Gary to come back to Southfork. He is hesitant, but eventually agrees. Ellie is absolutely thrilled at the news. She tells the family that everything had better be perfect for Gary's visit.

JR tells Sue Ellen that whatever anyone says, he didn't drive Gary away - Gary left because he couldn't handle any responsibility. Gary arrives and Lucy meets him again after a long time. Jock says he wants to clear the air between them; Ellie tells him to stop bringing up the past. JR offers to be first and makes an apology to Gary for anything he's done. Lucy takes Gary to see Val. He asks Val to come back to the ranch to talk, and Val reluctantly agrees.

Digger Barnes ends up in the hospital after being found in the gutter. Bobby gets angry at Jock for not burying the hatchet with Digger and bringing him to this pass. Jock gets angry in turn, but is proud of Bobby's guts in standing up to him.

Ellie tells the family that Gary's bringing Val home. JR hotly disagrees with the idea but Jock says it's fine with him. Ellie says she plans to bring the family together again.

JR contacts an associate and asks him to rewrite the books on a company that's about to go under. He plans to make it Gary's pet project to make him look like a loser.

Episode 7: Reunion, Part 2 Aired: Wednesday, Aug 4

GREAT LINE: "The one thing you can't do is buy me with your Ewing money." - Val standing up to JR.

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The Lucy Award: Ray again.

Pam comes to the hospital and finds Aunt Maggie there. Digger has a mild case of the DTs. Pam's sorry she urged him to come to Southfork. Aunt Maggie tells Pam that she'll have to stay away from Digger for a while, but Pam decides to go and see him anyway. Digger tells her that he doesn't want to talk to her as long as she lives in Jock Ewing's home. Pam returns with some quiet but angry words for Jock.

Val is apprehensive about going to Southfork once she sees it, but musters up the courage to go in. JR is very amicable to Val, and everyone is hopeful of a true Ewing reunion. Gary finds out that Ray is in charge of the ranch and has everything under control. Lucy tells Gary that Jock would fire or demote Ray if Gary wanted to run the ranch but Gary angrily says he won't do that. JR tells Gary about the 'great little company' that he wants Gary to run. Valene sees through JR's scheme and tells Gary to get away quickly, but Gary doesn't heed the warning.

JR pressures Gary to get involved quickly so he can prove to Val and Lucy that he can be a good provider and a real father. Ellie tells Val that she'll ensure that Gary will be okay. Val voices her concerns to Bobby who promises to do whatever he can to help Gary out. When Bobby asks JR to play fair with Gary, JR is hurt that he's not trusted.

Digger drives up to Southfork like a madman and starts arguing with Jock again. He demands money for the newest thing that Jock has 'stolen' from him - Pamela. Digger asks for $ 10,000. Jock tosses him a hundred and Digger picks it up. He replies, 'Sold', and drives off. Pam angrily confronts Digger and tells him that he's not getting rid of her - ever. And she intends to remain a Ewing. Digger relents and tells her to give Jock his money back but Pam tells him he's earned it.

Gary tells Pam he can't concentrate on his reports. After he spills some milk and everyone makes a fuss, Gary gets angry again and picks up a glass of scotch, to Val's dismay. The next morning, JR watches Gary walk out with his bags packed. Val chases after him and he tells her he didn't drink the scotch last night but he can't stay with his family. He leaves, and JR offers Val a choice: $ 5000 to leave the state, or nothing to leave the state. Val chooses the latter, saying she doesn't want JR's money. Lucy is upset at both her parents for seemingly abandoning her without a word.

That evening, Bobby accuses JR of pushing Gary away from the ranch by pressuring him. After Lucy says she can't find Val anywhere, JR tells her the 'truth': she asked for money and left, earning him a slap from Lucy.

Episode 8: Old Acquaintance Aired: Thursday, Aug 5

LINE OF THE DAY: "What now? A spider in her tub?" - Pam about Jenna's incessant neediness. Nominated by Val and accepted many times over.

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The Lucy Award: Ray again.

Maynard Anderson, having an affair with Jenna Wade, is appointed to the Texas Energy Commission, but his wife knows about the affair and he is forced to choose between his office and Jenna. He calls JR and asks him to keep Jenna away from him for a while. JR calls and tells her Bobby would like to see her. Jock tells Pam that Jenna Wade was Bobby's old love and the son of their neighbours. She and Bobby were going to get married. Jenna meets Bobby outside the Ewing Oil building and tells Bobby her sob story, asking for help.

Bobby offers to get Jenna a place to live until she can afford her own. She gives him a big loving kiss. Jenna quickly finds a place and gets a lease. Pam shows up and JR tells her not to worry- it's over between Bobby and Jenna. Pam is unfazed. That night, like most nights after, Bobby doesn't come home for dinner. The family discusses how upset Bobby was when Jenna left him and had a child with Naldo Marchetta, all with Pam sitting there.

Bobby takes Pam to meet Jenna, who's being pressured to leave Dallas by Maynard. She doesn't want to, because Charlie's so happy there. Bobby promises to counter any of Melissa Anderson's moves against her. JR tells Maynard to be patient about getting rid of Jenna because he has a grander plan. JR visits Jenna and tells her she has an ace in the hole - her child, who JR believes is Bobby's. Jenna calls Bobby and tells him that she wants to leave Dallas because her relationship with him is too complicated if they can't be together. She still refuses to give Bobby a straight answer about whether Charlie is his child or not.

Cliff tells Pam that he's going to run for state senate. He finds Bobby and Jenna together, shopping instead of having lunch with Pam and himself and assumes the worst. Pam tells Bobby that he can't have things the way they are- he has to decide who he wants to spend his time with. Pam tells Ellie that she wouldn't be worried if it wasn't about the girl and Ellie replies that if she wants Bobby, she better go and get him.

Bobby tries to get a straight answer from Jenna about Charlie again but fails. Bobby looks in at Charlie, then sits down and starts to write a check. Pam comes to Jenna's apartment and demands to know the truth. At first, Jenna hesitates but she can't stand Pam's yelling so she finally gives in and tells them that Bobby's not the father. Bobby leaves and Jenna tells Pam that JR set up their meeting and that the check is a goodbye present from Bobby. Bobby is waiting for Pam outside and they make up.

Episode 9: Bypass Aired: Monday, Aug.9

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LINE OF THE DAY: "NOBODY'S taking over. Not while I'M alive!" - Ellie laying the first of many smackdowns, this time on Sue Ellen. Nominated by Val.

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The Lucy Award: Lucy - the first of many.

After being shooed away before an important meeting, only to find out that JR took Jeb Ames and Willie Joe Garr to a club to have an afternoon and evening of fun, Bobby decides he wants to leave Ewing Oil because of J.R.'s high-handedness. He tells Jock he wants to leave and perhaps branch out into construction. Jock confronts JR about it, and JR predictably defends his tactics by saying that Bobby still doesn't know the ins and outs of the business. Jock gets so angry that he suffers a heart attack during the argument. Lucy hysterically calls Ellie after watching an ambulance leave the driveway.

