Season 4 (1981 - 1982)

Episode 78: Missing Heir

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett]

> JR: "Sheriff, when you get rich, you'll find you have an awful lot of poor relatives."
(Chances are slim to none that this sheriff will get rich unless JR is going to give him a monster bribe.)

Pam Award: I like Sue Ellen's orange outfit at the Southern Cross. Pam's foldover is always nice. Jackie looked really nice too. But I'd have to give a special mention for Donna's thigh-baring blowy white dress with the really sexy lingerie underneath. Mrs. Krebbs...I had no idea.

Angelica Award: None.

Bobby Award: Phyllis in her first scene really needs a brush. But Bobby's fern hair wins it.

April Award: Nothing terrible.

- The security guards that were so prevalent around Southfork last episode are strangely missing in this episode. Maybe JR fired them all for their incompetence after they stupidly let Pam leave with John Ross?

- When Cliff turns Kristin over and discovers who she is, he whispers "Kristin" half to himself. This got me thinking - the only time Cliff ever met Kristin was in Episode 32, when Sue Ellen took her sister and mother to lunch and happened to bump into him. It's been a long time - Kristin must have made quite an impression on him!

- I checked my atlas because this really bothered me. Abilene is only about 175 miles from Dallas. San Angelo is only about 75 miles further. So why does Bobby decide to wait for a 7 AM flight to Abilene when he could drive for three hours and get there that much sooner and be with his beloved and emotionally needy Pamela?

- Lucy tells Ray that she's "going upstairs to her room". That's very interesting - in later seasons, we are told that Lucy's room is in the "other wing" of Southfork.

- Why does Bobby drive Pam's car after finding her in Abilene? Is it really that big a deal for him to drive? He did this before, in Episode 8, when he commandeered Jenna's car. I suppose he's planned in advance to get that nice spot right in front of the stairway to the restaurant at the rest stop where they continue their conversation.

- When JR calls Harry McSween from the Sheriff's office, he dials seven numbers. This would be normal except that I would have expected that one would need to dial nine in order to get an outside line.

- When leaving the police station after his rough night, Cliff is remarkably clean-shaven. Then he goes to Rebecca's place to crash and he is still clean-shaven. But then he asks for a razor. Well, go ahead, Cliff, but you won't take much off.

- JR is surprised to see Dusty at the Southern Cross and recognizes him as the cowboy who was interested in Sue Ellen in Season 2. But he was introduced to Dusty and knew his name at that point, in Episode 37. Odd that he would forget something like this. I would think that hearing the name "Farlow" would jog his memory.

- When Pam comes out of the motel with Bobby, she's wearing the same dress she wore last episode. Don't get me wrong - I like that dress. This is the seventh time we've seen it, but who's counting? I just found it strange that Pam went to Southfork to get John Ross but didn't pick up another dress or something.
Obviously, since she told the security guards that he just taking John Ross for a 'ride', she couldn't have packed a suitcase or anything. But couldn't she just put some clothes in a bag? At least a change of underwear, I would hope.

- I really feel like I'm picking on Pam here, but she seems to be in middle of all of these weird goings-on. Let me recap for those who don't remember: Harry McSween tells JR that during the stake-out of the motel in Abilene, his boys saw a car registered to Dusty Farlow pick up John Ross and drive away "that morning". Presumably, they did not see Sue Ellen Ewing, or Harry would have mentioned this, and JR would have immediately made the connection, instead of believing that the Farlows just kidnapped his son. With me so far? Good.
Now, when Pam talks to Bobby, she mentions 'the look on Sue Ellen's face when (Pam) gave John Ross to her last night'. From this information, we can glean that Pam most likely physically placed John Ross in Sue Ellen's arms. Pam says she didn't see who Sue Ellen was with, so we know that Sue Ellen was in the car. I think it's safe to assume that she most likely got out of the car to get her baby, since she would have no idea she was being watched. From the rest of the dialogue, we also learn that Pam doesn't know anything about Dusty or the Southern Cross.
The two stories don't jive. I don't see why Pam would have reason to lie to Bobby; moreover, it makes perfect sense for Sue Ellen to be there. My question is, why didn't Harry's boys see Sue Ellen? If they did, why didn't he mention it? Or if Sue Ellen wasn't there, what reason does Pam have to lie? And why, if Harry claims that the exchange happened in the morning, does Pam claimed it happened "last night"?

- What is with Afton's song in this episode? It's not a's a freaking novel!

- Capitol Cab has a new phone number. I have to check the files to see what the old one was, but now it has changed to 714-3298. Of course, the question of why there is a Capitol Cab in Dallas rather than in Austin has yet to be answered.

- Leigh Collins submitted

: When Cliff first discovers the body in the Southfork pool, he runs over to the pool, jumps in, grabs the body, stands up, and then looks up at J.R. Wait a minute! He stands up. If you look closely he seems to be very close to that diving board and where I come from the diving board is at the deep end of the pool.

It certainly should be. Good call.

- Tina Niblett submitted:

When Donna rushes back to Dallas to see why Ray needed to withdraw $3 million out their account, there is a very revealing shot of her leg.  As she walks toward the house with Ray, the wind blows up her dress, and her leg is revealed.  She is wearing stockings--not pantyhose--and they are held up by a very sexy "Victoria's Secret" kind of garter.  Check it out.

l guess Ray wasn't kidding when he said he was glad to see her.

- Tina also asked:

I have to wonder where Lucy was on the night that Kristin was killed. She apparently had left Mitch that day.  She didn't take her clothes because she clearly stated that Raoul would come pick up her things.  Yet, she doesn't spend the night at Southfork since she is shown the next day, bringing "her things" in herself.  Did she spend the night with Muriel, and if she did, did she also borrow Muriel's clothes?  At first I thought that it was Lucy's car in the driveway at Southfork when Cliff pulled up, but it couldn't have been (no Ewing plates).  She must have taken the scenic approach back to Southfork because it obviously took her about 12 hours to return.

AHN Dave's corner:

- Doesn't Bobby need to provide more info than just his name to make an airline reservation?

He most certainly should. It's not like he's a celebrity or something that people on the other end of the line should automatically know who he is. At least he dialed seven numbers to reach the airline. It's kind of funny to see Bobby do these nonsensical things because you expect him to be smarter than this.

- Does the Dallas Press always have its papers available for free?

Good one! They're just sitting on a stack outside the sheriff's office, ripe for the taking.

- For the record, Rebecca Wentworth's number is: 859-7856.

So it is. So why was Cliff dialing all sorts of weird numbers in episodes past? See Episode 76nits for details.

- Why does JR leave McSween alone in his office? I see they're friends, but it's surprising that he would let someone in his office, with what I am sure is sensitive information.

He does this a lot. Howard Barker, his lawyer, was waiting for him in his office too, and so was Kristin last episode [though we never saw their conversation]. I think most of the really sensitive information is under lock and key somewhere else, but it is strange that anybody and his brother can just sit in JR's office and wait. Most offices have a few chairs sitting outside for visitors.

-Why does Donna take a cab home? No one will pick her up from the airport?

Donna herself mentions that she decided to come home early...maybe she called while Ray was over at the ranch talking to Bobby and Lucy. It is strange though.

- Sue Ellen says, "I'm suing you for divorce." I'm no expert in divorce law, but does one "sue" for divorce? Shouldn't she say "sue for custody"?

Yes. You FILE for divorce and then SUE for custody. Exactly right.

- When Cliff is talking to Bobby on the phone, and they cut to Bobby, I thought the fern behind his head was his hair for a second!

So did I! That was so scary!

- Phyllis is Bobby's secretary. When was the last time we saw Bobby at the Ewing Oil offices?

I thought about that too...I figured she was just an extra secretary until she mentioned today that she would have to talk over the possibility of working for JR with Bobby. That is very odd.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Empty purse meter-  Pam at the hotel, Donna when she returns home.
- Not too bad for a new season.  The curse of the new season hair do's isn't too bad.   Sue Ellen's looks a bit lighter.  Afton's is lighter and a bit longer.   Donna and Pam look the same more or less.
- Pam's car seems different from before.  She now has Ewing 6 and Lucy has Ewing 5.
- Speaking of cars, where is Sue Ellen's?  It clearly was not in the Southern Cross drive way as JR and company pulled up.  He would have seen it and commented on it.   I didn't see it at Southfork either.

I have no idea. Certainly Sue Ellen did not drive to the Southern Cross - she probably left it at the hotel where she met Dusty again.

- Afton's advice to Mitch confused me.  How would money help him get back Lucy?   She liked him because he was not into money.

What Afton means [and she's quite right, too] is that Mitch should get some money so that a) he'll be able to spend enough on Lucy to keep her happy and b) that he'll have enough on his own so that he wont always be so uptight about the finances. THAT's the real problem.

- Plastic Surgery meter-  We have a new Howard Barker.  Why did they bother to recast?  Why not just make up a new character for JR's lawyer?  There should be hundreds of different lawyers in Dallas.  Did Lorimar have a patent on the name "Howard Barker" or something?

- Towards the beginning of the episode, JR meets McSween in his office in the morning.   It is clearly during work hours b/c Phyllis was there.  Yet a day or two later, JR asks her to send Louella in to work for him.  Then Phyllis reminds him that he fired her.  Shouldn't he have realized she was gone and had new secretaries line up before this point?

I suppose so, but he's preoccupied with getting John Ross back.

-You gotta love Phyllis.  Smooth move on her part to avoid committing to being JR's secretary.  So far he has had 4... slept with 3 and 2 of them have died in falls.    Not a promising track record.

- Speaking of secretaries....  Phyllis says more or less that she is Bobby's secretary (permanent apparently) even though she originally was a temp while Connie was sick.  I wonder if TNN cut out a scene where they said she died or something.

I wonder this too. No clue. My guess: they didn't bother and hoped we wouldn't notice.

- A new Raoul and Teresa.  Maybe they brought a whole bunch more over the border that night, hence the lights on all over Southfork at the beginning.

Orientation. That explains it.

- In the first scene, it looks like they used the fake Southfork set. After that, they seem to use the real Southfork.

For good reason. The first scene's footage was shot last season, along with the cliffhanger. 

- At the police station, Fenton tells JR that "he has the right to an attorney present."  Shouldn't he have read JR the whole Miranda act?

Not necessarily. Miranda is necessary when someone is arrested; when someone is brought in for questioning in relation to a crime, they have the right to an attorney and to remain silent if they so choose, but they're not necessarily under arrest.

- Susan Howard's name is a bit larger than the rest of the mainline cast's credits.   Probably because hers is the only lettering they could not recycle from last season.

AHN Alett's corner:

- They don't really need all the lights and sirens going because Kristin is dead.

It's probably stock footage.

- The balcony is a good 10 feet from the edge of the pool. Kristin would have to have flown off the balcony to land in the pool without hitting her head. Pushed or fallen, either way she should have had more injuries.

I noticed that too. She must have done a triple jump.

- So Dusty is a white knight, riding a white horse, living in a 'white castle'.  I guess that means they'll be serving little square, greasy hamburgers for supper.

- A couple of continuity problems - In Lucy's conversation with Bobby, when the camera is on her, her coiled ponytail is on her back.  When the camera is on Bobby, the ponytail is forward over her left shoulder.  At the Southern Cross, when the camera is on Sue Ellen and Dusty, she has her arm in his.  When the camera is on JR, she isn't holding his arm.

- The newspaper headline reads "Ewing Kin Dead" with the same size pictures of JR, Kristin, and Cliff.  It makes it looks like Cliff is Ewing kin, too.

Yeah, that is sort of odd.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Cliff must have worn one of those wash and wear suits.  It was barely wrinkled after being submerged not only in water, but also chlorine.  It should've been positively disheveled.
- J.R. shaved in his office.  The only other time I think he did this was in season 13.
- Pam's purse appeared to have a bulge in it when Bobby picked her up at the hotel.

- When Bobby pulled in to the driveway at the beginning of the episode, the night of Kristin's death, he parked with the front end of the car facing the garage and the top was off.  He must have taken time to go out and turn the car around so the back end faced the garage and he put the 100 plus pound top on. The car was this way the next morning when he left for the airport.
- Bobby's flight was at 7 a.m.  That would mean he'd need to leave for the airport no later than 5: 30 or 6: 00 at the latest.  It's supposed to be June or so, but even in June it isn't this light at that hour. It looked like about 10: 00 in the morning.
- Pam stayed at the Trail Dust Motel?  I've never been to Abilene and have no idea how large of a town it is, but I would have at least thought they'd have a Holiday Inn or something.  This place looked like the type of place one would go for a three hour nap.

I think this is to avoid suspicion - it's probably so that no one will see what's going down there. Of course, I'm not sure why anyone should be worried. Obviously Sue Ellen thinks she's got nothing to be afraid of.

- Did we miss something?  Bobby said to Donna that he had talked to Pam about going to see a psychiatrist.  When?  Also, how did he know she's been having 'mood swings'?  She only told him about the baby thing two episodes ago and supposedly he's been in Austin since then. So when has he been around her? Maybe he got all of this during their phone conversations?

AHN Mike's corner:

- How about that traitor Raoul serving coffee to Cliff while he's trying to pin Kristen's murder on Raoul's employer?
- Re the newspaper headline: Technically, I don't believe a sister-in-law qualifies as 'kin". I think it has to be a blood relative. And who uses the word "kin" anyhow, besides the Beverly Hillbillies and people from Halleyville?

It's one of those subtly emotionally charged words like "tot" - the kind of word that would be in a New York Post headline. Makes you interested. You're right that "kin" should be blood relative or spouse.

- Donna was sporting some mighty cheap looking luggage and a chintzy gold necklace for someone with $3M in the bank.

She must have blown it all at Victoria's Secret.

- JR gets off some good ones: He asks the San Angelo sheriff  "Do you also mow his lawn on your day off, sheriff?". And to Sue Ellen "Your boyfriend can come to your rescue in one mighty hobble".
- Middleaged, short curly-haired Teresa is back - apparently for the sole purpose of Pam not having to walk less than ten feet to re-fill her own coffee cup.

Episode 79: Gone but not Forgotten

Bonehead Dialogue Award: None

Pam Award: By executive order, I give this one to Sly.

Angelica Award: Not much here. I vote for Clayton's clashing tie at the courthouse, but Sue Ellen hanging out of her swimsuit got some mentions.

Bobby Award: Cliff's hair at Afton's place.  Get a comb, bud.

April Award: Sue Ellen for traveling alone with John Ross.

- The Braddock County Courthouse has moved since last season. Ray and Donna were married there in Episode 71, and the building was very different - for instance, it was larger and featured a prominent street number on the door. Suddenly it's in a more compact building. Very odd.

- Speaking of the courthouse: why is there a jury present? This is just an inquest to determine what happened that fateful night at Southfork and whether there is enough evidence to hold JR or Cliff for trial. A JUDGE decides this, not a jury.

- Cliff says he arrived at Southfork at about 7 or 7: 30 PM. Wait a's pitch dark! It's not explicitly stated what time of year it is, but we can make a good guess based on the recent senate hearing and the fact that Kristin just had her child. It's June, maybe July. Unless you're in Antarctica it's not dark at all!

- Clearly the producers wanted to spare viewers from a whole lot of gore. Yesterday Alett pointed out that Kristin should have had much more serious injuries after falling from the balcony, and I agreed but I wanted to wait until the coroner gave his evidence before I commented. The coroner says she hit her head on the ground before falling into the pool, which knocked her unconscious. But it also should have practically split her head open! There should be blood everywhere and the Southfork pool water should be a mild shade of crimson.

- Somebody should report this Assistant DA to a government watchdog or something. Why is he wasting the taxpayers' time by allowing JR and Cliff to speak at the inquest? The coroner already has enough evidence to make a determination of what happened. JR and Cliff should not even have to be there.

- Afton confirms to the world that Cliff's a loser and then gets into her car to go to work. Wait a minute - a car? Who bought her that car? I can't believe she makes enough money as a singer to buy a car. Certainly she couldn't get this kind of money from Mitch. Was this another "gift" from JR? This would be a really tough one to hide from her self-righteous brother.

- When Bobby arrives at the Southern Cross, Clayton speaks to him without introducing himself or asking Bobby who he is. Have they met formally elsewhere? I know they saw each other earlier at the courthouse, but they didn't speak at that point. This is really odd.

- When Bobby asks Pam why she left Dallas so suddenly, she says that she would have been home for dinner. How, exactly? It's a four-hour drive from Dallas to San Angelo. I don't specifically see her car, but that's no evidence that she chartered a plane or anything. So how did she go to work, tell Jackie she was going to San Angelo, go there, play with John Ross for a while, and then expect to be back for dinner?

- Scenes of Lucy and Mitch were clearly cut from this episode in favor of the thrilling and exciting footage of Sue Ellen's helicopter carefully landing at Love Field. I'm sure glad they didn't cut that part out. [Not that I really care about what Lucy and Mitch are doing, but you see my point.]

- Sue Ellen has an empty black purse, not to mention empty tan suitcase, at Love Field. I had to watch this very carefully because I thought at first the purse had disappeared. It didn't but there is a bit of a nit here. Follow me, if you will.
When Sue Ellen gets out of the plane, she holds the suitcase as well as her purse in her left hand, and holds John Ross's hand in her right hand. She then walks into the airport holding ONLY the suitcase in her left hand, and the purse is almost imperceptible under her arm because it's the same color as her jet-black dress. Then JR's dudes grab John Ross, and one of them puts his hand over Sue Ellen's mouth and drags her aside. Sue Ellen drops the suitcase but somehow manages to keep the purse under her arm. How and why? When you're struggling with someone, the natural thing to do is to use your arms to try and hold off your opponent, so the purse should drop as a matter of course. The only reason Sue Ellen has to be protective of her purse is if there's something exceedingly valuable in it - but of course, we all know it's empty, so that can't be the case.

Douglas Wille submitted some interesting thoughts:

- Sue Ellen has probably never traveled alone. Although the Southern Cross pilot probably took her luggage to her plane, for her to carry a small suitcase (and her son) through the airport is a bit odd.

- So J.R.'s boys are gonna grab the kid out in the open? No one is gonna see them?

You're probably right, but in the Dallas area, who would stop them? Certainly not the cops.

- Where are J.R's cops? Had his cops (like Harry McSween) been there, the Farlow hands would have never been able to get the kid back.

Yes. JR underestimates Dusty big time, figuring he probably doesn't need much to strong-arm Sue Ellen out of the picture.

- Also, have you noted that Dusty doesn't even fake a limp anymore? When they came back from the coroner's inquest, Sue Ellen walked away toward the yard. Clayton told Dusty to leave her alone, but he walked about 30 feet over to her, practically swinging his crutches.

Much like Larry Hagman, Jared Martin has a hard time walking like a crippled man. It's difficult to do.

- And, how 'bout that gas grill in the Farlow yard? Pretty small for a ranch that size.

I guess they must not use it that often. After all, it's usually only Dusty and Clayton.

AHN Dave Shardell submitted:

Why does Clayton duck when he walks away from Sue Ellen's helicopter? Does he think he is going to lose his head? (Wouldn't that be an interesting storyline?!)

Yes it would be...and there are very few interesting storylines involving Clayton. But actually this is quite a natural thing to do.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Jared Martin is not given an "As Dusty" like the other "Also Stars" were given for the second half of last season.

And you know why.

- The same photos were used in today's newspaper that were done in yesterdays.
- The Southern Cross Ranch sign looks kinda cheesy for a big place like that.

Any cheesier than the Southfork sign? Well, maybe somewhat cheesier.

- The purses seemed to be behaving themselves today.  The only noticeably one I saw was Sue Ellen's when she was traveling.  But I must add her suitcase looked very small and rather light when Clayton was swinging it along.

AHN Alett's corner:

- It seems odd that under the headline declaring Kristin's death accidental, the paper has switched the pictures to Cliff first, then Kristin and JR.
- Afton has some nerve complaining how she doesn't like being used after what she did to Cliff.

Since I'm sure that a lot of their scenes were cut, I can't really be sure. I imagine this is to firmly establish her as a conniving bitch. It works.

- At least this new John Ross gets to go swimming.  It's a good thing he didn't stay in his bedroom much longer because that wallpaper would have been detrimental to his education.  It's supposed to look like little kid drawings of zoo animals, but next to the zebra it says "zeber",  and instead of kangaroo it says "hop-hop".

AHN Mike's corner:

- I enjoyed this episode mostly because everywhere Cliff went he got stepped on big time. As he approaches Wendell's desk he sticks out his arm to shake hands and is ignored. Later Wendell tells him "You seem to have missed my message, Mr. Barnes. Weststar Oil does not reward losers." Later Afton tells Cliff "You're a loser." and he doesn't even attempt to defend himself.

How can you defend something like this? He doesn't have any success to point out.

- JR is sporting a new cowboy hat with spiffy blue band this whole episode. Speaking of hats, it obvious Jock was "out" when Ellie and JR spoke. His hat was not on the table behind her to indicate he was "in".
- Obviously Southfork has cornered the market on maids named Teresa. The Southern Cross's maid is named Maria.

Yup. Jason pointed it out. The ones Raoul & Co. sneak across the border are given identities to suit their employers. And they're given the same names as their predecessors to make it easier on their employers. All Mexicans look alike to white folks, right?

- Clayton seems to have a lot less hair and a lot more forehead than he has in later seasons. And speaking of hair, Sly's is LONG! I like it. Also, Marilee has finally lightened hers and what an improvement!
- No jokes about Donna and Ray and the saddles. That's way too easy!
- The porcelain dog is still MIA.
- Has anyone ever mentioned that JR's and Wendell's desk chairs are remarkably similar if not exact looking?

This is the first time. I didn't notice.

- Dusty wears a real tie with his suit at the airport.

AHN Analise's corner:

- When Sue Ellen was freed, she didn't even grab John Ross in a hug.  He could have been kidnapped.  All she does is touch his arm.  How lame!  What kind of mother is she?
- If JR had been on the ground level and not on that overhead ramp, he could have taken John Ross right from that guy and Dusty would not have been able to recover him. JR seriously screwed up!

I'll have to give this one a little bit of thought. I don't think JR wanted to be directly involved in this - he just wants John Ross back on Southfork. If he physically took him away, Sue Ellen might have a case against him for something or other.

- Why was John Ross so quiet during all of this? Wouldn't he have yelled "Mommy" or something?  Does he already know his

- Who wears 3-4 inch heels while traveling? One more thing.  Sue Ellen wore taupe colored shoes with a black dress.  Wrong!!!!  Sue Ellen really should know that one must wear black shoes with a black dress. That life at the Southern Cross far from a city is already affecting her fashion sense.

- Bobby swims after the hearing?  Must be great to work for the government!

Maybe the senate isn't in session. It certainly never will be again for Bobby.

- Sue Ellen returns from the hearing in a brown dress but went to the hearing in a white suit.  She did not go overnight.  Seems odd to change one's clothes after a court hearing!  Heck she changed her jewelry too!

- Sly did not interview with a purse.  No wallet?  No car keys?  No bus pass?  No organizer?  And she wants to be a secretary?
- Donna's "fancy saddle" is hardly a fine saddle. It makes way too much noise.   Good expensive saddles have soft quiet leather.  Cheaper ones are bulky and loud. I ride so I know!
- Do cowboy stores always have salesmen to help fit suits like the one who helped Punk?   Gee, could have been Brooks Brothers!
- John Ross comes out of the pool and goes into Pam's arms.  Sue Ellen then requests that Maria goes and feeds John Ross.  When Pam wants to hold John Ross a bit more, we see John Ross taking a bite out of an apple.  Well I see that John Ross doesn't need anyone to feed him.  Where did he get that apple?

Episode 80: Showdown at San Angelo

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett]

> After being offered a drink from JR, Harry McSween says, "Is this business or pleasure?"
(Come on, Harry.  When has your relationship with JR ever been anything but business?)
Pam Award: Bobby in the bathrobe. Nominated by Analise and seconded by Pam.

Angelica Award: A tie between Pam and Rebecca's really bad pair of print dresses while talking outside The Store, and McSween's checkered suit. Sue Ellen's frilly blouse at the Southern Cross got some mentions.

Bobby Award: Rebecca.

April Award:  Ellie for not realizing how JR was planning to sneak John Ross back to Southfork

- Sue Ellen has an empty tan purse when returning to the Southern Cross.

- Why the hell would that dumbass adoption lawyer tell Bobby that it would only take about a month to adopt? He must be married to that stupid lady with the coke-bottle glasses from Season 8. No lawyer would be that irresponsible.

- Why would Ellie exercise on her bike while wearing a skirt - even a loose one? Wouldn't a pair of track pants or slacks be more appropriate?

- And why in the world would Raoul or Theresa bring liquor outside the house near Ellie? So that JR can pick up a drink as soon as he gets home? Is it too unreasonable to ask these people to go inside to the liquor cabinet to get drunk?

- When Ellie dials the operator to find the number for the Southern Cross, she dials about six numbers. It's hard to tell whether she dials five or six, but it doesn't matter. I'm just thinking: what combination of five or six numbers would get you an operator, even a long-distance one?

Tina Niblett pointed out:

When Clayton decides that it isn't a good idea for Dusty and Sue Ellen to go out for some entertainment after dinner, he says that it's because they usually get up very early in the morning at the Southern Cross.  For what? Dusty isn't able to herd cattle, nor is he able to help in the stables. It would seem to me that Dusty would be eager to get out.  Heck, it might even help him to recuperate a bit faster.  I think Clayton is beginning to harbor thoughts about Sue Ellen already, and he doesn't want Dusty to spend any time with her.  Boy, Dusty's impotence goes a lot deeper than his sexuality.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Empty purse meter: Sue Ellen when she returns from the funeral, Donna at the airport, Ellie at the airport, Pam at the adoption agency (It looked like it, but hard to tell.)
- Cliff and Rebecca seem to have steak and spaghetti with red sauce in the same dish.   Weird combo.
- So how come Mitch's friend Jean wasn't at his graduation party?

Excellent question. Maybe she couldn't make it. Typically, graduation occurs in the middle of clinical rotations. Maybe it was Jean's shift.

- In 1978, Sue Ellen was told that she would have to wait 3 years to get a baby.. (at least the adoption lady said that she was still filling 1975 quota's.) Now in 1981, with all these "new issues" such as abortion, contraception, and single mothers keeping their young, Bobby and Pam have to wait only 18 months.  Not a real nit per se, because the world population is increasing each year, so there very well may be more infants available in 1981 than 1978 but it is worth noting.
- Pam seems to wear eye make up to bed.
- Ellie is making cocoa to go to sleep.  I hope it is decaf.

