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The site is created by a team of Nitpickers. These are listed below.

The Head Nitpicker (HNP).

Ahmer Ali

My name is Ahmer Ali and I live in the 'big smoke' of Toronto, Ontario. I'm an IT consultant, specializing in network administration and deployment, and I also participate in the family business of selling computer hardware.

I began watching DALLAS a year and a half ago when TNN started airing reruns. Actually I was flipping channels and happened to catch Episode 4, Wings of Vengeance. Thereafter, I was hooked!

I got the idea of nitpicking Dallas after reading the Star Trek Nitpicker books. It clued me in to all of the weird and wacky production gaffes that go on behind the scenes and alerted me to stupid patterns of behavior. In Season 10, I started posting some of the nits to the newsgroup with limited success. Then we finally began the Web Page in November of that year, with summaries and nits, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What do I like about Dallas? Well, it's great drama. While the plots are sometimes lame, the characters are very real and the actors and actresses are outstanding in making them come alive. Sometimes I really care about these people, and nowhere was I more touched than that outstanding scene where we witness the passing of Bobby Ewing. Come back soon, Bob!

The Assistant Head Nitpckers (ANH's):
[In alphabetical order]

Jacob Cote [AHN Jake]

My name is Jacob Cote, and I am a huge 15-year old fan of the greatest show ever produced, 'Dallas'. The first episode I saw was "No More Mr. Nice Guy, pt. I" (better known as "Who Shot J.R.?, pt. 1") in March of this year. The next day I tuned in to "No More Mr. Nice Guy, pt. II". Unfortunately, I didn't again tune in until June. I was flipping through the channels -- very
bored -- nothing was on. I came across 'Dallas', and remembered it, so started to watch it. It was "Denial," the episode after Jock died (that would be January 1982 in the 'Dallas' world). From then I was hooked. From mid-June until now, I've only missed about 6 episodes -- and was very mad when I did -- but made sure to read about it on the internet...didn't want to miss a thing. A lot of changes have happened during the course of the show, and although my favorite season so far was the 1982-1983 season (where J.R. and Sue Ellen remarried and Bobby and Pam -- the cutest couple ever -- saw their marriage unfortunately start to fail), I like the current season being re-ran (1985-1986) very much. Most people don't, but although I miss Patrick Duffy as Bobby, the show has managed to get along fine with Sue Ellen finally facing her alcoholism (Linda Gray giving some of her finest performances -- Emmy-worth, in fact) and the addictive and mysterious Marinos Shipping storyline. Too bad Bobby had to die, just when he and Pam -- who is my favorite 'Dallas' babe not to mention the most beautiful woman I've ever seen -- were about to re-unite. But to talk about my position as an assistant head nitpicker (AHN), I really am enjoying it and am looking forward to a long stay on this wonderful page about 'Dallas' -- my favorite on the entire World Wide Web. I have always noticed little things when watching t.v. -- things that didn't make sense, were contradictory, or just simple oversights like a handbag suddenly switching hands. And finally, I have a place to put them. I hope you enjoy our "nitpicks" and everything else the "Dallas Frames Page" has to over. Have a great day!

Bill Entenman [AHN Bill]

I live in Pennsylvania. I'm 22 years old, with a recent degree in Computer Science. I am currently self-employed as a webmaster.

My parents watched Dallas every Friday night when I was a kid, so I grew up knowing of the characters and the basic story. One night in the fall of '96, I was flipping around the channels and I saw the Dallas episode from the first season, in which Lucy runs away from home in response to not being allowed to invite her mom to her birthday party.

As I watched every day (to my two roommates' complete amazement), I recalled all the characters and was fascinated to see it back on the air again. And the more I watched, the more I realized all that I hadn't picked up on when I was just a naive kid, only occasionally watching a scene here and there. I think it's really excellently written for a serial drama. Although I'm now watching the episodes on reruns for a second time around, I still look forward to it every day. I can't get enough of the evil antics of J.R. and the lovely ladies of Dallas (Mary Crosby being my all-time favorite).