JR tries to pin the blame on Bobby for starting the trouble, and an argument ensues on the hospital steps. JR is also met by the unsavory Jeb and Willie Joe. Jock has told JR that these guys' fathers were honest, but that these sons are trouble. They are insistent on seeing part of Jock's will which bequeaths all oil rights for Section 40 of Southfork to JR. Even JR is shocked at their cold-bloodedness at this time of crisis.

The family unites around Jock's hospital bed, except for Bobby, who in psychological denial over his daddy's tragedy, takes refuge in working the ranch with Ray. Pam tries to help Bobby shake his guilt but is unable to do it. Sue Ellen fantasizes about what might happen if Jock dies - JR will be the man of the house, she'll be the 'lady of the manor', and that troublemaking Barnes woman will be gone. Pam and Ellie interrupt her gleeful daydream and remind her that Jock isn't dead yet.

It turns out that Jock needs surgery after a coronary blockage is discovered, and this time JR is the one who's absent from the hospital. Bobby tells JR that he knows something is being hid from the rest of the family. The surgery ends successfully for Jock, who asks Bobby what his plans for the future are. Bobby evasively says that he's working at the ranch right now, and the family leaves the hospital together.

Episode 10: Black Market Baby Aired: Tuesday, Aug.10

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LINE OF THE DAY: "MRS. Ewing." - Sue Ellen to Ray after he calls her by her given name.

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The Lucy Award: Cliff, I guess, since Ray's cut scenes were significant.

It's Jock and Ellie's anniversary and they're opening their presents. Sue Ellen gives them a gaudy Italian antique; Pam and Bobby give them a photo album full of old pictures. The talk moves inevitably to babies; Pam mentioned that the doctor has given her the all-clear to try to have a child again. Pam tells Bobby that she's not positive if she wants to hurry and have a baby right away; her friend Liz Craig has offered her a job which she may want to pursue. Bobby doesn't feel she needs a job but Pam is adamant. Jock, of course, disapproves.

Sue Ellen tells JR she's had fertility tests lately and she's fine...maybe he's not. Enraged by the doubts about his manhood, JR walks out on her and Sue Ellen swears she'll never let him do that again. Ray pulls up in his truck at the same time and tries to comfort her. Sue Ellen tells him that what she really needs is a warm cowboy. Ray tries to step back but Sue Ellen is rather persistent. The next morning, Ray stops by the ranch and gets a very cold reception from Sue Ellen, who's chosen to forget their tryst rather quickly. [Poor Ray. He's essentially the Ewing women's hooker.]

Ellie encourages Sue Ellen to do whatever she needs to do to get a child and keep her marriage together. She goes to an adoption agency and asks to adopt a newborn child; the counselor discourages her but puts her in touch with BJ Connors, a lawyer who says he may be able to help. Connors meets with Sue Ellen and says he can get her a baby for $15,000. She goes to see the mother who's completely rude to her. Sue Ellen understands that she's just a frightened little girl and offers to get her a better apartment and some groceries.

Sue Ellen makes the mistake of shopping at The Store, where Pam is newly employed. They meet and Sue Ellen is placed in the awkward situation of having to lie about why she's helping Rita buy baby things. Stupid Lucy tells JR that Sue Ellen's rented an apartment and been talking to Connors, so JR gets a PI to check out what's happening. Rita calls Southfork looking for Sue Ellen but Pam picks up the phone and Rita lets slip what's going on. Pam confronts Sue Ellen about it and says they're not competing with each other to have a child but Sue Ellen tells her that as far as Jock and JR are concerned they are. Sue Ellen goes to the apartment and finds JR there after having put Rita on a bus to California. Sue Ellen accuses Pam of telling JR and tells her she can have the Ewing fortune because she's sick of it all. She prepares to leave the ranch but JR stops her. JR puts the moves on her and she tells him to stop but he doesn't. Bobby gets Pam a new car so she can drive to her new job.

Episode 11: Double Wedding Aired: Wednesday. Aug.11

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The Lucy Award: Ray. That's what you get for shagging Sue Ellen.

A guy comes to Digger Barnes' house looking for Pamela Barnes. Aunt Maggie tells him that Pam Barnes is now Pam Ewing. Meanwhile, at Southfork the family discusses Bobby's new construction project for Sue Ellen's church group. Jock tells him that he wants Bobby to settle into something concrete...anything at all, instead of drifting.

The guy finds Digger at a local watering hole. He buys Digger some drinks and finds out information about Pam, and ends up driving Digger home. He comes to The Store and finds Pam, telling her that he's her husband, Ed Haines, who she hasn't seen in ten years. Pam reminds him their marriage was annulled the day after it happened. Ed tells her that he was in a Vietnamese prison camp so he never got the papers, and as far as he's concerned she's still his wife. Cliff doesn't remember what happened but he knows that Aunt Maggie filed the annulment, so she should have a copy. They go to Digger's house, with the Mission: Impossible theme playing in the background [KIDDING...but it was close!] Aunt Maggie says she doesn't have the papers. Digger thinks he does and pulls a box out from under his bed, in which the papers are also not found.

Ed goes to Ewing Oil. Finding JR there and believing him to be Bobby, he tells him the story. At the ranch, Sue Ellen tells Bobby the church group has some doubts about Pam's background, at which JR brings up the topic of his meeting with Haines. He tells them that Ed's war story is true and that his marriage to Pam appears to be legal and valid.

Cliff takes Pam and Bobby to the hall of records where the clerk tells them there's no record of the annulment being filed. Cliff tells them there should be a fourth copy with Digger's attorney, who is deceased but left his files in Fort Worth. Bobby goes to see Ed and tries to pay him off, but Ed rejects him. The records clerk then pulls up. It turns out he and Ed are in cahoots; the clerk wants out of the deal but Ed promises him he'll get more from their scheme than was promised so that he can pay off his heavy gambling debts.

Cliff comes to Southfork, raising the ire of Jock and the curiosity of Lucy and Sue Ellen. He tells Pam he didn't find the file in Fort Worth. Cliff takes Digger to see Haines. Digger tells him to leave Pam alone but Ed pushes him away, calling him a drunk, which makes Cliff realize that Ed has seen Digger before. Meanwhile, convinced that Ed is just after money, Pam calls and meets him, telling him she's been kicked off of Southfork without a cent to her name.

Digger and Cliff go to Ewing Oil and tell Bobby that Ed must have taken the papers when he drove Digger home. Cliff and Bobby go back to the records hall and the clerk comes clean after Bobby threatens him. They go to find Haines who has left town after Pam's 'revelation'. All problems are solved, and Bobby gets the church's contract.

Episode 12: Runaway Aired: Thursday, August 12

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Willie, you shouldn't park in front of the restaurant. You'll get a ticket!"  Lucy the aspiring Ewing traffic cop. Nominated by Sara.

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The Lucy Award: Ray. Get used to it.

The family prepares for Lucy's birthday. Lucy is upset because everyone's making preparations for it but no cares what she wants. After learning from her mother that JR lied about the way she left [Episode 7], she asks Jock to allow her to invite Valene but Jock flatly says no. Lucy sneaks out that night and takes JR's car and gas credit card.