Well, bear in mind that caffeine takes about an hour and a half to get into your system. If it calms her down, she'll probably get to sleep.

AHN Alett's corner:

- After Sue Ellen gets back from the funeral and she and Dusty start kissing, twice she kisses the air rather than his cheek.
- Cliff's hair looks less gray.  Maybe he's using "Just for Men", or in his case, "Just for Losers."
- If Mitch and Jean are such close platonic buds, why isn't she at the little celebration at the bar?
- Pam reacts to Bobby's news about adoption like it's a totally novel idea. Geez, if she'd considered this long ago when not being able to have a baby first surfaced, they'd have a kid by now.

Quite right.

AHN Val's corner:

- Almost the WHOLE family meets Miss Ellie and Jock (they think) at the airport. I know it's more of a nice welcoming gesture, but that could be best accomplished at home. I would think they would have just sent her a limo. In my family, you're lucky if you can get someone to pick you up outside the terminal.

Well, it's not like they have anything better to do.

- John Ross sure leads a charmed life at the Southern Cross. Again, he gets to leave his room and participate in normal household activities. Today, Clayton let him eat with the family in the FORMAL dining room. I guess Clayton's not afraid of getting mashed potatoes ground into his carpet.

I guess Maria actually does some WORK around the house, so Clayton's not afraid of letting her take care of mishaps.

- Mitch graduated from med school. He must be in the accelerated program because just last season, he was in his second or third year. At most, he should be JUST STARTING his fourth year.

Quite right. From experience, I know that there is no accelerated program WITHIN med school, although I was in an accelerated program to get in.

- Miss Ellie was able to get the Southern Cross phone number through directory assistance. This seems odd considering that most well-known, high-profile folks like the Farlows usually have unlisted addresses and phone numbers to eliminate, or at least minimize the occurances of crank calls or calls from "long, lost relatives".  I also noticed this about a week ago when Cliff called information to get Rebecca's new phone number. I would think that a rich widower like Rebecca would want that information kept out of public record.

It's possible - although I suppose the Southern Cross would be listed as a business. Kind of iffy.

- The Southern Cross ranch hands acting as guards. Obviously, this is BILC. I mean, really. It seems odd these guys actually work out in the fields, herding cattle and feeding horses until they hear the approaching Southfork helicopter. At that point, they drop their feedbags and branding irons, grab their rifles and take their places around the landing chopper. Clayton has trained these boys well.

Another good point. It's POSSIBLE that they rotate on duty but it's kind of odd.

AHN Analise's corner:

- How was Kristin's death a shock to Bobby?  Did he really care that much to be shocked?

Would he be darling Bobby if he didn't?

- Sue Ellen returns to the Southern Cross by limo. Why not by helicopter again?

There's probably a reason for this but it escapes me for the moment.

- Sue Ellen gives John Ross to Maria like she used to give John Ross to Teresa.  Are they all the same to her?  She couldn't wait to get rid of him.

Some things never change.

- John Ross was sitting on Sue Ellen's lap in the limo. Not safe at all!

I noticed something there but I tuned that one out for some reason.

- Why can't Dusty be passionate with Sue Ellen?  So what if he is impotent.   There's more to do to show affection--heck ask Bill Clinton!

Yeah, Mike pointed this out a week ago, I think. But is it really the same? And Dusty's problem is just as much as psychological as physical.

- Seems odd that Miss Ellie did not stay in New York long enough to find out why the State Department and Senator Culver were there to meet him. Isn't she curious?

Not curious enough.

- Linda Gray was excellent in looking bored at dinner. Clayton was certainly an old fuddy duddy by announcing the Southern Cross rules of no evening's entertainment.  I really felt bad for Sue Ellen.  Not a nit, just a comment.

Well, in fairness, what the hell did she do when she was at Southfork? Was JR EVER home to go out in the evenings? EVER? No. So this is lame. The only reason Sue Ellen ever left Southfork after dinner was to get her privates pumped.

- Nice placement...Mitch surrounds himself with the women at his graduation party and the men are all together.  Subtle?

Or maybe the women planned it that way.

- JR is in the same suit and tie when he talks to his mother as when he set up Sue Ellen at Love Field.

He was busy that day. It COULD be the same day...or maybe a few days later, and JR has a lot of suits that color.

- Pam sleeps in full makeup.

- Didn't TNN cut the scene in which JR begs to go with Miss Ellie to the Southern Cross?   I remember it distinctly.

I don't remember it, frankly. But it's quite possible that they cut it.

- Clayton always refers to John Ross as the boy!  Hey, Clayton, John Ross has a name.

Well, JR does this too. He always says "the boy" must stay here and what not. At least Clayton refers to him, unlike his grandmother who hardly spent time with him while he was in her home.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Are we to believe that Dusty and Clayton actually get dressed up in three piece suits to have dinner at that huge table every night, even when Sue Ellen is not around?

I doubt they're are crazy about this as the Ewings are.

- Speaking of dinner, who was that young butler serving dinner at SF? And speaking of meals at SF, why is it Donna and Ray seem to be there for every meal these days? Of course, I'm not complaining, as it just gives JR more people to piss off. I loved his remark about the potential adopted baby being "another half-breed".

It was funny but technically incorrect. After all, if Bobby and Pam adopted a baby it wouldn't be a Ewing at all.

- Another totally unexpected and out of place flourish of sappy music occurred right in the middle of Pam and Rebecca's conversation on the street. And speaking of Pam, she's become such a dim bulb lately that she reacted to the suggestion of an adoption as though it were some brilliant solution along the lines of e = mc squared. Hard to believe this never occurred to her before.

You know, for some selfish women like Pam, it wouldn't matter. It wouldn't really be HER baby, right? So it wouldn't solve the real problem. Bobby is fortunate that all Pam really needs is a distraction until the next crisis. Most women would need to solve the real problem in order to feel fulfilled.

- When the helicopter first approached the SC Ranch, Sue Ellen keeps telling John Ross to look at the helicopter but instead he stares at the ground.

That's typical. I used to do this all the time.

- JR is really not functioning well. He could have succeeded if he had simply taken the baby to the coptor himself when it was revving up, then take off, leaving Ellie behind. The guards wouldn't have shot while he was holding the baby. This would have clearly established that Ellie was not part of the plot to SE and the Farlows. But even if they thought she was, it isn't as if they were going to hold her there against her will or as ransom for the return of the baby.

Maybe not, but I dare say that some of those ranch hands are crack shots. They could at least have put some nasty holes in that chopper.

- This whole Ray-Donna thing is really annoying. Donna absolutely won't give him credit for anything other than being a "cowboy". Maybe it's because everybody else annoying keeps telling her what a "businessman" he's become. Seems to me like Punk and the others did all the real work and kind of tolerated Ray because of the Ewing money at first and then investing Donna's money later.

That's quite possible I suppose but I think Donna just likes her men in a position where they need her.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Mitch is really ungrateful but seems to know Afton VERY well.  Milton sent over a bottle of champagne to Mitch and his friends in honor of his graduation. This was a nice gesture and Mitch just can't accept that.  Is there no end to this macho pride thing?   But the fact that he thought Milton did it only because he was screwing Afton was hillarious!!

I missed that nuance of their conversation. Probably because I still had my ears covered from Afton's song.

- The Southfork kitchen has been remodeled!  The last time we saw it in season 1 it looked like something straight out of "I Love Lucy".  Now it looks like they've jumped in to the 1980's.  It also seems to be much bigger than in the past.

It's a different room. The kitchen used to be on the opposite side of the main foyer, now it's next to the dining room.

- Rebecca said that Cliff would know good business when he sees it.  I have to question what Cliff knows.  It's stated several times over the next several seasons what a large company Wentworth Industries is and how well known it is in Texas.   Cliff knows that Rebecca's last name is Wentworth.  Now she has a company for him to run?  Doesn't this guy at least have an inkling that this Rebecca Wentworth who is his mother could possibly be part of THE Wentworths?  It takes him until today when he does some research on Tool & Die to discover this.  If nothing else, you'd think he'd recognize this name from his association to Dave Culver.  The Wentworths contributed to Dave's campaign at the dinner Cliff spoke at for Dave last season.  He was also Dave's right hand man and standing in the receiving line.   The Ewings went through the line I would assume the Wentworths did too.  Cliff should get a clue.

Maybe Rebecca conveniently distracted herself away from introductions. I do this a lot.

- I see where J.R. and Bobby learned their manners when it comes to offering people drinks......from Ellie.  When Bobby and Ellie were in the kitchen, she said she was making cocoa to help her sleep.  She never asked Bobby if he'd like any.

Maybe she knows Bobby doesn't like cocoa.

- I had to laugh when Cliff told Rebecca that Pam is a 'strong lady'.  Oh yeah, sure Cliff, what you said.  The first sign of trouble this girl either walks out on her husband or retreats in to her own little cocoon and treats him like crap, then she hates the whole world for awhile.  When has she EVER really confronted one of her problems?   Never.  Yeah, she's real strong!

I must have been asleep because I missed that completely.

- The brown and beige placemats made a return appearance.  They've been spotted at the Cattleman's Club, Ray and Donna's house and now Cliff has his own set.  He used them when he and Rebecca had their omelettes.  BTW, how many bachelors would really own let alone use placemats?

Episode 81: Little Boy Lost

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett]

> Jackie: "Is Pam with you by any chance?"
> Bobby: "She's at work, isn't she?"

( Gee, Bob, I guess she's NOT at work if Jackie's calling you.)

Pam Award: Donna's blue dress ties with Sue Ellen's black and white Alexis Carrington outfit.

Angelica Award: I didn't care for Pam's purple print dresses, straight from the Louella collection.

Bobby Award: Arthur's mushroom cut.

April Award:  Bobby for calling Dr. Danvers rather than 911 when he finds Pam in a trance.

- This one is questionable but I thought I'd point it out. When JR and Ellie got into the chopper at the end of last episode, Ellie got in first, from the left side, and then JR got in. Today, when we see them exiting the chopper, JR gets out first, from the right side, and then Ellie. My question is this: since Ellie got in first, from the left side, shouldn't she have taken the seat on the RIGHT side, so that it would be easier for JR to get in? Was Ellie so upset that she didn't even realize that JR would have to squeeze past her legs in order to get to the right side of the helicopter? I'm not saying it's impossible for this to make sense: I'm just saying that it's very odd.

- Also, JR's cabbageing at the beginning of this episode is really painful. "You haven't said anything since we left the Southern Cross ranch." I think Ellie knows where she's been, JR.

- Cliff is really getting the hang of this phone thing. When he calls Rebecca, he dials seven numbers. But shouldn't he have to dial nine to get an outside line from his office?

- After chatting with Arthur, Dusty picks up the awfully quiet Southern Cross phone and says "Hello...Tom?" This is rather odd. I suppose he could have had the ringer volume down because he didn't want to disturb the powwow that was going on, but why would he answer the phone like he knew who was going to be at the other end?

- And as Sue Ellen watches Arthur's car pull away, she experiences flying-arm syndrome. At first, she had her hands on her hips, as if she's about to put them in her pockets; then there's a cut and she has them together in front of her.

- What is the fabulously wealthy Beverly Waring doing in Afton's trashy bar? I realize that this is a gimmick the writers have dreamed up to get Mitch some air time, but this is egregious. There is absolutely no plausible reason that a rich woman like Beverly and her friends would be hanging out at the Starlight except that it's convenient for the writers. [And DON'T say it's because of Afton's singing, or I'll slap you.]

As a follow-up, NIS pointed out:

Mitch saves Beverly Waring's life and yet she never says a word. When Mitch went to their house, she just smiles. What's up with that. Was she a mute?

I thought so but then I reviewed the tape and realized that she told Afton that she liked her singing. Maybe she was struck mute because of this transgression.

- I'm having a hard time understanding how Pam brought herself into a semi-conscious state. This is almost impossible to do, even when you're concentrating intensely. I personally think she might have found some of Kristin's hidden stash of PCP.

- When Howard calls Southfork, JR answers the phone by saying "Yeah". Why do these people do this all the time?

AHN NIS asked:

Bobby actually knows Dr. Danvers' home phone number without looking it up?

I guess so. Good point.

AHN Jason's corner:

- It's just a hunch, but I think they used the "real" Southfork today.

- Empty purse meter- Afton with JR; Pam at S.F. with Bobby; Rebecca at Cliff's office; Rebecca and Katherine with Cliff; Donna with Ray and Punk

- There is a basketball hoop at Southern Cross so Sue Ellen can practice that jump shot she must have done with the SF B-ball hoop.

Perhaps she's moved on to the tomahawk dunks.

- Afton puts her purse in her lap at the restaurant and not on the table.

- Don't choking victims almost always hold their throats when they are choking and can't breathe?  Mrs. Waring just clenches her fists together.

- Why does Dr. Waring assume that Mitch just didn't take a CPR class?  He seems to think that only a doctor would know how to handle a choking victim.

Maybe it was the way he did it efficiently and without panicking. I see your point.

- Is Mrs. Waring mute?  Or did Lorimar not want to pay for her to speak?

I thought so too at first - but before this she told Afton she liked her singing. Perhaps she was struck mute by Nemesis.

- I had to laugh when Dr. Danvers advises Bobby to try to get Pam interested in her work again (since she is not right now.)  SURE.

I laughed too. I laughed harder when Pam said she was going to make up for all the slacking off she did. That would take decades.

- Bobby gets a buzz and is told "line one (?)". I had assumed that this was Phyllis but she was not credited so it must have been Sly so the producers could save some money.

It sounded like Phyllis, probably off-screen. This wouldn't be so bad for the producers - Phyllis could be paid as an ordinary extra because she just has to say a normal line.

- Just a note... Sue Ellen's lawyer claimed that she has been at the Southern Cross for a month now.  It has been four episodes, which would be a month in viewing these on CBS but the events don't seem to have taken up that much time. 
- I am rather surprised to see Donna and Ellie sitting right behind JR in the courtroom. Ellie, I guess, would show support of her son (although her earlier speech seemed to imply she didn't want him to win) but Donna even goes as far as trying to reassure her dear brother in law about his case. I thought that was pushing it. She can't stand him.

I guess Ellie is thinking that if JR wins, Sue Ellen might come back on her own.


AHN Alett's corner:

- Gross.  Mitch is dabbing Mrs. Waring's face with the same napkin she just spit that chicken bone into.  Her friend at least tried to fold it up, but Mitch undoes it and just starts wiping it on her.  Outside of this, I do have to say Mitch has a good "bedside" manner.  I think Mrs. Waring has a little crush on him.

Don't all you ladies? : )

- Bobby doesn't know what's wrong with Pam.  I would think he'd call an ambulance rather than Dr. Danvers.

I see your point. Good thing it's NOT something physical.

- Another Dallas truth.  No Ewing will ever finish his or her breakfast, and they always load up their plates.  Don't they know people are starving in Fort Worth?

- Phyllis just tells Bobby it's line 1.  Jackie should have identified herself and/or Phyllis should ask who it is.

I think Jackie didn't identify herself. She's already well on her way to becoming an incompetent secretary.

AHN Analise's corner:

- Sweat stains on Sue Ellen's back in San Angelo.  Must have filmed in the summer?   Yuck!
- A depressing song like "Send in the Clowns" is on a child's toy?  How odd!

Is that what it was? I couldn't tell.

- I guess carafes of whisky are part of being CEO of Wentworth Tool and Dye?  Cliff looks like he is examining a brand new toy and not the responsibility of being CEO.

- Bobby should have said to Pam, when recommending seeing a psychiatrist, that while a shrink cannot change the fact that they may not be able to have a child, a shrink can help deal with Pam's reaction to it and help her face reality.

She will never see it that way, but I agree it's Bobby's duty to try and shake her up.

- Mitch is asked what field he wants to go into.  He just says research.  Well, that seems strange. Shouldn't he say, oh I don't know, cancer research or something?   Is research as a generic response typical?

Sometimes. Nowadays one would say cancer research or AIDS research, but Mitch might not have found an interesting project just yet.

AHN Val's corner:

- In the opening scene where the chopper was circling the ranch house, Jock's Lincoln was seen parked in front of the garage. It wasn't there before. I'm not sure where he left it before his trip, but it was parked under the basketball hoop the morning after Kristin was found dead. So who's been driving it?

I'm told by people who live down in Texas that the reason people leave their keys in the car a lot, especially on farms, is so cars can be moved when necessary. Maybe this explains it.

- When Jackie finds Bobby in Pam's office, she calls him "Mr. Ewing". She always called him "Bobby" in the past. In fact, she uses his first name later in the episode when she calls to inform him that Pam's missing.

- At lunch with Afton and Judge Packer, the waiter brings JR a phone. A CORDED phone. Are we really to believe that they strung a 20+ foot cord through a restaurant full of patrons just so JR could take a call? I just hope no one tripped over that cord.

That's something I've never really understood. Maybe they have outlets all over the restaurant and all they have to do is plug a phone into one of them, but it is odd.

- Rebecca prepares dinner in her carpeted kitchen. I just hope she's careful...or at least keeps a Bissell Steam Vac in the hall closet.

- John Ross was not stolen in the "dead of night" as Mr. Barker claimed. Pam left with him in the middle of the day.

Yeah, I see your point. But it was the proverbial dead of night.

AHN Sara's corner:

- What happened to all that Southern Cross security?  There wasn't anybody around when Sue Ellen's lawyer drove up.

I guess they're more worried about helicopters. Or they know his car.

- The choking scene was pretty unrealistic, but at least they didn't have the choking victim coughing like I've seen on other shows. 

AHN Mike's corner:

- My wife commented that the Dallas wardrobe people must have gotten a discount on rugs for this episode. Every non-core male cast member seemed to be wearing one.
- The comptroller of Rebecca's company, Forrest, sounded like a Maine farmer with that accent of his. A $10M company? I managed a PR department budget larger than that around the time this episode was filmed. And he expects us to be impressed that the company has revenue of $10M? Go back to Maine, you hick!
- The porcelain dog and and its puppy seem to have migrated permanently to the bookshelf next to the family room door.
- Who were all those people playing tennis in the background of Dr. Waring's backyard? Does he live on a public tennis court?
- Middle-aged, curly-haired Teresa is back again.
- Earth to Rebecca: Katherine is not Cliff's "sister". She's his "HALF-sister".

But they're all one big happy family right? I guess Rebecca just doesn't want to draw attention to the fact that she was a tramp.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Fashion offender:   Katherine.  A black skirt and satin navy blouse is very attractive, but not with COPPER pumps!  Black pumps would be much more appropriate with this conservative outfit.

- Rebecca told Cliff she had an appointment downtown, to do what?  Go shopping?

- Pam has a very strange engine in that Porsche.  When she started the car, we didn't even hear the engine turn over, it sounded more like she just barely hit the gas and revved the engine.

- When Cliff called Rebecca from his office, he dialed, but I don't think the phone even had a chance to ring on her end before he started speaking to her.

- Ray and Donna had a $3 million dollar check to deposit.  First, Donna pulled a deposit slip from the bank's stash, I think for that amount of money, I'd want to make sure I had one of my own PRINTED deposit slips with my PRINTED name and account number on it. Also, Punk handed Ray the check, so shouldn't Ray have had to SIGN it before they deposited it?  Donna had the pen in hand, he could've done it right there.

- When Bobby found Pam in the baby department, she was holding the music box and it was still playing. When Bobby took it away from her the music stopped. When they walked away, the music began playing again. Music boxes need to be wound to play.  When the music stopped,  it would suggest that it had run down and needed to be wound again.   Bobby never wound it, so how did the music start playing again?

Episode 82: The Sweet Smell of Revenge

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett]

> Farraday: "I want to talk to you about Kristin and her baby."
> Bobby:   "HER Baby?"

Whose baby did you think, Bob?

Pam Award: Sweet unassuming Sly. She's sort of like the Betty Cooper of Dallas.

Angelica Award: A tie between Jackie's ugly sweater and Phyllis's blue polkadot dress.

Bobby Award: Phyllis's bun. Everyone knows I like Phyllis but frankly Sly makes her look like a toad. Walter Shear isn't too hot either.

April Award: Pam for not remembering what triggered her depression. 

- Great. Just what we needed. More psychobabble from some know-it-all psychiatrist. This had better be over soon. My nit is as follows: Pam says she has no idea why she has these feelings of emptiness, anger, and depression. Let's see...emptiness, anger, depression...that's a tough one. Real tough one. I'll have to think about this for a minute...hey, wait. You don't think this could have something to do with that whole 'I can't have a baby' thing, do you? No, couldn't be.
Give me a break. I realize Pam's supposed to be emotionally unstable, but she sure as hell doesn't have amnesia. She knows full well what triggered her depression. This is stupid.

- And while we're on the subject: why does Pam get mad at Bobby for wanting her to stay at Brooktree? She says he's only interested in making sure she doesn't try to commit suicide again. Well, sorry, Pam, but maybe he actually cares about you and loves you and doesn't want you to die! I guess that would make him a bad person?!

- I consider at very un-DA MAN-like for Jock to agree with JR's sentiment of "get John Ross back and whatever happens to Sue Ellen happens". I've always liked to think that Jock cares about Sue Ellen in his own way. The only way this makes sense is if JR has lied to him about the circumstances of her departure and Ellie hasn't been backing her up, which I suppose is possible.

- Bobby has his own secretary in his senate office. So what exactly does Phyllis do?

- When Bobby calls, Ellie has to walk all the way across the kitchen to get the phone herself. As JR says in later seasons, can't the help get the phone once in a while?

- Ellie calls Rebecca and says she's going to come by and pick her up. So Ellie knows where Rebecca lives? When did they meet? Certainly when Rebecca says "it's been a long time", I don't think she's referring to the thirty-odd years since she last lived in Dallas.

- I'm glad to see that Linda Gray found a better-fitting swimsuit than she had the other day. At least she's not all over the place in it.

- Katherine suddenly looks MUCH older in this episode. Yesterday she barely looked nineteen. But she still needs to go out and buy some decent dresses.

- When Pam is lying down and wondering why her husband cares for her, she's wearing WAY too much eye makeup. It's possible that when she came home she didn't take it off but she's clearly dressed in a pink nightie or something, so it's evident she spent a little bit of time in the bathroom.

- I want to know who Dusty's cameraman is. How was he able to take close-ups of Dusty at the Ewing rodeo like we see? It almost looks like Dusty got his films from...the DALLAS producers.

AHN Jason's corner:

- The reporters call Bobby "Mr. Ewing".  Isn't he Senator Ewing? You'd think that they would know this.

- If Pam is so depressed, how come she put on make-up in the morning at the hospital?

- Empty purse meter: Sue Ellen at Southern Cross. Rebecca and Ellie at the park (questionable). Lucy at SF. Katherine and Rebecca at Rebecca's. Pam at Southfork and Brooktree.

- Empty Suitcase meter- Bobby with Pam's at SF; Bobby with Pam's at Brooktree  

AHN Alett's corner:

- Continuity problems - When Jackie called Bobby, she was wearing a blue sweater.   When he arrives at the store, she's now wearing a beige, flowered blouse.  Dr. Conrad's hair changes from flatter and pulled back on one side when she's with Pam, but fuller with slightly different curls when she talks with Bobby.

- When Sue Ellen grabs John Ross, he doesn't seem too thrilled about it- probably because she's giving him a diaper wedgie.

That must really suck for babies.

- What a short memory Ellie has.  She tells Lucy that two people ought to be able to work out their problems together.  She let Jock move out of the house without trying to work things out together.
- Somebody needs to make sure the oven is level.  Ellie's cake looks like the "Leaning Tower of Pisa".
- With Clayton right beside Dusty, why do they need a servant to open the sliding glass door for them?

Well, at least THESE servants aren't lazybones like Raul and Theresa. I bet they even...horrors...answer the PHONE sometimes.

- The sign for "Brooktree Hospital"  looks darker and a little more substantial when we first see it.  When Bobby arrives with Pam, it looks more like a banner stuck on two poles and in a different place than before.

Maybe it's a different side of the hospital.

- Farraday is pretty confident in the mail.  He knows exactly when the letter will arrive, and it just says he'll call at noon without giving the day.

He might have dropped it in the mail slot himself. It's worth pointing out.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Where did professional poor boy Mitch get the money for that new Mustang he drove to Dr. Waring's yesterday? Waring's office, by the way, looks very familiar but I can't quite place where we've seen it before.

- Let me see if have this right: By virtue of performing the Heimlich maneuver and turning down a $5000 check, Mitch is suddenly a prime plastic surgery intern candidate? Doesn't this job require some other skills, like acute manual dexterity, for example?

You know, you'd be surprised. You can be a total doofus and still get a surgical residency. Generally speaking, surgeons have the belief that nothing they learned in medical school matters - it's what you learn in the five years AFTER med school that makes you a good surgeon. I happened to be a relative klutz but in Gross Anatomy I learned very quickly how to handle a pair of scissors delicately - took me two weeks.

- Once again a family member winds up at Dallas Memorial in dire straits and Sue Ellen is nowhere to be found.

- And if "nothing matters" to Pam, why did she take the time and effort the morning after her suicide attempt to put on purple eyeshadow, lipstick and make sure not a hair on her head was out of place?

- Did you catch that close to obscene outfit on the cocktail waitress at the Cattleman's Club?

Yes I did. No wonder people like eating there. Makes me wonder whether it's more than just a dining establishment..

- I noticed Pam's fee for Brooktree also includes a prime reserved parking spot right in front for the Ewings.
- If Dr. Conrad's task is to "find the healthy part' of Pam, it won't be too difficult. I'd start just south of Pam's chin.

You got it. I totally agree.

AHN Pam's corner:

- The hospital must have been very concerned about Pam's appearance.  She was wearing more makeup while sleeping than she was wearing on top of the building when she was supposedly dressed for work. Bobby also wanted to make sure Pam was stylin' when she went home from the hospital.  He brought her a fairly dressy outfit with those white pants and black and white striped blouse, not to mention heels and a black empty purse.   This was a lot of effort just to go home and go back to bed.
- Disgusting!  Lucy stuck her finger in the bowl to lick the frosting and then put the same finger on the cake to lick more frosting.  Gross!  Besides, does Lucy REALLY think she should be eating frosting?  I mean, shouldn't she be watching her 'figure' (snicker)?

I guess she's no longer Miss Physical Fitness.

- I can accept the fact that Ellie would know where Rebecca lived without asking her.   She probably got her number from Pam and Bobby's address book and it was listed.   What I can't believe is exactly how well informed she was about Dr. Conrad and Brooktree.  By all accounts she only had the one brief conversation about Brooktree and Dr. Conrad with Bobby in the hospital.  So how does she know of her reputation and that of Brooktree and that it's more like a home than a hospital?  Did she run a check?

