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Episode 162: Killer at Large Aired: Wed, Sept. 23

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LINE OF THE DAY: "You'd think that the service could pick up the phone around here once in a while!" - J.R after his tryst with Sue Ellen is interrupted. Submitted by AHN Anne.

Afton comes to Ewing Oil looking for JR but finds Bobby lying on the floor of JR's office. Despite being scared to death that Cliff might have done it, she calls for help. Captain Fogarty questions Afton who tells him her story. She's not arrested but is told not to leave town.

JR returns home to find Lucy there alone. He tells her that the charges against Peter were dropped due to lack of evidence and he's gone back to New York. Lucy puts two and two together and realizes that JR set the whole thing up. He ignores Lucy's yelling and heads up to his room. Sue Ellen returns and takes a gun out of her purse, stuffing it under a pillow with her gloved [!] hands. JR wonders why she wasn't at home waiting for him and Sue Ellen just says that she was 'out'.

Edgar Randolph calls Ray from a bar and nervously tells him he wants to meet tomorrow morning. Ray calls JR and warns him but JR laughs it off. JR goes back up to his room and makes a move on Sue Ellen which she tries to stave off, reaching for the gun she hid. Just then, the phone rings again and JR learns from a Dallas Memorial Hospital nurse that Bobby has been shot. He, Sue Ellen, and Lucy rush over to the hospital to find that Bobby's in critical condition and no one has any idea how things will turn out. Afton arrives and tells JR that Bobby was shot in his office. The next morning, Sue Ellen tells Jenna  what happened. Ray and Donna find out through a television in a building window.

Jackie finds Cliff asleep in his car in the office parking lot and tells him about the oil strike. Cliff ecstatically starts to celebrate his victory over Vaughn Leland - and JR. Pam calls soon after and Jackie tells her the news. Katherine returns to Houston and asks a realtor to get her family house back. On the radio, she hears that Bobby was shot.

When Jenna arrives at the hospital, Bobby awakens but tells her that he can't see. Pam returns to Dallas and learns about his blindness from Sue Ellen and Jenna.

Marilee Stone comes to JR's office and goes house on JR for causing her to lose out on the richest tract in the Gulf. JR is surprised to learn that Cliff struck oil. Marilee says she's going to beg Cliff to do business with her and that JR's star is going to fall very quickly.

Cliff returns home to find that Afton's got permission from the police to visit her mother. Cliff is surprised to learn that Afton was the one who found Bobby shot. He's also surprised to learn that Afton suspects that he went to Ewing Oil to shoot JR. Cliff says he spent the night drinking and sleeping it off in his car. Afton is disgusted at Cliff's cavalier attitude and tells him that she's not coming back to Dallas because she's sick of their stagnating, loveless relationship.

As JR steps out of a limousine downtown, Edgar Randolph steps out of a corner and points a gun at him. Fortunately, the limo driver gets JR out of harm's way and security guards restrain Randolph. The police are quickly on the scene and drag Edgar away, as he continues to yell at JR, swearing to get him if it takes the rest of his life.

Marilee invites Cliff over and says she wants to make amends for abandoning him. She says she was worried about the size of the investment and her relationship with the cartel - and JR's machinations didn't help. She offers to do anything he wants to get back in his good graces as they start getting hot and heavy with each other. When it's over, as the satisfied Marilee basks in their afterglow, Cliff tells her it was good but they'll never be partners in anything again.

Jenna and Pam both visit Bobby in the hospital and Pam tells them about Edgar's arrest - and they also suspect that he shot Bobby while gunning for JR. Bobby, through flashbacks, tells Jenna that he had trouble making a call and curiously discovered a bug in his phone. He then went to JR's office and examined first the guest phone, then sat in JR's chair and was about to examine the phone when the shots were fired - then everything went blank.

Katherine returns to Dallas to see Bobby but is blocked from entering the hospital by Pam who tells her to get lost because she's sure Bobby doesn't want to see him - and she doesn't want her to see him either. Katherine is surprised to learn that Bobby was blinded by the shots and rather than face Pam's wrath she turns back.

JR visits Bobby's room and tells him not to worry about the business - he'll take care of everything. Bobby says he doesn't trust him to run Ewing Oil by himself. Captain Fogarty arrives and tells them that Edgar Randolph has a verifiable alibi for the time Bobby was shot - the killer is still at large.

Episode 163: Battle Lines Aired: Thu, Sept. 24

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Cliff, don't make an ass out of yourself!" - JR to Cliff at the Oil Baron's club. Submitted by AHN Anne, who commented that it was probably too late.

JR comes to his office to find Captain Fogarty there. He says they can't do much without a ballistics match and most other people have an alibi - except for Cliff and Sue Ellen, who are unaccounted for.

Bobby tells Ray and Donna about the bug in his office phone and he suspects JR did it. He tells them that he'll make arrangements with Phyllis and he'd like them to investigate. They call in an expert who checks JR's private phone and finds it clean. Sly's is also clean, but to Phyllis's surprise, her phone is wired. Several phones belonging to key personnel are also bugged.

Vaughn Leland visits Cliff and tries to act friendly. Cliff still remembers his threats and willingness to shut him down. Cliff tells him that he's arranged financing with a reputable bank so that he can pay Vaughn's loan in full. He also says he's filing a complaint against his bank for unfair banking practices. He tells Vaughn that if he wants to wait for his check, he can do it outside. Later, Cliff goes over to Pam's place and tells Pam that Afton walked out on him. He also wants Pam to come back to work, despite all of the recent tragedy.

Charlie and Jenna visit Bobby in the office. Jenna says she still intends to get married but Bobby says that he knows that the likelihood of recovery is decreasing - and he doesn't feel he can marry her unless he can see.

JR has a heart-to-heart talk with John Ross, who wonders whether he's going to run the company all by himself now that Bobby can't see anymore. JR says it's not fair to take advantage of your family - but when Bobby's well, he'll start fighting him again for control of the company. Sue Ellen overhears the conversation and is surprised to hear JR spreading some morality, albeit limited. That night, JR pointedly asks Sue Ellen whether she tried to shoot him and she says she thought about it but didn't. She also says that her 'affair' with Peter was mostly in his mind.

Sly and Cliff have another poolside meeting. Cliff tells her he knows about her double-crossing him at JR's orders. Sly says she didn't double-cross him - JR was able to keep tabs on him because his phone was bugged. However, they do mutually agree to end their arrangement. Sly informs JR about their conversation.

Ray and Donna tell Bobby what they've found about the phone bugs. Bobby tells them he's worried about his interests at Ewing Oil and asks Donna to take care of things while he's away. Pam and Christopher visit Bobby and she tells him that she's not going to stand in his way when he gets married to Jenna. They also talk about Katherine's forged letter and realize that the divorce might never happened if not for that letter.

That morning, Donna takes over in Bobby's office. Sly alerts JR to this and almost instantaneously, he's in Bobby's office for a chat. Donna shows him that she has power of attorney for Bobby's interests and she expects to have everything pass across her desk while Bobby is away.

Cliff calls Katherine over to his place. He wants to buy back his share of Wentworth Tool & Die but Katherine says it's not for sale. Cliff tries to get Katherine to buy into his vision of a combined force of her, Pam, and himself that would turn the Dallas business scene upside down. As Cliff is distracted talking to Jordan Lee, Katherine quietly leaves.

Pam returns to the hospital and meets Jenna outside the hospital. Jenna tells Pam that she's complicating Bobby's life. Pam says she still cares for him and Jenna replies that his life would be much easier if she stayed out of it because the Barnes-Ewing feud would end, and she also correctly points out that she gave up all rights on him when she divorced him.

Cliff has dinner at the Oil Baron's Club with Jordan Lee and Andy Bradley. JR and Sue Ellen happen to be there and Cliff goes over to their table and gives JR a certified check for all of the money that he funneled to Barnes-Wentworth. As expected, he gloats over the fact that JR couldn't beat him like Jock beat Digger. JR sullenly sits and takes the taunting as Cliff sends a bottle of champagne over. JR asks Sue Ellen to meet him at the elevator. On his way out, he goes over to Cliff's table and proposes a toast, but instead dumps the champagne on Cliff's head as Cliff just laughs at him.

The next day, Sue Ellen asks JR what went down with Cliff. JR is forced to explain the whole thing to her - he was trying to force him into bankruptcy but Cliff struck oil at the last minute. Now he's afraid that Cliff will gather forces against Ewing Oil.

Clayton returns to Dallas and visits Bobby. He says he left Ellie in Greece when he heard the news, telling her that he had to attend to some business. Bobby asks Clayton not to tell Ellie about it because she's just started to feel better lately.

Pam returns to work just in time for lunch. As the Barnes siblings head downstairs to the parking lot, Cliff is targeted by police officers and arrested for the attempted murder of Bobby. The police tell Cliff that the gun that shot Bobby was found in his home. Pam starts to protest until she spots JR watching intently from his car. She casts him one of her most evil looks as he drives away.

Episode 164: If At First You Don't Succeed Aired: Fri, Sept. 25

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LINE OF THE DAY: "The only other person here who would qualify as family is Ray and he misses by half." -JR to Sue Ellen as they head to dinner with Ray, Donna, and Clayton. Submitted by AHN Anne.

JR visits Bobby at the hospital and tells him about Cliff's arrest. Bobby wonders why Cliff would want to shoot JR and he is forced to explain about the blackmailing of Randolph and the plotting to bankrupt Cliff. JR tells Bobby he honestly feels sorry about what happened and would change places with him if he could. Bobby tells Jenna who gets understandably upset at JR's shenanigans.

Cliff gets a quick bail hearing and is let out. He tells Pam he got drunk the night of the shooting after finding out that JR was behind the offshore deal. Pam confronts JR about Cliff's arrest. She tells him she plans to do everything in her power to help Cliff destroy him.

Sue Ellen and Jenna have a heart-to-heart talk about Bobby's condition. Jenna says that about Bobby telling her that he can't marry her if he remains blind; Sue Ellen shares her experience with Dusty as Jenna begins to understand why he feels that way.

At dinner, JR argues with Clayton about leaving Ellie in Greece, and then with Donna for her presence at Ewing Oil. The next day, Donna asks JR why Bobby didn't sign on the agreements to buy the Keesey and Murphy fields. Just at that moment, a fired-up Martha Randolph arrives and tells him that Edgar has been put in a mental hospital. She also warns him that this won't be the last time someone tries to kill him and she just hopes she gets to watch.

JR talks to a sweaty Sue Ellen in the exercise room about all of the people who've recently told him what a worm he is. He reaches out to Sue Ellen and manages to get her to relive some of their old memories together. As usual, he manages to push the right buttons and she melts into his arms.

Sue Ellen visits Pam the next day and they talk about recent events. Sue Ellen tells her that everybody should stop dumping on JR; Pam defends Cliff who's suffered too often at JR's hands. Their argument escalates dramatically and Sue Ellen tells Pam that maybe she should stay away from Bobby so that he can marry Jenna and the Ewings don't have to have any more dealings with the Barneses.

Bobby considers a risky operation that might help him regain his eyesight. Jenna is against it and the doctor asks him to wait for a few more days before deciding.

Cliff gets a new picture done for his office, which is swamped with salespeople. He tells Pam that his lawyer has managed to keep him out of jail. Pam tells him that she believes he didn't shoot Bobby and plans to help him beat the Ewings.

Lucy visits the Hot Biscuit, where Valene used to work. She talks to the proprietor who mentions he's looking for a waitress. Lucy is surprised but says she'll think about it, figuring a job would do her some good.

Captain Fogarty asks Cliff to come downtown to be in a line-up, in which he is picked out. Fortunately for him, the line-up was designed to clear him. A woman named Mandy Winger says Cliff was with her the night Bobby was shot. Harry McSween informs JR that the heat is off of Cliff. JR asks Harry to check into Mandy's past. In Houston, Katherine hears the news and listens intently.

Harve Smithfield visits Southfork and tells JR that he's just heard that Jock's brother, Jason Ewing, has just passed away in Alaska. Clayton tells Ray he's going back to Greece but will return soon, at which point he intends to help Ray restock the herds.

Mandy visits Cliff's apartment and says she'd like to get to know him better. Cliff wonders why she waited until she read about him in the papers and learned he was rich. Mandy gets upset at his assumption until Cliff apologizes and offers to get them some Chinese food.

JR visits Bobby's room that night but he's under heavy sedation. As he leaves to go make a phone call, a woman enters Bobby's room and prepares an injection. It turns out to be Katherine Wentworth.

Episode 165: Jamie Aired: Mon, Sept. 28

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I don't think there's much chance of that happening." -Sue Ellen to JR after he hopes that no woman goes nuts over him the way Katherine did over Bobby.

As Katherine lifts up the needle and prepares to inject Bobby, he struggles and starts to argue that he just had a shot. Recognizing Katherine's voice, he calls for help and alerts the security guards waiting at the phones with JR. Katherine is dragged outside and confronted by JR. To his surprise, Katherine says she was after Bobby the whole time - she didn't want Pam or Jenna to have him after he jilted her. The night of the shooting, she snuck into the building after seeing JR leave. She went upstairs, quietly shot Bobby, and left.