As she's stopped at a restaurant in Waco, a guy in a van parks next to her, pulls a gun out of his glove compartment and walks in. A police car is not far behind and finds JR's stolen vehicle, forcing Lucy to make a hasty exit out the back, and hitch-hike. The guy, Willie, picks her up a while later and she asks him to take her to San Antonio. The police tell the Ewings that JR's car has been found in Waco and Bobby says he'll track Lucy down.

When Willie and Lucy arrive in San Antonio they go to the restaurant where Valene was working, but finds that she recently quit and moved to Austin. Suddenly Willie takes the money from the register and leaves, brandishing the gun and grabbing Lucy. Bobby arrives and pays the guy back for the damages. The restaurant owner tells Bobby the two fugitives were headed for Austin. Willie starts to get tough and abusive, and Lucy wants to split with him but unfortunately for her, Willie's not too hot on the idea.

Lucy's party goes ahead as planned without her [WHY??]. Jock feels guilty for having driven Lucy away. Around Austin, Bobby checks gas stations for the use of JR's credit card. Willie beats up a gas station attendant and gets away with his money. Bobby eventually finds the stricken attendant and asks him to call the Austin Police to warn them that Willie's coming.

Willie forces Lucy to sing at an amateur club to try and win a $100 prize. [Charlene Tilton's lip synching here is truly pathetic]. While Lucy sings, Roger holds the place up. Bonnie and Clyde get out the back way and find the police waiting for them. Bobby offers himself and his money in exchange for Lucy and Willie agrees. Lucy manages to distract Willie long enough for Bobby to disarm him and everything is happy again.

Episode 13: Election Aired: Monday, Aug 16

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Never get caught in bed with a live man or a dead woman." - JR about the first rule of politics. Generally accepted.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray again. Lucy was close.

The Ewings meet with the cartel to find a candidate to beat Cliff Barnes and his anti-corruption campaign in the upcoming State Senate elections. At the same time, Cliff asks Pam to help him raise funds for his campaign. Pam is reluctant but agrees to organize a fashion show as a fund-raiser.

Needless to say, the family isn't thrilled about Pam helping Cliff, including Bobby. However, he and Pam agree to disagree on the matter. Sue Ellen hosts a Daughters of the Alamo function allowing both Cliff and the Ewing candidate to have a forum, and she and Cliff renew acquaintances. Cliff gains in the polls, forcing JR to rethink his strategy. Jock asks him to find some dirt on their adversary.

At the dinner table, JR wonders aloud how Cliff can afford a media specialist. Pam tells JR that specialist Peter is Cliff's friend from college and has agreed to help him out. When JR insinuates that the two might be having a relationship, Pam blurts out that Cliff is unquestionably not gay - he was engaged to a woman who died tragically, and he just hasn't got over it yet. This turns out to be just what JR needs. He gets his PI Dan Marsh to investigate, and Dan learns that Cliff's fiancee died from an illegal abortion that Cliff paid for. The press finds out and Pam is distraught over her mistake.

Cliff asks his volunteers to tell people the truth about what happened. He finds Sue Ellen waiting outside his headquarters, who offers a sympathetic ear. Pam goes to Ewing Oil and yells at JR and Jock for twisting what happened. She admits to Cliff that she let it slip to the Ewings. Cliff berates her, thinking she did it deliberately, and tells her to get lost.

Cliff loses the election. Sue Ellen tells Pam that she's sorry Cliff lost. Cliff doesn't believe Pam's story until Bobby confirms that it was an accident. Cliff calls Peter and tells him that he plans to run for re-election - and he's willing to do whatever it takes to win this time.

Episode 14: Survival Aired: Tuesday, Aug.17

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE SEASON: "Ray, get me the shotgun out of the hall closet." - Ellie threatening the reporter who comes to the Southfork door looking for news about Bobby and JR. Lines like this are why Ellie was my favorite character for the first few seasons.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: I think this one goes to...JR. Can't believe I said that.

Pam's work for The Store forces her to stay in New York and cancel a trip to New Orleans with Bobby. JR and Bobby decide to fly back from New Orleans to Dallas after a business trip, even though bad weather is forecast. The doctor visits Jock and tells him to take it easy in lieu of his recent heart attack. Pam decides to come home a day early to surprise Bobby.

Sue Ellen sees Cliff again. She tells Cliff about her attempt at adoption and asks him to help her find Rita Briggs. Cliff says she can't adopt anyway without JR's consent - unless she divorces him. They have lunch and plan to spend the afternoon together until Ellie tells Sue Ellen to come home right away. The plane has crashed in a swamp due to a terrible storm, which makes search efforts nearly impossible.

The family hides the news from Jock at Ellie's orders through a difficult dinner. Sue Ellen forcibly restrains Lucy from contacting Gary before anything has been confirmed, and Lucy taunts her by reminding her that if JR is dead, she'll have nothing left in the world. Sue Ellen drinks heavily and tells Pam that Lucy's right. She even suspects that Cliff's interest in her is only because she's JR's wife. After Pam tries to get her to stop drinking, Sue Ellen gets personal and Pam slaps her, causing her to cry over the fact that she may lose everything if JR is dead.

After a reporter calls the home looking for information, Ray mobilizes the ranch hands to protect the ranch. The same reporter manages to sneak through and knock on the door. Ellie yells at him and gives us the Line of the Season, forcing the reporter to make a hasty exit. [NOTE: You've got to love the way Ellie says 'tresspusser'.]

Jock finds out about the crash after overhearing the commotion outside and is upset that Ellie didn't tell him. Jock tells Ray to take a chopper and go look for them himself. Jock says he taught JR that if he were ever in trouble, to signal with the number three - three of anything. Ray finds the crashed plane, and is shocked to find the charred remains of JR and Bobby [KIDDING!]. No, of course, Ray spots three life jackets side by side. JR and Bobby are fine and they return to Southfork.

Episode 15: Act of Love Aired: Wednesday, Aug.18

NITPICKS for this episode

"Chances's yours."

"I've been just as faithful to our marriage vows as you have been, darling."
Sue Ellen to JR about her pregnancy.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray is back into oblivion.

It's a typical Ewing morning: Bobby and Pam rush off to work; Lucy pouts for her own car; JR's hung over; Jock and Ellie try to relax. Bobby meets with his associate Joe Morris in Austin to set up a construction deal for a law firm looking to expand west. JR goes to Washington [along with a blonde bimbo] to attend lobby meetings. Sue Ellen takes him to the airport and tells Cliff he's gone - so they can spend some time together. Jock takes care of the office but finds that no one wants to talk to him.

Joe Morris tells Bobby that the group from the east will want to be entertained - and that means that Pam's involvement will be important. Pam asks Sue Ellen to meet her for lunch - forcing Sue Ellen to delay a rendez-vous with Cliff - and asks her for help with the party. Sue Ellen's miffed that Pam inconvenienced her for such a small thing. After telling Pam she's not hungry, she goes to see Cliff again. They both realize that it's their dislike for JR that has brought them together.

