War of the Ewings

- I'm told by Todd Saveland that JR's limo spontaneously mutates. When we first see his workers loading luggage, the Cadillac is '94-'96 model. The one that blows up is an early '80s model. Perhaps a Transformer of some sort?

- Can someone please tell me how Ray Krebbs owns his ranch again? He sold it to Carter McKay when he and Jenna packed up and left to Europe. Then when Carter left Dallas near the end of the main series run he sold it to Michelle Stevens. So how come Ray owns it? I understand that this is a gimmick to get Ray involved in the plot. I wish they had been enterprising enough to find such a gimmick for Pam.

- When JR is shot at [the first time], where is his security? The guys seem to be milling around the edges of the room instead of actively protecting him. But of course, if they were doing their job, JR couldn't be shot at, and we wouldn't have so much tension...yada,yada,yada.

- Since when is Weststar an independent oil company? During the series, Weststar was a publicly traded company; hence, JR tried numerous times to get involved in it by obtaining shares or getting the support of shareholders. Maybe JR privatizes the company by buying all available stock, but this seems very unlikely. If he had done this, then certainly his net worth would have been able to secure the loan he needed to take over Ewing Oil.

- And speaking of this, since when can you perform a hostile takeover of a privately owned company? A hostile takeover can only occur in a publicly traded company [one on the stock market] and occurs when one person or group of people controls over 50% of the corporation's stock. Ewing Oil is owned privately by Sue Ellen and Bobby. JR would have to buy into the company if he wanted to get a piece.

- What is that half-breed Ray Krebbs thinking? He says he saw a truck loading up Southfork cattle and just rode by, figuring Bobby was just selling the cattle? This is pathetic for a former ranch foreman. And by the way, didn't Bobby tell him that there had been some rustling going on recently, or didn't he figure that was important for Ray to know?

- Just when you thought everyone became phone-savvy, here comes a guest star to ruin it. Todd Saveland also pointed out that when Peter Ellington call JR to tell him he's holding Sue Ellen at gunpoint, he does indeed dial seven digits, unlike many Dallas characters who seem to lose their ability to count with a receiver in their hands. [Bravo, Peter!] But he forgets to press SEND. Tough to have a conversation when the other party hasn't received your call.

Juanita submitted: My "nitpick" is that sometimes the women don't carry a purse when it's obvious that they should have one. It looks strange to see a woman on the street or entering a store or a restaurant without a purse. And don't you just love it when the characters always seem to have their car keys handy? No fumbling, and the women always seem to have them at the ready, even without the aforementioned hand bags.

Juanita also mentioned: I would have thought that McKay would have had sense enough to check to see if he would have mineral rights to the property. 

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