Rob Frazier [AHN Rob]

My name is Rob Frazier. I am a 29-year-old computer programmer from Rochester, New York. The very first Dallas episode I watched all the way through was No More Mr. Nice Guy first-run. (I was 10 years old, there was only one working T.V. in the house, and my Mom LOVED Dallas. What can you do...?) I wouldn't watch another full episode until December 1996 on TNN. (I forget which episode; I think it was the one where the family finds out Jock was putting in time with Julie Grey.) I've watched the show regularly ever since (1½ times through all the episodes so far). As you may have guessed, my favorite character is JR Ewing (I know I'm supposed to hate him, but I think I have a better understanding as to why he does some of the things he has). Probably more obvious is my least favorite: Bobby (another unpopular pick, but oh well...) I've always nit-picked certain shows that I watched. My wife hates this, so I went into Nit-Picker's Rehab in early 1998. All its taught me is to not state the obvious (a philosophy I still use at this website). Now I only pick on the truly unbearable or repeated nits. As good as the show is, I'm amazed at how many I find -- and even more amazed at the number I miss. And you know what? I'll probably find even more the THIRD time around. Glad to be here guys and gals...!

Mike Granieri [AHN Mike]

I live in New Jersey with my wife and three dogs and work at AT&T. When we were dating, my wife and I used to watch Dallas every Friday night with our best friends who were already a married couple. We hadn't seen an episode since it went off the air but after stumbling across an episode or two on TNN while channel surfing we got hooked again. We just picked it up again about two months ago and now tape it during the day and watch it after we get home from work. We're enjoying it even more the second time around because we know the characters and most of what happens to them.

Matt Harrington [AHN Matt]

I am 18 years old (soon to be 19), and a freshman at St. Bonaventure University in western New York. I have been watching Dallas since its first run on TNN, and I have been addicted ever since. I think it is one of the best written, best directed, and best produced dramas I have ever seen. I think the acting is very underrated, too. My favorite character is Sue Ellen, though I worship JR. I believe that Miss Ellie and Donna Krebbs should've had larger roles on the show, since they are great actors, but oh well. I usually laugh at the show, or yell at it, and I have cried five times (when Bobby was hit by Katherine, when Bobby died in the hospital room, when Lucy left and said 'It will never be the same', Bobby's funeral, and when Sue Ellen had a change of heart and let John Ross live at Southfork.) My least favorite character is Cliff Barnes, because he is an idiot. Jamie Ewing, Jack Ewing, and Mandy Winger also make me mad, but that is half of the fun in the show. I am a Communications major, and someday hope to host my own talk show. I live in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Clint Johnson [AHN Clint]

I am a Major in history, and currently going to college at the University of Richmond in Virginia. My favorite hobbies consist Elvis Presley, the Beatles, wrestling, and now Dallas. I first was exposed to Dallas in the early 80's. I remember being rocked to sleep by my mother while the Dallas theme would come on Friday nights. Back then I was just too young to really understand Dallas. While in College this semester, I discovered that TNN was showing Dallas and decided to start watching it again.

A few weeks later I discovered Ahmer's page and that is when the nitpicking started. I never would have cared to look for nits, but Ahmer made this a trend. It was a good trend, so why not try to contribute. My favorite Dallas character has to JR Ewing because he is so evil and vicious.

I find nitpicking Dallas fun, because when I was in High School, I took a Drama class and you learn a lot about acting when you take one of those classes. You not only watch a movie for enjoyment once, you go back and study it and see if you can find any mistakes. I did this with Star Trek 6 over the summer, but this isn't about Star Trek. The facts are story writers and directors and actors do make mistakes, and it is fun to find their flaws and laugh at their expense.

Valerie Martin [AHN Val]

My name is Val Martin. I am 26 years old, and make my home in Peoria, Arizona. I am a married mommy of two very energetic little boys, ages 4 and 1. While my husband is off at his job as a computer engineer, I stay home and care for my boys. This is a full time job, trust me. But it's so fulfilling! I started watching Dallas during the whole "Who Shot JR?" craze of 1980. I was only 7 years old at the time, but my parents watched it. From then on, I was hooked. My favorite part of the series was the first 2 seasons when Pam drove that awesome black Corvette. I always look forward to the episodes in which there was a Gratuitous Corvette Shot. Plus, I'm a big 70's pop culture junkie, and it's so much fun seeing all those wild 70's fashions, the ultra-chic decor, and funky disco music. Later in the series, I developed quite a liking for Dack Rambo (a guy more than twice my age). To this, my husband just shakes his head and laughs. As to whether Dack stuffs his pants or not, I don't care. He still looks sweet in a Speedo.

My other hobby is collecting Hot Wheels. I am a huge all-around car nut. Every few days, the boys and I will go on a hunting expedition, where we drive to every toy and discount store in the area looking for new toy cars. My favorites are Volkswagen Bugs. I especially love the New Beetle. I also buy regular Hot Wheels and Matchbox VWs and customize them. I take them apart, paint them, dye them, change their wheels, and put little decals on them. My VW collection is up to 70, and growing every day.

