Mini Series Summaries

Episode 1: Digger's Daughter

Aired: Monday, July 26

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "MRS. Ewing." - Pam to JR after he refers to her as "Miss Barnes." Suggested by AHN Jason.

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The Lucy Award: Sue Ellen.

Newlywed Pam and Bobby return from their New Orleans wedding. Pam is nervous over meeting Bobby's family, because of the long standing Barnes-Ewing feud. Currently, her brother Cliff Barnes is heading up a committee investigating impropriety on the part of Ewing Oil employees. Jock calls JR at the Ewing Oil offices and wonders why the state Senators aren't helping Ewing Oil out.

Jock asks Ray if he took Lucy to school; she's been absent a lot lately. Ray says he hasn't seen her. Actually, Ray's been up in the hayloft with her. Lucy sees Pam and Bobby drive up and Ray as chagrined at the loss of his old girlfriend.

Miss Ellie is ambivalent about Pam's arrival. She calls the family together at Southfork and Bobby tells them the story. Jock starts to ask Pam to call Cliff off of his crusade, but Ellie tells him to stop. Ray arrives to get a signature and Lucy goads him into congratulating the happy couple.

JR takes Pam aside and starts to sweet-talk her but then gets accusatory, believing her to be Cliff's spy in the Ewing house. He tries to buy her off but Pam refuses. Jock berates JR for his lack of subtlety. Bothered by the fact that Bobby's going to be around Ewing Oil as an executive, JR conspires with Ray to set Pam up.

Pam goes back to her apartment to get some things. Her brother Cliff is there and he's also curious about her motives in marrying into the enemy camp. The two go to see their father Digger, who's in a bar telling old stories about how Jock cheated him. Digger is silently upset about Pam's news.

JR gives Bobby access to all of Ewing Oil's files - except one, which he asks secretary Julie Grey to put in a safe deposit box.

Back at Southfork, Lucy tells Pam how JR got rid of Gary and her mother Valene. Lucy believes Pam doesn't have a chance at Southfork. JR asks Bobby to accompany him to Austin to convince people to back Ewing Oil. Pam is upset because Bobby promised he would stay away from that life, but she lets him go. JR convinces Pam to take a helicopter ride with Ray to see the ranch.

Ray tells Pam that he should have married her a long time ago and he still has feelings for her. Ray pushes them both into a pond and they head for dryness and warmth to a nearby shack, just as JR and Bobby drive up. Pam realizes she's been set up. She tells Ray that she saw him with Lucy, so he better back her story or he's in big trouble. Bobby also perceives JR's plan and tells him the straight goods: Pam's his wife, and that's final.

Episode 2: Lessons

Aired: Tuesday, June 27

LINE OF THE DAY: "Junior, you were born old." - Ellie's response to JR when he says he feels old. Suggested by AHN Jason and seconded by Analise.

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The Lucy Award: Sue Ellen again.

On a cold and snowy Southfork morning, Lucy goes out to get the mail and burns a letter from her school. Bobby confronts Ray about not keeping his promise to take Lucy to school. Ray says he told someone else to do it, and that person didn't, so Bobby sticks him with the duty again. Pam watches Ray and Lucy drive off. Pam's suspicious and so is Ellie, who knows that Lucy almost never takes her books with her.

Later, Pam gets a call from Lucy's school wondering where she is. [Good thing Pam picked it up and not one of the servants!] Pam finds Ray in the loft and asks him to leave her alone with Lucy. Pam tells Lucy she'll tell Jock everything about her shenanigans unless she goes to school. Faced with no choice, Lucy allows Pam to take her. Pam also tells Ray to stay away from Lucy - or else.

Lucy perpetrates an assault by one of her teachers, Mr. Miller. Roger Hurley, another student, watches from behind the door. When Pam arrives to pick Lucy up, Roger tells her about the assault. Pam confronts Lucy, and Lucy says she'll drop the charade if she's allowed to skip school when she wants.