After a night of romance, Mandy and Cliff like each other a lot more. Pam comes over very late and tells Cliff that Katherine was arrested. Cliff realizes that Katherine must have planted the gun in his place when she was over the other day. When coming out of her arraignment hearing the next day, Katherine bumps into Cliff and has no remorse about trying to frame him.

Lucy has a tough first day waitressing at the Hot Biscuit, but her boss Al is encouraging. Jenna comes to visit Bobby the next day and is overjoyed to find that his eyesight has returned. Pam warns them that Katherine is out on bail but Bobby figures she's not dumb enough to try anything again. As Jenna and Bobby pull away, Pam wishes them well but then bursts into tears.

Bobby returns to Ewing Oil and thanks Donna for filling in for him. Bobby decides to get a new phone system and tells JR that he found the bugs he planted. JR tries to explain it away by saying he just went a little overboard when Cliff started stealing his deals.

Pam finds that Katherine has been selling a lot of Wentworth stock and plans to talk to her about it. Cliff insists on accompanying her because he still feels that Katherine's dangerous. The maid tells them that Katherine cleaned herself out of the home last night. Cliff calls the police because he figures she skipped bail. The newspapers track her to London but then lose her trail.

Donna tells Ray she enjoyed her time behind Bobby's desk and invested $ 10 million in a small oil company she found. Ray gives her his grudging support, as long as she doesn't mess with the Ewings. JR finds out quickly and wonders what she'll do about her post on the Energy Commission, to which Donna replies that it's her decision.

Ray happens to stop by the Hot Biscuit and finds Lucy there. Lucy explains that she just wanted to do something useful and not be a Ewing for a while. Ray promises to keep her secret.

After seeing Cliff and Pam during a night on the town, JR and Sue Ellen return home and he again bewails his falling star in Dallas, especially after Cliff's recent successes and his failures. Sue Ellen once again reassures him that he'll be back on top before long.

Bobby goes over to pick up Christopher and finds Joe Don Forth, a business acquaintance of Cliff's, there. After hearing him get awfully fresh with Pam, and start playing with Christopher like he was his own son, Bobby gets sick of him and pushes him into Pam's pool. He tells Pam he's not very impressed with her choice of dates.

As the Ewings enjoy a fun afternoon by the pool, a scruffy looking stranger steps out of the passenger seat of a pickup truck and walks up the Southfork driveway. JR questions the stranger, who claims to be Jamie Ewing - daughter of Jason Ewing, Jock's recently deceased brother.

Episode 166: Family Aired: Tue, Sept. 29

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A crowd gathers around the mysterious stranger. Jamie explains that after her father's death, she just wanted to be with her family again. She says that her father left her very little money and she barely managed to scrape enough to get to Dallas. JR is skeptical about her story until Jamie shows him a picture of Jason and Jock from long ago. She also wonders where "Miss Ellie" is, further proving her tale. Sue Ellen instantly takes a liking to the newcomer, though JR, of course, still has serious doubts.

Lucy has another tough day at the diner and this time a few guys take a liking to her, wanting her to join them for a dance. A guy from the bar suddenly comes to her rescue. As he leaves, the guy tells Lucy she better get used to that kind of treatment if she wants to hang around at the Hot Biscuit.

Dave Stratton [from Season 2-3] returns to Dallas from the Far East and visits Cliff. He's heard about Cliff's rich old strike and says that his company, Weststar, is impressed at his accomplishments. Dave says that Weststar CEO Jeremy Wendell has a proposition for Cliff and wants to meet. Cliff insists that the meeting be at Pam's house, and that Pam and Mandy also be present.

Bobby tells JR about the jerk that he figures Pam is dating and JR reminds him that he has to forget about Pam and concentrate on his future with Jenna. Bobby says he's still finding it difficult to forget about Pam. Jenna tells Bobby that she feels very comfortable at the ranch and can't wait to make it her permanent home.

Donna and Sue Ellen talk to Jamie about her life. She tells them her family traveled a lot, wherever Jason could find work; she also mentions her brother Jack, who left them when he was old enough. Jamie is hesitant about staying but allows herself to be convinced. That night at dinner, Sue Ellen welcomes Jamie to the family and JR takes the opportunity to remind Jamie that it's customary for the family to dress for dinner. Jenna offers to find her something from the boutique but Jamie declines, saying that she wants to pay her own way. When Jamie mentions that she's familiar with the oil business, JR presses Jamie about some of the finer points of drilling and Jamie is impressively able to answer all of his questions, to Bobby and Sue Ellen's delight.

Jeremy Wendell says he wants to merge Barnes-Wentworth into Weststar in exchange for a substantial amount of stock and a seat on the Board of Directors. Cliff says he'll consider the offer but Pam looks awfully concerned.

That night, JR tells Jamie point blank that he thinks she's a fraud and tries to buy her off. Bobby comforts her and says he'd like to believe her story. Jamie retorts that her father told her that the Dallas Ewings were all alike - more concerned about power and money than friends and family. The next day, JR asks Sue Ellen to use her friendship with Jamie to find out what it is she really wants.

Jeremy and Dave Stratton have a private lunch with Pam. She says she wonders why Jeremy made his unprecedented offer to Cliff. Jeremy admits that it's easy for Weststar to give Cliff half a billion dollars worth of stock, given the amount of oil that's in his Gulf tract. Wendell is very friendly but warns Pam that his friendship has limits.

Jenna asks Jamie if she ever heard anything about her father Lucas Wade. Jamie says that she only remembers her father mentioning him in passing - and even then only good things. Jenna mutters to herself that she knows they hated each other. Harve Smithfield does some checking on Jamie and finds that her story fits with the facts that she's spelled out so far.

A few days later, Lucy bumps into her mysterious savior who isn't really in a talkative mood. Her co-worker Betty tells her that he's her boyfriend, Eddie, and he's off-limits.

Wendell comes to Cliff's place and finds Mandy there in a very skimpy outfit. She invites him in and turns on the charm to try and find out what he's really after with his offer to Cliff. Wendell repeats what he told Pam and Mandy asks him how he feels about JR. Wendell admits that he doesn't have a problem with JR and they might find reason to work together should they find common ground. Cliff meets with Sly and asks her to find out if JR is behind Wendell's offer.

As Pam pulls into her parking spot at Barnes-Wentworth, she happens to spot a familiar car with a 'GRAISCO' license plate. She asks Jackie if anyone from Graisco came to the office, and when Jackie replies in the negative, Pam turns and finds the car pulling out of the lot. She is shocked to realize that Mark must still be alive...

Episode 167: Shadow of a Doubt Aired: Wed, Sept. 30

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LINE OF THE DAY: ""I think it interesting that you of all people would bring up the
subject of young lovers."
-J.R. answering Sue Ellen's interrogation about his interest in Jamie. Ouch! Submitted by AHN Anne.

Jackie tries to calm Pam down, explaining that there could be lots of reasons why Mark's car was parked at her office but Pam embarks on a holy grail quest to track it down. She heads to Mark's house to find out that Mark's will dictated that his house remain well-kept and intact, and that all the servants remain on the payroll. Pam finds that the car was driven recently; the maid tells her it was probably the dealer picking it up for maintenance. Pam visits the dealer and finds that this is the case; but the mechanic says he never went to Pam's office. She returns to Mark's place and finds out from the stable manager that he also has strict orders to keep the herd intact. He comments that it's almost as if Mark intended to ride some of his horses again...

Sly informs JR about what Cliff told her. JR tells her he has nothing to do with the offer but he wants her to tell Cliff the opposite so that he avoids any potential deal with Weststar. JR returns home to find that Sue Ellen took Jamie shopping and bought her an expensive new wardrobe so that she feels more like a Ewing. JR's mind hasn't changed and he continues to mock Jamie mercilessly, prompting Sue Ellen to tell him that he reminds her of the old JR - the one she hated. She tries to comfort Jamie, who ponders leaving Southfork because she doesn't know how much more of JR's abuse she can take. Sue Ellen convinces her to stay - at least until Miss Ellie comes back. In return, she promises to get JR off her case.

The mechanic comes by Pam's house later and tells her that he did stop by her building the other day because his bank is located there; he didn't want to say so with his boss standing in front of him. Pam visits a Mr. Carson, who's a partner of Mark's lawyer Brooks Oliver. She asks him why none of Mark's estate has been dealt with; Mr. Carson says it's going to take a long time to deal with the accounting and legal procedures necessary to deal with such a large estate, and in the meantime it has to be maintained pristinely. Pam leaves, apparently satisfied with the explanation.

Bobby comes by Pam's house to pick up Christopher, just as Cliff comes by with Mandy and Dave Stratton to pick up Pam for Jeremy Wendell's tennis party. At the party, Dave tells Pam they've been through the same emotional roller-coaster recently and would like to be friends. Wendell prompts Cliff for an answer to his offer but Cliff says he's undecided. Wendell says he wants to know today, prompting Cliff to call Sly. Sly tells him that JR seems to be behind the offer which causes Cliff to tell Wendell what he can do with his offer. Dave tells Jeremy that he might be able to convince Pam to put in with them.

Lucy asks Betty why she hasn't seen Eddie around the diner lately and Betty asks her to butt out. Lucy says she plans on asking Eddie out next time he comes by prompting Betty to throw some water in her face, for which Lucy retaliates until Al the owner breaks them up.

The Ewings spend the day at a water park, and Sue Ellen starts wondering why JR seems to be eyeing Jamie - and a lot of other pretty girls- intently all of a sudden. JR tells her that she's the only woman he's interested in. At the end of the day, Bobby tells Jenna they've waited long enough and they should get married, prompting a standing ovation from the rest of the family.

Cliff tells Mandy that JR was behind Wendell's offer and asks her to help out around the house, since she doesn't do much else. Mandy immediately calls 411 and looks up a maid service.

Pam gets some flowers, figuring they're from Dave but they turn out to be from Mark Graison. Pam investigates again and finds that Brooks Oliver's office is picking up the tab. Carson tells her that the day before the crash, he came to the office and deliberately changed his will so that his estate would remain intact for a period of two years following his death - or the report of his death. Pam begins to believe that Mark is still alive.

Episode 168: Homecoming Aired: Thu, Oct.1

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Where's Mama?" -J.R, just before meeting his new mother. I was wondering the same thing. I knew Miss Ellie, Donna Reed, and you're no Miss Ellie.

JR meets Bobby outside the Ewing building and tells him that three of their best employees have defected to Barnes-Wentworth in the last month. He also tells him he stopped Cliff's merger with Weststar; and he warns him that Pam stands to become a very powerful woman once Mark Graison's will is read.

Ray is very unexcited about Donna's success on the oil range - her field is producing forty barrels a day. He says he has dinner made but finds that he forgot to turn on the microwave. [God, this is lame.]

Pam meets Jerry Kenderson and tells him about the letter Mark wrote her, indicating that the plane crash might have been planned. Jerry says that he doesn't think Mark was capable of committing suicide. Pam thinks Mark went to seek some kind of cure for his disease and asks Jerry to look into such places.

The Ewings get word that Clayton and Ellie will be returning in two days. JR expresses dissatisfaction at the fact that another person will be taking Jock's place as man of the house. Bobby says he's worried about making adjustments as well. JR comments that Jock's presence is all over the house and he doesn't know how Clayton can stand it. Bobby wants to take Jock's portrait down to make Clayton feel more welcome but JR won't have it - he says that it's Ellie decision, if anyone's.

Sue Ellen and Jamie have lunch and Jamie comments that she still feels uncomfortable being surrounded by wealth. Mandy happens to be modeling at their restaurant and overhears the two talking about Cliff. Sue Ellen mentions that she's never seen JR so frightened of anyone as he is of Cliff.

Pam hires a company to find Mark Graison's crashed plane, but she's told that it will be very difficult - the wreckage would be spread all over the water and the ocean in that area is deep. Pam says she'll willing to pay whatever it takes for a full-scale search for any evidence that Mark was actually on the plane when it crashed. Dave Stratton sees Pam again and talks to her about his surprise at Cliff's rejection of Weststar's offer. They make plans to have lunch sometime.

Cliff orders a special dinner for Mandy and tells her he's hired a maid service. Mandy tells Cliff what she overheard while modeling and Cliff is so happy he decides to give Mandy a key to the condo.

The family heads to the airport to pick up Clayton and the surgically-altered Miss Ellie. Sue Ellen tells Ellie about her newly arrived niece and Lucy leaves work early to be home with the family. Eddie follows Lucy from the diner and sees her get into her car. He realizes she's a Ewing.

Ellie returns home and admits that Jamie does look somewhat like her father, which drives JR batty. Ellie and Jamie exchange old stories from the wildcatting days. Ellie asks Jamie whether she knows Jason's nickname from the old days, catching JR's interest in hoping she doesn't know. But Jamie answers, "Tumbleweed", quite correctly. Bobby tells Jenna that he could see how uncomfortable Clayton is at all of the talk about the Ewing family. Jenna tells him that Ellie and Clayton have to work it out on their own and reminds him he still hasn't set a date for their wedding.

