Mini Series (1978)

Episode 1: Digger's Daughter

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Analise]

Miss Ellie, when Bobby returns home with Pam: "I don't know what to say."

HNP Ahmer Responds: I have an idea! How about "Welcome home, Bobby?"

Angelica Award:

Bobby's too-short tie at the office, nominated by Jason and Val, and his disco dinner suit, nominated by Sara.

Pam Award [for looking good!]:

I guess it'll have to be Pam.

Bobby Award [for bad hair]:

Bobby, of course.

April Award [for boneheadedness]:

JR for trying to buy Pam off, and then for trying to put together a really lame set-up using Ray.

HNP Ahmer's Corner:

- Let's take care of a big one from the start: there was a severe cold spell in Dallas during the filming of this and a few of the subsequent episodes. Hence the need for heavy coats and what not. Why people insist on leaving their car windows open during this chilly weather is another matter.

- And this episode WAS shot in Dallas, not in San Francisco, as I mistakenly said last year. Thanks to Lisa Metzger and others for reminding me.

- After JR tells Bobby about the planned trip to Austin, he leans over the bed to talk to Pam. Then he rolls over and turns off the light to go to a towel. I've got to make a mental note of this...ladies, does this really work? Is this a turn-on or something?

- When Pam and Ray get off the chopper and start to wander around, Pam takes the lead and starts to walk towards the near-freezing pond. Is this the natural thing to do, given how cold it must be? I would have walked towards the shack, myself.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Julie answers JR's office phone "John Ewing Jr's office.. I believe this is the first and last time we ever hear any of the secretaries call him anything but JR.. His name from now on is John Ross Ewing JR. (Obviously this was done to explain where the initials JR come from....)

- The house in the mini series is obviously different than that of the regular series.

- Bobby has a lot of important documents in his briefcase at the beginning of this episode.. Why oh why would he leave it in the back seat of his open topped convertible? And unlocked too, since Pam was able to open and snoop through it..

- When Pam and Cliff go to her apartment to get her things, she takes a pile of clothes out of her closet and throws about 1/2 of them into a large suitcase, zips it up and drags the rest around with her. She easily could have filled it with the rest of them... Also she didn't pack any underwear....Kinda strange considering she had so few clothes at Southfork....

- Sue Ellen calls the male servant in the dining room "Raoul" yet he looks nothing like either of the male servants I ever saw in the series. (He was a lot shorter and kinda chunky) Could be another servant by the same name but unlikely...

HNP Ahmer Responds: My new theory is that any male servant who wants to work at Southfork must legally change his name to Raoul.

- I failed to see how Pam was able to hear JR's car approach Ray's shack... It was fairly far away when she finally walks over to the window and you still couldn't hear it. She must have the ears of a cat....

- Cliff is waiting for Pam at her door step and he gives her what I assume is her newspaper, delivered to her door. I was under the impression that she had been gone for a while, so why only one newspaper there?

HNP Ahmer Responds: No, I don't think so. I think Bobby and Pam just went to New Orleans for the weekend and decided to get a quickie marriage. Or perhaps she gets the evening newspaper, and so she's only missed a day.

- Even the poor Barnes have an "IN" with the parking meter fairy. Pam and Cliff pull right up to Digger's trashy bar.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Come to think of it, it might be the weekend right now.

AHN Analise's corner:

- When JR and Jock are talking outside, we can hear the "foreplay" of Bobby and Pam very well. Now the lovebirds are one story higher than JR and Jock. Did JR plant a microphone in their room and place a speaker in the porch? Awfully convenient that we can hear them.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Very true. They really should close that window, especially if it's as cold as it seems.

- When JR asks Jock "why should I be subtle", it sounds like that line was added in later by a techie. The voice does not sound like it was said at that moment.

- Why is Ray bringing in papers for Jock to sign during cocktail hour? There is no way for a purchase order to be fulfilled at that hour anyway because vendors close. Couldn't Ray have spoken to Jock the next day?

HNP Ahmer Responds: Good call. It's possible he might have needed it first thing in the morning.

- How many gas stations not only fill your tank with gas but pull the car over to the nearby restaurant? Bobby must have had faith that his car would not be stolen.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Ah, for the good old days. Can you believe this was 21 years ago? I feel old.

- Pam looks through Bobby's briefcase, sees a file called "State Legislature", and says that she doesn't see any of Bobby's work. Is she blind or just too stupid?

HNP Ahmer Responds: The latter.

- When Lucy tells her story to Pam on the stairway, she speaks as though she is on some kind of drug. Very wispy.

HNP Ahmer Responds: She ALWAYS sounds like that during the miniseries.

AHN Val's corner:

- Julie suggested to JR that if she opened the curtains, the sunlight would cause a glare on the TV and Cliff Barnes' face.. So, with JR's OK, Julie opened the curtains. Then, they showed the TV again, but there was no glare.

HNP Ahmer Responds: That's a tough one. It's tough for a camera to simulate or even catch glare.

- At this point, it hasn't been said what Pam does for a living. Yet, it is known that she works in a department store. My word, that's a REAL nice apartment for someone who works as a store clerk!!! In fact, it's even nicer than that of her brother, THE LAWYER, who's dreary single-room studio we see later on.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Agreed. But Pam probably doesn't spend money helping support Digger.

- The exterior shot of the Ewing Oil building shows a much different building than the one we know through the majority of the series.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Could just be a weird angle, but I'm sure you're right. These are also much different offices.

- When Ray and Pam jumped in the pond, the helicopter started revving up its engines. How did this happen? Was there a pilot other than Ray? I don't think keyless-remote starters had been invented yet.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I wondered about that too.

- Pam and Bobby leave Ray's place in JR's car. My, how convenient that JR left the keys in the car...unless Bobby has his own set. Also, Bobby just left JR stranded at Ray's shack...although Ray must have given him a lift home in the chopper.

- Check out the inside of Ray's shack. The walls in particular. They are unfinished...nothing but wood planks! That means NO insulation. That has to be rough considering this is supposed to be the coldest Texas winter on record. Although, there could be some unintentional symbolism at work here. Ray's unfinished shack fits him to a T: a little short on drywall and long on studs. Just ask all the Dallas women!

AHN Kyle's corner:

- I'd like to think that the witnesses during the hearings would know that Cliff Barnes is actually a lawyer and NOT a Senator. It seems as though Phil Bradley said that line merely for the home viewers sake. Contrived.

- Man, there sure are a lot of black suits being worn in 1978. Must have really been en vogue back in the day...hardly any other colours at all.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Because of the cold spell, I figure.

- I can hardly remember EVER seeing a screen dissolve shot (where one shot dissolves into another) and yet I counted at least two or three today (all Pam). Odd.

HNP Ahmer Responds: They toyed around with a lot of this but abandoned it quickly for some reason.

- That's a dangerous jump for Ray to be making with Pam (from dock to knee high water). Very dangerous, in fact. He's lucky he didn't blow out a knee.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Yes it is. Fortunately, he bent his legs.