An excellent question.

- Pam's car was parked in the lot at The Store when she decided to climb on top of the building.  When she and Bobby arrived home from the hospital, her car was parked in the driveway.  Did Bobby 'send one of the hands' in to Dallas to pick it up?

I know that in the next episode Jason mentions that it's not at Southfork, and I know that in the episode after that it WILL be at Southfork, because I had it taped and just watched it.

- Since when is Bobby into birds?  There was a brass one on his desk in his 'senate' office.  The first time he spoke to Farraday it was in the middle of his desk.  Strange place for a statue.  Later when he talked to Farraday it was in it's proper place on the edge next to his pen and pencil set.

Episode 83: Big Shutdown

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett]

> Lucy: "Is this a special occasion?  Should I have brought a present?"
(So, Lucy just accepts invitations without having a clue what the party is for?)
Pam Award: The wardrobe guys for outfitting Sly, Katherine, and Afton in really nice dresses.

Angelica Award: Ellie's ugly purple dress with the funky collars. Afton's copper belt with the aqua silk outfit.

Bobby Award: Beth's flowered look ties with Dr. Conrad.

April Award:  Pam for thinking that Dagmara is a pretty name.

- Yet again, Ray and Donna come to Southfork to do...nothing. Except mooch some of the Ewings' coffee and make small talk with Bobby and Ellie.

- I'm trying to decide which is more annoying to my ears: Afton singing; Pam's theme; or fingernails screeching along a chalkboard.

- That Sly is one dedicated secretary. Twice, Vaughn Leland shows up very late at night and both nights she's there. She must really like her job. [And we always wondered whether Phyllis ever went home.]

- Bobby has a different Senate secretary today - a pretty young blonde. What happened to the older lady we saw last week?

- Bobby's secretary tells him that 'Farraday' is calling. Farraday has never identified himself to Bobby before, yet he seems to have a feeling of who it is before he picks up the phone. Spooky.

AHN Veronica's corner:

- Pam, Pam, Pam, PAM,  you are so stupid, 

[I already like the sound of this]

today you told your psychiatrist that you felt like it was a mistake for coming to Brooktree. But then you turned around and said that without a baby there was no use in living! Honey wise up, you just tried to jump off a building day before yesterday and now you don't want to live.... You need HELP.  Stay there, let them work out your problems.


- And finally,  When Bobby calls that unidentified office in the next to last scene the camera pans out to have a look at the check that he is holding. ( Remember this is the information that he got from Farraday concerning Kristin.)  In the bottom left hand corner of that copied Check it says Jordan Lee, then it gives his full address, and phone number.  Hmmmm that's odd... on all my checks in the bottom left hand corner is the little word "memo" and a line after it and then then all those bank code numbers...... I don't know maybe Jordan Lee gets special "cartel" checks or something.

NIS added:

Another point on the copy of the check Bobby had at the end of the episode. The check number was hand-written. Aren't they usually pre-printed?

I can't believe I missed this. Something struck me as odd, but I passed over it. Good call!

AHN Alett's corner:

- I'm sure everyone noticed the boom problems at breakfast.  First it appears in the shot with Ellie, Ray, and Donna.  Later it's clearly over Ellie's head.

Hey, I think I see it this time. Wow.

- It just seems odd that since Jock wanted to see all his boys, it's never made clear that he did get to see Ray and Bobby.
- It's a good thing Jock was the one to give John Ross a car.  If it had been JR, it would have been a little Mercedes.

Or some other foreign job.

AHN Jason's corner:

- I am confused by Ray.  It seems (surprise!) hypercritical of him to tell Donna that he doesn't want to use her money or have her as a partner yet he did that exact thing in #77.  And it is nice to see Donna support Ray in his endeavors.

I think I'm going to tote the number of times someone e-mails and says "I'm confused by Ray" or "I'm confused by Donna". Everything they do is confusing.

- Just a note:   JR and Vaughn discuss how he is gambling with Ewing assets again, but there is no mention of Southfork being jeopardized. Isn't it still a Ewing Oil asset until Jock leaves it to Ellie in the will?

Depends on whether it was a Ewing Oil asset in the first place - let's not get into that, though. Things are very different now. Remember that Ewing Oil is a MUCH bigger company because of the Asian deal. I think I remember doing the math a while ago - I thought that they jumped from being a 100 million dollar company to roughly a billion.

- Here's an interesting note....  Jeff shows Bobby the checks that Jordan presumably mailed to Kristin in LA.  When Bobby looks at them, they are clearly placed 3 or so to a page.  I could understand Kristin copying each check as they came in, but I couldn't see a desperate drug addict waiting weeks or months to collect 3 checks just so she can put all of them on one piece of paper.  Kristin didn't strike me as the environmental type.

Maybe Kristin didn't...maybe Farraday did. I don't remember whether Farraday said that she made copies or not. But even if she did make copies, maybe he made copies of the copies. I see your point, though.

AHN Pam's corner:

- WOW!!  Those beige and brown placemats are showing up EVERYWHERE!!!!  Let's recap, first we saw them last season at the Cattleman's Club and in Ray and Donna's house.   This season they showed up in Cliff's apartment.  Now they're using them outside for breakfast at Southfork.  They were on the table when Bobby poured his coffee during the opening scene.
- Speaking of restaurants, Vaughn and that guy met at one too. The establishing shot was of the restaurant that his lunch and supper written above the windows, the same one that Pam and Rebecca ate at last season that had 'the most wonderful Caesar salad'.  Only the interior was definitely NOT the same restaurant they ate in.

- The Ewings really are formal.  In the opening scene, Bobby poured his coffee from a silver coffee pot in to a china cup with a saucer. What's wrong with a thermal pot and regular coffee cups?  This is a bit much especially considereing there's NO ONE else around for breakfast.  Oh wait, it's a good thing it was t there since Donna and Ray showed up for their daily meal mooch.

I didn't notice the silver service. Good one.

- Pam sat in bed fully clothed with makeup during her visit with Bobby, but then she allowed the maid in to make the bed and just sat there staring in to space before Katherine's visit.
- I believe Lucy said that Dr. Waring's daughter was a friend of hers.  Apparently the whole family are not friends of the Ewings.  Otherwise Dr. Waring should've known that Mitch was "THAT" Mr. Cooper.

I guess they met at school or something. Her name is Sandy, and she wasn't one of the Janine Turner crowd.

- Ellie stepped off the helicopter and Clayton told her to come up and have a cold drink.   Ellie sat down and her drink was already poured.  I didn't see any of Clayton's staff around, so I wonder how long it'd been sitting there.
- Empty Purse Meter:   Katherine during her visit with Pam, Ellie when she was at the Southern Cross.
- I can't believe Lucy brought a 'date' to the Waring's party.  Even if she didn't know Mitch was going to be there, it's still completely inappropriate, she's still MARRIED.  I'm not sure she considered him to be a date or just a friend.  But the guy certainly thought he was her date, he was curious as to why he was there if her husband was there and went off with her friend Beth.  BTW, Lucy's dress was the color of Pepto Bismol, very unattractive.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Poor Bobby has to pour his own out on the veranda. No Teresas of any kind in sight.
- Donna and Ray are starting to dress alike now as Donna has shifted into Krebbs Collection work shirts and jeans.
- Had to laugh when JR's banker's were balking at lending him money at 12% as being not high enough. I can remember a time when interest rates on mortgages were as high as 16%, right around the time this was filmed. Man, that must have been a great time to have had money to invest!

That's confusing a lot of people right now, because rates are so low. But I also remember things being really high in the early 80s.

- Now even Katherine is deluded into calling Pam her "sister" instead of half-sister.

Let's see how long that lasts.

- Ray and Donna just don't get it. The idea of having partners on these big money deals is to spread the risk and keep investment of your own funds to a minimum. You don't partner with your wife and her money.

They don't get ANYTHING. Quite right.

Episode 84: Blocked

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Jason]

> Pam: "I guess it was foolish what I did on top of that building,  but I am not suicidal."

Pam Award: Sue Ellen's pink outfit at Ewing Oil. Dusty's tight pants look got a mention from Val.

Angelica Award: Donna's garish blue hat.

Bobby Award: Walter Shear and Cliff's date.

April Award:  Ray for not running a soil report on his new land.

- Williamson tells JR that as soon as he receives his check, he's off to the Virgin Islands for a vacation to avoid the Farlows. But wait - didn't Dusty say just last episode that Williamson was already on his vacation? His secretary must be a really good liar.

- When Sue Ellen arrives at JR's office, she just barges in without a word. Why didn't one of the secretaries buzz JR and tell her she was here? Or, if she didn't give them the chance, why isn't Sly or Phyllis following her and trying to stop her?

- Another Ray and Donna Southfork breakfast-crashing episode. They said they had a plane to catch - so why did they waste time driving all the way to Southfork and drinking coffee? This time at least they jaw with JR a little bit.

NIS pointed out:

Where did Jordan Lee get Kristin's and the baby's blood type. Is that part of the birth record?

Perhaps the baby's blood type is in the report. I would assume that someone as rich as Jordan would be able to find out this information if he wanted...I wonder whether it could happen this quickly, though.

NIS also added:

I see a basketball hoop at the Southern Cross Ranch. Not sure who uses it, maybe Dusty wanted it to use in between rodeo events.

There's also a hoop at Southfork, which I assume Bobby uses. As I pointed out in the nits for

Episode 11

, and seems quite likely thanks to this new information, Sue Ellen might have a pretty good jump shot. Maybe the Dallas Mavericks could use her outside game.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Dusty says that Sue Ellen took "a car" into town.  This suggests that she still doesn't have HER car from wherever she left it last season.

Apparently not.

- There is a weird time line vibe in this episode: In the beginning, Dusty and Clayton find out about their oil problems. Clayton makes a comment that he may have to shut down production. Sue Ellen goes to JR and demands his terms. There is a quick cut to Dusty and Clayton talking about laying people off a week ago. Sue Ellen returns in the same dress.
- How come the architect guy didn't have any equipment to survey the land?  He just sort of plays with the dirt.

I'm not too sure. I bet he can make some guesses just by playing with the dirt, but he would probably need some equipment to be sure.

- We have a new Raoul.
- Empty purse meter-  Donna at Cattlemen's club. Lucy with Mitch. Sue Ellen at JR's office. Rebecca at Brooktree.

AHN Val's corner:

- Ray's gonna name the new development Krebbs Park Villas. Good grief. That guy really needs his ego deflated. NO housing tract I have ever known is named after the developer! They are all given names that correspond with the area landscape (Palm Villas), geography (Braddock Estates) or even a nearby street (Central Square). But for Ray to name the development after HIMSELF....what's that guy smoking????

I suppose with a name like Krebbs, no one would really notice. But I see your point.

- Toward the end of her scene with JR, Sue Ellen's hair changed. It sort of fell off the top of her head (where it looked like a cone) onto her forehead where it looked flatter.
- Sue Ellen used one of the ranch cars--a big brown station wagon with SC on the doors. Is Sue Ellen such a bad driver that Dusty won't loan her the Rolls?

Quite possibly. Or maybe, as at Southfork, she's just at home in her wagon.

- The brown and beige placemats resurfaced at the Southfork patio table today.

They really get around.

- Jock's car has moved again. Today, it's not even in the driveway! Perhaps Raoul is borrowing it for boarder duty. You can fit a lot of people in a 78 Lincoln Continental!

I know. Then again, perhaps this isn't a nit - as I think I might have mentioned, people in Texas tell me that on farms and ranches cars get moved around a lot because you always have to make room for this or that. That's why people leave their keys in the ignition. Remember when you could work on the honor system?

AHN Pam's corner:

- Jordan must have been waiting with his hand on the knob of the door to Bobby's office, he opened it immediately following Bobby hanging up the intercom after talking to his secretary.

Maybe it was a really short walk.

- Ellie was right, Brooktree really IS more like a home than a sanitarium.  There was a full china coffee service for Pam's regular therapy session.

I guess it's sort of like Betty Ford.

- Bobby's really jumping the gun by thinking that Pam will never get well.  Dr. Conrad dished out some more psycho babble to him and said she wasn't sure, probably to cover up for her own incompetence.  But as Ellie said, it hasn't been very long.   She's been there what a week, maybe two?  She's right, he really should give it some more time.

I agree. All psychiatry is based on finding an explanation, no matter how lame. In fact, the lamer the better. So you can never really tell if a shrink is incompetent because everything can be explained by something.

- J.R. ripped on Sue Ellen about how she used to belt down a drink before breakfast.   He's not a great one to talk, he sucked one down and offered Clayton 'an eye-opener' at 10: 00 in the morning!

Yeah, but he can hold his liquor.

- J.R. really should find a better catering service to set up tables for his meetings.   This one couldn't even manage to get the candles straight in the centerpiece on the table, they were crooked.

Well, in his defense, Clayton suggested the hotel.

AHN Mike's corner:

- This episode makes it clear that JR set up the whole Afton-Cliff romance from the very beginning.

Yes, it does.

- Wow, did you catch the orange/black Fredrick's of Hollywood outfit on the waitress at Ray's favorite restaurant? Slee-zeee!

I caught it all right.

- Why is Miss Young Dallas making 'personal appearances" in Houston? It's one thing to visit Alex's corporate HQ there but nobody in Houston is going to book a Miss Dallas for any kind of an appearance.

Good point. Haven't considered that.

- Does Clayton have an office? He seems to run the refineries from the ranch. Everybody goes there to talk to him.

No, I figure he doesn't have an office. He has managers who probably run it all - sort of like Jock would if he had an active role in Ewing Oil.

- Raoul has lost several pounds and gotten a face lift to look 20 years younger. Keeping all those Teresa's happy must be a demanding and strenuous job.
- Once again, Dr. Conrad out-scarfs dusty. Hers was bigger and pouffier.
- Kristin and Jeff definitely like $2000 as their favorite number. Kristin was getting checks in that amount form Jordan and her "trust fund". Jeff keeps asking Bobby for that amount for information.

I guess it's easy to remember.

Episode 85: The Split

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett]

> Lucy: "Hi Grandma. I'm back."

Pam Award: Afton at Cliff's office.

Angelica Award: Ellie's purple dress from the Louella collection.

Bobby Award: Walter Shear again.

April Award:  Ray for trying to get a loan on his practically nonexistent reputation.

- I've always wondered why Ray and Donna are fixtures at the Southfork breakfast table. Can't Donna bring it on herself to whip up a few eggs in the morning? But today is really stupid. They arrive for about two minutes, chide JR about falling oil prices, and then leave for the appointment with their decorator. Come on.

- When Vaughn Leland leaves Ewing Oil after his first meeting with JR he has no briefcase or anything. So he just came to talk with JR? That doesn't seem right. When I visit my clients, I make sure I take a bag with SOMETHING in it so it looks like I was prepared for some eventuality.

- When Ellie picks up the mail, she opens Jock's large package last. Why? It's the biggest! Wouldn't the natural thing to do be to open the biggest one first?

- Lucy asks Ellie if there is any mail for her. Wait a minute - has she moved back to Southfork permanently, or even planned to do so? Did she fill out a change of address form?

- I'm sure everyone recognized Heather Wilson as Liz Adams from the final two seasons.

- The establishing shot of what is supposed to be the Stardrift looks a lot like the restaurant that Pam and Rebecca went to the other day.

- When Ellie reads the legal document that Jock has prepared, she says that 'Ray Krebbs Ewing' gets 10 voting shares in Ewing Oil. Why does Jock say Ray Krebbs Ewing? He knows that Ray hasn't changed his name to Ewing. Ray doesn't even say anything. If I was JR, I would take the document to court and claim that the person mentioned doesn't exist!

- And I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Harve Smithfield should be the one reading Jock's document to the family, not Ellie. Apparently George Petrie wasn't available for filming this episode.

- And finally, as the document is being read, Jock says that if John Ross Ewing III is at Southfork, "JR Ewing" shall control his shares, but if not, "Eleanor Southworth Ewing" will control them. Why is JR's common name used in this case when he was previously referred to as John Ross Ewing the Second?

- And probably thanks to Donna, Ray got a new mailbox, which proportionally sized and spaced letters.

AHN NIS's corner:

- Ray's banker presses four keys on his computer to look at the Krebbs bank account. Not bad. The screen doesn't seem to display much either.

Yeah, those old 30 pound Compaq machines really got a lot of mileage, didn't they? Good point.

- Cliff's office phone is different. Maybe it's one he can figure out. He could have had it changed.
- The Ewing Oil offices are different-there is a new office door next to JR's that says 'B. Ewing'. I thought Bobby's office was at the end of the hall.

It was. They moved it because the writers knew that Jock wasn't coming back.

- The Cotton Bowl has 68,000+ seats not 72,000 seats as JR states (although it could have changed since 1981).

I have no evidence either way. Does anybody from Dallas know what the scoop is about this?

AHN Alett's corner:

- It's never said who is using a decorator, Donna or Miss Ellie.  I can't imagine it would be Donna since Ray has done such an excellent job on the house!  As to Donna's observation, 'Decorators don't like to be kept waiting,' all I can say is who does like to be kept waiting besides taxi drivers with the meter running.
- I found it interesting that among Pam's list of things a baby of hers could count on is knowing 'that I would never leave it.'  This seems to be a case of never say never since she will repeat her mother's history in a few years with possibly worse results since she was really too young to remember her mother, but her child will know her.

I also found that very interesting, and I'm sure everyone else will too. I remember saying back in Season 10 how unconscionable it was for the writers to turn the Pam character into a monster.

- Maybe Donna's book could be a national bestseller, but it seems to me only Texans would be that interested in Sam Culver.

That's the impression we've gotten, but who knows?

- There's a lot of humidity today in Dallas.  When Afton arrives at Cliff's office her hair is so high, she's 3 inches taller.  By the time they reach the restaurant, it's matted down and looks like she slept on it.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Liz Adams appears to be undercover as "Heather, the Bahamas Rep." I think this is the most we ever see Barbara Stock smile during the course of the show.  Shame she is wearing a dress from the Louella collection, including the red belt.

I didn't think it was THAT bad but then I took another look. It's the same dress. At least Barbara fills it in the right places.

- There is a sharp cut when Gary hugs Val.  He seems to move about two feet in a second.
- Just an ongoing nit.... why or why doesn't ANYONE ever wait in the lobby for JR?   Kristin, Marilee, and now Vaughn Leland have all been given free access to his office while he is not there.

Can't understand it. Unless maybe the secretaries don't want to have to look at his face.

AHN Mike's corner:

- The wardrobe department must have gotten a volume discount on cowboy hats with fancy bands. JR sports at least two new ones in today's episode in addition to the one from yesterday's.

- Whoa. That thing about Donna's book came out of nowhere! Unless I missed it, every reference to this subplot was cut from previous episodes and then last night TNN suddenly dropped it in after the book had been written and picked up by a printer. Fortunately, I've seen these episodes before and knew about it, but for first timers, they must be totally confused.

I remember this being the first reference to it as well. Not that anyone cares, really...

- In a surprise departure from his recent fashion statement, Bobby's top button is buttoned and the tie is pulled tight. And speaking of ties, Ray's architect has been dipping into the Punk Anderson Collection of garish string ties.
- Lucy's scene with Ellie produced two laughs. First, a very unsteady on a bicycle BBG is almost wiped out as she passes Lucy's car as Lucy just misses  opening the door right into the bike in motion. Second, Ellie proclaims the package is from Jock and Lucy replies "From grand-daddy?" Duh!

Good one. I think this is a better Bonehead Dialogue.

- Shame on Dusty for drinking alcohol in front of Sue Ellen.

She probably insists that he not give up drinking on her account. After all, she hasn't given up riding.

- Donna looked good in that white sweater and short shorts.

Yes she did.

- Bobby pulls a Ken Griffey Jr. and says he doesn't want to be a senator anymore so he can spend more time with his family. The difference here is Bobby is sincere.

Quite right. This whole season is just Bobby taking care of the family.

- Credits quirk: I noticed that the very girlish Sly is credited as Debbie Rennard and not Deborah.

One day she probably grew up and decided she wanted to be Deborah. Frankly, I don't care as long as she's on my TV screen in those nice dresses.

AHN Pam's corner:

- The brown and beige placemats seem to have found a permanent home at the Sourthfork breakfast table. They made another appearance during the first scene.
- Lucy seemed to be carrying an empty tote bag when she arrived at Southfork. Afton carried an empty purse when she and Cliff went to the restaurant.
- The silver coffee pot and china cups made another appearance at the breakfast table in the first scene. Apparently, Pam's usual therapy session wasn't worthy of the full china coffee service.  Today she was reduced to a plain thermal water pitcher and plain glasses.
- Lucy's hair seemed to change styles on it's own during the reading of Jock's letter.   When she was first shown telling J.R. to hurry up and pour his drink, her hair was parted on the side and the front is brushed over to one side.  Later, when Ellie read
that Gary had received 10 shares, Lucy's hair was suddenly brushed straight back from the middle.
- Lucy's an idiot!  Why the hell would she think Mitch would have called while she was in Houston when she TOLD him she would be gone!  If she was really interested in whether or not he'd chase after her, she should've given him the number to her hotel.

This was SO lame. Quite right on all counts.

- It must have been really hot during filming. While Ray and Donna were outside talking, Ray put his arm over the back of the chair and there was a sweat stain under his arm.   EEEEEWWWWW!!!!  Since it was so hot, and Donna was wearing shorts, why was she wearing that white sweater?  It looked like a cotton sweater, but I'm sure it was much too warm for the obviously hot weather.

I don't know but she looked mighty fine. I don't know who told Susan Howard she wasn't sexy and should dress in more conservative outfits like she does in later seasons.

- In Jock's document, Ray should be referred to as RAYMOND his given and legal name throughout this document. I would say his shares could be challenged by any one of the family members.  Though the only one who'd really be upset about this is J.R.   Also, it's always struck me as very strange that J.R. is John, Gary is Garrison, Ellie is Eleanor, but Bobby is just Bobby (although the reporter referred to him as Robert in the first season) and Lucy is just Lucy and not Lucille.

Bobby and Lucy are probably the names that appear on the respective people's passports, so I think this is okay.

- Bobby had a wooden cannon with wheels on it sitting on the right side of his desk, where the brass bird was sitting, when he was facing the senators. He must have taken it from J.R. because I noticed it on HIS desk in episode 84. Since when are either of them in to wooden cannons with wheels? Apparently, one of the senators was also likes wooden cannons with wheels. When the senators got up to leave, the cannon with wheels was gone.   Also, the brass bird was still on Bobby's desk, he walked over to the other side.
- The staff at the Southern Cross must be taking lessons from Teresa and Raoul in how to avoid doing your job.  Dusty was forced to answer the phone himself while reviewing reruns of his rodeo days.


- When Ellie took Jock's letter and document out of the envelope in the driveway, none of the pages were folded.  Yet when Ellie read the document later, it had been folded in a tri-fold business fold.  Why would she go to the trouble of folding it?   Did she stuff it in her pocket or something?

Episode 86: Five Dollars a Barrel

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett and I]

> Gary: "Old place never changes, does it?"
> Ellie: "Well, It always looks the same, anyway."

So that would mean it never changes? I'm confused.

> Ellie to Pam: "I hope you like the colors. I know they're your favorite."

Pam Award: Sly and Phyllis in their matching dresses towards the end of the episode. Memo to the wardrobe guys: stock up on these. NOW. Val nominates Gary from the mens' side.

Angelica Award: Martin Porter's tie was really an eyesore. So was Dr. Conrad's dress. Mike nominates Lucy's puffy pants.

Bobby Award: Good ol' Dr. Conrad. For the record, I have NEVER met a psychiatrist with decent hair, and I've met quite a few.

April Award: Ray's banker for going to see JR without permission.

- There's some pretty brutal cabbageing by Gary to open this episode as he proceeds to enlist all of the reasons Ellie feels stressed out. Thanks for clueing us in, pal.

- I found it really lame of Gary to want to get some "fresh Texas air" upon getting out of the limo at Southfork. Who does this? When you go to someone's place for a visit, especially your family, the first thing you do is go INSIDE the house and meet whoever's there. Then if you want some fresh air, go right ahead.

- ANDY BRADLEY SPEAKS! I was almost afraid he wouldn't.

- Here's a really grungy one. In Phyllis's first scene, she tilts her head to a very severe angle as she listens to Bobby talk. Then there's a close-up of her and her head straightens out instantaneously.

- When Bobby asks Phyllis to look for any correspondence to Mr. Greer, Phyllis turns around and looks in HER filing cabinet. Wait a minute - shouldn't such correspondence be in JR's files, which should be in Sly's filing cabinets? Perhaps this one is in - dare I say it - the RED files? Remember those? What happened to them, anyway?

- Donna says she has her plane tickets in her purse but it sure looks empty. Pam also had an empty purse on her return to Southfork.

- When Cliff barges into JR's office, Sly is tailing him as she should be - but she's smiling! Practically laughing! Why is she happy that she allows JR's worst enemy to enter his office against his express wishes?

- And I really feel like I'm picking on Phyllis, but...when she tells Bobby that Farraday called, she's clearly dubbed.

- And I'm not done! Twice in this episode, Bobby calls Phyllis into his office and asks her to bring her notepad. The first time, he gets distracted by Dr.Conrad's call and the thought of holding his wife in his arms as they drift off to sleep in their new king-sized Southfork bed, so that's understandable. But the second time, all he wants to know about is the letter that Phyllis just discovered. He clearly has no intention of dictating anything, even though he says so. Why say that? For Sly's benefit, to avoid arousing suspicion?

Rob Youngman

points out that Bobby doesn't even bother to close his office door, so this is unlikely. Even more unlikely would be the fact that he let Phyllis leave his office about thirty seconds later - wouldn't this arouse MORE suspicion on Sly's part?

- I was really disappointed to see that the copy of JR's cashier's check to Greer has no date on it. That information could have been really useful in about two weeks...but what check has no date on it? Not a legal one, that's for sure.

- This was pointed out by Val in Season 10, when Bobby has a flashback about this episode, but it's worth mentioning again here. When Bobby arrives at Reunion Arena, he QUADRUPLE-PARKS. He parks over FOUR parking spaces. I suppose the next time, he'll park against the lines and maybe with that convertible he might manage to ruin SIX spaces. Or why not take Jock's Lincoln out for a spin? That way he might be able to snag eight or even ten.

- Jeff Farraday says something odd in his conversation with Bobby. He says that if no progress is made, "he'll take the kid and go back to California". Wait a minute - I thought the kid was IN California, with friends. At least that's what Farraday said a few episodes ago.