Donna and Ray discuss the situation as well. Donna figures that Ellie will have to make some compromises or else it will put even more of a strain on their relationship than there already is.

That night, a restless Clayton tells Ellie he'd like to make some changes to their bedroom. He heads downstairs for a drink and tells the portrait of Jock that his spirit is still alive and well at Southfork.

Episode 169: Oil Baron's Ball III Aired: Fri, Oct.2

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LINE OF THE DAY: None that sticks out

Ellie finds Clayton downstairs, asleep after his drinking bout. She tells Donna that she's realized that Clayton must feel uncomfortable in Jock's house and especially his bedroom. Ellie decides to take Clayton to a hotel so that they can be away from the ranch. Clayton sees through her plan and says he'll deal with his feelings in time. As a first step, Ellie gets new bedroom furniture.

Mr. Jackson from Houston calls Bobby, who he presumes is still Pam's husband, about whether he should proceed with the search for Mark Graison's plane. Bobby assures him to go ahead and that his bill will be paid. Bobby investigates and Pam tells him about her feelings that Mark may still be alive. Bobby wonders why she's getting so wrapped up in the situation and Pam replies that she has to know the truth one way or the other. Cliff tells Mandy he's not sure whether Pam is emotionally able to handle the possibility of Bobby and Jenna's marriage.

Dave Stratton visits Cliff and asks him and Pam to join the Weststar table at the upcoming Oil Baron's Ball. Dave says that Jeremy Wendell just wants to establish a friendship with Cliff, despite his refusal of the merger.

JR and Sly have lunch and she says she's become fidgety about her games with Cliff. She asks to take a few months off to recuperate from all the work she's been doing. JR notices Mandy Winger doing some more modeling. That night, JR tells Sue Ellen and Jamie that a friend of his has a job opportunity in East Texas but Sue Ellen says that Jamie is happy at Southfork.

Bobby and Jenna tell Clayton and Ellie about their wedding plans and Miss Ellie says she'll plan a big wedding at Southfork. Ellie encourages Bobby to announce it at the Oil Baron's Ball but Bobby says he doesn't want to do that out of deference for Pam. Ellie wonders whether he still has feelings for her but Bobby says he's devoted to Jenna now.

Eddie breaks a date with Betty, claiming he has to work late. He meets Lucy outside and asks her out for tonight but Lucy declines, saying she has plans - maybe some other time.

JR meets with Jordan Lee in an effort to get back in the good graces of the cartel. Jordan says he doesn't mind re-establishing ties but is unwilling to break his deals with Cliff.

The Oil Baron's Ball arrives and Pam meets up with Ellie, Bobby, Jenna, and JR. JR tries to talk to Mandy but is distracted by a photographer. Punk Anderson announces Clayton and Ellie's recent marriage as Ellie present the Jock Ewing Memorial Scholarships. Later, the Oil Man of the Year award is announced and JR leaves the room, not being able to stand the possibility of Cliff winning again, but it turns out that Jeremy Wendell wins.

JR overhears Pam and Mandy talking; Pam says that she can't take her eyes off of Bobby and Mandy advises her to tell him about her feelings for him, which she says she hasn't done. After Wendell accepts his award, JR steps up to the podium and announces that Bobby wants to publicly announce that he plans to marry the only woman he's ever loved - Jenna Wade. Pam is crushed with grief.

Episode 170: Shadows Aired: Mon, Oct.5

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Mandy tells Cliff that Pam was extremely hurt by JR's announcement but Cliff believes it was the best thing that could have happened, so that Pam can get on with her life. Pam returns to her lonely room and looks longingly at some pictures of herself with Bobby.

Bobby angrily confronts JR about making the announcement and guesses correctly that he did it to hurt Pam. JR claims he just wanted to make it a special evening for Bobby and Jenna. Sue Ellen takes JR's side and tries to make Bobby see that Pam is no longer a part of his life. Bobby goes over to Pam's house and apologizes for JR's sudden announcement. Pam says she's glad in a way because it leaves her free to search for Mark. Bobby tries to advise her against it but Pam is of course in no mood to listen to such talk.

Donna tells Ellie that she still sees that Clayton is bothered by something. Ellie tells her she's changed the furniture which is a start, but Donna says she'll have to do more. She advises Ellie to take Jock's portrait out of the livingroom. Clayton goes to Houston for business and Ray accompanies him. Clayton tells him he can still feel Jock's eyes staring out of the portrait in the livingroom and Ray tells him he knows how he feels - he lived in Sam Culver's shadow for a long time.

JR gets a private detective to hunt down the 'mystery woman' who's been accompanying Cliff around town. He finds out Mandy's name, address, phone number, and other information.

Jamie tells Sue Ellen she's bored of shopping every day and would like to do something meaningful with her time. She suggests that JR take Jamie on as the new receptionist at Ewing Oil. JR says he doesn't like the idea at all but allows himself to be convinced when Sue Ellen says that it would help their relationship if he considered it.

The salvage crew tells Pam that they've found nothing yet. Pam believes that they're just stalling because they believe that the search is futile, like everyone else. When Mandy, Cliff, and Dave Stratton try to calm her down, she just gets more upset, suspecting them all of sabotaging her effort. She even goes to the extent of believing that Bobby tried to undermine the salvage crew's efforts. In a historic moment, Pam officially goes ballistic and hates everyone but Christopher.

Eddie and Lucy go out dancing. Betty happens to be at the same bar and confronts Eddie about his two-timing. Eddie tells her to get lost and Betty promises not to forget it.

As Jenna puts Charlie on the school bus the next morning, she sees Naldo Marchetta waiting at the bus stop. He tells Jenna they have urgent business to discuss that afternoon, causing Jenna to break a date with Bobby. Naldo tells her that it was Katherine who put him up to his troublemaking last year [Episode 152]. Jenna is surprised to hear his remorse, which Naldo claims is genuine. Naldo also says he misses her, and his daughter. Jenna says he has no right to see Charlie but Naldo says he'll do anything he has to do to make Charlie know that he's the girl's real father.

Ellie asks JR and Bobby to come home before dinner and tells them about Clayton's discomfort around the house which has to with Jock rather than either of them. They realize that she means to remove the painting from the livingroom. JR is adamantly against it, but Bobby agrees with Ellie that it should be taken to Ewing Oil, saying that Jock's life at Southfork is over and he's been mourned long enough. JR sadly watches as Ellie removes it from the wall, giving the Ewings a fresh start.

Episode 171: Charlie Aired: Tue, Oct.6

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LINE OF THE DAY: None. Such a bad episode doesn't merit one.

Jenna tells Bobby about Naldo's threats but also tells him she needs to stand up to Naldo herself. Later, Naldo meets him and tries to explain his situation, claiming he just wants back the family he lost once. Bobby tries to pay him off and Naldo says he's not doing this for money - he would rather die than leave Dallas without his daughter.

Pam hears from Mr. Jackson at Century Salvage that a small piece of a plane's tailpipe has been found in the Gulf. He warns her not to get her hopes too high, but, well, you know Pam.

JR and Jeremy have lunch to discuss a small business deal. Cliff sees them together and wonders what may be happening but is unable to get in touch with the vacationing Sly. JR tells Bobby that Wendell wants to sell Ewing Oil some fields in exchange for cash to use in his planned mergers.

Ellie comes out to see Donna's new oil field and they discuss Ray's ambivalence about Donna's venture. Ellie reminds Donna that both of their relationships are under a strain right now and advises her to give it some time. Donna's foreman tells her that the formations in the area are promising and she might strike oil any day now.

Jenna and Charlie have a heart-to-heart talk about her father and she admits lying to Charlie about what happened between her and Naldo. She says she divorced and left him when she found out she was pregnant. She also tells him that Naldo is in Dallas and she's not sure of his intentions. The next morning, Jenna finds Charlie's bedroom window open and her daughter missing. The police are contacted and promise to keep an eye out for her. It takes Bobby to put two and two together and realize that Naldo might have something to do with her disappearance.

They confront Naldo at his hotel but he says he doesn't know anything about Charlie's disappearance - he claims he wouldn't try to hurt Jenna that way, and he also says that if he had taken her, he would have already left Dallas. He wants to help Bobby in his search but Bobby just politely asks him to mind his own business.

JR finally finds Mandy Winger modeling during lunch and JR asks her if she wants to get a drink sometime. Mandy says that 'sometime' might be all right. She tells Cliff about it and he considers using Mandy to get information from JR, now that Sly is unavailable.

After a night together, Eddie tells Lucy he knows that she's really a Ewing. Lucy suspects that Eddie is just after her money. She returns home to find a gruff Clayton Farlow wanting to talk to her. Clayton says that her grandmother is worried about her because she spends so little time at home. At first, Lucy tells him off, but Clayton tells her he won't tolerate any disrespect. Lucy apologizes and says she just doesn't feel like talking right now.

That afternoon, Ray finds Charlie asleep in Darius's stable. Bobby and Jenna rush over to find her and she explains that she was just had an identity crisis when she found out that Bobby wasn't her father. She says that a long time ago, when she was young, she found a copy of her birth certificate indicating that Bobby was her father. Bobby and Jenna promise her that they'll be married soon and then they'll be a real family.

Mr. Jackson comes to Dallas to see Pam. He says that the search party found the cockpit of the plane and found the pilot seat - with the harness unfastened. Pam figures that this is a final indication that Mark didn't perish in the crash.

Episode 172: Barbecue Five Aired: Wed, Oct.7

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Do I look like the type of man to sit in the grass with ants and chiggers?" J.R. to Mandy. He sure doesn't! Submitted by AHN Anne.

Sue Ellen brings Jamie to Ewing Oil for her first day as a receptionist and introduces her to Phyllis and Kendall. Marilee Stone comes to the office and snottily pushes her way past Jamie. When Jamie tells her JR's not around, she says she knows he's probably at a hotel with one of his girlfriends. Bobby tells Jamie to ignore the uppity Mrs. Stone.

Pam visits Jerry Kenderson, who's having a really bad hair day. She tells him that she thinks Mark staged the plane crash to make her believe he was dead. She pressures him for the names of the 'quacks' who practice miracle cures and Jerry says he'll give her the list as promised. Pam consults a psychic who divines her problem and then tells her that the man she loves is alive and she'll soon see him again.

Jenna tells Bobby she feels that she has to let Charlie meet Naldo so that the 'mystery' of her father will fade. Bobby doesn't feel very good about it. The meeting takes place at a restaurant the next night, and Naldo is very charming. Bobby can't control his curiosity and misgivings, so he decides to stake out the meeting from the restaurant bar. Fortunately, nothing significant happens and the whole night is spent with stories from Naldo's childhood in Italy.

JR manages to find Mandy's address and comes over to take her out to lunch. Mandy calls Cliff to let him know about it and Cliff advises her to get as close to JR as possible - without getting too close. JR takes her to a private box at Texas Stadium where they have a nice lunch and get to know each other better. JR tells her that he's considering buying the private box to celebrate his latest deal with Jeremy Wendell and Weststar. JR returns home to find that Sue Ellen bought Jamie a brand new convertible and is upset until he is shushed by Ellie.

Bobby visits Jenna the next day and tells her he spied on her dinner with Naldo. He says he still doesn't trust Naldo but Jenna is convinced that Naldo is sincere about just wanting to meet his daughter. The next day, Jenna returns home to find Naldo waiting in front of their condo with Charlie. Naldo reveals to Jenna that he intends to marry her - even if he has to fight Bobby for her.

Cliff interrupts Jeremy Wendell's quiet lunch and says he knows that JR was behind his merger offer. Wendell, of course, doesn't know what he's talking about and dismisses his fears as paranoia over JR.

Lucy apologizes to Eddie for copping an attitude the other day and they agree to be friends. In fact, they attend the Ewing barbecue together. There, Eddie spills the beans about Lucy's job at the diner to Miss Ellie.

Bobby and Jenna discuss Naldo's continued presence in Dallas which is making Bobby anxious but Jenna assures him they're nothing to be worried about. Ray tells Clayton that he feels left out by Donna's latest oil venture which is taking up all of her time. They have an argument about it and Ray says he'll learn to live with it. Clayton says he intends to keep his business operations in Houston, despite the fact that it will make him commute a few days a week.

Marilee talks to JR about a deal she's arranged in East Texas and Jamie sees her putting her hands all over him. She decides to break up their conversation and tells JR how rude Marilee was in the office - and still is. Marilee slaps her and Jamie pushes her in to the pool. JR angrily says she's no Ewing and has no right to be there, causing Jamie to rush into the house. She heads up to her room and pulls out a document from a briefcase.

Jamie returns downstairs and asks Clayton to read the document. It's accompanied by a picture of Jock, Jason, Digger, and Sam Culver during their first oil strike. The document is the first charter drawn up for Ewing Oil, in which Jock, Jason, and Digger agreed to evenly divide all of the future assets of Ewing Oil between them - and their heirs in perpetuity. JR and Bobby are shocked to realize that they may have a real battle for control of their company on their hands.