AHN Pam's corner:

- When Pam and Bobby returned to Southfork and Ray and Lucy were spying on them how could Lucy tell that they were married? They were quite a distance from them and even with the use of binoculars I hardly think Lucy could see something as small as a wedding ring, which I believe at this point is just a plain gold band. Did she come to this conclusion only from the fact that they kissed and Bobby lifted Pam's hand or did he actually point to her finger too?

HNP Ahmer Responds: Lucy must have keen eyes but has probably spotted the wedding band. Maybe Bobby pointed.

- I almost had to laugh when Bobby told J.R. that Miss Ellie didn't like business being discussed at that hour, cocktail/dinner I assume. Well, I remember some huge discussions about business during cocktails/dinner throughout the series. I guess when the Ewings moved in to the real Southfork, Miss Ellie changed her mind.

- Convenient that there were no hearings in Austin. It gave Cliff plenty of time to sit outside of Pam's apartment. How long did he plan to wait there for her? How did he know what time or even if she were going to show up? Furthermore, he also told her he came back when he heard about her marriage to Bobby. How would he hear about this? They only returned to Southfork the day before. I doubt this was in the newspaper as most Ewing events are. The family was very displeased about the whole thing.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Being in Austin, he must have heard from a contact or something.

- I don't remember seeing any cars parked in the lot of Pam's apartment building. Although it's the middle of this day, this is odd, there's usually someone parked in an apartment building lot. Come to think of it shouldn't PAM'S car be parked in the lot. If she doesn't have one how did she get around before she married Bobby? She must've been the queen of public transportation.

- When Pam told Digger that she married Bobby Ewing, I'm surprised that Digger didn't respond. It wasn't until Cliff mentioned Jock Ewing that Digger got that psycho look in his eye. I realize this is to demonstrate how much he hates Jock, not to mention he's sloshed, but I would think the name EWING in general would generate some sort of a reaction from him.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Clearly it's the name of "Jock Ewing". He probably doesn't know about JR or Bobby - or at least very little about them. Though he should, given his preoccupation with Ellie and her business.

- Why are the Ewing women setting the table for dinner? Sue Ellen told Pam that they have a 'system', like they do it every night or something. The servants around there sure have it easy. Another point about this scene. Pam asked if she could help out in setting the table and Sue Ellen told her about their 'system'. It was so un like Miss Ellie not to try to include Pam after she asked. I realize at this point Miss Ellie is still somewhat upset with Bobby for marrying her. But Miss Ellie has always tried to make people feel welcome in her home.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Yes. I guess she just defers to Sue Ellen in these situations.

- When Pam and Bobby had their discussion right before J.R. walked in she was wearing an awfully thick bathrobe. She just got married, where was the sexy lingerie? Wouldn't this be like her 'honeymoon'?

HNP Ahmer Responds: YES! Which is why Bobby was wearing just a towel, and I'm sure he must have been ticked off to have to simply roll over, turn off the light, and go to sleep.

- Pam should've smelled the set up even before she heard J.R.'s car (how did she hear it). Ray referred to the building as a shack'. It was a pretty nice shack. He was able to build a fire and make coffee? The hands use this as a place to take breaks, but it still seems a bit convenient.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I agree. Obviously it was planned well in advance.

- When Pam and Bobby left the shack, Pam didn't take her clothes with her. I guess now that she's a Ewing she figures she'll just buy new ones. BTW, she didn't even put on any SHOES when she left. I believe I saw socks, which should've been soaked, (maybe they had extras in the shack) but no shoes. On second thought, maybe she was better off, her shoes were probably soaked too and it was very cold outside. Also, Bobby was very insensitive to his new bride who was soaked. He didn't even take off his coat and put it around her. She had that blanket, but the coat sure would've helped to keep her warmer.

HNP Ahmer Responds: But how would she have put on the coat? Wouldn't it have been rather difficult to wear over the blanket? I would think so.

Maybe, but I didn't think she would put it on. I was thinking he could've draped it over her shoulder and buttoned the top button. At least it would've provided her with a little more warmth. Even with that blanket I would imagine she was still chilly since she was soaked.

AHN Mike's corner:

- This is the first time I can remember JR (excuse me, John Ewing Jr.) drinking coffee in the office. Usually it's bourbon and branch, no matter how early in the day.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Very true. But since the pilot hasn't been accepted, I don't think there's too much of a budget for that.

- Too bad the Ewings didn't stick to the original Southfork with separate houses for each son. Would have solved a lot of internecine problems later on.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Yeah. But that would have been boring.

- The profession of Public Relations takes another hit from the Ewings. Michelle equated it to entertaining people at lunch and dinner and now Jock refers to it as "pimping". As you know, I'm in PR. So where are my ho's? Maybe I should start my own agency and hire the Godfather.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Better check with your wife first, but I'd be behind you. [As long as you don't get those UGLY skanks we saw in Cleveland this Monday.]

- Couldn't decide if Ken Kercheval was wearing a hairpiece or just had a fluffed up bad dye job. His hair looked totally unnatural from a color and texture standpoint. And Larry Hagman obviously didn't start getting the more expensive rugs from the wardrobe people until the series was picked up for a whole season.

HNP Ahmer Responds: You sure these guys needed rugs at this point? Seems pretty natural to me.

- Loved The Night Train bar. Did you notice the padded, badly worn bar railing had duct tape in spots where there were probably holes and slashes?

- If Bobby has just gotten out of the shower and is wearing a towel, why isn't his hair wet? Nice to see Bobby's temper was with him right from episode one.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Perhaps he uses a shower cap. Or he sees that Pam isn't exactly in a convenient state of undress, so he took a cold shower figuring he wasn't going to get any.

Episode 2: Lessons

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Analise]

Pam on the phone: "Wait, I am Mrs. Ewing. Lucy's aunt by marriage."

HNP Ahmer Responds: Pam must be the ditz of Dallas with that one. She just corrected JR in Episode 1. Did she forget to whom she was married?

Angelica Award:

Ray's "I'm going out to the disco, but I refuse to dress up" cowboy dancin' outfit.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Nominated by Sara and Analise, and generally agreed to by everyone.

Pam Award:

Pam again, by default.

Bobby Award:

Bobby by default.

April Award:

Mr. Miller for being in a closed room with a female student.

- Why is the top off of Bobby's convertible, especially since there's snow on the ground that wasn't there in the previous episode? This is not the first time this has happened; almost everyone, especially Pam, leaves their car windows wide open.

- Real convenient that Pam answered the phone when Lucy's school called. Wouldn't it be great to be Raoul or Theresa, or Francisco, or whoever's working that day?

- I'm not too sure why Ray is concerned that Bobby will fire him for his escapades with Lucy. Especially since Bobby works at Ewing Oil, and JOCK runs the ranch. If I were Ray, I'd be more concerned that the old man was happy, not Bobby.

- I guess Bobby wasn't too thrilled with the secretary who was at Ewing Oil in Episode 1, because today he's got a older ringer doing his filing [she seems to have been a secretary all her life]. Perhaps Pam objected to anyone under 45.