From McAwesome:

In the final scene, JR goes to Cliff's office in somber mood to accept the ten day extension.  Cliff has already had papers drawn up for both the extension and for transfer of the Ewing 6 field.   JR, standing in his worst enemy's office, the man who has repeatedly vowed to destroy him, proceeds to sign both of these complicated, lengthy legal documents without even reading them!


Bobby still occupies the end office.

Yeah, he does occupy the end office. What's up with that? Yesterday, we saw his name on the middle office, next to JR's. Maybe he has both for some reason?

AHN Val's corner:

- When Gary was standing out by the pool, the deck was wet. How? Nobody was swimming. My guess is that Gary hosed it down in an attempt to earn his keep.
- Ray commented that Donna packed enough clothes for six months. How's that possible? Her suitcase was barely an overnight bag.

Certainly he's just kidding. The irony here is that the suitcase is actually probably empty.

- CRUDE PRICES CONTINUE TO DECLINE made the front page news. Must be a slow news day. The only people who would be interested in that information are those in the oil industry.

Occasionally stuff like that makes the front page around here when it affects a major company, but not a huge paper-wide headline. Quite right.

- Cliff wants the Ewing 6 oil field back in the Barnes family, as he claims it's rightfully theirs. I detect some symbolism here. EWING 6 is also Pam's license plate number.

Well, it is today. Tomorrow, who knows?... Good point.

- On the letter to his California lawyer, JR's signature takes up nearly half the page.

Yeah, I never really figured JR for having one of those monstro signatures.

AHN Alett's corner:

- How convenient that Bobby identifies himself on the phone to the California lawyer only as Mr. Ewing.  Any other time he would use his full name.
- Geez, this is the third time we've seen Dusty drinking and moping while watching old films and Sue Ellen just standing there.

I think it's stock footage by now. But today Sue Ellen had a REALLY SWEET hairdo while watching. I liked it a lot.

- Well, now we know why Donna and Miss Ellie were rushing off to the decorator who didn't like to be kept waiting.  Frankly, I liked the look of the bedroom better before the change.  That big blue bed overwhelms the room.
- Takapa was going to be built on swamp land, so I'm sure the architect would have needed expensive, extra supports even more so than what's needed on this land for Ray's project.   Even if Ray wasn't in on Takapa from the very beginning, Punk was.  It seems unrealistic that Punk, at least, never brings up the issue of the condition of the land.   Besides this, Ray was in on the Lubbock deal from the beginning.  Why wouldn't he know about checking out the land first?

He probably just relied on assurances from Walter Shear that everything was okay. Punk, had he been around, certainly would have had it checked out. I suppose we can give Punk the benefit of the doubt and say he maybe left the day before he would have done this.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Empty purse meter:   Donna's suitcase, her tote bag was definitely empty, her purse was empty, except for the plane ticket she told Ray she had put in it, Pam at Southfork, Lucy when she returned from dinner with Gary, Bobby carried Pam's empty suitcase and tote in to Southfork and Ellie didn't have a purse when she got out of the limo when she arrived with Gary.
- The cannon with wheels was on the move again today.  When Bobby was at his senate office, it was gone.  A few scenes later it showed up on J.R.'s desk. Then when Bobby was talking to to Phyillis it was on HIS desk.
- The brass bird has walked back over to the other side of Bobby's desk in his senate office.  Everyone else seems to be in to brass birds lately or the prop department found a sale.  There were a pair of larger brass birds on the fireplace in the Southfork living room behind J.R. while Gary was talking.  Porter, the banker, also had a pair of brass birds on his credenza.  I think they were the SAME birds that were at Southfork.
- Ellie said told Gary that she was going to fix him some lunch.  Why?  When she was talking to J.R. by the staircase the clock behind her read 10: 10.  That's much too early for lunch, especially for Gary who is still on California time which is two hours BEHIND Dallas time.  His body must be thinking it's only 8: 10 in the morning.   Ellie should have fixed him breakfast, not lunch.
- When Ellie and Gary got out of the limo and walked toward the house, the sun was high over head like it was noon and Ellie said she was going to fix Gary lunch.  When J.R. walked back outside to harass Gary, the sun was casting long shadows and was much lower in the sky, like it was early in the morning.
- Pam made a remarkable recovery....or Dr. Conrad is just that incompetent.  Two episodes ago she told Bobby that Pam was critical and that she wasn't sure when or if she was going to recover.  Now Pam is ready to go home for a visit?  Seems awfully fast to me.

Dr. Conrad is THAT incompetent. Trust me.

- Sly had a really LOUD typewriter.  The sound of her typing was heard very clearly all the way in Bobby's office.  That could get very annoying around the office.   Poor Phyllis, it must be deafening to sit by it all day.

I guess it was necessary. Since Bobby left the door open, we needed to have some indication that Sly couldn't hear him talking to Phyllis.

- Phyllis should learn to pay closer attention to Bobby's instructions.When he left the office to pick up Pam he specifically told her that if Farraday called he needed to talk to him and that he could be reached at the ranch.  The next day Phyllis told Bobby that Farraday called and she told him where they were going to meet and Bobby said OK.   Wait a minute? Wasn't Phyllis supposed to CALL BOBBY AT THE RANCH IF FARRADAY CALLED?  He didn't even ask her about it. I don't know if the phone systems were sophisticated enough in 1981 for Phyllis to call Bobby while Farraday was on the line and then connect the two of them.  Farraday's a jerk and may not have wanted to wait for her to do that anyway and just gave her a message and hung up.  But, she still should've called Bobby anyway per his instructions.  Of course he probably didn't care because no doubt he just woke up from a hot night of christening his and Pam's new bed.

I distinctly hope so, for his sake. While I haven't been there yet, I can just imagine how much it has got to suck to have someone like Pam in your bed regularly and then be deprived of it. But this is the mother of all nits for this episode and I missed itand I can't believe it.

- Pam's car was moved.  In yesterday's episode it was facing the garage in today's it was parked next to Bobby's and facing the bushes.  It also looked like someone had been driving it.  The seats were pushed forward like someone had taken something out of the back seat.

- J.R. said it wasn't like Gary to miss dinner his first night home.   It seemed like it was his ONLY night home.  We never saw him again after that scene, unless the rest of his scenes were cut.  Did he make one of his usual one-day trips home to Dallas?

Apparently so.

- Ellie told J.R. that Val didn't come with Gary because she was busy in California.   I used to watch "Knots" and I can't believe at that point in the series Val was busy doing anything except maybe her nails or coffee clutching with Karen Fairgate.  The real reason was probably that she didn't want to see J.R.  The REAL reason of course is that the producers just didn't want to PAY Joan Van Ark to appear in this episode.

Quite right but this is not unreasonable. Why should she want to see JR? Although she should want to see Lucy...

- Ray's banker came to see J.R. about securing Ray's loan with Ewing assets.  Of course this was just so J.R. would find out about Ray's problems and be able to use it to try to blackmail him out of his shares in Ewing Oil.  Also, this banker was a sleeze and J.R. is a big shot in Dallas so the banker went to him because he probably knows him.   But in the real world loan information is CONFIDENTIAL and the banker shoudln't be going to ANYONE about Ray's loan.  The commitee would either approve or refuse his request.

I'm a bit torn about this. Maybe JR has done this sort of thing for his friends in the past.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Here's a thought...  JR set up a trust for Kristin that gave her $2000 a month for a year...$24,000 annually.  But it only cost him $25,000. So the trust only made a $1000 for the work they did for JR.  Doesn't seem like much money.

To send cheques out once a month? Yeah, I suppose you're firms are that way.

- Someone commented that Jock would kick JR out of Ewing Oil when he hears about what JR has done.  Why do I doubt it?

That would be Vaughn. This time Jock might have gone over the edge. I know what you're thinking - but when the Ewings were going to lose Southfork, they were going to lose Ewing Oil too, so it would have been moot. Because of this fiasco, Ewing Oil would still exist but they would have endured a HUGE loss.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Why would Gary have to leave California and go to Dallas just to vote his shares? Ever heard of the telephone?

I suppose you're right. But i guess he would want to scope out the situation to make his decision.

- Nice pothole right in front of Ray's driveway. $3M or more in the bank and they can't get that thing fixed? It looked deep enough to swallow any tire that went over it.
- Sue Ellen's hair was down when she failed to dissuade Dusty from horse riding. Yet, when she is watching with Clayton as Dusty rides, her hair is up.

Episode 87: Starting Over

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett]

> Jordan: "You mean getting you to hand Ewing 6 over to him?"
> JR: "You knew about that?"
(Ah, yeah, I guess he did.)

Pam Award: I liked Sue Ellen's blue blouse/white skirt ensemble.

Angelica Award: Louella's ugly purple dress reappears on Sly today.

Bobby Award: Dr. Conrad and Arthur.

April Award: JR for expecting to get his public stock out right away.

I'm leaving this one to the AHNs.

AHN NIS's corner:

- Pam leaves the hospital by herself? Is that a wise thing to do for someone on the edge? I would think the good doctor should make sure that Bobby picks her up.

I suspect a TNN cut...but I spotted this right away. I don't think anybody
should be allowed to leave a psychiatric institution, even one as cushy as Brooktree, in a cab, just like that.  The implication is that it can be done because Pam checked herself in. Of course, without this, Pam wouldn't be home to see Christopher...yada, yada, yada.

- Wanted to call a nit on the car seat not being secured in Farraday's car, but I saw that you had to unsecure it before the child was removed. Seems strange, but maybe that's how you did it then.

Yes, and Bobby didn't buckle Christopher up when he first drove away. He must have realized his mistake though because Christopher is buckled up when they arrive at the ranch.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Empty Purse Meter-  Sue Ellen at the Southern Cross, Ellie at Horner's, Ellie at Southfork. Probably empty luggage meter- Pam's arm bag looks awfully light. Pam at Southfork had a bill in her purse but otherwise looked empty. Sue Ellen at the Rodeo is questionable.
- Dusty limped much better today.
- Sly seems to get Paul Winslow really fast.  She also booked JR really fast.


- JR had a rare blood type in #55 which made his operation risky.  In the 8th season, he finds out on a computer that he is type O "for ordinary"  so how come he is B now?

Because the writers need him to be. I don't know why they just couldn't have made him B in Season 8.

AHN Val's corner:

- In the opening scene JR's car was shown driving out of Southfork. However, they obviously used old stock footage because the car shown was actually JR's OLD car from the first two seasons. He has since bought a newer model. The correct car is shown at the end of this episode.
- Bobby parks in the little crosswalk space in the parking lot.

Yup. That's totally egregious.

- Miss Ellie tells Donna that--of all the boys--Ray is most like Jock in that he doesn't want to compete on a business level. That's not like Jock at all! In business, Jock played to win, and he tried to teach his boys to do the same. Miss Ellie definately has a jaded opinion of her husband.

Quite right. I really don't think she understood Jock at all.

- When Bobby and Jeff stayed in the waiting room during Christopher's doctor appointment, my jaw nearly dropped. SOMEONE should have accompanied that baby. Bobby instructed Jeff to tell the medical personnel that he was Christopher's father. With that, Jeff should have stayed with the boy.

I can't believed I missed that. Man, I've been away from doctor's offices too long.

- Also, Bobby instructed Jeff to meet him at the Dallas Medical Center. But the building they went to clearly read Westside Clinic.

It could be a part of the Dallas Medical Center.

- That car seat Jeff gave to Bobby is the flimsiest piece of plastic I have ever seen. It looks like a little carrier that little girls would use to hold their dolls. On the other hand, car seat safety was not the issue then that it is now.
- Bobby left Christopher in the car while calling Donna on the pay phone. That's bad enough, but he also had his back turned away from the car. He should have at least been facing the car (and Christopher) while he used the phone.

Yup. Quite right. A real head-shaker.

AHN Alett's corner:

- Bobby says you can't get a baby examined without the parent present.  Pam took John Ross in for a checkup at least once with no problems.  Even if this were true because of the type of exam they're asking for, then the hospital should have to verify that Farraday is "Mr. Shepard."

But Pam took him there and claimed that she was the mother. She also said her name was "Mrs. Barnes". Val points out that not only does a parent have to take the child there, they have to present while the child is being examined. I'm not sure about verification - maybe nowadays, but not in the 80s. They just cared about you having the cash.

- OK this is the first time JR has seriously considered taking the company public, but I can't believe he's naive enough to think he'll have instant megabucks for it.

Yeah, I would have thought JR would realize something like this.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Why does Dusty have to change into clean clothes after horseriding in order to herd cattle? Isn't the latter an even dirtier, sweatier activity?

I guess his herding clothes are different from his riding clothes. Miss Ellie does this a lot. It's possible that his current outfit is TOO clean for herding.

- TNN strategically placed another erectile disfunction product ad during Dusty's futile attempt to become a man at rodeo in spite of his bedroom failures. And Dusty is surely not the "man" Bobby is, when he parks at the rodeo, he only takes up two spots with yet a much larger car.
- Sue Ellen looked like she dropped in from Mars at the rodeo, wearing that culottes/dress combo with the knee length brown cowboy boots. Everyone else, including the women, were wearing jeans and cowboy shirts. No wonder she felt she couldn't fit into this lifestyle!
- Farraday is a bad businessman. He's already got Bobby on the hook for $25,000 and throws in the car seat, diapers and food for free. That looked to me like an opportunity to hit Bobby up for another standard $2000 Farraday Fee.

I don't think even Bobby's dumb enough to fall for that one.

- I'll defer to the mothers on this list, but wasn't it incredibly careless of Bobby to drive from Dallas to Southfork with the top down and the baby exposed to the sun the whole time. He should have been as bright as a red chili pepper by the time they arrived.

Maybe it wasn't so hot outside, but Val agrees with you.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Bobby must have cleaned out his senate office, or the brass bird flew over to Ewing Oil. It was on his desk along with the cannon with the wheels.  Ellie moved the brass birds from the fireplace to the built-in shelf on the right fireplace and added a couple of more brass birds to the built in shelf on the left side of the fireplace.
- Donna's really getting in to the spirit of being a "Ewing".  She was sitting around the house by herself drinking a glass of Chardonnay in the middle of the afternoon.  She was having it while she was on the phone with Bobby.
- Bobby's doctor friend must have felt like an ass when he didn't get a laugh from old college buddy Bobby for his open heart surgery joke. What a moron. But he should be happy to know that he and his old pal have the same taste in office chairs.  Alan and Bobby both have a dark brown leather chair with points on the top behind their desks.
- Here's a first.  Pam didn't look for Raoul or Teresa to do something trivial for her like carry her luggage in to the house.  She actually carried it herself.   This seemed quite convenient considering there have been times that she has asked Teresa to pour her coffee and she's sitting right next to the pot.  But I guess it was necessary so that no one would know she was in the house when Bobby came home with Christopher.
- The silver coffee service made an appearance at the Southern Cross for breakfast today.   It's the same silver coffee service the Ewings use.  It's either a very popular pattern among the rich.....or the prop guys were two cheap to buy separate coffee services for each ranch.  This will come in handy though when Clayton moves in to Southfork because their silver patterns will match.

Episode 88: Waterloo at Southfork

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Val]

> Clayton: "Would your husband have done that?"
> Ellie: "Jock?"

How many husbands do you have, Ellie?

Pam Award: Sue Ellen at the hotel. Val nominates Bobby's friend Eric.

Angelica Award: Sue Ellen's hat at the courtroom. Mike mentions Bobby's mafia cowboy outfit of black jeans and shirt with a white sportcoat and Rebecca's hideous purple jacket/cape combo with the Nehru collar.

Bobby Award: Dr. Conrad, Walter Shear, and Arthur.

April Award: Ellie for calling a board meeting when she knows what's going to happen...maybe.

- When we see Pam sitting in the nursery, there's no phone on the dresser. Remember back when Sue Ellen was seeing Clint Ogden? She called him from a phone on that dresser. It's possible that the phone was disconnected after John Ross 'left' the ranch, but this seems unlikely. The Ewings seem to like phones handy just about everywhere.

- During the Ewing Oil 'board meeting', JR refers to Ellie as "mother" - but for a good reason.

- And of course, ANDY BRADLEY SPEAKS!

AHN NIS's corner:

- Rebecca tells Bobby that the baby is dark? Whets that? Complexion? Maybe he was darker than he looked.

I think she meant complexion. It is an odd comment.

- Pam says that Christopher is talking to his bear? Ok, maybe making noises, but still seems a bit young for that kind of interaction.

Without Lucy around much, somebody has to be the 'silly one'. I guess Pam's as good a choice as anyone.

- Rebecca seems to have a middle class car for such a rich woman

Yes...she's probably comfortable with that kind of car. Older people, you know.

AHN Val's corner:

- The bed in Mitch's bedroom sits awfully low to the ground. In fact, it looks like a mattress and box springs ONLY. Were the producers too cheap to spring for a frame?

I missed that completely. I guess they figured no one would notice.

- Rebecca's car is parked facing forward down the Southfork driveway, with the rear of the car against the bushes. Don't tell me Rebecca drove up the driveway in reverse! The only reason Becky would have for parking this way would be if she was unloading a trunkful of groceries.
- Sue Ellen was awarded $6000 per month for CHILD SUPPORT! I know first-hand that children are expensive to raise, but geez! $6000 for ONE child PER MONTH!!!! My family of four lives pretty well on much less than that!

Yes, but you're not the Ewings. Child support payments are generally based on the ability to pay.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Empty purse meter...  Ellie at court, Rebecca at Southfork looked questionable. Empty briefcase meter-  JR at his office. Empty box of belongings left behind at Southern Cross meter- Clayton at Sue Ellen's hotel. Empty secretary desk due to budget cuts meter-  Phyllis
- Plastic surgery meter-  looks like a new Raoul.
- I thought it was rather rude that Ellie didn't invite Pam downstairs while EVERYONE else in the house was at that meeting.

Would she have come? It would have meant being away from Christopher for ten minutes. That's not gonna happen.

- I am sure everyone caught the horrendous cabbaging in this episode.... At the beginning, Ellie telling JR about how he depleted their money and mortgaged their assets.... JR's lawyer with very precise accounts of Sue Ellen's doctors and how they were in her plot first season, etc.

Yeah. Howard's cabbageing can be sort of excused since he may be practicing for court.

- Wow, was that a long winded judge or what?  He sure took his time getting to the point about custody... used every dramatic trick in the book....  "And now for the matter......of custody of... the minor,,, John Ross 3rd...It is my decision.... etc. etc...."

I think everyone was told to fill as much time as necessary. There's always a need to overdramatize.

-  I also wonder why they even bothered to have that voter's meeting. Ellie controls 40%, JR controls 20%... Obviously he would vote to keep himself in office and as he points out, there is no one else whom she could put in his place.  Since she basically lets him stay in office, nothing much happens.

I bet that Ellie would have voted him out if Bobby had. It's iffy.

AHN Alett's corner:

- It's odd that Afton will stay with Mitch until she finds a place of her own. Why wouldn't she still have the apartment she had been in?

JR must have put her up in an apartment which is no longer available to her.

- In her conversation with Clayton, Sue Ellen seems to finally be realistic about how far JR will go.  Then outside the courtroom, she's shocked that he'll fight her until she has just the clothes on her back and a tin cup in her hand.  "You wouldn't do that."

I guess even she hadn't thought it through completely.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Poor Christopher. Looks like another Ewing sire will grow up having nightmares about that awful decor in the baby's room at Southfork.

I would say any such trauma is offset by having his mother's face looking down at him all the time. And if Christopher is being breast-fed, then I dare say that he is one lucky son-of-a-Kristin.

- Dr. Conrad's hair was tri-colored today and one of those colors was a blue tint. She has really weird hair in that there are patches in various spots that are different colors. I suspect Gretchen Wyler got this gig because she was a friend of Hagman's mom, Mary Martin. Both likely knew each other from their Broadway careers and Hagman likely knew Wyler as a family friend when he was growing up.

That explains it. Thanks for the info. I didn't realize that buddy-buddy stuff was going on already. I thought that came later.

- Is that tiny oil rig with the perpetual pumping motion on JR's credenza new? I don't remember seeing it before.

I think we've seen something similar once or twice - this particular one may be new.

- Also, was one of the single chairs removed from the Southfork family room? Seems to me there used to be two side by side in front of the book shelf and facing directly toward the camera. These are the chairs the porcelain dog used to sit next to.
- Kudos to Bobby for consistency. He doesn't make any of the votes as senator and he passes on the Ewing board vote as well.

I guess we can give him credit where it's due. Probably Pam's influence.

- Jeez it HAD to be a really slow news day in Dallas for all those photographers and reporters to show up for the Ewing divorce hearing! What was the attraction? It wasn't like this had been a highly publicized and bitter proceeding that played out in the media prior to the hearing.
- How come JR didn't try to bribe or influence the judge in this important hearing? That should have been standard operating procedure for him.

That's an excellent question. My only answer is that he's been distracted by the loan thing. Perhaps JR figured he didn't have to because Sue Ellen would have practically made the case against herself. .

AHN Pam's corner:

- There was an empty missed in the empty meters. Afton's luggage was obviously empty since she had no trouble carrying it.
- The cannon with the wheels was on J.R.'s desk today.  The brown and beige placemats made yet another appearance along with the silver coffee service and china cups and saucers at the Southfork breakfast table.  This looks ridiculous!  These placemats are much too casual for silver and china.  Also, Dr. Conrad's china coffee service was used again during her conversation with Bobby.
- Dr. Conrad offered Bobby a cup of coffee, that was nice. But it's a good thing he didn't accept or she couldn't have had a cup herself since there was only ONE cup on the tray. After she poured her cup the only other items that were on the tray were the pot and a cream and sugar.

Good call. I guess she just had some.

- When Ellie went to the Southern Cross she and Clayton were drinking what looked like water.  But there was no pitcher.  This was odd, there's always a pitcher of something to drink on the table outside at the Farlows.  What did Clayton do, have Maria bring out two lousy glasses of water?  What if Ellie wanted a second glass?

I guess they read the script and knew that Ellie wasn't going to be around too long.

- Gary should've thought again before passing his ten shares off to the immature Lucy.   She wouldn't have cared WHAT J.R. did, though this time he just happened to be DEAD WRONG.  She would've voted him out anyway based on her own personal feelings, not based on the facts and what may or may not be good for Ewing Oil. Of course Gary might not care since he too has no love lost for J.R.  She practically whined like a spoiled child when Ellie decided to vote her and John Ross's shares to let J.R. remain as president.

This whole thing was on the ridiculous side. I wish more had been made out of the fact that JR just simply made a bad business decision.

Episode 89: Barbecue Two

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Val]

> Ellie: "John Ross WILL be here. I invited Sue Ellen to bring him."
> Lucy: "And she agreed?" 

(Yeah, I guess she must have.)

Pam Award: Katherine in New York ties with Ray's old flame Toni. Bobby's lawyer friend gets a mention as long as he's around.

Angelica Award: Cliff's 'Bobby' look at the barbecue.

Bobby Award: Haskell, the Ewing Oil accountant. Katherine's hair at the barbecue was pretty bad too.

April Award: Rebecca and Ellie for thinking that JR wants peace in his life.

- Why would Lucy call Dr. Waring's office for Mitch? That is truly lame. Mitch has a pager...wouldn't THAT be the logical place to call? Even if Lucy doesn't know about the pager, I can't see her calling the doctor's office.

-When JR was playing with John Ross, there were a couple of blocks sitting on top of the first 'M' in Mommy in one shot and gone in the next. Not only that, but the blocks change color! When JR first makes the words, MAMA is all in yellow, and then he spells DADDY using a yellow D, a red A, a blue D, a yellow D, and then a blue Y. However, the blocks end up as below:


John Ross's new block set. This is such a cute scene.

- Cliff walks into Rebecca's apartment and picks up a pear to eat. The odd thing is that he starts eating it from the tip of the pear. Who does that?

- Cliff tells Afton he wants to invite her to lunch. They must have cut that scene in favor of a later dinner scene.

- When Bobby talks to Eric in his office, there's suddenly some huge building behind him outside the window... where the heck did that come from? Veronica pointed this out in Episode 92 but it's already here.

That's a great nit! Thanks a lot.

From Rob Trimble:

When the cars are arriving in the driveway and dropping guests off, the big white Cadillac with the BIG horns on the hood comes through twice! I can't believe there are two of those in the world, and they both arrive at Southfork right after each other. I think they shot those scenes out of order and forgot they had already used that car, or did not have enough cars.

AHN NIS's corner:

- Cliff has a new desk too. He's not without influence you know.

Desk? Look closely. It's a table! Like a big card table. He shouldn't have gotten rid of the old one. Now he has no cabinet space!

- At the Krebbs interview, there is a photographer taking still pictures. Isn't this a TV station? The photographer seems to be standing in the way of the TV cameraman who seems to be standing quite a ways back from the interview at the table.

The photographers in this episode are weird. They always shoot their pictures into the sun. The first guy in the bookstore deliberately tells Donna to get closer to the window. Why? So he can get a nice shot of her shadow? This is pretty dumb.

- Pam says it's too late to take the baby out. Isn't it still afternoon?

Pam is stupid. That's all I have to say. I just think she's scared to death of what mean old Mr. Sun will do to her perfect baby. He might shrivel up like a grape. It's best that he stays inside where I can see him all the time because I'm going to ignore everybody else and pretend the rest of the world doesn't

- Does JR call John Ross 'sugar' when he stands up to leave Sue Ellen's place? (Sugar? to a boy?)

I missed this at first, but checked the tape and you're right! Very odd.

- Miss Ellie is making chili for the party. That's fine, except it seems that she would have to make one hell of a lot of it to feed everyone. Much more than that one pot she had on the stove. Maybe its limited edition chili.

I don't know how it goes at Texas BBQs but I suspect you're right.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Donna comes to Southfork to mooch coffee and uses the excuse of inviting the women to her book photographing.
- So where are the caterers from the last BBQ?  Tilly said that she has been doing the BBQ for years when we saw it in #5.

Maybe the mini-series was a bad dream. Or possibly Tilly works for Deltham Catering.

-  Looks like a new Teresa at breakfast.  Where the heck is Roseanna Christensen?

No idea.

- Empty purse meter-  Sue Ellen when she looks at her new place, Pam and Ellie at her place, Rebecca at the BBQ.
- Just a note.. Clayton says that Sue Ellen will need financial help in handling all of her wealth now.  This appears to be where she gets the money that Cliff wants later in the season.

Yes, it seems you're right...but the only thing mentioned was the 6000 a month in child support. Did she get some community property, in addition to alimony? If so, why weren't we told?