Episode 173: Do You Take This Woman... Aired: Thu, Oct.8

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After Jamie's startling announcement, JR does his best to control the embarrassment in front of his friends. The family assembles for a meeting and JR insists that Jamie leave the ranch but is overruled by Miss Ellie. JR insists that the document is phony or they would have heard about it before. Ellie, Bobby, and Donna admit they've never heard anything about any other potential claims on Ewing Oil before. Sue Ellen tells Jamie that the Ewings have never seen the document before, which surprises her. Jamie says she doesn't want to hurt her family - she just wanted JR to stop doubting her Ewinghood.

A ranch hand takes Jenna and Charlie home to find Naldo waiting for them again. He gives Charlie a family heirloom from Italy and says his mother would like to see her very soon. He also tells Jenna he's accepted the fact that she plans to marry Bobby but would like to see Charlie occasionally. Taking no chances, Jenna drives Charlie to school and says she'll pick her up too, not wanting her to take the bus.

Sue Ellen tries to calm JR down by telling him that Jamie doesn't intend to use her document but JR says he's unhappy about the 'loaded gun', as he terms it. He reminds her that if he loses control of Ewing Oil, she loses a lot of her power - and so does their son.

Pam hires an agency to investigate all of the clinics that Jerry Kenderson suggested and find Mark. As usual, she is told to expect the worst. After a week, she starts to get impatient at the lack of results.

Bobby finally gives Jenna an engagement ring, one week before their ceremony. Charlie shows Bobby the gifts she's been getting from Naldo. They have an argument over Naldo's continued presence in her life and she says it's no different that the time he spends with Pam. Bobby leaves in a huff and Charlie is distraught. The next day, Jenna comes over to Southfork and they patch things up, resolving not to let Naldo come between them.

JR meets Mandy again and tells her he's finalized his big deal with Weststar. She asks him about the rumors that he's going to lose control of Ewing Oil and JR says it's nothing to worry about. He tells Mandy that he knows that Cliff Barnes will become hell-bent on proving the document true in court, which will leave him free to undermine Barnes-Wentworth.

Harve Smithfield tells JR that Jamie's document would probably hold up in court, and he's not surprised that he has no record of it, because it was drawn up before Jock used his legal services.

Cliff meets Jamie outside of Ewing Oil and asks her about the document she possesses. Jamie says that her father didn't like Digger Barnes one bit, so she has no intention of letting him see it or use it. Cliff decides to visit his aunt Maggie, who might have Digger's copy of the document. Mandy tells him that JR predicted he would do something like that.

The day before the wedding, Bobby asks Jenna to stay at a Southfork guest room while Charlie stays over [surprise!] at a friend's house. Jenna agrees. Meanwhile, Naldo comes to Charlie's school and says that Jenna asked him to pick her up. Jenna returns home the next morning and calls Martha to find out what happened. Naldo is waiting outside and pushes Jenna into his car, telling her that Charlie is safe.

Of course, Jenna doesn't show up for the wedding. A few minutes before the scheduled time, Bobby gets a phone call and he and JR rush over to Jenna's place. JR finds a note from Jenna telling Bobby that she can't marry him because she loves someone else more. Bobby says that if he ever finds Naldo Marchetta again, he'll kill him.

Episode 174: Deja Vu Aired: Fri, Oct.9

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The wedding guests get antsy as the bride and groom are both suddenly absent. JR calls the ranch from Jenna's condo and tells Sue Ellen to send the guests home while he and Bobby try and find Jenna. Realizing her car is still parked outside, Bobby realizes Jenna must be with Naldo. They go to Naldo's hotel to find that Naldo checked out alone yesterday and left in a rental car. JR gets a bunch of private detectives on the case until Bobby says to just forget the whole thing, figuring that Jenna wasn't kidnapped - she stood him up, just like fourteen years ago. They come back to the ranch and JR tells the family the story. He admits that he can't stand the fact that this might bring Bobby and Pam back together again.

Naldo takes Jenna to a motel and allows her to speak to Charlie from a pay phone. Charlie says she's in a house somewhere with someone named Veronica and she's upset that the wedding was canceled. Jenna tells her just to do what Veronica says and they'll see each other soon. That evening, Naldo tries to make a move on Jenna but she says she'll kill him if he tries to touch her.

Cliff and Mandy visit Aunt Maggie and try to find any information about the old contract. She says she turned over all of Digger's papers to a lawyer named Wicker in Dallas.

JR's detectives find the agency from which Naldo rented the car and find it hasn't been returned. JR gets a call from someone asking for a meeting. Surprisingly, it turns out to be Cliff Barnes! He says they suddenly have something in common - they don't want Pam and Bobby to get back together, which seems likely with all of the heartache they've been suffering. They agree to work together to do whatever it takes to keep the two apart.

As Cliff predicted, the Barnes-Wentworth switchboard is swamped with calls from people claiming to have information about Mark Graison. Pam's last appointment is with a man named Gerald Kane, who surprisingly doesn't want any money for his information. He says he flew a man from Corpus Christi to an island called San Serrano to visit a private clinic, and the man fits Mark's description. Pam again offers to pay him, but the guy says he doesn't want a reward - though he would agree to fly her down there. Pam decides to do it. She tells Cliff who is skeptical, but says he understands her need to follow it through. He tells a surprised Mandy that if it keeps her away from Bobby, that's fine with him.

Ray tries to convince Bobby not to give up on Jenna, despite how things look. Sue Ellen tells Jamie about JR's reasons for wanting to find Jenna and see her married to Bobby to keep the Barnes family out of his life. Jamie realizes that JR is afraid of her document for more reasons than she thought.

Naldo finally reveals his plan to Jenna: he plans to take her and Charlie back to Italy as his wife, where their divorce is meaningless and they can live as man and wife. Jenna refuses to go until Naldo proves that he's already taken Charlie to Italy. Jenna promises she'll leave him as soon as she possibly can; Naldo says he's already thought about that.

JR meets with Gerald Kane, who tells him that he doesn't feel good about what he's asked him to do. JR tells him the best thing for Pam is to continue the search for as long as it takes to keep her mind occupied. He advises him to keep her out of the country as long as possible.

The detectives learn that Jenna supposedly called Charlie's school and said she wouldn't be coming back. Bobby gets a call from Naldo who says that Jenna is fine and if he wants to see her, he should come to the corner of Sylvan Oaks and Baxter at 3 PM, alone. Bobby does and sees them walking out from the house of a Justice of the Peace. Jenna sadly admits that she just married Naldo.

Episode 175: Odd Man Out Aired: Mon, Oct.12

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LINE OF THE DAY: "You're both searching for someone you love." - a very poignant line from JR to Pam, about her and Bobby.

JR's latest date with Mandy is a very private affair at an exclusive restaurant. JR apologizes for ignoring her recently, but says it's because of Bobby's troubles. He gets a call from Phyllis telling him that Bobby's on a bender at the Oil Baron's Club. He rushes over and Bobby tells him about finding Jenna and Naldo married. JR wants to investigate but Bobby says he doesn't want to chase after Jenna, who has obviously made her choice.

Meanwhile, in their hotel room, Naldo tries to make a move on Jenna in the shower but she throws soap in his face. She threatens him with a bottle but Naldo is too strong for her. Just as Naldo is about to have his way with her, the motel manager overhears and knocks on the door, allowing Jenna time to lock herself in the bathroom.

Pam drops Christopher off at Southfork in preparation for her search for Mark. As she prepares to leave, she sees JR and Clayton bringing the disheveled Bobby inside. JR tells Pam that Bobby is so distraught over Jenna's abandonment that he's vowed to search for her endlessly, just as she is for Mark Graison. JR tells Bobby that Pam left abruptly rather than hang around and see if he was all right. He says he's surprised - he thought Pam really cared for him.

Clayton asks Ellie to accompany him to Houston for the day but she says she'd rather be home for Bobby's sake. Clayton says that Bobby doesn't need to be mothered because he's a grown man and is disgusted at Ellie's self-serving attitude.

Lucy quits her job and wants to spend more time with Eddie. She turns off his alarm clock and makes him late for work, which really bothers him, even after Lucy offers to support him with her money if it'll keep him around. Eddie gets a tongue-lashing for being late and tells his uncle [who's also his boss] off. When he gets home he tells Lucy he's not in the mood and sends her back to the ranch.

Donna tells Ray she found nothing about Jamie's document in Sam Culver's files, which causes him to suspect that the document is fake. They decide to contact Dave Culver to see if he knows anything. Dave says that other than Sam's old house, the only place they might find the document is in a warehouse in Austin.

While Naldo settles their motel bill, Jenna rushes over to a pay phone and calls Southfork. Bobby picks up the phone just as Naldo reaches the phone booth and hangs it up. JR's detective finds that Jenna and Naldo are legitimately married and that Charlie was not present at the wedding. JR gets Harry McSween to find Naldo's car.

Pam arrives in San Serrano and visits the clinic where Mark was supposedly taken. The doctor is unwilling to compromise the anonymity his service provides, but when Pam shows him a picture, the doctor confirms that Mark did come the clinic but nothing could be done for him. His next stop was probably Jamaica. Pam calls Cliff and tells him the incredible news.

Naldo takes Jenna to a hotel in Laredo. She demands some answers about what's going on and Naldo says he has to pick up some money, then they will fly to Rome from Mexico. Jenna protests until he shows him a pistol he has tucked in his belt. They enter a locked room and as Jenna takes a quick look around, a hand grabs her and covers her mouth.

Clayton returns that evening and apologizes to Ellie, admitting that he's jealous of the attention she gives her sons. They come to an agreement and everything is lovey-dovey again.

JR tries to shake Bobby out of his funk by reminding him how hard he took Jock's death. He says he got through it by remembering his own son, who was worth more than anything else in the world to him. Bobby gets the message and decides to join the family for dinner. JR asks Jamie, in the name of family unity, to burn her document but is shushed by Sue Ellen. Bobby ominously toasts Jenna out of his life forever.

Meanwhile, Jenna wakes up on the floor of the hotel room in a daze, with a gun in her hand. Two police officers barge in as she turns around and is shocked to see Naldo slumped in a chair, dead.

Episode 176: Lockup in Laredo Aired: Tue, Oct.13

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LINE OF THE DAY: "When everything else is going along so badly, he is the only bright spot in the family." - Can you believe that Ellie would actually say this about JR? Submitted by AHN Jason.

The gang arrives home from dinner and Clayton and Ellie tell Bobby that Jenna called from Laredo and said that she's been arrested for Naldo's murder. Bobby heads over to Laredo to see her. A near-incoherent Jenna manages to explain the situation to Bobby and begs him to find the kidnapped Charlie in Rome, though she doesn't have much information to go on. She says she passed out as soon as she entered the hotel room and awoke holding the gun that presumably shot Naldo.

Pam tells Gerald Kane that she's been having occasional second thoughts about continuing her search, but resolves to continue on. Kane almost tells her that her trip has been arranged by JR, but thinks better of it.

Scotty Demarest is hired to defend Jenna, for whom the District Attorney recommends being held without bail. Scotty suggests that a high bail be posted, but the judge rules for the state because of all the evidence against her for which there is no satisfactory explanation, as well as the fact that Charlie's out of the country. Bobby and Scotty search Naldo's impounded car and find pictures of Charlie boarding a plane. They decide to return to Dallas to get the pictures examined.

Lucy tells Eddie about her latest cockamamie plan: she wants to form a partnership to buy a vacant lot, and let him build an apartment building there.

Scotty finds that there was no evidence that anyone other than Jenna and Naldo were in the hotel room, and only the hotel desk clerk remembers seeing them. JR tries to make Bobby consider the possibility that Jenna is hiding something. Scotty is able to find out information about the plane in the photograph and learns that Charlie was taken to Chicago before going to Rome. They return to Laredo and Scotty pressures Jenna for more information, which she doesn't have to give, except for the fact that she might have been chloroformed. Scotty suggests that Naldo was lying about arranging a pick up and may have taken her to the hotel to rape her, at which point she shot him in self-defense. Jenna doesn't believe that it happened that way.

Ray and Donna head to Austin and find Sam's old papers - hundreds of boxes worth. After a long search, Donna finds an old diary from around the time of the oil strike. Dumb old Ray is so tired that he whines and forces Donna to go back to the hotel, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out the good part. Ellie tells Clayton she has concerns about what might happen if Jamie decides to pursue her case for ownership of Ewing Oil, but admits that it's unlikely to happen because Jamie's relationship with JR has greatly improved.

Serena calls JR and arranges a late lunch for the next day. Bobby calls Jamie and asks her to find JR so he can get in touch with Judge Samuelson. Serena tells JR that she plans on getting married to a man in San Francisco. He tells her he's very interested in Mandy Winger, and plans to triumphantly wrest her away from Cliff Barnes. Jamie spots the two kissing in the elevator.

Mandy returns home and tells Cliff that she wishes he would live the good life like JR once in a while, but Cliff insists he doesn't want to spoil her - or himself.