Liz offers Pam a chance for promotion to a buyer - the catch is that she'll have to be in Paris for a week and miss Bobby's party. Bobby visits Liz and asks for her help in getting a dress for Pam. Liz figures it's a gift for her Paris trip and spills the beans. Bobby buys Pam the dress anyway and tells her that he knows about Liz's offer and wants her to take it. Pam says she's changed her mind and will stay for the party - for Bobby's sake.

Sue Ellen learns that she's pregnant. Jock immediately calls JR to tell him the news. Bobby figures that now that the 'competition' is over to produce a Ewing heir, he and JR can settle their differences. Sue Ellen tells Cliff the news. Cliff thinks he's the father but Sue Ellen tells him that it might be JR. Cliff, in a surprising moment of insight, figures it doesn't matter because Sue Ellen won't leave JR no matter whose baby it is.

JR comes back home and tells the family he's thrilled about finally becoming a father. However, he becomes suspicious when Sue Ellen says she's about six weeks pregnant because he was in Austin at the time. Sue Ellen reminds him that he came home for the weekend, but JR doesn't remember their getting together at that time. Figuring out the probable truth, he slaps Sue Ellen. But she tells him that no matter whose it is, JR will have to take responsibility - or tell the world that he can't take care of his wife.

Episode 16: Triangle Aired: Thursday, Aug.19

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "You have one unholy knack for making every good friend you ever had into an enemy." - Bobby to JR.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Sue Ellen.

Pam, Bobby, and Lucy are enjoying themselves at a club, where Garnet McGee, Ray Krebbs' current girlfriend, is singing. Pam knows Garnet from her childhood - they grew up in the same neighborhood and she tells Bobby that she's an opportunist at heart. Ray brings her to Bobby's Southfork party. Pam confronts Garnet about using Ray until another richer man comes along. Garnet counters that that's exactly what Pam did. JR sees Garnet and is immediately interested. Lucy warns Ray about JR's involvement with his latest squeeze.

Jock gives Ray a section of Southfork for his twenty years of service on the ranch. JR takes Garnet to an expensive lunch and Garnet plays hard-to-get. To get Ray out of the way for a while, JR tells him that Jock wants him to go see a prize bull for sale in Odessa. Before he leaves, Ray asks Garnet to go away with him on the weekend and get married in Mexico. She says she can't because it would hurt her career to be away for a whole weekend. She also says getting married wouldn't change their relationship at all. The trip to Odessa turns out to be a wild goose chase.

JR sets up a record deal for Garnet in exchange for 10% of her earnings and exclusive rights to her services. Lucy comes to JR's office and sees the contract on his desk. She tries to get JR to get her a contract as well - or else she'll tell Jock, Ray, and Sue Ellen about the contract. JR laughs her off and tells her to go ahead and prove that she's a stupid gold-digger like her mother. Lucy leaves in a huff.

JR spends the afternoon at Garnet's apartment. He tells her to end her relationship with Ray, or else he will. Lucy comes to see Ray, looking for comfort, but Ray tells her it's over between them. Lucy tells him about Garnet's contract with JR, causing Ray to dash off in his pursuit. Pam overhears and tells Bobby who follows Ray. Ray finds them together and smacks JR around, strangling him. Bobby arrives in the nick of time and pulls him off. Ray tells Garnet she's no better than the greedy Ewings.

Outside, Bobby pleads with Ray not to leave Southfork, for Jock's sake. JR comes out and tells Ray to vacate immediately, which convinces Ray to stay in spite of JR. He tells JR in no uncertain terms to stay out of his life.

Episode 17: Fallen Idol Aired: Monday, August 23

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I'll go upstairs and blow up your rubber ducky." - Pam to Bobby and Guzzler. Nominated by Jason.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray.

Bobby meets up with an old college friend and idol, Taylor 'Guzzler' Bennett, who he invites to stay with him at Southfork. Meanwhile, JR meets with Jeb Ames and Willie Joe Garr. Jeb's deals have been going sour and he's almost out of business. He asks JR to start pumping oil from Section 40 of Southfork. JR reminds him that he can't do that while Jock's alive. Jeb wants to check the tract out first-hand and JR agrees as long as it can be kept secret. The reserves turn out to be as rich as expected.

Guzzler tells Bobby that he's thinking too small with his projects. He convinces Bobby to work with him to find a big project that they can work on together. They go out to celebrate and come home drunk at 3 AM, angering Pam, who is bothered by Guzzler's effect on Bobby. Later, Guzzler confides in Pam that his relationship with Bobby is special - Bobby was the family that he never had. Pam's mood softens after seeing this side of him.

Guzzler spots a prime piece of land on which to build a shopping mall. The only problem is it's part of Southfork. Jock is apprehensive about allowing the development plans. However, when he finds that the land is part of Section 40, he decides to support it to prevent any possibility of it being drilled for oil. JR, of course, vehemently disagrees with Bobby's idea. Ellie is also unsure but agrees to the plans for Bobby's sake, despite JR's stalling tactics.

Jeb and Willie arrive in JR's office the next morning after hearing the news. Jeb tells JR to stop Bobby - or he and Willie Joe will. JR bitch-slaps Jeb and tells them to get the hell out of his office.

After getting Dan Marsh to do some digging, JR tells Pam that he's learned the truth about Guzzler: he's swindled people on construction deals several times. He asks Pam to stop Bobby from finalizing any deals. Pam tells Guzzler she knows the truth, but is unsure whether to tell Bobby. It turns out that Bobby already knows, but he doesn't want to ruin the one thing Guzzler has left - Bobby's adoration. Having been found out, Guzzler tells Bobby he has to go to South America to finalize a big deal. Bobby humors him as his cab drives off.

Episode 18: Kidnapped Aired: Tuesday, August 24

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "You're coming home?" - A surprised Sue Ellen to JR when he says he'll see her at dinner.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray had one line.

A group of three kidnappers plan to grab JR from out of his car and hold him for ransom. At the office the next day, Bobby finds he has a flat tire and so he takes JR's car to go to an appointment. The kidnappers follow him and find that they've got the wrong Ewing but proceed with their plan. Bobby is taken to their hideout and chained to a bed. The kidnappers use Cliff as a go-between to transmit their demands to the family.

Cliff comes to Southfork with the kidnapper's first instruction note, buried by the telephone pole across from the ranch. The family learns that JR was the intended victim and the ransom is 1.5 million dollars. JR wants to handle the situation himself but Jock overrules him, anxious to protect Bobby. The next day, out of frustration, Jock allows JR to contact the FBI.

One of the kidnappers sees the FBI agent leaving a bank with JR and Cliff and warns Cliff not to play any more tricks or Bobby will be killed. Jock agrees to their demands and tells JR to keep the authorities out of the situation and let Cliff handle it. Cliff finds the second note which leads him to a city park and another note. This note leads him to a railway track where he finds an envelope containing Bobby's wallet and a note from him. The kidnapper doesn't take the money from Cliff because he is afraid that Cliff is still being trailed by the FBI. The other kidnappers are upset over this turn of affairs and an argument ensues. Bobby tries to escape but makes too much noise and is stopped.