AHN Sara's corner:

- Lucy did an awful job of lighting that envelope on fire.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Might have been tough in that cold.

- Pam has only been a Ewing for a few days, and yet she is bossy and rude to everyone. She makes a snide comment to JR at dinner, she talks about Ray right in front of him, and she basically took over Lucy's life.

HNP Ahmer Responds: It's unclear how long it's been since the last episode. It's obviously mid-December or January because that's the ONLY time it could ever snow in Dallas. There's never any mention [as far as I can remember] as to when Bobby and Pam got married. My guess is it's been at least a week or so since Episode 1.

- The principal was very unsupportive of poor Mr. Miller. I wouldn't want to work for him.

HNP Ahmer Responds: True. Very true. Unless Miller has a habit of molesting his students, this principal totally sucks. On the other hand, it's not just ANY student that's being discussed.

- I like how even complete stranger Roger calls Miss Ellie "Miss Ellie." I think "Mrs. Ewing" would have been more appropriate.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I sometimes think Martians would call her "Miss Ellie." Everyone seems to. But you're right. Certainly the younger generation owe her a HELL of a lot more respect than that.

From Jackie Trimble:

- When Lucy was caught in the nightclub by Bobby and Pam, he asked her to stay and dance. He didn't ask her how she got in and didn't tell her to leave. Didn't Bobby realize (or care) she wasn't 21? Now we know where he gets those great parenting skills, so later in the series he can keep Christopher out of school for any old reason.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Excellent point! Can't believe I missed that.

- The music in the club was considerately quiet enough so we could hear the conversations. Most of the clubs I ever went to were so loud you couldn't have a conversation unless you yelled at each other, or went outside (and waited for your ears to quit ringing).

AHN Jason's corner:

- Ellie mentions that Lucy would be graduating this spring.. This episode was filmed and aired in March/April of 78.. Is this to mean that she was to graduate that year? I thought for some reason she graduated during the spring of 79....

HNP Ahmer Responds: I think it was aired during the summer sweeps week of 1978, so it probably refers to spring '79.

- This one is really picky but it bugs me...Pam tells the teacher on the phone that she is Mrs Ewing.. Lucy's Aunt (pause) by marriage.. Marriage is the only way she could be both a Mrs. Ewing and her aunt. (If she was a blood aunt, her married name would be different..)

HNP Ahmer Responds: Excellent nit! I never thought about it that way. Most people don't.

- After her 'attack' Lucy leaves school to go home. We next see her walking by the entrance to Southfork. Did she walk the whole way by herself? Quite a distance.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Lucy has some weird way of getting home to avoid being spotted. I don't remember all the details, but I think she takes some buses and what not so as to avoid the ranch hands that Jock sends to drop her off and pick her up.

AHN Analise's corner:

- Did Lucy walk home from school when Pam drove by her at the gate of Southfork? No way!

HNP Ahmer Responds: No, I think she takes buses home or something like that. Rich girl with time to kill until Ray gets off his shift.

- How did Pam know what size clothing to buy Lucy? When did she ask her what size she was?

HNP Ahmer Responds: She didn't. But then again, she's working at a department store, so she probably has a pretty good idea.

- What time is breakfast at Southfork if Pam has enough time to go horseback riding before breakfast?

HNP Ahmer Responds: I don't know. This is really weird. Either Pam is a disgustingly early riser or something is seriously messed up here. Especially since it must be the dead of winter and the sun doesn't even rise till 7:30 AM.

- Gee Lucy burns the letters. Don't you think her school would have called her home before letters were mailed? Wouldn't her individual teachers have called too? The public school system is lame!

HNP Ahmer Responds: Yes it is. It's gotten better but twenty years ago it would have been lame enough to just send letters.

- I love Sue Ellen's lessons she gives Lucy about what a young lady should or shouldn't do. Should a lady sit back while her husband carries on an affair with his secretary? Gee, that's a lesson Lucy really should learn!

HNP Ahmer Responds: Well, she's already learned to be the homewrecking slut. Maybe she should see the other side to achieve some balance.

- Now I know many of you guys liked seeing Pam in her white outfit at the disco. But no woman in her right mind would wear a turtleneck/cowelneck sweater to a disco. She would sweat so much that her looks would turn ugly. Even Pam's.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I agree on all counts. She sure brightens up a room, though.

AHN Val's corner:

- A different Ewing Oil office building is shown again.

- When Pam picked Lucy up, the sun was shining bright over Braddock High School. On the drive home, it suddenly got REALLY cloudy. Then, upon arrival at Southfork, it was sunny again.

HNP Ahmer Responds: You've lived in Phoenix too long. Here in Toronto and in other sometime-snowy places, this happens every MINUTE. Maybe not to the same degree, but it happens.

- Who was buying Lucy's clothes before Pam? She's got some real trashy lingerie for a Betty Coed-high-schooler.

- Francisco was the name of the Ewing's butler today.

HNP Ahmer Responds: He must be a temp. Or else Theresa and Raoul are running an awesome high-level scam to sneak illegals into Texas.

AHN Kyle's corner:

- I'm not even going to get into the logistics of it snowing in Dallas, but a couple of things DID strike me as odd: a) Bobby's car is STILL being used as a convertible (that roof CAN come up, you know), b) the sunroof on J.R.'s car is open (not as bad, but still...). Come on folks, it's supposed to be winter.

HNP Ahmer Responds: This was a VERY unexpected snowfall that they worked into the storyline. True about the cars, though.

- Pam seems to be a little liberal with that horn on Ewing 4. She honks it to get Lucy's attention at school (even though a little shout of "Lucy" clearly would have done the trick), and then again when she gets back to Southfork. That's a little rude (Ewing or no Ewing...).

- This has been mentioned before (back in season 12, I believe) but again we can see the Texas flag being flown backwards. The vertical blue stripe is supposed to be on the left side, not the right as it is displayed at Braddock High. Now there's always the possibility that it's meant to be viewed INside the school, but wouldn't it make more sense to have it displayed properly for people passing by?

HNP Ahmer Responds: It's irrelevant whether your standing inside the school or out. The vertical blue stripe is supposed to be INWARD, towards the flagpole. Just like the Stars and Stripes: the Stars, in the top left corner, are always at the flagpole side, no matter which way you're looking at it. Of course, here in Canada we don't have to worry about that [just that upside-down thing in Atlanta...]

- What do you know, back in the day, Bobby DID have enough guts to punch Ray in the!

HNP Ahmer Responds: Once. Only once. Mark it on your calendar 'cause you'll never see it again.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Bobby actually goes in to the Ewing Oil offices first thing in the morning, even going in JR's car. Boy that sure didn't last long.

HNP Ahmer Responds: It stops after he gives in and buys Pam a car.

- Is there enough dark brown in that depressing Southfork decor? Dark brown paneling, furniture, even carpeting. No wonder Jock is always so cranky!