Jamie tells Bobby that she called Judge Samuelson herself, which earns her a rebuke from JR. Jamie tells him she saw him with Serena and wonders how many 'business associates' he spends afternoons with. Sue Ellen overhears their conversation and realizes that their perfect marriage is the sham it always was. JR angrily demands that Jamie leave the ranch, despite Sue Ellen's protests. Jamie says she'll leave gladly, and she's changed her mind about using her document to hurt the Ewings. Sue Ellen tells JR she doesn't believe his lame explanations about what happened and he should be proud of himself - he's turned herself and Jamie against him. Walking up the stairs, she says she hopes Jamie wins her case against him so he knows how she feels.

Episode 177: Winds of War Aired: Wed, Oct.14

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Jamie decides to leave Southfork, telling Clayton and Ellie that she doesn't belong at the ranch. Ellie rebukes JR for his rotten attitude as he doesn't let up with his put-downs. Jamie thanks Ellie and Clayton for everything they've done and quietly leaves. When JR is confronted about it, he says the family doesn't need any more outsiders - there's already too many. Clayton ignores the backhanded comment but tells JR how disappointed his mother feels right now since he was the only bright spot in her life right now. He also tells JR that he's foolish to let Jamie out of his sight because now she has every reason to use her document to take his company out from under him.

Bobby asks Judge Samuelson to speak to the judge in Jenna's case in the hope that it will help her out. Scotty worries that the judge might interpret this as interference on the Ewings' part. Scotty learns that the police were called from the hotel room about ten minutes before Jenna was found, and only Naldo and Jenna's prints were found on the gun that killed him. Scotty speculates that Naldo might have been killed as part of a drug deal that went sour. Jenna is unhelpful because she can only think about getting Charlie back.

JR lies to Sue Ellen when she confronts him about Serena, telling her that he was entertaining a Congressman's daughter, who he's known from way back. He spent the afternoon taking her to the airport to buy her airplane tickets for a wedding gift, which is what caused her to kiss it was all very innocent. Sue Ellen doesn't buy the story, telling JR that their 'arrangement' is off.

Cliff finds a picture in Digger's archives that is an identical copy of Jamie's picture from the first Ewing Oil strike. Mandy warns Cliff that he's doing what JR said he would do: ignore his company to pursue his vendetta against the Ewings. Pam returns unexpectedly with no further news about Mark. Cliff tells her to relax and not to worry - nothing happened while she was gone. Mandy is shocked that Cliff won't tell her about Jenna's predicament.

Lucy gets Harve to draw up an agreement to start her partnership with Eddie. Ray and Donna return from Austin with bad news: they found an entry from Sam Culver's diary from the day Ewing Oil was founded, indicating that he wrote the contract dividing Ewing Oil into thirds.

Bobby gets a call from Veronica, the woman who has Charlie. She asks him to meet her at Venice Beach in California the next morning to arrange a payment. Bobby does and is told that Veronica wants $ 50,000 for the girl, which Bobby says he'll arrange immediately. After questioning her, Bobby learns that she was Naldo's lover for a while, and the two of them planned to go to Singapore - the trip to Italy was a ruse. She also admits that Naldo might have been involved in drug trafficking but is unwilling to testify on Jenna's behalf, afraid of being charged with kidnapping. The next morning, the exchange takes place and Bobby takes Charlie back to Texas.

JR tells Mandy that the family has decided to send Jamie back to Alaska because they proved her document to be a forgery. JR promises her that with Jamie out of the way, he can devote his attention to her. Sue Ellen has lunch with Jamie and asks her to come back to the ranch, but Jamie refuses. Jamie can't believe that Sue Ellen accepts JR's lies and playing around and abruptly leaves, returning the keys to the car Sue Ellen gave her and saying she doesn't want to have anything to do with the Ewings. After she leaves, a devastated Sue Ellen asks Cassie to bring her a double vodka.

Pam comes to Southfork to pick up Christopher and learns about Jenna's incarceration from Ellie. She also learns that Jamie is still in Dallas, of which she informs Cliff. Cliff intelligently realizes that JR has known about his relationship with Mandy all along, and Mandy realizes that she's just been used by JR to feed Cliff false information. Cliff tells Mandy to continue seeing JR to find out as much as she can about what he's doing.

Sue Ellen returns home and tells JR she thought about drowning her sorrows in booze but decided he wasn't worth it. She says that Jamie made her look inside herself and she didn't like what she saw. She confirms her wish to move back into a guest room and have nothing more to do with him on a personal level.

Cliff manages to find Jamie and tries to convince her to join forces to take back what their fathers lost - both in money and in pride. He also encourages her in order to stick it to JR, which would serve him right. At this, Jamie heartily agrees.

Episode 178: Bail Out Aired: Thu, Oct.15

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Oh, no, darlin', we're worlds apart: with Barnes what you're buying is synthetic, with me you get the real thing." - JR to Mandy, discussing the difference between himself and Cliff Barnes. Submitted by AHN Anne, and seconded by AHN Jason.

Bobby returns to Laredo with Charlie. Scotty manages to get a second bail hearing for Jenna and is hopeful the judge may reconsider holding her without bail now that Charlie has been found. The district attorney doesn't budge on his position and the judge is upset that Bobby tried to run interference for Jenna by using Judge Samuelson's influence, but bail is finally set at 2 million dollars.

Sue Ellen tells Ellie that she almost wishes that Ewing Oil would be divided in thirds by Jamie's document so that JR might be served with a taste of his own medicine. Ellie is shocked to hear it and asks her to consider how much her son stands to lose by such an occurrence and she says that's not as important to her as it once was.

Cliff and Jamie visit a lawyer who tell them that their document isn't binding in court without corroborating evidence such as handwriting analysis of the parties involved. Harve Smithfield discusses the case with the Ewings and says that despite the fact that no other copies of Jamie's document can be found, the evidence from Sam Culver's journals can't be ignored. Cliff Barnes interrupts their discussion and announces his partnership with Jamie and offers to spare JR the trouble of a money-depleting lawsuit by dividing up Ewing Oil right now.

JR calls Mandy and gets a very cold reception for his recent manipulations, to the point where she actually hangs up on him. She tells Cliff she's sick of being used and refuses to be a spy for him. Later she calls JR and apologizes, making arrangements to meet. Mandy says she doesn't want to have any more to do with Cliff or him, and is sick of their games. She throws a drink in his face but in classic JR style, it becomes a turn-on and they tumble onto a nearby couch.

Dr. Miller from Jamaica comes to Pam's office and brings another doctor from Hong Kong, with whom he discussed Mark Graison's case. The other doctor mentions that a man who fits Mark's description visited his clinic recently and identifies Mark from a picture. Pam makes preparations to go to Hong Kong but gets a call from Gerald Kane asking to meet before she leaves.

JR gets his investigators to go to Nacogdoches county and find anyone who has information about what happened at the time of the first Ewing Oil strike. Cliff and Jamie invite Pam to join the in fighting the Ewings but she refuses because she doesn't want to fight Bobby. She also counsels Cliff not to butt heads with JR and concentrate on building his own company.

Jenna and Charlie return to Southfork. Bobby wants to forget about the past and get married but Jenna says she can't with the trial still pending [doesn't this sound familiar?]. Sue Ellen counsels Jenna to leave things as they are - with another battle for Ewing Oil brewing, she'll see a different side of Bobby. Jenna pooh-poohs the whole thing, but Sue Ellen says she's seen it before - and so did Pam. She advises her to take a good long look at Ewing life up close, without the commitment.

The next day, Bobby has lunch at the Oil Baron's Club and meets Pam there. Pam tells Bobby that she's been thinking about their getting back together for some time but Jenna and Katherine and the planets and all that were standing between them. Bobby mentions her plans to marry Mark and Pam admits that she only did that because Mark was dying.

Gerald Kane visits Pam and admits that her whole trip to the Caribbean was a hoax and all of the things she were told were lies. Pam doesn't believe that anyone would have any reason to do that until she's told that JR was behind it.

Episode 179: Legacy of Hate Aired: Fri, Oct.16

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LINE OF THE DAY: "Nobody, but nobody, double-crosses JR Ewing." - JR's stern warning to the turncoat Gerald Kane. Despite the fact that this is not a great episode for JR, he gets the best line.

Pam strides determinedly into Ewing Oil and confronts JR, who denies any knowledge of her trip around the Caribbean. Madder than we've ever seen her, Pam angrily says she'll do everything she can to help Cliff and Jamie take JR's company away from him.

Mandy tells Cliff the same thing she told JR - she doesn't like the games they're playing. Pam interrupts their conversation and tells them that she's joining the fight against JR which makes Mandy very uncomfortable. Later, Mandy indicates her dislike of the fact that he's spending all of his time with Jamie.

JR tries to make amends with Sue Ellen because he's going to need her emotional support now that the fight for Ewing Oil is heating up. She says that she doesn't care and isn't going to feel sorry for him this time. Miss Ellie overhears their conversation from the doorway. JR's detective finds that Jock originally listed himself as the sole owner of Ewing Oil - and the discovery well. However, that was six days before the date of Jamie's document. Harve advises JR to find out what happened during those six days.

Anne McFadden, Veronica's sister, comes to Dallas at the behest of Bobby. Scotty questions her and learns that Naldo used her sister for money, and got her hooked on cocaine during that time. She hadn't heard from Veronica for years before the day she arranged her exchange with Bobby, and then she drove her sister to the airport, who had plans to head for the Far East. Anne says she didn't think Veronica would do anything illegal, or even thought she was doing anything illegal - she just wanted to help Naldo in the hope that they might get back together. Anne graciously offers to testify on Jenna's behalf if she thinks it will help.

Clayton talks to Jamie about her fight against the Ewings, which she said she wouldn't undertake. He asks her to think about all of the other people she would be hurting, such as Ellie and Sue Ellen. He offers to train Jamie in the oil business and give her a small company of her own, which she could use to create a legacy for her father. Jamie says she understands and appreciates the offer but can't accept.

Punk Anderson says he remembers the time of the discovery in East Texas, but details of the time were sketchy. Punk looks at the picture in the newspaper that Pete Adams found and suggests that JR and Bobby find the two other workers who are in the photo.

Pam tells Bobby about her showdown with JR and tells him she's joining in the fight against Ewing Oil. Once Bobby hears about JR's plot to keep Pam away from Dallas, he heads off to find him. Finding him at Southfork, he grabs him and starts laying a major smackdown on him. They end up in the pool and it takes Ray and Clayton to hold him back. JR tells the family that Cliff was actually behind the whole thing and he has proof - a taped phone call. Bobby takes Ray and Donna and drags JR down to Ewing Oil to find out for himself. JR plays the tape of the conversation he had with Cliff in Episode 174, when they conspired to keep Pam and Bobby apart. Bobby is skeptical and still figures that JR might have had a hand in it, but foregoes doing any further damage. After everyone leaves, JR calls Gerald Kane and tells him to get as far away from Texas as he possibly can - if he values his health.

Lucy visits Eddie, who's been shacking up with Betty in the meantime. Betty hides in the bathroom while Eddie gets Lucy out of the apartment, claiming to be sick. Betty says she's uncomfortable with the way things have been happening but Eddie asks her to be patient and think what they'll do with all of the money he plans to have very soon.

Jamie interrupts a quiet dinner between Cliff and Mandy and says she's having second thoughts after talking to Clayton. Mandy disgustedly walks out, suggesting that Cliff and Jamie get married so he can own two-thirds of Ewing Oil.

Scotty Demarest's investigators find the Mexican couple who had the room next to the one that Naldo was murdered in, and they say that they heard nothing that night - which is odd because the phone call that tipped off the police indicated that a gunshot was heard. Scotty figures a silencer was used, and none was found on the gun that Jenna held in her hand when she came to, indicating that it was a set-up. Their next plan of action is to find Veronica Robinson, wherever she is.

Ellie tells Sue Ellen that though it might be unfair, she's the one who'll have to take steps to keep her marriage alive because JR's saddled with the pressure that Jock and Ewing Oil put on him. Sue Ellen feels she can't accept that excuse any more, and refuses to be a part of the battle, because she no longer feels that the company is the blessing to the family that it once was.

Punk remembers the two hands that were in the picture with Jock, Jason, and Digger: Joe Davis, now deceased, and Alfred Brindle. JR gets his PI to find Brindle. The next morning, JR, Bobby, and Ellie are officially served with papers indicating that the lawsuit has begun. There's also a summons for a hearing to determine whether pending the outcome of the trial, all of the assets of Ewing Oil should be frozen - which could shut the company down.

Episode 180: Sins of the Fathers Aired: Mon, Oct.19

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LINES OF THE DAY: Two today!

1. "I know what you like. And I'm sure that wasn't it."

2. "I'm not going to do it to you - I'm going to do it to Cliff!"

Sue Ellen to JR. First when she knees him in the groin, and then to rub salt in the wound.