The kidnappers contact Cliff and agree to make the exchange near Denton at dawn. Jock mobilizes the ranch hands and they prepare to lie in ambush if something goes wrong. Cliff makes the exchange and as Bobby walks away, JR and the boys open fire dangerously close to Cliff. Bobby is able to push Cliff to safety as the kidnappers are shot. Cliff yells at  JR for opening fire without regard to his safety. JR, of course, denies it, claiming he had Cliff's best interests at heart.

Episode 19: Home Again Aired: Wednesday, August 25

NITPICKS for this episode


Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy.

A mysterious stranger arrives at the Southfork door, which Bobby answers. He's looking for Ellie who is not home and leaves a package for her. He seems to know a lot about Jock and Ellie from the old days of Southfork.

One of the ranch hands tells Ray and Jock he saw a tanker truck around Section 40 some time ago. They investigate and find nothing out of the ordinary except a small puddle of crude oil. Further investigation reveals that a well was recently tampered with. Jock tells JR who promises to look into it. JR talks to Ray about it and quietly but firmly warns him to mind his own business. Ray asks a friend who revolves in oil-worker circles to ask around and see if there was any drilling recently. He finds a man named Charlie Waters who says he worked on a drill at Southfork recently. Charlie tells JR that Ray's been asking questions.

Ellie's package turns out to be a painting of the old Southfork ranch house. The stranger returns and turns out to be Ellie's brother Garrison, believed to be lost at sea. Garrison claims to have returned because he missed the ranch and Ellie. JR and Jock are both suspicious of his motives. It turns out the ranch was left to Garrison but passed on to Ellie when he was declared dead.

Ellie wants to give Southfork back to Garrison, which upsets the entire family. JR figures that Kathy Baker, the woman with Garrison, has put him up to this. Jock says he'll refuse to allow Ellie to do it, at which she replies that she doesn't need his permission. JR gets a PI to look into Garrison's recent activity.

Garrison and Kathy arrive for lunch the next day. JR accuses her of being a gold-digger and tells Garrison point-blank that he thinks he's come back to take Southfork away from the Ewings. Garrison says he's ready for a fight if necessary, leaving with Kathy in a huff. Ellie berates JR for his behavior.

Pam and Bobby come to see Garrison. Kathy tells them that she's not his lover - she's his nurse. Garrison is dying and wanted to do it at his home. JR discovers that Garrison has depleted his savings over the last few months. Bobby tells Ellie, who comes to see Garrison and confirms the truth. After hearing the story, Jock agrees with Ellie that Garrison should be allowed to stay and live out what time he has left. Garrison says, 'It's good to be home.'

Episode 20: For Love or Money Aired: Thursday, August 26

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Yeah, there's definitely a resemblance." -As he admires her assets, JR answers Kristin's question about whether he thinks she looks like Sue Ellen. Nominated by Matt.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray and Ellie.

Sue Ellen's mother Patricia Shepard comes to Dallas with Kristin. Sue Ellen and her friends [including Marilee Stone in her DALLAS debut] spot JR in Fort Worth with a woman, despite the fact that he's supposed to be in Austin. Sue Ellen threatens to leave JR if he doesn't mend his cheating ways. JR knows she's bluffing because she won't leave her prestigious Ewing lifestyle. Sue Ellen spends the night at Cliff's place. JR visits Patricia's house and meets the beautiful grown-up Kristin.

Cliff meets with people who are willing to back him for state Senate. In fact, they can practically guarantee that he will be the chief of the Office of Land Management. All they want in exchange is that Cliff help push through a development project which will involve demolishing lots of low-cost housing. Cliff refuses their offer on principle.

Bobby catches Sue Ellen leaving Southfork with her bags packed. She tells him that she can't take life with JR anymore. Bobby tells JR when he comes home and offers to help his relationship. JR tells him to mind his own business and gets Dan Marsh to trail his wife.

Patricia and Kristin advise Sue Ellen not to leave JR. They figure it's worth putting up with his cheating ways for the luxury of being Mrs. Ewing. Jock orders JR to do whatever it takes to bring Sue Ellen back to Southfork.

Sue Ellen visits Cliff again and tells him she's leaving JR. Cliff wants to have a relationship but realizes that there will be all sorts of problems - JR not least. Sue Ellen is willing to try and Cliff acquiesces. Pam visits Cliff and finds Sue Ellen's scarf on his floor. Cliff explains that Sue Ellen came to him for legal advice; Pam questions him pointedly and Cliff tells her to get lost. Pam later tells Bobby she's begun to realize the world isn't black and white.

After Dan Marsh informs him of Sue Ellen's affair with Cliff, JR comes to Cliff's office and tells him he knows about his affair with Sue Ellen. They threaten each other; JR tells Cliff he could survive any potential embarrassment Cliff might cause, but Cliff's career could never survive the scandal. He warns Cliff to end it with Sue Ellen or he'll destroy his political career for good. JR then goes to Patricia's house and tells Sue Ellen to come back to Southfork, or he'll have her pregnancy forcibly terminated and leave her penniless. He also tells her that Cliff has suddenly lost interest in her. Not believing him, Sue Ellen talks to Cliff who tells her that JR is right - he is unwilling to sacrifice everything he's worked for at this point. Sue Ellen finds that JR followed her and is  waiting. He's had her bags packed and takes her back to Southfork. Their relationship is the same as it was.

Cliff calls his backers and tells them he will agree to their deal as long as they provide him with political power.

Episode 21: Julie's Return Aired: Monday, August 30

NITPICKS for this episode


Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray.

Julie Grey returns to Dallas and asks a restauranteur friend to tell her next time he hears from Jock Ewing. It doesn't take long, because Jock gets tired of everyone treating him like an invalid. He insists on going in to town to see Harve Smithfield and to sit in on a Ewing Oil meeting. Julie meets Jock and apologizes for the trouble she caused previously [Episode 3]. Jock forgives her and they enjoy the afternoon together. Jock is happy to be able to relax and be with someone who's not constantly nagging him.

They have lunch again the next day and are spotted by Pam and Bobby. When Jock misses an appointment, JR and Bobby assume the worst - there may actually be something going on between Jock and Julie. JR visits and questions Julie, who tells him that it's innocent. Julie realizes that the real reason JR is visiting is because he wants to know if she plans to tell Jock about 'the red file' - the forged codicil that JR showed to Jeb and Willie Joe that will ostensibly allow him to drill on Southfork after Jock's death. Julie refuses to say yes or no.

JR tells Jock he knows about Julie's return and warns him that she's only interested in money. Jock will have none of it. JR, seeing no other way to keep them apart, tells Ellie about their encounters. Unflinching, she tells him never to speak of it again. Jock politely tells Ellie that what he's been doing lately is none of her business.

Ellie invites Julie to Southfork and she explains the situation - they're just two lonely people who enjoy being together. Her words only make Ellie more apprehensive. She confronts Jock about it and tells him she wants it to stop before the relationship goes any further, as it is bound to. Jock is irate at his family's meddling and tells Ellie he won't be home for dinner.