- Did you catch that sneer Pam gave Bobby while she was combing her hair in the mirror? Not real attractive. And speaking of Pam, what was up with that Bride of Frankenstein hairdo in the disco? It was up and appeared to have a couple of grey streaks. I know, I know, it was hard to look at Pam's hair with all those closeups of her chest and behind while she was dancing.

HNP Ahmer Responds: As I told Kyle, let's see Mandy do THAT.

- I had to laugh when somebody mentioned going into "downtown Braddock". Even more amazing was that downtown Braddock had a disco.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Over breakfast Sue Ellen asked Lucy if the outfit she had on was what she planned to wear to school. Why not? She looked fine to me, jeans and a sweater. I used to wear stuff like that when I was in school. These must be some of the great lessons in life Sue Ellen is teaching Lucy. Sue Ellen is way too prissy here, she really needs to lighten up.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I was kind of wondering where she was going with this myself.

- Kudos to Miss Ellie for being a sharp cookie and very observant. She actually noticed that Lucy didn't take any books with her when she left for school and caught on the charade. It's nice to see this side of Ellie, not the dimwit Clayton turns her in to later in the series. Unfortunately, she did nothing about it. She should've busted her and asked why she didn't have any books. Lucy could have said she had no homework. This excuse couldn't last very long, kids in high school get homework most nights. If Miss Ellie were really concerned about her education, she'd be down her throat every night asking to see and check her homework.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I completely agree. As Val said, it doesn't make sense that the family chooses to completely ignore the problem just because they feel bad about how Gary ended up.

- Roger, the big nerd in the Letterman's Club mentioned to Lucy that the only subject she was having trouble in was math. Ummmmm......Roger apparently hasn't listened to her speak, or he'd he'd know that she must be having some trouble with ENGLISH too!

HNP Ahmer Responds: Good call. But I bet she speaks with better grammar in class, when she cares.

- Lucy ran out of the counselor's office wearing a torn blouse. I know she had a blazer on over the blouse, but I still find it hard to believe that she managed to get through an entire day without someone seeing her blouse. Didn't she have to change for P.E.? I remember in high school we had P.E. class EVERY DAY and we had to change clothes. Maybe she changed in the bathroom since she's sooooooo modest......NOT!

HNP Ahmer Responds: PE every day? I only had two years of it. Certainly no one in senior year was forced to take it. Perhaps someone from Texas can tell us what the case is down there.

Episode 3: Spy in the House

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Rob]

Bobby to Pam about Cliff not revealing his source: "He can't tell you his source, honey. I wouldn't if I were him."

HNP Ahmer Responds: Then why the hell did you tell her to ask Cliff for his source, then?!?!

Angelica Award:

Senator Orloff in a cowboy hat. Nominated by Val.

Pam Award:

Pam. Duh.

Bobby Award:

Gotta be Cliff.

April Award:

Bobby for taking the damning red files home.

- Just to clear up something from yesterday: we discussed the fact that Bobby appeared to have a new secretary, but that older lady is apparently just a receptionist. Bobby's secretary is definitely the lovely Connie, hidden under ugly '70s style clothes.

- EVERYONE noticed Pam's parking job outside of Ewing Oil, completely blocking the one-way street. My theory: it's gotta be the car. Ewing 4 must have a KITT-like voice which convinces the driver to park in the most ridiculous places.

- The Ewings are discussing strategy with some guy named Ed, who appears to be their lawyer. Where's Harve Smithfield?

- In Cliff's apartment, you can see a picture of an older man on his bureau. If you stretch the imagination a bit, I suppose it COULD be Digger...but wait a minute. What bachelor keeps pictures of his dad around his bedroom? That would really be a downer while entertaining shaggable babes.

- Not really a nit, but a note: Jock has a bandage on the back of his hand while he's talking to the lawyer. Kind of weird. Kyle and Rob also noticed and it certainly does look like the kind you get after an IV treatment.

- Cliff's building is clearly numbered 9223. But on Julie's rolodex, he's listed at 1925 West Marshall. Did he just move? It doesn't really look like it.

From Kelly Dwyer:

- A recycled extra, a nice brunette in a red tank top and fur coat walks behind Cliff and Julie as Cliff tries to ask her out; and "the next day" she's coming out of the building that holds the Ewing Oil offices as Pamela heads in to drop off the Orloff file.

HNP Ahmer Responds: YES IT IS! Wow! What a great catch!

AHN Sara's corner:

- How rude of Sue Ellen to make Miss Ellie carry those bags into the house (although this is probably the servants' job, wherever they are).

HNP Ahmer Responds: Yeah. It was rude. I totally missed that!

- Cliff has at least three cowboy hats in his apartment and yet I have never seen him wear one.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I believe he did at a Ewing BBQ once, much later in the series.

- Why was Julie wearing a towel after getting out of bed with Cliff? Did she just get out of the shower? Her hair wasn't wet, so I don't think so.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Perhaps she used a shower cap or something.

- Very convenient of Julie to turn on the radio so Cliff could hear about Senator Orloff's resignation.

HNP Ahmer Responds: True, but this was necessary to the plot, and a guy in Cliff's position would want to keep current with news.

AHN Val's corner:

- JR wants Julie to pick him up a roast beef on rye sandwich. Seriously? That's a lunch more fitting for Cliff Barnes! JR, you're a rich oil man. How about having Julie reserve you a table at the Cattleman's Club!

HNP Ahmer Responds: There is no Cattleman's Club yet. Budget.

- Bobby read the script and knew that he'd be bothered by construction noise and leave work early. Up until now, he had left his car for Pam to drive, and caught rides to work with JR. But somehow, today he knew Pam wouldn't have any errands to run, and wouldn't mind being stranded at home.

- For a SECRETARY, Julie has a rather fancy apartment. Personally, I think it's ugly, but THAT was considered high style in 1978.

- That guy in Austin read the script and knew that JR would be at his parents' house instead of his own. Since at this point, he and Sue Ellen live in one of the cottages, and probably have their own phone number, I would think the guy should have tried to contact him there.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Bobby and Julie call Bobby's secretary Connie. The girl finally gets a name. Too bad (I think) today is her last day. But don't worry. That "babe" Susan who we have seen in the background for the first two episodes gets her one big line tomorrow.

HNP Ahmer Responds: But it IS Connie. She gets to be Bob's secretary for a few years.

- Pam and Julie seem to know each other. How? Unless Julie shopped at The Store while Pam worked there.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I think they're both "from the wrong side of the tracks". Those people all talk to each other, or so the producers would have us believe.

AHN Rob's corner:

- I know we'd long since beaten this dead horse silly; but today, not only is Bobby driving his convertible with the top down in the dead of winter again, but he didn't even bother to put his coat on! Perhaps he's wearing his lucky electric underwear?

HNP Ahmer Responds: Perhaps he is. And I've never been one to avoid using the stick on dead horses.