JR and Bobby ask Harve whether Cliff's attempt at freezing Ewing Oil's assets is doable. They are assured that it is possible, especially since at least one judge thinks there was enough reason to call a hearing. JR reminds Bobby that Pam has put in with Cliff, and the days of her considering herself a Ewing are long gone - she's a Barnes, through and through.

Pam arranges to have money available to fund the impending legal case. Cliff predicts that the Ewings will do anything to get rid of their assets rather than turn anything over to Jamie and himself. Pam gets a call from Bobby asking to meet. Bobby tries to suggest that JR might not be responsible for her Caribbean chase - maybe it was Cliff. He tells her about the taped conversation he heard between Cliff and JR but Pam says Cliff would never hurt her or lie to her - unlike JR.

Ray and Donna discuss the impending legal battle. Ray says that he intends on helping JR and Bobby because Jock's honor and memory are threatened by the implication that he stole Ewing Oil away from his partners - and because of his dislike of Cliff Barnes.

JR comes to Mandy's house late that evening and says he'd like to continue seeing her even if she's no longer involved with Cliff. Mandy asks him to call her in a few days. Cliff asks Mandy to stay with him during this fight. At first Mandy thinks it's for emotional support, but Cliff then admits that it's just to keep tabs on JR.

The injunction hearing dawns and the judge makes an interim decision temporarily freezing Ewing Oil's assets. Pam confronts Cliff about what Bobby told her and he admits to meeting with JR to try and keep Pam and Bobby apart, but he says that nothing became of it and he wasn't responsible for Pam's pleasure trip.

JR meets with his 'dummy corporation' expert to make sure the corporations he set up a few years ago are still legal companies, and he's assured that they are. He makes plans to transfer Ewing assets into the new companies. JR's private investigators locate Alf Brindle, one of the fellows from the Discovery well picture, in Galveston. Harve stops by and says that the injunction has been lifted - as long as the Ewing boys play above the board. JR assures Harve there's no problem.

Scotty comes by with the coroner's report on Naldo. He says that there were no traces of any illegal substance in his system - not even nicotine. Scotty confirms that Naldo didn't call anyone else while he was with Jenna, and that the only thing they have to go on is the fact that no one in the other hotel rooms heard anything, yet the person who tipped off the police insisted that a shot was heard. Jenna tells Donna she's frightened to death of being sent to prison, because she can't remember anything to help her own defense; and she still questions her own innocence.

JR and Ray find Alf Brindle and JR returns home with good news for the family. Going upstairs to change, Sue Ellen tells JR she's going out to meet a friend she got reacquainted with at Barnes-Wentworth. JR assumes it's Cliff and is perturbed at the thought of Sue Ellen being with someone else, so [what else?] he tries to make a move on her. Sue Ellen remains passive for a bit and then knees him in the groin.

Pam gets a call from Dr. Miller in Jamaica, and tells him she knows her trip was plotted by JR. Dr. Miller assures her that Dr. Matsuda from Hong Kong is a very honorable man and she really should follow up on the tip.

Cliff gets a call from Bobby wanting a meeting about the real ownership of Ewing Oil. The boys bring Brindle to Cliff's place to meet Jamie, Pam, and himself. Brindle talks about the old days, saying that Jock was the one who took care of Digger, defending him even in front of his own brother, over whom they fought often. People often thought that Digger was Jock's real brother. After all of that, JR suggests that Cliff keep things quiet for his own sake. Brindle finally mentions that before the big split-up, Digger gave him something to keep. He hands it to Cliff, who reads it and finds that it's Digger's copy of the contract dividing Ewing Oil into thirds. Brindle says that Jock probably did it to keep Digger from getting cheated out of his fair share by Jason. Cliff thanks JR for finding the key witness to solidify his case against Ewing Oil.

Episode 181: The Brothers Ewing Aired: Tue, Oct.20

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The Ewing boys return home and tell the family the bad news about the second copy of Jamie's document. Clayton is incredulous at JR's unpreparedness for dealing with the situation. Ray unexpectedly sticks up for JR. Jenna tells Bobby that Charlie is having a tough time at school because of her upcoming trial. JR looks to Sue Ellen for support but gets very little support or sympathy - she asks him to find solace in his other women. Donna is upset that Ray took JR's side against Clayton, who was just trying to help. Ray says that Clayton was wrong to interfere and she's wrong to defend him. JR buys a huge tract of wasteland for Ewing Oil in case Cliff gets his hands on a piece of the company.

Cliff wants to celebrate his newly-found good fortune, but Jamie is more subdued, thinking about the ugliness that a court case would reveal about their fathers. Cliff convinces her that he'll go it alone if he has to but their case is stronger if they stay united.

Sue Ellen visits Barnes-Wentworth looking for Pam but finds Cliff, who chats her up. She tells Cliff that she doesn't care what happens to Ewing Oil one way or the other. Cliff invites her out for lunch but she declines. Scotty tells Jenna and Bobby that her court case is getting some publicity in Laredo which is good for her - the venue of the case may be changed to Dallas.

JR and Ray question Brindle again. He tells them that most of the crew, including Jason and Digger, were arrested because of the huge celebration after the oil strike. Jock was the only one who was not incarcerated, and that was probably why he registered the company in his name only. JR calls Mandy to meet but she turns him away, saying she doesn't want to see either him or Cliff right now.

The Ewing boys assemble that night before dinner and JR says he's concerned that they could lose the court case. JR says he has a plan to protect their interests but asks them whether they're really committed to helping him. Bobby anticipates JR's plans to hide Ewing assets and JR tells him about the dummy corporations he set up a few years ago. Bobby agrees to go along with it as long as JR doesn't hide anything from him.

Donna [who should be de-pushed immediately] tells Ellie she's concerned about Ray's involvement in the Ewing Oil battle. Ellie tries to knock some sense into her by reminding her that Jock's memory and honor are involved, but Donna is concerned that JR will end up being a bad influence on Ray and will tempt him to do something immoral [horrors!]. Ellie suggests that Bobby and Ray might be able to keep JR straight and narrow.

Pam tells Sue Ellen about the chance that Mark might be in Hong Kong, and says she'd like Sue Ellen to come with her for moral support. She agrees and they make plans.

The boys apologize to Clayton and ask him whether he'd be willing to swap some of his worthless land in East Texas for some of their prime producing fields, until the court decision is made. Clayton refuses to help them this way, and JR starts to get mouthy with him, saying he can't believe his mother married such a weak man. Ellie arrives and tells the boys that she agrees with Clayton's choice, even if it means losing Ewing Oil.

Episode 182: Shattered Dreams Aired: Wed, Oct.21

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LINE OF THE DAY: "We're distant cousins." - Sue Ellen to an inquisitive Texan in Hong Kong, who asks if she's related to JR. This was hilarious. Seconded by AHN Jason.

JR comes to Mandy's condo very late, looking for sympathy and companionship in the face of Sue Ellen's rejection. He makes overtures to try and make their involvement more serious but Mandy says she's unwilling to get into another relationship right now, and she doesn't want to sleep with him. JR surprisingly agrees to sleep in the livingroom. He wakes up to find a put of coffee waiting for him and hears Cliff leave a message on Mandy's answering machine that this is the last time he plans on calling her. JR switches the tapes so Mandy won't hear the message.

Ellie tells Clayton that she understands what the boys are trying to do to protect Ewing Oil and Jock's legacy, but she doesn't agree with their methods. She also admits that she doesn't need the company to keep Jock's memory alive. Moronic Ray tells Donna about the brothers' plan and she predictably disagrees with his decision to stand by JR and Bobby, asking him to wait on the court's decision.

Veronica Robinson calls Bobby and says she feels that her life is in danger. She offers to testify on Jenna's behalf in exchange for 24-hour protection until the real killer is in jail. Scotty tells Jenna that her case will be heard in Dallas and Bobby learns that Veronica will be coming to Dallas the next day.

Cliff meets with Jordan Lee and tells him about the information he found out from Alf Brindle. Jordan makes Cliff realize that he'll have to do something to make sure Jamie remains on his side after his victory - she may decided to rejoin the Ewings after a while for family's sake. Jamie stops by later in the day and Cliff offers her a position at Barnes-Wentworth. Jamie says she's flattered, but she doesn't want to make things complicated between them. She does agree to dinner, though, and Cliff is thrilled to hear her suggest a Chinese restaurant.

JR speaks to a Swiss businessman about a complicated deal to divest Ewing Oil of some of its assets in exchange for some ready cash, to be deposited into a private Swiss account. Mandy returns home to find her condo filled with flowers, and a key from JR, which he says fits a lock that only he has. It turns out to be a lock on the door of a new condo that JR wants to buy for her. Mandy is opposed to the idea of being a kept woman, and says the only way she'd agree to let him support her is with a wedding ring.

Pam tells Sue Ellen that she's finding it hard to hide her feelings from Bobby, but still feels compelled to find Mark if she can. They arrive and find that Dr. Matsuda is unavailable, but an assistant promises to take them to the facility where Mark is believed to be. They meet a guy from Waco who overhears that they're Ewings and wonders whether they know JR, prompting Sue Ellen to respond with the Line of the Day.

Betty comes to Southfork to see Lucy and they have a showdown over Eddie's affections. Betty says she's going back to El Paso, because she's sick of being Eddie's bedwarmer. Lucy is shocked to realize that Eddie's been sleeping with her all this time, and he planned to give her a cut of the profits from their building venture. Eddie comes by later that day to get some invoices signed and Lucy's wrath is unleashed. She tells Eddie to forget about their partnership.

Bobby and Jenna come to the airport to find Veronica, only to find her dead in the airplane lavatory.

Episode 183: Dead Ends Aired: Thu, Oct.22

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LINE OF THE DAY: AHN Jason nominated the whole fight scene at the Oil Baron's Club. I agree.

Bobby tries to tell the police that Veronica was probably involved in drug trafficking, and was probably murdered by the same person who killed Naldo. The police tell Bobby that they'll have to wait for an autopsy. Jenna starts to lose hope of having any credible defense at her trial. Later, Officer Howard finds that Veronica Robinson had traces of several illegal substances in her body, including heroin. The police close the case as a simple overdose.

JR's investigators look into Jason's past and finds that Jamie's story of her life is legitimate. JR and Ray question the fact that Jason and Digger never mentioned their claims on Ewing Oil in the past - and neither did Jock.

Pam gets her hair done in Hong Kong [looks much better!] and Sue Ellen tries to keep her mind occupied while they wait to see Mark Graison. Sue Ellen tells Pam she doesn't think this is another one of JR's plans. Mr. Chan tells them that he spoke to the mysterious Mr. Swanson and he's said that he doesn't want any visitors at all, and there's nothing he can do. Later, Pam calls Mr. Chan and says she'll do whatever she has to do to see Mr. Swanson - even if she has to buy the clinic.

Cliff pushes his lawyer to get a quick court date before JR has too much of an opportunity to get rid of the company's assets. He also gives Jamie her first check as an employee of Barnes-Wentworth - he takes her on as a cold-weather drilling expert. Later, he shows up at Jamie's place and says he'd like them to be closer than they are...

JR comes over to Mandy's place and apologizes for coming on too strong. He says he wants to start their relationship fresh, without any intimacy or strings attached. He also finalizes the deal with his Swiss associate, earning him a cool $120 million in his personal account. Sly returns to Ewing Oil after her long vacation time and JR fills her in on what's been happening.

Scotty and Bobby put their information together and determine that someone named George Parrish was sitting next to Veronica on the flight to Dallas - and he was also on the plane from Tokyo. Bobby and Jenna visit Mr. Parrish, who runs an antique store. They question him and he says he didn't know Veronica at all but remembers that she seemed very nervous and fidgety. He also remembers that a few other people were on both flights.

Donna finds Ray at his favorite lunch spot. They have a heart-to-heart talk about why Ray is siding with the Ewing brothers in the fight. Ray admits that he's afraid of losing his share of Ewing Oil - not for the money, but for having a part of the only thing that Jock left him.

Cliff and Jamie meet with Marilee and Jordan Lee at the Oil Baron's Club. Jamie and Marilee agree to forget about their past troubles [Episode 172] and focus on the discussion regarding their plans to bring JR down. JR and Mandy happen to stop by that evening too and barbs are traded. Cliff tells Mandy that he's glad she's out of her life because she was nothing but a schmoozer anyway, and tells JR he can have his leftovers. This earns him a slap from Mandy and a punch from JR.

Later, Pam gets a phone call from a fellow named Wong, who says he works at the clinic and offers to allow her to see Mr. Swanson - for $ 10,000. They make plans to meet the following night. Pam is brought to Swanson's room and finds that the man looks like Mark Graison - but most definitely is not. Crushed, she runs out of the building. Mr. Wong tells 'Swanson' that he did his job perfectly.

Episode 184: Trial and Error Aired: Fri, Oct.23

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LINE OF THE DAY: None that stands out.