- The BBQ is annual.... so what happened to the 2nd and 3rd season BBQ?

I'd like to know that too.

- Cliff tells Afton that he is preoccupied with "news of an old friend".   What is he talking about?  TNN subplot cut?

I suspect that he might have just heard that Sue Ellen is finally divorced and is moving back to Dallas. I'm sure that a scene between them was cut because they look awfully cozy at the barbecue.

- It could be a camera angle but Sue Ellen's hair looks different in the nursery than it does outside when she bumps into Cliff.
- Anne Lucas is credited.  I wonder if there was a Cassie scene at Cattlemen's Club or if she played another character.

I don't recall seeing her. Clearly she was cut.

AHN Val's corner:

- I noticed that Larry Deltham was quite disappointed when Miss Ellie told him there whould be no barbecue this year. I get the feeling that the Ewing barbecue is the backbone of his catering business. He probably makes a few months wages on that one job alone.

I bet he does. Probably sends his kids to college on the booze alone.

- If Lucy hates JR so much, why does she continue to sit on the same side of the breakfast table as him? I don't see why she doesn't move over next to Pam. No one else sits there.

This is a good question but I know the real world reason. The camera sits there.

- Sue Ellen was gushing to Clayton about how great it was to have her own money to spend and lots of it. Clayton then offered to help her arrange financing on the townhouse. Wait a minute! If Sue Ellen's so rich, WHY does she need FINANCING?!?!? Sounds to me like she could afford to buy the house outright.

Probably for tax purposes or something like that.

- Christopher was badly dubbed. He was making squealing sounds right after Pam put a spoonful of food in his mouth.
- Miss Ellie was making chili for the barbecue. Sure, she was using a large stock pot, but does she really think that that ONE pot of chili will be enough to feed the HUNDREDS of guests that are expected for the event? Surely not.

Well, if it's THAT hot, maybe people won't take so much.

- Katherine told Rebecca that she'll be landing at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport at 11: 30. OK fine, but she didn't tell her mother the flight number, or even the airline. How are Cliff and Rebecca supposed to find Katherine at a large airport like DFW?

Hmm. I'm trying to think how many planes would be coming in to Dallas from New York at any given time of day. That's iffy, but I see your point.

- Also in the same conversation, Rebecca asked Katherine what time her job interview was. It sounds to me like the interview was supposed to be the same day as the barbecue, and I assume that a large event like the Ewing Barbecue would take place on a weekend--maybe Saturday. So why would anyone schedule a job interview on a SATURDAY?
- At dinner with Cliff, Afton referred to the bar she used to sing at as the Stardust. It was the StarDRIFT. Lucy confirms this later in the episode.
- Dusty gave Clayton his Rolls Royce and Clayton drove it all the way to Dallas from San Angelo just to see Sue Ellen and go to the barbecue. I would have thought that he would have flown in and rented a car. Clayton can afford it.

Maybe he likes to drive. That's an interesting point.

AHN Alett's corner:

- Yuck, Ellie, Lucy, and probably JR are all double-dipping in the chili.


- All the block spelling lessons are cute, but the words aren't doing John Ross much good. They're upside down for him.

Oh, he can't tell the difference. Let's cut them some slack here. I LOVE that scene.

-  Sue Ellen arrives at the BBQ holding John Ross on her lap instead of having him safely buckled in a car seat.

AHN Pam's corner:

- I wanted to smack Pam!  Donna was very excited over her new book and invited Pam, Lucy and Ellie to her photo session and Pam couldn't bring herself to leave precious for a few hours?  This was absolutely pathetic!  I know she's thrilled to have him, but come on I think he'd be fine with Teresa for a few hours. She did manage to leave him long enough to go visit Sue Ellen.  But I'm not sure Bobby was ever going to get his dance with her at the BBQ.

I don't think so either. I bet you Ellie had to physically push her into the car.

- Now Rebecca is in to the brass bird thing too. She had a pair of them on the end table behind her while she was talking to Katherine.
-  Speaking of the restaurant Cliff and Afton dined at, it was the SAME establishing shot used last season when Pam and Rebecca had the Caesar salads and also used a few episodes ago for I believe one of Ray's meetings.  Yet each time the interior was completely different.
- Lucy's a bonehead!  She called Mitch at work to ask him to come to the BBQ?  I can't believe she was so excited and had nothing better to do that this couldn't wait until the evening when Mitch was off of work and at home.  Has she been away from the condo and him for so long that she forgot the phone number? Also, she is a MARRIED WOMAN who was acting like a teenager with her first real boyfriend because Mitch was coming to the BBQ.  If she's so damn hot for him and can't wait to see him, here's a piece of advice, GO HOME!!  What a loser!

Quite right.

- Dr. Waring's secretary buzzed his office because there was a phone call for Mitch.   The doctor NEVER asked who was on the other end or told her to put the call through.  Yet when he handed Mitch the phone, Lucy was already on the other end.

This whole thing was weird.

-  I daresay the filming sequence may have been very obvious during this episode.   I have to say that the scene in which Sue Ellen and Clayton were looking at her house and the scenes of Sue Ellen at the BBQ may have been filmed the same day.  Sue Ellen had that very unusually curly hairdo in those scenes.
- Sue Ellen told Ellie and Pam that the movers had just left and that's why the furniture was such a mess. Movers?  Doesn't she mean the store that delivered the furniture just left since she just bought furniture?  Then Ellie told her she'd have someone from the ranch come over and help her move the furniture.  Why?  The delivery guys will set that stuff up for you any way you'd like it when they deliver it.  At least that's how it's worked any time I've ever had furniture delivered.

I didn't catch that but I'm sure you're right.

- John Ross seemed very quiet for a two or three year-old.  He hasn't seen J.R. in awhile, I'd think this kid would be chattering non-stop.

Yup. It's a shame the way they make Tyler Banks be super-quiet.

- The breakfast dishes are very strange around Southfork.  They use a very fancy silver coffee service and formal china cups outside, but then they use a more casual looking everyday china set inside. I'd think this would be the other way around.  Of course, I'd be using non-breakable thermal pot outside and plastic dishes.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Is there such a thing as newspaper cabbaging? "The headline "Ewing Divorce Case Ends" certainly qualifies for that appellation.

Certainly there's such a thing as newspaper cabbageing. Newspapers don't come out of nowhere.

- Donna the moocher shows up for another free breakfast at SF. She doesn't even ask to sit down, she just plops down and starts in.
- Mitch has never been to or heard of the Ewing ANNUAL barbecue? That means he and Lucy met, dated, married, separated and have spent a good deal of time apart after the seperation and still a year hasn't gone by?

I guess so. Weird...but then again, maybe the subject never came up.

- In the first dance floor scene at the barbecue it appears people are dancing without music. Several couples are also moving at different speeds.  And who was Afton dancing with? Never saw that guy before. Mitch may have great potential as a plastic surgeon, but he has no potential as a dancer. He looked totally lame.

Almost everyone who was dancing DID look lame. I don't think it's possible to look cool while dancing to country music, unless maybe it's Shania Twain or something.

Episode 90: The Search

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of me]

> Lucy: "What if they find him before you get there?" 
Well, gee, I don't know, Lucy. Maybe they'll just come back or something! Sheesh.

No awards today, in honor of DA MAN.

For an episode in which there's not a whole lot of action, there's a lot of nits:

- Lucy never ceases to amaze me with her density. When the family is discussing plans for the men to head down to South America and aid in the search, Lucy asks, "What if they find him before you get there?"

- When Ellie receives the call from the reporter, two very strange things happen. First of all, Ellie pushes a button on the phone as she receives the call, as if she's pressing a Line button. Since when does Southfork have more than one line? No other phone has buttons to switch lines.

- Not only that, but Ellie says, "I've got it, Bobby", as if Bobby picked up the phone too. I don't ever recall this happening at any other time on Dallas - two people picking up the phone at the same time. I don't mind it; it's a natural thing and it's a nice touch of reality. It's just very odd.

- I understand Ellie's restlessness, but why, oh, why, oh, why does she start cleaning the fridge because she can't sleep? I pointed out before that in one episode Ellie enters a room and starts making the bed. As I pointed out then, these people are rich. They can afford to have Raoul and Teresa do these things for them. Not that Ellie shouldn't be able to do either one of these things; it just doesn't seem like the natural thing for her to do in this situation. She should knit, or sew, or something. I just don't see her as a domestic.

- This one is totally egregious. If you taped it, watch as the plane takes off. The scene cuts to the cabin of the aircraft, and we see flight attendants serving drinks. Then we cut back to the plane, and it is still ascending! No airline, and I mean NO AIRLINE would EVER serve drinks as the plane is taking off! I don't care if you're sitting in first class - there is no way you would be able to keep a drink cart level! This is ridiculous!

- Once Bobby, Ray and JR arrive at the camp, they tell Punk they plan to move out at 'first light'. I can tell you for sure that when their jeep gets moving, it's at least an hour after first light. Slow movers.

From Mike D:

Early in the episode, the boys wax nostalgic about Jock's teaching them survival in the wilderness. They drive a jeep out to the edge of the woods in a completely foreign and scary land in deep South America and park it. They'll have to walk.  They then start wading into dense jungle without making a single mark of any sort.  They changed directions several times, then emerged into a clearing.  Then they went 5 miles away to the lake. They will NEVER be able to find that jeep!  It's a good thing they met up with other people, otherwise Jock might have been joined by 3 others ...

From Bob Croasdale:


JR, Ray and Bobby are going to fly to South America on what looks like a Southwest Airlines 737 out of Dallas?  When did Southwest fly to South America?   Why wouldn't they show an American Air 747?  Also,I fly first class and I have never been allowed to drink during takeoff!  I know JR has clout, but not that kind.

AHN Jason's corner:

- For the first time this season, there are no Also stars.... I think it is too bad that they didn't bring Gary and Val back for this.  I mean half the episode is flashback, part is on SF and the rest looks to be in someone's overgrown backyard.   PS, are there palm trees in South America?  I thought I saw one.

It was probably shot in California, near the Sierra Nevada or something.

-   Ellie claims to be confused about time zones in South America. What is so confusing? The most they would be is an hour or two off.. it's not like they would call in the middle of the night and she would be expecting them to call in the day... Besides, were time zones ever REALLY were a trouble on Dallas?

Excellent point. I'm trying to determine where in South America there would be a camp near an inland oil deposit with a country just to the north which would be a potential revolutionary area. My best guess is northern Argentina. But that's irrelevant, since actually ALL of South America is actually east of Dallas, so they would be between one and three hours ahead.

- Ray and JR sleep with their boots on.
- Ellie tells Donna about JR and Bobby's accident.  She claims it was "about 4 years ago".  It was maybe Nov of 78 and this is January of 1982, so I think that it was more like 3 years ago.
- Where did Sue Ellen get her new outfit from?  She didn't plan on staying the night.

I'm sure she left the odd outfit at Southfork considering she left in the proverbial dead of night.

- I had to laugh when Sue Ellen told the taxi company that she would leave word at the gate to let him in.  Security?  at Southfork?  I doubt it.

Quite right.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Empty purse meter:   Lucy was the only one when she went in to Braddock.  Sue Ellen didn't have one when she was leaving Southfork.  How did she plan to pay for her cab ride home?

She'll probably pay him when they get to her home.

- Ellie was cleaning out the refrigerator late at night.  I can understand this, I do this sort of thing when I'm trying to work off nervous energy.  But, when she turned to talk to Bobby she left the refrigerator door open and then walked out of the room after finishing their conversation.  Bobby never closed it either.  I wonder if it stayed open all night?
- Ellie was very badly dubbed twice during this episode.  The first time was when she left the kitchen after talking to Bobby.  The second was when she left the bedroom after talking to Sue Ellen.
- A first!  Bobby told J.R. he was putting away a lot of booze.  No one ever seems to keep track of this sort of thing.  J.R. must really need that booze. Donna said that their flight was at 7: 30 in the morning.  Since the flight attendants felt it was OK to start serving while the plane was still ascending, I'd say it's more than 8: 00.  This is early, even by J.R.'s standards.
- I'm sure it was very hot in Dallas the day of the BBQ.  Bobby and Ray both had beads of sweat on them during the last episode.  We also know that the South American jungle was very hot by the perspiring that was going on today.  So WHY would Ray and J.R. both wear SPORTS COATS and WHY would Bobby carry a LEATHER JACKET?  This was just stupid!  Sports coats and leather jackets are the LAST thing one would ever want to take to a South American jungle.

True. But it might be sensible for the Sierra Nevada, where I believe this was filmed.

- J.R. had two drinks and he must have been drinking them at the same time.  Bobby picked up a drink off of J.R.'s tray and finished it off......YUCK!  Then J.R. picked up ANOTHER drink that was half full and slammed it.  Either that, or the airline has been skimping on the shots of bourbon.
- Donna seemed to get the airlines on the phone and get the flight information in record time.  She must be taking lessons from Sly.

AHN Mike's corner:

- I thought Ewing Oil had its own jet. Why wouldn't they fly that and get out in a couple of hours instead of waiting until the next morning? Time would appear to be of the essence here.

I don't think that jet is designed for intercontinental flying. I'd defer to someone who knows more.

- Huge credibility gap. If you're flying a helicopter in a remote, uninhabited jungle area of "South America", what are the odds that there will be a small plane flying in exactly the same spot and height during a storm and the two will crash? It would have been so much more believable if the copter had simply been struck by lightning and went down.

But then there wouldn't be a white-haired guy flying the other plane who [insert ominous pause here] MIGHT be Jock.

- How can the search team all sleep out in the open at the lake? If this is really "South America" they would all be eaten alive by insects before morning, not to mention snakes and other dangers.
- Sure finding the locket in the lake was a meaningful clue but don't you think that after that one flashback finding the adoption lady's glasses would have been even more meaningful?
- When the Brothers Ewing return to face Miss Ellie, all three are in makeup beard stubble instead of the real thing. On my big-screen TV it looked more like they've been servicing cars with oil leaks than growing beards.

AHN Alett's corner:

- That jeep ride through the jungle is a repeat.  When they cut away and come back to them later, the view of them with blurred green foliage in the foreground has been used twice.
- When Miss Ellie gets up from bed, she doesn't appear to be wearing a bra under her nightgown, and there's no indication she's had a mastectomy.

NGN Stephen's corner:

- Am I only one who finds the manner of Jock's death a little grisly. I realise that they had to kill Jock off after Jim Davis died but was it really necessary to drown in him in mud at the bottom of a South American lake?

Episode 91: Denial

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett]

> Lucy to Roger: "Did you really take all these?"
( Since it's HIS studio, does she even realize what an insult this is?)
Pam Award: Bobby's friend Eric ties with Sue Ellen.

Angelica Award: I really disliked Donna's suit, complete with ugly tie. Ray's open shirt is always good for a mention, as are the Cattlemen Club's Playboy bunny outfits. Lucy's pastel outfit also got a vote.

Bobby Award: JR's beard. Larry, PLEASE shave.

April Award: Sue Ellen for letting Tom into her house and nearly getting herself raped. Wasn't the Luther Frick thing enough for her?

- On Christopher's medical record, why is his mother's name spelled 'Kristen'? It has always been 'Kristin'. I guess some hospital worker typed it incorrectly, but this is a rather blatant oversight.

- When Serena wakes JR up at 2 AM, she looks wide awake. Shouldn't she at least yawn? Or is she used to being awake at that hour?

- Didi tells Sue Ellen she has to be home to fix dinner for her husband so he doesn't get upset. But at her party, we see a maid and butler. Even if she just hired them for the evening, that must mean she's rich enough to not have to worry about such things.

- When Bobby dials Ewing Oil to tell Phyllis he's going to be late, he only dials 5 or 6 numbers. The sound is somewhat muffled so it's hard to tell, but it is definitely less than seven.

- When Bobby tells JR that Harve wants to declare Jock legally dead, JR says he'd like to see Bobby convince Miss Ellie to 'go ahead with that hearing'. That hearing? Which hearing would that be? No one said anything about a hearing to JR. It's possible that JR put two and two together and realized that Jock couldn't be declared dead without a hearing, but given his state of mind, it's unlikely.

- More on that last one: later, when Bobby sits Ellie down and talks to her about this issue, he tells her that 'we have to go ahead with that hearing' - what hearing? You haven't mentioned anything about a hearing, Bobby! You act like it's been discussed at the dinner table. What gives?

- As Lucy and Roger talk, he compliments her. They're about ten paces apart or so. Suddenly she has a cup of water in her hand and so does he, and they're about two steps apart. What happened? I suspect a cut.

- Bobby's parking still leaves something to be desired.

- When Bobby and Harve are talking about convincing Ellie to declare Jock dead, JR walks in and goes over to the liquor cabinet. Why? Doesn't he have a well-stocked cabinet in his office? I understand he might be hitting the drinks a little hard since Jock died, but this is egregious.

- One of the main reasons JR is depressed is because he doesn't have custody of John Ross and he feels like he let Jock down by allowing that to happen. Okay, I'll accept that. But JR, why do you waste the better part of this episode trying vainly to call Sue Ellen and talk to her? If you're really that concerned about seeing or getting your son, or even if you just want to give Sue Ellen a piece of your mind and it's burning you up inside, then go and park outside her door! She's got to come home some time, right? I don't get it.

- AHN NIS submitted:

Did Bobby just walk up and take a drink out of Pam's coffee cup when she was with Lucy in the kitchen? I know they are married but still...

I honestly didn't notice. I'll take your word for it.

AHN Veronica's corner:

- If I hear Sue Ellen say "JOAN ROSH" instead of John Ross one more time I think I am gonna scream.!

It's better than when she says 'Pimla'.

- When J.R. is at the Cattlemen's Club drinking and Cliff comes in to rub J.R.'s nose in it about Ewing 6......J.R. scrounges Cliff out of the booth and J.R. walks away......but he didn't have his hat.......J.R. never goes anywhere or leaves anyplace without his hat!!!!!!!  I thought about this later and thought maybe the waitress took it and hung it up somewhere but that is not possible because J.R. always takes his hat off when he sits down in the restaurant not when he first walks in to the restaurant.

Excellent point! I guess he was so obsessed about tracking down Sue Ellen that he just plumb forgot about it. He is sans chapeau when he reaches her place.

- When Bobby changed the names on Baby Christopher's Birth Certificate he used white out then immediately put the paper into the typewriter. There was no way that the White Out could have dried that fast. He probably had tiny smears of White Out all over the roller of the typewriter and the ribbon. Geez Bobby! Give it a second, there is no one in the office. You know you wont get caught!

I was busy making summary notes so I didn't catch this. Good one!

AHN Jason's corner:

- I think JR was eavesdropping outside Bobby's open door, so that that is how he knew about the hearing Harve suggested.  I think he came into the office to get the drink either because he drank his cabinet dry (or at least his favorite type of alcohol) or he just needed an excuse to go in there and say his mind.

Quite possible, just kinda odd for JR.

- Empty purse meter: Sue Ellen and her friend after their shopping spree. Phyllis crams a wallet into her otherwise empty purse.  Sly appears to just have a hanky in hers.   Lucy with Mitch was questionable.
- It looks like Phyllis is not at her desk during the first shot of the outer office but then she is heard on the intercom.
- Christopher seems to be eating out of a regular chair, not a high chair.
- It seems strange that both secretaries would go to lunch together. Who would greet at the office? I don't think they were going to lock the doors.

I have absolutely no idea. Maybe the Phantom.

- Lucy and Roger suddenly have coffee cups that appear out of no where. Looks like they did cut the scene.

AHN Alett's corner:

- Boom problems - There's one clearly seen over Sly's head when she talking with Mr. Hutton.  There's also an obvious moving shadow of one at the Cattlemen's Club with JR and Cliff.
- Sue Ellen definitely needs a peephole and a guard dog.

And some mace. And possibly some mifepristone.

- Sue Ellen told Clayton part of why she moved back to Dallas was to be a part of things again, be with her friends.  She must be remembering them from her old drinking days.   Could these people be any more shallow?  And DeeDee - geez.  She's either clueless about Tom, or worse yet, she does know what he's like and still tries to fix Sue Ellen up with him.

It gets worse with Didi and the rest. Wait till tomorrow.

AHN Val's corner:

- In the kitchen, Miss Ellie played the Anti-Grandma today. When walking past a frying pan on the stove, she turned the handle (which had been pointed sideways) towards the FRONT of the stove. This would be very dangerous if someone (adult or child) walked by and bumped right into that potentially hot pan. She should have turned it toward the BACK of the stove. I do this all the time out of habit.
- JR's old Mercedes--the one from he drive during the first two seasons--was parked in front of Serena's apartment building.
- Sue Ellen's friend's house is the SAME house as Kenny and Ginger Ward's place on Knots Landing. A few cosmetic changes (furniture, mainly) were evident, but the basic layout and design were the same.
- And here's a thumbs-up for Sue Ellen's golden globular rotary phone. Soooooo cool! I just love wacky little things like that. Too bad it doesn't stay around long. She'll soon be switching to a generic almond touch-tone number like the ones the phone companies used to rent out.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Sly has gone blonder suddenly.
- Teresa must be having a blast with nothing to do on the job except answer the phones and the door. Miss Ellie seems to have psychotically taken over all the cooking and cleaning. And have you noticed since Jock died that while the three boys are boozing heavily, Miss Ellie has become a caffeine freak? Seems like everytime we see her now she's either drinking, pouring or brewing coffee. No wonder she can't sleep at night and has all that excess energy for cooking and cleaning.

I guess that explains it.

- Harve has shaved his moustache and is sporting a pinky ring.
- In his scene on the phone, Ray looked like he hadn't combed his hair for days.

He probably hasn't.

- Why does Cliff have a sissy yellow phone? And speaking of phones, I thought Sue Ellen's eight ball phone was about the ugliest phone I've ever seen. She didn't get that one form AT&T, that's for sure. Also hadn't Cliff already seen and talked to Sue Ellen at the barbecue, which was after her divorce? He made it sound like this was the first time they had spoken since the

I noticed that too. I think this scene was destined for Episode 89 but they changed it around.

- How did Tom know that forced sex was a method that usually works with Sue Ellen? Was he channeling JR at the time?
- What is that house that suddenly appears in the backround at the back of Ray's property? His house is on Southfork. The Ewing residence is the only other house on that land.

I totally missed that. Maybe it's a bunkhouse.

- Both Cliff and Sue Ellen let JR go off and drive drunk. Friends don't let friends drive drunk, right? Oops, the operative word here is "friend". Never mind.
- Bobby's red shirt with the epaulets is back. Wish he had left it at the bottom of that lake in South America.

AHN Pam's corner:

-  Who is this DiDi person, and all of those other people?  Where and when did she pick these people up? Supposedly they were Sue Ellen's 'friends'.  So does that mean they were also J.R.'s 'friends' too? We've never seen them before.   Personally, I can't see J.R. hanging with this crowd.  Did they have separate friends during their marriage?

Apparently they did. Where's Linda Bradley, et al, with whom Sue Ellen was so cozy? It's possible that Didi was an acquaintance through the DOA or something.

- Bobby and Pam have switched sides of the bed. Whenever we've seen them in the past, Pam's been on the right and Bobby on the left.  Today they were reversed.  This isn't necessarily a nit, they can switch sides if they want to.  But most married people have their side of the bed and even if a new bed is bought they generally stay on the same side.

Quite right.

- Pam must be a very light sleeper.  Bobby rolled over and her eyes flew open immediately.  I'd say maybe his tossing and turning all night kept her awake, but she sure looked like she was asleep when they cut to the scene.  She also asked him how long he'd been awake which led me to believe that she was asleep for awhile and thought he was too.  Maybe this is more normal than I think.  I'm a very deep sleeper so my husband could toss and turn all night and I wouldn't know the difference.
-  Is Ellie in such denial over Jock's death that she can't even bring herself to eat in the dining room and look at his chair?  She said it 'might be nice to have dinner in here (the kitchen) for a change'.  Since when?  We've seen the kitchen a lot lately, they must want to get all the mileage they can out of the new set.

- Serena had some very strange lamps in her bedroom.  She turned the switch on one lamp and they BOTH came on.  That would really suck if one person wanted to turn on the lamp to read and the other person wanted to sleep.  Fortunately for Serena with her profession, she doesn't have to worry about necessarily disrupting someone else's sleep.  I could understand both lamps coming on if she'd used a switch on the wall, both could be plugged in to that outlet. But I've NEVER seen lamps that both come on by turning on a switch on one of the lamps.  None of mine work this way.
- I'd like to smack both Lucy and Mitch.  These are people that supposedly want to work out their problems to save their marriage.  How exactly are they doing that?   Any time we see them, they talk about everything BUT their marriage.  Most of the time their conversations are just plain LAME and have no purpose whatsoever, much like their whole marriage in the first place.

- Why in the hell would Lucy go to Roger, a PHOTOGRAPHER, looking for work?  I would think the best thing to do would be to say, get an AGENT?  Maybe big shot Alex Ward could have referred her to one. It was lucky for her that Roger just happened to be seeing Blair Sullivan within the next couple of days.  BTW, how did Lucy know where to find Roger anyway?  He photographed Donna at the book store, but I don't remember him even talking to Lucy let alone giving her his business card, unless he gave one to Donna or something.

It was cut. Certainly Lucy talked to Roger at that point but we didn't see it.

Episode 92: Head of the Family

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Dave]

> Ellie: "I want us to start acting like a family "
Again? Since when, when JR was 12?

> Blair: "Interested?"
> Lucy: "Kinda..."

Pam Award: Sue Ellen at Didi's place.

Angelica Award: I didn't like Pam's horizontally striped dress with the big red bow. Sue Ellen's pouffy shirt wasn't so hot either.

Bobby Award: Ray and Dr. Conrad

April Award: To be announced. Lots of candidates.

- Phyllis must have a really bad memory. She tells Bobby that 'someone named Jeff Farraday called'. Jeff Farraday called Bobby at the office several times, only five or six episodes ago! She must have a lot on her mind.

- I was going to call a nit on Sue Ellen hiring three helpers just to give a small dinner party, but I guess it's a matter of keeping up appearances. But there is still a nit here - where do these helpers go? Shouldn't one of them be serving drinks, since there's not a whole lot else to do? Why does everyone have to get their own drinks? Is it just so Henry can get up close and personal with Sue Ellen's goodies?

- When JR arrives home and goes into his room, it looks like his lamp was on before he got there.

AHN NIS's corner:

- Southfork gets mail so early in the morning? We see Miss Ellie with the mail when she is surprised by JR the 'early bird'.