The dinner table is painfully quiet until JR speaks up about the problem and gets an earful from Ellie and then Bobby, who both tell him to butt out. Jock gives Julie a pendant as a goodbye present. He's decided he can't hurt Ellie any more. Ellie meets him outside Julie's place and they make up. JR watches him leave and goes up to Julie's apartment. Julie unsuccessfully tries to resist his advances.

Episode 22: The Red File, Part 1 Aired: Tuesday, August 31

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Are you going to punch me out?" - JR to Bobby.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy.

Cliff takes over at the Office of Land Management and says he plans to use his power to bury JR. He invites Pam and Bobby to a celebration dinner. JR has people tapping Cliff's phone. O'Neal, on the OLM committee, tells JR he's been asked by Cliff to 'investigate' Ewing Oil for illegal activity.

Ray tells Bobby that he believes that there's been drilling at Southfork but can't prove it because he has been unable to find Charlie Waters. Bobby offers to help him look in to it. Ray manages to find Charlie in a bar but gets badly beat up by Charlie and his friends. He tells Bobby that it's obvious someone's hiding something. Waters tells JR about the fight and JR tells him to leave the country. Jock overhears Bobby talking about Charlie and tells him that he fired Waters five years ago - the man was not to be trusted.

JR and Julie spend a lot of time together out of town. Julie meets Cliff and tells him she's not ready to give him any information about Ewing Oil yet. Willie Joe sees their conversation and mentions it to JR during their next meeting. He, JR, and Jeb argue about the state of their business until news comes in that they've struck oil in the Texas Panhandle. JR tells them not to worry about Julie because she has no evidence of anything they've done. He avoids Bobby's pressing questions about what happened on Section 40.

JR asks an unwilling Julie to get information on Cliff by getting him in bed. Upset with his continued mistreatment, Julie calls Cliff and tells him she's ready to sell the information she has on Ewing Oil. She puts a well-hidden key in an envelope and mails it out.

Dan Marsh, tapping Julie's phone, tells Jeb about the call. Jeb immediately goes over to Julie's place and tells her she's going to have to leave Dallas - one way or the other. Julie protests, claiming she has no information, but Jeb threatens her to start packing. Julie manages to escape out a side door and starts down the stairs - only to find Willie Joe waiting below. She runs upstairs and hides on the roof. Cliff arrives and finds the apartment empty. Julie is not able to hide for long before she is grabbed by Willie Joe. She struggles to get away and in doing so, falls over the side of the building to her death.

The Ewings see the news in the paper the next day. Cliff is taken in for questioning after his fingerprints are found in Julie's apartment. JR hears Julie's message on Cliff's machine and tips off Harry McSween, resulting in Cliff's arrest. The police interpret Julie's message as a blackmail threat against Cliff, establishing motive.

Cliff tells Pam that JR bugged his phone to see if he was still talking to Sue Ellen. An enraged Pam tells JR what Cliff told her and goes into a tirade over the dirty dealings of the Ewing family. She packs her bags and moves into a hotel, unsure of whether she can stay married to a Ewing.

Episode 23: The Red File, Part 2 Aired: Wednesday, Sep. 1

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "You are just another Ewing possession. Like an oil lease...easily disposed."  JR to Sue Ellen. Nominated by Jason.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray is completely AWOL. Jock and Lucy did nothing either.

Bobby and Ellie argue over the way the Ewings have treated the Barneses over the years, including the latest happenings with Cliff. Ellie warns him not to let his feelings for Pam get mixed up with her feelings for the family. JR continues to deny any responsibility for Cliff's arrest. Bobby meets Pam while going to see Cliff in jail. He asks her to return to Southfork but she says she can't. Bobby offers to help Cliff despite Cliff's acrimonious attitude towards him. Cliff says if he really wants to help he should find out who really killed Julie.

Cliff's trial begins and the evidence mounts against him. JR and Pam are called to testify to rehash the dealings Cliff had with Julie in the past. JR tells the court that they had an affair and that Julie may have had information that was threatening to Cliff's career.

Bobby goes to Cliff's house to get his mail and Cliff finds the envelope that Julie sent. It contains a key and a pawn ticket. Bobby offers to check it out and gets a briefcase with copies of JR's red files. Bobby finds Jock's forged will among the documents. He confronts JR who tries to explain it away as a business maneuver to leverage Ewing Oil's position with the cartel. JR tells Bobby that he didn't find out about the incriminating taped message until the morning after the murder - someone else knew before he did.

Bobby sees Dan Marsh to find out who. After some threats, Marsh reveals that Jeb and Willie Joe hired him. Bobby heads to their office and finds that they've gone to the airport. A friend at airport security agrees to detain the pair until Bobby arrives and tells them he knows about their secrets and will expose them unless they tell the police what really happened. It turns out that the evidence in the red files incriminates Willie Joe and Jeb - not JR. They are forced to agree to Bobby's plan and Cliff is freed.

Bobby burns all the copies of the forged will. Pam tells Bobby that despite the happy ending, she doesn't feel ready to return to Southfork. Bobby tells her she'll have to make up her mind what she wants - soon.

Episode 24: Sue Ellen's Sister Aired: Thursday, Sep. 2

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Why does everyone think that I am always up to something?" - JR, of course. Nominated by Jason.
Alternate: "It's about time you grew up, Pamela!" - Bobby. Nominated, oddly enough, by Pam.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray, of course. But Ellie only had one scene.

In Patricia's absence from Dallas, Kristin stays at Southfork. All the 'boys' pay attention to her, ignoring Lucy.

Cliff calls Sue Ellen and gets information about the latest Ewing Oil deal, to try and acquire the land on an oil field so they can start drilling. Only one farmer, Wally Kessel, is holding out on them. Cliff talks to him and encourages him not to deal with the Ewings - or at least jack up the price on them. As head of the OLM, Cliff can make sure the Ewings get tied up in red tape and lose a lot of money. Cliff offers to get Wally the cash he needs to hold out for a while in exchange for cutting Digger into the royalties. He tells Pam that he wants to help Digger finance a project [without giving her the details] and Pam convinces Bobby to lend the $10,000 needed.

Meanwhile, JR plans to use a very willing Kristin to distract Bobby away from Pam. Sue Ellen isn't thrilled with the idea, but, well, at the point in the series she's wishy-washy Sue Ellen, so you know she's not going to do anything about it. At every opportunity, Kristin talks to Bobby about marriage and finding 'the right man'. Despite Lucy and Sue Ellen's warnings that Kristin will get nowhere with Bobby, she manages to tag along with him on a few occasions.

Seth Stone tells JR that Kessel came up with the money to pay his mortgage - and that Pam gave it to him. JR berates Bobby who promises to take care of it. JR tells Kristin that Bobby's marriage is almost over. Bobby confronts Pam, who can't believe that Cliff would do this to her; Bobby tells her to wake up and smell the coffee- Cliff can play dirty, too. Bobby confronts Cliff as well who says that he has no problem doing anything to hurt the Ewings - including using his own sister. Bobby tells Cliff he's tried to protect him from JR in the past - but no longer, if her keeps this up.