Sue Ellen has to chase the semi-catatonic Pamela down the streets of Hong Kong to find out what happened. She tries to comfort the shattered and disillusioned woman. Pam calls Cliff and finds that everything is the same back in Dallas. Cliff convinces her to take Sue Ellen's advice and stay in Hong Kong for a few days. Bobby comforts Christopher, who misses his mommy. It makes him wonder why things went so bad for them. Pam beings to wonder whether JR was behind her trip to Hong Kong. Sue Ellen calls JR and asks him about it and JR predictably denies it.

Mandy expresses discomfort about being with JR in public - especially with the kind of situation that happened earlier that night with Cliff. JR says she doesn't have to worry - he has a plan that will allow them to be together for good. JR agrees not to push their relationship where she doesn't want it to go.

Jenna's trial begins. Policemen testify that Jenna was found in the room with the gun that killed Naldo. Scotty establishes that a silencer might have been used on the gun. The motel manager tells the court about the night Naldo almost raped Jenna - he heard her say she would kill him.

A disheveled and drunk Ray Krebbs comes home from Texas City and gets all upset that all of the talk he's been hearing is about Donna's oil strike. He wonders how Donna can bring herself to live in his little house when she belongs in the big ranch house with the real Ewings. [NOTE: Any respect I gained for Ray was lost right here.] Ray tells Clayton that he's upset at not having a wife to come home to once in a while. [NOTE: I take that last note back. Now I've lost all respect for Ray.]

JR tells Sly he's worried that Pam will come back into Bobby's life if Jenna goes to prison. JR figures it's worth his while to keep Pam away from Bobby - as well as Jamie and Cliff. Jamie surprises the late-working Cliff with Chinese take-out and Cliff begins to wonder where this woman's been all his life.

Bobby is subpoenaed to testify by the prosecution against Jenna. He is questioned about the fact that Jenna left him 14 years ago and then did it again a month ago. He is also questioned about what Jenna told him regarding Naldo's advances. Scotty reminds the court that Jenna also said that she blacked out in the hotel room; and also that Naldo was Jenna's only hope of retrieving Charlie, so it's unthinkable that she would have killed him.

Donna tells Clayton and Ellie that she and Ray had another fight and she's decided to move out. Ellie invites her to stay at Southfork, and Donna is hesitant but allows herself to be convinced. Donna notes the irony of her previous conversation with her husband.

Bobby gets a call from Anne, Veronica's sister, who says she's too scared to testify after what happened to her sister. She received a letter indicating that Veronica knew she might be killed so she couldn't participate in the trial.

Pam and Sue Ellen finally return home to Dallas. Mr. Wong watches the plane take off and calls someone to say things worked out exactly as planned.

Episode 185: The Verdict Aired: Mon, Oct.26

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LINE OF THE DAY: "It goes both ways, cowboy." - A rare quotable line from Donna to the somewhat hypocritical Ray about respect in their marriage.

Bobby leaves Jenna to find Anne, Veronica's sister, and attempt to convince her to come to Dallas to testify. Anne is still too afraid to help, but Bobby tries to convince her that she's the only thing standing in the way of an innocent woman going to jail. Meanwhile, Jenna's trial continues as Scotty tries to convince the jury that Jenna was chloroformed and couldn't have shot Naldo, given her groggy condition. Scotty happens to find the Mexican couple that was in the room next door to the hotel room in which Naldo was shot and didn't hear anything - especially not a gunshot.

Sue Ellen convinces Pam to stay a couple of days in Tokyo to do some shopping. They return home with a limousine chock full of stuff. Ray attempts to make up with Donna, saying that he just wants some love and respect from his wife. Donna reminds him that it works both ways and they get nowhere. Cliff's accountant tells him that he should diversify to protect himself against the dropping price of oil. Cliff tells him that he's dedicated to the oil business and that he wants to continue making more deals.

JR learns that Ewing 17 has been shut down because of some minor drinking water contamination. JR immediately gets on the phone with Nathan Billings, new head of the Texas Energy Commission and arranges a meeting. JR appears apologetic, saying he's going to deal with the problem right away - he also wonders what might happen if an offshore well was contaminating water, which would be a much more difficult fix.

Bobby gets a call from Anne, who offers to give her Veronica's last letter to her as long as he promises not to subpoena her. Bobby quickly reads it over and figures it could help Jenna's case. Scotty wants Charlie to testify to make the jury understand that Naldo was Jenna's only way to get her back. Jenna expressly forbids it, claiming Charlie's been through enough. Jenna is called and doesn't do a great job on the stand under the attorney's questioning. Scotty tries to take Jenna through the steps that would be necessary to fire a gun and finds that she has no idea how to operate a handgun, which makes a point with the jury - it would be tough for an inexperienced shooter to do all of the necessary things while under the influence of chloroform.

JR takes Nathan out for drinks later and they meet up with an old friend, Leila Cummings, who has a strikingly beautiful daughter Rhonda. JR makes introductions all around and strangely enough, Rhonda happens to be looking for a public service position. Nathan quickly offers to see what he can find in the Energy Commission. Rhonda Cummings stops by the next day and thanks JR - she managed to get a job in Billings' office.

Bobby returns home to find Pam there and they discuss the happenings in Hong Kong. Bobby tries to console her and Jenna is disturbed to see them together. The next day, Bobby testifies about how he met Veronica and how he believed she died. Veronica's letter is entered into evidence and read for the proceeding, which indicates that there had been two attempts on her life before she arrived in Los Angeles. She also indicates that she believed that Jenna was innocent. The district attorney suggests that the evidence isn't really reliable because it comes from a known kidnapper, extortionist, and drug addict.

JR visits a provocatively clad Mandy Winger after a week-long absence and finds it difficult to resist him but finally tells him that she doesn't want to have anything to do with him as long as he's still married to Sue Ellen. JR assures her that if that's the only thing standing between them, it won't be long.

Nathan Billings comes over to Leila Cummings' apartment and finds Rhonda there - alone, and wrapped in a towel. As expected, Rhonda uses her ample assets to seduce the much older, married man. JR and Leila watch via a closed-circuit hookup. Leila tells JR that she would be very upset if Rhonda were her real daughter.

Ellie gets tremendously upset as the judge gives her final instructions for the jury and is comforted by Clayton. A verdict is finally handed down by the jury. Jenna is found not guilty of murder, but is found guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

Episode 186: Sentences Aired: Tue, Oct.27

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LINE OF THE DAY: "In the biblical sense, JR?" - Sue Ellen with a poignant question after JR admits he 'knows' Mandy Winger.

JR gets a visit from Nathan Billings and thanks him for finding Rhonda a job. He shows Billings a videotape from his rendez-vous with the buxom blonde and Nathan quickly understands JR's intentions.

Pam returns to work at Barnes-Wentworth and tells Cliff she's accepted Mark's death. Jackie tells them that Jenna was just convicted. Bobby tries to comfort the shattered Charlie, who's having an identity crisis now that her family seems to be crumbling. Bobby assures her that she can stay at Southfork as long as she wants. Pam arrives at the ranch a little while later and offers what little support she can give. JR overhears the two of them talking.

Cliff and Jamie come back to her place after a very nice evening together. Since he's rather drunk, Jamie invites him to spend the night at her place.

Jenna is sentenced to seven years in state prison. Orphaned Charlie is at first declared a ward of the state, but Bobby surprisingly interjects and tells the judge that Naldo wasn't Charlie's father - he is. In chambers, Bobby shows Judge Fenerty the birth certificate indicating such. Charlie is brought in and the judge confirms that she can stay at the ranch. After a last thirty seconds with her daughter, Jenna is taken away.

Sue Ellen and Jamie have lunch and they talk about her budding relationship with Cliff. Marilee Stone stops by their table and tells Sue Ellen about the fight JR and Cliff had over Mandy in Episode 183. Sue Ellen angrily leaves after getting upset at Jamie for letting her find out about JR's paramour second-hand.

Eddie and Lucy dissolve their partnership and he says he's leaving Dallas because he's burned all of his bridges, and figures he'll head over to El Paso to be with Betty, as he should. They say good-bye with no apparent hard feelings. Ray and Lucy have a heart-to-heart about their miserable love lives and he advises her to contact Mitch, which might make her feel better.

Pam and Cliff find out the news about Bobby's shocking revelation. Pam says she's upset that Bobby blatantly lied about being Charlie's father and figures she'll never feel the same way about him again. Cliff and Jamie finally get a court date for their case against the Ewings, in two weeks.

Sue Ellen returns home and asks JR for an explanation about Mandy Winger. JR says that there's nothing to explain - she's the one who laid the ground rules for their relationship. Sue Ellen says that they had an agreement to keep their affairs out of the public eye. JR says if she feels so strongly about it, she should divorce him and she responds that she might just do that.

Pam gets a surprise visit from JR, who says he comes in peace. He admits to being responsible for keeping her apart from Bobby and even admits to sending her to the Caribbean in search for Mark Graison. He then proceeds to explain why Bobby is listed as Charlie's father on her birth certificate, even though he's not the father.  In a shocking development, he then says that Bobby's been miserable since she left him and thinks it would be best if they got married again.

Nathan Billings comes to Cliff's office and tells him that an oil leak has been found at Gold Canyon 340, and it will have to be shutdown immediately until it can be inspected - which might be about a week.

Sue Ellen talks to Pam about her apprehension about pursuing a divorce. Pam suggests a holistic center to help her out and also tells her about her strange conversation with JR earlier. She says that she'd like to get back together with Bobby but so much has happened since they split up that it might be too difficult.

Scotty and Bobby question a flight attendant from Veronica's fatal trip. They're told that Veronica drank heavily while airborne, but doesn't remember if anyone other than George Parrish sat beside her. She leaves a mysterious tip that someone at ConWest Air might be able to help them. Bobby visits Jenna the day before she's to be transferred to the penitentiary and tells him that she doesn't want him to feel obligated to her - he's free to be with whoever he wants.

Episode 187: Terms of Estrangement Aired: Wed, Oct.28

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LINE OF THE DAY: "My son is so sick that he has to be sent home from school, and you're out someplace getting your awareness advanced!" - JR about Sue Ellen's latest attempt to get her life together.

JR tells Sly about his plan to get Pam and Bobby back together again, hoping it might keep her out of Cliff's camp in the fight for Ewing Oil.

Cliff's foreman tells him that the oil leaks that have been found in his offshore tract are normal and not the kind of thing that wells are usually shut down over. Cliff facetiously wonders whether JR is behind the whole thing. Cliff's banker tells him he's concerned about the length of time the tract will be closed. He's also told that the bank feels that even if he wins the court case to control Ewing Oil, he will lose it quickly because Jamie will defect back to the Ewing side.

Bobby goes to ConWest Air and talks to a senior official who says that there might have been a security tape from Veronica's flight that might have some information. They find that after George Parrish left the seat next to Veronica, a guy came by and sat beside her. The guy ordered some drinks and drugged Veronica's glass. After she left her seat to head to the lavatory, the guy put some heroin in her purse to make it look like she overdosed. Despite the great lead, Bobby is told by his policeman friend Lee Spalding that without identifying the man in the video, it won't help Jenna very much.

Jamie and Sue Ellen have another shouting match about her public embarrassment at the hands of Marilee Stone. Jamie lays the smackdown on that, telling Sue Ellen that only she can stop JR from hurting her.

JR gets a call from a mysterious stranger who says he has information that could keep Ewing Oil in Ewing hands. He claims to have known Jason Ewing very well, and even knew that he was known as 'Tumbleweed". JR agrees to meet him for dinner Thursday night.

Pam tells Bobby about JR's visit and his sudden desire to see the two of them reunited. They both agree that he's probably just interested in keeping her away from Cliff's side of the upcoming court battle. Bobby asks JR about it and JR admits everything, but adds that he knows that Pam is more precious to him than Jenna is.

Mandy arrives home to find JR waiting for her. JR is upset that she seems unwilling to commit to him and that he thinks she's been seeing other men. Mandy confidently yells back that she's not the one who's married and angrily tells him to get lost.

John Ross is sent home with a tummyache and is attended to by Miss Ellie, while Sue Ellen is away with Pam at the Institute for Advanced Awareness. JR comes home and tears a strip off of her because of her negligence until Clayton steps in to defend her. JR calls her a loser, and tells her that the only thing that will make her feel better is booze.

JR meets the mysterious stranger at the Oil Barons' Club as planned. The stranger says he can prove that Jamie and Cliff have no legal claim to Ewing Oil, and the price of his information is ten percent of the company. He's so confident that he says that if his information doesn't hold up in court, he'll take nothing - but he says that if JR decides not to take his offer, he'll take his information to Cliff. Meanwhile, Cliff proposes to Jamie and he accepts.

Lee Spalding finds that the guy who drugged Veronica was Andre Schuman, a professional assassin. Bobby visits Jenna in prison and tries to tell her that she still has hope but Jenna says she doesn't want to be lured with any more false hopes. She repeats her wish not to see him again.

Lucy and Ray talk about her newly-found maturity while he lifts forty pounds in the exercise room. Ray mentions that a letter arrived for her that morning - from Mitch.

The mysterious stranger visits Jamie, who seems to be both disturbed and disgusted at his presence. She tells him to get lost because she doesn't feel like supporting him anymore. He wonders why she's reacting this way to her own brother.