She might have been speaking relatively. For instance, 11 AM on Saturday is early for me. The better question is why there is mail on Saturday, come to think of it. I'm in Canada, so I don't it normal in the States to receive mail on Saturday?

- Sue Ellen has a regular looking phone on the counter in her house now. She changes the phone so soon after moving in?

I didn't notice this. Good call.

AHN Veronica's corner:

- Here is something that I just noticed----When did Bobby get that Red couch in his office?  Was it there yesterday?  

I honestly didn't notice it today or yesterday.

-  TNN CUTS STRIKE AGAIN!!!!!!-----One minute Bobby and Miss Ellie are at what appears to be the breakfast table--then the next thing we know Bobby, Miss Ellie, Pam, Christopher are having AFTER DINNER DRINKS with Dr. Conrad...ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  Plus notice that Miss Ellie is wearing that same MAROON dress that she was wearing when she called Bobby's office about the recently delivered cattle. This is highly unlikely that a Ewing (let alone Miss Ellie)  would wear a dress around the house one day and then to DINNER the next!!!!   I have a feeling that this episode was badly botched.

I must have been half-asleep because I totally missed the part about Ellie's dress. As for the cuts, I'm just so sick of having to deal with them.

- When Bobby goes into J.R.'s office notice that J.R. is stirring up tomato juice (probably a Bloody Mary) with a large amount of ice in it. Then when the camera goes back to J.R. he is holding a glass of Juice with only 2 chunks of ice in it. Hmmm...very interesting. Maybe J.R. likes to munch on ice.

I was asleep. I must have been. I can't believe I missed this.

- Why do all the guests arrive at one time at Sue Ellen's dinner party? I know that woman said that they convoyed over there....but come on, no one's party and I mean no one's party has all the guests arrive at the exact same time. Plus Sue Ellen looks quite nice.  I think that is the youngest I have ever seen her look, I'm glad to see that she is keeping herself up after her divorce.

Linda Gray looked great, other than the puffy shirt. No arguments here. And I guess all of the women read the script and realized that Sue Ellen would be such a hot number that their husbands would all be groping her at every opportunity, so they decided to come together to minimize it.

-  Notice Cliff's YELLOW phone when he called Sue Ellen....that is the exact same phone that was on the wall directly behind Bobby when he went to Ray's house....Plus it is the same one that is used beside the pool and in Pam and Bobby's bedroom.

Maybe it's just Southwestern Bell's most affordable offering.

AHN Dave's corner:

- Why does Sue Ellen hang out with those witches? It seems obvious that they are vindictive. I guess it's all about status. And why does Sue Ellen stare into a corner when Clayton is behind her? You'd at least think she'd be staring at something.

Sue Ellen tends to do this a lot. I don't know what it's about.

- Hmmm... I don't hear the "Live Country Music" in Ray's bar.

Guess there was no white trash hanging around looking to make a few bucks that night.

- Wouldn't Pam be a little upset with Bobby for inviting her shrink over? "Bobby, do you think I'm crazy or something? Haven't I been Ok since Christopher came into our lives? I'm never going to speak to you or anyone but Christopher ever again!!"

This cracked me up the first time I read it. It reminds me how funny the 'psycho' Pam is. But I'm sure Dr. Conrad explained it as just a simple follow-up to her treatment - after all, Pam checked herself out.

- People don't talk on the phone much. Donna's agent comes over --  why not the phone? And in the episode where the catering guy drives up to ask Miss Ellie about the barbecue, why not call? At least the adoption lady gave a reason.

I see your point. Of course, Donna's agent read the script - he knew it was important for Ray to be rude to him. The catering guy may have had a good excuse - I'm sure he makes good money by catering the Ewing BBQ.

- Funny, you could hear Christopher screaming all the way upstairs (read: offstage), then he just shuts up. I can't believe they didn't reshoot this scene. Wouldn't Pam be a little upset that her baby is screaming?

Oh, boy, let's not get started on Pam's behavior. I think she's oblivious to anything he does, just as long as he's there for her to give all of the love she never had from her mother. [Feel free to vomit anytime now.]

- JR sure keeps it bright in his room while he sleeps, doesn't he? No window blinds?

- Bobby turns off a stereo, not a TV. It was hard to tell at first, but you can see the light in the right hand corner go out. Then when he walks, away, it's definitely a stereo. There are speakers underneath that look possibly like a TV, but he turns the stereo off.

I totally missed this. Good one.

- Why does Sue Ellen go to get her friends a brandy when she knows that Henry is over there? Is she trying to piss off her "friend"?

She must have read the script and realized it was important for Henry to cop a feel.

AHN Jason's corner:

- It was clearly a Southfork set when Pam was swimming.  The water looks like a tank.   Strange thing is that I thought the pool edges were curved.
- Wow, Ellie didn't polish off a drink before tucking in her grandchild. I was shocked.
- Phyllis's comment about Jeff had me thinking.  I think she only talked to him once or twice.  Most of his chats with Bobby were done through his blonde secretary at his other office.  And Bobby bought Christopher at least a month, maybe two ago.  I guess it isn't too outrageous for Phyllis not to remember his name, especially with all the extra work she is doing now that Bobby is busy with Ewing Oil and Southfork.

Perhaps not. That's a bit iffy.

- I liked the comment Ray made about never eating dinner at SF while Jock was alive.   But he sure mooched a lot of breakfasts and coffee.
- Empty purse meter- Sue Ellen's bitchy party guests.
- Sue Ellen's friend, DiDi, says that she cooks her own meals.  I doubt it.

So do I. Unless Henry is found of Kraft dinner every night.

- We can't be sure because they cut off her face, but I think I saw another Teresa at SF.

I think you're right. She doesn't have the regular Theresa's walk.

- Sue Ellen's party guests sit on the stairs while Sue Ellen sits on a chair.  That seemed kinda rude to do to your guests.

That was truly bizarre. I don't get it. Obviously just so everyone could get into the camera angle.

- Barbara Stock is credited again.  Assuming that her scene wasn't cut by TNN, I think she may have been one of the models Roger photographed. Boy, does that girl get around.

I checked the models' faces, and none of them were her. She must have been cut.

AHN Val's corner:

- Ok, this has always bothered me. Sue Ellen's now living on her own...doesn't have to answer to anyone. So why, oh why, oh WHY does Sue Ellen--an ALCOHOLIC--keep liquor in the house? And I'm not just talking about a bottle of bourbon for guests. She's got a FULLY STOCKED liquor cabinet! An alcoholic should have NO liquor in the house whatsoever. I know she just keeps it around for guests, but still. She should have the fortitude to enact a "no-liquor" policy. I would think most of her friends and relations would understand this and graciously accept drinks of club soda, coffee, water, or iced tea.

Excellent call. Can't believe I missed it.

- Clayton's hair changed color between scenes. At the game party with Sue Ellen, his hair and moustasche were white. But when he was sitting in that non-descript room, talking to Sue Ellen on the phone, his hair and moustasche were grey.
- Also, in this scene, it was evident that Sue Ellen's little globe phone went away. I'll bet a production assistant snagged it for her own.

Mike claims that that monstrosity did not come from AT&T. Must have been a donation.

- When Bobby went to Ray's house to get him to come to Southfork for dinner, Ray was a drunken, dissheveled mess of a couch potato (but hey, at least he was wearing a shirt!). Yet he managed to get it together long enough to fix himself a sandwich. In his state of mind, having Ray eat Cheetos while watching his little game show would have been more appropriate.

AHN Alett's corner:

- More boom problems.  This time it's in the overhead shot when DiDi first talks about Sue Ellen's place.
- Roger keeps telling the models, "Energy, energy. Good. Good."   What? There is no energy in this lethargic group.

They were TOTALLY lame. Agreed.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Dr. Conrad not only has a new hairstyle but now it's dyed to be all one color instead of three.
- 90% of the time Pam is functioning with only a single digit IQ and is totally oblivious to life going on around her and the baby. She needs psychological help now more than ever.

I would agree with that. Unfortunately psychiatrists can't stop you from being stupid. They can only stop you from acting stupid.

- Young Raoul was back and standing at attention during the final dinner scene.
- JR must have really been drunk when he got home that one time. Instead of tossing his hat on the foyer table as usual, he dumps it on the seat of one of the chairs in the family room.

I noticed that but didn't know what to make of it.

Episode 93: The Phoenix

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Val]

> Clayton to Cliff: "Your friend over there has quite a nice voice."
This just sounded strange coming from--of all people--HOWARD KEEL!!!!

[courtesy of Alett]

> Lucy: "I'm exhausted." 
(Yeah, that modeling is so strenuous.)

Pam Award: Pam in her very busty white blouse. Sweeeeeeeeeet. And Bobby's friend Eric wins for the men.

Angelica Award: The street-walker outfits at the Cattlemen's Club.

Bobby Award: Bobby by default.

April Award: Bobby for not being able to come up with something believable to tell Pam about Christopher's parents.

- I don't understand how John Ross is so quiet. Normally, a three year old let loose in an office such as JR's would immediately start tearing up the place and screaming. He's quiet as a mouse, which is very peculiar for a first-born child.

- JR brings John Ross back to Sue Ellen's place at 5: 30 PM. Sue Ellen says she's going to put him to bed. At 5: 30?

- Speaking of the time, Sue Ellen's house must have an awful lot of shade. When JR first opens the door, it seems like there's very dim light outside - almost sunset. But through the nearby window, the sun is shining rather brightly. Then when JR opens the door to leave, it seems rather bright again through the door. Maybe that's why Sue Ellen's confused about her son's bedtime.

- Oh, dear. Just when I thought we were through with this nonsense for a while, someone does it again. Shame on you, Ellie. When will you Ewings learn that phone numbers in the United States of America have seven digits? When Ellie calls Ray to talk about the unpaid feed bill, she dials six numbers. Six. Not seven. Six. Sheesh.

- And I think I know why Ray and Bonnie like each other so much. They have the same color hair.


- AHN NIS submitted:

The family pays the feed bill that Ray hasn't paid. I would think they would wonder about other unpaid bills too. Maybe they will just wait for them to show up in person.

I guess so. Weird.

AHN Dave's corner:

- Ok, this is a somewhat complex one. In yesterday's episode, when Bobby is holding JR up to the mirror, and then leaves, we see the door directly behind him remain closed, as we hear one slam. Then today, Bobby comes in from the door as JR fixes his tie. (Why is he fixing his tie?) Now, there is a door over to the left, and perhaps the angle of the reflection was showing that one yesterday. Furthermore, based on what we have seen of the room, the only place a window could be located would be on the right side, when walking into the room. But whenever people leave, they go off in this direction. So there are no windows, yet yesterday when Ellie woke JR up, it was bright as day.

Your first question is a good one...this conversation should be happening soon after dinner, right? I don't think it's the kind of thing Bobby would let go till the next morning. I think I see your point about the room...I think the mirror is probably playing tricks with us.

- At the club, Sue Ellen speaks as though Clayton knows who Afton is, and he acts as though he understands why she is upset. I thought maybe she told him that JR slept with her, but we find out later that she did not.

This whole thing was stupid, in my opinion. The only way I can make sense of it is the way I explained it in my summary...that Sue Ellen was lying when she said that being near Cliff that evening didn't make her uncomfortable. Still, it's weird.

- Funny that Jock has a portrait of himself in his office.

Yes, it is funny...especially since the portrait has only existed for two weeks.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Donna mooches off a dinner at SF.  She even goes as far as to refuse to make any coffee in her house when "poor Ray" needed a cup.

Good for Donna.

- Another Teresa but not THE Teresa.... I know that Roseanna C. becomes a regular in this role by the end of the next season but she sure is taking her time.
- Empty Purse meter-   Donna with Ray, Lucy with Mitch, Sue Ellen with Cliff, Sue Ellen with Clayton, Katherine and Rebecca with Pam, Harve's assistant.
- Empty Luggage-  Sue Ellen carries John Ross's suitcase with three fingers.  I doubt it was full.
- Southfork was clearly a set today. But they tried to fool us by inserting a stock footage shot of the real one in there.

Yup. Which actually isn't a bad idea.

- Pam sure changes out of that dress and into the bathrobe fast.

Yes she does. I suppose it is one of those dresses that you can wriggle out of.

AHN Val's corner:

- JR handed Sly an envelope and told her to mail it.  Problem is, the envelope had not address on it.
- Marilee came into the room with a tray of champagne, and JR was laying in the bed.   It was obvious that they had already done the naked nasty.  Yet, Marilee had gotten dressed to get the drinks.  She had an actual dress on. Normally one would just put on a robe to fetch the post-coital refreshments.

I would have thought so - I didn't quite understand this.

- Afton's moving up in the world.  The new club she's singing at is the same one where Mitch used to park cars (Da Vinci's).  At least the exterior shot--the Alfa Romeo at the valet stand--says so.

I thought so too. I was having flashbacks of Mitch in that red jacket.

- The costumers must have gotten a bulk rate discount on backless dresses. First Marilee Stone appeared wearing one, then Afton and Sue Ellen.
- Andy Bradley seems to own only one suit--the light grey one.  I've NEVER seen him wear anything different.

AHN Alett's corner:

- Again with the false advertising. "Live Country Music" means jukebox.
- So having the family together means serving something special - STEW. When I was growing up, those SPECIAL meals meant my mother was cleaning out the refrigerator!

Maybe there was more than just the stew. I see you're point.

- Lucy has given up wearing that "state" necklace.  Now she's wearing what looks like a "4" at breakfast.  Later with Mitch it's backwards.
- From the way JR is talking, this seems to be the first time John Ross has visited Ewing Oil, but he tells him,"There's where Sly sits.  You know Sly." How could he know Sly if this is his first visit?

He's probably told him about her - she is the only one he hasn't slept with.

- Sue Ellen is worried about John Ross because this is the first time he's been out. She makes it sound like he's never left the house. JR has taken him before. For that matter, the kid has been on an airplane.

This is so unbelievably stupid.

- "Hooters" seems downright tame compared to the wenchs' outfits at the Cattlemen's Club.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Unnecessary fur meter:   Donna to go do research, Sue Ellen's butt-ugly gradient blue fur after dining with Cliff, Sue Ellen's white fur while out with Clayton.
- What the hell was the point of having one of Harve's attorneys deliver those contracts to J.R.'s office?  I'm assuming she was an attorney, she knew an awful lot about J.R.'s business to be just a secretary or a messenger, besides that, she said she'd send a messenger to pick them up when J.R. had signed them. It's not like she EXPLAINED anything to him that he shouldn't have already known.  Her only function was to cabbage the same crap we've been hearing for the audience.

Yup. And to fill in because George Petrie was unavailable.

- Here's a switch.  Ellie Pam and Lucy used plain tan placemats with tassles rather than the usual beige and brown ones outside at breakfast.  Also, they used the everyday china with the white coffee pot and more casual cups and saucers rather than the formal china with the silver coffee pot.
-  Lucy said she and Roger had been taking pictures for eight hours.  I hope these pictures all weren't in the burgundy outfit and weren't being submitted for a magazine cover.  Lucy looked positively chunky in that outfit.

She looked okay from the neck up but I hope you're right too. She must be putrid under those lights.

- Pam was going to skip dinner with Bobby, Katherine and Rebecca to do what, sit and stare at Christopher in the nursery?  I'm not a mom so maybe I'm wrong here, but I think Pam could leave the baby for a couple of hours and go out to dinner.  Teething is a perfectly natural thing.  C'mon, Ellie raised three sons all of whom teethed, I'm sure she could handle Christopher for Pam for a couple of hours.  It seems all she does is sit in the nursery with him, she went right back upstairs as soon as Rebecca and Katherine were out the door.

Quite right on all counts. And I could feel Katherine's disappointment at missing out on dinner with Bobby.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Bobby's red shirt with the epaulets is back yet again!!!
- I know you can't expect much from child actors, but the kid playing John Ross pays absolutely no attention to JR or Sue Ellen whenever they try to interact with him. Still, at least there appears to be a light on upstairs. The kid that plays Christopher as a toddler in the ensuing seasons appears to have had a lobotomy.

- That looked like Crystal Gayle Teresa with her hair in a bun at the breakfast buffet.

Could have been. Didn't see her face, though.

- Ray continues to neither wash not comb his hair. Combine that with his perpetually rumpled clothes and he's always looking like he just got out of bed with a hangover after passing out fully dressed.
- My nominee for dumb dialogue is Miss Ellie to Ray: "It only takes a few minutes to write out a check." What? It takes a person of above simian intelligence less than 30 seconds to write out a check. Simian intelligence or below would probably still take less than a minute.

And so for Ray, by this logic, I'd say three minutes is about right.

- Marilee looked good. But wait. She SHOULDN'T look good. She just finished hot, steamy it-was-worth-the-wait sex with JR. Yet her makeup is perfect, not a hair out of place and she's wearing a dress without a wrinkle. And not an articial hair follicle on JR's rug is out of place either. Also, shouldn't Merilee take that huge diamond wedding ring off out of respect
for Seth's memory and to eliminate the danger it presents to JR, little JR and other sensitive parts of his body?

Episode 94: My Father, My Son

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett]

> Afton to JR: " I think you're jealous right out of your cotton pickin' gourd."
(So this is how you insult someone from the South.)

Pam Award: Pam and Bobby's swimwear. Others mention the aerobicizing trio.

Angelica Award: Liz Craig in a leotard. I had a nightmare last night.

Bobby Award: Nothing too bad. Maybe Ray.

April Award: Bobby for not being able to come up with something believable to tell Pam about Christopher's parents. Lucy for telling Evelyn she's separated from Mitch.

- When Sue Ellen wakes Cliff up, she's wearing mascara and I think she's also got some rouge. For heaven's sake, she just woke up! Does she put on make-up first thing in the morning?
- If Lucy is apprehensive about Mitch's potential relationship with Evelyn, as she demonstrates she is, then why in the world would she tell Evelyn that she and Mitch are separated? If I were her, I would try to make it clear that Mitch is off limits because their marriage is great. Then Mitch would be forced to agree to avoid making a scene or else he would look like an idiot.
- I usually understand Dallas symbolism. But can someone tell me what is significant about John Ross' balloon floating away as they drive away from the amusement park? I know there's something important here.
- I'm sure most of you remember Wally Hampton as Matt Henderson, JR's friend on the vice squad who brought in Leanne Reese. He'll also surface as Duke Carlisle in Season 12.

- When Pam, Jackie, and Liz are aerobicizing they stand in a diagonal line. Normally wouldn't friends stand in a line beside each other? I realize it's necessary so the camera can see all three of them, but come on.

- And of course, Southfork is a set today.

From Tina Niblett:

After the strenuous workout the girls had, how come Pam's hair looks perfect? Liz's face was clearly flushed and a bit sweaty.  The other ladies looked as though they needed to grab a comb.

AHN NIS's corner:

-Where did Pam get her workout clothes? Did she borrow them? Didn't she just go shopping or to lunch or something when she was suddenly taken to the dance studio?

Maybe she rented them or something. Or perhaps Liz brought an extra set of clothes with her. The last thing I need is to see Liz Craig in a leotard.

- That Southfork phone system again...The phone rings and there are no line lights flashing. No line buttons were depressed. There was even a close up of the phone as it 'rings'.

I don't think any one can figure out the phone system at Southfork. This is really dumb.

- Sue Ellen seems to roll the car window down fast. The window was up when JR closed the door and was open only moments after he started the car and took off.

Yeah, and you know what else? You see the parking lights come on, then the reverse lights, and then they both go the same instant as you hear the ignition being turned on. Time must accelerate in JR's car, because that would require you to turn the gear lever pretty quick!

- The detective says that he couldn't have missed Cliff leaving Sue Ellen's place. Why doesn't the detective say that Cliff's car is still there?

That would have made sense. I think he's like me - a little sensitive about his pride in his work, and doesn't take too kindly to the insinuation that he's not doing his job.

- Donna leaves the hangers on the bed. Seems messy for Donna.

It is. But then Ray wouldn't have clued in to the fact that she was gone. She must have read the script.

AHN Alett's corner:

- Where exactly is JR hanging his hat in Ray's house?  It's up so high it seems rather goofy.  Why not just set it on the counter?

Didn't notice. That is sort of weird. Maybe he thinks he'll catch some cooties.

- That can of beer looks like someone just put tape over the "Budweiser" name.
- Christopher seems bundled up for winter, but Jackie certainly isn't in that mini-skirt.
- The exercise scene seems to just be a substitution for the babes at the Cattlemen's Club. Instead of buxom wenches, we get bods in leotards.

Yup. And as long as Pam's one of them, I'm okay with it.

- Most parents I know take pictures of their kids ad nauseum.  The Ewings never do. That park outing would have been the perfect opportunity. Since JR seems like he'd like to spoil John Ross, I'm surprised he didn't go back and buy another balloon.  As to symbolism, maybe they wanted it to reflect the fleeting quality of happiness for the Ewings.  In more mundane practical terms, balloons in close quarters like that are very dangerous.  One pop and John Ross would be inhaling it.  As it is, his mother again puts him in danger by letting him sit on her lap.

I think there's gotta be more to it than that. A balloon is a symbol of childhood innocence...I'm drawing a blank.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Empty Meter:   Donna's purse while leaving home, also Donna's luggage was obviously empty, Afton's purse at Cliff's,  Trailertrash, I mean Liz, and Jackie were carrying empty bags.
- J.R. said he knocked before coming in to Ray and Donna's, but why did Donna leave the sliding door OPEN in the first place?  J.R. didn't open it so I'm assuming she left it that way.  I guess she must feel safe doing this because she's on Southfork, but what about the bugs?  There wasn't even a screen door.
- Pam is completely wishy-washy.  Liz asked her what she did during Christopher's nap and she said she waited for him to WAKE UP!  How ridiculous is that?  I agree, there's a lot to look forward to with a child of that age, but GET A LIFE!!  Find a hobby, read a book, make a phone call, do anything! JUST QUIT SMOTHERING YOUR CHILD!!   She's done enough of that to Bobby.  I agree with trailertrash, if I sat around all day waiting for my child to wake up, my brain would turn to mush.....then again, does Pam HAVE a brain lately?

No she does not. This is totally ridiculous.

- J.R. had on a scarf at the kiddie park from the Dusty Collection.
- We were treated to the fake Southfork during Pam and Bobby's pool scene and Lucy and Mitch's talk.
- I would assume that Lucy's intentions were to get an even suntan so that she would look good in front of the camera.  She needs to rent a clue, the best way to get that even suntan is NOT to wear a dress that covers up half your legs along with nylons and heels. Lame.

I missed the nylons. Good call.

- Child car safety really must not have been an issue back in 1982.  Otherwise, John Ross would've been in a car seat, not in Sue Ellen's lap.
- What's with the phone at the bottom of the staircase at Southfork?  There were line buttons on it, but none of them were lit when the phone rang and J.R. picked up.   Weird.
- Mitch let Evelyn PAY for his meal AND take him to her hoity-toity club to play tennis?   What happened to his ever annoying chauvinistic pride?  Any time Lucy even TRIED to do something like this, he hit the roof!

I guess now that he's in line to earn some money, things have changed.

- Katherine said that they were keeping Pam and Bobby waiting for dinner.  That makes twice Pam left the house during this episode.  I can't believe she could stand being away from pookie long enough to go to have dinner....unless he went with them.

AHN Mike's corner:

- You had to like JR helping himself to a beer at Ray's house, ostensibly for the sole purpose of pissing Donna off. And, of course he left without drinking most of it. Ray on the other hand seems to be drinking beer and Jack Daniels chasers at home, if the refuse in his bedroom was any indication.
- Maybe I've mentioned this before but a serious hole in this whole Christopher adoption plot is that fact that Patricia Shepherd is also a living relative and, in fact, the maternal grandmother. Having seen this before, we know how Bobby is going to deal with Sue Ellen. By ignoring Patricia's existence, they've not only oversimplified the situation undermined the credibility of the ultimate solution.
- Boy did Jackie look great in that mini-skirt and then the leotard or what? Great legs and nice overall figure. She looked like a credible Farrah Fawcett wannabe. The real blonde hair color and a flattering hairstyle and the attractive figure-flattering clothes make all the difference in the world. It's almost like they deliberately tried to make her look bad in the later seasons.

I would imagine that she could look any way she wanted to, being who she is in relation to the powers that be of the show. Must have been her own choice. And as with Marilee, I'm afraid you're in the minority on this one, my friend.

- Mitch says Evelyn "needs somebody to talk to". I thought he was a plastic surgeon, not a psychiatrist. Wake up, Mitch. Send Evelyn, who looks old enough to be your mother, to Dr Elby and start dating younger, more attractive women.

In defense of Mitch, he is MARRIED to a younger, more attractive woman, who treats him like dirt.

- Geez that Dallas is SUCH a SMALL town. First Clayton and Sue Ellen show up at the club where Afton sings and Cliff is watching, then JR and the Cartel show up at the same restaurant where Cliff and Sue Ellen are dining.

Necessary for the plot, of course, so it's not too egregious.

- Huh, Sue Ellen? It's "too soon after Dusty" to go on a picnic, go swimming or riding? Why even go out of the house?
- Boy that Cliff is a classy guy. He's president of the company and his suit coat is hung sloppily and precariously over the back of one side of his chair. Can't he authorize a wall hanger for himself?

Probably didn't feel like filling out the capital authorization request.

AHN Jason's corner:

- I don't see what Mitch has in common with Evelyn. Why would he even want to be involved with someone recently divorced? Sounds like he has a sort of rebound complex or "enabler" complex. He first met Lucy when she was drunk and needy and now Evelyn needs him. Doesn't he ever date for fun?

Episode 95: Anniversary

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Val]

> JR to Sue Ellen: "I didn't think you'd remember, but that pageant is where we first met".
Duh, I think EVERYBODY remembers where they met their spouse. Especially true if the occasion was one as important as the Miss Texas Pageant.

Pam Award: Pam looked radiant when arriving at her new studio. Something about the simple look. And the blonde studio owner.

Angelica Award: Sue Ellen's huge purple pants in her first scene and frilly blouse in the final scene. Wally Hampton's pants are totally egregious as well.

Bobby Award: Toss-up between Ray and Rebecca.

April Award: Sue Ellen for thinking JR has changed.

- When JR calls Sue Ellen, it looks like he dials eight numbers. The seventh one is kind of a weird push, which may be why Larry Hagman pushed an eighth. Strange.

- Remember when JR asked Sly to call Chester and bug him every hour until he finds the videotape? Look at the's 4: 20 PM! If JR was in such a hurry, why didn't he ask Sly to do this in the morning when her calls would have been meaningful? At this point she'll call after 5 PM and Chester will have gone home.