Bobby talks to Kessel and sweetens the deal a little bit. He tells Kessel that eventually he'll lose the battle and stands to gain nothing by waiting, and he agrees. JR wants some time to sweat the farmer out and get a better deal but Jock agrees with Bobby that time is of the essence. Kessel tells the Ewings that he would have settled for less if JR had played fair with him.

Pam confronts Cliff about his troublemaking. Cliff tells her [for the fourth straight episode-ARRGH!] to make up her mind about what she wants and this whole intrigue was to try and get her off the fence. Pam says both sides of the fence look very similar all of a sudden. Bobby advises Pam not to let Cliff and JR win by keeping them apart.

JR gets Kristin to talk to the suggestible Bobby and she gives him a passionate kiss. Bobby tells her he just wants to be friends. Snooping Lucy tells Kristin that she knew she'd get nowhere with Bobby - dealing with the Ewings makes everyone a loser. Sue Ellen tells Kristin to go be with their mother.

Episode 25: Callgirl Aired; Friday, Sep 3

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: Bobby's final lines to JR mockingly thanking him for getting him back together with Pam.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Sue Ellen.

JR's recent troubles with the Julie Grey situation, and Cliff's appointment to the OLM, cause him to lose favor with the cartel. To get back in their good graces, he plans to set up Ben Maxwell, Cliff's financial backer.

Pam and Liz look into a new line of lingerie for the store. One of the models, Leanne Reese, has become good friends with Pam. JR and Ben play a game of racquetball and meet Pam and Leanne at the club. It turns out JR knows Leanne from her callgirl days some years ago. JR wants Leanne to help him set up Maxwell but she tears up his money and throws him out. Pam tells an increasingly frustrated Bobby she's moving in with Leanne for a while, and JR overhears.

Some cattle are rustled away from Southfork. Bobby and Ray investigate and meet Kit Mainwaring, the heir of another wealthy oil/ranch family in a bar. Rescuing him from a barfight, they find that his family has also suffered from the rustlers. The next morning, Kit stops by Southfork and meets Lucy.

JR calls Matt Henderson, a friend in the vice squad, who picks up Leanne for soliciting. JR is in Leanne's room when she returns and she has no choice but to go along with his plan: to bring Maxwell over to her place tomorrow night, while Pam is asleep.

Leanne meets Ben the next day and the plan goes ahead. She lures him into Pam's bedroom and causes a scene. A photographer planted outside the window does the rest. The pictures are in the morning paper. The family is shocked, except for Bobby who sees that JR had a hand in this. Bobby gets in a good body blow on JR before Jock breaks them up.

The next morning, Leanne tells Pam she's leaving Dallas and that she's sorry for all the trouble she's caused. Pam doesn't understand until she looks at the paper. She prepares to leave Dallas too but is stopped by Bobby, who tells her that everyone knows she was set up. Finally [after five episodes!] Pam accepts Bobby's 'challenge' not to let JR come between them. Everyone except a drunk Sue Ellen welcomes Pam home. JR arrives home and is shocked to find that Pam has returned. Bobby ironically thanks whoever printed those photographs for bringing them back together again.

Episode 26: Royal Marriage Aired: Tuesday, September 7

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "JR, Kit is more man than you'll ever be." - Bobby. Nominated by Rob.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Ray.

Lucy and Kit visit Jimmy's Discotheque and then adjourn to Kit's apartment. Lucy wants to get romantic but Kit is unresponsive. He says he really cares for her and doesn't want to hurt her...whatever that means. JR encourages Lucy to get closer to Kit and he and Sue Ellen take the young couple to dinner.

The Mainwarings are invited to a Ewing party. Mr. Mainwaring encourages [sort of] Kit to quit the wild life and settle down with Lucy, saying it would mean a lot to him and Kit's mother. Kit proposes to Lucy at the party and she says yes. Everybody is excited. Jock even deigns to allow Gary and Val to come to the wedding if they want. JR offers to buy Lucy a car and lets her take the wheel into town with him.

Next time at the discotheque, Kit meets up with his old college roommate, Sam. That night, Kit doesn't feel like playing backgammon and they knock boots. The next day, Kit tells Bobby he's got to call off the wedding because he's a homosexual. He thought that sleeping with Lucy would change him but it hasn't. Bobby says he there's nothing he can do and Kit says he knows - he has to break this to Lucy himself.

Meanwhile, JR plans to join Mainwaring in a deal to acquire a refinery near the Gulf of Mexico. The cartel has refused to financially back such a deal. Mainwaring agrees to deal with JR, now that they'll be related. Bobby tells JR about the call-off. JR is shocked - he knew that Kit was gay, but had no problem with letting the wedding go on.

Kit invites Lucy over to talk. JR comes over first and strongly encourages Kit to go on with the wedding - if he wants to avoid a scandal that might ruin his family. Lucy comes over later and is already planning her married life. Kit breaks the news to her and tells her that Sam was more than his roommate - they were lovers. Lucy is still prepared to go on with the marriage, figuring that things will change, but Kit says they won't - there will be other men in his life. A tearful Lucy tells him she'll deal with JR who probably plans on making things very messy for all concerned.

Lucy comes home and tells everyone that she and Kit had a fight over Kit's raging jealousy. She shrugs it off, saying that maybe she wasn't ready to settle down just yet.

Episode 27: The Outsiders Aired: Wednesday, September 8

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I believe in the sanctity of marriage." - JR to Donna. These are great for a chuckle.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Lucy.

JR tries vainly to make a deal with Mainwaring, while Bobby buys Lucy a new convertible for the maturity she's shown lately.

Cliff Barnes causes delays on a big Ewing project in Midland, Texas. Jock suggests that they enlist former state senator Sam Culver to use his clout in Austin to stop Cliff's troublemaking. They have lunch and Jock invites Sam and his wife Donna to dinner Saturday night.

In a country bar, Ray meets Donna, without knowing who she is. They talk and drink and have a good time. They meet again the next night and have more boring conversation.

Saturday night after dinner, Sam tells the Ewings he's still unsure about what he will do about the OLM. Sue Ellen continues to drink like a fish as she looks jealously on Sam and Donna's relationship - a caring one, with mutual respect. JR plans to use Donna's influence on Sam to convince him to help the Ewings.

Monday night, Ray invites Pam and Bobby to the Longhorn bar to meet his new friend. Pam and Bobby see that it's Donna and quickly leave. They figure he must not know who she is. Bobby meets Donna the next day and asks her why she's seeing Ray. Donna hints that she's in love with Ray. Bobby tells her about Garnet McGee and that Ray couldn't take another heartache of that magnitude again. Donna spills her heart to Bobby and says she doesn't know what to do - everyone is going to be hurt.

Marilee Stone asks Ellie to tell Sue Ellen that the DOA feels it would be best if she temporarily resigned as President because of her weird and stuporous behavior. Ellie makes it sound like Sue Ellen has already accepted resignation, so Sue Ellen has no choice but to agree.