Episode 188: The Ewing Connection Aired: Thu, Oct.29

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The Ewing brothers gather in the livingroom and JR tells them about the mysterious stranger's deal. Bobby says that he and JR should each put five percent of their ownership as his 'price' and get in touch with the person right away. JR calls Jack and arranges a Sunday morning meeting at his office.

Jamie tells Cliff and Pam that Jack is in town. Jamie says he's not sure what her brother wants- he probably doesn't know about her document though he might have read about it in the papers. Cliff decides to finds Jack and talk to him, since he stands to get one-sixth of the company, but Jamie says she's not overly concerned about who controls the company and is doing this for his father's legacy. Cliff says he doesn't want to wait - he wants to get married right away.

JR apologizes to Clayton for his outburst in yesterday's episode and he's told that Sue Ellen is the one he should apologize to. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen is having another psychobabble group therapy session and Lucy flies to Atlanta and meets Mitch at a restaurant. They get reacquainted and decide to spend some quality time together.

Bobby comes over to pick up Christopher and Pam asks if he'd like to have dinner tomorrow night. Bobby accepts the invitation. Pam tells him about Cliff and Jamie's engagement and Bobby says that for Jamie's sake, he hopes Cliff is sincere about it. They reminisce about old times and wonder what might have been - and then, in a Kodak moment, they kiss each other for the first time in years.

The Sunday meeting takes place as planned. When Bobby and JR tell him that they're not prepared to give up a piece of Ewing Oil to a non-Ewing, Jack finally introduces himself as Jason's son. He tells them that he and Jason had a fight a few years ago when he questioned his father about his ownership of the company. Jason admitted that neither he nor Digger had any claim on the company. Jack says he'll produce proof once he sees a legal document to get his ten percent. Harve prepares the documents for Jack, who says that he will soon get the Ewing boys in touch with a man named Wallace Wyndham, who will explain everything.

John Ross continues to feel feverish and stays home from school. Later, John Ross feels better and so Sue Ellen decides to head off to the Institute. In the afternoon, John Ross gets very sick again and Ray and Clayton rush him to Braddock Medical Center. The doctor diagnoses appendicitis and emergency surgery is called for.

Lee Spalding tells Bobby that Andre Schuman was seen in Brussels and should be in custody soon. Later, he's spotted at Kennedy Airport in New York with police on his tail.

Dr. Danvers tells Donna she's pregnant. After her initial happiness, she realizes how difficult it will be to tell Ray now that they've separated.

Sue Ellen comes home after some shopping to find JR there. He tells her about John Ross and gives her his typical guilt trip about being an unfit mother. She immediately calls the hospital and is informed that her son is in serious condition. She heads off to the hospital - but not before downing JR's half-finished drink.

Episode 189: Deeds and Misdeeds Aired: Fri, Oct.30

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Bobby returns home to find a drunken Sue Ellen playing the piano [rather well, actually!]. He tries to console her as she babbles that JR is right - she is an unfit mother. Bobby confronts JR about it and JR is surprised to learn that his wife turned back to the bottle because of her overwhelming guilt. The next day Sue Ellen visits John Ross in the hospital and apologizes for not being there when he needed her. John Ross tries to reassure her that it wasn't her fault. JR surprises Mandy at work and says that Sue Ellen will be leaving Southfork very soon.

Jordan Lee comes to Cliff's office to finalize an oil deal but Cliff says he's having a cash flow problem because of the troubles in tract 340. Pam offers to put up Cliff's half of the money. Jamie arrives at Cliff's apartment to find that he's prepared an impromptu wedding.

Jack arrives at Ewing Oil and tells the brothers that they'll have to go to California to see Wallace Wyndham, which makes them all suspicious. Bobby questions Jack why Jamie is pursuing the fight against them and he assures the boys that Jamie doesn't know all the facts yet.

Donna comes back to her house to talk to Ray, who's preparing to leave for California. She says they need to talk but Ray says he doesn't have time. Lucy visits Mitch's clinic and is impressed with his fantastic career. Clayton offers to help Donna smooth things over with Ray, but Donna says she has to take care of their problems herself. Donna tells Clayton about her pregnancy and he says she owes it to Ray to tell him and use it to help work things out.

Lee Spalding tells Bobby that Schuman has been captured in New York and will be brought to Dallas in a few days. Miss Ellie tries to convince Sue Ellen she's not to blame for what happened to John Ross, as she continues to drink. Pam tells Christopher she thinks that Bobby will be spending a lot more time with them. Jenna gets a letter from Charlie about how much she's missed by all.

Cliff gets news that Tract 340 has been reopened and he calls for a celebration. Pam notices that he initially forgets to invite Jamie to his party.

The Ewing troop arrives at Wyndham's home to hear the story of Jock, Jason, and Digger. He talks about documents that were drawn of after the division of Ewing Oil, of which Jock certainly had a copy. JR says he has no idea where they are until Wyndham suggests they talk to Amanda, Jock's first wife. The boys stop over in Colorado to see her. As before, Amanda believes that Bobby is Jock. Bobby asks Amanda about the papers he signed with Wyndham, and she says she'll go look for them. She does eventually find them and JR looks them over, commenting that they should be all they need to bury Cliff and Jamie's case. Jack revels in his new-found wealth as a partner in Ewing Oil.

Episode 190: Deliverance Aired: Mon, Nov.2

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LINE OF THE DAY: "I thought you'd be happy." - Schuman to the nonplussed Bobby Ewing after he confesses to Naldo's murder.

JR is very happy at the breakfast table, after finding new information in Amanda's papers. Clayton and Ellie ask JR to show Cliff the information so that he'll drop the lawsuit quickly and things will get back to normal. JR promises to try but reminds them all how stubborn Cliff can be. JR heads upstairs and finds Sue Ellen drunk and passed out in her room, feeling genuinely sorry for her.

Bobby prepares to take Pam and Christopher out for the day but gets a call from the police, who say they've got the man who may have killed Naldo. Bobby says he'll be back to have dinner at Pam's place. He heads over to play good cop/bad cop with Lt. Howard. They confront Schuman about the airline videotape as well as his previous assassinations, and as expected, he denies all knowledge of the accusations. Despite the evidence, Bobby glumly realizes that they have nothing with which to put the screws to Schuman to get Jenna out of prison.

JR goes over to Cliff's place and offers to save both of their companies from huge legal bills and public scrutiny. His feathers sufficient ruffled, Cliff laughs it off and says he's going to call the cartel to prepare a big victory party. JR confidently strides out smiling.

That evening, Pam and Bobby rehash the old 'if things were different' stuff, but she resigns herself to the fact that they can't be back together again once Jenna is released but she tells him she still loves him, more than ever. Bobby responds that he never stopped loving her, and he never will.

Donna comes back to her house to see Ray to talk. After the usual sallies back and forth, Donna abruptly leaves without telling Ray the real reason she came over.

Bobby learns that Schuman has been indicted and will likely get a life sentence with no chance of parole. He visits Schuman again and offers him a deal: he opens a Swiss bank account in his wife's name and promises to ensure she has all the money she needs. Schuman agrees to the deal and confesses: he was waiting in the hotel room in Laredo. He knocked out Naldo and chloroformed Jenna, then shot Naldo with his own gun and placed the gun in Jenna's hand. Calling the police, he then left.

In rainy Atlanta, Lucy and Mitch spend a lot of time together [including that kind of time] and find that they still care for each other. Mitch asks her to move to Atlanta and get re-married and she accepts.

The court case of Barnes and Ewing vs. Ewing Oil is finally heard. Cliff and Jamie enter their document into evidence and in response, the Ewings call Wallace Wyndham to the stand. Wyndham says that in 1931, he met Jason Ewing and Digger Barnes in Texas. They both wanted to sell their shares of Ewing Oil before they became worthless during the Depression. Wyndham characterizes Jason as a greedy moron and Digger as a hopeless drunk. He shows the court the contracts indicating that he purchased the shares. Not long after, Jock Ewing found out about the sell-out and bought the shares back from him, having to scrimp and save every step of the way. Harve triumphantly enters into evidence the final bill of sale giving total control of the company to John Ross Ewing. Faced with the new evidence, the judge has no choice but to dismiss the lawsuit. At the back of the courtroom, a gleeful - and suddenly rich - Jack Ewing quickly leaves to avoid his sister's evil eye. After all is said and done, JR gets in a few barbs at Jamie and Cliff, hoping they'll be happy together.

Bobby questions Schuman one more time to try and find out who ordered the hit on Naldo. Schuman says he honestly doesn't know, but admits that his instructions were to frame Jenna, which he found odd - usually he doesn't leave survivors.

Before the Ewing victory party, JR spends time with Mandy and he tells her that Sue Ellen will have to get some professional help for her problems, which will allow them to be together. At the party, JR introduces Jack to the family as the man who saved the company. Lucy and Mitch even come back to the party and announce their remarriage plans. Sue Ellen continues her nervous drinking and has strange visions of Dusty Farlow before her eyes. Bobby manages to get Jenna freed and she and Charlie attend the party as well. JR announces Jenna as the newest member of the Ewing family and the crowd toasts her happiness.

Somewhere, a blonde woman reads the story of Jenna's release from prison and claws her picture out of the page.

Episode 191: Swan Song Aired: Tue, Nov.3

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LINES OF THE DAY: "Be a family." - The final words of Bobby Ewing. If you weren't touched by this scene, then just stop watching the show.

Also: "Joan of Arc would have been a drunk if she were married to you." a rare historical reference by Sue Ellen.

The victory party draws to a close, as JR bids a fond adieu to Lucy and Mitch and finds Sue Ellen passed out after drinking straight vodka. Clayton asks JR to help him get Sue Ellen home but JR declines, saying Sue Ellen probably doesn't want him around. The family manages to get her home and in bed, where she mumbles incoherently about Dusty being the only man she ever really loved.

Ray finds Donna in the livingroom playing a horribly off-key piano and she finally reveals her secret to him. Ray is thrilled, feeling that the baby is the solution to their problems. Donna says she wants to fix the real underlying problem in their marriage and isn't sure what she wants to do with her pregnancy right now.

JR heads over [as predicted] to Mandy's place. He tells Mandy that he feels different about her than he ever has about a woman, and isn't the least bit hesitant to put Sue Ellen away to be with her.

Jenna tells Bobby she wants to get married as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Pam silently lies in bed alone wondering about what could have been. The next day, Pam tells Bobby that she had hopes of their reunion, but now that Jenna has returned to Southfork, she knows he's obligated to marry her even though they love each other. As he leaves Pam's place, a car follows him.

The blonde woman from the end of yesterday's episode watches news highlights of the Ewing celebration. When Jenna's picture appears on the screen, she tosses a glass of tomato juice at it.

The next morning, Sue Ellen explains her guilt over not being there for John Ross when he needed her as an excuse for her alcoholic binge. She says she's dealt with it and is going to stop drinking for good this time. In the evening, Ellie comes to Ewing Oil and tells JR that Sue Ellen went on another binge that afternoon. JR tells Sue Ellen to end their marriage or face sanitarium time.

Cliff consults his lawyer about what might happen if he divorces Jamie. He's told that she may already have a strong claim on his company - unless he gets her to agree to an annulment, which might only entitle her to a cash settlement.

Clayton meets Dusty at the Oil Baron's Club and Dusty says Linda's divorcing him because he could never really get over his feelings for Sue Ellen.

Cliff decides to tell Jamie about that he's a carrier of neurofibromatosis, and so he had a vasectomy. He offers not to stand in her way if she wants to annul the marriage. But Jamie says she really respects his honesty, and wants to be with him even more. She promises to help him become the richest independent oil man in Texas.

Lucy and Mitch announce they plan to get married tomorrow, and they do. After Lucy's wedding, Jenna tells Bobby she's had second thoughts about rushing into marriage because so many things have changed. Bobby tells Pam about it and says he's decided he can't marry Jenna because of the way he feels for her and proposes. Unfortunately, Pam says she doesn't want to have anything to do with anymore and tells him to get lost. [KIDDING!]. No, she says yes and everything's good in the world.

Outside the house, the blonde woman watches from her car. The next morning, as Bobby gives Pam a farewell kiss, she guns her engine and heads straight at her. Bobby manages to push her out of the way but gets hit head-on. The car crashes into the gardener's truck and the driver, Katherine Wentworth, sporting a blonde wig, is killed instantly.

Jack comes to Cliff's apartment to see Jamie and tells her about the deal he cut with JR for ten percent of the company. He says he did it because he couldn't risk Wyndham coming forth and leaving them with nothing. But he promises to split his share with his sister. Cliff arrives and tells Jack to get lost as the news of Bobby's accident is heard over the radio.

The whole family, including Pam and Jenna but excluding Sue Ellen, gather around Bobby's hospital bed after his surgery to attempt to remedy massive internal injuries. Bobby tells both ladies regrets all the time they wasted, and asks themto take care of their children. He gives everyone the Line of the Day just before he flatlines and dies.

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