Sara Morrison [AHN Sara]

My name is Sara. I live in Connecticut and I'm about ten days away from starting my first year of college. I was flipping through the channels one day and I came upon Dallas on TNN during the season when Jock was in South America (81-82 I think). I was hooked and haven't missed many episodes since. I found this website a while ago and started submitting my own nits on the first episode of TNN's third run. My favorite characters are J.R., Bobby, and Katherine. The more I see of Jock the more I like him, too. My least favorite characters are Cliff, Miss Ellie after she married Clayton, and Pam (yes, I cheered when her car exploded). I'm looking forward to watching Kristin for the first time and to seeing the Who Shot JR? storyline that I have heard so much about.

Joe Ormata [AHN Joe]

My name is Joe Ormata and live in Albany, NY. I am 22 and a graduate of U Albany. I currently work for myself as a day trader/financial consultant and am single as well.

I simply think that "Dallas" was and still is the greatest of the night time soaps including its spin-off of "Knots Landing." It found a way to keep the stories interesting for all those years without the story lines getting too silly like they often do in soaps. I hope to see more of the cast re-united in future reunion movies and watch the re-runs religiously on TNT.

Anne Pederson [AHN Anne]

My name is Anne Casey Pederson and I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's a little cheesy, but my one of my favorite movies growing up was "I Remember Mama" from 1948 and Barbara Bel Geddes plays the daughter Katrin in the movie. I was channel-surfing one night and I saw her and had to stop. Obviously she had aged quite a bit during the thirty years from that movie and so I just watched the show a little to see Katrin as an old lady. To my own surprise, the show was really fun to watch and I just kept watching. It was a great escape for me during my senior year of high school, but I need that even more now that I'm in college! :) I wish my parents had been more interested in the series; they only watched it when I was a baby and they couldn't leave the house, so I missed it completely growing up. It might be even more enjoyable now, though, because the trends and ideals and storylines are so dated and it's kind of nostalgic, which adds extra appeal. For a career, I'd love to write books about TV, movies and plays, all of which are my hobbies. I'm a journalism and history major here at the University of St. Thomas. I fit into the Irish Catholic mold at school, but not the conservative one; I like politics a lot and I hope to get more involved soon.

Jason Pendar [AHN Jason]

My name is Jason Pendar. I live in Portsmouth, NH and work as a lifeguard for the City of Portsmouth. I like exercise, collecting videos, roller balding, traveling and creative writing. I have been on AOL for about a year and love the web. I have been watching Dallas since 1980. My current hobby is trying to write my own soap opera based on a year I worked at a hotel. Sometimes, truth is more humorous than fiction, although Dallas is helping me with some plot twists. Until later guys...

Todd Saveland [AHN Todd]

Todd Saveland, 20 years old, lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Attends Carleton University and is studying criminology, second year. I watch Dallas to see how the evil JR will get his revenge on 'that idiot Barnes'. Favorite character is definitely Jock Ewing. Still to this day his name is mentioned in every episode.

Dave Shardell [AHN Dave]

I am currently unable to watch Dallas, as the cable service at my college does not receive it. However, I check the website every night for updates, I still want to know what is going on!
I'm a 21 year old junior at Miami University in Oxford, OH, majoring in Management Information Systems. I am originally from the Cleveland area. I started watching Dallas in the summer of 1997 when I was flipping through the channels and saw Bobby in the hospital. I remembered when he was killed off and then returned from when I was a kid, and all of the tabloid hype about what method would be used to bring him back (including bringing an evil twin into the plot), and I thought this was the episode. Alas, it was not (he was only shot), but I was hooked, and it wasn't long before the dream season...

Joe Stanganelli [AHN Joe S.]

Hello. My name is Joe Stanganelli, and I live in northeastern Massachusetts and am a high school senior. I keep myself pretty busy at school with my main loves: music, theater, and writing. I'm in the band (I play baritone in concert band, sousaphone in marching), jazz band, and I run the pep band. I also play piano. As for theater, I'm in the drama club and perform in the school's annual musical and other plays in the area when I get a chance. My recent credits include: Guys and Dolls; Fiddler on the Roof; Crazy for You; The Boyfriend; and most recently, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. And in regards to writing, I've recently won the NCTE [National Council of Teachers of English] Achievement Award in Writing.