Bobby asks JR what his 'secret' is to keep the cartel in line. JR tells Bobby that the business-running secrets belong to him, because JR's paid his dues with the company and Bobby hasn't.

Lucy tells Jock she's going to a party at Roger's place. Actually, they head to the new disco in Braddock. Ray shows up with a date and Lucy asks him to get rid of Roger, who's coming on too strong. Pam and Bobby arrive at the disco and find Roger, who tells Pam he's with Lucy. Bobby spots Lucy getting hot and heavy with Ray and pops Ray a good one. [NOTE: This is a the last time you'll see this. It's well established that Bobby can knock out anybody, except Ray.] Pam figures out Roger's game and tells him that he had better come clean or else she'll tell Jock he blackmailed Lucy. Roger gives in. Lucy tells Pam that she's already become a Ewing - she's learned how to manipulate and threaten people, taking Pam almost to the brink of tears. Bobby makes Lucy apologize and Pam's saved the day once again.

Episode 3: Spy in the House

Aired: Wednesday, July 28

LINE OF THE DAY: "I liked the way he made love. I thought he deserved a bonus." - Julie to JR about Cliff. Nominated by Jason.

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The Lucy Award: Ellie.

Bobby starts to get used to executive life, and heads home to work because of construction at the office. Julie Grey meets Cliff Barnes, who casually invites her to dinner, jokingly claiming that he can weasel Ewing secrets out of her.

Jock spends the afternoon with Senator Bill Orloff, who is one of the ones looking out for Ewing Oil in the state house. He's under pressure from Cliff and Jock wants to help him out. Pam distracts Bobby with her feminine charms while he works and he drops the Orloff file behind the sofa.

JR visits Julie at her home that night. Julie wants out of their relationship but JR doesn't want it to end. She asks him to spend the night, but JR says he can't because he has an image to maintain as a married man. JR uses forgetting her birthday as an excuse to give her money. Feeling cheap and used, Julie calls Cliff and agrees to go out with him - using JR's money.

Bobby calls Pam and asks her to drop off the Orloff file on her way to see Cliff. Pam gives the file to Julie. After overhearing a conversation about Orloff earlier, Julie makes a copy of a trust deed that the Ewings hold on Orloff's house and gives it to Cliff.

Cliff tells the press about Orloff the next day. JR accuses Pam of giving him the information, and she gets no backup from anyone except Bobby. A distraught Pam asks Cliff where he got the file but he won't say.

A Ewing lawyer advises the family to pretend that it was an oversight to lend the money to Orloff and ask for it back. Bobby breaks the news to Orloff, who doesn't have the money. Pam remembers she gave the file to Julie, but Bobby pooh-poohs that idea. He tells Pam that Julie has been JR's mistress for some time. Sherlock Pam gets an idea and finds Cliff's unlisted number in Julie's rolodex. She calls Cliff and tells him she's coming over.

Julie feels bad about getting the Senator involved. Orloff ends up resigning, which upsets Cliff because he's lost his chance to get the Ewings. Cliff asks Julie to get some more information but she's sick of being used. Pam sees Julie leaving Cliff's place and confronts her but Julie just walks away. Eventually, Julie comes into the office and quits her job, then confesses to JR that she leaked the deed. That night, the family apologizes to Pam and JR even gives her a little kiss.

Episode 4: Winds of Vengeance

Aired: Thursday, July 29

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "I don't think she even knows how to play backgammon." - Bobby to Jock after Pam tells him she plans to play backgammon with JR.

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The Lucy Award: Jock, I guess.

JR and Ray leave a motel after spending the night with two women. As they pull out of the hotel, a truck pulls in carrying Luther Frick and his brother-in-law, Peyton Allen. Luther finds his wife Wanda asleep and JR's business card on the floor.

Sue Ellen takes care of the ailing Miss Ellie, who has a bad migraine headache. News comes over the radio that a hurricane is about to hit Dallas.