- I'm having a lot of trouble with this "Red File" business. Those files are REAL important, right? They are such because they have oodles of potentially damning information about Ewing Oil, true? Chances are even Miss Ellie doesn't know a DAMN thing about those files. So why does Jock and JR stand for Bobby letting Pammy-kins get within 500 feet of them?!?! A case can be made for Miss Ellie, even Sue Ellen (hell, LUCY for that matter), to handle those files; but NOT THE SISTER OF THE SAME MAN WHOSE TRYING TO BURY THE EWINGS!!!

HNP Ahmer Responds: Because if they make a fuss about it, they'll have to face the wrath of the Bob-man. Also, the producers will be without a script.

- When Julie gave the Orloff deed to Cliff, the both of them practically crumpled it up. But when Cliff showed it to the media, it was practically in mint condition. Shouldn't it have had an unsightly crease or two, if anything?

HNP Ahmer Responds: Perhaps Cliff had a copy made.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Bobby wears a real suit and tie to the office!

- Is this the first and only time we see those two Rottweilers at Southfork?

HNP Ahmer Responds: I think so.

- Bobby wears a towel to bed and so does Julie. A natural match here? And what does Julie use on that Farrah Fawcett do of hers, it looks perfect after a wild night of sex with Cliff - twice!

- The Orloff file is a very odd size when Pam holds it -very wide, even wider than standard legal paper.

- The hotel where Pam and Bobby stay appears to be the same one that Nicholas Pearce took his JR-induced swan dive off.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Hard to say for sure. How could you tell?

AHN Pam's corner:

- Why would Cliff have on of all things, his WEDDING RING!! His character is NOT married so you would think Ken Kercheval would've been smart enough to TAKE IT OFF! We got two great shots of it in this episode, the first was when Cliff handed Julie his telephone number, the second was, I think, when Cliff was holding the document up for the press to see. I'd have to check the tape for the latter, but I definitely saw two very clear shots of his ring.

- After Miss Ellie told Pam to ask for help in decorating and Pam said she would there was a long pause, about five seconds or so before Miss Ellie told Pam she thought she'd do a lovely job. It was very awkward, they all sort of stared at each other, as if someone forgot a line or something.

- Another Cliff nit. When Cliff and Julie arrived at Cliff's apartment Julie mentioned what a 'wonderful' job Cliff did at decorating it. Julie, not quite, the lamps on his end tables didn't match, the shades did, but the lamps didn't. One was a tacky lamp that was some sort of white thing. The other, the one in the corner, was a ginger jar lamp. He had its matching friend, on the nightstand by his BED! He should've put the tacky one there and had the matching lamps on the end tables. Stupid.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Maybe it's avant garde. Or perhaps Feng Shui?

- Is it just me, or did anyone else really not need to know that Cliff is sensitive behind his knees? Too much information here!

- Julie whined throughout the episode about being unhappy and used. Well, let me just say, Julie LETS herself get used and does NOTHING to ensure her own happiness! She stayed in a dead-end relationship with J.R. for years, and then when she got mad at him she turned to Cliff for companionship. I can't believe she didn't think for one minute that Cliff would use that eveidence to his advantage to get the Ewings! This girl is as dumb as toast!

HNP Ahmer Responds: Very true. You sort of feel sorry for her, but can't help feeling that she brought it on herself.

- I thought the way that Bobby kind of had to spell out to Pam exactly what kind of a relationship J.R. and Julie shared (besides business) was kind of lame. Pam's usually much smarter than this. Pam said "Sex?" Yes, Pam, sex, sex, SEX.....and lots of it too!

HNP Ahmer Responds: I'm trying to find a reason why Pam would be surprised at this and I cannot.

- Julie was pretty stupid to have put Cliff's number on a card in her ROLODEX! Cliff is the ENEMY!!! She should've kept that number tucked away in pocket in her purse. I guess she didn't count on Pam being such a super-sleuth.

HNP Ahmer Responds: True. There could be a reason for this, though.

Episode 4: Winds of Vengeance

Bonehead Dialogue Award:

None today.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Rob mentioned Lucy's incessant blabbermouthing at every turn, but that's necessary to the plot.

Angelica Award:

Ray's "my mom bought me this" coat at the beginning of the episode.

Pam Award:

Bobby's very cool trenchcoat.

Bobby Award:

Ray. Poor guy. Rent a shower, dude.

April Award:

Sue Ellen for letting complete strangers into her home.

- I would be remiss if I didn't mention that they have TORNADOES in Texas, not hurricanes.

- Miss Ellie's migraine headache has kept her bedridden for some time, and she grouses over the annoying noise of the telephone. Why not just disconnect the darn phone in her room if it bothers her so much?

- Why does everyone listen for news about the storm on the radio? It sort of makes sense at Ewing Oil, although in Episode 1 it's established that there is a TV in JR's room...but at Southfork? Turn on the TV, someone!

- When Peyton and Luther discuss their plans for the Ewing women in their truck, Peyton acts like he's heard it for the first time. They drove all the way from Waco and didn't talk about ravishing the Ewing ladies until approaching Braddock?

- When he comes home, JR grabs a beer out of the fridge. He doesn't strike me as being a beer kind of guy.

- Very convenient that in addition to the ranch hands being off today, the hired help is also unavailable. Couldn't Raoul sneak any people across the border this week?

- At the beginning of this episode, Lucy wears a blue sweater. Then, when she goes out and helps the boys round up the herd, she's wearing a jean jacket. When she comes home, she's got the blue sweater back. This is not impossible, but it is kind of strange.

- Bobby's secretary is suddenly Janine. What happened to Connie?

- Speaking of musical names, when Ray gets hurt and comes back to the ranch, Lucy calls Dr. Miller. What about Dr. Danvers and his bag of sedatives? Then again, ANY doctor would have trouble making a house call with the roads as bad as they are.

- There are a LOT of problems with the livingroom scenes. Here's the first: watch carefully when Luther starts to goad Sue Ellen about her Miss Texas days. After some taunting, he grabs Sue Ellen and suddenly, not only is his scarf much looser, but his hat magically appears on his head!

- I think Cooper Huckabee, who played Peyton, was having a lot of fun play-wrestling with Victoria Principal. [I salute you, man.] Peyton is pawing at Lucy at one point, and Pam tries to protect her. A struggle ensues and then Peyton slam-sits her back down onto the sofa. It's clear that Vicki just barely managed to get her exceedingly loose skirt back over her thighs. [Damn those reflexes.]

- I'm sure a lot of you jumped up and yelled, "Wait a minute! That door was locked!" when Luther and Peyton left Southfork at the end of the episode. But then, like me, you remembered that Luther left the house with Sue Ellen and then came back in. But it should be asked why Luther didn't lock the door after they returned. And why, oh, why, didn't they lock the back door? They must have read the script to allow Bobby and Jock to come to the rescue. Not that either of them wouldn't have had a key or something, but you know what I mean.

- And speaking of the rescue, Bobby tells Jock that he wants to go in through the back door. HUH? The "back", or kitchen door through which they enter is about fifteen feet away from the "front" door. What gives?

- While Luther is trying to get Sue Ellen to sing, he starts yelling and throws his hat on the floor. Then we cut to some wide-angle shots but the hat is nowhere to be seen.