I began watching Dallas back in February on TNN. It was my Feb. vacation, 11:00 on Monday morning, and I had nothing to do except watch TV, and I didn't feel like watching The Price is Right, so I saw Dallas was on from the TV Guide and decided to check it out, as I had heard it was a great show when it was on. Since TNN had just began its second run of the series the previous week, it was only the fifth episode (the last from the miniseries), and I tuned in just when Pam was telling Bobby she was pregnant. I managed to quickly become interested in the show, and acquainting myself with the show and characters was fairly easy, being so early in the series run. I began watching regularly, and soon I was hooked. Since then I've taped nearly every episode since the second season, and my only regrets are spoiling various plotlines for myself by going on Dallas websites (i.e.- Who shot J.R.?, Pam's dream, etc.). Thankfully, Ahmer has been careful not to spoil future plots to myself and other novice Dallas fans.

Pam Steiner [AHN Pam]

Hi everyone! My name is Pam Steiner. I'm 28 years old and have been married for five years. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and work as an office manager downtown. I have been watching DALLAS ever since I was a kid. My parents loved it and it was always on in the house. At the time, we only had one T.V. in the house and DALLAS took priority over anything else that was on. I have some very intelligent parents! The first episode I ever watched in full was the first Ewing Rodeo where Sue Ellen met Dusty. I've been hooked ever since. I watch the late airing every night on TNN. Although I have seen all of the episodes many times, I still enjoy them.

Alett Turner [AHN Alett]

Hi. I'm Alett Turner, and I live and work in a small town in northern Illinois where most of my time involves teaching high school courses in English and drama. I am also the drama director for our musicals. I began watching "Dallas" on TNT when Dack Rambo appeared. My sole reason for tuning in was to see Mitch Pileggi. I'd read he had a recurring role, and he's one of the main reasons "The X-Files" is my favorite show. As most of you have probably experienced, English teachers are notorious nitpickers anyway, so I guess that's why I was drawn to Ahmer's site in the first place. It was such a kick to read the very nits I'd been thinking and the nits that I didn't catch. Well, I've had my Mitch Pileggi sighting fulfilled, but now I'm hooked. Being an AHN is addictive, but it's also a fun break from grading papers. When I'm not seeking out Bonehead Dialogue, I enjoy reading, going to plays, watching videos, shopping, traveling, and sinking way too much money into redecorating my house. In the "practice what you preach" column, I have my drama students write the first 15 to 20 minutes of an original screenplay; consequently, I am attempting my own screenplay. "Dallas" provides a wealth of do's and don'ts for this endeavor.

Here's to my fellow AHN's and especially Ahmer. It's all about insight and fun.

Kyle Wasko [AHN Kyle]

My name is Kyle Wasko. I'm 19 and a first-year student at the University of Western Ontario with an eye towards the Business School or possibly teacher's college. My hobbies (aside from watching Dallas) include playing tennis, coaching high school basketball, video games, and reading. When a friend of mine told me he had begun watching Dallas (about a year and a half ago), I laughed at him. I ended up catching a few episodes, the one I remember being when J.R. has himself committed (a la One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), but thought nothing of them. Several months later, however, I saw episode #53 (Wheeler Dealer), and I was captivated. I'm proud to say I haven't missed one since (150 episodes and going strong). What I like best about Dallas is the nefarious J.R. and his activities in the oil industry. Like many others, I miss Bobby, and can't wait for the dream season to end. It's just not the same without Patrick Duffy. Hurry back!

Analise Wünderschaft [AHN Analise]

My name is Analise and I am a 29 year old gal living in Manhattan. A graduate of Georgetown University, I am a New Yorker through and through. I have my own apartment which frees me from the hassle of roomates. Such a joy! I am the VP of Marketing for a telecommunications firm. I head up the print media campaign and I travel throughout the US to visit clients and make presentations in front of prospects. Every Saturday morning I am involved in a program where we go out and feed the homeless in Central Park, rain or shine. I subscribe to the opera and enjoy going to Broadway and Off-Broadway plays as well as to the ballet. I am active in my church which I love very dearly. I started watching Dallas when JR was shot back in 1980 and I was an avid watcher until the end of the 86-87 season. I was upset that Pam was in the crash and thought the show would be terrible. Also in the fall of 1987 I left for college and had more fun things to do on friday nights! I started watching Dallas again when TNN started showing reruns in 1996. I have been taping episodes ever since.

Next Generation Nitpicker (NGN)

Stephen Bates (NGN Stephen)

I live in the UK and stumbled across the original version of this site in about 2005. Having been a Dallas fan since watching repeats on the satellite TV channel UK Gold in 1991 I spent an embarrassing amount of time pouring over the site.

I recently started re-reading it again and thought it would be nice if it could be brought up to date. I contacted the original site owner Ahmer Ali who graciously allowed me to mirror the site and add to it. I will in due course be adding my own nits to those already included.

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