JR finds Ray and Donna together at the Starlight motel. The next day, he confronts Donna and tells her he knows what's going on. His deal is for Donna to influence Sam in exchange for his silence to Ray. Donna meets Ray and says she's married to Sam Culver but they've agreed to part ways amicably, knowing that it couldn't last forever. She tells Ray that she wasn't using him and that she really cares for him, but she needs some time away from Dallas to sort out her feelings. Ray says he'll wait for her.

Sam Culver calls JR and tells him that, after a long frank discussion with Donna, he plans to fully back Cliff Barnes and the OLM.

Episode 28: John Ewing III, Part 1 Aired: Thursday, September 9

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I gave you up way too soon, JR." - Ellie

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Cliff.

Lucy forgets a dress fitting appointment with Pam - she makes excuses that a friend's birthday is upcoming and she's been distracted. She buys a nice looking gold necklace for her friend. Jackie Dugan is working at the jewelry counter. Lucy takes the necklace to a pawnbroker for some quick cash which she exchanges for some pills.

Sue Ellen's doctor warns her to stop drinking. Sue Ellen tells her to mind her own business because she doesn't have a problem. She then goes to Ewing Oil to wait for JR to go to a fund-raising dinner that night. When JR doesn't show because he's at a meeting with some state Senators, Sue Ellen drinks the cabinet dry. She calls Cliff and asks to come over because she feels lonely. Cliff says no because he's with another woman. Sue Ellen pulls to the side of the road while driving and passes out. Pam and Bobby see her car and take her home. Sue Ellen wonders aloud to Pam why Cliff is ignoring her when she loves him so much. She begs Pam not to leave her side because she can't bear to feel alone.

Jock, Ellie and Bobby discuss the problem as JR comes home. They tell him what's happened and he instinctively tries to make excuses claiming he's not responsible for Sue Ellen's drinking. Ellie talks to him alone and tells him that she doesn't like what he's become - ambitious like Jock but with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. She's disgusted at his mistreatment of his wife and tells him to do something about it. JR says it's too late.

A stoned Lucy goes to Ray's house and tries to get romantic. Ray tries to sober her up with coffee and goes out to find Bobby to get her into the house without incident. While he's gone, Lucy sneaks out. Ray and Bobby return to find her gone and Bobby remembers that Lucy had planned to visit her friend Ann that night. They find Lucy, high again, at Ann's house in the middle of a wild drinking and drug party. Bringing her home, Bobby gives Ray the keys to Lucy's car and tells him that she's grounded. Bobby manages to get Lucy upstairs and conceal the truth from Ellie.

JR finds hidden bottles in Sue Ellen's room and tells her that she better clean up her act. This prompts her to challenge him to actually try and do something about it. JR says he's going to force her to dry herself out by locking up all the liquor in the house and keeping her under close watch. After he leaves, Sue Ellen goes to her closet and gets another bottle of booze out of a shoebox.

Lucy continues to pop her pills. She sees Sue Ellen come down the stairs with a suitcase; Sue Ellen falls down about seven of the steps as Lucy looks on, oblivious to her. Fortunately Ray finds them and manages to get an ambulance. He lets Bobby and JR know that Sue Ellen's been taken to Dallas Memorial Hospital. Sue Ellen and the baby are all right. Dr. Crane tells JR that Sue Ellen had better get checked into a clinic right away before she kills herself and her baby. Jock and Ellie arrive and Jock tells JR that he has to take care of his family the right way - or else.

Bobby berates Lucy for irresponsibly being unable to help Sue Ellen. He tells her she'll have to get off the pills and feel bad for a while so she can feel better some day. Lucy promises to try.

Sue Ellen blames her high heels for the accident. JR says he's checking her into a clinic in Fort Worth. Jock and Ellie agree that it's the best thing, but Sue Ellen insists there's no reason for her to get any help. The clinic turns out to be a sanitarium. Sue Ellen pleads to no avail with JR not to leave her there.

Episode 29: John Ewing III, Part 2 Aired: Friday, September 10

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "Oh, Bobby, she's got to live." - JR to Bobby, looking at Sue Ellen lying in the hospital. Just another example of why Larry Hagman is an OUTSTANDING actor. After everything that's happened, he had me totally convinced that JR really, really loves Sue Ellen...even though I've seen all the future episodes!

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The Lucy Award: Ray.

JR comes to the sanitarium a few days later and sees Sue Ellen briefly. She throws a glass at him and tells him to get lost. Pam tells Cliff that Sue Ellen's been locked up and blames him for using her but Cliff says that their relationship was much more than a plot to hurt JR. Pam advises him to commit to Sue Ellen or stay away from her completely.

Ellie visits Sue Ellen who is still in denial over her problems. She tells Ellie that her relationship with JR is just fine and everything will work out when the baby is born. A nurse offers Sue Ellen booze for money. Sue Ellen kicks her out but appears to think seriously about it. Dr. Rogers questions Sue Ellen about her marriage, which she maintains is almost perfect. He wonders why she threw a glass at JR when he came to see her. Sue Ellen says she doesn't know.

Lucy gets her car back and tells the drug pusher off.

Jock questions JR about his marriage as well. JR says that his problems are manageable and that he'll deal with them in time. Jock says that where his grandchild is concerned it's his problem too. He challenges JR to be as good a father and husband as he is a businessman. JR shows Sue Ellen that Cliff's found another woman, believing that she'll stop drinking if she stops believing that she can have a life with Cliff. Again Sue Ellen throws him out. She decides to take the nurse's offer and gives up her pearl necklace for alcohol.

Bobby visits Sue Ellen and brings her flowers. Upon mention of the baby, Sue Ellen gets furious and throws the flowers in his face. Bobby tries to understand her rage and tries to calm her down, telling her to give the therapy some time. Sue Ellen laments that all she has is time to waste. She admits to Bobby that Cliff is probably the baby's father. She says that she hates being locked up most because the doctors can't fix the one problem that is really messing up her life - that her husband is not the father of her child, and neither JR nor Cliff love her.

Bobby goes to Cliff's house and punches him in the face as soon as Cliff says hello. He warns Cliff to keep his mouth shut about his affair with Sue Ellen or he'll have hell to pay. Cliff tells him JR already knows but is unlikely to say anything.

Later, Sue Ellen slams a bottle over the nurse's head as she tidies the room and sneaks out of the sanitarium. She steals a car parked outside the sanitarium and drives off. Pulling out on to the road, she goes through a stop sign and runs into a pole, knocked unconscious. She is taken to Dallas Memorial, where Dr. Crane says that the baby is all right but will have to be delivered by C-section right away. There is internal bleeding and the doctor tells JR that Sue Ellen had been drinking not long before.

Pam tells Bobby that Cliff said that his relationship with Sue Ellen was over. Cliff sees the news about Sue Ellen on TV. She gives birth to a son whom Jock proudly christens John Ross Ewing the Third. Mother and baby are stable but their future health is uncertain.

Cliff arrives and wants to see his son. He wails to Pam that he should be raised as a Barnes, not as a Ewing, breaking down and crying. In Sue Ellen's room, JR tells Bobby he wishes he had treated her better and wonders what happened to their marriage as he starts crying too.

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