- Pam makes Luther relent by reminding him that his wife willingly slept with JR. Couldn't Pam have said this ten minutes earlier and spared Sue Ellen the humiliation of being forced to sing? It's been demonstrated several times already that she's a fast thinker on her feet. Even in this episode, with Luther standing right next to her while talking on the phone, she was able to tip Bobby off that there was trouble at the ranch.

- And while we're on the subject, why does Luther bring Sue Ellen BACK to the main house? I'm trying not to be indelicate here, but if Luther really wants to exact revenge for what JR did with his wife, shouldn't he use the time he has alone with Sue Ellen over at her place? This is very fortunate for Sue Ellen, I suppose, but it seems very odd.

- I laughed out loud when Lucy told the thugs that Pam should be the one to get her innards tickled and then I laughed harder when it backfired on her. And after it all, Pam is still willing to give herself to Peyton to protect Lucy. If I have a wife half as noble as her, I'll consider myself a lucky man.

- Here's the best one of all. When Luther and Sue Ellen return to the livingroom, the hall clock reads about 2:25. But when Pam and Bobby head upstairs, it's 2:15! Is time moving backwards in this surreal episode?

- Several people on the newsgroup have pointed out that Jock and Ellie fuss over Lucy at the end of this episode, but absolutely no one, including sensitive-man Bobby, pays any real attention to the humiliated and disheveled Sue Ellen. Guilty JR doesn't really count here.

AHN Sara's corner:

- Sue Ellen picks up the phone in Miss Ellie's room, says that someone already got it, and then proceeds to listen for a few seconds of their conversation before putting the phone back down. Then she goes downstairs, sees Pam on the phone, and listens to even more! That's even ruder than that stunt she pulled with Miss Ellie and the bags yesterday!

- People don't usually put their home addresses on business cards, and this episode shows us why.

- Lucy was really stupid to say that Ray and Pam used to be together when she knew that Pam could just turn around and say the same thing about her. She must have read the script and realized that Pam is perfect and would never do something like that.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I would have totally marked out if Pam had said "yeah, but he's shagging YOU now." Just goes to show what a silly brat Lucy is.

- You can clearly see Ray's shadow on the kitchen door as he waits for his cue to enter the room.

AHN Val's corner:

- I don't know if this happened everywhere, or just here, but TNN messed up. They showed the upcoming scenes to today's show, and went right to the commercials. The opening credits were only shown before the actual show started.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Happened everywhere.

- A HURRICANE hitting the Dallas area? NO WAY!!!! First of all, the only part of Texas that sees hurricanes is the Gulf coast (Galveston, Houston, etc). Second, when a hurricane does hit, there is PLENTY of advanced warning. The weathermen know the approximate hit time, and begin warning the public DAYS in advance.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Was this true twenty years ago? I'm not sure. There was no CNN.

- When Bobby called Pam (the second time) the phone rang SIX times before Pam answered it (I counted). Most people would have given up after 4 or 5 rings. Bobby must have read the script and known not to hang up.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Well, he knows SOMEBODY must be home. Most of my mom's friends don't hang up on Saturday morning until my ears start to bleed.

- When it came time to tie Ray up, JR found the rope in--of all places--the kitchen cabinet!!! Oh, yeah, that's where everyone I know stores rope. The garage, yes, but the kitchen cabinet? Come on!

- Why is the rich, powerful JR Ewing staying in that seedy little motel? I have nowhere near the money that JR has, but I won't even stay in places like that! Yeah, I know this is Waco. They may not have a Fairview or Quorum, but surely there's a decent Ramada Inn out on the Expressway.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Luther sure seemed to change his mind on his revenge theory once Pam tells him about what Peyton said to her. I , for one, thought it was out of character for a redneck like him who barges into someone's house, terrorizes a family, humiliates an innocent woman whose husband wronged him, plans on raping her even though he knows she had nothing to do with her husband's behavior, THEN decides it is wrong because his wife is a wild woman. Way too contrived for me.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I totally agree. But it made for some GREAT nitpicking.

- Just a note: Sue Ellen forgets her precious banner (that she saved for all those years) when she leaves the house at the end.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Luther tore it, and I don't think it's a reminder of happy times any more.

AHN Rob's corner:

- Introducing: The ANTI-NERO AWARD!!! (As you may have guessed, it's given to those who actually make SOUND fashion moves.) MY FIRST NOMINEE: Bobby's ankle-length leather trench. Smoove, man! Smooooooove!

- Considering the fact that Southfork has never, EVER, had an official address; Luther Frick sure found his way there awful easily.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I figure he had to ask some locals for SOME directions.

- Question: When Jock and Bobby arrive at Southfork, how come absolutely NO ONE heard them coming? Three episodes ago, Pam was able to hear an unfamiliar car from, what?, half a mile away? Today, she couldn't hear Jock's loud-assed, diesel engine Cadillac; Bobby yelling at the top of his lungs about going in the back door; the hurricane wind blowing into the house behind Bobby and Jock; Ray trying to grunt a warning to his employers; and Bobby rummaging through a kitchen drawer for a knife. NONE of this was heard by ANYONE! I suppose it was all worth it just to see Jock whip some ass, though. Did you see that right hook?! Impressive! I'll say it again: Jock is DA MAN!!! I wanna be JUST LIKE HIM when I grow up.!

HNP Ahmer Responds: I agree about Jock, of course...perhaps Sue Ellen's singing and the heavy-hearted aura in the livingroom might explain some of it.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Jock mentioned Punk at least twice but we never got to see him. Does he show up for the barbecue on Monday?

HNP Ahmer Responds: Nope. Not for a couple of years, actually.

- That motel in the opening scene looked like a fortress. I guess they have to build them strong to withstand all them Texas hurricanes. And by the way, there were snow flurries in this episode. Hurricanes are warm weather storms.

- Who was doing Sue Ellen's hair in these early episodes? God that hairstyle was old maid, dowdy looking. I guess if you weren't in the opening credits during the mini-series you could forget about makeup and wardrobe.

- I must admit the idea of Sue Ellen coming down in a trenchcoat over a bathing suit seemed ridiculous. Nobody is that modest and why would Luther even allow it if he wanted to humiliate her in the first place?

HNP Ahmer Responds: I totally agree. I bet he even allowed her to change into the bathing suit in private. This is just unbelievable.

AHN Pam's corner:

- J.R.'s business card said 'Southfork' on it? It should have said 'EWING OIL' hence the term BUSINESS CARD! DUH!

HNP Ahmer Responds: I have a feeling something was cut. Luther probably did some digging and discovered where the Ewings live...or perhaps it really IS common knowledge around Texas.

- WOW! Sue Ellen was really domesticated in this episode. Fixing Miss Ellie's soup, fixing sandwiches, I never would've guessed! I would've thought that she couldn't make it through one day without the servants around to cater to her every whim!