- When Donna arrives at the hotel room where Ray and Bonnie are sleeping off their jungle love, look at the door. When she fumbles with the key in the lock, it doesn't look like there are any numbers on the door. Suddenly, the camera shifts to a point inside the room and Donna opens it. There are some big ass numbers on that door! Big enough that we should have seen at least a part of them even with Donna standing in front of it.

-Why would JR not expect Sue Ellen to remember that the beauty contest is when they first met? I have heard them discuss this several times. They were just discussing it in a wonderful exchange a few weeks ago [Episode 75], when Kristin called to announce the birth of her son.
- Didn't JR ask Harry the bartender to let him know when Ray left the bar? Guess he didn't trust him because he goes there himself and is waiting for Ray as he leaves with Bonnie.

- Southfork is a set again.

- Sue Ellen recycles two outfits in this episode: the first is the pink dress she wore when confronting JR in Episode 85; the second is that frilly blouse she wore once when we saw her eating a boring dinner at the Southern Cross.

Laurel Gross submitted the following:

In the footage of the Beauty Pageant, Sue Ellen is said to be 5' 7 1/2".  But in an episode in the dream season when she's in the detox ward, she's said to be 5'10'' and 135 lb. I'm not a doctor but usually one doesn't grow a drastic 3'' after age 18. Did they include her heels in that measurement? Or did Sue Ellen, in attempt to be more like Barbie, get some sort of plastic surgery that makes your heels always lifted (like Barbie's)?

That's a great memory you've got about the Dream season! I suppose that technically, this might not be a nit because, of course, that season was just Pam's dream, and maybe short Pam underestimated taller Sue Ellen's height. An outstanding nit!

AHN NIS's corner:

- Theresa must whisper 'dinner is ready' because you don't hear her say it.

I noticed that too. I suspected that Theresa and Raoul were mute, but I know they start talking towards the later seasons. Maybe she and Ellie have some kind of telepathy.

-Would someone normally be paranoid over a job offer? Both Rebecca and Cliff seem to be.

This is the only way the writers can give Cliff a push. Aside from his fling with Sue Ellen, what else has he got? [Don't say Afton, or I'll smack you. : ->] But more to the point, the fact the Wally's already got a Chief Operating Officer is enough to make somebody wonder.

AHN Dave's corner:

- Bobby acts frustrated with Pam when she doesn't catch on right away that he bought her the gym. Is she supposed to read his mind?

I don't know whether he looked frustrated so much as just ticked off at himself for forgetting how dense his wife is.

- Did Lucy and Evelyn really expect that conversation to last a full meal? There are so many of these on Dallas.

Yes, there are. I'm surprised they didn't do what they normally do, which is order drinks and then one person leaves, sticking the other person with the check. It happens to JR a lot.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Sly didn't wear a bra in her first scene but later appears to wear a Louella collectable, complete with red sash.
- Maybe it is just growing up in the 90's in New England, but I have a hard time thinking that a bartender would allow a drunk patron to leave with a bottle of whiskey.   Serious liability there.
- I found it really convenient that JR has a TV and VCR set up in his office. Never has had a VCR before.

Yeah, I think you're right. At least, it's never been used.

- Just a note.. Donna claims to have been in college for 4 years, almost suggesting that she graduated, but I thought in #27 she said that she dropped out junior year because of her parents' deaths.

I'll have to review that episode but I think you're right.

- Empty purse meter-   Pam at the aerobics' studio.  Lucy and Evelyn at lunch.

AHN Val's corner:

- At Sue Ellen's house, the plants in the window above the stairs were gone. I remember when she was moving in, she was up on a step stool dilligently arranging the plants. And that was only a month ago. Don't tell me they died already!

AHN Alett's corner:

- With Sue Ellen's cooperation, this adoption might be pretty cut and dried because the law only requires one parent be present.  It still seems Bobby's taking a chance because the judge might question why someone like Pam would HAVE to work and not be present.  It might make it seem like she's too preoccupied with work to be serious about the responsibilities of being a parent.  If it were anyone but the Ewings, this could be a real problem.

Yeah, it could be, but this judge seems to go by the letter of the law.

- And once again we have to be TOLD someone is beautiful. This time it's Lucy describing Evelyn. Evelyn has an interesting look, but she's not beautiful.

I don't find her attractive at all.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Even though Wally Hampton is chairman of the board of a big oil company, it is apparently a company without a dental plan. Wally has a huge gap between his front teeth and the others that are visible are a mess. And Wally should never unbutton his his jacket. That gut was disgusting! Wally's appearance alone should have made Cliff suspicious, but Cliff is so full of himself lately that he has apparently forgotten that he couldn't get a job at Burger King in Dallas until his mommy rescued him.
- And what was that bronze phallic symbol on Cliff's credenza that was visible behind Wally?

Didn't notice.

- Can't figure out why Sue Ellen fought JR over having that catered dinner with him. It's not like we've ever seen her cook. She probably doesn't have a clue as to what to do about dinner unless she has a dinner date.
- When Lucy was doing her scene in the kitchen with Ellie there were some angles where the facial resemblence to Valene was amazing.
- I'm surprised the AHNs who are mothers didn't notice that the nursery in the aerobics studio was a closed room with no adult supervision.

I thought I saw someone in there. I could be wrong.

- When Lucy is whining to Roger about Mitch and Evelyn, she completely botches the last word of her line. She says..."making me look like such a floo-in." I ran it back twice and it sounded like "floo-in" both times. I think she meant to say fool.

I think you're right. I heard something weird their too but attributed it to the fact that she must have been drunk or something.

Episode 96: Adoption

Bonehead Dialogue Award: None yet.

Pam Award: I'd go with Pam by default.

Angelica Award: Blair Sullivan's open shirt. It's only one button, but damn.

Bobby Award: Ray and Roger.

April Award: Sue Ellen for thinking JR has changed. Again.

- When Bobby puts Pam and Christopher in his car, he sits in the driver's seat and then almost immediately drives away. Even if the key was inexplicably in the ignition, I doubt he could have started it that quickly.

- At Bobby's custody hearing, the judge orders that the Ewing residence be inspected by a qualified professional. Wait a minute: doesn't everybody in Texas know who the Ewings are? Maybe the judge just says it as a formality, but he certainly sounds serious. It's a good thing JR wasn't there or he'd call in some markers and teach that judge a thing or two about questioning the way the Ewings live their lives!

- There is a new Theresa today. Mute, closer to the real one, but not THE Theresa. Where is she?

- I know it must have taken quite a few takes to get it right, but the Bonnie/ Donna confrontation today was really overstaged. Both women's reflexes must really suck. First, Donna just stands there while Bonnie reaches over, grabs the glass of booze, and tosses it in her face. Then Bonnie just stands there while Donna rears back that fur-covered arm, and then lunges forward at her. Let's just say that Joan Collins and Linda Evans have nothing to worry about from these two. Now THERE were two women who knew how to get it on.

- When Bobby calls Sue Ellen, he dials eight numbers. Oh boy.

- After awarding Bobby conservatorship of Christopher, the judge simply leaves his bench. He doesn't say that court is adjourned, or in recess. Given that he seems to be a real stickler for the letter of the law, I find this hard to believe.

AHN NIS wondered...

if Bobby would have needed a notary seal on the affidavit that Sue Ellen signed? The notary public would need to be there to witness the signature. Seems like he would have needed one for such a legal document.

Good point. Any judge that would order the Ewing residence to be inspected obviously must be a stickler for legal procedures, so he wouldn't take Bobby's say-so that the document was authentic. Excellent nit!

- Bobby's parking again-he parks in the yellow zone which usually means NO PARKING!

I checked the tape and you're right - he is in the yellow zone! Amazing.

AHN Dave's corner:

- I really can't believe that Ray would give his shares to JR. Even if he decided to get rid of them, surely he would turn them over to Bobby.

Well, when you're stuck in jail...I think Ray can see the writing on the wall.

- So after Ray cheats on his wife, he is still trying to put the blame on her for having a "fancy background"? What an idiot.

Idiot is the word I would use.

- Congratulations, Cliff! For once his head got the better of his wallet. Of course, it's no surprise that his suspicion of JR is the reason for it.

Yes, but NIS pointed out that one usually isn't so suspicious of a job offer...I guess the fact that Wally already has a Chief Operating Officer gives it away.

-Wouldn't adoption records be just a little bit confidential?

I would have thought so...that's a good point. I think they are confidential as far as the real parents go, perhaps not as the adoptive parents go. And if someone wanted to find out whether you've adopted, they could. They could search hospital records to see if the mother had actually given birth to the child. I see your point, though. It's kind of iffy.

- Why does Sly open the door for Cliff and then say, "I'm sorry"? If she was trying to stop him, wouldn't he be rushing in past her?

I saw this too. Late for rehearsal, Sly? Shame on you. This is egregious.

- You know, I forgot to mention yesterday how unusually quiet those babies in the nursery are. Isn't anybody watching them? And I really liked the kid impatiently waiting for the toy pay phone yesterday.

I gotta check the tape on that last one. But you're least one of the kids should be screaming or something.

AHN Jason's corner:

- As I mentioned yesterday, I find it really weird that the ladies in the aerobics class are barefoot.  Aerobics often requires a lot of impact on the joints and without proper foot protection, it can be very hard on the feet and ankles.  Also, with all that weight equipment around, it should be mandatory to wear footgear.
- I also thought it was weird that Pam told the class it was all done. From what I remember from my aerobics certification class, the instructor should do this and should do a final pulse check to verify that everyone has cooled down enough.  I doubt Pam is certified in this, but again, in the early 80's I doubt they were as strict in enforcing this too.

Clearly not. Since Pam is in charge of a business, it stands to reason that she's got zero experience doing it.

- Pam puts her snooky wooky in her lap in Bobby's car.
- It is laughable how the writers and directors go to all these lengths to have Mainline cast members do all the talking at Southfork so they don't have to pay the extras who play Teresa and Raoul. Ellie asked Teresa # 38 or so about three or four questions and then answered them herself without the extra saying a word. Pretty bad.
- From what I can see of Ray's cell, he has a sink but no toilet. Usually these two are next to each other in most bathrooms.  Let's hope he inherited the big bladder gene that JR and Bobby have, as seen in the "elevator episode" where they drink a case of champagne over the course of a night.

I didn't see the toilet - could be off screen. Or maybe it's just a holding cell where you get bathroom privileges.

- I found it interesting that JR had Ray sign that paper while he was clearly intoxicated.   This is like what Cliff does to Michelle in the 13th season.  Someone commented that you can't hold a person liable for anything they sign while not of sound mind.

I wouldn't say he was DRUNK drunk. He was lucid enough to have a conversation. Fenton's boys would have testified to that.

- How did Bobby explain that he came to get Christopher?  I know he told the lawyer that he is a distant in-law of Kristin's but I have to wonder how he could claim to have "found" this abandoned child.

Fortunate that he was not asked. I suppose he COULD say that a friend of Kristin told him about the baby, and he offered to take him. That would sort of be the truth with some important parts left out.

- Empty purse meter- Lucy at Roger's. Rebecca possibly at Cliff's. Her jacket over her shoulders hid it.
- I loved Donna's fight scene but I have to wonder why she would change into a fur coat to go get into a cat fight.  It kinda looked silly. But I loved how she huffed out of there.

I'm not too sure about this either. Just to prove to Bonnie that she's all high and mighty, I guess.

- When Donna leaves for her trip, she clearly slams the suitcase down but it does not shut properly.  As she leaves, you can see this. But then you hear her leave through the slider door so I guess she didn't stop in the living room to close it up.
- Anne Lucas is credited but I didn't think she was seen as Cassie, unless she was the waitress at the place where Cliff, Jordan and Marilee had their meal.

I don't think she was. Maybe she had a bit part somewhere else which was cut.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Bobby parks illegally along a yellow curb as he arrives at Pam's aerobics studio.
- In the jail scene with JR and Ray, the shadow of JR's hat on the wall behind him fittingly makes it look like JR has devil's horns.

Episode 97: The Maelstrom

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Mike]

> Micken: "Your brother [visited Sue Ellen]."
> JR: "Bobby?"

Pam Award: Pam's orange leotard. Nuff said.

Angelica Award: Sue Ellen's muumuu nightgown. Jeff Farraday's loud orange shirt was bad too.

Bobby Award: Lucy's braids.

April Award: Lucy for getting intimate with Roger is painfully obvious. I'd also mention Sue Ellen stringing Clayton along.

- Bobby finds a copy of the Daily Commercial Record at a newsstand. A newsstand. On a street corner. Here in Toronto, I wouldn't be able to find a copy of the Washington Post at a street corner newsstand. This is pretty lame.

- Southfork is obviously a set today. When Ellie was cycling with the set behind her, she looks like she truly belongs on Ellie-gan's Island.

- When JR barges in to Cliff's office, it looks very late at night. What happened to Cliff's date with Sue Ellen? Didn't she ask to meet him at seven o'clock? Was that just for show? It's very odd, because Cliff does spend the night at Sue Ellen's place. I guess they decided to skip dinner.

- Sue Ellen then goes to Cliff's place to spend the night. Don't you think this is the sort of thing Micken should tell JR? I think so. So why is JR seemingly surprised to hear Sue Ellen make a telephone date with Cliff? I don't get it.

AHN NIS's corner:

- I think Lucy would be spooked by all the pictures of her on Roger's wall. What happened to the wine stain? It must have cleaned up well.

My comments about Lucy are below. I was going to point out the lack of wine stain, but I have to check the tape to make sure we have the right camera angle.

- Cliff is able to dim the lamp like that, haven't seen that before. (Could be a dimmer there, but I have never seen one like that)

Nor have I. If there is such a device, that must be a pretty expensive lamp - not something miserly Cliff would buy.

- The Ewings are eating late tonight. It's after eight when the lawyer calls JR. This seems to violate Ewing tradition, but that's nothing new.

It is a nit though.

- The red light on the video camera doesn't seem to be on when Katherine interviews JR, although the sun could be shining on it. Seems like an odd camera for field reporting. Also, Katherine seems to be standing in the way blocking the camera's
view of JR.

She's some reporter, huh?

AHN Dave's corner:

- Couldn't JR have asked his detective those questions over the phone? Why did he have to have him come in that morning so urgently?

Good point! The only reason I can think of is to give Micken some air time.

- Sly could take some lessons from Cliff's secretary in stopping intruders.

Yes, she could.

See above if you're confused.

- Surprise! Sue Ellen's "not ready for a commitment" to Cliff either. Good thing she keeps waiting for everyone -- everyone is in and out.

If you're sick and tired of Sue Ellen's non-commitment nonsense, e-mail me a



- Lucy is DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB. Hmmm, let's just make out with an obvious psycho,

I think she's just so sex-starved since she left Mitch. This is absolutely unbelievable...ladies, I'd like to hear from you about this. What would you do if you went into some guy's bedroom and saw your face plastered all over it? Would you seriously have sex with him right then and there? If so, please e-mail me some photographs of yourself!)

AHN Jason's corner:

- It still bugs me that Pam's exercise class stops right after a  rigorous workout without any cool down or pulse check.  Very dangerous to do.
- Katherine does a no-no by turning her back to the camera.  When  speaking to a TV or live audience (as whomever will be watching this broadcast), it is important to face them so the flow of sound clearer and they can see your facial expressions. By having her back to the camera, Katherine will loose their interest, just like she would if she turned away from a person while chatting with them in real life.  It would be better if she and JR both faced the camera and moved the mike back and forth.
- I found it really far fetched, almost totable, that the lawyer in LA would notice Bobby and Pam were adopting a child and piece it together with Bobby's call about Kristin, unless he knew JR was paying her off because of baby, which I don't think he did.
- TNN cut scene-  I distinctly remember at the beginning of this episode during the CBS run, there was a scene where Sue Ellen looks that the weird dancer crystal statue and in anger smashes it by her fireplace.  She then picks up the phone and calls Cliff to set up their date (as seen in the preview clip.)
- Empty purse meter-  Sue Ellen at her place and with Clayton at the antique shop. Empty briefcase meter-  Bobby puts one that looks like this on Phyllis' desk.
- Ray has kinda a pot belly.  Guess all that booze has caught up with him.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Now Lucy is wearing the same red material in a dress that Sly did (it can't be the same dress because Sly is tall and thin) and Bobby has for his shirt with epaulets. Dallas wardrobe must have gotten a bulk discount on the fabric.
- Ray says he's going into Braddock for supplies. Shouldn't Miss Ellie ask if he intends to PAY for them?

Well, we can see he's okay now. Besides, Southfork credit is probably already wrecked.

- Bobby enters the office pours a cup of coffee and leaves it there without even taking a sip.
- Pam was sweating awfully heavy from her ample cleavage in that aerobics scene.

She was? I better rewind the tape.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Lucy had some major hair problems during this episode.  In the first scene in the living room, her hair was brushed straight back while she was facing Pam and Ellie.   Then when they all turned to face J.R.'s direction as he left the room, her hair was
brushed over to the side.  Later, during her last scene with Roger, her hair was brushed over to the side, then when they walked in to his bedroom it was brushed straight back.
- What kind of reporting was Katherine doing for the news station in New York?  In Dallas she's only a street reporter asking restaurant patrons if they think the economy will affect their eating out habits.  I would think that the Dallas market would be a much easier market to break in to than the New York market would be, especially when your mother helped you land the job because she knows the owner of the station.  So what kind of reporting was she doing in New York that would be so great that she had to take time to consider leaving it?
- Sue Ellen was using the same tan tassled placemats that were used at the Southfork breakfast table a few episodes ago.
- Sue Ellen better decide on a specific type of decor for the interior of her home.   The antique Clayton bought her will look abosolutely ridiculous with her ultra-modern ensemble.

Episode 98: The Prodigal

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of everyone]

> Sue Ellen: "Why did you go see Afton Cooper?"
> Clayton: "You know about that?"

Pam Award: I vote for Katherine at Scalini's.

Angelica Award: Rebecca's dress at Cliff's place.

Bobby Award: Sly's bun. A total waste of great hair.

April Award: Bobby for threatening Farraday in public.

- The cabbageing at the beginning of this episode by Cliff and Rebecca is pretty pathetic.

- Bobby tells Phyllis that Pam is taking him away early for dinner. It's night time outside! Give me a break - this is early?

- Clayton tells Cliff that he's only in Dallas for the day at the beginning of this episode. Then why the hell is he still hanging around at the end of this episode, after a day and more has clearly elapsed?

- Just for those of you who are wondering, Abel Greeley is played by Will Geer, who was the grandfather on the Waltons.

- Christopher looks MUCH bigger all of a sudden. I don't have the closing credits so I can't confirm whether it's a different toddler playing him today.

- I'm finding it ridiculous that Sam Culver would put all sort of damning stuff in his diary for Donna and future generations to find. I'm no criminal profiler, but generally I think you've got to be a sick puppy to document illegal activity with the kind of detail that he did.

AHN Veronica submitted:

- When Donna calls Dave Culver in Washington to have him ask around about some information on Sam Culver, notice that Dave tells her that she can take a look in the attic of Sam's house in DALLAS and look through all of Sam's diaries and stuff.  Well why hasn't Donna thought of that already?  I mean come on, She has went all the way to Laredo and everything and all the information she needs is sitting right there in DALLAS!?  This just doesn't make sense to me.

You know, you're right. You're absolutely right. How did I not realize that?


AHN NIS submitted:

- Why doesn't Lucy just quit the modeling agency? Or at least stop going to Roger? For some reason she thinks she needs to keep going back.

She wants to continue modeling, I guess, and she's only 'asked' for another photographer...I suppose she doesn't want to wreck her career. If it was me, I'd just take a little time off or something. Of course, if she didn't keep going back, then we would have had that great scene with Pam and Roger.

- I would think Donna should speak louder to have the tape recorder pick up her voice as she was reading the journals. (Although it was clear on TV, it seemed that she was talking somewhat softly)

Yes, she was. That's weird.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Southfork is a set today.
- Sue Ellen wears the fluffy white blouse.

- Greer says that Kristin came to Dallas with Jeff and the baby.  We did not see either Jeff or the baby when she checked into her hotel in #76. I thought Jeff also told Bobby that he was taking care of the baby in CA and came out after Kristin's death.   Something doesn't jibe here.

Quite right. I thought there was something wrong about this.

- Marilee is credited but AWOL.

- Empty purse meter- Katherine at Cliff's, Katherine at Scalini's, Afton at Sue Ellen's looked possibly empty,  Donna has what looks like an empty big ass paper holder when she returns to Dallas but has no purse.
- Empty briefcase meter-  Bobby's at the office when he leaves with Pam.

AHN Alett's corner:

- When JR is talking with Ray, we clearly see the closed garage doors behind him.   Instead of being a strip of real windows, it's painted a gray-blue.

Yes, because Southfork is a set.

- In the first scene between Clayton and Sue Ellen they're out on her "patio" talking.  It's just goofy.  They are crammed into about two square feet of an obviously fake space, and there is no reason for them to be there.

Was it the patio? I honestly didn't notice.

- When Pam comes to take Bobby to dinner, he says he just has to sign some papers first.   He does sign them, but leaves them on his desk and doesn't say anything to Phyllis.

Maybe Phyllis already knows about them.

- Both Sue Ellen and Afton have hair problems in their scene together.  They both go from flatter and less curl to fuller with more curl.

Done in several takes, certainly.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Why are Clayton and Sue Ellen holding hands coming in from the patio and then playing touchy-feely in her apartment? I guess this is to set Clayton up for the big "You're the father I never had." smackdown later in the show.

I guess so. It's so ridiculous how Sue Ellen is leading him on.

- Maybe I'm wrong, but real world wives would not be nearly so forgiving of Ray's recent transgressions and adultery. Donna lets him off scot-free and kisses his ass to boot. My wife certainly wouldn't if I did what Ray did.

I agree with you and so does Val. She mentioned it last week and I forgot to include it in the column.

- What kind of a bar has red curtains over the entrance doorway? Bobby has to push the curtain aside to get through when he goes to meet Farraday. Jeff, by the way, didn't do his homework on Bobby. Any idiot knows if you meet Bobby in a bar and you intend to piss him off, a fight is going to break out. Of course, any idiot also knows you don't threaten to kill someone in
front of a dozen witnesses, especially after you've just jumped and mauled him.
- After Bobby leaves, Farraday orders another drink even though he has a full drink in front of him.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Missed empty:   Pam had an empty purse when she went to see Roger.
- Sue Ellen told Clayton that he was going to be her guinea pig because she was trying a new brand of coffee.  I think he was going to be her guinea pig because it's probably the first time she ever MADE coffee.  BTW, her china coffee service was the same one Dr. Conrad was using.
- I believe we've seen Scalini's restaurant already during this run of the series.   If so, it's been remodeled because this is NOT the same Scalini's.

Yeah, but this is the REAL Scalini which sticks around for the rest of the series.

- I thought Donna sold Sam's house in Dallas after his death.  She was living in an apartment when she and Ray rekindled their romance a couple of seasons ago. I remember this because her attorney stopped by and they had dinner there.  Maybe she didn't sell, but why didn't she continue to live there?  She was provided for financially in Sam's will and was still married to him at the time of his death, so I would imagine the house would've been hers.  Even if it wasn't, I doubt Dave would have kicked her out. So, if she had sold the house, then there wouldn't be a house in Dallas for her to rummage through the attic.

Something did bother me about this - they mentioned the "old" house in Dallas, which may or may not have been the same one Donna sold. It's also possible that people are living there but haven't been up in the attic. Worth pointing out.

Episode 99: Vengeance

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett]

> Lucy : "I was just wondering if there's another photographer I can use besides Roger."
> Blair : "You mean you'd like to work with someone else?"

Pam Award: Roger's model Vanessa.

Angelica Award: I'm having nightmares already about Marilee Stone in her nightie. Lucy's schoolgirl outfit is awful, as is Sly's similar red dress with a tie-like thing handing down. The Cattlemen's Club waitress outfits are always good for this.

Bobby Award: Farraday while calling Southfork.

April Award:  Lucy for not locking her car doors and allowing Roger to sneak in.

- Why does Lucy wear the schoolgirl outfit at the beginning of this episode? Is she subconsciously acting out a Roger fantasy? It just doesn't look right on her.

- And speaking of Lucy, strange things are going on. In yesterday's episode, Roger almost got violent with her because he found out she asked Blair Sullivan for another photographer. That, of course, is why Pam came over to see Roger and save the day. But today, we see Lucy and Blair discussing this, as if for the first time. What gives?

- I'm wondering how in the world Jeff Farraday got the number for Southfork Ranch.

- When Cliff comes to Sue Ellen's place and proposes to her, look at the horse statue next to the door. In the past two episodes, it has faced towards the camera, perpendicular to the door. Suddenly, the horse faces left, parallel to the door. For someone with a lot of decisions to make, Sue Ellen has a lot of time on her hands to remodel!

- Why isn't Ray concerned about Donna's findings with regard to Jock? After all, he admittedly 'worshipped' Jock Ewing - wouldn't he react angrily to Donna's accusations that Jock was callous enough to drive a man to commit suicide?

- Sue Ellen's brown shirt/skirt outfit is recycled from earlier this season, as is most of her current wardrobe.

- JR's soliloquy at the end of the episode was quite good. But there's one thing I don't get. He says that Bobby almost made him lose John Ross. How and when did that happen? The only way this makes sense is if JR feels that he would have got John Ross back on the ranch because things were going well with Sue Ellen - but I still don't see how it affects his chances of 'gaining' or 'losing' his son.

HJDSC submitted:

When Roger opens the door to get in to Lucy's car he opens the door from the hinge and not from the handle.

Yes! You are right.

AHN Dave Shardell submitted:

Funny that Sly calls "Uncle" Harry McSween, Sergeant. We've heard him called Lieutenant and Detective before. Shouldn't she at least know, since as she told him during her interview, he's an old family friend?

Yes she should. That's weird. Maybe Phyllis is in the room and she doesn't want her to get the wrong idea, but usually she calls him Uncle Harry.

AHN NIS's corner:

- Sue Ellen either direct dials Clayton's hotel room or only has to dial 7 numbers to reach the Southern Cross.

He's certainly in his hotel room - maybe he paid for a direct line. That is strange though.

- Cliff doesn't dial 9 to get an outside line, maybe he doesn't have to.

I noticed this too. I would imagine he would have to, given the size the head office of Wentworth Tool and Die must be.

AHN Jason's corner:

- I find it very amusing how much Marilee embellishes on her fake story of JR leaving her for Sue Ellen.  It will soon come back to haunt her, word for word.
- Mitch mentions wanting an "honest" relationship with Evelyn.  Does this mean that they DID really shag?