Luther and Peyton arrive at Southfork, claiming that their car broke down and they need to phone to get help. Unsuspecting Lucy and Sue Ellen oblige them and make them feel at home while they wait. JR, Ray, Lucy and the guys work together to herd up the cattle, since the ranch hands are all away. Ray falls off his horse and dislocates his knee. They take him back to Southfork in a truck. While the rest of the family attend to Ray, the two guys lock the doors and reveal their plan.

Bobby calls and Luther tells Pam to answer the phone. Bobby tells Pam he's staying at the office because of the storm warning. Pam says that's a good idea and that she was just about to play a round of backgammon with JR, alerting Bobby that something is very wrong.

JR offers Luther any money or valuables he wants, but Luther tells him that he's Wanda's husband, Wanda claimed that JR raped her, and that the two plan to return the favor. Peyton makes a pass at Sue Ellen causing JR and Ray to attempt to help her but Luther handles them both easily. Miss Ellie comes downstairs to find out what the commotion is, and she ends up trapped in the living room as well. JR is forced to tie Ray up in the kitchen.

Luther gets Sue Ellen into her Miss Texas outfit and the thugs force her to sing. After her lengthy humiliation and pathetic song, Pam mentions that Peyton let slip that Wanda wasn't raped, which causes Luther to calm down and think.

Luther relents, but Peyton is not willing to leave without having his way with Lucy. He grabs her just as Bobby and Jock arrive to save the day. Jock is about to call the sheriff, but Ellie tells him he has to let the two men go to prevent a scandal. Jock and Ellie take Lucy to bed. Sue Ellen looks at JR with hate and Ray with disdain.

Episode 5:Barbecue

Aired: Monday, August 2

NITPICKS for this episode

LINE OF THE DAY: "My house, my barbecue....Digger Barnes!" - Jock to Bobby. Nominated by Jason and Analise.

Rating [out of 10]: star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)star.gif (13252 bytes)

The Lucy Award: Cliff is in one scene.

The Ewings and Barneses plan for the big Ewing barbecue. Digger tells Pam, Cliff, and their cousin Jimmy about his history with Jock: how Jock used his 'nose' for oil, and then stole his right to Ewing Oil, and his sweetheart Ellie.

Pam finds out that she's pregnant and she tells Bobby in her own roundabout way. Bobby lets the secret out to a few of his friends and it circulates like wildfire. Ray, JR, and Sue Ellen are understandably upset by the news. Sue Ellen drinks heavily to drown her sorrows at the thought that Pam might give Jock his first grandson.

Digger meets Ellie again while Jock sits away from his guests and drinks heavily too. Ellie tells Digger she married Jock to save her daddy's ranch during the depression. Jock, Ellie, and Digger are thrilled at Pam's news. Pam asks Jock and Digger to be civil - at least for the sake of their grandchild. The two agree and shake hands for a brief second. They go off together and start their old argument, which puts Ellie and Pam in the middle trying to stop it. Eventually, Jock leaves, accusing Digger of still being a loser and a whiner. Digger, who stayed off the booze until now, grabs a bottle and starts drinking.

JR and Digger find that they finally agree on one thing - they don't like Pam and Bobby's marriage. Pam looks for Jimmy to take Digger home and finds him with Lucy in the hayloft. Bobby finds Sue Ellen horseback riding and JR joins them. JR tries to insinuate that Pam's child might not be Bobby's and he gets decked. Sue Ellen asks Bobby to help her back to the house. As JR gets his bearings, he sees Pam looking out one of the loft windows and climbs up to meet her. Pam tells JR that she and Bobby are moving out; JR asks her not to do that, because it would split up the family. As he continues his drunken harangue, Pam moves back away from him, and falls over the edge of the hayloft.

Pam loses the baby. Bobby is still adamant about leaving but Jock tells Pam that he doesn't want to lose more of his family. Pam tells Bobby the whole thing was an accident and she wants to stay at Southfork.

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