- Sue Ellen also made a very DUMB comment during the phone scene. She said "Someone's got it." How could she have not known it was Pam who picked up the phone? All of the servants were off, none of the guys were home, Lucy was still at school and she and Ellie were together. Who else was left? She must not even be able to bring herself to speak Pam's name.

- Sue Ellen also made the DUMBASS MOVE OF THE DAY. I would never, and I repeat NEVER allow two strange men in to my home just because they said their car broke down. Yes, I would help them out, I would call the auto club, tow truck or whoever for them, but I would NOT let them in to my home. She also told them to get comfortable and she'd get lunch. Next time maybe she'll learn not to be so hospitable.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I'm sure she's learned.

- Everyone parked their cars in the garage! J.R. and Ray pulled in to the garage when they arrived at Southfork and we can see Bobby's car is in there too. This was a good thing since there was a major storm on the way.....not to mention a rarity!

HNP Ahmer Responds: Yes. Exceedingly rare.

- We all know that Dallas would never get a hurricane, they would get tornadoes. What I don't understand is that while the wind is whipping around out at Southfork, it's perfectly fine in Dallas. OK, OK, it would DEFINITELY be more intense out in the open where Southfork is. But, Dallas should at least have some CLOUDS in the sky and maybe some RAIN. (BTW, where was the rain at SF?) The establishing shot of Ewing Oil showed a clear sunny day without a cloud in the sky, this was right before Bobby's second phone call to Pam. Also, it looks pretty sunny out the window behind Bobby during the same conversation. This is impossible! I was in Orlando, FL last summer when hurricane Bonnie hit the shore of North Carolina. Guess what? We saw some CLOUDS throughout the day and some very heavy RAIN for about 20-25 minutes. All a direct result of the storm. Dallas is much closer to Southfork than Orlando is to North Carolina, so this is completely ridiculous!

HNP Ahmer Responds: I agree. Could be some tricks with the lighting, but I'm sure you're right.

- Another thing about the great storm. If the winds were so strong, how come we didn't hear any of it while they were all sitting in the livingroom? We should have. We have a lot of strong winds near Chicago, and believe me, when it gets strong enough you can hear windows rattling and all sorts of strange noises. These winds are not nearly as strong as hurricane force winds. This is odd.

- After the second commercial break, the establishing shot was of Southfork with the winds whipping around and it was very dark outside, as it should be. Yet when the scene changed and we saw the living room, the large window looked very light, almost like the sun was out. Considering how dark it was, this is impossible!

HNP Ahmer Responds: Again, I suspect lighting tricks.

- Linda Gray and Larry Hagman showed what great chemistry they had together and what a great actress Linda Gray could be. In the last scene, they don't speak at all they didn't need to, but there was so much said just by the looks the two gave each other. Outstanding!

HNP Ahmer Responds: Most definitely. Patrick and Vicki WISH they could do this.

Episode 5: Barbecue (One)

Bonehead Dialogue Award: [courtesy of Pam]

Bobby about the pregnancy: "It's the worst kept secret at the party."

HNP Ahmer Responds: Gee, I wonder why?

Angelica Award:

Bobby's wacky checkered blazer, nominated by Rob.

Pam Award:

Pam at the barbecue. Duh.

Bobby Award:

Digger. Even after combing it. Jimmy and Bobby deserve mentions.

April Award:

Pam for taking her fragile womb up into the hayloft. Special mention should go to all of the standers-by who let Digger get drunk instead of yanking the bottle away from him.

- Just a note: at the beginning of this episode, we hear that disgustingly annoying "Pam's theme" music. For those who don't know: I hate that music. With a passion.

- Where the heck is Deltham Catering? They cater every other barbecue that we see during the series run. Why isn't Larry Deltham's van parked in the driveway? Had the Ewings not met him yet?

- And speaking of these other caterers, Sam and Tilly, how is that they know about Jock and Digger's history? Tilly tells Sam that Digger Barnes is coming to the barbecue and Sam acts shocked, knowing what kind of fireworks may erupt. Are the details of the Barnes-Ewing feud such common knowledge? Hard to believe.

- When she introduces Lucy to Jimmy Monahan, it's clear that Victoria Principal was a wee bit cold.

- When Sue Ellen tells JR about Pam's pregnancy, the looks on JR's face during wide shots don't match his looks during close-ups.

- When Ellie is talking to Digger about marrying Jock, she begins her story by saying, "It was 1930...". But Jock and Ellie were married much later - 1935 or so. In 1930, Ewing Oil was just being formed, and according to the story in later seasons, Jock and Ellie had not even met. Ellie doesn't say for certain that they were married in 1930 but it just seems odd.

- JR spots Digger during the barbecue and starts talking to him like they know each other. How does JR know Digger? He's never seen him, has he? Moreover, JR comments that their dislike of Pam and Bobby's marriage is "the first thing we've agreed on in 20 years." Did they meet 20 years ago? Under what circumstances?

- Bobby takes Sue Ellen away from her drunken horse who's going to put the horse back in the stables?

- Excuse me, but, it sure doesn't look like Pam's fall was that severe! It was just a few little steps up to the next level of the hayloft, and she fell into a pile of hay - not exactly the bone-breaking variety of fall.

- JR tells Bobby that he saw Pam's car by the hayloft and went up to talk to her. Uh, no, JR. That would be BOBBY's car, which he doesn't seem to drive much any more.

RJW posted:

In the first pilot episode, Ray and Lucy are in the hay loft and have to use a pair of binoculars to see Pam and Bobby arrive at the rear of the house. Then, in this episode, where Pam is in the hay loft, it appears as though she is overlooking the barbecue in the front yard from only a short distance away. I think this goes to show that, even from the very beginning, the production company wasn't concerned about scene details of the show. VCRs weren't household items yet, and they probably thought we wouldn't notice such discrepancies.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Quite right, but I guess they didn't know how popular the show would be - and that they would show reruns.

AHN Jason's corner:

- Jimmy asks Digger about "what happened" between him and Jock like he had never heard the story before. Since Jimmy grew up with Pam and Cliff, you would think he would have heard this story all the time.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I noticed that too. Since even the African-American caterers seem to know, this is odd.

- Sue Ellen yells at Pam and tells her to move her car but it looks like she didn't even see the car until AFTER she gave the line.

AHN Val's corner:

- Again, Bobby's wearing a super-short bath towel. That thing barely covers his bottom. While I'm not complaining here, I do think that the super-rich Ewing family could afford some nice, large, plush bath towels.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I don't believe you women. THIS you nitpick? :) Why doesn't Pam ever get a scene like this?

- It looks like Miss Ellie brought out the good silver for a BARBECUE! Talk about going overboard. If I were holding the barbecue, we'd be trucking in paper plates and plastic forks.

- Everyone at the party is wearing jackets, sweaters, and shawls. Yet, here's Pam in a backless halter dress. It was quite breezy that day, too. She had to be freezing in that dress. All the signs were there (yes, and I do mean ALL), except for the goosebumps.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Oh, I noticed the signs. :) I was wondering about that too. Guess the producers gave Vicki the what-for in this episode and politely asked her how much she wanted a steady job.