We don't know and frankly, I don't think it matters. Mitch is totally lame by doing this.

- Donna brings Dave up to the dusty attic of the old house.  Why not just bring the old book down to him?  I can't believe she left it there for her first trip.

Perhaps there's a reason for this. I suspect that there may actually be people living in the house.

- Empty purse meter- Afton with JR, Rebecca with Cliff, Ellie at Sue Ellen's. Missing purse meter- Marilee carries a paper holder thing to Cliff's but no purse, rather like Donna did yesterday with Ray.
- Won't Murphy get in trouble with his boss for faking those reports? A mortgage on his house hardly seems worth ruining a career over.

He might be an independent businessman. That'd be my guess.

- Bobby kisses Pam and Ellie but not Lucy at the breakfast table.

Would you kiss Lucy? Think of where that mouth has been lately.

- Lucy has a full purse at the bar but no wallet to keep her money in.

AHN Val's corner:

- When showing Cliff's office building from the outside, the camera zoomed in on one of the fourth floor windows. But the view from the inside looking out, Cliff's office appeared to be much higher up.
- I find it interesting that Mitch--with all his self-pride and his anti-rich attitude--is still living at the Ewing condo. This is especially funny considering that he didn't even want to live there in the first place. Lucy had to talk him into it.

I wondered about that too as she was leaving. I've always held the opinion that when push comes to shove, Mitch isn't all that stuck to his principles.

- When Lucy left the singles bar, she drove toward the bar and through the valet drop-off spot. This just looked odd. She should have driven AWAY from the bar, toward the parking lot exit.

Maybe Roger told her to do that. Good point.

AHN Alett's corner:

- If Farraday is in such a panic to get out of the country, why does he keep having these quick, cryptic meetings with Bobby?  Get on with it already. It seems he's just being given needless air time.

Good call. You're quite right. His air time is clearly dependent on how many episodes are left until the cliffhanger.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Pam left a full plate of food when she went upstairs to help Lucy pick out an outfit.   Why couldn't she finish her breakfast first? This couldn't be that urgent.
- If I were Cliff, I would've been a little suspicious of Marilee coming to me with a hot deal no matter what she told me.  Then he's even more stupid by deciding to take on a larger part.  He's even dumber than I think even J.R. would've imagined.

- Sly efficiency meter:   She got Marilee on the phone by the time J.R. crossed his office to the liquor cabinet.
- Lucy went to Jimmy's Single's Bar.  I wonder if this is the same Jimmy's that used to be the disco that she and Kit Mainwaring used to frequent.  If so, it's definitely been remodeled.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Weren't you surprised that after serving Lucy a glass of wine that Blair Sullivan did not try to hit on her?

Not really. He is SO lame.

- Marilee had gone another shade blonder. Mitch had Big Hair in his first scene on the phone.
- The Dallas hypocrite meter went off the scale and blew a gasket when Ray advised Donna "If you've got a problem, get it out in the open."
- Lucy idiotically flashes a huge wad of bills when she pays her bar tab. I'm surprised she made it to her car to get kidnapped without getting mugged first.

Episode 100: Blackmail

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Alett and Pam]

> Ellie : "Did she tell you where she was going? She hasn't been home since."
> Mitch : "Are you serious?"

Pam Award: Marilee in the white dress was nominated by Jason. I vote for Pam's Jaclyn Smith look when visiting Roger.

Angelica Award: Sly's rainbow dress.

Bobby Award: Clayton has a bad hair day at Sue Ellen's.  He clearly has a bald spot shining during the whole scene.

April Award:  Lucy for practically slamming Roger's bedroom door shut when she tries to get away from him. Tops amongst many other candidates.

- When Bobby is at the travel agency, the clerk tells him the one-way ticket to Rio will cost him 672 dollars. Bobby counts out five - count 'em, five - crisp bills and hands them to her. What combination of five bills, so neatly arranged, would approximate this value? The only combination I can think of is a five hundred, a one hundred, a fifty, a twenty, and another twenty or possibly a ten or a five. Amazing that Bobby would have those bills, in that order, right handy coming out of his pocket.
Try any other combination of five bills. It doesn't make sense otherwise. For instance, if the third bill was a hundred, Bobby would have already handed her $ 700 - no need to give her more.


mentions that it could have been a five hundred and four fifties. I guess Bobby's not keen on Ben Franklins.

- The horse statue next to Sue Ellen's door faces forward again. Yesterday, it faced left, and before, it faced forward as it does now. Sue Ellen's got way too much time on her hands.

- When Cliff calls Thomas - how many numbers did he dial? Four! How does this make any sense?

- It's too easy to take potshots at Lucy for her ineptitude in getting away from Roger. But damn it Lucy, couldn't you just leave the door open a little bit instead of practically slamming it shut?

Douglas Wille submitted

: We can assume Jeff Farraday is a transient, staying at a transient hotel.  These places, by nature, are not in the parts of town often frequented by the Ewings. When Bobby pulls up to the hotel in his convertible, he stops, opens up his briefcase, takes out an envelope, pulls the cash partly out of the envelope, puts the money back, closes the briefcase and leaves it on his front passenger seat.  He either holds the envelope or stuffs it in his coat pocket and exits his car. So, there are no transients around loitering that would notice him?  Or would see a convertible with a briefcase on the seat?

My sister pointed out the fact that he left the money behind, but I was busy making notes. Good call!

Also from Doug:

The Dallas paper that Bobby read reported Farraday's death.  It sure was a nice-sized headline for "Transient Shot".  Something like that is usually buried in the "Metro Briefs" along with other minor one- or two-sentence blurbs. Slow news day? Anticipating a Ewing connection?

I'm sure the newspaper editor read the script. This is an excellent point - I totally missed it!

AHN NIS submitted:

Noticed John Ross's lack of reaction to his 'daddy'. He just sat there picking at his food. Although Larry is not his daddy, I would expect more reaction out of a three year old when he sees his daddy.

AHN Dave's corner:

- I guess Bobby is trying to prevent the police from thinking he is a suspect in the murder by wiping off his fingerprints, but won't they wonder why his prints aren't there if he called from the room? They will be even more suspicious, if they find out he was there.

YES! YES! YES! Of course, he does such a weak effort to wipe his fingerprints from the phone and the doorknob that it probably wouldn't matter.

- So Sue Ellen couldn't believe that JR would sink this low? That's a hell of a memory she's got there.

If you think Sue Ellen is her own worst enemy, give me a HELL YEAH!

- I wonder if Cliff kept that oil and put it in his car? Although it looks used.

Knowing Cliff, he used it. If he didn't intend to do so, he would have thrown it at JR as he left.

- That's one heck of a tie-up job by Roger there. He sleeps with the lights on and the shades up like JR, apparently.

I noticed the lights, but not the shades. You're right. And that knot left a lot to be desired if someone like Lucy could break free.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Sue Ellen wears the loose pants thing again.  Economizing?  I thought she made a killing in the divorce.
- Humorous note on the "Transient Shot" article Bobby read. Look at it on Pause. You will see only the first paragraph deals with Jeff.  The rest is about government conferences.  They must have pasted it over another article.  And how much would they really have to say about a transient death? One paragraph tops, I'd say. After all, Dallas is a big city with lots of crime.
- Look at Sue Ellen's head when she walks over with JR to talk about Clayton.  In her close up, when she says "Is that all?", her face is too far over to match how she was standing.
- Ellie brings up a good point.  What was the reason Donna brought up this painful tale from Jock's past if she doesn't really care about the book? Let it go.

Absolutely. This was totally ridiculous.

- I couldn't tell for sure but it looked like Bobby wiped all of his prints for Faraday's phone and chair and outer door knob.  However, it looks like he touches the inside door knob as he leaves and does not wipe it.

I thought so too.

AHN Alett's corner:

- I suppose Sue Ellen gets some satisfaction from yelling at JR, but she'd do better to keep her mouth shut about Clayton and not give JR the chance to gloat.

I've always said Sue Ellen is her own worst enemy.

- In the conversation between JR and Sue Ellen, it starts off with her facing him.   Then in all her reaction shots, she's turned slightly away talking to him from over her right shoulder.  Back to JR, and she's again facing him.
- Lucy's hair is still pretty curly for having been kidnapped for two days.

Maybe she uses Ogilvie.

- When Mitch talks with Ellie, the striped chair is not where it usually is right across from the sofa next to the coffee table; consequently, the space is empty and Mitch looks sort of dorky just standing there the whole time. Miss Ellie never asks him to sit.   When Ray and Donna appear, the chair is back in its usual spot, and Mitch is leaning against it.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Sue Ellen seemed surprised to see Clayton at her doorstep.  Why?  Even thought he said he was busy when she called him, he's been there a lot lately.  I hardly think his showing up would be much of a surprise.
- Bobby didn't pay the parking meter when he parked outside of Farraday's apartment.   He should come out to find a ticket on his windshield.

I didn't see a meter - maybe there was already some time on it.

- Sue Ellen gave John Ross dinner but she didn't have anything prepared for herself.   I don't think she was going out, so why didn't she eat with him?  It looked like she was just going to hover over him while he ate.
- Is it me, or did Christopher seem to have darker hair today when we saw him in the crib?   Is this yet another different child playing him?

Quite possible. I don't have the closing credits taped, so I can't be sure.

AHN Mike's corner:

- I see Ellie is drinking during the family happy hour again and is generally out of the kitchen and away from the coffee pot.
- Bobby cheaps out on Farraday and only buys him a coach ticket to Rio.

How could you tell? Even if he did, I think Jeff'll be all right.

- Given that Ewing Oil was only recently on the brink of forfeiting loans to Cliff and the Cartel and exceedingly short on cash, it's amazing that JR is bankrolling Cliff's demise to the tune of $3M (he gave Merilee $2.5M for the land and now another $500,000 for her share of the drilling costs).

Actually, it was 2 million for the land. Maybe this is from JR's personal funds.

- Wow, when was the last time we saw or heard Muriel mentioned as we did last night?

A LONG time ago. But good ol' Karlene will be back soon.

AHN Val's corner:

- When JR stopped by Sue Ellen's place, John Ross was eating lunch atop a bar stool. This is a trifle unsafe for a three-year old. It's an especially dumb move when there are regular-height chairs nearby that the boy could use.
- Also during that scene, while JR and Sue Ellen were having their little talk, John Ross remained on his bar stool eating quietly. He didn't even announce that he was done eating, or ask for more juice. Nothing. He just sat there, perfectly quiet and didn't interrupt the adult conversation. VERY unrealistic for a child of three.

- Roger's snoring is the fakest I've ever heard.

Episode 101: The Investigation

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of everyone]

> Police guy: " Maybe he is telling the truth, maybe he isn't."

Pam Award: Let's give this one to Phyllis today.

Angelica Award: Sue Ellen's see-through blouse, and Lucy's blindingly bright jumpsuit.

Bobby Award: The white haired cop.

April Award:  Pam for subconsciously suppressing the memory of going to Roger's place to tell him to stay away from Lucy.

- When Pam comes over to Rebecca's apartment, there is no number on the door! That must be an interesting building to get around in, with no apartment numbers. I suppose visitors just have to yell from the lobby.

- When Lucy comes home, look closely at the cuts that focus on Ellie. There's a guy standing in the corner just behind the car - probably a ranch hand or something. But he's a statue! The scene cuts to this angle about three different times and the guy doesn't move a muscle. Shouldn't he be taking some things inside the house?

- I'm sure everyone got a chuckle when Phyllis said she was going to call building security to remove the two thugs from Bobby's office. I'm sure these guys are as inept as the Springfield police force on The Simpsons.

- Where did Sue Ellen suddenly get a significant amount of money? Church bingo? The writers are very careful not to give us any details about this. And why did they have this happen right in this episode? Just because Cliff needs money, and this way Sue Ellen can turn him down and make him feel like a loser? This is egregious classic plot trickery.

Quizzich took issue with me here:

What seemed a classic plot trick concerning the money that Sue Ellen "came
into" during season 4 was no plot trick at all.  It would have been due to her divorce settlement from J.R., which I am assuming would have set her up nicely (that pitifully small townhouse notwithstanding), if in fact it hadn't made her independently wealthy on her own.  This is also where the money to buy Valentine Lingerie without J. R.  noticing such a large chunk of money being withdrawn from his account would have come from.  In my humble opinion, anyway.  : )

I don't dispute this - but I would point out two things. First of all, her settlement from JR was $ 5000/month in alimony and $ 1000 in child support [according to Episode 81, when the divorce was settled]. This is pretty good to get by in 1981-82, but it wouldn't make you independently wealthy. Second of all, the "money" she comes into arrives in Episode 101 - twenty episodes later! This is months later, by the Dallas time line. So I would think that she should have been amassing cash for some time - unless JR gave her a lump sum at some point, but that should have been a long time ago.

As for Valentine's, that is an interesting point. I bet they have a joint account or something - or Sue Ellen did get quite a bit from the divorce. I don't have a problem with Sue Ellen coming into money; the problem is the timing [just in time to potentially help Cliff] and the fact that the mysterious source of the money is not explained. If the writers had taken two lines of dialogue to have Sue Ellen say that "I just got my check from JR" or something like that then it would have made sense.

Actually, it brings me to another point. Cliff invested $ 4.5 million dollars into that bad land deal. So even if Sue Ellen's been squirreling stuff away, I doubt her $ 6000 a month would make a significant dint in Cliff's debt. There must have been some other source of income.

Quizzich responds: As to the points you raise in your response, I concede that sloppy writing is to blame for what seems like a plot trick, however I still believe that my position is plausible. Texas being a community property state, it is inconceivable to me that any attorney worth his or her salt would have let Sue Ellen "settle" for (what would have been for her) a measly $6000 a month, especially considering that the child support would theoretically end upon John Ross' 18th birthday.  What seems more likely to me is that Sue Ellen received child support, alimony AND a cash settlement that the audience was not privy to (for example, though she did not ask for and did not receive any alimony provision, my sister received child support in the amount of $1000 a month until my niece reaches the age of consent, a rental property that she and her husband inherited during the marriage, and a one time cash settlement of $10,000, and believe me, her ex-husband has nowhere near the assets of J.R. Ewing, nor does she live in a community property state).  Furthermore, if this cash settlement hadn't made Sue Ellen independently wealthy (keep in mind that she was entitled to half of all the accumulated marital wealth, including J. R.'s pocketed share of the Asian wells that were sold off in the prior season), it sure would have made her life a lot easier.  Assuming for just a moment that Sue Ellen received ONLY the child support and the alimony provision, how could she have afforded the townhouse, her "lunching ladies" lifestyle and supported a child on $6000 a month without getting at least a part-time job, even in 1981-82?   That the viewing audience was never let in on the cash settlement is just more sloppy writing, but it is understandable as the focus of those episodes was on the custody of John Ross, not how well off Sue Ellen would be financially after the divorce.  I guess it is possible that Sue Ellen was counting on a long and happy future with Dusty and asked for nothing in order to facilitate a quick a divorce but the audience was never privy to her divorce strategy either, and as she and Dusty had split by the time of the custody hearing (which I am assuming would occur before the divorce was granted) that seems unlikely.  I can't account for the timeline for any of these incidents, including the announcement that Sue Ellen "came into" some money, so you have me there!

Dave Orpen solves the mystery:

There was a scene deleted from Episode #101 where we learned that Sue Ellen
is independently wealthy. It was Sue Ellen visiting her financial consultant. He told her that her investments in stocks, mutual funds etc have doubled her money. TNN picks it up right after that when Sue Ellen calls Cliff to tell him that she is wealthy.

Aha! There's the piece of information I was lacking. Brutal cuts do us in yet again. My only question would be this: since, at this point in the series, Sue Ellen isn't exactly a take-charge character, where did she get the mental wherewithal to invest a significant amount of money? During her married life, she's been almost completely reliant on JR's money. And despite this scene, the timing is still VERY convenient.

- And speaking of egregious, I don't think I want to get started on how dumb Pam is yet again. "Hmm. Lucy's missing. Can't find her anywhere. No one knows where she is. Well, it can't be that Roger guy because I went to his place and told him who's in charge. Nope, I'm sure he got the message. Right, Bobby? Where's Christopher? I haven't seen him in thirty seconds." Sheesh.

- That Joe Smith guy...he looks familiar...oh yeah! In another life, he plays Bruce Harvey, the Hollywood producer who helps Sue Ellen make her movie in 1989.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Ray Award (for hypocrisy)  Sue Ellen for being mad at Cliff for USING HER when she was doing that same thing to him to piss off JR.
- Marilee has a FEMALE secretary.  Somehow this doesn't seem right.
- Bobby says something to the effect of having called Gary and Val AFTER Lucy is found.   Maybe TNN cut something out, but I would have thought that they should have called Lucy's parents WHILE SHE WAS GONE.  I'd want to know if my child was missing.

As far as Gary and Val are concerned, Lucy's been 'missing' for eighteen years. This is sort of iffy.

- Who sent Lucy the flowers?  I would have thought Mitch but neither of them say anything to indicate this.

The implication is that it was Mitch. But it's kind of weird that the flowers are brought in by someone else.

- Pam has an empty purse at Rebecca's and one at Sue Ellen's place.

AHN Val's corner:

- Cliff referred to Sue Ellen's home as an apartment. Clearly, it is not. Why, it even has a front yard and an attached garage!

But from the inside it really looks like a condo rather than a home Very weird.

AHN Sara's corner:

- Bobby tells Miss Ellie that he called all the hospitals and none of them had anyone fitting anything even close to Lucy's description.  Ok, well, maybe Lucy's the only short blond woman on the show Dallas, but I tend to believe that there are quite a few short blonds in the city Dallas.  Some of them must be in the hospitals.

That bothered me a little bit too. Hard to believe.

- Was that a pizza in the middle of the Ewing breakfast table?  Whatever it was, no one ate it, as usual.
- Lucy's facial bruises looked more like misapplied blush than anything else.

I'm sure they were.

- JR sweet talks Sue Ellen at the end of the episode, who breathlessly responds; "JR, you're confusing me" and looks around cluelessly.  At the risk of offending someone here, is Sue Ellen retarded?

The only people who should be offended are retarded people because they're generally much more intelligent than Sue Ellen is in this scene.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Question: has Roger bound and gagged Lucy to keep her from escaping or to keep her from eating him out of house and home?

Combination of both.

- In true Dallas tradition, Cliff storms out of Sue Ellen's having barely touched his drink or even starting dinner. Given Sue Ellen's questionable culinary skills, this was probably a wise move.

Episode 102: Acceptance

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Mike]

> Ellie: "Donna..."
> Donna: "Miss Ellie..."
> Ellie: "Donna..."

People get paid for this.

Pam Award: Sue Ellen's blue blouse.

Angelica Award: JR's brown ascot.

Bobby Award: The white haired cop again.

April Award:  Joe Smith and Griff for not checking Bobby for a wire and being loose with their tongues.

- Why is there a picture of Pam on Ellie's dresser? Surely she can go down the hall and see Pam whenever she likes. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If it was a picture of Pam and Bobby, I might understand. But why a picture of just Pam, with whom she has no blood relation? And a rather unflattering one at that.

- Bobby does some weird finger work when dialing 555-4781. After hitting the same button three times, his finger then moves up! Hmm. That's a funny phone.

- Also, didn't Smith tell Bobby that if he calls, he should just leave a number? Maybe just a figure of speech.

- I found it interesting that when JR tells Sue Ellen about Cliff's misfortune, he mentions that "he betrayed his mama...that's about the lowest a man can get." Well, I seem to recall something about him mortgaging Southfork once...

From Elliott:

I find it quite interesting that Cliff can't come up with a measly 4.5 million dollars.  Why, wasn't it only a couple of weeks ago that Cliff and three cartel members (Jordan, Andy, and Wade) bought up 100 million dollars worth of JR's bank notes?  I'm assuming that each man paid 1/4 of the sum, so Cliff would have had to have coughed up 25 million dollars.  If he was able to come up with that amount a couple weeks ago, how come he can't come up with 4.5 million now?  Did Cliff have a bad day at the race track which we failed to hear about?

This is a great point. Cliff might have been the "idea man" and the other guys might have provided the bulk of the capital [in other words, Cliff might only have been in for a little bit of the pie], but I think you're right.

- AHN Dave submitted:

I could have sworn that Miss Corpus Christi was announced before Sue Ellen when JR was watching the tape last week, now it is the opposite.

You are quite right.

AHN Mike's corner:

- In true Dallas tradition, JR barely touches his drink at Sue Ellen's.
- The porcelain dogs are definitely back and on the top shelf of that hutch in the family room.
- Punk has Black Alligator boots? Where did they find a Black alligator?
- Stop the presses, Sue Ellen calls off Mrs. Chambers and answers the door herself. She is truly becoming self-sufficient!
- The Ewing mentality at work: JR actually believes the only times families get together is at cocktail time!

AHN Jason's corner:

- The first vase of roses Sue Ellen arranges doesn't look like it holds the required 2 dozen.
- Rebecca has an empty purse when she fires Cliff.
- Southfork looked like a set when Mitch talked to Lucy.  The garage door windows are blocked up.  Ellie walks around a real stable, though.

Someone mentioned to me the other day that generally speaking, the first few episodes of a season were filmed on site in Dallas. Then towards the end filming generally moved to California. That's why almost all of the second-half episodes are on a set.

Episode 103: Good-bye, Cliff Barnes

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of everyone]

Pam Award: Sue Ellen at Southfork in the beginning of the episode.

Angelica Award: Sue Ellen's ugly purple dress when meeting Clayton and then her horrendous nightdown. Muriel's ugly purple dress deserves mention too.

Bobby Award: Pam's upsweep was unflattering.

April Award:  Clayton for planning to propose to Sue Ellen after everything she said the other day.

- When Clayton and Sue Ellen are having lunch, the waitress at the Japanese restaurant just brings Sue Ellen her club soda and then leaves without asking if they'd like to order. That's rather odd.

- I have a lot to say about Pam and Bobby's wild Los Angeles gig. First of all, it's interesting that Bobby has to take the THIRD closest parking spot at LA Memorial Hospital. Don't they know he's Bobby FREAKIN' Ewing?

- Why do Pam and Bobby have changes of clothes - they didn't expect to stay in Los Angeles for very long! Or did Pam suddenly get a hankering to visit Rodeo Drive?

- And both times when we cut to the lovebirds in their hotel room, the bed is very nicely made. Why? It appears to be early morning in both cases. Did Pam make the beds so they wouldn't have to tip the maid?

- Bobby says he can't believe the coincidence that Farraday and JR had the same blood type -why? Lots of people have type B blood. I do. It's one of the most common types in North America!

- When Rebecca comes to Southfork the morning after Cliff's suicide attempt, she's wearing the same blue dress she wore at the hospital - all well and good, since we are to imagine that she spent the whole night there. But there's a problem. EVERYONE is wearing the same clothes they wore at dinner last night. Sue Ellen's outfit is the most obvious carryover. She was just supposed to stay for dinner, and even if she decided to spend the night, I'm sure she could have found something else to wear.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Empty purse meter:   Pam's white purse in L.A., Marilee at Cliff's place, Afton at Cliff's place, Sue Ellen at lunch with Clayton, Sue Ellen when coming home from the symphony with J.R., Pam's tan purse in L.A. and Rebecca at the hospital.  Oddly, neither Afton nor Sue Ellen had a purse at the hospital.
- Unnecessary fur meter:   Marilee at Cliff's place, Sue Ellen after coming home from the symphony and possibly Sue Ellen if she actually wore the sable to Southfork.

- No wonder we haven't seen the beige and brown placemats at the Southfork breakfast table lately. Cliff must have taken them the last time he was there. They resurfaced today on his table during breakfast.
- So those taupe pants and ugly taupe sweater with the stupid collar was the 'appropriate' outfit to wear with sable?  I hardly think so.
- How did Pam and Bobby know the girl by the pool was named Sherri?  Did she introduce herself?

I think I remember that first girl by the pool telling them that the manager's name was Sheri. It must have happened during the first TNN run because it didn't happen this time. But I remember it.

- The hotel room Bobby and Pam stayed at was the gaudiest thing I've ever seen.  The bedspread was bad enough, but the matching wallpaper was just too much.
- How did Sue Ellen get to the hospital?  I would assume she drove to the ranch with J.R. the night before which meant she wouldn't have her car.  If she had called a cab, it would've taken awhile for them to get all the way out to the ranch.  If she 'borrowed' one of the cars, the keys could've been in the ignition, they usually are.   But she must have been driving without a license and what did she do with her keys at the hospital?  Her pants certainly didn't look like they had any pockets.

Good point. This is VERY confusing. It's not clear today, but tomorrow it's made relatively certain that she arrived at the hospital independently of JR. The only reasonable explanation is that for some reason she drove to the ranch for dinner and happened to arrive at the same time as JR, and then took her car to the hospital. But that's a reach.

AHN Sara's corner:

- Ray Award for hypocrisy goes to Pam for her criticisms of LA people and their bad work ethic.
- Eww. Shirtless Cliff.

Better than shirtless Ray.

- Was everyone allowed into the ICU in the early 80's?  Because everyone was in there visiting Cliff today.

Maybe in the 80s but certainly not now. Actually, I doubt they'd let anyone but close family even in the 80s, and that only under special conditions.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Once again, after sex with JR, Marilee's appearance is flawless. Lipstick and hair are perfect. And for the trivia buff, Merilee is a southpaw (and not a good one).
- The exteriors of LA Memorial Hospital look very familiar and have been used before or later in the show. I think it was for the shows while JR is recovering from being shot by Kristen.

I think you're probably right. But I bet that this was the real LA Memorial, since this shooting was done in California.

- Cliff's hair has suddenly greyed out big time.
- Cliff is really in denial. Without job or prospects he continues to get up in the AM and dress in work clothes - long sleeve dress shirt and what appear to be suit pants.

He may have little else to hang around in. Were sweatshirts really a big thing then?

- Did you see the size of the portion of scrambled eggs in front of John Ross? That was more eggs than Dusty ordered in his restaurant scene with Sue Ellen a season or so ago.
- Either the color was way off or Bobby now has two shirts with epaulets - the familiar red one and an orange one he wore in LA.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Southfork is a set again... cut in with footage of the real SF.
- Notice that Afton has a purse at Cliff's when she finds him but it is gone by the time she reaches the hospital.

This is okay, I think...the last thing she would worry about is her purse. I don't mind that too much.

- I found it kinda strange that Sherry's friend would know that she was so close to Kristin that she would send her a clipping for a Dallas Newspaper about Kristin's death. Seems a bit contrived.

I see what you mean.

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