- Pam said she'd fix Digger's tie when he got to the ranch, but when he showed up, it was already done. Don't tell me Digger knows how to knot a tie.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Cliff does. He probably did it.

- After Bobby told the family that Pam lost the baby, he also said that she may not be able to have children. I'm no doctor, but I fail to see how or way the Ewing doctor could be making such a brash statement so early in the game. In cases like this, the doctor usually says that they can try again in a few months.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Can't believe I missed that. I suppose that's what I get for having seen the rest of the series. No doctor would ever say something like this except after a thorough examination. Certainly it would not be evident externally.

AHN Rob's corner:

- How quickly the writers forget. As Jock explained in this episode, he put that original Ewing Oil well claim in his name to keep Digger from gambling it away. To hear DA MAN himself tell it, he'd planned all along to give Digger his half. But we later learn that Jock's brother, Jason, was also in on the claim; which means that Jock COULDN'T have wanted to give Digger half, as that would have given him controlling interest in the claim. Perhaps he'd planned to leave brother Jason out in the cold...?

HNP Ahmer Responds: Or perhaps he didn't know he was supposed to have a brother. Excellent point which I overlooked.

AHN Pam's corner:

- Bobby jogs? If I'm not mistaken, I think this is the only time he ever does this. Also, I'm not a jogger, but don't most people wear SOCKS when they jog? Bobby's not wearing any. I would think jogging without them would be a bit uncomfortable, not to mention the fact that it would be easy to get some pretty painful blisters.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I think on occasion we see him jog in the first season. Good point about the socks.

- It's very convenient that there just happened to be a basketball sitting there when Bobby jogs by and shoots hoops. I realize it's a basketball hoop, and maybe he was shooting basketball before his jog. If not, it's a little convenient, I keep my basketball in the garage.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I've noticed the basketball hoop too. I'm fairly certain that we only see Bobby USE this hoop one other time; and certainly no one else does. So who left the ball there?

- The top on Pam and Bobby's car was up today. Strange, she drove with the top down and or the windows open in the snow, but left it up when the weather seemed to be much better. Note: she's STILL driving Bobby's car. I think it's another week in episodes before she gets the snazzy Vette.

- When Pam pulled the doctor's number out of her purse, the purse was clearly empty.

- Why did Bobby and Pam have two phones in their bedroom? It looked like they were about 25 feet apart or so.

- Bobby went and told a group of friends about Pam being pregnant rather than finding his parents and also waiting for Digger to show up? It's not like these people were nowhere to be found. I know I'd hate for my parents to hear that kind of news from anyone but my husband and me. They would've been hurt, not to mention caught off guard if someone had just walked up and congratulated them. This is just silly. And why did Bobby excuse himself from Pam to talk to his friends? That was weird, I would've been with my husband telling OUR news to OUR friends.

- When Pam told Bobby she had to go find Jimmy she drove out to the stables. When she walked away from Bobby she didn't go towards the house and she had no pockets in that dress and she didn't ask Bobby for the car keys. Lucy must've read the script and known she was going to have to drive. Either that, or Pam knows how to hot wire a car.

- Jimmy's a moron. He's up in the hay loft making time with Lucy. When Pam interrupted them he told her to come on up. He doesn't even seem the least bit upset about her interruption. Also, must've been a slow day for Lucy, usually when Lucy's in the stables, she has men out of their pants much more quickly than this.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Guess Jimmy's not so easy. And those who have seen this episode uncut tell me that for some reason, Jimmy required a lot of convincing.

- JR told Bobby that he saw Pam's car parked outside the stables. It looked to me like he saw PAM not her car. He looked up and they showed her so I would assume he was looking her direction.

AHN Analise's corner:

- Sue Ellen riding drunk as Lady Godiva was unrealistic. How could she, in a drunken stupor, saddle up a horse and adjust the stirrups to her specifications! This takes precision. A drunk doesn't have that. Also, look at the way Sue Ellen cantors perfectly in a circle. She has full control of the horse and does not sway her hips or legs as she should if she had been drunk. This is a big nit! This scene is completely unrealistic. And yes, I ride horses! I grew up with them so I definitely know!

- Pam certainly found time to curl her hair after telling Bobby that she was pregnant. Considering her hair was already dry this also is unrealistic. To curl her hair for the BBQ with already dry hair, well she could cause serious damage to her hair if not set it on fire.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I suppose it's possible she took a shower.

AHN Mike's corner:

- Geez, who wrote the characters and dialogue for those two Black caterers - Margaret Mitchell??? I have expected Pam to look for pregnancy advice from Tillie and have her reply "I don't know nothin about birthin' no babies." Or have Sam use the phrase "Massah Jock" or "Massah Bobby". These characters make the show's future use of Blacks (which I used to find appalling and insulting) almost enlightened.

HNP Ahmer Responds: I agree. It's amazing what you could get away with in the 70s.

- Lots of fashion forebodings in this episode: 1) the first look at JR's beige safari jacket 2) JR also appears to be previewing Carter McKay's leather vest at the barbecue 3) Cousin Jimmy appeared to have dipped into the Don Lockwood leather coat collection. 4) Miss Ellie actually wears a dress with some shape to it at the barbecue.

- Pam is so excited about being pregnant that she immediately stops wearing a bra so she can get used to being ready for nursing the baby. I noticed that in the early episodes, VP is frequently braless. At some point she got enough power to start de-emphasizing Pam as a sex symbol. It got to the point where she wouldn't even wear a two piece bathing suit, appearing only in one pieces and usually with a jacket or something over the top. Pretty modest for somebody whose only claim to fame at this point was a nude spread in Playboy and a movie for same which had her nude a lot.

- What's wrong with this picture? Digger has two hours to kill before the Ewing barbecue with nobody to supervise him other than dimwitted cousin Jimmy and he shows up sober??? And why is Jimmy dimwitted you ask? Lucy gets him up in the hayloft and they're still fully dressed when Pam arrives.

- Ah, Sue Ellen's first bender on the show. How nostalgic! And who was more out of it in her scene with the old ladies? At least Sue Ellen had an excuse, having shifted from white wine to red at this point. The old ladies were sober. Did it occur to anyone that perhaps the best matched couple on the show who never actually got together were Sue Ellen and Digger? Can't you just see the two of them stumbling through the homeless section of Dallas fully loaded and desperately seeking a liquor store or seedy bar?

HNP Ahmer Responds: THAT would have been a mark-out moment.

AHN Kyle's corner:

- There's something strange about that conversation Ellie and Digger have. Basically, it was as follows: "I married Jock in 1930...and now it's 1978, the way, I HAD to marry Jock to save Southfork. Sorry if that caused any confusion". Clearly the Jock-Ellie-Digger conversations are for the viewers sake, but come on, are we really supposed to believe that Ellie and Digger never, in almost half a century, got around to talking about the circumstances surrounding Ellie's marriage? Weak.

HNP Ahmer Responds: Very. Especially in light of what happened during 'The Early Years'. Digger and Ellie met and talked then

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